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Hey guys.

It's been a while since I last posted on this story, I hope you still remember it. There are a few ideas I added in this final chapter, because you'll notice a sudden change on the tone of the story. But this was intentional, I just hope it doesn't ruin the story. It's time for we to finally uncover the fate of the Pantheon Agents.

I wanted to thank all the kind feedback I've received during this story. It wasn't easy overcoming this long blockage, but now I feel exhasuted for finishing a story, excited to get your feedback and already planning on new stories. For better or worse I am "back with a revenge" (whatever that really means in english) - I only hope you still want to read the crazy things I wanna write for you.

Special Thanks to Rowan, Braun1, redkage, xythan_shadow, the unforgettable "O" and all of you who enjoyed the adventures of Matt and his gang. This story won't have a sequel, but I am already planning on getting back at a few older projects and yes, I do take requests.

Take care, and until next time.

Happy hollidays.


Final Part.

I considered this thought for a moment: the power I had in myself was both the cause and the solution for everything.

According to their conclusions, the keystone to the cure for the elders? incapability for optimization laid inside my own databank ? but my ever growing standards, the superiority of my developing being increased at such an intense pace, the renegade Elders were sure they could not take it from me without my cooperation.

I was disproportionably stronger than my adversaries. And Poseidon himself once told me about a military maxim which teach us that worse wars are those between two disproportional combatants ? at such condition each part, no matter if the stronger or the weaker, is willing to use any resource without any previous rationalization.

They betrayed the man who gave them the best gifts of their lives, they used innocent human beings as toys to get their intents, they?ve caused loyal agents to fall into their evil scheme against their will, plus, they had hurt my friend, fooled my rookie agents and kidnapped the man I loved. Poseidon and his buddy Hades were really trying their last play to get their intent ? and I might even say they had a good game in their hands.

First, because I couldn?t really fight against my fellow Pantheon members, and they would sure use this as leverage against me; then, using Onyx and Zion as a trial study for their so-called virus, trying to break the resistance third-generation members had against their Pandora virus.

Finally, with Andy at their mercy, I would have to come to them and play by their rules.

Zeus approached me like the worthy man who witnessed his beloved brothers committing a felony, his face was dark, his eyes lost the usual glow of nobility ? ?Spartan, I am hereby resigning my authority to you. Pantheon was built by Elders, but I cannot let us destroy its glory ? you are the leader now, and I shall surrender to your authority as one of the traitors!? He joined his fists together, waiting for me to arrest him as a criminal.

Holding him tightly as I hugged his muscular yet much smaller frame, I kissed his forehead ? ?Zeus, you are not resigning, you?re just making me team leader on this mission because you cannot deal with them, but once we rectify this situation you?ll assume what is your rightful place??

I put him on the ground, looking down to the man who I used to think to be indestructible, however seeing this vulnerable side of Zeus made me admire him even more, I noticed at that moment that above every enhancements our bodies have, we are essentially humans ? and that is not our weakness but our greatest strength.

Magnus and Haven also came around to show their appreciation by hugging our betrayed leader ? ?Sir, you can?t give up on us, we?re gonna bring all the agents back and we?ll punish who need to be punished!? ? Magnus? tone was a bit harsh, but he was feeling the same pain for being so cowardly betrayed. A friendly hand petted Zeus? massive shoulder. Haven?s furry muscular frame dwarfed the leader like an incredible muscle bear, but his voice was calm and caring.

?Professor, if there?s anyone who needs to guide us, it?s you! You feel the exact same frustration as Hades and Poseidon, so it?s only natural that you also come with us?

The group of ultra powered agents I had around me was ready to act ? The only doubt I had was how to strike without risking Andy?s life, because for the first time since I was recruited I feared for something, not for my life, nor my safety but for the integrity of that petite little man who meant the world to me.

The two renegade elders were anything but stupid; they would use everything in their powers to get leverage against us. Nonetheless, we still had the greatest leverage of all: my ever-surprising improvements.

Now that Roger was incapable of upgrading their information about my system, Hades nor Poseidon could only hope that I wouldn?t develop another enhancement until we our battle, but they had run out of luck.

Right after our ?group hug?, I felt something very familiar about the two third generations members next to me, it was like I could actually feel the hardness of my own muscles through Haven?s and Magnus? flimsy skin. I could smell the citric fragrance on Zeus? hair but such sensation came directly from Jeff?s nose.

They looked at me, almost at the same time ? surprised to hear my mind?s voice on their own system.

?So now we are mentally linked, without any need of the Pantheon?s intercommunication protocols. Matt, you big jerk, always hiding something under your sleeve!? ? It was Magnus voice but it actually was more felt through my pores than my ears to be more accurate.

?I?m afraid this big guy can?t wear anything with sleeves!? Haven?s mockery spread through my system. It really felt like I was laughing of myself, every single fiber on their systems were in perfect harmony with my own internal commands.

We were not just communicating telepathically but most of all, we were feeling at the same time all the stimulations that each individual experienced, to each data input we were sharing three different perspectives, the possibilities of such increase were just unparallel ? each agent who joined this feature would bring us into a whole level of cooperation.

The mutual contribution to our communal perception efficiency proved to be very useful because there was no need of tracking the signs on the agents, we just needed to access the data on the individual we wanted. A joint databank, probably the most powerful one ever imagined by mankind was just born, and this newest breakthrough was sure to be followed by many others at an intensified pace.

The first thing our joint brain processors figured out was that the Renegades would only go to one place if they wanted to keep all the field leverage over us - and with this in our minds we had no trouble at all guessing their hideout.


The Eagle Crest Island has been the location of Pantheon?s academy at the coast of Maine; an uninhabited island with a very irregular shore, rugged mountains of ancient granite rock formations.

An island especially designed by nature to keep strangers away thanks to its very difficult access ? besides the fact that there was no beaches, the harsh terrible conditions aggravated by the polar sea current that reaches that area almost through the whole year, the harsh freezing wind that blows from the north, you?d only find a 200 feet high rock wall to climb all the way up to the island where there was almost no vegetation at all, a series of rocky caves and internal lakes that would attract only the bravest among the brave.

The perfect place for Pantheon to hide its state-of-the-art Academy, where the recently recruited agents were taken to be properly trained at their new abilities, a place in which they would be taught how to use their new capabilities at their own favor, the tough drilling program had absolutely no desertions, however, only those with the active Dashwood factor could actually survive through this period of time.

The Academy was indeed a very cleverly disguised complex, underneath the barren surface, built within the solid granite wall, a massive series of truncated galleries composed the operation center for the training activities ? fighting rooms, super heavy duty, ultra equipped magnetic reinforced gymnasiums, conference rooms where they were taught almost everything Pantheon?s agents should have in their powerful brains, computer rooms from where the new agents would study the Pantheon network of data, and such well equipped laboratories that only seconded to those at the main facilities.

I could hear the sound of the Pantheon?s chopper cutting its way through the powerful stormy winds up in the skies.

We knew they?d be waiting for us, they knew we?d be ready for a welcome party; all of us knew pretty well that this was the last battle, but the victory?s secret still lied in the strategy. In the chopper were Zeus and Haven ? After we were secure that Roger could not try anything to help them, my 6?5? bruised yet very strong butler took the former staff leader to my house, I was sure that Winston could handle Roger?s menace if he didn?t have anything from Pantheon technology to use.

I knew Zeus and Haven would be saluted by the at the heliport, they would be more than satisfied with his apparent surrender, after all both Hades and Poseidon?s best reason would be clouded by their pride: when Zeus, their former leader, announced his surrender to the renegades along with Haven, trying to negotiate new terms for my ?acceptance?, that was the chance we needed to get our action plan in practice.

Using Zeus at the frontal flank was both risky and profitable ? he would be the perfect negotiator while Magnus and I used sneakier methods, since Haven was there to protect our leader and keep us constantly informed of the ongoing action, we would keep the surprise element for much longer ? we were sure to fight but at least we?d fight in our time and not theirs.

While the chopper lifted from the ship, we jumped into the dark stormy waters ? at our current size and optimization level, that task was so easy that it was safer than riding that aircraft into the tempestuous night, but we needed to remain unseen by their instruments, thanks to the special signal mixers we were using, Hades and Poseidon would never trace our signals to their base.

Even though I was terribly worried about Andy, there was definitely an immeasurable pleasure to swim so easily and swiftly among such violent waters. The suit I had on me defied the very definition of ?ultra-stretch? because it was clearly surrendering to my gargantuan mounds of titanic hardness, Magnus bet with that it would simply rip before I reached our destination, and frankly that was far optimistic prevision ? it ripped as soon as I started swimming.

Using my massive arms I could easily win the resistance of the violent stream, the danger of hypothermia meant nothing to my self-adapting organism, my performance just got better, we swam between 20 and 50 feet underneath the surface to avoid the biggest and strongest waves, keeping beneath the surface for over15 minutes before I felt any need to breathe again, my lung capacity increased with my tremendous size augmentation, but mostly it was the optimized expenditure of the oxygen in my blood that allowed me to keep moving through water at such vertiginous speed. Even though he was noticeably slower than me, Magnus? own motivation made kept him as near from me as his own massive muscles allowed.

That was a perfect night for stealth operation ? the clouds encumbered the moonlight changing the whole horizon into pitch black darkness, occasionally flashed by the constant vigilance from this old lighthouse strategically placed at the top of Eagle Crest Rock. Completely unharmed by the fury of the raging waves shocking against the rock wall, Magnus and I just let the waves do their powerful job, our ultra resistant bodies could never be hurt against those rocks, so it was the perfect opportunity to get a start on our 200 feet climb up to the alternative access we would use as our entrance for this mission.

The sound of the waves also made it easier for us, because we only needed to use it as a decoy for our dynamite potent punches, breaking through the granite and using it as a solid support for the heroic weights of our physiques. Two massive dark figures climbing that rugged wall, without any preoccupation with the giant waves that kept coming ? the power and determination in our minds would never surrender not even to the power of nature ? at each new punch we were closer from our destiny, and there was no force on Earth which could keep me from getting my beloved back. His cute face burned through my corneas, I just had the urge to be with him again, and it only made stronger, harder?

If the Renegades could preview what was happening inside me, they would think twice before acting against my Andy. Even though we were still underneath the water when they reached the island, both Magnus and I had crystal clear view and perfect audio, sharing with Haven all the details we needed to keep our action hidden for the longest possible time.

The chopper landed at platform which just appeared through the camouflaged entrance right on the of the top of the Eagle Crest Rock ? where this apparently innocent 18th century lighthouse disguised a state-of-the-art, surveillance apparatus ? there was virtually no signal this highly sophisticated system couldn?t detect ? except for the permanent data sharing among our systems, because it clearly happened in such a level still very far from Pantheon?s computers capabilities.

During the climbing I could actually taste Andy?s sweat in my mouth, he was very nervous, I could hear his heartbeat from underneath the water, and his right nostril was slightly hurt which gave a little whistling tone to his breathing ? even though there was simply no sign from Zion neither Onyx? mental physical activity, I could also feel their unique electronic frequencies strongly inside the building, which meant they were probably unconscious. All these sensations were downloaded on the data stream we now possessed, because I needed Haven to look for all the signs of Andy and the others from his privileged point of view, while my part of the mission team managed to infiltrate the base.

Hades leaded his ?reception party? at the heliport: Cromwell and Yamamoto were right on his side and to our complete surprise ? they were both optimized! Their expressions still emotionless and their minds felt empty to any contact we tried. That fact made our spines freeze, the Renegades also had a new feature at their side, whether if they rearranged the virus to work on optimized agents, or it was another resource they kept hidden from us, truth was that we now had stronger opposition, even though those agents were only at optimization levels 4 and 5, but it was still the equivalent power of a few nations entire armies for us to fight ? and in our kind of mission, we couldn?t waste any of our scarce time with fights we are sure to win no matter how powerful our opponents may be.

Haven and Zeus didn?t waste any time talking to their hosts, they simply followed Hades and his controlled agents to the elevator. Although that was really an awkward because Jeff alone could easily overpower all the enemies, we still had to play by their rules, because they knew how to use their only key element to keep us under their power. The elevator descended for a few other moments.

The doors opened and Magnus and I could see through Haven?s eyes the interior of the Eagle Crest?s War Room ? the place where the drilling agents are briefed before each new training routine. Inside, we found Poseidon?s large figure surrounded by Rhodes and four more optimized second-generation members, everyone with the same void resemblance. The Renegades choose a really strategic place as their HQ, because many second-generation Agents were serving there as Drilling Officers for the newcomers, even though, according to my databank, they didn?t need all that training anymore.

In my heart I felt deeply sorry for all the fellow agents I had to put down on my way into their hideout.

?I?ve never imagined you would be taken down so easy, old pal!? Hades? arrogant tone echoed in Haven?s mind, he had never knew that man but he already hated him for betraying the noblest man he ever met in his life, which required from both Magnus and myself the will in order to overpower the urge to strike at that right moment. The amazing and completely smooth skin on his powerful body only emphasized the aversion he developed for anything that wasn?t predictable and stables (something that although I hate to admit happened to me several times during these years serving the Pantheon).

?Don?t you talk to me in that tone, Elijah, you and Wendell are nothing but miserable traitors to our cause!? Zeus? voice was smooth and grave, he didn?t lose his temper, yet, it was noticeable that his anger and frustration in his tone.

?You?re still attached to this old ?cause? excuse?? ? My dear Sedgwick, don?t you never forget that it was you who dragged us along your puerile dreams, luring our shocked minds with promises of grandeur and power, something that you failed to accomplish shortly after this whole Pantheon madness started!? ? Poseidon said walking around Zeus. Exception made only for Zeus, he was the most handsome middle aged man I?ve seen in my life, both as man and Pantheon. He had silver straight hair, a bit longer than I remember, hanging a little bit down his ears, his face was clean and very friendly, the thin lips had a slight imperfection at the right corner, his nose was classic and his light blue eyes contrasting to his rich tan, only made his grey hair seems almost mythological.

His built was rather phenomenal, at 7?1? tall and clearly around 450 pounds, Wendell Perkins had not only the muscles, but his whole figure inspired power, the rumors on Pantheon corridors always told stories about Zeus and Poseidon as great leaders, who strangely never seem to compete, and the few times they did not agree with something, usually Poseidon tried to persuade Zeus with his incredible charisma ? it felt really difficult for me, even at this point to see this man as my enemy.

?How dare you blame Professor for such nonsense accusations?? Haven?s loud tone thundered at the dark night, he bravely stood between Poseidon and Zeus, towering over the elders at his optimized figure. Although Jeff was a massive giant of muscles and power, Pantheon?s second in command wasn?t by any chance intimidated by his glorious presence.

?I see you got yourself yet another new toy, old man? Hades said from back his position in a mockery voice taking his arms behind his muscular back, admiring the impressive physique on Haven, after a few moments the renegade elder?s grin broadened even more.

?So, isn?t that the little guy who had a crush the great Professor? You were supposed to be middle aged by now, I can see the new generation technology can work wonders on overlooked agents?? Jeff fought with his desire to grab Hades? obnoxious little figure and toss him into the ocean beneath them.

?You listen here, ?Agent Haven?, you have no idea what the Pantheon is all about, you just fell for the same story we bought several years ago, the power, the strength the promise to live young and strong for many years, becoming superior than mankind?? Poseidon said as he poked on Jeff?s protuberant abdominal muscles.

?DON?T BRING ME TO THE SAME LEVEL AS YOU, SCUM BAG!? The powerful blow from Zeus? fist reached Poseidon?s face, sending him many yards back, a punch that would destroy at least three concrete walls at once, but only made the target hit the ground strongly, destroying the concrete flooring with his impact. Jeff got ready for anything, assuming defensive position to protect Zeus from any retaliation from the zombiefied agents, but they remained still. Hades slowly stood back on his feet, and cleaned his body.

?You still don?t understand do you, Zeus?? Hades said as he ran towards Wendell, who by his turn already straightened his position ? ?You doomed us all Sedgwick, your nano-technology still isn?t capable of optimization, and your further symptoms are just as bad as ours! Soon you?ll be completely useless, but we are not sitting here and watch our self-destruction!?

I felt a sharp blow on my heart. How could I be so ridiculously stupid? The whole Andy situation clearly eclipsed my better judgment If Hades and Poseidon suffered from the same condition of Zeus, the lack of optimization was just the tip of the iceberg!

*The Touch of Decay*

This expression flashed in my mind directly from the data I had downloaded from Zeus? system, and it was somehow unlocked at the moment Zeus?s expression simply turned astoundingly sad. Something was very wrong with all my ?brilliant? theory. Once again I thought about Andy?s advice - ?True wisdom relies not in the answers given, but in the questions to be made. Think Matthew, don?t look for the answer, and look for the proper question, what are the greatest enemies from Pantheon??

?What is the Pantheon? When was it actually created? Why would they create such thing?? None of the agents were there when the Pantheon was indeed created, just the elders, and we just took their word as true ever since?

Using Jeff? warm touch at Zeus? shoulder as my vessel, I managed to search the databank directly from the first elder, breaking through the defenses he built around it, guided by a premonitory feeling that I had to find the truth about the Pantheon. There were some highly complex protective barriers, information that had been kept from Pantheon?s data system all that time, thanks to a great deal of willpower spent by Zeus and his fellow Elders. For the first time in years, my trust over Pantheon simply disappeared, I decided to search for answers at the best source ever: Zeus? own personal memories, his face showed the shock for noticing my unexpected breakthrough on his system, but at the same time he felt relieved with my decision, somehow the weight would be finally lifted from his wide shoulders?

The early experiences of Sedgwick Dashwood conducted, in reality, never considered the so called ?Dashwood Factor?, according to his theoretical constructions the experiment would run perfectly, because the Y chromosome would provide the necessary opening to establish interaction. To prove his certainty about his studies, he was the first volunteer and the interaction was successful. Sedgwick then decided to share this glory with his best friends and his fellow scientists, men who he judged to be the best candidates for such honor: Elijah Barnett and Wendell Perkins.

At first the interaction went successful, three men with ever growing capabilities, increasing strength and almost infinite potential, but a little time after their interaction, both Elijah and Wendell reported to feel extremely weak after stabilization process. Zeus ran a complete scan on their system, to find out they were degenerating after each optimization. It was like their own technological part was destroying the biological self!

That?s why Zeus always felt so guilty about everything the Renegades did, the founding father of the Pantheon had sentenced his best friends to a painful death by deterioration, and meanwhile Sedgwick himself was getting stronger with each day! Dashwood?s best efforts to find a reason to such sinister difference resulted precisely at the discovery of the Dashwood factor ? By some sheer force of destiny, the man who created the interaction system choose, by pure chance, one of the 0.2% of the world wide gay male population who would be perfectly suitable for the proceedings without any risk of side-effects.

In the earlier days of such tragedy, Zeus tried to give his friends the peculiar condition which made all the difference between their results, subsequent plasma transfusions, combined with constant implantation of Sedgwick?s tissues in the organs of the diseased men proved not only to stabilize the degeneration process but also reactivated the inhuman capabilities of Elijah and Wendell ? but after relieving time, the treatment encountered a very powerful resistance: the own technology in their bodies learned how to attack even Dashwood?s material ? Zeus was aware of that possibility, the intense sexual contact the Elders could mean the corruption of their only clean specimen, but Zeus admired and loved those men, he felt guilty for their condition and he decided that he would suffer from the same end if it was the price for his sins.

While he failed to create an interaction technology which didn?t need the DF+ character, the need for newer and different donators forced Zeus to finally surrender to the idea of finding more men with the same condition as his original one. Later, Dashwood managed to develop a second generation technology which would only work in carriers but it was also immune to any kind of infection provided by the Elder?s ?touch of decay? and such immunity also could mean the solution for their problems because with different genetic patterns, the reaction program which attacked the organisms of the other Elders would be constantly ?cheated? ? a strategy which would buy Zeus some extra time to finally create the cure for their common damnation. Dashwood, Barnett and Perkins joined their powerful efforts to create the system which would locate the carriers all over the world, the only men who could actually completely benefit from the interaction.

However, just finding such men would still not solve their problem, they would have to convince those men to enter interaction proceedings and still be in constant usage of their new abilities , forcing their systems to overcome obstacles, developing into more powerful versions, in the selfish hope that would provide their so long awaited cure.

That was the real reason why Pantheon was created. To cover up for their hidden agenda, although the creation of some special Peace for force was indeed among the plans of Sedgwick and his friends, the need for newer donors, the intense desire to experiment the power and the strength their peculiar condition gave them, the selfish impulse that makes each individual fight to his continuing existence was stronger than any compassionate or humanitarian motivation. Thus, creating a superhuman organization which would help the weaker and those oppressed sure had a great appeal over the young minds of the heedless young men.

The new agents were not only immune to the degeneration provoked inside the Elder?s systems, but they also proved to be stronger and even more capable specimen, the advancing discoveries in such area marveled Zeus, but it also did not interest with the same meaning to Hades and Poseidon, they only cared for their cure.

Fortunately, the increasing libido of optimized agents and the enormous seminal production of their magnified endowments, especially during stabilization process proved to be a very useful moment to collect the material for their real intents. Over the years, all the Elders actually became ?semen vampires? draining their amazing powers from the fresh semen of the second-generation agents, each new man that was located and integrated to the Pantheon system, meant a new source of fresh DF+ to be inserted on their constantly degenerating organisms. Although they seemed perfection in the flesh and in the mind, each Elder knew exactly that his state was not permanent; they feared their wicked condition would someday overcome their treatment, especially because it was not a cure itself, but rather just a palliative. Then, came the day when they could no longer optimize, not even after consuming fresh DF+ material. Their system was growing more resistant to the different genetic patterns; it would be a matter of time before they would no longer benefit of the stability of their borrowed time.

Until the day Zeus? cells showed a different trace, something that seemed originally similar to the second-generation technology, but after deeper experimentation, the Elders found out that such genetic material produced on Zeus testicles was completely free of the pestilent Touch of Decay.

Although the Elder himself still was not free from his terrible condition, the nano interacted genetic material produced by his testicles, unlike all the others the rest of his body proved to be naturally resistant to the Touch, which was confirmed by constant expositions and experiments with samples of each Elder ? that sample was 100% decaying proof. That?s how the third generation technology was born. Zeus was actually very right when he called us ?his sons?.

Starting by me, along with Magnus, Zion and lately Onyx and Haven, the elders finally could see a light at the end of their tunnel. No longer would they carve for our sperm, in order to keep their power, they would finally be free from their parasite condition. The excitement grew bigger at new enhancement I showed, they desperately begged Zeus to get more samples of my material in order to copy whatever evolution I carried within my cells, they constantly sent me into dangerous scenarios, where I had to use all my resources in order to return alive. I may have done very honorable deeds to humanity, but that was just a smoke bomb to force my organism to push itself further and further into the direction they wanted me to: the cure for the Touch. And the same thing worked for Magnus as well, the precious second member of their new squad, they knew the reason why we were so much beyond their own standards, Zeus?s original immunity had to fight over years with the decay, but it finally managed to produce something so powerful not even the Elders? curse would be able to destroy. But the worst problem to me was that everything Pantheon represented to that very moment was a fraud ? Despaired Scientists trying to revert the side-effects of an ambitious experiment, using young unaware men to their own hidden agenda, filling our minds with cheap propaganda! Sending us into dangerous missions, with the excuse to save the weaker and the oppressed to disguise their only egocentric goals!

The anger within me spread to my companions, as I shared with such harsh facts, and I thank them for managing to calm me down ? Haven shared his own memories with Zeus, how he had been always very worried with humanitarian causes, how he helped every student with a certain challenge to overcome. Magnus remembered me that if it wasn?t for Pantheon, Onyx, Castor and Polux wouldn?t be here at this moment, because it was through their intervention in the world, that these men survived. I weighed their arguments for a moment, although it still didn?t redeem most of their faults towards us, I could actually recognize that Zeus, at least, tried to keep himself as our friend, more than leader or master, he was truly worried with our development, even if that meant he would find the cure for his own condition?

That?s why the dispute between the Elders emerged. Hades and Poseidon wanted to shut down the whole operation in order to dedicate fully to the research for their cure, while Zeus had actually dedicated his life to the Pantheon cause, he did not want to disappoint all the friends he had done over these years, not to mention those who had not only accepted but counted on Pantheon?s forces to bring hope over their sorrow. Nonetheless, little did Elijah and Wendell care for such thing, they only could think on the degeneration they would inevitably face someday, and the only chance they had was kept inside us.

After a very vivid discussion, Hades announced that he would just drop his functions at the Pantheon if Zeus did not intensify the search after the cure for the Touch, a threat that Zeus would not take for granted. They would face each other in battlefield to finally settle their dispute, if it wasn?t for Poseidon?s intervention ? he calmed the parties and told Zeus that they would wait for a more propitious opportunity, meanwhile Hades asked if the Leader would agree to intensify the challenges for the third generation members, in which he agreed. However, Zeus would find out only later that that was already part of the scheme ? Poseidon and Hades were already acting on their own intent. They had isolated the main technological component of the ?Touch? degenerating complex ? the base codification they later gave to Roger (once they easily gained the weakling man for their side through sexual favors and the promise of becoming a Pantheon himself) for him to develop the virus called ?Pandora?s box?.

According to their elaborated plans, they assumed that if I or any other third generation member was able to overcome such condition once we were truly exposed to its menace then they would have found their cure, but turns out even Roger?s virus didn?t have the full effect they expected. Still, there was something that didn?t connect yet. How could they control optimized second generation members? Such question still meant that they could have a very powerful weapon on their side, and I couldn?t risk any chance to save the rookies or Andy for that matter ? The Elders might be decaying, but we would still prevail over the menaces, now that all the truth was unveiled, we needed to act with all the information we just gathered.

Magnus was almost reaching the spot we would use as our entrance, but before he squeezed his massive frame inside, I gently held his action by sending a communal thought, a sudden change of plans that would benefit our action, my fellow agent just stopped and looked down at my monumental thighs preparing a mighty kick ? he punched through the rock wall and held as tight as he could. The whole mountain shook with my kick; the walls on several levels both above and beneath us were pulverized. Magnus and I jumped into different floors to cover a bigger area, he would go up to meet Haven and Zeus, while I would go down to find Andy and the rookies.

I could see through Magnus? eyes while he proceeded through the truncated corridors of the Eagle Crest complex. The usual machinery wouldn?t stop a training agent, what to say about me and my mission partner, the bullets and the laser shots they fired was simply a smaller inconvenient. Meanwhile, I continued going through my level, following the smell I had captured from Andy and the rookies, they were close from each other, I could tell that, but it only made even more anxious to get them into safety.

After a few moments I met the first obstacles that would take me some extra energy to overcome: Members Stephen Truman, Felix Massena and Greg Briggs ? three level 4 optimized agents, who apparently were not joined in cooperative mission, otherwise one would be the leader with them, that would be at level 13, although second generation members never reached such a high optimization proceeding before. I looked at three different men, with unique features of masculine beauty and corporal perfection equally powerful carriers of the Dashwood Factor, the very reason which caused their current slavery situation.

The look on their faces depleted of any expression, they moved around me assuming offensive position, I held my stance as much as I could, because I still didn?t know the extension of my strength at that point, I couldn?t take the chance to hurt them. I know they were optimized, but still the difference between our stats clearly showed they were clearly in inferior conditions, if I acted with anything more than just defensive efforts I could get those guys seriously injured.

Massena attacked me first, his flying kick actually just bounced on my pecs, but I knew it could actually knock down a whole building. I gently picked his legs on the ground and threw him far from my massive body as I proceeded towards Briggs and Truman who attacked me by the flanks (which would be effective if I weren?t so freaking wide that my muscles could actually absorb the different sources of impact). I held their bodies for a while, but they were actually clever, sliding through my muscles, taking a safe distance so they could come back again.

Their attempts got considerably stronger now that guys were the early stages of optimization, but even so, their combined power was no obstacle to get my intent. I had to knock down Briggs, Massena and Truman to proceed in my way to the lower parts of the complex, and so I just waited for their next blow. Each strike contained enough energy to vanquish entire blocks, but to me they felt like a gust of chilly wind, so as they gathered their efforts once again, I just used my massive arms to immobilize their tiny bodies, using the swinging movement to thrust their bodies through the granite walls, because I simply had no time to ?Spartan kiss? them until they ran out of oxygen, nor I would resource to such radical solution as shutting down their systems (Although I knew by now that it would be possible in most cases, if I had enough time to concentrate on their network).

The repercussions of our strike were instantaneous. I watched as Haven fought with Yamamoto and Cromwell, while Poseidon and Hades ran in their fantastic speed through the other rooms, with Zeus at their chase. Jeff simply absorbed their attacks and followed our former leader through the hallways. I mentally knew that Magnus was ready to intercept the runaway Elders, bumping into his massive muscular fortress ? Hades and Poseidon recovered pretty fast from the violent crash, just in time to Zeus, and Haven surround them. I couldn?t believe it was so easy after all, even though the controlled agents were still standing; the true enemies were soon to be put out of action.

Meanwhile, I felt that I got closer to Andy and the rookies, since I had the facilities map on my data, the easiest to avoid combating my fellow members was actually going down the levels by destroying the flooring underneath my immense bulk, I made sure that I would be landing through the corridors and not inside any room where Andy or the rookies could actually be held. With no effort all I finally got to the same level where Andy?s signs came from, although I tried to contain myself, the closer I got from my target, the emotion grew stronger me, and I actually could sense Andy?s heartbeat like it was inside my own chest.

There he was, my poor little lover, bruised and treated like trash. They had tossed into some room, he was lying on the cold floor, hugging his knees close to his chest, and Andy?s little face showed he had passed through lots of stress since they took him. I held my fist to destroy the door and recover my love when the words spoke to Magnus? and Haven?s felt in me like the unexpected cold blade piercing through the flesh of a backstabbed victim ? ?I still don?t know how you can keep in touch without using Pantheon?s intercoms, but you?d better tell your big friend running lose downstairs that I can mentally execute his precious little human??

Just at that moment, Andy realized I was there, in all my glory and power. His eyes grew wide, but I read fear in them instead of hope? He stood up and waved for me to go away, he knew of something I couldn?t percept so blinded by my emotions?


Poseidon glowed in pride of his own truncated scheme ? ?Right at this moment, the monitors show my system that our friend Spartan is right in front of his beloved. That?s actually very touching, isn?t it?? ? Poseidon?s chest inflated as he walked across Zeus, Hades just nodded, looking at Magnus with clear disdain.

?It?s time to stop the madness!? Zeus? appeal echoed through the room as more controlled agents gathered around. The Renegades grinned in agreement ? ?It was about time for you to come to reason, old friend? ? Hades? mockery tone made it clear that they were not kidding, but I didn?t have time nor patience to call for their bluff.


While I tried to focus on both places at the same time, Andy kept waving for me to get out of the place, like there was something that could actually threaten my heroic figure. I simply pushed my massive hands through the flimsy steel door and ripped it like it was tin foil, inside, I could see the perfect bodies of Onyx and Zion, without any kind of apparatus to prevent them from escaping from that tiny room, Andy tried to say something, but I held the rookie agents on my shoulders and before he could speak, there I was reaching for his tiny body and hugging him to my chest, he did try to call my attention by punching my humongous figure, and whispering something ?Please, Matt, they want YOU, get out of here now!?


?It?s really funny how history repeats itself. You were a carrier and even though you were just as infected as me or Poseidon, your organism managed to overcome the Touch, producing the so precious ?third generation? chips, that would be our salvation, isn?t it right YOU LIAR?!?

?You know better than anyone that I worked night and day in the search for our cure! The answer was so close, if you could only wait a little longer?? Zeus tried to argument, but he knew it was useless at that point.

?Don?t bother with another lecture on Pantheon?s code and the responsibility for other people?s lives Elijah, we know better than anyone that Zeus is not worried about his decaying condition, as long as he gets the powerful cum of his beloved agents, he is nothing but a beggar, a shadow of the man he once was, sending his precious super soldiers through dangerous missions, with the only purpose to have them huge and powerful, so they can discharge their precious ?rejuvenating juices? over his collectors, so he can produce the elixir that helps us from turning into living mummies?? ? Wendell?s words sounded like the desert.

?Truth is, Sedgwick, my so-called friend that we grew impatient with your inefficiency, we decided to take destiny in our hands, especially after Chronos emerged.? Hades revealed with a clear sign of pleasure in his voice.

Haven and Magnus stood there watching as Poseidon enjoyed his triumph. ?Where Zeus?s organism was able to produce your precious technology, we were glad to find out that our own systems produced something equally surprising and with incredible potential??

?Cut the crap, old men, and spill it out at once!? Magnus stomped on the ground with such power; it literally shook the stance of the Renegades for a brief instant. I felt just as nervous as Magnus, for the very same reasons, I just tried to understand why Andy wouldn?t want me to break though that flimsy door?

The massive pair stood in front of my companions ? ?The decaying condition is no longer to be feared, but Zeus would never accept it! The gift of timeless grace was ours to reach! Chronos is the name of the god of Time, the father of the Greater Gods, ruling above the universe, he is the lord of everything, consuming including his children to keep his absolute reign.? Poseidon?s words sounded suddenly very enthusiastic, and I felt my spine freezing?

?We figured that our cells were able to create perfect back-ups of our own systems, including our memories down to every single detail, perfect information that could be ?downloaded? into the organism of the other members, resulting in perfect receptacles for our glorious minds and giving us the gift of eternity!? Hades opened his massive arms.

Zeus exclaimed ?You can?t be serious? that?s what you intend? This is ??

?Nature. Survival of the fittest, and we are clearly the fittest, Zeus, but you were too weak to accept our true condition? ? Hades simply said, bowing in front of Zeus.

?It would be the perfect solution, we would exist simultaneously into the bodies of the newly recruited agents, until we could find the cure for our condition, our power and experience would pass through these new vessels??

?Vessels? These are living human beings! I?m sure your precious Chronos system would only wipe their own minds, depriving them from their own bodies, while your pestilent touch would destroy all the benefits of the interaction!? Zeus closed his fists, his massive muscles bulging underneath his special uniform.

?I guess it didn?t work out so perfectly, right geezers? Because we are still in complete control of our bodies and minds! You are nothing but delirious lunatics!? Haven replied standing behind Zeus, to protect him from any possible attack.

?We didn?t actually use it the way we just told you stupid buffoons!? Hades glared at Zeus? protector ? ?We needed to gather some very important information??


I ran with Andy and the rookies to the nearest exit, I would keep them at safe and then we would finally get rid of the Renegades, I felt Andy?s protests, but I couldn?t risk his life over mine, whatever the plans they had for me Andy was more important.

?Listen to me your giant knucklehead!? Andy?s shout really caught me off guard. I stopped in the middle of the hall, as he pointed to the cameras ?You really think they would let you get away so easily?? I considered his words. The obnoxious glow in Poseidon?s face and the whole Chronos theory, when suddenly something caught my attention, it was a slight but undeniable willingly movement on Zion?s left pectoral ? Onyx and Zion were not just left there with Andy, they were his KEEPERS!

?You used the whole ?Pandora?s box virus? as field operation, to gather as much information possible, to see if the agents would be able to overcome your control!? Magnus voiced to Poseidon as I realized the exactly same thought. The grin on his perfect features actually got me scared.

?We had to make some very important tests, even though Pandora?s box was just a prototype of our main object, it still was perfect to be sent as our field test version? ? To our very shock it was not Poseidon speaking, but it was the exact same voice tone, with same mannerism and modulation but coming from Rhodes? own mouth!

?This was the only way we could really test the level of the firewall system of the second generation members; Samson?s unexpected optimization was surely an obstacle that exposed our operation a bit too soon, and a similar result happened with Castor and Polux, but it was a very strategic opportunity fate threw us, and we couldn?t waste the chance to finally establish our dominion.? ? Yamamoto spoke on the same way as Hades would have said, while the Elder himself just stood watching with a big grin in his smooth face.

Poseidon finally spoke by himself ? ?Unlike cases we?ve mentioned before, you from the third generation showed an innate immunity against Pandora?s Box, but it also proved to be another lucky strike! With Roger?s latest information on your systems, we could actually work on the real thing with every important details?? ? Haven, Zeus and Magnus found themselves surrounded by second-generation agents copycatting the actions of the Renegade Elders.

?When we realized that we could finally take control of the most precious of Zeus? belongings, his precious so-called offspring, the plan was actually very easy; we would only have to lure your noble intentions towards those you care for?? ? all the agents spoke at the same time, amplifying Hades and Poseidon?s voice through the room.

?After all you would always come back to save your rookie friends and your precious lover wouldn?t you, Matthew?? ? The sound of Poseidon?s voice filled the room, as I looked to Andy?s shocked face, I noticed it was Onyx speaking. His young form slipped through my still spellbound massive form. Both of them used their agile members and my ultra hard muscles to jump out of me, landing perfectly on the ground before me.

I realized mesmerized that the Elders had managed to spread their dominance over third-generation members, multiplying their reach onto the newest technology in Pantheon. I held my stance ? ?Zion, Onyx, I know they couldn?t wipe you out of them, you have to fight against them!? I said trying to call out their true identities from within their minds.

Onyx/Poseidon laughed with his hands on his hips ? ?It?s useless to try, Spartan! Once we?ve administrated Chronos into their system we took over control. Unlike Pandora?s box, this is not some artificial virus created with ridiculous technology. This is the pure evolution of our own systems, foolish Son of Zeus! We now have the response for the ridiculous third-generation, and we will prove that we are the one destined to rule!? ? Those words no longer belonged to a scientist, that was the speech of a maniac, and like every maniac he was just trying to hide his own weakness.

Zion looked at me with the same grin of Hades ? ?All that time you never got close from truth huh, Spartan? You were always so full of your own miserable self, that you didn?t pay attention to the important details, how easily we manipulated each of you just using your enormous ego! Each time we sent you to play superheroes, each time you located a new ?prospective member? we were there gathering information and preparing our final blow that would bring us to our deserved final glory!?

Although I was much bigger and stronger, I found myself completely stunned by the fact that I couldn?t fight my ?brothers? ? if it was already too hard for me trying not to hurt the ?zombiefied? agents, I had just realized that Hades and Poseidon were just playing with us all along. Onyx and Zion, they were just kids until such little time ago, what have we done to their lives? I kept trying to rationalize a way to recover my fellow agents? control over their own bodies. Meanwhile, Haven, Zeus and Magnus were also in a complicated situation, surrounded by the original Renegades and their mind-controlled back up army.

I?ve never seen Zeus so angry and disappointed before ? ?What have you done to those honorable men, they?re our brothers!?!? ? He kept asking while Haven and Magnus protected his massive, and yet much smaller frame, using their mountainous stats to block the reach of the surrounding enemies. Nonetheless, the Renegades just kept their ground; the faces on each controlled agent now displayed the same grin of Haden?s or Poseidon?s mockery.

?Brothers? I don?t think so, Dashwood, after all we are not carriers like the rest of you, and that was the reason of our victory after all!? ? The speech had the impression of Hades? tone, but it was split between many agents.

?We are just claiming what is righteously ours, Zeus, the power you promised us can finally be achieved. Through these powerful vessels we will be able to resist this curse your failure sentenced us, while we?ll use your knowledge to keep searching on the cure for the Touch. The powerful bodies of the interacted carriers will conduct us through the new Pantheon era!? ? The most horrifying detail about the behavior of the controlled agents was that they seem to alternate the characters of Hades and Poseidon between them, which showed us that there wasn?t a division made between them, the Renegades controlled the members at the same time now?

?NEVER! I will never surrender to your megalomaniac intensions! My work will never be yours?? ? Zeus said trying to escape from his muscle protectors and charge against the Renegades, which took a really fast reaction from Magnus and Haven to get him before it was too late. Any uncalculated action might cost us the victory.

All the agents in the complex laughed at the same time. I looked at the figures of my companions, and felt the heartbeat of Andy increasing as they approached me ? ?Oh that?s a shame old man!? ? Poseidon started in his arrogant voice ? ?If you refuse to cooperate, where else can we find all the data you?ve accumulated through all these years??

?I think I can answer that, Poseidon? ? Hades said through Zion?s once innocent figure, the same gestures on the Renegade made him look so creepy ? ?This big guy here next to me has all the data of our geezer friend, and I?m sure once we take over system we?ll be able to collect everything we need!?

I didn?t need the input of my companions to guess that Zeus seemed like he had been stabbed in his own heart ? ?That?s why you wanted Spartan? Only because he has all my data!?

?Retrieving the latest data about Pandora?s Box and your immunity against its systems, we were able to update Chronos, in order to make it more efficient ? it was just a matter of acting before the optimization?? ? Luther said possessed by Poseidon, his eyes had lost his innocent, friendly glow, they were intense and determined, just like the maniac stare Poseidon used upstairs with the other part of my team.

?Well you can?t occupy our minds now, you miserable bastards, because we?re optimized!? ? Magnus bragged as he pushed a few of the agents surrounding him to keep his movement space.

?Your friend Magnus? got a point, Agent Spartan? ? It was Zion now that showed Poseidon?s manners ? ?We can?t break through their defenses while they?re at optimized state?

?But it doesn?t mean we can?t manipulate you like we?ve done for quite some time!? ? Hades spoke through Onyx, while the agents upstairs grouped even tighter around Magnus, Zeus and Haven.

?After all, we already have your ?little brothers? and if you don?t cooperate, we can simply shut down their systems for good! We?re gonna create such damage at their own organisms, you?ll never be able to recuperate them!? - They both spoke through Luther and Zion?s mouths.

?However, we still offer you a much more reasonable alternative, primogenital of the Third-generation. You let us in the legacy you?ve unrightfully acquired and we?ll spare the three friends that joined you in this vain mission, plus the little guy in your arms. Give us the data and you can walk out of here? ? The Renegade spoke through all their stolen vessels at the same time, trying to call all their cards on their favor to intimidate me.

The situation was clear in my mind now. Pantheon was divided ever since its beginning ? Zeus wanted to develop a cure for the Touch analyzing the evolution on the new specimens he recruited while the Renegades only wanted to use us as guinea pigs, regardless our feelings and emotions.

Such division remained silent until the Renegades decided to unveil their true intentions, in a despicable betrayal scheme; they used Rhodes and Samson as a decoy to spread their newest spyware into the third generation members with the only intention to upgrade their precious Chronos, but since it actually failed, they resourced to more direct approach, using their true weapon, Hades and Poseidon now aimed at my acquired knowledge over Zeus? studies to accomplish their final goal which was overcoming their decaying condition.

With that theatrical conclusion, they had finally come clear about their expectations around our ongoing negotiation ? They knew I would never allow them to keep the rookies as their vessels if there was something I could do about that, which also meant that they didn?t establish full control over Zion neither Onyx, much likely all of the other members. Could this mean that ?Chronos? had some potential vaccine, and its nasty effects cured?

I pondered about the relationship between information and misinformation between enemies, keeping the secret about your strategy?s structure only seconds to making sure that your enemy only has access to truncated and contradictory information, especially if he is convinced that he acquired that information by his own methods.

In disregard of everything they bragged about this Chronos backup system, the logical conclusion I could gather was that the Renegades were not actually counting on this system to solve their decaying problem; they still needed me to overcome their peculiar malfunction.

In other words, they are not cured, because the Touch still manifested into their original bodies, besides, even though it is apparent that they can spread through the agents systems like some kind of overruling protocol, it didn?t mean they had actually permanently dominated their bodies, nor managed to transfer their complete minds over the new vessels. If that really happened why would they still need the data from Zeus?

The speed of our combined minds took us to an unanimous decision ? whatever they were truly hiding from us, we shouldn?t call their bluff yet, but it didn?t mean we couldn?t test our theories for a bit. I looked down at Zion and Onyx possessed by the Renegades, deep down we all feared we would still be wrong about that, but we needed to make sure about our real chances.

?So Spartan, have you come to a conclusion yet?? ? The rookies asked at the same time, while Haven and Magnus heard the same question from the second-generation members and the original enemies. The phenomenal forms of our bodies couldn?t be contained by the current resistance we encountered ? especially my ultra-massive proportions easily swept the controlled much smaller bodies of our rookies. Their struggling attempt was much weaker than we had anticipated.

I used my free arm to pound Zion and Onyx into the ground stomping at their back as I ran toward the corridor. I knew it wouldn?t be able to hurt them, but the distraction would serve to our cause. I looked at Andy?s puzzled face, but he truly showed that he trusted me on protecting his fragile life. I felt that Magnus and Haven also had not much trouble getting through their own obstacles, we ran through the galleries for a while, making sure that our followers soon were back on our tail.

The Renegades and their little army quite soon gathered our two groups, just like we wanted. At the same time, Haven and Magnus stomped the foundations on the floors beneath them.

?Don?t worry, blondie, we?ll be out of here soon!? ? The words came out of my mind as I gentle pressed my enormous hand against Andrew?s body, slightly making him fit into the enormous space between my pectoral muscles and my abdomen, making sure his head was protected on my the space between those enormous shelves of muscle. Then, after he was protected, I extended my arm and made a fist jumping up with a great impulsion to break through two sets of floors. Instead of just escaping from the complex like we knew we could, one goal still remained to be achieved ? overcoming the Renegades and their Chronos menace.

I broke my way through the rock as my massive body protected Andy?s delicate one, feeling his breathing near my skin again also made me so relieved, even though he wasn?t safe from total danger. He just hugged onto any part of the humongous surface of my body, although it was my arm breaking the rocks, I still had to maintain control over the pressure I absorbed from the impact against the rock, especially about the power around his skeleton, and so my pecs and abs wouldn?t crush the most precious person in my life ? the amount of destruction produced an incredibly sound, which unfortunately scared Andy more than he was, I could feel his limbs involuntarily shaking at each new floor I broke through, including the muffled screams which quickly changed into groans of a sudden unexpected pleasure to Andy?s own embarrassment.

The whole action only took less than fifteen seconds but I could sense it was putting a lot of strain on my poor little Andy. Although I could feel his dripping cock hard against my muscles, I knew that his mind was lost between the fear for his own life and the excitement about such huge massive guys fighting, showing off inhuman powers. Andrew?s orgasm could have as many meanings as possible. He just sighed as I finally stood up, so he could see the lights again. His clothes in bad shape but they were at least dry, except for the big spot around his groin.

Andy?s reaction was just adorable. I opened my hands that way he could seat on the huge paw to regain his breath, that?s when he noticed that my fellow Pantheon members had also joined us. Andy?s shocked gaze was prepared to absorb the powerful images of at Magnus, Zeus and Haven?s massive bodies surrounding his little frame. Their faces showed their consternation about the whole scenario, but at the same time they were happy to see Andy, the only civilian into this whole mess, was unharmed. Haven?s big paw petted his head, while Andy just tried to absorb the massive sizes on our bodies. His already cum-stained pants get their wet spot renewed as Magnus speaks on his ears with his husky warm breath ? ?You are one lucky little guy, Andy, have you seen how much muscle around you? You think you can handle all this muscle, little man??

?Now that was a low blow, Magnus? I said as I hugged my little guy ? ?It is okay Andy you know he was just being funny. We?re not gonna force you into anything you don?t want to do?? ? I petted his panting form, as his cock spew sperm onto his plastered clothes ? ?It is alright, sweetie, I just wished I could join you in this pleasure??

Zeus looked at Magnus ? ?We don?t have time for your jokes, member, I still don?t know what you three were thinking when you attacked those guys. It clearly won?t stop them; they?ll be here in any moment. What will be our course of action gentlemen?? ? Haven approached his beloved man and gently brought him to his side, explaining him very fast because we didn?t want to scare Andy.

?Are you sure this can actually work? Even being something that simple??

Magnus? grin told me he would love to give that answer ? ?No offense, sir but the simplest ideas are the most effective!? He said as we heard the rushed steps of the Renegade?s army getting closer to us. Following our plan, we ran through the corridors until we reached a much larger room quite in the center of the internal series of caves, so there would be enough space for our intents. Soon, like we expected, the Renegade army of controlled agents gathered around us, with very vague expressions, a nice trick to remember us that they weren?t in control of their own acts.

The last ones to arrive were exactly Hades and Poseidon, followed by Zion and Onyx. The Renegades calmly walked around the immense circle ? ?That was a regrettable loss of our precious time, Spartan, there?s no point in trying to escape. We know that you wouldn?t leave your colleagues behind.? ? Hades concluded crossing his arms.

?Bottom line: do you accept the terms of our agreement?? ? Poseidon said through Zion?s mouth. (I noticed that he had to focus for perhaps just small fraction of second, but that was just what I needed to know).

I took a deep breath, focusing my systems, I had to access the rookies systems coping the exact frequency the Renegades use to transmit their orders, that would avoid any kind of firewall Chronos might have established into Steven and Luther?s internal systems ? ?I have your answer, Renegades? ? I said walking through the second-generation controlled agents. Like I expected the Renegades sent their third-generation ?puppets? at my encounter, for they wouldn?t risk their own necks against my enormous power. Onyx and Zion approached me, one from each side, their faces completely blank from emotions.

?Don?t you try anything smart, Matt, you know that we control your rookie friends, and there?s nothing you can do about that!? ? Hades spoke from his place back there as Poseidon paid attention to my every movement. I felt Magnus and Haven ready to back me up ? ?Third-generation Members Luther Onyx and Steven Zion, this is a direct command from your Team Leader?.?

?That?s useless you sentimental fool! They are ours! ALL OF THEM!?- The mouths on my rookie friends pronounced the words the Renegades themselves commanded, which meant their connection had been established, that was my chance to strike.

?ENTER OPTIMIZATION LEVEL 7 NOW!? ? My voice echoed through the chamber, smashing the reining silence with its deep tone. To the Renegades very surprise, Zion and Onyx? bodies twisted, their faces assuming a very painful expression. Suddenly, it was like their eyes regained their lively glint. Each rookie struggled against their domination, as their optimization went further. They dropped to their knees for a brief moment, that lasted through a whole century to our group, but right after that Onyx looked back at me with the same hopeful expression I?ve seen back when he accepted joining Pantheon?s forces. Steve also had appositive assurance on his beautiful features.

They were back!

The Renegades grimaced like they had received a terrible blow, because their nasty minds were expelled back to their decaying bodies ? Their expressions showed how surprised they were with my new course of happenings, exchanging shocked looks as they realized we had been able to break their precious Chronos system.

Meanwhile, Zion and Onyx enjoyed the gift to once more enter into an optimization ride; their bodies started growing massively, with bulging masses of new muscles swelling bigger and bigger, their stances adjusting as their bodies augmented considerably faster at each passing second I could hear Andy?s gasp as he noticed that my body also grew bigger around him. I grinned at him, because unlike the Renegades he wasn?t still used to optimization protocols ? If I were Team Leader that meant my own systems are set to grow bigger at the addition with each new member into coordinated mission.

?You, sirs, messed with the wrong men!? ? Steven said looking back at Hades, while Poseidon realized that Onyx faced him with determination ? ?You had no right to invade our minds, and you shall pay for this and all your previous crimes!? ? at each word, our bodies augmented with more power, enhancing our already incredible capabilities. The augmentation seemed to grow more intense as they reached new levels, faster than anyone in Pantheon had ever witnessed. The three of us moaned in unison as our muscles inflated with so much power, but the fiber structure on my muscles simply busted into a new composition.

Three-dimensional grids of muscle fibers spread all over my body causing it to shake for a few moments, as the dimensions on my figure expanded ? my muscles grew bigger, but most important, they seemed different, masses of uncanny power unfolding as I reached to the never imagined level 29, but that was just a number because I knew I entered a whole new world of possibilities for massive muscle growth and strength. Haven and Magnus could feel exactly what that meant, their expressions glowed in a mix of lust and pride, I just looked down at the Renegades, but to their biggest surprise I wasn?t gloating at all. The more they looked at my augmenting proportions the more scared they felt, because they knew at each passing second my power increased, not only physically but in all the possible meanings. They know I was reaching a whole new set of standards for all my already unparallel capabilities, the more muscles, more I could understand the complexity of data around me?

I wanted them to realize the importance of that moment. Following my orders, Magnus; Haven; Zion and Onyx stood around me while Zeus was brought into my left side. My body expanded causing the granite flooring crack at the marvelous weight my epic size gained. The rookies? growth steadily brought them into Magnus and Haven?s same level of muscularity; soon I had four level 7 optimized agents escorting my still growing behemoth presence.

The size on my muscles were only measurable thanks to the precise systems on my nano-technology, the increasing figures played on my internal data as I shared that and much more breaking news with my team members. Each powerful computer processing enormous amounts of data at each fraction of second, I mentally reached for each of my partners to keep them calm as my muscles grew beyond their own outstanding comprehension, I was now gaining so much power that I needed them to control themselves, something that even the zombiefied legions of the Renegades were failing to keep.

As my outraging muscles and my infusing power increased exponentially, Hades and Poseidon?s control over their own perceptions showed its fragility as we had anticipated ? the more they saw of my ever growing body, the harder it got for the Renegades to keep under them under their cruel restrains. Each of us could feel the agents beginning to fight back over their domination.

The stimulation I provided with the growing power of my uncanny bulk seemed to be working better than we anticipated, the agents? inner systems were there all along, and now as they watched my power, my confidence, my absolutely graceful expansion winning over the Renegades? scheme, they now wanted to break free from their own as Onyx and Zion just did. We all noticed it with great enthusiasm as Hades and Poseidon freaked out at in clear consternation ? they struggled to keep control under their multiple victims.

Even though, many of the second-generation members were already optimized, the Chronos domination seemed to overcome their refined systems, but now that we had weakened Hades and Poseidon?s control over their minds and bodies, it became obvious to us that our friends were there passively watching as their bodies attacked us, impotent against the Renegades? control.

?Guys we know that you want to be free, we are here to help you! Look at Spartan he has the answers you seek! Look at his body! Look at his POWER!? ? Zion said out loud looking at their faces, for the first time they had at least this puzzled expression, some kind of emotional breakthrough spread all over the slaved agents through that enormous chamber inside of the Eagle Crest Complex.

Within the following seconds, as I grew bigger and even more muscular, my body unfolded exponentially revealing new layers of unimaginably thick, defined ultra hard muscle, augmenting my already humongous stance as the Renegades watched in disbelief while Luther and Zion also grew quickly into level 7, joining Magnus and Haven at our side. The bigger they grew, the more grotesque my muscles expanded, and right after this new growth begun I felt that the so called ultra stretchy fabric covering my glorious muscles wouldn?t resist for much longer.

The sound of my uncanny muscles outgrowing the special fabric seemed to force most of agents to snap out of the slavery trance Poseidon and Hades had put them through. One by one I felt their systems activating. At the same time both Hades and Poseidon struggled as they tried to keep their power over my fellow members. The communal thought spread over our five minds, and the grin also felt mutual. Gently, I made Andy sit on my humongous shoulder, as I brought my massive arms, flexing my muscles slowly and steady ? feeling them expand even harder, growing beyond my own head, inflating with all my immeasurable strength.

?Listen, guys, you know I?m here to help you! Look at the power I have, the Renegades are not able to resist me, I?m gonna save you, please fight back against them, I know you can hear me, we are not let these worthless scumbags sink the Pantheon we built along these years!? ? The sound of my powerful voice and the vibration of the ever growing physique shook the walls on the caves. I kept posing for them, encouraging my friends to rebel against their unfair situation. With each one of my powerful movements I brought my muscles into their awesome monstrosity, flexing them so hard and so concentrated, and very soon we witnessed something marvelous happening. The once zombiefied agents were displaying their own manly and powerful erections, I could see their boners through their uniforms, the faces still struggling against the Renegades? domination, and that fact surprisingly also got me horny, even though I wanted to focus, seeing my companions getting harder and freeing themselves over the glorious view they had of my tremendous muscles, it simply made me realize that my body had never been that big, that monstrous, that humongous and grotesquely over muscular. I could see me growing through my friends view, and I joined them in the adulation toward such monstrosity, my muscles and my figure increasing at each growing second.

Even the warmth of Andy?s moist groin against my skin made me feel hotter than ever, his little body completed laid on my shoulders, I felt his hips bucking as he reached another orgasm since I rescued him. I grinned as the third-generation members also displayed their monstrous erections, complimenting me for both my spectacular growth but especially for finding a way to rescue all of our less fortunate colleagues, we were all joining into some kind of mutual arousing that built stronger and stronger.

Finally as I closed my arms tighter, feeling the biceps growing much higher than my head, much higher than Andy was tall, watching all those strong super powered men admiring my uncanny humongously developed physique, fighting to free their minds in order to attend the urge to delight from the view of that growing monster in front of their desiring eyes. The veins, the size, the uncanny proportions of my muscles were simply too much for Chronos to support ? the Pantheon agents witnessed the birth of a new era of muscle growth.

Not even the Renegades were able to fight against the marvelous growth on my body. I could feel their twisted minds trying to fight the unstoppable erection their impressive cocks showed, they were in more than one way humiliated by my impossible stats, and if they weren?t able to resist me, what to say about my mission companions? Magnus, Haven, Onyx, Zion and Zeus were at my side, touching and squeezing my muscles as I towered over all of them, growing bigger and more monstrously. Growing would be the way to save my man, my friends and my mission, my muscles and my body would grow until that became a reality.

As my measurements increased faster and further, I sent a global message to all my fellow companions, sharing with them my development measurements. The numbers and the figures shot up higher and higher, causing most of the guys to gasp, because no matter what they read, reality could never be truly expressed when it came about my ongoing transformation.

?No guys, this is not another tricky of the Renegades ? I?m really THAT big, your minds are clear, free from their nasty influence, just come along and check for yourselves! I?m all here, I?m growing, and I?m gonna save you from any danger!? ? I said with my deepening voice, stepping forward and making the granite ground shake as my muscles shifted their monstrous stance.

The view of my flexing muscles finally broke their slavery condition and I felt that not just in my mind, but also at my sensitive skin and with all my increased senses, the exact number of synchronized orgasms of all the agents around me, plus the recurrent one from my little beloved sat on my hugest shoulders, bathed my glorious monstrous physique with their precious juices. A Titan towering over a dozen of other titans, a monster among an army of muscle monsters, that?s what I had become, and I truly accepted my fate at that time!

I had grown to 26? and 7 inches tall, but my physique was precisely 23?5? wide, and the thickness of that new physique surely made me look even more monstrous, no anatomy resemblance could be traced from any other living animal, no creature had ever been that muscular, that powerful, and that ultimately beautiful.

Weighing unbelievable 17.658 pounds, the proportions of this once gain enlarged immense physique defied whatever concepts I previously had even about my own particularly special development among the Pantheon member, with 277? around, my arms simply were thicker than most pick-ups are long. The new dimension of my pecs only augmented the incredible width of my powerful stance, because the titanium hard pecs now are exactly 422?around, which meant I had over 20 feet chest circumference every single inch was sculpted directly into the hardest material in the universe.

At 289? around, the very idea that my muscular pillars were thicker than the combined chest measurements of the 6 biggest bodybuilders all together sent me into a new kind of ecstasy, the glory of my humongous body increased as it augmented deeper into its absolute freakiness. Adding to the inhuman 18 boulders I had for ab-packs over my flat ultra ripped stomach, my 62? waist was barely hidden by humongous chest, and the grotesquely thick thighs, but since my body fat had dropped to less than 0,025%, I had virtually not an ounce of fat in my body, everything had almost been changed into muscle, except for bone structure and an essential part of my internal organs, my anatomy had developed into something by far superior than any optimized agent had ever felt.

The current optimization level I reached brought me into a whole new standard, because I knew it wasn?t simply the sum of Zion?s and Onyx? optimization levels. There was something extra about to be uncovered by my ever amazing capabilities, and I could tell my partners felt the same way just looking at the most impressive evidence ? my cock had grown beyond huge and hard, it now stood as an obelisk to the monstrous manhood, it was purely made out of muscle, the hardness, the freaky structure covered in huge throbbing veins, at 8?4? length, with 5?2? around, the testicles had grown into ridiculously oversized elliptical sculptures, harder than steel, radiating their powerful churning sounds over the room along with the powerful throbbing rhythm of my wondrous monsterhood .

Even my newly improved mind had hard time figuring the total DF+ strength magnification ? the final result depended on a series of calculations and the recent changes on my organism had a strong interference on that final result: 24,412,235 times stronger than the strongest Pantheon member can be, and that just challenged the computers on my body to figure the total augmentation compared to the average man. Just the image on this final number made me really proud because I was over ten times stronger than the entire population of the planet together ? but there was a meaning for all the tremendous power I had acquired, which was protecting the innocent from guys like Elijah and Wendell.

I picked Andy from my shoulders, and I held him in one massive of my paws, Andrew was indeed physically exhausted because my growth and overall transformations had brought him over the edge many times in the short amount of time we?ve got together, but he was above anything truly and completely happy, he didn?t fear anything at that moment, the calm made his brown eyes glow in a soothing way, he was just looking up at my powerful bulk.

Besides the overwhelming fact that had me holding his body on my hand, Andy actually needed to throw his head back so he could actually take a glimpse from over my immense chest, his smile showed me that he trusted his life to me, because he knew nothing could defeat me at that point, and for that he both rejoiced and thanked me for coming into his mundane life. Looking at the pleased expression on my beloved, I figured out that I didn?t really care anymore about the true circumstances in which Zeus and the other Elders founded the Pantheon, because it no longer belonged to them. Pantheon served to a higher purpose and any hidden agendas the Renegades kept for such long time could never maculate the heroic deeds me or any other agents had accomplished all over these years.

?Holly shit, Matt! You really like to show off in front of the guys don?t you?? ? That was Zion?s voice breaking the silence provoked by the effect my massive new form cast upon my colleagues. Zion and Onyx were not used to our shared mind, but they would get the hang of this new ability pretty quick.

Meanwhile, as the formerly controlled agents gathered their breaths (after reaching the most intense orgasm of all their lives both as a civilian or Pantheon member), I looked down the stupefied Renegades ? they had seen their ?failure-proof plan? ruined by the power of my uncanny muscles but they still could not believe what happened, they were sure about their victory but my latest improvements had brought me much further than their most optimistic calculations. To make things even worse for them, not even the cold hearted Renegade Elders were able to resist the intensity of my latest improvements ? As I noticed their huge erections it didn?t take more than a mere gaze on my divine bugling muscles and their instinctive cocks won the battle against their so-called computerized minds. Falling on their knees, Elijah and Wendell couldn?t resist any longer, ripping their uniforms to reach for their aching hard cocks, jerking them fiercely, screaming and cursing my divine monstrosity, finally shooting their copious content over their muscular bodies.

Even though they were aware of their total humiliation, they couldn?t ignore the fact that my body was everything they expected and much more, the power they had dreamt ever since they accepted Zeus? invitation, but now, after their betrayal and all the damages they caused, this same power was definitely beyond their reach, their inevitable orgasm was the ultimate confession of their yield.

I looked at Andy with my eyes filled with determination ? He was the reason why I had gotten so far, and he would be the purpose for much more. Even though I knew he couldn?t read my thoughts, this man proved to be above average in more ways one can imagine, because his own expression was determined, his blond nodded in approval to whatever I had decided because he trusted me above everything. The same recognition expressed on my fellow members, from Zeus to Haven, all of them beckoned that the fate of the Renegades was up to my decision, the power I had conquered me the right and the obligation to judge Hades and Poseidon as the traitors of the Pantheon cause.

Given the circumstances, that needed to be a quick and sure decision, because not only innocent lives had been put in unnecessary danger, ultimately, the Pantheon reputation had been destroyed with the Renegades greedy goals. I felt as all the members gathered around the Renegades, who still were on their knees, too humiliated to face their destiny with dignity. Zeus stood in front of them and helped Hades and Poseidon to stand up.

?Spartan, I demand to be judged with my peers, because whatever their intentions were, for a long time they were the same as mine, and I helped them with this deception for too long. I am not here for pity or any sentimentalism ? you are the leader now and your decision must be one for all of the defendants!? Zeus? voice tone was sad but firm. Elijah and Wendell had been clearly caught unprepared for the moment when their former colleague stood at their side for the last time, risking his own safety defending what he believed was truly fair.

In front of my enormous figure stood the Elders, who once were the leaders of our organization, now expected for their judgment as any other criminal. But I wasn?t any other judge, and this meant a lot on my decision. The rest of the third-generation?s thoughts echoed in my focused mind ? they refused the idea of judging Zeus along with the Renegades, fearing for the sake of our beloved Sedgwick, especially Haven, who stood quiet expecting for my decision.

I took a deep breath, and the expansion of my already humongous chest muscles remembered the members why I had been able to defeat the Renegades? menace. Andy looked into the green of my eyes and walked along my wide forearm so he could reach closer to my chest, and I just helped him by nursing his petite frame next to my heroic pectoral muscles. He knew that it was just as difficult for me giving this judgment than waiting was for the others. As always, my beloved was at my side, comforting me in any way he could, trying to massage my muscles, even though he knew quite well, by that point, human efforts would not be able to dent those monsters in order to massage them.

?What we have here, my fellow Pantheon members, is the case of three despaired men, who had been fighting against something that gave them ultimate power, but which also had brought them near the edge, very close to succumb into the point-of-no-return. Sedgwick, Elijah and Wendell were the first ones to have their bodies merged with the technology that changed our lives for ever. Power above mankind in more ways than we can imagine, but such power had a cost they might consider too high, but only when it was already too late?? I locked my mind to the other members so they wouldn?t have to share the burden of this decision with me.

?In the search of their cure, they recruited unaware young men and changed them into perfected versions of themselves in order to create some kind of vaccine for their condition, something that was partially available on the powerful emissions of our orgasms, however, even if such method proved to be only temporary, all along this secret had been kept away from us. Until the third-generation technology became available, that?s when Pantheon leadership showed different opinions about the possibilities.? ? I looked at Hades and Poseidon ? they were a bit embarrassed for everything, but their arrogance still remained, their thoughts were so clear to me, they didn?t even notice I broke into their systems to retrieve all the evidences I need to take my final decision.

?Elders, although the three of you aimed only one thing, your actions took very different ways. However, the cure of your decaying condition was your common goal?? ? The members remained quiet to listen carefully to the words which would come out of my mouth because finally the fate of the Elders would be unveiled.

I took one step further, my weight causing the room to shake noticeably, placing Andy back on my shoulders as I brought my arms in parallel line with the ground, creating with my enormous upper limbs a vivid new version of the ?muscular? balance of the Justice, weighing the facts on different sides of my gargantuan arms. ? ?and I know that now we are able to grant this to final gift to you.? I said looking at Zion, Magnus, Onyx and Haven, after I had allowed my brain to share this latest improvement with them. And only such fact would be able to bring back Magnus?s smirk back in such dark times.

The Elders were shocked, they couldn?t believe their own ears, and after all this time would the cure was finally ready for them? ? ?The cure for the ?Touch of Decay? has two ways, but I am the judge for that as well! The decision is one but it can take different ways? I said coming even closer to the little figures of my former leaders.

?You asked to be fairly judged along with your former colleagues, Zeus, and I will fulfill your request. All the three of you Elders were part in the creation of the Pantheon, which may have been merely a fa?ade you invfented to encumber your despaired attempts into reaching a cure for your decay, but the rest of the members never knew about that. We truly believed that we would be able to help others with the Elders granted and we willingly took this role as ours ? therefore I validate Pantheon as an honest cause which does have jurisdiction upon the horrid facts we had experienced. Hence, those who acted against its purposes and objectives shall pay for those crimes against our cause?

?However, despite any initial hidden agenda, Zeus had undeniably contributed to the improvement of Pantheon, and he had been unaware of Hades and Poseidon?s secret plans. Besides, he resigned his leadership and surrendered to me at the moment we found out about that particular shameful moment of his glorious past.? ? The look on my colleagues? expressions were much lighter now, especially Haven?s, even though he kept looking down and avoiding any mind contact with me, fearing for finding out in my mind a dark fate for his beloved before I announced it.

?We never expected our leaders to be perfect, they only had to be honest and true about their condition, and I?m sure we would have accepted to help them with their cure ? but jeopardizing everything we believed was the one crime we can?t let unpunished. The three of you will be cured, but the way you conducted your lives as Pantheon leaders shall determine your fate.? I finally sentenced with a severe look in my face. I moved way too fast even for their improved skills.

Suddenly I was holding Hades and Poseidon on each hand, firmly, but no to the point of crushing them, for that was not my intent. Zeus watched from the ground perplexed ? ?Spartan, you promised me that would be a fair trial!? ? protested the former leader as the Renegade Elders uselessly struggled against eh power of my hands.

?That was a fair trial, old man.? ? Said Magnus approaching Zeus along with Zion and Onyx ? ?The three of you had the same destiny ? be cured of the Decaying Touch, like you?ve always dreamt, but there are different ways of being cured ? You will take the upper route, sir!? The third-generation members stepped aside revealing the approaching figure of Haven. He walked with his powerful muscles and dark long hair, embedded in grace of strength and self-control.

His face couldn?t deny the happiness he felt ? it has been a bit more than 48 hours since Jeff met the man who he thought was dead for the last twenty years, the most legitimate version platonic love between the master and his pupil waiting so long to finally happen. ? ?Sedgwick Dashwood, I was sent to recruit you into the third-generation members of the Pantheon!?

Meanwhile, the look of horror on the Renegade?s expression only increased with each passing moment ? I held them firmly, looking them in the eyes ? ?Be careful what you wish for, you might get it eventually!? I said as my skin felt colder against theirs. Elijah and Wendell realized what was happening and they never thought that was actually possible. I was erasing their technology ? unmerging their bodies and chips, getting them into their original condition.

Zeus? reaction was really touching. The noble man simply kneeled in front of the other members ? ?I hereby take a true honest oath, pledging my loyalty to the Pantheon members.? Said our former leader as Haven approached him, gently lifting the dwarfed muscular agent back into his feet ? ?We can work with that?? ? Jeff smiled for one last moment before he kissed the object of his affection, mentally thanking me for the honor of Zeus? second recruitment, like I would ever come between their for so long procrastinated love.

?You can?t do this to us! We were the ones who made this possible! If it weren?t for us you would still be a dumb college kid!? ? Elijah said punching my fingers with blows that were still able to put down concrete walls, but at each passing second he felt that his punches were getting weaker and weaker. Wendell noticed the deflation on his impressive muscles, not even the latest feed on the slave-agents? emissions resisted to my overwhelming power. I just kept looking at them seriously as their reversion took place.

?Matt, please, don?t get mad at them, if you get mad you will not be able to see beyond your own rage?? Andy?s voice was nothing but a weak whisper ? he was too embarrassed to meddle into something so serious, but he also felt he needed to make sure my judgment hadn?t been influenced by my feelings.

The flavor of Haven?s lips felt freshly new to Zeus? taste ? and he knew that was only the begging, because in this new version, the initiation does not require anything but a third-generation member who masters the ?Spartan kiss? technique ? something that Haven had experienced himself, and now he had the chance to share with his lifetime ?mister right?. Their muscular bodies hugged strongly, like they would never break apart again. The surge on Zeus? muscles emerged as he roared, his suit filling with his newly given muscles, expanding atop of his previous ones. His enhancement happened at the same time Haven wiped the nasty effects of the Touch in his organism ? the combination of the purifying and the augmenting processes only increased the pleasure our former leader had. His face showed a glow that remained hidden for quite sometime, Zeus had finally allowed himself to surrender into his emotions. His love for Jeff, his commitment to the Pantheon, his hopes for the future ? everything now could be truly his, without any menace. As his muscles augmented, his strength increased, he only kissed Jeff stronger, and he wanted this to last for all the time they had been apart.

?Check it out!? ? Onyx mentally pointed to the fact that Zeus not only grew bigger, stronger more muscular and powerful, but his features also grew younger! He had always been a mature guy with a youthful glow, but now Jeff changed him into the experienced leader inside the body of juvenile strength. His hair grew regained the silky dark color and his features rejuvenated as his muscles augmented. Although his lips were constantly attached to Haven?s, Zeus? noble smile now gained a new charm and he soon found out just how delightful it was. The ?middle-aged? man grew bigger and more muscular, getting each time closer to rival the third-generation members, but his face also changed dramatically into a juvenile look.

Even Haven had to take his time and focus on Zeus? face for a while ? ?Damn! You look so young, so na?ve. Professor, are you sure fucking you is legal??

?In a few countries it still is!? ? Zeus? unexpected joke actually filled the room with joy - even his laughter had changed, it sounded clear and fresh like a teenager?s one ? no worried tone, no sarcasm of minor feelings ? that was the sound of a growing man in both physical and spiritual way.

Elijah and Wendell had given up fighting against my power, they simply watched in disbelief as their glorious muscles and their computerized minds washed away, their depression about losing their capabilities was clear in their faces, they were free of the Touch, but they were also reverting into human condition, the very one they hated so much. That would have been the prefect punishment for them ? leaving them with the remembrances of everything they threw away for their greed.

However, even two scumbags like the Renegades had someone to watch over them.

?Matt, if you take away everything from them, wouldn?t it be the same thing they wanted to do with you and your friends?!? ? Andy whispered in my ear, he knew that he was the only thing that could save the Renegades from a worst fate, and he truly hoped my love for him would help me see the consequences of my acts.

?They betrayed us, they jeopardized the lives of millions, and they? used my friends and even you against me!? I said in a tone filled with anger, fighting with my instincts not to crush them at once, but once again Andrew proved he was the one I would always love ? ?How can this punishment be useful if it won?t give them a new opportunity to prove they learned? Come on Matt, I know you can find a better way, don?t be like them, be the Spartan who saves lives in a daily basis, don?t be a tyrant, please, my love!?

Elijah felt the weight of his age for the first time in years, his skin was wrinkled and saggy without the muscles to fill it, his face lost the usual glow and even his complete smooth now felt extremely weird. Meanwhile, Wendell was also going bald and his bones got weaker as the years of the Touch finally reached them. I was really close from my original plan, but my mind couldn?t forget Andrew?s wise words. I had to act before it was too late, focusing on their still functioning chips, I commanded them to enter a very specific routine.

Their horror vanished from their faces, and an emotionless gaze filled their eyes as I continued my work. Andy watched as their bodies regained some of the vigor, their youth being restored little by little, their muscles gained a very small fraction of their former size. Elijah and Wendell were reverting into their youth. Younger than when they were Sedgwick?s co-workers. The dormant expression on their faces replaced by a sudden yell, their eyes opened wide as they gasped for air ?Poseidon and Hades were gone, but thanks only to my Andrew, Elijah and Wendell were reborn.

I placed them at the ground, and the third-generation crew approached in all the glory, power and grace we have ? Zeus opened his way through Magnus and Zion to come closer to his former companions. Like I had indeed promised all of them were free from, the Touch ? but in different sides of this freedom. Wendell and Elijah were now had the looks of their early twenties, a few years younger than they actually were back when they first met Sedgwick ? their forgotten original skinny selves now stood in front of Zeus? massive augmented perfection. While the men were 5?7? and 5?9? respectively weighing no more than 155 pounds Zeus? new body was astonishing ? he was 10? tall precisely and weighed 2538 pounds of power, embedded in his massive muscles. Zeus looked even younger than the former Elders, with his dark silky long hair, his rejuvenated skin glowing with youth and the serenity of his wisdom framing his calm eyes ? though he looked not one day older than 16 at most, the seriousness of his look showed us this man still was the leader who brought us together for so long.

?Spartan, you kept your promise; you did run a fair trial!? Zeus said looking up at me, and then back at the Renegades ? ?What happens to them now??

?We?ll report their arrest to the UN authorities, they are responsible for the whole crisis, but we?ll ask for their custody ? no human prison can teach them what they need to learn.? I said looking down at the suddenly terrified little men ? ?I took everything away from you, but I gave you the chance to conquer it back ? prove me that you earned the chance to get back to Pantheon and I might one day reconsider??

They looked at me with puzzled faces, and they got even more scared when I held them in one palm, screaming at the top of their lungs. ?You can?t remember what you did wrong, but bear in your mind and in your thoughts every night, you once were just as powerful as we are, but you betrayed us! Prove your value to us once again, and we may give this power back to you! Someday you may look like him again!? ? I said in a thundering tone, such a powerful figure like mine had phenomenal repercussion at mere human?s senses, as soon as I bounced my chest atop of their dwarfed looks, they noticed they were surrounded by super powerful muscle monsters, and that was too much for their semi-cleared mind, they passed out as I held my flexed arm steady, forcing the biceps to peak much bigger than their tiny bodies. Their orgasm was so intense, so unexpected, their fear instantly changed into complete ecstasy, and overwhelming lust that easily overflowed their limited senses, sending them into a blissful catatonic state that would last long enough to our intents.

Zeus watched mesmerized ? ?You were so merciful, that was the most unselfish act I?ve ever seen! Only a true Pantheon leader would come to such decision!? Zeus saluted me embracing my legs, since I was over twice taller than his new version. I nodded along ? ?You were right again, Zeus, but it wasn?t me who took this decision, at least not alone!? I said picking Andy on my hand, and soon all the Pantheon agents applauded his brave actions; a cheerful greeting for such noble man caught my boyfriend unprepared. He suddenly didn?t know how to react in front of such powerful muscle hunks. I brought him next to my face ? ?Don?t worry sweetie, soon you?ll get the hang of dealing with us, for now on, just relax and enjoy!?

Although we cheered because of our victory, Magnus and I still had pending matters ? Samson, Castor and Polux remained shut down back at the Headquarters, and we had to act quick before it was too late. I placed Andrew and the ?reverted? Renegades who were still passed out back in the ground next to Zeus

?I contacted the chopper and it should be back at the top of the Crest to take them into custody in a few minutes, make sure Andrew has a safe escort back to the base as well, Magnus and I have??

?I can read your mind as well, remember? Don?t worry Spartan, your man will be taken in your hands safe and sound, now go wake Samson and the twins??

I looked at Magnus as he got things started already breaking a huge block on the wall ? ?I don?t think it?s quite enough for your size, but you can squeeze in?? He said as he jumped into the dark ocean beneath us.

?What about the rest of us?? Onyx mentally asked me before I forced my massive body through the small passage Magnus opened, nearly duplicating the existent hole. ? ?Well, I was really curious to know who would be the lucky bastards to upgrade all the second-generation members into our new gang?? I grinned.

?R-Really? C-Can we do that?? ? Zion mentally stuttered which was really a funny realization after all. ? ?We are now united, members, no more differences between us ? we are all third-generation members, and you rookies, along with Zeus, are gonna have lots of fun kissing all those guys into third-generation. Now if you excuse me, I have three sleeping beauties to wake up?? I thought after I leaped into the ocean beneath me. It?s funny how things became so much simpler to me, as I easily passed by Magnus? incredible speed, I just hugged him along with my immense body and proceeded back to the base 100 times faster than how we came, like a giant muscle torpedo heading towards the salvation of our dear ones.

When we got back to the base, we needed to take our time because the staff members simply weren?t prepared for the new size on me, and they just couldn?t avoid their eruptions the moment they laid their eyes on me. In any case, fighting mercenary troops, jumping from mountains or swimming through violent cold waters, all of this actually felt much easier than looking at the condition on our friends.

Magnus checked the readings on his twins ? ?Do you really think we can get them back?? That was a mental question but I could sense fragility in his signal. I came closer to him and hugged his massive muscles ? ?Magnus we can do anything we want bro, now you go there and bring your lovers back into our world!?

He looked at me with his corky smile ? ?You?re not half-bad as a leader you know??

I approached Samson?s lying body squeezing my humongous body inside the chamber they brought him, since I would never fit the same room along with Magnus. Samson?s face was pure, but not nearly as beautiful as it really was. I reached for his limbs and sent the command inside his nanos, commanding them with my own mind; I started a new kind of ?rebooting? process, administrating at the same time the vaccine for the viruses and his upgrading routine with one very gentle, literally dead raiser Spartan kiss.

The sensation of kissing a man back into conscience is really amazing. In one moment his limbs are numb and the tongue is cold and dry, but as the kiss proceeded, I felt Samson returning from the limbo of his mind recesses. I felt him recognizing my kiss and his arms tried to hug me, but truth was he only hugged half of my left pectoral muscle, because I was near four times wider than he was tall. His eyes opened wide as he noticed the new size of me.

?Principe? Is that you? WOW! That means you fixed the problems didn?t you? You really proved me right, Spartan! You saved us all!? He said trying to stand up, but my massive weight helped him from that ? ?Listen, Nicola, there?s a question I need to make you before we can go any further!?

?Ask me anything, Matthew, you saved my life, you are indeed my Prince Charming?

I nodded ? ?Anyway, what I had to ask you is very meaningful to me? WE need to rebuild Pantheon and now I can give you a gift better than the one you came to offer that night. Nicola Samson, are you ready to be upgraded?? ? I knew the answer before his lips smiled, and I was ready to spread the blessings of my kiss again, and through my mind?s eye I knew Magnus had just woken up his second twin.

Although, choosing which one would be brought back first proved to be a hard choice, but Magnus dealt with it masterfully.

The beautiful 14 year old looking agents regained their energetic aura, the sparkling grin on their similar lips lit their faces as they noticed their savior. The muscles on their bodies soon filled all the way back into their impressive stance at the optimization level 6, their room packed with three immense agents with uncanny muscles, but the only sound was the one their muscles produced while growing. Magnus kept looking down all the time, which caused the twins to go a bit worried.

?Magnus, is everything alright dude?? ? Castor asked with his big puppy eyes.

?We are fine man, you saved our ass, so don?t get al sentimental on us okay?? ? Polux tried to cheer the mood, although he already knew it was useless.

?Look, I can?t decide okay? I love you too the exact same way, and that?s not because you?re twins, I?ve never seen such different personalities in my life. I can?t decide, you two are just inseparable?

The twins exchanged looks for a second before they laughed out loud.

?It never occurred to you that we BOTH wanted you as one? You really think we would let this happen if we weren?t sure that we both love you the same way? The reason why you can?t chose is because we both want you as our only man?? ? If they used to have fun by finishing each other sentences, this was a new whole new level, because the twins simply said this long sentence in perfect timing, with the same voice modulation.

Magnus had been caught by surprise, but he was actually very happy with this sudden revelation. His heart filled with joy as he hugged his beloved twins ? ?Okay guys, you won me over, I?m gonna try this ?monogamy? thing, although I think I?m actually going bigamous in this case huh?? ? Their joint laughter sounded like music in my ears.

?Oh yeah, I still gotta ask you guys if you want to be upgraded to third-generation. I just need to Spartan kiss you and that?s all!?

?Spartan kiss us? It ain?t gonna cause us to pass out again huh?? Polux asked jokingly.

?Nah, it had been improved so far, the guy is really good. Now can you please answer me already, so I can get his enormous nose from my mind at once?? ? Magnus? tone was sarcastic as usual, because he was aware of my presence in his mind.

The twins shrugged ? ?Sure, everything to make out with huge guys like you and Matt!? ? And then, this massive trio of muscle monsters embraced themselves as they were only one gargantuan being, sharing their love and the blessings of the upgrade routine.

?What are you smiling about? Is there something funny about the way I kiss?? ? Samson teased me as he felt his body already tingling with the first effects of my kiss.

I projected the image of Magnus and the twins fooling around and Nicola suddenly understood ? ?This can be very handy you know?? he replied back in my mind as we kissed passionately once again, feeling his body growing bigger, but still light years ahead of my unearthed physique.

While Samson felt the upgrade process I couldn?t help thinking about Andy?s intervention on my judgment. I knew now I couldn?t live the same without him, but our lives were so different, I embraced my destiny but at the same time I needed to be with Andy no matter how much it cost.

?So isn?t he the same man who made you overcome the pain my foot caused in your butt back when I dumped you?? ? Samson replied in his usual sharp tone, and I couldn?t help blushing because he was already able to break into my mind if I didn?t stay focused

?Yeah, I almost forgot I considered Andy as just a nice rebound guy after we broke up, he became the most important part of my life since then??

Samson looked in my eyes overwhelmed by my new size ? ?Principe, what we had together was special, but it can be special in very different ways, I am happy that you found this Andy, I only hope he can accept the burden of loving someone like us??
?I?ve got so much more powerful than the last time we met, and all this power can be very corruptive. Andrew is a man with innate wisdom and respect for the others, a delicate feeling of justice that only increases the love I have for him If it wasn?t for Andy, by that point I would have been just as bad as the Renegades??

?Don?t you see what is happening here Matt?? He thought to me as he kissed me stronger, and when he projected the answer in my mind, I only kissed him tighter.

?Thank you, Samson, you are truly my savior.?

?You?re welcome, kid, sometimes we can?t see what has been under our nose all the time.?

The army of mega powerful muscle men emerged from the filthy waters of the dock area like the next step in evolution, which they were in fact, marching into the complex with their newly acquired glory. The once enslaved second-generation members had been already upgraded into the third one, thanks to the ?efforts? of Zion, Onyx, Haven and the oldest rookie of them, Zeus, who remained in the chopper along with his partner Haven escorting my beloved Andy back to me. Zion and Onyx leaded this new group feeling very proud of their newly acquired status, and I saluted them back at the headquarters

At my side stood Magnus, Samson, Castor and Polux, who had been fully upgraded and introduced the new status of our organization. We did have two criminals who would need especial surveillance and personal advisory, if we really wanted to give them a chance to rejoin the forces they once betrayed, although the minds of the young men would never be able to recall their previous crimes, they still were aware of their fault.

The staff team looked at us with puzzled expressions, because we only stood there quiet, when in fact, our minds processed tons of information, exchanging data faster than humans could think. The conference also counted with Haven and Zeus, even though they were still miles from there, flying back home at the Pantheon chopper.

When Winston and Roger entered the room, we already anticipated their ?juicy reception?, since I no longer wore anything to cover the glorious monstrosity of my muscles, the epitome of power glowed in the flesh, and the view of it surely sent the men into cloud nine, but it wasn?t the time for orgies, so we just waited for them to put their minds back together ? ?You did a nice job, my friend, I?m sure Roger never had a chance to contact the Renegades?

Winston nodded proudly ? ?Thanks sir, but I still don?t think he?s??

?I know he had been used all along, my friend. Hades and Poseidon used all of us, but Roger will ear his chance to redeem, if he is willing to accept it.?

The short man shivered ? ?I would be honored to win your confidence back, sir. You not only proved to be everything I expected third-generation to be, but you went even further!?
?Much further than you might imagine, Roger. But your task is quite a special one ? At this very moment, Elijah and Wendell, the actual inner selves of Hades and Poseidon are being escorted back to the headquarters. They had been unmerged from their technology for their crimes, and you will and Winston will personally supervise their ?parole?. Combining your technological expertise and Winston?s rigid discipline we will train those men back into the material Pantheon deserves. If you accept this task, not only you?ll be richly rewarded, but you?ll earn my personal gratitude. And in your case, my dear friend Nigel ? I can only ask to help this one last time, and I?m sure you?ll excel like everything you dedicate yourself to.?

The tiny men in front of me nodded. ?I will do my best, sir!? Roger replied while and my butler just grinned ? ?It is an honor serving you sir, especially now that you?ve reached such powerful size!?

I walked closer to them and bent down to pick them in a huge, at least a gentle feeling of my glorious muscles would bring them over the edge again, and that was the greatest compliment a man can get from another ? I gently thanked them for their orgasms, soon the staff members all retreated, because the chopper had finally arrived. The staff was required to work on technical details while the members would hold a final meeting.

?Are you sure of that my friend?? ? Magnus asked me not because he challenged the honesty of my intents, but because he knew that was a new burden I would have to carry on my giant shoulders.

?There?s no turning back now, Magnus. According to my recent studies, our development was finally started, our new bodies launched into a crusade of constant evolution, each passing second we are enhancing ourselves, and such process will only bring us closer to our final goal.?

?People will be afraid of us, Spartan? ? Zion pondered ? ?We can?t stabilize anymore, this size and strength will call their suspicious??

?They were afraid of us before when we could pass by normal men, but we handled the situation, besides, now we will be completely honest with them, they can?t expect anything beyond that. We are only here to serve those who need us.? ? Onyx replied tapping Zion?s immense back.

?The world still holds lots of fear and resentment against us ? and this is more than enough to start violent reactions?? Castor analyzed.

?Whatever they try against us, we just have to make sure they won?t hurt the innocent people, not one single life will be wasted during our revelation. We have to hold still and let their fear and rage dissipate ? once they see we truly mean no harm, they might accept us like we really are.? ? I replied calmly, brushing the soft hair on my companion, who gently looked up at my much bigger frame. The complex of the Pantheon got smaller at each passing second, and that feeling was one of the arguments for our decision. However, we still needed to set one last detail.

?It?s time for a new era, the reinvention of our beloved Pantheon, free from the Renegades deception, truly focused on fulfilling the goals which one made us drop our mundane lives and join its legions, and once this era begins, so does our hardest mission.?

At that exact moment, breaking the silence of our mental reunion, Haven and Zeus walked inside the enormous hangar where we held the meeting. Jeff carried my precious lover on his shoulders while Zeus greeted everyone. Soon, Haven delivered Andy into my massive hands, and my blondie never looked so noble before.

?Are you sure I was supposed to be here? Wouldn?t it be better if I waited outside along with the staff?? ? He asked already adjusting to our immense size difference.

?Honey, for all that really matters, you are home now!? I said holding him closer to my face.

?What are you talking about?? Andy blushed as I approached him. My head was by any means, only slightly bigger than it had been when I still had human standards, so he could really caress my cheekbones with his nose almost like the same way we used to do. After that tender moment, Andrew looked around and noticed all the agents focusing on him.

?Andrew, you know just as well as any member, what happened in the last hours, and the seriousness of the situation. Pantheon needs to reinvent itself and be prepared for a new era ? a time where we can truly protect those who need protection.?

?I understand your feelings, Matt, but I really don?t think I can help you guys??

?Quite the contrary little man, you have everything it takes to help us!? Magnus cut him a little abruptly but he meant well. ?Your mind is powerful, little one, and you have a heart that just as big as your big man at my side.?

Andy smiled ? ?I am really nothing special like you guys! You are heroes, I?m just a college paper photographer, what do I understand of this heroic stuff??

?You do understand the most important part, Andrew ? human nature ? You are a very special being, and that comes from you as a person and not just as a genetic factor!? ? Zeus concluded also saluting my beloved man.

?Matt, what are they talking about??

?Andy, I?m sorry if this seems so pushy, but truth is that with my latest developments, a whole new process started, I don?t know where it is taking me and the rest of the members, but it has no return now, we can?t revert to human standards anymore, and I?m sure our bodies will only grow stronger in time. But this is not a thing to worry about ? it is the reason why we need you. I want you to be the first recruitment of the new era on Pantheon!?

Andrew tripped on my fingers and almost fell on the ground, if I wasn?t there to hold him ? ?Becoming a Pantheon member? But I?m not a carrier!?

?So weren?t Elijah and Wendell, but you don?t have to worry ? with the latest improvement on our technology, all we need is one willing agent and one willing noble man to accept such noble, yet demanding mission.? ? I smiled at him, with a happy glow in my eyes that expressed the excitement of a teenager.

?Are you willing to accept the changes the new Pantheon will bring into your life?? ? a powerful chorus of 15 thundering voices asked the fragile blond man with a golden heart, who suddenly noticed that he could finally be my true partner after all those unbelievable events that involved our relationship.

?Yes? ? he said holding my cheeks and kissing my forehead.

?T-then it?s done? Andrew Hastings is no longer, you now are a Pantheon member!? ? I said trying to overcome the emotions, but it was a lost cause, the tears rolled out of my face.

?I wouldn?t like to lose my identity, though ? you?ve known me as Andy, and I like that nickname, but I?m willing to compromise ? You can call me Andrew Spartan from now on?? ? His smile melted all the hearts into the room. We still didn?t have our new protocols, but we all felt that this request was really reasonable, especially because no matter which name he took ? he would always be my companion.

?I take you with me wherever my fate is!? ? I said firmly as I shared with my man the technique of my famous ?Spartan kiss? for the first time.

The moment as I entered in touch with Andrew?s body, I sent my nanos to seed his organism, already controlling the connections and creating a way to bypass the ?Dashwood factor?, starting a new era in the Pantheon recruitment, where men would be chosen because of their value as a person and not just because of a genetic marker. At first, I held Andy gently at my face, as he pressed against my neck, feeling the thickness of my veins as we kiss, playing with my Adam?s pommel with his finger, because he knew he couldn?t make me choke at that point.

That felt like a true kiss should feel. Andrew opened himself to me as I seeded my technology into his body, connecting into each one of his cells, adjusting and adapting his genetic commands to start the upgrading process that would bring him onto the Pantheon with me.

Soon, the process started ? Andy never felt a single second of pain, as I feared, he just moaned as my kiss changed him slowly. I slowly blew oxygen into his tiny lungs as the process went further, because I knew it would take a while for him to adjust to his new capabilities. The precious gift of optimization started soon after he kissed me back with incredible lust.

Andy moaned louder as his muscles grew stronger, his skinny frame filling faster and faster with new layers of muscles. Since he wasn?t a carrier for starters, I had a few gallons of nutritional fluid to help his transition. At first he fought to let go of my lips, but his growing hunger won this battle against his lust, he churned down the thick clear thick liquid with incredible voracity ? only to return his assault on my lips, kissing me harder than I had first started his changing.

His body augmented really fast, his clothes didn?t last more than a few seconds after his change, the baggy worn out clothes were already ripped thanks to the violent events he had been trough, so they simply didn?t resist too much one Andy?s muscles started growing bigger, rounder, wider, thicker and fuller. His strength increased considerably as he hugged me tighter, thrusting his tongue into my mouth trying to get his growth all at once from me.

? Erm.. Matt, I know this is great, and I?m not complaining, but you didn?t have to share this feeling with us if you don?t want?? ? Haven said softly in my mind, only then I realized I?ve been broadcasting my feelings for Andy during his change ? ?Sorry guys, I didn?t mean to??

?But I did! This thing is amazing!? Andy?s voice echoed in our joint minds ? which caused me to open my eyes so surprised I was by that revelation ? Andy was still around a normal bodybuilder stats ? something about 180 pounds at 5?10? tall, but he already mastered the mind sharing technique.

?So? that was your real name, before you joined the Pantheon huh? It?s okay sweetie your secret lies with me!? ? Andy laughed as his growth went further and further, his muscles and strength increasing, I couldn?t help but my cock was at full mast, still dwarfing my beloved by almost three feet.

?So that is the rod huh?? ? Andy chuckled and simply jumped down to hold on my erect mega-sized phallus, hugging it with his legs as he reached towards the enormous head.

?Whoa! This is one lustful growing man!? ? Magnus considered as Andy flexed his muscles towards the head of my cock.

?Andy, slow down babe! You still can?t fit my cock in your mouth without breaking your jaw!? ? I tried to calm him but this was a man in the heat ? ?Yeah, but it doesn?t mean I can?t try something new??

When he got to my enormous cockhead, Andrew did something I didn?t expect, he aimed for the piss slit and grinned ? ?I wonder if the Spartan kiss works with this as well!? ? he whispered before I felt the kiss on my cock.

That was the first time in a long time someone brought me into orgasm so fast. I really thought I could control it, but the minute Andy Spartan kissed my cock, I felt a sudden urge, a massive primal roar cracked the main walls of the building as I kept cumming like geyser. Even though Andy couldn?t drink a great part of my intense orgasm juices, he did his best, and his muscles grew bigger as well as the rest of his body ? now he as at 6?5? weighing over 400 pounds of really rock hard muscles.

?Oh, Matt! That feels so nice! I want more, I want all you can give me honey!?

Meanwhile, the audience of huge muscle men reacted to our little show with much more enthusiasm than I anticipated.

?Shit, Matt, this guy really knows his way around your cock huh?? ? Onyx teased me but at some point he also felt surprised ? ?This guy is good! He?s ooh shit, he?s projecting images in our minds! Sex? Lust? desire!?

Onyx mind seemed to focus on something else like Zion?s cock inside his mouth. Soon, I felt the entire Pantheon legion surrendering to a wild sex drive, including Zeus who just ripped through his uniform while Haven pounded his sweet hard ass like a pile driver.

?Andy, what are you doing? oh shit!?

?I just want you all to feel like I?m feeling right now, this is overwhelming! So good!?

I watched mesmerized as Andy?s growth brought him closer into new levels of mastering our powers ? he was already passed 7?4? weighing over a thousand pounds, his muscles expanded as his body became more and more like mine.

?Don?t fear for me babe, join me, and surrender to our love, a love that you?ve held back for so long! I can finally have you without being worried about hurting me. Each time we are closer than being truly together, where you can unleash your passion to me, and you can feel I?ll do the same for you. Now we will really be together!? ? his thoughts echoed in my mind as I felt his tongue entering my mouth again, still carrying the juices of my powerful orgasm. He was kissing me back just as I?ve always dreamt one day he would kiss, a man?s kiss, powerful, demanding, rough and tender at the same time, his face rubbing against mine, his hands traveling around my immense body as his body grew bigger and more muscular.

I decided to fulfill my soulmate?s request and I finally surrendered into the same sex I had back when I needed to stabilize. I embraced the wild side on me once more and showed Andy that two could go crazy of passion.

Then it happened.

Andrew wasn?t still at the size of the other agents, but at the moment I held him firmly looking directly into his eyes, his body grew faster, much faster then it had grows so far. I knew why, Andrew was controlling his own growth pace, he wanted to please me, like it was the first time we fucked, he wanted me inside him and he needed to get bigger and more muscular for that. His body grew just like mine each passing second ? his blond hair got lighter and his eyes glowed in lust, his pale skin assumed a tanned tone, pumped and crossed by huge veins. I moaned as he grew bigger than the other agents, still packing on the size to quickly reach my standards. I knew what he wanted, I knew what he meant I and I meant the same.

We fucked. For the first time we have actually fucked. Fucking with that monstrous sized Andrew can only be described as reaching the gates of Heaven. I felt his muscular back, so wide, so perfect, his arms were just as thick as mine. His muscles were monstrous proportionate, everything in his body resembled mine. He was my brother in muscles, my lover in his soul and my partner in his life! I could feel each time I thrust my cock inside him, he groaned in pleasure, only to scream my name in his new deep voice! The once fragile Andrew was gone, now I looked at a Pantheon monster sized member, but the man I loved was still there, fucking me with his soul, desiring me with the flame of his very life.

I didn?t have time to feel what was happening at our surroundings, but the overwhelming heat that attacked me and Andy soon spread all over the legions ? a giant orgy, or an orgy of giants took place while me and Andrew still took our time exploring our bodies.

?I love you Matt! I support everything you decided!?

?But we still have to count with their support!?

?I know they will trust you, they will put some resistance first, but your wisdom and kindness will prove to be valuable.?

?We are discussing such serious details while our bodies are having the fuck of our lives! How shallow are we??

?Don?t call that shallow ? we can do many things at the same time, we are enjoying our passion and still discussing important details, that?s what life partners do!?

?What would I ever do without you??

?You can?t know that now, I won?t leave you ever again!?

?Andy? Are you feeling this??

?Yeah, I thought it was you??

?No, babe, I think it?s us?

?Really? Already??

?I can only imagine ? are you ready??

?At your side I don?t have fear.?

I commanded my legions to commune with us! I wanted them to feel exactly what I was about to unveil, and they had to be there with us, the power was just too big to be revealed to just me and Andrew. I felt every single cock and mouth kissing us, and each kiss given echoed in the mind, and senses of the rest, multiplying the love, the lust, the desire. Mutual love, mutual objectives, we were ready to face our destiny.

The sound of our combined orgasm exploded in the room. I felt that Andy held my lips against his at some point, muffling the sound and draining my passion inside him. I replied by fucking him even harder. And then it happened again. Each cock that fucked me, each mouth that sucked on my cock, each hand that groped my nipples, each kiss that my skin received felt like the creation of a star in this new universe.

Andy assumed his role in my life like he promised me.

I felt him inside my heart and soul.

And he demanded one only thing.

I felt the power increasing within my muscles. Growing bigger wasn?t enough to say, I was growing in all directions, sizes and possibilities. I felt Andy there with me and I let him guide me through this latest change, it wasn?t anything you can possibly describe in such mundane words.

I felt my body surpassing anything Zeus or anyone else thought as exceptional, and I only felt it was natural for me. I could feel each one of my fellow members and I allowed them to feel me in them? I wanted us to experience this ? they would feel true pleasure just like me and Andrew.

The reaction was simply ecstasy. We all merged into one huge combination of muscles and feelings, our minds reached new levels of conscience, our data increased and our muscles expanded, our strength grew beyond explanation and survey methods. I knew exactly how every single one of my companions felt, and I loved them for sharing it with me, together we learned so much, and together we would prevail.

Along with my peers, I witnessed the extent of my powers, and along with them I accepted my fate.

I embraced my true self.

As the bliss dissipated from our powerful minds, we were able to realize where our bodies laid, completely changed while we fed on the power of our revelation. The growth had spread to all my fellow members. I mentally called each one by his name, and they replied. One by one they stood tall and proud. The surroundings had been destroyed but the staff had evacuated the building when it was still safe ? and I could feel each one of them bearing lots of questions. But that?s the nature of human life ? answers aren?t the goal, the questions are always the objective.

My fellow partners looked at me ? Samson, the smallest among them was 25?10? tall of monstrous proportions, but well over 22? tall wide and such insane endowment we could only mean the incarnation of power. Those were my loyal legions that understood the true meaning of our Ascension.

Magnus? grin remained the same, even though he was 28? tall of gargantuan sized muscles to frame his monstrous bulk which weighed now 50,358 pounds. His beauty only felt warmer to my eyes as his beloved twins joined him, at 26?tall, 47,247 pounds Castor and Polux were the solution for Magnus mundane problems, two companions to watch for his restless soul.

Zion and Onyx had found themselves when we communed with the ultimate power ? they were two young men who discovered the power at the same time, sharing their emotions at such point that their love happened as a natural consequence. Since both of them had reached 27?tall 48,655 pounds in gargantuan muscle size, they were the balance between power, youth and determination I needed for the new Pantheon.

Haven and Zeus also replied to my call ? At 26?4? tall, 51,357 pounds Haven was the massive muscle bear turned into flawless muscle monster god, with dark fur spread all over his behemoth proportions, Zeus, on the other hand, was smooth with his silky long hair reaching to the middle of his back, his tanned Indian skin only accentuated his serene look, by all means a 16 year old teenager who was 25?8? tall and weighed 49,112 pounds, he no longer resembled the cold-hearted leader that once commanded Pantheon. They were the experience needed in this new era, but they also meant the hope in renovation, the goodness of risking and taking chances into the unexplored, the adventure or reinterpreting the same old facts.

Finally I called for my partner, the love of my previous life that now stood in front of me. He was perfect, amazingly beautiful, more powerful than this planet can hold, and the most responsible among us that was my Andrew, who stood at 35? tall weighing 125,257 pounds of my perfect tanned muscles, his hair was golden and had the perfect length and his muscles carved in the hardest stone to please my lust and to warm my heart.

?Beloved, you conducted us through the ways of power, and now we are here to help you, we are here to walk with you and start a new era??

The words of my beloved filled my heart with pride. I stood tall, towering over them at 52? tall, but already 50? wide, weighing 6,258,745 pounds that meant I was indeed the most monstrous, grotesque, insanely freaky creature that could ever exist.

Only now I wasn?t a creature anymore. That ended during the Ascension ? that?s when my true fate had been revealed to me and my peers. That?s when I embraced my divinity. I was born a man in this world, but now I was a God.

Along with my companions, I shared the secrets of the Power within our own universe. The revelation allowed us to fulfill the goals of our mission ? and that was about to begin.

?The ascension drew their attention to us, like you had anticipated, Spartan?

?Yes, Andrew, now we let them come to us?

?The news are already spreading the event in the dock area, it won?t take much longer to the first people gather around us. The authorities were also called. I can sense people getting scared with the rumors??

?Zeus, they will get through this, once we reveal ourselves to them. Our power and muscles will only increase from now on, there?s nothing they can do to stop us, but we are not here to exploit them ? we just need their acceptance and cooperation, we are here to help them.?
?We stand together with you, Spartan, you are our leader in this mission and we trust your wisdom. Let the new era begin!?

?So we?ll do, Magnus ? Follow me, my beloved companions, let?s march gloriously and reveal the world the truth of our divine beings.

My companions walked in front of me, because I filled most of the streets with my immense figure ? a giant among other giants, we stood so massively powerful. I knew that most people would never recognize the beauty of my new size, but they were still mundane, they didn?t have the mind to understand. What they needed to understand was the need to cooperate, because tyranny was not within my plans, I?d rather let them destroy themselves than becoming a merciless ruler like Poseidon or Hades wanted to be. My mission became at that point, my muscles and my power took me into this path, and I wouldn?t resign such honor.

The New Era begun that very night.


?Back when the chaos reigned, mankind was about to destroy itself. That?s when the Pantheon resurged from the ashes and conducted the flock into happiness.

They called us names and said we spread the sin, but all we did was spreading the love among mankind ? love that would take no reward or compensation, unselfish love.

From the Gospels of Andrew, book 1 chapter 3.

I know that my size scares most of you, but those who really learn that I am here to love, won?t fear my gargantuan features, those who learn the value of my words won?t fear for the strength of my arm, for I can only protect you from the harms of the mean hordes.

Yes, that was once my name. But I?ve had many names over the ages ? Andrew, Beloved, Forgiver, chose the one which suits you the best.

I once had been a mortal like you, and I know how it feels to be so fragile, and yet so hopeful. I once feared for my life, but it had changed now. When I met Spartan, he wasn?t a man anymore, but he forced himself to pass as one, and it almost consumed his soul. The God of Gods was already marked to walk his path, but he didn?t want to leave behind his beloved ones ? but he had brought us into his wings, and we all shared the glory of his wisdom.

Back on the first night, we marched into the core of the greatest of human cities, we revealed to the people the contents of our mission, the godhood that embraced us and how we wanted to help them. Spartan himself offered to dialogue, but the men were afraid of us.

They were scared, and they resented our choices. They wanted to destroy us before even considering our offer ? the Holly war begun in the First night. But Spartan wouldn?t let it become a war. He saved the innocents with our help, we proved that we didn?t want to cause any harm. We only wanted to save mankind from itself. Many listened to our pleadings, but many others refused to believe, because men were weak, and men betrayed their goals. Spartan had been betrayed once, and he knew the pain of that.

For two weeks the world tried to destroy us with their every weapon, so we headed to the desert where there were less people, even so, we avoided their losses and they were thankful for our actions. Everywhere they tried to destroy us, we gathered new faithful people, they wanted the pain and the suffering to end, they wanted a happy simple life.

Then we had to act ? we destroyed their weapons and proved they were useless against us. Men cried when the realized our muscles were stronger than missiles. Finally, men had nothing else to attack us, so they listened to our words, and their mind opened to our teachings.

They finally understood that even though we had the power to take whatever we wanted, the most important was realizing that we were there to help. Everything would remain the same ? every man, child and woman free the way they were born, free to think and to express his thoughts, free to believe in whatever he wanted. Free to love whoever he wanted.

But no longer would power allow injustice ? no longer would the stronger prevail over the weaker if he wasn?t the rightful one. Spartan would guarantee that. Because he wasn?t a man like many thought. He was the God of Gods ? and he knew the secrets of the power, revealed to him during the Ascension.

Generations have passed and the promise of Spartan and Pantheon remained. The legacy of a peaceful earth, the powerful gods to protect people from the nature disasters, the blissful rituals of enlightening that many men had undergone, the worship to the Gods of Pantheon no longer met objection.

We Gods were pleased with mankind as well. Though we never demanded worship, it only made us stronger and more capable of attending to the prayers of the faithful. The pilgrims marched like we did back the first night in the search of our massive bodies that can be bigger than mountains when we want, but we are always immense at any human standards. Many mortals had witnessed the mating ritual between two or more Gods, and they will be marked for life, carrying a sparkle of that manly love with them.

The period of glory lasted for over three thousand years. The peace reigned and the planet healed itself from the abuses of previous ages, but still the dangers were still existent, because the Gods knew when the life on this planet needed to be sowed along the universe ? spreading the gifts and the wisdom with them. We Gods decided that it was time to let mankind walk on its own legs again, and we would explore the cosmos in the search of a new beginning, a new mission that only our massive muscles would accomplish. We would need a new evolution in order to reach such powerful task, and Spartan once again surprised me after all these years. His power increases everyday, and before this era ends, he?ll be so powerful that he?ll lead us into the promise of a new begging where we can spread our mission again.

So, faithful ones the promise proved itself true, and mankind trusted Pantheon and its gods. And now you should learn more about the gods of the Pantheon, but no lesson will be truly learned if you don?t search for them with noble intentions, letting your love for our huge muscles guide you through the many blessing we can offer you.

The words of Andrew Spartan.

The End
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I'm exceedingly lucky as I got a preview of this final chapter.

As I already said to Bruno...... WOW!

And thanks buddy. It is a great climax to a wonderful ride. I can't wait to read it from start to finish.


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A little help won't hurt...

Thanks Dude. You know i really need to read words from my readers.

As for reading it from the beggining - here's a little help part 6 part 5 part 4 part 3 parts 1 &2

Take care
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For the most part, I really liked this story. In fact, I've read and reread the previous chapters about 3 times. You're a very talented writer.

However, and this is solely my reaction, I have to confess that I didn't like the ending. Not my cup of tea.

Regardless, thanks for writing and sharing your story. I did enjoy reading it and I hope you'll write another one soon.
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I really liked the way things ended. Perhaps we haven't seen the last of this universe?
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I really knew this could happen, and I thank you for sharing your opinion, too bad you didn't agree with the ending but at least in my view - it felt really natural - I did want to stress out that to normal men Matt and his gang could be taken as Gods, as long as they would consider themselves as such. After all the guys worked for a "Pantheon" which is an assembly of Gods, they quite often used mythological names. Maybe that was a bit childish of my part, but I really wanted Science to merge with Religion at some point, not because I particularly believe in such thing, but I do think that it is a wonderful theme. The "birth" of a new religion based on muscle worship and manly love - hehe it may sound heresy for most, but I can't deny it's appeal to me, however I needed to end the story and there was no space for that new plot, that's why I used an epilogue through Andy's point of view.

In anycase - you had almost the whole story up to their "divine" tranformation to enjoy the "sci-fi' theme I managed to create, besides it was always about Matt and Andy and I think that was clear from the story. Thanks for reading it all the way, and I hope the result was not bad after all.

As for you Mad Dog - I thank you again for your support, sometimes my stories don't catch many readers, but you are always there to cheer me up. thanks for your feedback - and I don't want to bring you down so I won't say the Spartan Universe is closed for me, but right now I have many other plots I wanted to work in.

Anyway - Thanks for your feedback.

Take care
There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Great finale, Bruno!!

I just have a remark to tell...Well, the guys were not big enough for me...
Just kidding

The story was great.
I hope we'll chat/RP again soon.

Take care too
Thufir Hawat aka Sam
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I have to say its another great read, Bruno, and I loved the ending. I'm glad I had a chance to preview it as well. Please keep those stories coming, you're work is always great to read.
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Thumbs up

Wow. That... that was...

Well, long. Holy shit, I'm pretty sure I was eating breakfast when I plopped down and popped this post off of my "to-be-read" queue, and now it's bedtime! I want my New Years Day back!

Besides being a slight exaggeration, my "complaint" (whine) is also far, far from a criticism. The same thing always happens when I get engrossed in a story. (Back in my high school days, I recall one evening I sat down to continue Crichton's "Sphere", opened to my page-50-ish bookmark... and my very next memory is of looking up from the final page, and realizing it was 3am. "Oops.") What can I say? I'm a sucker for a page-scroller. Thank you.

This closing was masterfully crafted, in my opinion... as you said, a major change in "tone" from your previous chapters. I'm not even speaking of all of the obvious alterations/progressions in the universe that you've set your story in, but rather the evolution in the story's -- and storytelling's -- interaction with the reader's expectations and intellect.

Every story I've read from you has shown an obvious dedication to plot coherency and character development, but this "Spartan" finale feels born of centuries' worth of storytelling tradition. It's more than willing, and equipped, to suck readers right inside and drag us along for the ride. ...Like I said, a real page-scroller.

I don't even care for the universe that resulted, really -- actually, that's not true. More, it's "not what I'm looking for" and I wouldn't initially seek out stories of that particular style/type to read. I don't have any real opinions positive or negative... but I can still recognize when something is crafted well, and to the end the story never loses its mucle-growth/worship focus, which is what we're all here for.

Hope to hear what you're going to be working on next, and looking forward to reading it! Soon, perhaps?
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Originally Posted by nypup2train
Besides being a slight exaggeration, my "complaint" (whine) is also far, far from a criticism.
Wellllllllllllll.... OK. Maybe I would suggest -- constructively -- that this was so unexpectedly long (compared to my conceived "norm" for stories) that it might have served the audience better in at LEAST two sections. Probably more like 4+.

Not everybody's structured their lifestyle around being able to absorb the disappearance of multi-hour blocks of time, like I have. ...And among the people who have are, I imagine, disproportionately high numbers of junkies and schizophrenics. But, hey, you've got something here that you can tout as practically tailor-made for our particular niche market!

Plus, it was still good, which is what counts most. :grin:
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Oh, yes, one last thing, since you asked...

Originally Posted by muscl4life
For better or worse I am "back with a revenge" (whatever that really means in english)
Exactly the same thing it likely means when translated into your (presumably non-English) native language -- absolutely nothing.

The colloquial expression is, "back with a vengeance", not that that really has greater literal meaning.

It's probably best interpreted as a grammatically flawed reduction of something like "back with a {taste,desire} for vengeance" -- at least that avoids the implication that "a vengeance" is directly equivalent to "a can of whoop-ass", something to be picked up in handy six-pack or case form on the way back from your 3-month period spent hiding out in the {desert,mountains,tundra,wasteland}, in self-imposed "training-and-personal-growth-in-order-to-overcome-prior-dramatic-failure" exile. (A necessary element of every vengeance-related character arc in any good 1980's-style "action" plot.)
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Talking Okay now you gave me a problem...

My ego must be Spartan sized by that moment. Your comments REALLY touched me. All feedback is important to me and I cherrish them just as I enjoy working on my stories, in fact the term is really appropriate because the more people like my writing, the stronger my writing urge becomes. You wrote sincere thoughts from someone who really entered into the universe created along the story, and if you did such thing, I really can't thank you enough for this, because that is precisely the one thing any writer would want to provoke on his reader - to make him think and feel like he belonged to that universe. "Catharsis" - this is the state I aim my reader to reach when reading anything I do. Sure, the individual has his own mind and tastes, plus the lack of better writing skills may prevent a better comprehension, but above everything, if you "accepted" Spartan's ending just like Andrew has, then you just captured the message I wanted.

Thanks for all your comments about the legnth of my chapters (I once wrote a story with smaller sections and it turned out like a 30 something chapters long story). Truth is that I can't really post a section feeling that all hasn't being solved, and so they get so big. Spartan was a 127 page long story in word document, but the story had grown in different paces for different reasons, so you're right when you said the ending was too long.

LAst but not least, thanks for the explanation about such a peculiar expression, and sorry for my initial confusing about the term revenge instead of vengeance. I really have a fascination for the english idiom, mainly because it has such a different expression approach than Portuguese (we tend to use as many words as possible, while you use the idiom meaning a much more direct comunication, that's why I think English is such a widely spoken laguage, not because it is "plain and simple" because over these years, I learned the hard way that it is not that easy as one might think)

I do want to write more along this year, probably a shorter story might pop out while I work with Redkage and Braun1 in the joint stories. I also intend to finish some of my earlier projects like "Family Ties" or "Bonded" so I will try to keep you and all the guys on this forum busy reading my long and obssessedly exagerated muscle growth stories.

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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A good ending to a good story. I'm glad that you were finally able to finish your piece of work, and finished it with a bang I see . I'm looking forward to your next series in anticipation. Don't keep us all waiting TOO long though.
Ancient Proverb: Whatever doesn't kill you today will only make you sore the next morning.

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