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Old April 2nd, 2007, 06:45 PM
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Best Freinds - Part 2

I stood up quickly and stared directly at Will. I blurted out, ?Is this some kind of sick twisted joke, Will? Is this the way you get back at me ? by mocking me.? I turned to leave the apartment. Will?s hand grabbed my arm. I could feel the strength of his hand, but he was not hurting me. It was just enough force to stop me and turn me around. Will was standing now.

?James ? I?m not joking. I don?t understand any of this, but the dreams are about you . . . and . . . me. Every time. I?m serious. Not only do the dreams turn me on and make me cum in buckets ? but after every one of them I am bigger, stronger, better. I need you to help me figure this out. Please James, you are the only one who can help me find out what all of this means. And please understand this ? I?m not asking you to help me make them stop. I like the dreams and I REALLY like what they are doing to me.?

Will let go of my arm, reached up, and began unbuttoning his shirt. As he parted the shirt revealing his upper body my head became very light ? It was as if I was going to faint. I fell gently back into the chair ? never taking my eyes off of Will. By this time the shirt was unbuttoned and Will shrugged it off of his shoulders. I was staring at a perfectly formed torso. All those years of drooling over Steve Reeves, Bob Paris, Frank Zane and countless other symmetrical gods had not prepared me for this moment. My eyes started with his shoulders ? so wide and huge. I imagined sitting on one of those shoulders like the old pin-up pictures of musclemen and their admirers. I noticed that Will had also begun to look at his body ? and I followed his gaze to two perfectly muscled pecs. His chest was amazing. I swear I could have balanced a glass on the top of his shelf-like mounds of muscle. And the crevice between the pecs was obviously made for someone to bury their face in two pillows of muscle. I thought of what it would be like to have him flex his pecs while my face was buried in that valley. I wanted to know what it would be like to be surrounded by muscle. As my eyes wandered down I quickly realized that Will must be unable to see his stomach. His chest was so well developed and his abs were so tight that his globes of muscled pecs caused a shadow to fall across his chiseled mid-section. The definition of chiseled must include a picture of his abs in the dictionary. There was nothing in he world so perfect. The crevices between each abdominal was as beautiful as the valley between his pecs. I wanted to reach out and feel the smooth ? hard skin and get my fingers trapped between each part of his six-pack.

I saved my favorite body part for last ? his arms. When I saw how huge and perfect his biceps were ? even without flexing ? I could feel pre-cum oozing from my cock. These are the arms that had broken fire logs as if they were toothpicks. These are the arms that had beat two behemoths in arm wrestling at the same time. These were arms that rippled with power. The definition in the biceps, the triceps, the forearms, and even the hands made my head spin more ? because they all screamed strength. Will and I caught each other?s gaze for a second and then he turned his eyes back to his arms. He knew my gaze would return to them, as well. Will balled up his fist and tightened the muscles in his arms as he dangled them at his side. Veins shot up and down his arm and I could tell that his skin became hard as steel. The biceps bulged and I stopped breathing. Will raised his arms slowly ? never taking his gaze from his right bicep. When his arms were level with his head he looked at me and pushed his biceps into unfathomable peaks. His double bicep pose made my open mouth actually drool. I could feel liquid sliding down my chin but I only stared at those mounds of muscle. It was at this moment that I knew something incredible was happening to Will. There were no words to describe how perfect his body had become. I could not begin to understand the power that must rest in those muscles. The hardness of my cock was second only to his. I could see that his display of power had turned him on, as well. Or was he turned on by what it did to me? Will dropped his arms but did not take his eyes off of me.

?Well? What do you think?? was all he said as he smiled the most mischievous smile I have ever seen.

I finally wiped my chin and Will chuckled. ?My greatest gay fantasies could not have prepared me for what I have just seen,? I replied. Will chuckled again. ?You are simply amazing. I don?t know what to let my eyes stop on because I want to see your whole body ? all at the same time. I don?t know what turns me on the most.? I had completely forgotten how this comment might make Will feel. ?I?m sorry, Will, I hope that doesn?t offend you ? it?s just that you fit all of my fantasies of what a man could be. You?re my best friend and you look like a god that has just stepped of Mount Olympus.?

Will knelt down in front of me and place his hands on my knees, ?I?m not offended, James. I?m still not sure what all of this means and there is probably not enough therapy in the world to help me sort it out ? I just know that you have something to do with this body you see before you. I also know that making you happy with my body makes me happy. I get turned on just knowing you like looking at me. I want to build this body into the god that you fantasize about. I want to be your wet dream come true.?

?Okay there, little Hercules (I noticed that Will smiled broadly when I called him this), you need to back up just a minute before I cream in my pants,? I emphasized as I pushed his hands from my knees. ?If you keep talking like that I will probably faint from being overwhelmed. Why don?t you please put your shirt back on.? I tried to only look at Will?s face but my eyes kept being pulled back to every mound of muscle in his upper body. Will laughed out loud this time and turned to pick up his shirt. ?I?m curious, though. About your dreams. Do you mind telling me about them??

?Of course I?ll tell you about them. I think that is an important part to all of this,? Will said as he buttoned his shirt and sat on the sofa. I was sad that I couldn?t see his perfect body any more, but I knew it would help me focus on what he was saying. ?Let me tell you about the dream from two nights ago. It is the most powerful one yet. First, I should say that the dreams last the entire night. Usually I just remember bits and pieces of dreams ? but the dreams of you are like novels ? and I remember every detail. It is crazy.

?So the dream from the other night began with me at a dance or something. I was in a tux. You were at the dance, too. Maybe you are my date. I don?t know. The dance ends and we are both somewhere together ? maybe a hotel room or maybe someone?s house I don?t know. You ask me to slowly undress, but it is like you didn?t even have to say it. I just know you want me to. But I know you want me to do it very slow. I take off the bow tie and let it fall to the floor. Then the vest comes off. I start to unbutton my shirt but you stop me. It is obvious that you want to take it off. As you unbutton the shirt you kiss my chest through my t-shirt. You un-tuck my shirt and push it off of my shoulders. You grab my pecs through the t-shirt and start squeezing my mounds of flesh. You then bring your mouth to my right nipple and suck on it through the shirt. I start to put my hands on your head but you look at me and I know that I am supposed to just stand there and enjoy your attention. It seems like forever that you go back and forth from my right to my left pec just sucking and biting at my nips. They are now as hard as a rock and you can see them pushing the fabric of my t-shirt. Once again, you don?t say a thing but I know you want me to place my hands behind my head. When my hands are back there I begin to flex my biceps a little and you bring your mouth to my hard guns. You are slowly kissing my muscled skin and biting at my peaks. We get into a rhythm and I know when you want me to flex and when you want me to relax. At one point you grab my peaks with your hands and lift your legs. I know to flex my biceps so your body will go up and down ? rubbing against my chest and abs. You stop and step back. I look into your eyes and I know what I am supposed to do. I reach up to the neck of my t-shirt with my right hand and rip the shirt off of my body in one quick movement. You step back to look at me.? By this point Will was no longer telling the story. He had entered the dream. He was staring off into space but I knew he was aware that I was in the room. He stopped speaking for some reason ? could it have been fear?

I had started to sweat, but not from the steaminess of the story ? there was something else that was making me panic a little. I needed to know more about Will?s dream. I finally broke the silence and said, ?Go on Will, tell me more about the dream.?

?After I rip off my t-shirt you step back up to my chest and begin to kiss my pecs and my abs. You let your tongue slide through the grooves of my stomach. You still won?t let me touch you. I am supposed to just enjoy your attention ? no, your worshipping. You bite and suck on my nipples again ? letting them slide between your teeth as you suck and blow on them. My body is completely rigid from the excitement. As you bury your face in between my pecs your hands start to unzip my pants. I know that I am supposed to squeeze my chest around your face. I know when to relax so I don?t smother you. You just keep licking and kissing the valley between my pecs as I smash your face with my muscle. By this time you have my erect cock out of my pants and you are stroking it with your hands. I can hear you almost purr in appreciation of my manhood. I release your face from between my pecs and you kneel in front of me.? Will abruptly stopped again. He was still staring into space. This time I knew why.

?Will, none of this is embarrassing me. It is fine for you to tell me the rest. It is natural and it is good. You are everything I have ever wanted and I want to hear the rest.? I said all of this calmly to show him that I wanted to hear more. I wanted him to feel okay about sharing this part of himself. I wanted him to finally be at peace with what he had been feeling for so long. But there was also something greater happening inside of me. There was a huge revelation taking place. I could not even begin to understand what it all meant but I wanted to follow this journey to the end. I wanted to help my best friend ? become the god that was hidden inside and to help him come to grips with himself. But there was more. I was, indeed, tied into what was happening to Will. I think I was a major part of it.

You see the dream that Will had been telling me was the same dream that I had been having for the last few weeks ? in every exact detail.
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Old March 22nd, 2010, 09:58 AM
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This is great. Im completely hooked.
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