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Old December 23rd, 2003, 10:00 AM
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Becoming a muscle god

[from a roleplay I had... with permission]

You're in the weight room, training for the wrestling team. The coach
told you to train upper body today, so you started with bench press.
It's hot, and the sweat soaks you t-shirt as you lift 350 pounds.
Your buddy John is spotting you. You crank out 7 reps with ease, but
need a spot for the eighth. You get up, wipe down the bench, and
John gets ready to do the set. You notice the coach watching you.

You glare at him. He's so big and strong, and he likes to show it
off. He pushes his team hard, and when they don't live up to his
standards, he pushes them harder. You hate him. You hate him because
he's everything you want to be. Huge. Handsome. Dominant.

John cranks out 8 reps, but nearly misses the bench. "Hey Mike, pay
attention to what you're doing!" says John.

"OK." You help John with the bar.

The coach walks over. "Hey guys, let me show you how it's done."
The coach strips off his shirt. He's dark and swarthy, with a hairy
chest. He looks about 24, but you know he's older than that. He
picks up the 350 pound bar and slowly lowers it to his chest. He
completes 12 reps without breaking a sweat.

The coach gets up and bounces his massive pecs. "See, guys, that's how it's
done. Mike, try again. And really push yourself this time. I know
you can do this weight easy."

You get an angry look on your face watching him show off arrogantly.

"Fine!" You get on the bench and proceed to do your reps. You crank
out ten before slamming the bar down. Your pecs, shoulders and tris
are pumped. You breath in your musky man-smell and smirk with the
knowledge that the coach didn't get you, this time.

"Good. Knew you had it in you." He puts another 50 one each side.
"John, I'll work out with Mike." It's wasn't a statement, but an
order. John knows not to object. He walks away.

The coach gets down and crank out another 12 reps. "Good warmup.
Think you can do this weight son?"

You take off your workout shirt. Your pecs are round and full. You
have cannonball sized delts, and thick hard arms. Your waist is a
washboard. Your blonde hair and sea-blue eyes are accentuated by your
tan. You know you're handsome. You know that all the guys on the
team envy your perfect looks and powerful build, and the way the girls
fawn all over you. Yet, compared to the coach, you feel small. Weak.
Skinny. You look at the coach and scowl, then lay back down.

"Bring it on coach!"

You crank out six. Nice and slow. Your chest is covered with sweat
as you strain to get rep after rep. Your pecs pump huge as you force
out each rep. When you drop the weight on the bench, it makes a huge
CLANG. The coach is smiling. "Ya. Way to go Mike." He shakes his
head with approval. "You are one damn strong kid. Hey, if you're
done here, come back to my office. I got something to show you..."

You jump up from the bench rubbing your sore pecs.

"Ya, I'm done coach."

You bounce your pecs.

The coach talks while you walk. "You know Mike. I'm a good 280
pounds. I've competed as a super-heavyweight bodybuilder and won my
share of trophies. I think you got good potential." You both enter
the coach's office. On the wall are other players from the last few
years. Each are hugely muscled, but not as muscular as the coach.
"Got any idea how old I am Mike?"

You start to get a tingle in your shorts looking at the pics on the

You scratch your head. "I dont know coach.....32?"

"41." The coach flexes his arm. "That's a good 23 inch bi there,
Mike. Cold. My thighs are 35, and I can bench 700 pounds for 8 reps.
You know, Mike. I didn't get this big without help. And I don't mean
steroids. I shared my secret with those guys on the wall. Each won
the national wrestling trophy. I'd like to share the secret with you.
What do you think?"

Your eyes are glued to the coach's bicep. You sit down to hide hide
growing hardon.

"Wow, coach! I'd do anything to get huge." Your mouth gets dry at
the thought, and you lick your lips. "Ya, like you, or even bigger,
sir. I mean, coach."

The coach walks over to you. He places his hand on your chest and
squeeze. "Damn, you are one big guy. The other guys were no where
near as big as you are now." He lets go and shakes his head yes. "You
see, Mike. I did some travelling in South America when I was younger.
I met this woman. She said she had some magics that could make me
huge, keep me young. She gave me the secret." He pulls out a dark
chocolate-like substance from his desk. "I've only taken one dose of
this, ever. I've never needed more." The coach looks at his body,
places his hands on his hips and flexes. Every muscle in his body
expands huge into tight, ripped definition. The bulge in his shorts
grow. "This stuff takes everything you got and give you more of it.
Lots more. Each guy reacts differently." The coach breaks off a
peice and hands it to you. "You want to be huge? Eat it. I should
tell you, so far, no one has been able to match my muscle."

"No one huh?" You grin mischievously. You stand up and quickly snatch
the whole bar and eat it all.

The coach laughs. "You got gusto kid. Oh, I forgot the other side
effect. It makes you horny as hell." I walk over and lock the door.
I turn to watch you. You begin to get flushed. "Feeling dizzy yet?
Don't worry about it. It means you're growing. How's it feel?"

You begin to turn crimson red. "It's burning coach! I feel it
spreading from my stomach ... all over.... I feel like --- I gotta--
sit." You collapse on the chair and start jerking uncontrollably.
Suddenly, you're yelling out in pain.

The coach pulls off his shorts. There is a bulge in his jock
strap. He rubs it as he watches your body grow, becoming
stronger. "Good. It's starting to work." He watches as you breath
deeply. With each breath, your chest gets bigger. Your arms pound
the floor, and swell with muscle. Your legs press into your shorts,
which begin to get tight. Your body balloons with power and size.
With each jerk, your muscles grow. So does your cock, which is
creeping to the side of your hips.

"That's my boy. Grow huge. Can't wait to see how big you get." The
coach can't take it anymore. He pulls down his jock strap, revealing
a massive erect cock. "Guess you see the other effect now, don't

The convulsions start to become less intense but you keep swelling,
becoming bigger and stronger.

The coach sees that it's almost over. He walks over to you and lifts
you up. Your body continues to grow. "Damn kid, you might get to be
as big as me." He rub his hands over your hard, round chest, then
down your eight pack. Your shorts begin to rip.

You cant say anything but "FUCK...ohh aaugggghhhh."

"Ya, getting huge. Only a few more seconds Mike, then you'll see what
real muscle is like. Muscle like this." The coach pulls you close
and flexes, making his muscles hard and huge as he holds you in a bear
hug. "Fuck, your lats are amazing! Damn wide and hard." The coach
bites your thick neck.

You feel the coach's tight bearhug squeeze. Instinctively, you flex
into it. The strength seems to fade. 'Is he releasing me?' you
think. Then you realize, 'No. I'm becoming bigger and stronger than

The coach doesn't notice. No one has been stronger than he, so he
can't conceive it. "Ya, that's my big boy. Feeling better yet?
Ready to test that new body? I'm game." He says it with confidence,
flexing his muscles in a show of superiority.

The kid is massive, and the coach smiles at the thought of how heavy
he's become. "Ya, another super-heavy. Good."

Slowly, as the growth recedes, you to come to.

The coach put you down and grabs your shorts. He rips them off. "Ya,
now you're a man." He slaps your bubble butt, which makes a loud
smack. "Ya, damned big."

You look down on yourself. "Holy shit!"

"Go ahead. Flex. Check yourself out." He points to a mirror.

The coach walks over to it, and hits a double bi. "Like this. Nice."
He admires himself, staring and the massive peaks on each arm. His
cock jerks at the sight of his massive, prize-winning body.

You are still shaken up by the growth, but do the same. You feel your
muscles forced wide, spreading huge as you fill the entire reflection
with new power.

"FUCK coach! I'm huge!" Your eyes widen and you smile as you taken in
your new massive body. "Look at these fucking guns!"

"Feels good, doesn't it"

The coach goes to his desk and throws you a measuring tape. "Go ahead.
What are they 22?"

The realization of your new size hits you, even if it hasn't dawned on
the coach. "You measure me," you say slyly as you toss the tape back
to him. You run your hands down your huge loaf-like pecs, wide eyed
from the size.

"My pleasure," the coach says arrogantly. You see his cock jerk at
the idea. First, he flexex his arm, and wraps the tape around it.
It stretches just past 23. "Ya, fucking huge!" he says with confidence.

Now it's your turn. You make a huge bi. He wraps the tape around it.
His eyes go wide as he tries to squeeze the tape, but it won't get any
tighter. "HOLY FUCK. 26! That's three inches bigger than me!"

"Yeah, coach!" You scream, flexing your arm even tigher, forcing the
tape out more. You have a huge peak, and every striation of the
muscle is visible through your paper-thin skin. "Looks like I'm no
longer your little boy!"

The coach rubs his hand over your arms in disbelief. He squeezes,
then harder, unable to dent the granite-like muscle.

'Now he understands,' you think. You grin wide, as your now huge cock
begins to rise. It becomes vertical and grows just into the deep
valley between your pecs.

The coach rubs his hands over his chest, feeling the meat. Then he
does yours. "Damn, yours feel bigger too." His cock bumps into
yours. His eyes grow wider as he sees you're bigger there too. "No
one's ever grown bigger than me. I... I..."

"Yeah. Looks like this thing worked better than you expected, eh?"
You hit a few poses looking at yourself in disbelief and admiration.

"I need to measure that chest!" the coach screams. He pulls the tape
measure out. His hands are shaking as he walks over. "Lift your
arms. Let's see how big that chest is. Don't flex." He wraps the
tape around. 72!

"I don't believe it. Flex." Your lats stretch the tape as your pecs
bounce up. The 84 inch tape is too small.

"Hell yea!" Your dick starts to leak as you watch the coach struggle
to get his big hands around your huge muscles.

The coach looks down at your dick with lust. He pushes into you,
trying to force you to turn. "Damn, I want to suck that cock of
yours." He struggles, his arms bulging. His hands digging into you.
His lats flaring as he calls upon all his strength in an effort to get
what he wants. His face turns red as he finds that all his strength
can't move you.

"Yeah, looks like you're the little dude now eh, coach?" You grab his
arms and force them off of you. It's easy, even though he's
struggling with all he's got. "I think you're going to be paying me
some respect now, dont you?" You turn to him, bouncing your ball-sized
pecs right in his face.

"Respect is earned, Mike."

"How about I just FORCE you?" You walk over to him, and place a hand
on his pecs. He leans into it, but you push with all you've got. The
coach flies back into his desk, unable to withstand your one mighty

"That's Sir, not Mike," you demand, adding "little dude."

"You can try," his voice isn't as certain as it once was as he pulls
himself up.

Before he can recover, you jerk a knee his stomach hard. You hear the
wind rush out of his lungs as he slumps over.

"Kneel!" You order. He looks at you.

"Kneel little fella. You know I can force you." You place your hands
on your hips and flex, striking the pose the coach had made earlier.
Your muscles are clearly bigger. Harder. Stronger.

The coach is slumped over, amazed at your strength. Slowly, he gets
up. He looks at you, never having seen such determination. He slowly
gets down on one knee. "s-s-s-sir." He looks to the ground.

"Good boy." He can feel your big dick poking his head as he looks down.

He reach to touch your hard cock, but you bat it away. You haven't
given him permission.

"So this is how its gonna work now, kid," you say arrogantly. "You
will worship me, treat me like a god, and no questions asked."

He looks at you. There is a trace of lust in his eyes. He wants that
power. Suddenly he jumps up and runs to his desk. Quickly, he grabs
another piece of the 'candy'..."

"GRR" You are on him before he can react, and snatch it from him. You
twist his arm as easily as if he were a newborn babe. Your strength
will not be denied.

"UGH!" he cries. "no, I'm sorry. Don't hurt me," he pleads.

You crush the rest of the candy in your hand and it pulverizes into dust
which you drop onto your shorts.

"I'm sorry, I'll do anything you say. I'll worship you" The coach
pleads, then kneels before you. "How may I please you, sir?"

"Suck my cock, wimp," you order.

He crawls toward you. He looks up, and sees your huge, fat cock. He
slowly sniffs it, then licks it's length. He moves to the head and has
his tongue lap at it like a hungry dog. "May I put it in my mouth,

You look down grinning, holding your dick in you hand. You move it
across the coach's face, slobbering precum all over it.

"Thank you, sir." A tear runs down his cheek, knowing he is beaten.
"Please sir, may I suck it. Please."

You smack his face with it.

"Look at you now, coach! Your own secret has turned you into a
begging cocksucker. I always envied your size and power, and now
that I'm bigger I'm going to show you what it is to feel that little
and inferior. I'm going to give you a taste of what you gave me!"

"Please let me suck you. Please!" The coach begs. "I've always
loved cock, Mike. I sucked those other boys off too. They liked it.
But I dominated them. You..." He looks in awe of your size. "I feel
so small compared to you. I..." He looks down, humbly. "Sir, may I
worship you. You deserve it. You're huge." He kisses your feet and
licks them. "I know how to make you bigger, if you want. I can make
more of the growth compound, but only for you. I want you to be the
biggest muscle god. Please Mike. Please sir. Will you be my god?"

"I am already your god!" You look at the begging man with disgust.
How the mighty have fallen. "Wimp! Bitch!" You bounce your now huge

"Yes sir. Please sir. How may I worship you. May I suck your chest
sir? Would you like me to suck your godlike pecs?"

"First things first bitch!" You place your cockhead on his lips.
"Take it all."

He opens his mouth wide. Your cock is so thick. He slowly begins to
push it in. He gets it in halfway, then he starts to gag. He pulls
back, coughing. "It's too big..."

You look angry at him. "Open that mouth, cocksucker." You slam your
cock into his mouth and ram it down his throat. He starts to cry, but
that only gets you more turned on.

The coach places his hand on your ass as he adjusts to your superior
organ. Your glutes are hard and ripped -- pure muscle. He digs a
finger into your rectum and finds the sensitive area. You moan
approvingly. Suddenly, you feel your juices growing. You grab the
coach's head as you explode, feeding him your juices. You cum for 15
seconds before you allow him to pull off. He gasps for breath.

"Better get use to it, wimp. Your god expects you to worship him
often. That was good for a first try, but I deserve better."

The humiliated coach looks up, longingly. "Yes sir."


"Stand firm for what you believe in until or unless logic or experience prove you wrong. Remember, when the emperor looks naked the emperor is naked. The truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. And there's no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza." Daria
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Old December 23rd, 2003, 10:32 AM
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Some stories get deeper into fantasy than others. That was awesome...simple but white hot.

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Becoming a muscle god

Yeah Corwin, keep up the roleplay and keep on writing more based on them! Hot, hot, hot!

Thanks for the early Christmas present!
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Corwin, that was quite hot. Loved the role reversal and power shift of the protagonists.
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Old January 13th, 2004, 07:02 PM
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Thanks for the comments -- just to let people know, another similar (roleplay) story will be posted soon

"Stand firm for what you believe in until or unless logic or experience prove you wrong. Remember, when the emperor looks naked the emperor is naked. The truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. And there's no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza." Daria
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