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Old April 3rd, 2007, 08:19 PM
Thicker is Best
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Best Friends - Part 6

Will finally stopped doing push-ups. It was a good thing. I was getting a little seasick from the motion. Will had also started to sweat a little and I found it hard to stay on his back – even with it being so massive. I thought it might be time for a shower and I wanted to take one with him in a bad way. I thought it would be great to lather each and every muscle on his body.

“How about a hot shower?” Will asked. Again I had forgotten the power of my suggestions.

“That sounds great,” I said as I bent down to take off my boxers. I had decided that this might be the time to insinuate a “cocky” attitude for Will. I was hoping it would work the same way as other suggestions. I began to formulate my plan as I said, “Maybe Little Herc will let me soap him up and rinse him off.” I stood up and turned around bumping into two pecs that seemed to be cut from marble. It hurt my face as I hit Will’s chest. Will took his hands and grabbed the sides of my arms. He pressed in and lifted me off of the floor. With no effort at all Will raised me so I was eye to eye with him. My arms hurt a little but the thrill of being picked up by this muscleman made the pain disappear. There was something different in Will’s eyes and his smile seemed a little more devilish.

He spoke slowly and full of cockiness. “I think you need to look again, little buddy. Are your feet not dangling in the air? You might have gotten to call me Little Herc earlier, but I think it should now be just Herc – or better yet – how about Big Herc. Yeah, I like that. It suits a big guy like me – don’t you think?” I could only nod my head. I was on fire with excitement because I knew this was part of the new (and in my opinion, improved) Will. I had done it. I had encouraged a new attitude in my best friend – now known as Big Herc. He started lifting me up and down letting my crotch rub against his abs and chest as he said, “I think I’d like to hear you say it. I think you need to show me the respect I deserve. What’s my name little one?” He lowered me back to eye level. It was obvious that I weighed nothing to him. My feet were starting to lose all feeling.

“You are Big Herc, sir,” I said - adding the sir part to please him.

“That is almost perfect my little muscle worshipper – but I want you to remember that I am YOUR Big Herc. So try it again,” he said as he brought my face closer to his.

“You are MY Big Herc, sir,” I said in a mock meekness.

“Oh you are a good boy aren’t you – and a fast learner. But I think it’s time to punish you a little.” And with those words he spun me around and slammed me into the wall. It knocked the breath out of me a little, but it wasn’t done to hurt me – I could tell. It was done to turn me on – and that it did. I glanced at the wall beside me and saw that the force had dented the dry wall a little. There was an imprint of my body now. Will continued, “I think that your punishment will be very severe. I think I’m going to make you cum three times – right in a row. Would you like to see that James? Would you like to try and not shoot your load as I punish you? Let’s see how disciplined you are.”

Will raised my body a little higher on the wall. I had completely forgotten that he was still holding me in the air. He positioned my body exactly where he wanted and then pressed his monster chest into my crotch. My rock-hard cock nestled perfectly into the deep valley between his pecs. Will pressed his body a little harder into mine. If it did hurt I could not tell because I was too excited about being pressed by so much perfect muscle. I gasped a little as Will dropped his hands from my arms. My body didn’t move an inch. I was frozen in place against the wall because of Will’s powerful body. I could tell that Will moved one of his hands down to his crotch and pulled his cock out of his sweats. He was enjoying all of this as much as I was.

“So let’s see what my massive slabs of muscled pec meat can do to your cock, shall we?” And with that Will started squeezing his chest together. The pressure on my cock was mind-blowing. He began to tense his chest around my cock and then release it – over and over again. When he would squeeze his chest together my cock would disappear into the deep crevice between his pecs. I knew that I would not be able to keep from shooting my load if he kept that up any longer. Suddenly, Will stopped and looked at me. “I can tell you’re ready Jimmy-boy. It’s too much for you isn’t it? Look at that chest, man.” And we both glanced down. Here I was still dangling in the air pressed up against the wall by only his chest. I placed my hands up on the top of his pecs. They were warm to the touch. He tightened them around my cock again and then began to roll his pecs up and down. This was one of my favorite things a bodybuilder could do – it showed so much control of muscle. But more importantly was how it felt on my cock. The valley it was nestled in had become very warm and a little wet from sweat. When Will rolled his pecs it felt like my cock was being assaulted by four or five mouths. It was a feeling that could not be described. The build up was getting unbearable. Will could tell I was struggling to not shoot my load.

“Yeah, that’s it, try and resist me. Try to see if you can hold out longer. But you know what Jimbo – the time has come.” And with that he squeezed his massive chest muscles around my cock and forced his whole chest up and down on my shaft. It only took one time up and down for me to scream out in gratitude and release my load. I glanced down at his chest and it looked like a volcano erupting. Cum shot out of the top of his chest – hitting him on the chin and flowing like hot lava over the tops of his pecs. I continued to shout until the last wave of my orgasm shook my spent body. Will was smiling at me. He laughed softly and said, “That is number one my friend. It was a little disappointing. You didn’t last very long. As we move on I know it will get a little harder – but I’m up for the task. Let’s move on to number two.”

I was exhausted and barely heard anything he said, but I could tell that he was sure he’d win. At this point I was sure he’d win too. I knew, though, it would be fun trying to beat him. Will released a little of the pressure he was putting on my body and I slid down the wall. He was still not using his hands. When my face got even with his, he resumed enough pressure to prevent me from sliding any more. He adjusted a little to make sure I was able to breathe. His massive chest covered my whole frame. He had grown so much that I looked like a small child in front of him. He leaned his face closer to mine and said, “Are you ready boy?”

I knew what he expected and replied, “Yes, my Big Herc.”

Will brought his arms up level with his shoulders. “Let’s take a closer look at these mega biceps,” he said as he flexed his arms into what should be the definition of a double-bi pose. We both looked at his arms. I didn’t know which one to look at first. He lowered his arms and then immediately brought them up into the same pose. This time I could tell he was flexing them harder. This time I noticed that his biceps were larger than my entire head. Will was concentrating on turning his wrists to make the peaks even higher. I saw them bulge even more as he grunted from the strain of flexing. Through gritted teeth Will spoke, “Look at that power, man. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?” Will was not looking for a response. He was in his own little world – but knew I would get off on all that he said, as well. “These are the guns that can make a baseball explode and break a bat like it was a twig. These are the biceps that can lift you like you weigh nothing. Guns are what separate the big guys from the rest of the pack. And these guns shout power. They shout strength. They shout don’t get in my fucking way. They shout I am all man.” Each time he said a sentence he squeezed his biceps harder. His whole upper body was red from the exertion. There were veins popping out all over his body – his arms, his shoulders, his chest, and especially his neck.

Will released some of the tension in his arms but kept his biceps flexed. They were bulging more than I had ever thought possible. Will leaned over and started licking his right bicep. He then kissed it a few times. It was a slow kiss and you could tell he wanted to worship all of that muscle. Without taking his gaze from his bicep he said, “Does Jimmy-boy want a bicep to kiss, too? Are you feeling a little left out?” He had no idea how difficult it was to not be able to reach his biceps with my mouth. I did want to worship them. I wanted to give them the adoration they deserved. Even while he rested his own lips on his right bicep, Will brought his left bicep closer to my face. I quickly ran my tongue over the mountain of muscle. It was so hard and warm. I could feel with my lips the blood pulsing through that rock-hard peak. I let my tongue follow a vein that snaked across the top of his bicep. I kissed the top of the peak as if I were laying claim to the top of a mountain. Will had stopped his own movement and was watching me intently.

“Yeah, you are a definite bicep junkie – aren’t you? I’m afraid that you might overdose on these babies. We might have to limit how much you get each day.” And with that being said he pulled his arm away from my mouth. I acted like a baby wanting a bottle and tried to follow the arm as it pulled away. “Don’t worry, James, you’ll be able to play with these guys again, I promise. I just want to move on to your second load. I know you’ve had time to get hard again – and I bet my guns were just the thing to bring that cock to full mast.” He reached down and grabbed my fully erect cock in his hand. “Yeah, just as I thought. You’re ready for seconds. This one is going to be easy Jimmy-boy. My arms were enough to get you started and I know something that will get both of us to the point of no return.

Will then did something that I had dreamed of for so long. He leaned in and placed his lips powerfully on my mouth. I immediately opened my lips and welcomed his warm tongue. The kiss was definitely like Will – well like the cocky Will – it was all man. He pressed his mouth into mine and his tongue traveled down the back of my throat. When he inhaled I swear my toes (still dangling in air) curled up into my feet. The kiss was so powerful it felt like Will was trying to draw all the life out of me. My entire body was now twice as hard as my cock. This was better than any dream – or any other kiss. I completely lost myself. Suddenly, none of the muscle worship from the day mattered any more. I thought of nothing but this moment – this kiss. This is what I had always wanted from Will. His body was icing on the cake (and mighty fine icing I might add). I could tell Will felt the same way. I focused on what his thoughts might be at this moment and immediately felt my heart stop at what I heard. Will was thinking over and over, “I love you, James.” The pleasure that shot through my body and my mind was incredible. I somehow knew that this moment was changing us both in many ways – including a lot more than his body or my ability to read his mind. We were becoming something bigger than just two people. There was an energy shooting through our bodies that was unexplainable. I knew that I would be with Will forever and I knew he felt the same.

With his lips still resting on mine Will said, “You’re doing a lot better than I thought you would. It is as if you have traveled off somewhere else. I need to do something to get you back to the present moment.” I was smiling and lightly laughing as I gazed into his eyes just a couple of noses away. “I think I’ll have to bring in the big guns – or should I say bring back the big guns.” And with that he raised his arms into a double bicep pose again. “Put your hands on your favorite muscle, boy.” I didn’t move because I knew what touching those peaks would do to me. Will pulled his head back and said loudly, “That wasn’t a question, boy. That was an order. Put your hands on these massive guns right now!” My hands shot right up to both biceps. Will then did the most amazing things. He pressed me harder with his chest. He pumped his biceps to inhuman peaks. And he kissed me with an intensity that made the whole room seem to shake. I matched his kiss in every way. It was too much for me. I shot my second load in what seemed like just minutes. But the intensity was too much for Will, as well. I could feel his body jerking violently as he shot a load that hit my legs. I could feel the warm cum and that made me cream a few more times. I was still amazed because through all of this Will did not let me slip from the wall. He still had me hanging in the air.

Will pulled his head away and looked at me with that semi-wicked smile. “That’s number two. I knew you couldn’t make it – not when I brought out the guns.” I realized at that moment that I still had hold of his monstrous biceps. He was still semi-flexing them for me. Just to taunt me he made them bounce up and down a couple of times and them dropped his arms. “No resting, Mr. James. I don’t want you to get your strength back too soon. That would take the fun out of making you cum the third time. By the way, I think that kiss made me grow a little more – we’ll certainly have to do that a lot to see if it helps. Now it’s time for number three.” And with that last sentence Will released pressure on my body and I slid to the floor. Because I had been in the air for so long my feet had lost most of their feeling and I couldn’t stand. I slumped to my hands and knees in front of Will.

I was trying to regain feeling in my legs and catch my breath when I heard Will say, “Jimmy-boy, I think it is time I introduce you to part of my muscled body you haven’t met before.” And with that being said he grabbed his sweats in the middle by the drawstring and ripped the cloth off of his lower body in one movement.

I swear whatever small amount of air that was still in my body came rushing out as I gasped, “Holy Fuck!” I wasn’t looking at a man’s legs I was looking at the trunks to two gigantic redwoods. The only word that could possibly describe what I was looking at was power – and that word didn’t come close to expressing the heap of muscles that were Will’s legs. They were incredible. The definition in the thighs was unbelievable – and he wasn’t even flexing. I swear his calves were larger than my body. They were huge. Of course I knew that legs like these were needed to carry the massive god-torso above, but in my wildest imagination I could have never prepared myself for this sight. And then the unbelievable happened. My wasted, cum-drained cock shot to hardness again. I cried out because of the pain my hard dick caused me. I knew my body was already churning more of my juice – getting me prepared for whatever Will had planned for me. My body even knew I could not withstand the onslaught of this muscled master.

At that moment Will flexed his left leg and the thigh shot into a million bulging muscles, valleys, veins, and striations that were unfathomable. I could feel pre-cum begin to leak from my steel-like cock. I registered that his cock was sticking straight out – but all I wanted to do was stare at those legs. “Are these legs big enough for you, James? I know you really like biceps but don’t you think you have room in your muscle worshipping heart to spend some time with these powerful engines?” And he was right. That’s exactly what these legs were – engines – nuclear powered engines, I’m sure. I bet these things were strong enough to propel him into another state. “So you want to spend a little time surrounded by pure muscle?” I didn’t even look up at him. I just nodded my head and crawled in between those mountains – which were supposed to be legs.

I was on overload at this moment. I simply turned my head to the right and started licking the inside of his thigh. It was so had that I could not tell it was skin. I sat back, brought my fist into the air and slammed it into the front of his muscled thigh. He just burst out in a hearty laugh. My hand had done nothing. It simply stopped upon impact. I didn’t register anything for a few seconds and then my fingers were on fire with pain. I quickly shook my hand trying to stop the aching. “Little man, did you really think your little fist could have even dented – let alone hurt those giant trunks?” he said mockingly. “You better get something a lot bigger if you even think you’ll be able to move these fuckers.” Will began to flex both legs alternately. I leaned in and kissed whichever leg he was flexing. I began to run my tongue through the valleys between the muscles. Sometimes Will could flex his leg a certain way to catch my tongue between two mounds of pure muscle. He turned his leg around and flexed his left calf. It was monstrous. I have never seen anything like it before. If it hadn’t been connected to that tremendous leg you would have thought it grotesque. But all parts of Will worked with the rest of him. I swear he seemed larger than an hour ago. I quickly kissed and licked both calves. During all of this worshipping I could tell Will was pumping his own cock. I wasn’t the only one able to “re-fuel” so quickly.

Will then turned around and let me get my first good look at his ass. He flexed his cheeks and that indention that I love on guys’ butts was perfection. My mouth was drawn to his bubble butt like a moth to a flame. I started licking each glute and kissing them like they might be taken away any minute. Will relaxed his ass and I reached up to separate his cheeks. I buried my face in his crack. Will anticipated this and immediately squeezed his glutes together. My scream was barely audible since my face was smothered in muscle. Will laughed and released my face. It had hurt a little but I had loved every moment of it. I parted his cheeks again and blew air softly into his crack. I felt Will’s body shiver in excitement. I quickly ran my tongue between the cheeks afraid that if I lingered too long he would squeeze the life out of my face again. Will turned around again and this time his stiff cock (sticking straight out) hit me in the face with a loud smack. Again Will laughed and said, “Oh I’m sorry I forgot to warn you about my third leg. That thing is why the call me tripod, you know.” I looked up and made a face at his stupid joke. He just shrugged his shoulders and smiled. He squatted down and put his face near mine. “Are you ready for number three? I think it’s time James. You have had enough rest. I want to see your body thrust in excitement again. This one is going to be just as good as the others. Why don’t you put your head back between my thighs.” I didn’t know what Will had in mind so I hesitated a little. Will reached down, grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me off the ground to put it between his legs. He immediately squeezed his thighs together. I couldn’t move my head at all. I was trapped. I didn’t exactly panic because I knew in the deepest part of my soul that Will would never hurt me, but I did start punching both thighs with my fist.

“Now little Jimmy-boy, you know that there is nothing you can do at this moment but completely give in to my power. You could punch those legs until the second coming and they aren’t going to move. You are completely under my power at this moment. I could crush your head like a grape.” And with that statement Will squeezed his legs and a small pain shot through my head. When he released the pressure a little I noticed that my cock was achingly hard again. Will’s total domination of me was thrilling. I decided to not let him know I was turned on (even though I’m sure he already knew).

“This is nothing you big ape. I could break free if I wanted to,” I said with the cockiest voice you can muster when your head is trapped between two mountains of muscle. I realized that all through this little exchange I had been running my hands over his thighs and his calves.

“I don’t think so my little friend. It would take you and a mighty big army to pull those thighs apart. I’ve never tested their strength but I bet they could crush a tree if they wanted to. Do you want to find out?” he asked as he started squeezing again. This time the pain was immediate and he didn’t release the pressure. I began to feel my head getting a little dizzy. I reached up and flung my arms around. My right hand landed on his cock. I tried to squeeze it – hoping in vain that I could cause him to lessen his pressure that way. “I guess you’ve found out that my cock is just as strong as the rest of me. Haven’t you.” He twitched his cock and it sprang from my hand. Once again, I was blown away by his muscle control. He was speaking again, “I think I am going to need you to tell me you give, James. I think I need to hear you say that I am the strongest man in the world. I think I need to hear that you are going to devote yourself only to me. I think I need you to say that you will always be my little muscle worshipper.”

He knew this was the kind of cocky talk that I wanted – and he knew because I willed it in him. For a few minutes I thought about willing him to have a different attitude, but I loved this one too much to let it go right now. The pressure on my head was getting more intense and I knew I was about to shoot my third load. There was nothing that I could do. Will began his last few sentences knowing it would send me over the top a third time, “You see Mr. James this grip I have you in is only symbolic of the hold I have on your heart. You want my muscles just as much as I want them. You don’t want them for yourself – no, you want a muscle god to fill your life with worship sessions and hours of muscle talk. And you know that I am the only one who can do it. I know everything you want – and I want it too. I want to be your God, boy. I want to surround you with all of this muscle – just like your head is surrounded right now.” He knew what he was saying was not only true, but it was making me hornier than ever. I could feel the juice in me building to the point of immediate release. Will knew how to bring it home, as they say. “James, you don’t have to worry. All of his muscle is for you. I will be with you always and you will be able to have all of this massive muscle to do your pleasure. And we’ll continue to make me bigger, stronger, and pack on more muscles for you to kiss and feel. James, I will always be your muscle god.”

On this last sentence both of us came. Will released the pressure on my head and I fell to the floor. My body continued to buck up and down as I shot the biggest load of the day. At the same time I could feel Will’s juice hitting my back as he yelled loudly. It seemed like it lasted forever and then there was silence. My mind could find nothing to rest upon. I just kept thinking about muscle. I just kept thinking about Will. I just kept thinking about helping him to become bigger and stronger.

This had truly been a glorious day.

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Keep it coming!
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A wonderfull story and posted so quick. Is there going too be more and can it posible become a hotter story?
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Thanks for the encouragement Canus and Mad Dog. I'm glad people are enjoying this story. It's great writing it, but it is even better if other people appreciate it. I'll try to not disappoint you with future installments. Thanks for commenting.
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Including that personality change has just made you my new best friend, Londonboy.

God that was hot! I'd love to see the protagonist's lust's and desires taken too far. Like he eventually can't control it.
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This is great -- totally hot. Thanks for writing it! I look forward to the next installments...
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mmph; i'm trying not to cum till i finish the next chapters you have posted. but you're making this mighty difficult you ass ;p
~ille scriptor
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