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Best Friends - Part 10

[I must admit, friends, that the scenes between Sarge, Will, and James (below) have been my favorite to write - maybe someone can analyze that for me. ALSO - can some wise mentor tell me if these parts are too big. I don't know what is the correct protocol. Thanks. Enjoy]

?We are moving to Mr. Andy first, before Sarge, because it will show off my muscle boy?s abilities in a special way and because Andy wants it so much. Trust me I know ? I feel his desire all the way over here.? Andy was still behind the bar. ?Wilson, my muscle pup - our friend Andy, over there, is into bar bending. He gets off watching big men bend anything from a fire poker to ? his fantasy of fantasies ? an entire street light pole. Although, once again, I like the ?out of the box? thinking of the light pole, it might be too obvious and we don?t want to ruin the quaint intimacy of our muscle club. Any ideas Andy?? I asked walking towards him.

?How about a pool cue?? suggested Brett.

?Thank you, Brett, for the good idea,? I said smiling. ?I think, though, you and I are going to have a tutorial later about expanding the scope of your muscle dreams. For Andy?s pleasure it needs to be something metal. Andy really likes the sound of metal bending and the power that is displayed when a muscle man can make something so strong give in to his strength. Besides breaking a pool cue would be like breaking a toothpick to my muscle boy. No, it?s got to be better than that. Let?s see what else we can come up with.?

?Please, master James, I have an idea, sir.? Will?s voice had not been heard for a while so it caught everyone off guard. The excitement level shot up unbelievably because we were all turned on that the muscle beast ? the man that was causing all of the raging hard-ons in the room ? was coming up with an idea to show his own strength. I focused on Will?s thoughts.

?No need to tell me, my muscle pet. I know what it is and I think it is perfect. Gentleman, our muscle giant has chosen something that you are going to love ? especially you, Andy. We must step outside, however. Andy, my good man, lead the way. Come Willie boy. Come make little Andy happy.

Once outside people turned to look at Will. They could not hide their nervous excitement. I looked at Will and said, ?Go ahead boy. You have my permission. Just remember, we have to put it back once you are done ? no matter what shape it is in.

Will nodded and said, ?Yes sir.? The entrance of the bar was on a side street so there was no traffic. But lucky for us, the street did have parking meters. Willed walked up to the meter right outside the front door and moved around it so he was facing us. The show off! He was getting off on this more than anyone ? well, maybe not. The open mouths and wide eyes of the group of muscle worshippers said something different. I think their hearts stopped beating from the anticipation. Will placed his right hand around the pole just under the meter.

He looked at me and I blew him a kiss. ?Go for it, my big muscle slave. This will be a piece of cake for you.? By this point we were quite used to the appearance of veins and huge mounds of tensed muscle popping up all over Will?s arms ? but this time his whole body ballooned in power. It is not that the pole gave any resistance ? it was just the show that Will wanted to put on for the group. The pole came out of the sidewalk and left a gaping hole in the concrete. There was a huge cement block at the end of the pole that weighted the meter down. Will held the pole in the air and the guys cheered. Will grabbed the other end of the pole just above the cement block with his left hand.

?Wait a minute boy. Seems to me you?re forgetting something very important,? I said quickly. Will looked confused only for a second and then got my message mentally. He walked over to Andy and moved behind him. The crowd backed up to watch what was going to happen. Will raised the pole and then lowered it in front of Andy. Andy was surrounded by muscle on three sides and the meter the muscle god was holding on the fourth. It looked like Will was going to teach Andy how to do curls ? and what a teacher he would be! ?Thank you Wilson. That?s better, boy. It?s not good to leave the worshipper out. Remember, you are here to serve him. Andy ? place your hands on top of the hands of my muscle boy. You get to see what it feels like to bend metal.? We could actually see Andy?s cock dancing with excitement in his shorts. Will brought his body forward and pressed it into Andy?s back. Will wanted Andy to feel all of his muscles as he bent the pole. This got Andy going even more. I said slowly, ?You may begin.?

Will deliberately went slowly so Andy could feel everything completely. He thought it might make it more powerful ? and he was right. The sound was very loud and was only drowned out by the moans coming from Andy. I could tell he did not even know he was doing it. Andy kept his eyes on the monster hands of Will. He would sometimes glance at the pole that was bending upward. Will bent the middle of the pole into a v shape. He then took his right hand and bent the meter part straight across the other side. The meter now looked like the number four. Toward the end, Andy dropped his hands and slid them in the top of his shorts. He did not care that all of us were watching. He vigorously pumped his cock with both hands as Will finished bending the pole. At the end Andy had already shot his load and now just leaned back into Will?s upper body with a big smile on his face. The muscle pig was definitely pleased. Will stepped back and Andy just slumped to the ground. He had passed out. Max quickly went inside to get some water and Will bent down, put the pole to the side, and lifted Andy in his arms. Will stood up and started to go inside.

?No, no. I?m okay. It was just too much for me to handle. That?s all. I?m fine now,? Andy said a little breathlessly. Max was back and handed Andy a bottle of water. As Andy gulped down the water I laughed to myself. He looked just like a baby sucking on a bottle in the arms of my giant. ?You can put me down now, sir,? Andy said to Will. Will looked at me and I mouthed the word okay. Andy was a little unsteady but the other guys reached out to help him. People started to move back inside. I cleared my throat loudly. Everyone turned. I was standing there just looking at the pole on the ground.

Will said, ?Sorry, master,? picked up the pole and walked back to where he had gotten it. He raised the pole in the air and then slammed it into the concrete. Not in the old hole. He made a new one a few feet from the old one. The pole sank into the ground deeply from the force cause by Will?s powerful arm. It was quite clear that the pole was as stable in the ground as it had been before.

?Very good, boy,? I said as we turned to go in. ?I think the meter reader is going to be quite shocked tomorrow. Especially because of the imprints your fingers made in the metal.? The entire group stopped, turned around and ran back to the strangely bent pole. I could hear their moans of pleasure as they felt where Will?s hands had crushed the pole. It was a few minutes before they re-joined Will and me in the back room. We were sitting there taking sips from our beers.

As everyone entered the room I finally got a reading loud and clear about Sarge?s fantasies. I was instantly excited because I knew it would also please Will a lot. Both men deserved to get a little reward for the pleasure their bodies brought to the rest of us. I couldn?t wait to help Sarge fulfill a life-long dream. People sat back down at the table. Even Andy joined us. People were taking a lot of gulps from their beers. The excitement had made everyone?s mouth very dry.

I stood up and walked to Sarge?s chair. I sat on the arm of the chair and draped my arm around Sarge?s broad shoulders. ?And now it comes to the birthday boy. This one was pretty hard to figure out. Sarge has a pretty impressive body himself, doesn?t he boys?? Everyone nodded or said yes. ?Some of you might not know this but Sarge was in the army. He was part of a special unit. That plays into our fantasy fulfillment for Sarge. You see, Sarge, has a strong desire when it comes to muscles. He has always been big ? and strong. When he was a child and he wrestled with other boys he would often hurt them by accident. He just always forgot how strong or big he was. And even later in life when he played sports he had to hold back most of the time because he might hurt someone. Then when Sarge got into the army?s special unit he thought he?d be with men like himself. But no one was up to the challenge and Sarge even accidentally sent someone to the hospital.?

?Well you see boys ? Sarge, here, wants to be able to go full throttle on someone. He wants to be able to pound someone and not worry about them getting hurt. And what is even more of a turn on for our dear friend, Sarge, is his favorite part of a muscle stud. It?s the stomach ? the abs. To Sarge this is the place where a man shows that he IS a man. A hard six-pack is one thing ? but a muscle six pack that could take the pummeling that Sarge wants to give out would send him over the top. He needs and wants to punch a gut as hard as he can ? and not hurt the guy. You might say, 'get a punching bag, Sarge.' But that won?t do ? or even a wall ? he wants to feel the flesh of his fist hit a powerful muscleman?s flesh-covered stomach. He wants to hear what that impact sounds like when he goes full force. He wants to know what all of his power feels like flying into a set of abs. He wants someone to still be standing after he has let loose. Am I right Sarge?? I looked down at the man.

Sarge turned and looked up at me, ?Dead on boy ? dead on.? I looked around the room and I could tell the boys just got an excitement-power- surge from Sarge?s fantasy. I could also see that Will was the most excited. For the first time I could see how Will might one day come to realize his full potential. He was getting a glimpse of all he could do and this challenge was the best because it kind of included combat. I think he could relate to Sarge in a way no one else in the room could even imagine.

I stood up and continued, ?Well Sarge ? since it?s your birthday and everything ? you?re supposed to get one wish. And guess what ? that wish was just granted. Wilson, my muscle toy, let the Sarge feast his eyes on the six-pack that?s going to make him almost shoot his load without touching his cock.?

Will stood up, put his beer down, and walked over to Sarge. He bent down and grabbed the chair ? turning it slowly until they faced each other. Neither man took their eyes off of each other. Will had a very devilish grin on his face. Will stood back up. Sarge only tilted his head upwards. Not another muscle moved. I am pretty sure he wasn?t even blinking. Will reached up to the neck of his t-shirt and began to rip it down the middle. He did not rush a thing. The rip became wider very slowly and revealed first that monstrous chest all the guys had been lusting after. But the Sarge?s muscle birthday cake came next. Slowly, row-by-row, Will?s beautiful, chiseled, rock-hard abs appeared. When the rip was complete Will just let go and the shirt slipped off of his body. He was not flexing one muscle, but he still looked like every man?s wet dream of a muscle god! For the millionth time tonight the room was dead silent and no one seemed to be breathing. Even though we had seen Will?s body only covered a thinly strained t-shirt, everyone was blown away by it uncovered. Sarge was just staring at Will?s stomach and saliva started forming at the corners of his mouth. His hand went instinctively to his crotch and he started pulling at his cock.

?Holy fucking shit,? was the only thing Sarge could think of to say. Sarge reached out and let the fingers of his left hand run down Will?s washboard. ?Sheeeezaaaammmm! Son, you make this daddy weak at the knees with that power board.? Sarge was off in the trance that seemed to be normal around Will. ?Let me feel it flexed, please, dear God let me feel it flexed.?

Will turned and looked at me. I nodded my head yes. Will put one hand behind his head and the other on his waist. He then crunched his abs and the definition intensified ten-fold. It was truly amazing.

?Oh my fucking goodness,? Sarge said standing up. ?Boy, that aint? a stomach, that?s a fucking miracle.? He was now using both hands and feeling every part of Will?s abs. His hands went no where else. He just kept going up and down or back and forth across that patchwork of what felt like metal, but was just superhuman muscle.

Sarge turned to me and said, ?I gotta punch this mother fucking stomach ? please!? It was a pleading that sounded like his life depended on it. ?Come on, James ? you gotta let me let loose on this beautiful wall of muscle.?

I smiled at Sarge and said, ?Any time you think you?re ready and able, Sarge.?

?No, no,? Sarge said shaking his head and turning back to the abs. ?You got to give him time to prepare. I?ve hurt too many people in the past. I?ve sent some guys to the hospital. You got to give him time to be set for my punches.? Sarge was babbling so I stepped over to him and put my hand to his mouth. He stopped speaking and looked at me.

I leaned in and said, ?Sarge ? listen to me closely. That stomach is always ready ? whether flexed or relaxed. Your punches aren?t going to even begin to dent the flesh covering those concrete abs. I promise you ? you can hit them as hard as you want. Any time. You aren?t going to do a damn thing to my boy.? I stepped back. Sarge turned to Will and looked him in the eye.

?Is this what you want, son?? Sarge asked pleadingly.

Will looked at me and I said, ?Go ahead, answer your elders, Wilson. Don?t be afraid. You have my permission to say anything.?

Will looked back at Sarge and said, ?Sir ? your hardest punches won?t even make me flinch. I want you to pound me like you think you might hurt me. I want to show my master how strong these abs are. I want to make your fists hurt. Bring it on old man.?

With lighting speed Sarge pulled back his right arm and let out a yell as his meaty powerful fist flew right into the center of Will?s stomach. When his punch connected it sounded like a wrecking ball hitting the side of a building ? but only if the ball didn?t even dent the wall. I looked down and saw that Will?s stomach was totally relaxed. Sarge?s fist had connected powerfully, but Will had not moved at all. In the split second after the connection of fist to immovable object, Sarge?s cock pushed the crotch of his pants out a few inches. It was aching to stick out completely straight. This moment had turned him on more than anything in his whole life. Sarge quickly brought both hands back and sent his two fists into Will?s stomach at the same time. I am sure that this kind of punch could have stopped an elephant ? but Will just looked down at the fists against his unmoved stomach and then looked back up at Sarge. He broke into a big grin that basically said, ?Is that all you got?? Will moved both of his hands to his hips casually. He stood there with an attitude that both infuriated Sarge and got him more hot and bothered. At that point Sarge had lost control. He let the punches just fly. He battered Will?s midsection as if it was a piece of meat and those hands punching it were tenderizing hammers. Will took the punches for a while and looked almost bored, but I knew he wasn?t. This was fulfilling a fantasy of his. Finally, Will tensed his stomach muscles ? and they turned into something like iron poured over stone. It was obvious that Sarge?s fists were beginning to hurt. His punches slowed down, finally stopped, and Sarge sank to his knees in front of Will. He let his face fall into the now slightly reddened abs in front of him. Sarge began to gently kiss the washboard stomach. After a few minutes he stopped the kissing and looked up at Will.

He said softly, ?Thank you.? He then turned to me and said, ?Thank you, James. This truly was the best birthday wish ever.? It was clear that Sarge was worn out like he had never felt before.

Everyone looked at him in almost disbelief. The Sarge, their leader, had been driven to his knees by the muscle god. I broke the silence by yelling, ?Andy! How about a round of drinks!? Will bent down and lifted Sarge to his feet. The mood changed immediately as drinks were handed out and people started telling stories of the evening. Sarge grabbed his drink and walked up to me with a very grateful face.

?I?m going out to the patio to smoke a big birthday cigar. It would be my honor if you would join me for a few minutes, James,? he said smiling and pulling out a huge smoke.

I looked over at Will. He was in the middle of the other guys flexing his arms so they could feel them. He was in heaven. I said, ?Sure Sarge, I think I can leave the pup alone for a few minutes.?

When we got outside Sarge sat down and pulled another chair up near to him. He patted the seat for me. He pulled out a match, lit it, and sucked hard on that cigar to get it lit. He then leaned back and sat there quietly for a few moments. I knew he was re-living his experience with Will over and over. The only sound was him taking long drags off of his stogie and then blowing smoke into the air. He was fucking sexy with that cigar. ?James, these things will kill you,? he finally said, ?I only smoke one on my birthday. I hope you?re not offended, but I can?t offer you one ? there?s only this one.? He pulled it out of his mouth and offered me the think end that had just been in his mouth.

I shook my head no and said, ?Thank you, though. I think I?ll just sit here and watch you enjoy it.? Sarge cocked his head toward me and just smiled.

He spoke his next few sentences deliberately and slowly, ?James. Son. I was fucking impressed in there. There?s a connection between you and your muscle pup the likes I?ve never seen. I was overwhelmed by that connection. I was wondering if you might be looking for a second muscle pup for your litter. I?d be mighty proud and happy - pleasing you all the time. I think the three of us might be hot enough to cause a nuclear melt down.? He finished by looking down at the ground. He was showing me his submissive side.

I reached over, lifted his chin with my hand, and said, ?Sarge ? as great as that sounds ? I got to tell you there?s only room for that one muscle slave in my life. And he?s too much to handle as it is. He?s a good boy and he?s learning fast ? but the bigger he gets ? the more work he?s going to be. I?ll tell you what, though ? once I have him fully broken in ? and we feel like we might want to tame some other wild beast ? you?ll be the first I call. There is nothing more I?d like to do than bark orders at a sergeant. And I bet you?d love to take the orders I?d give, wouldn?t you slave??

?You got that fucking right, sir!? Sarge said back to me, smiling and taking a long drag off of his cigar.

?Sarge, you better stop that right now ? you?ve got me harder than a blacksmith?s hot anvil and I need to save myself for the punishment I?m going to put my pup through later on tonight. We got to turn down the heat, man.?

?Fair enough, master, fair enough,? he said laughing. "But how about I ask for a different favor??

?Just name it Sarge,? I said.

?Earlier tonight you made me an offer. I?d like to take you up on it. Now, James, I don?t want anyone to ever know about this. I?d appreciate if it stays right here on this patio. I?d like to take you up on that offer for a spanking. There?s something special about that boy of yours and I?d like him to manhandle me.?

A light was going off inside of me. This huge man never got to be the one taken care of. Probably, no one ever allowed him to be weak. He wanted to be dominated ? even more than Will's ability to take his punches. He wanted to be stripped of all his power. I wanted to make this happen for him. I replied, ?Sarge, consider it my special birthday gift to you. You and I have a lot in common. Let me get the boy. Wait here.? Sarge let out an excited sigh, leaned back in his chair, and closed his eyes. He was getting ready for another ?first time? experience.

When I walked into the bar I noticed the place had gotten more crowded. Will was in the corner causing trouble, of course. He hand taken a table in his hands, turned it so the top faced away from him, and was pressing about ten men up against the wall. The guys were trying to break free but they couldn?t. The entire group was being crushed so they couldn't move a muscle. Our original friends were part of the group.

?Boy!? I yelled across the room. Will turned to see me and immediately put the table back on its legs on the ground. Most of the guys just slumped to the floor. He quickly walked over to me. I tried to have a serious look on my face but the scene had just been too arousing.

?I?m sorry, sir,? he said quickly as he reached me. "The guys wanted to act out that scene from Blazing Saddles where the big guy holds those men back with a piano and since there wasn?t a piano I just used the table.? He was smiling because he knew the scene had pleased me.

?That?s fine, boy, that?s fine. I need you out here for a few minutes,? I said and turned back to the patio. Will followed me - excited - like a child waiting to get a Christmas present.

When we got back outside the Sarge was sitting up in anticipation. He was like a girl waiting for her prom date. I stood between the two men and began, ?Willie boy, our friend Sarge needs someone to give him a birthday whooping. I promised it to him earlier, remember. And since he?s a pretty big man he needs someone bigger than him to give it. He wants to feel weak and vulnerable. He wants to know what it feels like to be overpowered. He wants to know what it feels like to not have control of a situation. One thing, though, boy. The Sarge is pretty tough - so you can be a little rough ? but remember he?s not like you. You can?t think he can take what you can. But, Sarge, here?s the great thing ? there?s nothing that can hurt my muscle pup ? so there are no rules for you. He can take anything.? I could tell that this excited both men. I turned back to Will and asked, ?You understand the situation, boy? Are you up for this??

?Yes sir, master,? Will barked back.

?Stand up Sarge and prepare to be dominated,? I said to Sarge and he did. I then said to Will, ?Move in closer to that daddy, son. Before we begin, though, I think there?s no need to play "shirts and skins." Boy, I think the daddy?s shirt needs to come off.? Will reached up and grabbed Sarge's shirt at the collar and pulled it apart. He let the pieces just hang from Sarge?s jeans. The daddy?s upper body was pretty impressive ? but nothing close to my pup. Still, the two men did look magnificent standing there in front of each other. ?Muscle slaves, the game will begin when I say go,? and without hesitation I said, ?Go.?

The Sarge immediately tried to grab Will in a bear hug - around Will's arms. He had trouble getting his own arms around Will?s wide body. His hands couldn?t meet at Will?s back. Still the Sarge squeezed and tried to lift Will. It was like trying to move a mountain. Will did not budge. Will slowly pushed his arms out and showed Sarge how weak his hold was. Will then shoved Sarge?s arms out wide and grabbed him in a crushing bear hug - showing Sarge what a real bear hug was like. Will lifted Sarge off the ground easily. Sarge immediately cried out in pain. I could tell Will was squeezing hard, but nowhere near his full capacity. Sarge started sending punches to Will?s neck and chest, but Will did not flinch at all. He just squeezed Sarge even more. I saw a little look of panic in Sarge?s face. I knew this was exactly what he was looking for. Will dropped Sarge and the muscle daddy stumbled backwards a few steps. It took a few seconds for Sarge to re-gain his breath. He then dropped his right shoulder and ran forward plowing into Will. Again, Will was like a brick wall and didn?t move. I could see that the impact caused Sarge a little more pain. He was turning into a wild man, though. It was obvious that this was all a new feeling for him and he was getting off on it. Sarge pushed back from Will but he was still bent over a little. Will put his hand on Sarge?s head and held him back as if he were a child. Sarge started swinging his arms trying to move the arm that was holding him. Each impact was met with pain and didn?t budge Will?s arm. He even grabbed the fingers on his head but could not even make those move. Will gave Sarge a shove and the man fell back on his ass. I could tell that Sarge was pretty wiped out. Will bent down, grabbed both of Sarge?s arms and pulled him up over his shoulders in one quick movement. He then used just his arms to flip Sarge over on his back. I?m pretty sure this move is called a back breaker (or something like it) and as Will began to apply pressure to Sarges quads with one hand and his upper chest with the other, the muscle daddy cried out in pain. I walked over to where they were standing and got near Sarge?s face.

?I think it?s time for your spanking, little man. How old are you Sarge?? I asked. There was no answer. Either Sarge was in too much pain or he was too proud to tell me. I think it was a combination of both. ?It doesn?t matter, pup. Tonight you are three. And you?re that age for a couple of reasons. First of all - you are three because my boy, here, treated you as if you were just a baby. And secondly - that?s the only number of wallops you?re going to be able to stand on that fine ass.? I was in shock. I looked down at Sarge?s crotch and his hard cock was sticking out at the top of his pants. Pre-cum was beginning to ooze from his dick. The Sarge was in tremendous pain but this was like foreplay to him. He cried out in pain again as Will gave more pressure. ?Our birthday boy is ready for his spanking, Willie boy. Make them count.? I stepped back. Will took his hands and put them under Sarge. He lifted Sarge quickly in the air and then brought him down toward his legs - turning Sarge's body in as he did. At the same time Will sat down in a chair behind him and Sarge?s stomach came slamming into Will?s quads. The force of Will?s arms and the hardness of his quads knocked the wind out of Sarge. His body went limp across Will?s lap. Will easily held Sarge in place by placing his left hand on the wide part of his back. Will took his right hand and slid it down Sarge?s back to the tight ass waiting for some hits. Will teasingly caressed Sarge?s ass. He was giving Sarge time to re-gain his breath. Sarge tried to get up but Will?s muscled left arm easily kept him in place. Will raised his right arm high in the air and brought it down hard on Sarge?s ass. Sarge cried out. I could see tears well up in his eyes. Will moved his hand around Sarge?s ass again ? slowly. He then raised his hand in the air a second time.

Sarge actually cried out, ?No, no, please. Please, not again!? Will slammed his open palm to Sarge?s ass again. Sarge yelled. This time the scream sounded like it was from pleasure ? with a lot of pain mixed in. Will raised his hand a third time and brought it down pretty hard. Sarge cried out loudly, but this time his body started jerking up and down. Will?s spanking had actually made Sarge shoot the load that had been building up all night. Sarge?s body shook uncontrollably for a good few minutes. He kept moaning with each spasm. Will?s huge arm still kept Sarge in place. Sarge?s body finally stopped moving. There was silence. Will grabbed Sarge at the waist and lifted him up ? so he was standing. I noticed two things at the same time. Tears were streaming down Sarge?s face and the entire crotch of his pants was a big wet stain. Sarge was only able to stand because Will was holding him up at the waist. I could tell Sarge was still in pain - but satisfied beyond his wildest dreams.

?Wilson, it?s time to kiss and make up. Show your muscle daddy that you?re a nice pup,? And Will stood up ? still holding on to Sarge. He carefully turned Sarge around so they were facing each other ? like at the beginning of the match. Will lifted Sarge in the air and kissed him on the lips. All Sarge could do was accept the kiss. He was still trying to come back to reality. Will set Sarge back down on the ground and the smaller man was finally able to stand on his own.

At that moment the rest of our gang of muscle worshippers burst through the door onto the patio. They were obviously drunk. Max was yelling, ?Where?s my Big Herc??

I turned to the group and said, ?Gentleman. It?s so nice of you to join us.? The men stopped in their tracks when they saw Sarge. He was standing up but he looked like a beat man. His eyes were closed and he was kind of slumped over.

Mario stepped forward and said, ?Hey Sarge, you don?t look so good. Maybe you should sit down.? Sarge?s eyes shot wide open in panic. I stepped forward quickly.

?Umm, guys, I don?t think Sarge wants to sit down right now. As a matter of fact, I don?t think he?ll want to sit down for a while. Who is taking Sarge home? Was there a designated driver?? I asked.

?We?re taking cabs,? Brett answered.

?How very responsible of you,? I said. ?Well, here?s the deal. Sarge really needs to get home and sit, no excuse me, lay in a hot bath ? probably face down.? Sarge nodded his head up and down many times. The guys really looked confused. ?Don?t worry about it guys. Sarge will explain it to you some day. Victor, can you go call cabs for all of you and make sure one of them brings some pillows. I know it sounds crazy but Sarge, here, is going to need some pillows.? Victor went back inside. ?And so gentleman it comes time to say goodnight. I can assure you that my muscle slave and I are not going to forget this evening any time soon.?

?Neither will we,? Sarge said loudly and at that point I knew he would be okay. ?We will never fucking forget this evening.? He sounded like a babbling drunk - but only Will and I knew his condition was not because of alcohol. Victor came back to the patio to inform us the cabs were soon to be there.

?Well, everyone give my Big Herc a goodbye hug and he?ll help Sarge to the cab,? I said trying to get Sarge home before huge welts in the shape of Will?s hand formed on his ass. All four guys ran to Will and hugged him. They started to run their hands all over his body again. ?No, no, no. It?s time to head out guys. Go on to the cabs and we?ll be right there. They all pulled away ? very sad. ?We?ll see each other again,? I said to cheer them up. ?Maybe we can all gather in an old junk yard somewhere and my muscle slave can show you new tricks.? They immediately got excited and started talking about what they?d have Will do. They walked back into the bar. I walked over to Sarge and could tell he was halfway back to the real world. ?Are you okay there, Sarge??

He put his arm around my shoulder, kissed my cheek, and said, ?Never better, master, never better. It IS time for me to get home, though. I wonder when I will stop feeling the smack of you muscle boy?s hand on my ass? Probably not for a few days ? no, I think it will be a few months. This has been the birthday of all birthdays my good friends. Thank you very much. I feel like we are going to be good friends. My gym is the one on South Avenue. Come in any time.? And then he turned to Will. ?I don?t think you?re going to need to work out ? but you can come see me.? We all laughed.

?It will be our honor to come and see you, pup,? I said and stepped away. Will came over, faced Sarge, bent down and put him over his shoulder to carry him out. Sarge cried out again when Will stood up and started walking. I?m sure it was a mixture of his sore ass and his sore cock being bounced around on Will?s shoulder. We walked him through the bar and out to the cab. Many people came to the door to watch because it was the first time they had seen the big muscle god everyone was talking about. We said goodnight to the guys and sent them on their way.

I turned to Will and suggested, ?How about one more beer on Andy??

Will nodded and said, ?That would be nice master.?
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ScottJones188 (March 12th, 2014), wrestlejock646 (January 23rd, 2014)
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Canus is on a distinguished road
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Whauw. A piece can never be too long (or short for that matter). Love the story and happy easter.

Best, Canus
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Happy Easter to you, too, Canus. Thanks for chiming in on the size of chapters. I'm glad you like [I]Best Friends[I]. It is still a lot of fun for me to write this story. I especially liked Sarge meeting Will and James. I hope the story is not getting repetitious.
Later, Londonboy.
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Hey Londonboy,

I just read the first 10 chapters all at once. WOW! What a story. It's awesome to see Will showing off his strength to the other guys. I hope you continue it soon. I'd love to see Will grow more. That chapter sizes are fine. They're neither too long nor too short. If there's one thing I might suggest, I would love to see how big Will's getting, either by measurements or by comparisons. Also, is Will growing in height too, or was he just tall to start with?

Finally, I love how you've left it open for a possible sequel with Sarge. It'd be cool if he could also grow from James' attention. Older muscle men are hot.

Thanks again for a great story!
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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I have to agree with you, sir. There is nothing hotter than an older muscle man. Muscle packed onto a guy with a little gray hair or receding hairline - I think it is because we believe their worldly experience helps them to know what to do with all that muscle. Anyway, I hope Sarge comes back in the story, as well. I plan on continuing the story soon, not to worry. Thanks for the feeback (especially on the size of the chapters and the suggestion about describing how big Will is - I'll incorporate that!). Here's to more mature muscle!
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Originally Posted by Londonboy
I have to agree with you, sir. There is nothing hotter than an older muscle man. Muscle packed onto a guy with a little gray hair or receding hairline - I think it is because we believe their worldly experience helps them to know what to do with all that muscle. Anyway, I hope Sarge comes back in the story, as well. I plan on continuing the story soon, not to worry. Thanks for the feeback (especially on the size of the chapters and the suggestion about describing how big Will is - I'll incorporate that!). Here's to more mature muscle! -- mature muscle. Anyone know who it is (or even if it's real? He's stunning.)
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Hottest Chapter

This was truly the best chapter so far, I have been enjoying the story thus far, but #10 really got me going, I have a feeling i'll be reading this one more than once!!
Oiled up flexing muscle is the hottest!
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