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Old April 19th, 2007, 09:39 PM
Thicker is Best
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Best Friends - Part 11

Will and I came back into the bar and it seemed every eye in the place was on us ? rather, on Will. The bar had gotten pretty crowded. As we moved toward Andy and the place to order drinks, I noticed the bar tender telling two guys to move from their stools so we could sit there. Once they saw Will there was no argument. That was so nice of Andy to think of us. Will grabbed his sweatshirt and started to put it back on. I guess since our little intimate muscle party was over he didn?t think he had to show off any more.

?No, sir, Wilson. Did I tell you to put that back on? Leave that shirt off, pup. I want every man in here to lust after that body of yours. I want them to see what I will be going home with tonight and I want them to almost weep in envy.?

Will smiled and I sensed that he was more than happy to oblige. ?Yes, sir, master.? And with that he went into a blatantly fake yawn and stretch that allowed him to show off his massive upper body. He even stopped and flexed his biceps as he brought his arms down. I could hear the crowd buzzing with disbelief and pleasure. ?Would it be okay, sir, if this muscle slave went to the bathroom??

?Yeah, you?ve earned it, muscle stud, and you probably need to get rid of some of this beer,? I said smiling at him as he walked away.

Andy was standing there watching Will walk away, as well. ?James, you are the luckiest man alive,? was all he said. At that moment there was a loud noise outside that sounded like a truck or something pulling up. It was obviously either a monster truck or having muffler problems. It sounded like it was right outside the door. I sensed the mood change in the bar and many people started moving toward the back room or patio. I could tell that Andy was getting nervous about something.

?What is it, Andy?? I asked. He was busy getting something ready ? like a special drink or something.

?It?s the Bear coming,? Andy said and I saw definite fear in his face. ?He kind of runs the place ? just because of his size. He doesn?t like to wait for his drink and I?ve seen him hurt a guy just for being a little late in serving him. Everyone here is terrified of him and he makes sure it stays that way.?

At that moment the front door and in walked a huge guy with two smaller guys under each arm ? he was literally carrying the two smaller guys. Once inside the door he dropped the two guys to the floor. The Bear was best described by his name. He was about six foot two, hairy, and big. He wasn?t as cut or defined as Will and his gut was huge ? but he made up for that by having gigantic arms, massive shoulders and a chest that matched his protruding stomach. The guy was obviously strong ? and I could see that he liked to show it. He was definitely not a handsome man. He had a scar across his right cheek and a goatee that looked as if it hadn?t been cut in a long while.

?Twinks, go throw some darts or something. The Bear is thirsty,? He said to the two guys scrambling up from the floor. They were obviously the Bear?s little toys. ?Pussy-boy, Andy. I?ll take my drink now,? the Bear bellowed as he walked up to the bar beside me. I turned and faced Andy ? not acknowledging the big man to my right. Andy was obviously shaking. He pushed the drink he had prepared forward. ?Put it on my tab, little man.? Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Bear had turned around and was surveying the scattered crowd in the room. His eyes finally landed on me. He turned his body to look at me. ?Well, what have we got here? Looks like a nice new boy-toy for me.?

?Ummm, Bear. I don?t think I would?? Andy began to say but a hand from Bear shot out and grabbed him by the face and pushed him backwards. Andy did not say another word. He just stepped back.

?Yeah, I think this looks real nice. I bet this little man is into muscle. I bet big Bear, here, could make him feel real nice. And I bet he could service the Bear nicely,? and as he said this he move around behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders. He started to massage them gently but got increasingly harder. ?Nice little shoulders, puny man. The Bear could crush these things with no problem at all.? It was beginning to hurt a lot and I winced in pain. I knew the Bear liked that I was in pain so I was trying to not let him know. All of the sudden the Bear released my shoulders and I heard him cry out loudly - as if he was in great pain. I turned around and saw that Will had grabbed the back of the Bear?s neck with one hand and was literally dragging him backwards from me. I could see that Will?s grip was crushing the Bear?s neck. It was a grip that no normal guy could have taken.

I looked at the man in pain and said, ?Bear, I want you to meet my boyfriend. His name is Big Herc and if my history serves me well, didn?t Hercules demolish a bear? You can let him go, Wilson.?

Will let go of the man and Bear immediately started rubbing the back of his neck. I could tell he was in a little shock that someone had just manhandled him. But Bear was not one to give in that easily. He turned and looked at Will. They were about two feet apart. With lightning speed for a man his size Bear pulled his arm back and swung towards Will?s face. The Bear?s hand met the palm of Will?s right hand a few inches from Will?s face. It immediately stopped and moved no closer. Will had caught the Bear?s hand in mid-air as if he were catching a tennis ball tossed to him. I immediately saw a look of bewilderment on the Bear?s face. He had obviously never met anyone who could stand up to him. He was used to being the big man ? the more powerful man. His confused look turned to a look of pain as Will started to squeeze the Bear?s hand. The Bear immediately brought his other hand up to try and pry Will?s fingers off of his fist. He could not budge even one of Will?s fingers. Will squeezed harder and the Bear bent his legs slightly. I could tell the Bear was in great pain ? something he had never felt before. Will just stared into the Bear?s face and squeezed more. I had seen that grip destroy metal, pop a baseball, and crush a ball from a pool table. I knew the Bear?s hand could not take Will?s full force. Will was just playing with him. I think the Bear knew this too. Will squeezed even harder and the Bear went down on his knees. I could see that every man in that bar was turned on by this display of power. They had been tortured by the Bear for far too long not to appreciate him being beaten by someone more powerful than him.

I suddenly yelled out, ?Boy!? Will turned to look at me ? still holding the Bear down on his knees. I just shook my head no. Will knew this meant to let him go. Will squeezed the hand a little tighter one last time just to show the Bear how much power he hadn?t used and then let go. The Bear immediately grabbed his fist with hi other hand. Will turned to walk back towards me.

In a speed that surprised me, again, the Bear grabbed a heavy bar stool from one of the tall round tables in the middle of the room and raised it in the air bringing down squarely on Will?s shoulders and upper back. The stool shattered into pieces when it hit the immovable force of Will?s muscles. The force didn?t even cause Will to move at all. The Bear was stunned. He was standing there with two small pieces of the stool legs in his hands.

?I think you might regret that, little bear,? I said looking at Will and nodding to say yes.

Faster than anyone in the bar could have even imagined Will spun around and brought his flat right palm into the Bear?s chest. The connection echoed throughout the whole building and it sounded like a cannon being shot. The Bear?s feet actually came off the ground as he went flying backwards ten feet into the wall. The impact of Bear hitting the wall caused the three pinball machines further down all go tilt. I could have sworn the foundation of the building shook a little. For a second the Bear just stayed there ? smashed up against the wall. He then just slid down to the floor and ended up in a sitting position, his eyes closed, chin resting on his chest, and out cold. No one in the bar even blinked for a few seconds. Will was the first to move ? he walked over pull out the stool beside me, sat down, and took a sip of his beer. Immediately the place went back to the way it was before the Bear came in. It was amazing. It was almost as if nothing had happened. I knew, however, everyone in the place was talking about Will.

I turned back to the bar and saw that Andy was smiling and just staring at Will. ?Thank you,? Andy said. He then turned to me and said, ?Thank you.?

?Not a problem, Andy. I?m going to give you my number and you can call me if the Bear ever gives you any more trouble ? but I don?t think he?ll be able to for a long while ? and then after that I don?t think he?ll want to.? I stood up and moved over to the slumped body that everyone else was ignoring. I reached down and grabbed the Bear?s wallet. I came back to the bar. I took out a large amount of cash and laid it on the counter. ?Andy, here?s money for the bar stool, the pool balls, and either the taxi or the ambulance you?re going to call to take care of our little friend over there. And I?d grab a little more to pay his tab if I were you. Thanks for a lovely evening, sir. Come along, boy, you have done good work tonight. It is now time for you to focus some of that muscle and strength on me.? Will stood up to follow me outside.

As we got to the door I heard Andy?s voice, ?Uhh, James, sir.? Will and I turned to look at him. ?You?re gonna? I mean?you guys are gonna come back one day ? aren?t you? I don?t know if people who weren?t here are going to believe me when I tell them this story.? Andy looked like the little boy that begs the cowboy Shane not to leave in that old movie.

I smiled at Andy and said, ?I?ll bring my muscle slave back one day Andy ? especially when he?s bigger and stronger. Would you like that?

?Yes sir,? was all that Andy could say. He was too busy already fantasizing about Will being bigger ? and (ohmigosh) stronger.
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And yet again a wonderfull new installment. Wonder what will happen next and how soon will they return.
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Old April 22nd, 2007, 08:57 PM
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Our hero

Will is proving to be tough, cocky, submissive, and violent, in stages. This was a great good conquers evil part. I loved it when Will slams Bear into the wall. This is my favorite of Londonboy's stories, although AMMIL (American Muscleman in London) keeps getting better and better.

Thanks for sharing your talents with us. You inspire me to try writing some more.
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Old April 23rd, 2007, 08:31 AM
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mmph :)

As always, a pleasure to read; nice pace too. You took out the bear-guy-dude and it was not only satisfying but quick as well. Good thinking ;p
~ille scriptor
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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Old April 23rd, 2007, 06:30 PM
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I just read all 11 chapters today for the first time. hot hot hot hot and well-written. I'm a fan of the mind-control aspect as well as the great body and strength feat descriptions
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Old April 26th, 2007, 08:07 AM
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I want to apologize for neglecting this AMAZING story! I simply didn't notice this precious thread posted on the forum.

Honestly, one of the best stories I ever read. As a bicep junkie myself, i just couldn't resist through the chapter where Will plays with James.

This story caused me to think that Hamlet's eternal dilemma could be different.

"To be submisive to a musgle giant or to dominate a giant muscle slave?" At any point the mind reading and controling was def an exciting aspect.

I actually don't have an answer, because you have given us the BEST option. Why not having both and switching depends on your mood?

Excellent story dude! I did love all the related fantasies, and how Will managed to fuflil every one of them, especially the ones involving biceps power

Thanks for your stories, all of them are full of passion and commitment to the male muscle growth genre.

Can't wait to read anything you have planned for James and Will, but i must confess that a cocky Will revival would be hot.

Thanks again, Londonboy.

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Old May 2nd, 2007, 07:28 PM
Thicker is Best
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Muscle4life! Thanks for the thoughtful and in-depth comments. I, like you, have a problem deciding between the dominant or the submissive Will. And yes, I agree with you - there's nothing like bicep power and feats to show off that strength. More to come concerning Will and James, I promise. I really appreciate your specific feedback - it helps to know what might be good in future installments.
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Old March 24th, 2010, 08:08 PM
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Best yet in my opinion. Love how BIG Herc dominated the Bear (though it always seems a bit to easy of a fight in these stories). He is tough on the big guys & gentle with his little love.
worshipper, 5'8
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