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Old March 24th, 2013, 09:05 PM
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A Muscle Daddy Built to Order - The Final Vial

[It was hard for me to finish this story. I didn't want it to end. I struggled with three different endings, but liked this one the best. Thanks for staying with this tale]

I somehow felt amazingly calm and collected when I returned to the deck and beheld the beautiful Roman. The heat of the day was causing him to perspire slightly and the light layer of water made it look like he had oiled up his big body. He glistened like the water on the shore of a Greek isle. He was lying there soaking up the rays of the setting sun with his eyes closed as I moved near him. I stood there quietly, staring at the beautiful man. He seemed larger than before. I immediately thought it wasn?t possible, but then I remembered all the things that Aunt Hildie?s concoction had accomplished thus far. Maybe the big man was still growing. I tried to remember what Roman looked like before the transformation ? and how he would again look this time tomorrow, but all I could picture was the way he was right now ? muscled, mustached, and exuding cockiness and culture at the same time. Actually, even I was beginning to forget the old Roman. I tried desperately to memorize how he looked right at that moment so that over the coming years, as we hopefully rebuilt him to this point, I could remember what each part of him should look like. I doubted we would ever reach the perfection in front of me, but maybe we could come close. It didn?t even cross my mind how hard it would be to get Roman to be as confident and knowledgeable as he was right now, but only time would tell. When he finally spoke, clearly having sensed that I was back, he did not open his eyes.

?Did you take care of everything, Jason??

?I?m sorry??

?Were you able to set things straight while you were inside??

?Um . . . yes, yes I think I did.?

?That?s good. Now, how about a little flexing for your ole buddy Roman??

He finally opened his eyes. There was a new twinkle there that I had not noticed before. I quickly picked up that it existed because the big man was finally overtly flirting with me. I had witnessed him mesmerize others with his charm and I also saw people follow his every move at the gym, but now the man was focused solely on me ? and not like he focused on me when we worked out together. No, the look in his eyes was purely sexual and it made my strong legs wobble. Roman was looking at me with a smile that made it clear he would have fucked me silly right there and then if it had not been for the final vial ? the vial that no longer existed since I had dumped it down the toilet. Roman?s lustful staring turned me on in a way that I could not explain. I wanted the man more than I wanted air or water. I needed him to live.

?Um . . . I?m sorry, Roman??

?Take your shirt off.?

I didn?t fully understand what he was asking, but I began to unbutton my shirt just because he had told me to. I would have jumped off a cliff or in front of a charging bus if the guy had ordered it. I was Roman?s puppy ? obedient until the end. I suddenly felt a pang of regret for having gotten rid of the last vial. Being ordered around by a huge older muscle stud was such a turn on ? such the fulfillment of all my lifelong dreams, but it was also false coming from this man. Roman?s bravado was created by me ? and Aunt Hildie?s concoction. In less than twenty-four hours he would be back to the original smallish man I had met in the gym just a few days ago. My present actions with the shirt reflected a need to satisfy the man sitting in the deck chair in front of me. My mind and heart had already begun to plan how I might naturally build up the guy that had been the original cornerstone ? the man I had met in the gym that first day. By this point my shirt lay on the deck at my feet. My upper body was completely exposed.

?Damn, you?re a beautiful man, Jason. Your size and definition is amazing. I could gaze on your incredible muscles forever.?

Roman?s words turned me on in a way that was unfathomable in every way ? I didn?t realize I could become as jazzed about someone as I was about him at that moment. Here was one of the sexiest and most fucking built men I had ever seen in my entire life talking about how beautiful and muscular I was ? it was so surreal. I watched in awe as Roman unzipped his pants and pulled out the most mouth-watering plump masculine cock I had ever seen ? and started stroking the big thing slowly. The muscle daddy of my dreams was getting his rocks off because of my body. This was something I never thought I would live long enough to experience. Suddenly, the deadline of midnight no longer mattered. I didn?t care that Roman would be turning back to the man I had met in the gym a few days ago ? it just didn?t matter. Right now, at this moment, he was a huge guy that found me so irresistible that he had to jerk-off as he gazed upon my body. I started to unzip my pants and push them down over my immense quads without having the stud request it. I wanted to please Roman so much that I merely did what I sensed he desired. I could not have guessed how right I truly was.

?Aw hell, boy, you are making me crazy. Just look at those huge legs. You?ve got so much muscle in those quads I think it could take me years to count the striations. And those fucking calves are as big as kegs! Jason, you are the most beautiful man in the world. I hope I can prevent myself from cumming too soon ? I want to save myself for you later on.?

I was hoping the same thing about myself. Seeing the huge muscled daddy stroking his big meat in the chair in front of me was almost too much. I was as hard as stone and leaking a lot of pre. I forced myself to stare at Roman?s face ? avoiding his huge body and the pumping of his cock because I knew it would make me explode. I stood there only in my underwear ? but my own pole stretched my briefs out in a way that was both indecent and harmful to the material. I wanted to throw my big body down on the even bigger man lying in the chair before me. I wanted it so much that my body actually ached. I could have initiated sex with Roman since the final vial had been flushed down the toilet, but I waited. I waited to honor the fact that he was being diligent in his own control ? but also because I wanted to build up the mind-blowing sexual tension that already existed between us. I knew I would have to tell the guy that the final vial was gone. I knew his disappointment would be great, but I also knew ? on a certain level ? that he could not remember the man he used to be. I had a feeling he would wake up tomorrow and not even remember that he had been the most beautiful muscle daddy that had ever walked the earth ? not to mention the cockiest and most cultured. Tomorrow he would only see that there was a giant stud sleeping next to him that was head-over-heels in love with him. I knew that I would still desire Roman after he returned to his old self ? because I had glimpsed what existed beneath the surface. I now knew what the man could become ? what was possible within him. And that was enough to keep me committed and devoted to him forever. I was certainly ready to re-build the Roman I knew - when he no longer had the body or the attitude that existed right now.

?Flex your guns, boy.?

My arms went up in the air immediately and I pumped my biceps hard. I needed the big daddy in front of me to be impressed. The pumping of his cock increased a little and he moaned in what could only be described as pure pleasure. The man was staring at me like I was a tall glass of ice water and he had been out in the dessert without any liquid for days. If looks could have equaled intercourse ? at that moment I would have been fucked in every orifice possible. I tensed my arms even higher ? desperate to make Roman happy. His leaking pre-cum made the rock-hard huge pole glisten as he stroked himself. It still boggled my mind to know that this giant muscle daddy lusted for me so deeply. Both of us were using every ounce of our incredible strength to not jump the other guy?s body. I swear Roman looked even bigger than just a few minutes ago. I was sure it had everything to do with my own desire for him, but he did look magnificent. I didn?t take my eyes away from him. He, however, was not looking at my face ? his gaze was locked on my arms.

?You?re just fucking huge, boy, and we?re going to get you even larger. I can?t wait until we have to go and buy you an entire new wardrobe. This daddy is going to make his boy look cum-draining gorgeous. I?m going to have to beat all the boys off of you.?

?Something that will be no problem for my big muscled daddy, I?m sure.?

?You?d like to see me rough up some young whippersnappers, wouldn?t you, Jason. It would be nice to have me toss some guys around just to emphasize to them that you?re my pup. You like the idea of seeing this daddy in action, don?t you, son??

?Yes sir. More than anything, sir.?

?I?m built to put people in their place, kid. I?ve got enough muscle to defeat an army for you ? if that?s what you want. You just keep getting bigger and posing that gorgeous body of yours for me any time I want and I?ll be glad to rid the world of anything you want me to. Lose the briefs, boy.?

My arms came down and I immediately latched my thumbs underneath the waistband of my underwear. I pulled the material out, to bring it beyond my hard protruding dick and then tugged the things down beyond my bulging quads. I then used my right foot to push them over my calves and release them onto the deck floor. I had never been so proud of my body. Roman let out a huge whistle and increased the motion on his cock ? the rhythm being steady and intense.

?Turn around and let me see what my fat daddy cock is going to get to plug in a little while. Aw fuck yeah, that is one beautiful muscled ass, Jason. Tense those glutes, boy. Let me see the power you got in those cheeks. Oh shit, that?s nice. Remind me why I shouldn?t just shove this big thing up that tight hole right now, son.?

?I really can?t think of any reason, sir.?

?Shame on you, Jason, trying to trick me when I?m in such a vulnerable state. I know we?ve got to wait until midnight. I?m slowly forgetting why, but I know it?s important. That last vial is going to cement things between you and me ? it?s what your family?s concoction is all about. I won?t forget that important point ? no matter how gorgeous your ass is. Bend over for me, boy.?

I could not believe how much his talking turned me on. I didn?t even need to look at the beautiful man for him to excite me ? just his voice could cause my cock to start leaking even more generously. I leaned over and grabbed my ankles ? exposing my puckered hole for the muscle daddy. I heard his big hand cease it?s motion on his hard pole ? the guy was clearly too close to eruption and needed a break. Roman also let out a low growl-like sound that made it more than clear he was happy with the view between my muscled cheeks. I was amazed at the self-control we were both somehow able to muster. I started to contemplate what it would feel like to have the big cock that beamed so beautifully from the guy?s crotch. I continued to tense my ass ? making sure my tight opening quivered appropriately. Suddenly, I heard a big splash in the pool behind me. I opened my eyes and peered between my muscled calves. I saw Roman?s pants in a heap at the base of his chair and then noticed his head pop out of the perfectly blue water a few feet away.

?I needed to calm down, boy. Your ass was sending me too close to the edge.?

I stood back up and turned around. Seeing Roman?s gorgeous hair and mustache glistening with beads of water sent me into sensory overload. He looked even more beautiful with his upper torso sticking out from the water at the middle of the pool. The man was still staring at my body and I could see the fat head of his cock still sticking up proudly. The sun was almost completely down now ? just an orangish-red glow making everything in the area look as if it were on fire. The reflection on Roman?s body was intoxicating and it somehow made his muscles look even more stunning. I stepped to the edge of the pool and then jumped in. I made sure I ended up a few feet away from the big daddy cooling off. I didn?t want to get so close that we would immediately attack each other. The water was perfect and definitely helped to diffuse some of the sexual tension mounting between us. When I stood up and let the water cascade down over my body, Roman had to immediately close his eyes.

?Seeing your muscles covered in water is almost too much, boy. It makes everything bulge out even more. This daddy couldn?t be blamed for ravaging your body when it looks like that.?

?Ravage away, sir.?

?Soon, son, very soon. I promise I?ll be worth the wait. We won?t be coming up for air until the sun is rising. I can guarantee that. You think my workouts made you sore, Jason? Wait until you?re trying to recover from the intense pain my fucking is going to cause. Hell, son, you?ll be bigger tomorrow morning just because of how much I?m going to make that body of yours tense up with excitement later on. And my muscle daddy cum is going to pump your body up something special, boy. I can guarantee you that. It?s gong to feel like you were run over by a Mack Truck tomorrow morning, but it?s also going to be the most glorious sensation you?ve had in a long time. I?m going to feel the same way, boy. My big body is going to ache too, but it?s going to be such sweet pain.?

Hearing Roman refer to how his own big body was going to feel in the morning snapped me out of my lust for him immediately. I started to doubt that my decision to dump the final vial down the toilet had been the right one. Even though he was being turned into the man of my dreams and not necessarily his ? did that really matter? Wasn?t he benefitting from what I wanted, too? I forced those doubts out of my head since it was too late now, anyway. What was done was done ? the huge man before me would be his original smaller self in the morning. I knew it was just important to enjoy his present huge company for right now ? and to memorize what we would attain through hard work over the next few years. That is, if it was what Roman wanted. That was the difference ? it would be his choice starting tomorrow and it wouldn?t be me forcing him to become what I wanted ? what I desired. I wanted to wade over to the big man and hug him intensely. He clearly sensed my need.

?Careful there, pup. We?ve just got a few more hours to go. I know I toyed with our libidos for the last few hours, but that was just some intense foreplay. Two huge strong fuckers like us can hold out for a little while longer. It will just make the multiple orgasms that are going to happen throughout the night that much better. You take a little swim and your big daddy is going to go fix us a nice dinner. Watching you flex your muscled body and edging my cock from looking at your tight hole has made me fucking hungry. I?m going to make you something so tasty that your big cock will stay hard just from the food and not only because our bodies are so hot for each other.?

Watching Roman slowly walk up the steps at the shallow end of the pool was like watching Poseidon coming up from the ocean. The man?s body was huge and the wet hail only emphasized his muscles more. I loved how Roman didn?t dry off at all. He simply walked into the big house and turned on some lights. I watched him ? my hard-on becoming more intense ? as he started working in the kitchen completely nude. His huge body moved around the open space like he was in some kind of domestic ballet. I stroked my hard meat under the water. I stood just like that for the hour and a half that it took the big man to prepare our meal. He glanced at me every now and then ? especially when he came outside to set the table on the deck, preparing a beautiful space for what would be our final meal in this place. He called me from the pool once everything was on the table and the wine was poured. I stepped out of the water and moved to the chair on the other side of the table. We both stayed completely nude ? the night air causing our nipples to poke out strongly. I could have skipped the entire meal if he had offered one of his nubs for me to suck on. There was, of course, another couple bottles of exquisite wine with the meal and by the time we finished everything we both were pretty buzzed. My inebriation made me a little bolder with the man. I decided to tread in some unfamiliar territory.

?What if none of this existed tomorrow? How would you feel, Roman??

?What do you mean??

He was opening a third bottle - a sweet dessert wine - and chose to hold the thing between his monstrous pecs like he had earlier as he pulled out the cork. It was a trick I had come to love. My cock ? even in my drunken state ? was fully hard. Roman knew exactly what kind of response his actions elicited from my body. He did it just to tease me. I also think it helped him to stay hard, as well ? knowing I was so turned on.

?What if this house didn?t exist, this food didn?t exist . . . even your body didn?t exist.?

?Would I still have you??

His question came quickly, without any hesitation, and caught me off guard. I stared into his eyes and noticed the seriousness behind the statement. He stopped in mid pour and just looked at me with a face full of love. I was almost moved to tears. I didn?t blink at all and answered honestly.

?Of course you would ? I?ll never leave you now, Roman. I know the real you and I?ve come to realize that?s the most important thing.?

?Then none of this matters, Jason. You are all that I desire. It?s been that way since the first time we met ? even though I really can?t remember all the details of when we met. I do, however, remember wanting you from the moment you shared your family?s secret water. I could do without any of this if I knew I still got you.?

The tears flowed now. I couldn?t control them. I?m sure it was partly the wine, but it was also the words that Roman had spoken. I cried because I felt the same way as he did. I wanted the guy more than anything else in the world ? even if it meant he came without the changes that Aunt Hildie?s concoction had caused. Sure he was handsome as hell, muscled beyond belief, the kind of confident, cultured stud I had always dreamed of, and had the facial hair of my wet dreams ? but all of that paled in comparison to what I now liked about his interior self. I sobbed a little as the tears continued to stream down my face. I knew, deep down, that a lot of what Roman was saying would be gone as soon as he was back to his original self. I still didn?t know how much of his love for me was caused by Aunt Hildie?s vials. I?m sure there was a basic attraction, but I also knew we?d have to build back up to these intense feelings we now carried for each other. I would be at an advantage because I knew what we could become ? what we could be together. I would have to work hard to convince him of all this once it was gone. I was ready for the challenge, though. Roman just sat there as I mourned ? for what he and I would lose come the morning. But I also cried for joy ? for I knew that our relationship would be built on truth and honesty starting the next day. I could wait as we built him back up to the perfect muscle daddy. It was worth the wait.

?I think we need new glasses, Jason. I?ll be right back. This stuff will taste better in champagne flutes.?

Roman disappeared into the house ? and I realized he was doing it to allow me to have the time I needed to work through whatever was causing me sadness. He was too much of a gentleman to pry or cause me to feel uncomfortable. I collected myself while he was gone and was ready to rejoice when he returned. I loved watching his huge body move back out onto the deck in the moonlight. It felt like I truly had every curve and bulge memorized. I was ready for whatever would come. Roman set a glass in front of me and then pulled his chair around the table so we were sitting closer to each other. He picked up his glass and I knew he was ready for a toast. I raised my flute, as well.

?Here?s to the future, Jason ? whatever it brings.?

?To the future, Roman.?

We drank in silence. The dessert wine was exquisite, just like the rest, and I loved how tasting it pleased the big man. He savored the wine and swallowed joyously. We finished our glasses without saying a word and then we both sat back in our chairs. Roman reached out and grabbed my hand. It was a bold move, since we didn?t want to do anything that would make us jump each other?s bones, but it was also a comforting move. I needed his closeness at that moment and I realized he knew it, too. We gazed into each other?s eyes and this made him begin to smile with a face full of joy. I felt complete ? right then and right there. Even if that feeling never came again, I would remember that moment forever. He seemed different, somehow ? even calmer and more confirdent.

?It?s two minutes passed twelve, Jason. Time for that final vial.?

My heart sank. I knew it was time to tell the truth. I was ready to face the music. I knew it would be hard for Roman to hear, but I also knew it was the right thing to do. I loved him so much that I realized I had to set him free. I needed him to know everything. I was ready to begin our life in a new way.

?I need to tell you something, Roman. I poured the last vial down the toilet. Don?t be angry. I want to tell you a lot of things that you don?t remember ? that you?ve forgotten because I have been giving you these vials. I think it is important for you to know the truth.?

?I know the truth, Jason. You love me and I love you.?

?Yes, that?s true, but there?s more.?

?You mean that your Aunt Hildie sent you seven vials to make the perfect muscle daddy? You mean that you?ve given me the vials and have loved all the changes? You mean that the last vial ? the one you poured down the toilet ? was to make me loving and you panicked because you felt that you were turning me into a muscled robot that had no will of his own? Do you mean the fact that you gave up everything just because you wanted me to have the chance for all of this on my own? Have I summed it up pretty well, Jason??

?Um . . . yes . . . but, but how did you know??

?I didn?t know until about two minutes ago. I caught on earlier that you were feeling a little uneasy about the vials. Maybe your aunt put something in the sixth one to help me have some foresight or something. Anyway, when I went in earlier to get the wine opener I switched out the liquid in the vial. You poured just regular tap water down the drain. When we just toasted with the dessert wine you drank what was in the bottle and I drank what was in the vial. The seventh vial was for both of us, Jason. Your aunt knows you very well. The way to make me completely in love with you ? the kind of love that knows no bounds ? is to show me some act of selfless love, yourself. You gave up everything you ever dreamed of - for me, Jason. You made yourself worthy of unconditional love. The seventh vial only made me completely aware of everything that has happened and, by the way, gave me the chance to choose it for myself. I have total free will right now, boy, but I also know what you did ? what you intended to do. I love you even more deeply than just ten minutes ago. And here?s the best part, kiddo, I?m staying just the way you see me right now. Well, that?s not entirely true. I plan on getting larger ? right along side of you.?

Somehow, everything Roman said sank into my brain fully as he spoke. It all made total sense and I was amazed by the fact that Aunt Hildie had anticipated everything. I was also thrilled beyond belief that the muscled daddy sitting in front of me was going to be staying the same forever. My heart was bursting with love for the giant. I stood up and moved in front of him. I straddled his legs and sat down. Our hard cocks were smashed between our taut stomachs as I pressed my body into his. I leaned my face down.

?That must mean I can now do this??

I kissed Roman hard ? harder than I had ever kissed anyone in my entire life. I also smashed my body into his hard torso ? relishing every mind-blowing feeling his muscles caused in me. There was no way I could ever have imagined what it would feel like to embrace this muscle daddy for the first time ? it was everything I had dreamed of and more ? much more. I also knew it was the beginning of a lifetime of exciting moments. I was ready for the ride ? in more ways than one. I sent a huge thank you thought out to Aunt Hildie before my mind surrendered to all things surrounding my muscle daddy built to order!
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Been waiting for this part for ages, brilliant as usual, shame it ends a little too soon he he he.

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I don't know what your other endings were; but you polished up this ending and your story too perfection.

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I would actually love to know what the other ending possibilities where
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One possibility was to end the story with the last chapter - the one where Jason poured the last vial down the toilet and accepted that he would build Roman back up from scratch. I had a less Disney-esque ending than the one I posted where Roman took the last vial and became very loving - but didn't fall in love with Jason. And one that was never developed was that Roman basically kept losing any memory of himself until he became only a muscled slave of Jason. I stuck with the one I posted because it felt most right to me.
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Well. Some guys have it all~
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Im glad you did it seems like the best one by farrrrrrr, now is there going to be any further parts to Trading Up???? He he he. I love your work
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Your romantic side sweeps me off my feet, every time Thank you!
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This ended as I expected and hoped it would. Sometimes the most obvious happy ending is still the right one.
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You made the right choice. Masterfully done!
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Londonboy (March 27th, 2013)
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makurra is on a distinguished road
A masterpiece, Londonboy, as usual!!!
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The Following User Says Thank You to makurra For This Useful Post:
Londonboy (April 1st, 2013)

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