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Aged Beef - Finale

I was already in the truck before Liam finished his question about whether I wanted to head to his house now or not. As soon as he reminded me about how he liked to lift guys before he let them start worshipping him ? either in a bench press or a shoulder press ? I was ready to be at his place. I did not need to be asked twice. Liam was kind of shocked at how fast I jumped in his truck and he laughed out loud when I shut the door and looked at him through the closed window. I leaned over and opened his door as the big man walked around the front of the truck. He slid his big body into the driver?s seat and then leaned over ? our lips met in what can only be described as a fireworks inducing kiss. His lips felt almost as powerful as the rest of him and his tongue easily defeated mine to dominate our lip-lock. I let my right hand move to his crotch and I latched on to his hard cock ? amazed at how huge the thing was. I squeezed hard, noting that like his chest and arms my hand could not dent the thing, and this caused Liam to pull his face from mine.

?Careful, boy, that gun is cocked and ready to be fired. You don?t want to be responsible for me busting a hole in my pants, do you? Besides, you got to let me drive. I don?t want to have a wreck and not make it to all that?s promised to us at home. Let?s be ?hands off? until we get to my place, okay??

?I?m not sure I can last that long, Liam.?

?Okay, let me give you something big to hold onto, then.?

Liam had already started the car and we were headed down the street, so he bent his arm closest to me and leaned my way a little. He held his humongous biceps out for me to grab. I reached my left arm underneath the bulging piece of meat and then brought my right hand over to latch onto the mound with both of my hands ? realizing I still couldn?t reach around the massive thing. It didn?t matter, though. I could feel the hardness through his shirt and that?s all I needed to keep my cock fully hard for the entire ride home ? as if it weren?t going to stay erect for as long as I was near the big muscle daddy anyway. Liam kept stealing glances at me and I swear his smile alone made my cock want to spew. If Helen of Troy had a face that launched a thousand ships, then this man had a face that could cause world war three. I loved how the crevices across his forehead and around his eyes only made him more handsome ? not at all craggily looking. Even through his designer glasses I could see that his eyes were now piercingly blue-gray ? a clearness that obviously came from having an incredibly healthy body. The man?s sexy salt and pepper, slicked back hair only highlighted his strong forehead, his muscular cheeks, and his sharp jaw-line even more. I found myself suddenly not focused on his giant body ? for the first time all week. His face excited me, too.

?God, you are devastatingly handsome, Liam. How can a sixty-eight year old man look so good? You put guys a third of your age to shame.?

?I guess it?s just good genes and taking care of yourself.?

?I bet couples would pay millions of dollars to have your sperm ? just so their babies would have your genes. It wouldn?t matter if they were gay or straight!?

?I?m not sure about that, but I will tell you that I wouldn?t mind any child of mine looking like you, Makana. That perpetually tanned skin, those beautiful dark eyes, and that hot little body is what any person would want their son to look like.?

?Maybe a mixture of our sperms would create something pretty perfect!?

I was making a joke, but the look on Liam?s face told me he thought it was a seriously good idea. I squeezed his biceps hard ? not denting it in at all ? and that caused him to tense the muscle, which forced my interlocked fingers apart. I tried my hardest to hold on, but the swelling meat pushed my hands apart. It was incredible to watch ? even as I desperately tried to keep my fingers together. Liam then flexed his gun a few times just to emphasize its size and power.

?Just think about that biceps growing, Makana, as it presses your body up and down in the air. Look at that swole arm, son. You ever see a gun so big? Or felt something so hard??

?Not ever. It?s like concrete or something.?

?Here, Makana, let?s allow you to get up close and personal with my big arm.?

Liam pushed his big bulging gun into my face ? not in a vicious way, but more to allow me to feel the huge thing against my cheek, nose, and forehead. He kept pushing upward and his arm made my head go with it ? my neck and upper body were definitely no match for the strength of his one gun. As if on automatic pilot, my lips puckered up and started kissing the hard-as-rock skin that surrounded his mountainous peak. The smacking of my oral adulation rang out through the cab of the truck and Liam started making sounds of approval that almost sounded like a growl. Before I knew it, Liam?s own lips were pressing gently into the other side of his flexed biceps. I glanced out the front window, without even missing a beat of my work on his arm, and noticed we were stopped at the light of an intersection. Somehow, both of us kissing his massive bulging arm thrilled me even more. I stared at the big man?s beautiful eyes over the tensed peak of his biceps. In between kisses, Liam spoke.

?Look how my arm is big enough for both of us to have a feast, Makana. It?s like being on opposite sides of a mountain, isn?t it? I can tell you like it when I kiss my own huge biceps. You like me worshipping my own muscles, son??

?Mmmm hmmm?

I didn?t need to reply really. I?m sure my face clearly showed how stimulated I got from watching him licking and kissing his giant arm. This was something new for me. I loved rubbing my hands all over a muscled stud and I also loved kissing bulging hard-beef packed on a big body ? but there was something about watching this older enormous daddy getting off on his own body that sent my orgasmic meter through the roof. It was clear that Liam wasn?t just ?acting? for my benefit or pleasure ? he was actually causing his own juices to flow harder and faster by feeling his own lips smash into his hard muscle and by tasting the same sweaty saltiness that was blessing my mouth when we licked the giant mass between us. When the light turned green, Liam pulled his face away from our mutual adoration and began to drive again. He, however, didn?t lessen the flex of his arm or move it away from my face. I continued to feel his stone-like meaty bulge press into my face and it continued to give me a glimpse of his body?s power. I don?t think there was an inch of his big biceps that I didn?t caress with either a kiss or a swipe of my loving tongue. Liam kept glancing over at my expert performance and I could tell he was excited beyond what he thought was possible. I was sure he was beginning to grasp the fact that I was truly a top-notch muscle daddy worshipper. I had tried to tell him that, but I now understood that my actions spoke much louder than my words. I undid my seatbelt and went up on one knee, so I could put my face in the deep recess between his bulging forearm and biceps. I nestled my head down as far as his hard muscles would allow me to go. I then said only one word ? knowing it would please Liam completely. His loud moan was the only affirmation I needed.


Liam tensed his fist and biceps at the same time. This caused my cheeks and the side of my head to be compressed by hard muscle that suddenly bulged out with added power. The big man wanted to make me feel his tightening sinew in a way that I would never forget. He needed me to feel how much strength existed in just his flexing beef. Liam didn?t want to hurt me, but he definitely wanted to give my head a shot of pain ? because that?s what he knew I wanted. I suddenly knew what it felt to be a pecan caught in a huge nutcracker. My temples and cheeks felt like they were going to be bent out of shape once he finished his torture. I even got the feeling that Liam wasn?t using all of his strength ? and still the pain was incredible. Luckily, the guy knew better than to keep my head locked in his strong vice-like grip for long. He knew I?d either blackout or have a headache for two days if he continued to send pressure into his arm. I didn?t realize how happy I would be once he released my head. I had wanted to feel the squeeze, but only Liam had known how intense the torture would be. He clearly didn?t want me to suffer too much and I was very thankful. I could still feel his muscles pressing into my head even twenty seconds after I had been released from the crevice in his arm. I sat back down on the seat and buckled my belt in silence. My cock was so hard and ready to shoot that I needed to take a long break from touching the elder man in any way. Feeling the power of his flexing arm around my head had simply been so intense that if the evening had ended right then I could have used that sensation to beat-off for the rest of my life. I could tell by Liam?s silence ? and the fact that he didn?t look at me once ? that he felt the same way. He had to adjust his large cock right after I pulled my head away, the experience of smashing my head with his biceps and forearm was something new for him, too.

?That was incredible, Makana.?

?Uh huh. I can?t wait until you squeeze my head between those monster quads of yours, Liam. We?ll have to work out a ?safe sign? that will alert you when I?ve had too much. And then we can always have fun by you squeezing my face between your ass cheeks, too.?

?You?re going to have to be quiet for a while, son. I?m too close to the edge for the hundredth time this evening and I?m not sure I can make it much longer.?

We sat in silence for the rest of the trip to Liam?s large Tudor home on the edge of town. It was a big house for a big man. I didn?t really pay attention too much about the place as we entered because as soon as we were in the door I ran and jumped on Liam. He had shut the front door and turned to face me and I simply jumped into his arms, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. Liam grabbed my ass with his big hands and lifted me higher against his massive chest. He was smiling like the Cheshire cat and it made me feel right at home.

?You?ve been planning that for a while, haven?t you??

?Yes sir. I couldn?t wait until you held me with your huge arms.?

?Why don?t I carry you around for a tour.?

?That sounds great. I think I?ll play with your chest while we go. Do you mind??

?Be my guest.?

?Oh yeah, look at those beautiful white covered mountains. I never knew two pecs could look so incredible.?

I had unbuttoned the front and had his shirttails pulled from his pants. The shirt was pushed back on his mammoth shoulders and this exposed his chest completely. The pecs were hard, severely muscled, and thicker than huge couch cushions. I wanted to bury my face deep within the crevice between his huge pecs, again, but needing to view the humongous shelf of muscle from my vantage point was much more important. Liam toured me through his entire large house ? upstairs and down stairs ? as I sat in his giant hands and played with his hard nipples the entire time. I loved how the salt and pepper fur cascaded over his mountainous chest like a waterfall of sexiness. The man?s body was definitely that of someone older, but the muscles and his size made him look super masculine and years younger than he really was. By the time we got to the beautiful master bedroom I had succeeded in abusing his nipples so much that they were red and swollen hard. I longed to suck on one of those huge plugs, but waited, thinking that might be a task for later. Liam had loved all of the torture I gave to his cork-sized nips. He would sometimes stop in mid-sentence as he was pointing out something in his place and need to catch his breath or let out a quick moan when I twisted with all my might or pulled on the hard things. The big man also loved carrying me around his house ? like I was some small child being shown his new school. Every once and a while, Liam would easily lift my body higher so my cock would rub against his stomach ? knowing that even through the material of my slacks my cock head would get much satisfaction from bumping up and down his corrugated abdominals. His big biceps would bulge out the sleeves of his shirt even more when he lifted my body higher and I?d exhale loudly each time, totally transfixed by how huge his arms were. Liam was standing in the middle of his spacious bedroom and I could tell he was deciding what was next.

?It feels good to carry you around, Makana. You feel so small and light in my arms. It?s like you?re content to let this big man take the lead, but I want to make sure you feel like you?re part of this equation too. Don?t hesitate to tell this old man what you want and I?ll make it happen.?

I sensed that the muscled hulk was moving back into some unchartered territories. I somehow realized that Liam wanted me to stay the submissive worshipper, but I also got the feeling he wanted to stretch the boundaries of our appointed roles. I felt my body getting turned on in a new and exciting way ? Liam wanted me to lead the worshipping. I could tell that this included telling him what to do. I felt a charge go through my crotch that energized me for the task. I had already noticed a weight bench in one area of the room and it had a bar loaded with an insane amount of weights. My mind was racing a hundred miles an hour with some fun times we could have in that part of the room.

?Sit on the bench, big guy, with your back against the bar.?

Liam immediately moved ? a sign that I was correct in my decision to lead ? and he sat exactly as I asked. I had to spread my legs a little more to accommodate the width of his massive quads, now on either side of the bench. I was shocked to see that his shoulders just fit between the weights on either side of the long bar and that made me stop in awe at how un-freaking-believably wide the guy really was, something I surprisingly kept forgetting. The huge man?s eager face was almost comical as he stared at me waiting for the next order. I felt this dichotomy in my head ? being totally eager to submit myself to this man in any way he asked, but also excited to boss him around as we moved through our worshipping dance. It was clear that Liam loved the contradiction, as well. I became a little more forceful, which caused him to shiver with joy.

?Lose the shirt, muscleman.?

Liam?s hands left my ass and immediately started unbuttoning his cuffs. Within just a few seconds the button-down was tossed on the floor and I got my first cock-filling look at his naked upper body. His chest had been enough to almost send me over the edge, so nothing could have prepared me for what I felt when I took in his uncovered arms and shoulders. I absolutely loved how his skin looked a little like you would expect for someone sixty-eight, but then when you packed huge bulging muscles underneath it your mind almost couldn?t compute how it was possible to be this big and this old at the same time. Skin and muscles stretching to enormous proportions had ironed out all wrinkles, but there were a few age spots, lots of gray hairs among the black ones, and a weathered look that could only be called fucking sexy. My cock edged closer to spewing that it had all night ? but I was able to avoid an accident by giving another order.

?Unzip my pants and free the monster that wants to show you how happy you make me.?

The look on Liam?s face was priceless. The big man showed so much excitement he looked like a kid that had just been promised a three-scooped ice cream cone. I actually think the man?s hands were shaking a little when he reached out to undo my belt. This giant was just extremely excited that I would so quickly fall into the position of taking the lead. The anticipation was killing him. He pulled the belt away from my waist with one quick pull and then tossed it to the side. He then undid the button at the top of my pants, pulled the zipper down, and then took a big inhale as he grabbed the waistband of my underwear and pulled it over my raging hard-on. Liam exhaled with a loud moan as he took in my hard pole.

?Damn, Makana, that?s just plain beautiful, that is. It looks good enough to eat ? like a rock hard piece of long, thick candy.?

?Well, I definitely plan on stuffing your mouth with it, Liam, but I?ve got a surprise for you when I do.?

?I love surprises, Makana.?

?I think you?re really going to love this one. Flex your biceps, big man, and make them extra hard.?

?That shouldn?t be a problem.?

When Liam raised his arms in a double biceps flex it was my turn to inhale and moan at the same time. I had already seen his guns in a short sleeved shirt at work and watched them bulge nicely in his tight dress shirt earlier in the evening, but seeing his giant pythons uncovered completely was like seeing the ocean for the first time ? it made you believe in a god. This man was surely carved out by some lustful deity that wanted to have something enormous and beautiful to watch on a daily basis. I was actually beginning to think that Liam was actually a demigod that was sent down to earth to drive men like me insane. There was no way a sixty-eight year old man should have such massively thick biceps and triceps. His arms actually made his gorgeous head look small ? that?s how large the mounds were. The sudden twinkle in Liam?s eyes told me he was proud of how his big arms made me turn into a blabbering idiot. My eyes behaved like I was watching a ping pong match and bounced back and forth from one mountainous peak to the other. His arms had bulges in places where most men merely had skin and bone. I didn?t know biceps could have so many multiple peaks and be covered in so many thick veins. Liam clearly put big men in their twenties to shame. There was just something about all that massiveness on a mature man that turned my crank so much harder and farther than a beefed up young guy. It just felt like Liam would know what to do with his body more than someone less experienced ? he could use his body to please both me and himself in ways that other guys half his age could never even dream of. It was all about the wisdom and the experience that came with the age.

?The boy likes the ?ceps, doesn?t he? Pretty huge, huh??

?Yes to both questions. Hold that pose, Liam. It?s time for a little fun.?

I moved to my knees on Liam?s huge thighs. His body was so big and so hard it felt like I was merely squirming around on the floor, but it was really on his mega wide quads. I then stood on the bench between his legs. This put me high enough to put my smallish hands on his massive peaks. It felt like I was grabbing hold of giant warm rocks. I then positioned my pointing cock against his lips. Liam responded by opening his mouth and allowing my hard piece to slide between his succulent lips. I immediately pressed hard down on his flexed arms. My body went up into the air as I pushed down. This also caused my dick to slide further into his throat. I then bent my arms and lowered my body down, allowing my cock to slide partially out of his mouth. I was amazed at how easily I found the strength to basically pump my entire frame up and down on his huge arms ? and the flexed hard guns didn?t budge at all. I was using his biceps to do dips and allowing my cock to be serviced by his inviting mouth at the same time. Liam loved the action as much as I did and was slurping up my hard tool with moans of pleasure. He even tensed his arms up and down to add to my motion. On the tenth dip my arms began to wobble and the big man could feel the shaking. He brought his hands to my waist and took over. He continued to lift and lower my body easily with his muscled arms and even increased the motion to give my cock greater pleasure. Somehow, Liam sensed I was getting a little too close to release, so he allowed my cock to pop out of his mouth and then he set my body back down on his big thighs.

?That, my little friend, was incredible. I like the way you used my biceps to give yourself some convenient leverage.?

?I like how your big arms didn?t move at all, Liam. That looks like a pretty heavy weighted bar you got there.?

?Yeah, it?s everything I?ve got, I?m afraid, and it still doesn?t really give me a good workout.?

I moved off of his legs and then around to stand at the bar. Liam slid his body down the bench and then laid back ? his head just below my crotch, with my dick still sticking out from my pants. He was staring up at me ? taking in the hard pole and my face at the same time. I reached down and grabbed the bar. I tried to lift it, but the weight was too much. I couldn?t even get the bar to budge more than a little from its resting place. I grabbed the thing from underneath, instead, and it still wouldn?t move much when I tried to lift with all my might. The big man just smiled even more broadly as I desperately tried to move the weighted bar. I finally gave up, having tired myself out easily. Liam caught my attention by clearing his throat ? I looked at his beautiful face below.

?Want me to give you a little help, young man. It looks like you might need a big old strong man to help you. Why don?t you let this senior muscleman show you how it?s done??

?Yes, please. Please make it look very easy.?

My answer thrilled him as much as his teasing words had excited me. I stepped back a little and removed my hands from the bar. I gulped loudly when I saw Liam reach up and place only his right hand in the middle of the bar. He then pushed up easily ? with just one freaking hand ? and the bar easily came up in the air. He had no problem keeping the heavy thing steady. The teasing senior citizen was chuckling a little as he brought the entire bar down to his chest and then powered it back up into the air and then began again. I stared at him for about five minutes while he handled an insane amount of weight with just one hand for many reps.

?It drives you wild that such an old man can do what I?m doing, doesn?t it Makana??


?Even more than if I was twenty-five and still could do it.?


?Man, that thrills me even more than you know, son. I absolutely love blasting stereotypes about old men apart and shocking younger fellows at the same time. Your obvious lust for older muscle men just fuels me on, Makana. I don?t think you even begin to understand how much your lustful face and hard cock excite me. Press your body up on the bar, boy.?

Liam?s words were making my libido go crazy. I loved hearing him talk about himself ? almost as much as he did. I knew exactly what he wanted to do and jumped into action at his request. He had lowered the bar about half way down and was holding it in place with his arms slightly bent. I moved over, spread my legs so I could get closer to the bar, and locked my arms on the bar. Conveniently, this made my ass and balls hang in the air just above the big man?s face. Even though I still had my pants on, I knew there was going to be some extra thrill coming from what was about to happen. Liam pressed the bar up into the air ? still using only his right hand. My feet left the ground as the weights and my body went into the air. I bent my legs back at the knees and when Liam brought the bar down, my pants-covered balls came smack down into the big man?s waiting face. His warm mouth and powerful tongue were ready to please me ? even through the material. I could feel the warmth of his mouth as he cupped his lips around my two testicles and squeezed them teasingly. My arms quivered a little and my body shook as I pressed myself on the bar. Liam flicked his tongue against the bottom of my balls and I moaned out loud. Suddenly, my body went back into the air as Liam pressed everything easily up with his one hand.

?Look how much weight this big arm can lift, Makana ? including your tight little body. It?s more fun for me to lift this way ? I get to taste and look at something that can spur me on even more. I also get even more strength pumping through this big arm knowing your excitement is now ?off the charts.? You just can?t believe that gramps, here, could toss around so much poundage so easily, can you??

?No sir.?

?And then when I lower your body like this and teasingly bite at your balls you go even crazier for my big senior muscles, don?t you.?

?Yes sir.?

?You like adding a little more weight to my lifting, Makana??

?I?d rather be your barbell myself, sir.?

?Aw man, that?s the hottest thing you?ve said so far. I think that can be arranged. Time to jump off of this senior daddy?s weights. Let?s have a little direct contact to stimulate us more.?

I pushed my body away from the bar as he pushed it back up and then placed it in the rests. Liam then pulled his body out from under the bar and turned it around on the bench, so his head now rested on the other end. I realized immediately what he was doing and it thrilled my crotch area even more. I glanced down and saw that his own cock was looking more like a rolled up beach towel stuffed in his pants and stretching down his thigh. I was so excited that Liam was so turned on. I was desperately trying to think of anything to thrill him more, but then it dawned on me that he would continue to get exhilarated in deeper ways if I simply did things to show my lust for his elder muscled body. My adoration for him was all he needed to get even more excited ? and that, in turn, spurred me on even more. I walked to the other end of the bench and let my body fall over into his large hands. I knew it would be easier for my frame to stay stiff like a board if I laid across his palm with my face to the ceiling, so that?s what I did. I also knew it would give him the perfect view of my ass ? one of his favorite parts of my body.

?Yeah, Makana, thanks for placing that nice ass in plain sight. That will definitely inspire me to crank out some repetitions. Of course, you?re so light I could keep doing it all night, but it will still be fun to lift you in the air this way. I?ll also take some teasing bites at your beautiful butt and that will make you get off even more, too.?

My mind went back to the first time I ever rode a huge rollercoaster as soon as he pushed my body into the air and the lowered it again. The thrill of being lifted by this senior muscle daddy was much greater than screaming down the final huge hill of a killer amusement park ride, but it still triggered that memory. I actually let out a soft scream and threw my hands in the air. This made Liam start cranking me up and down even faster ? an action that sent me into sensory overload. I didn?t know what it was about knowing that a sixty-eight year old was easily benching my body into the air that elated me so much, but the proof was in the wet stain that was now appearing at my crotch area as I leaked copious amounts of pre-cum. Without even looking at them I knew Liam?s massive arms were bulging into giant hard mounds as he lowered my entire body ? light to him ? down to his chest and then pummeled it back upward. How I desperately wished there had been a camera focused on us, so I would be able to see how the action looked from the outside. I certainly liked watching guys lift the back end of a car or seeing heavy weighted bars being pushed into the air, but there was just something about seeing a guy totally dominate another man by lifting his smaller or equal-sized body into the air that boiled my juices quicker than anything. I think part of it was how defenseless the guy in the air became as soon as big arms held him overhead, but the other part was how the action made the guy underneath look so powerful and like such a hot dominator. I couldn?t lie to myself; I loved it most when the guy that was lifting the other dude was all cocky as shit and loved getting off on what he was doing, too. Liam clearly sensed this desire without me having to say a word.

?Yeah, Makana, I can feel how this gives you an even better picture of how impressive my old man body really is ? as if you needed any more proof. You just love how I can manhandle your entire body so easily, don?t you? Yeah, I may be up in my years, son, but I?ve been packing on muscle for a while now. Mature strength is hot to you because you know that along with the insane energy comes some wisdom, too. I?ve got years of experience with men so I know what will make that cock of yours hard faster than anything. I also can hold you in the air for a very long time ? long enough to actually wear you out first. I could start spinning you around to make you pass out from dizziness, squeeze you so hard that you blacked out, or just cause you to go unconscious with the most heart-pounding orgasm of your entire life. Not to worry, little man, I?m not here to do any of those things. I just wanted to emphasize I could do all of them if I wanted to. You?re basically at my disposal and I could make you do anything I please. But I grant you free will, son. I just want to watch you get off as I talk about my power over you. The fun is going to come as we explore all this muscle worshipping stuff together. Knowing that I got such a senior daddy loving muscle whore is just icing on the cake. When you get excited about my body or my strength, I get more turned on, as well.?

Liam had no idea what his words did to me. I was now a total wreck. I didn?t know whether to let my cock explode in pleasure, cry tears of utter joy at the bond I felt with the guy, or scream out loud in happiness from the thought that a senior muscleman was boasting about what his massive body could do. There were so many emotions running around in my head that I simply chose to shut down and enjoy the ride as the big man pressed me up and down for what must have been the something-hundredth time. I suddenly felt the room moving even more as Liam continued to crank out reps with my body. It took me a second but I finally realized he was easily standing up as he continued to push me in the air. He glided up off of his back and then up from the bench as if he were a kid jumping out of bed in the morning for Saturday cartoons. It didn?t even register to him that he was lifting a full-grown man into the air as he stood. I could sense the new height my body reached as soon as I was up in the air because I was closer to the ceiling. I could feel that Liam had now moved into perfect shoulder presses, and when I glanced down all the furniture looked a little smaller. The guy collecting social security didn?t show any sign of strain or being the least bit weary. My body was so light that he would probably only start to get a pump after lifting me for forty-eight hours straight. The goal of this little change of position, however, was only about moving toward the giant mirrored sliding door of his closet. Liam flipped my body slightly and grabbed me tightly at my hip and my chest, underneath my arm. His big hands easily fit around both parts of my body. He did this to enable me to easily watch what he was doing and I was immediately grateful. It also, however, put me in a total swivet, since he easily held my body on my side.

?Look at that, Makana. I can hold your body in the air as easily as you might hold a roll of wrapping paper ? although I think your arms would get tired a lot faster than mine. Just look how my big papa guns swell when I hold you like this. I have to tense them myself, though, because you don?t have enough weight to challenge them at all. Just look how massive I look holding you this way. I remember watching Steve Reeves hold guys in the air like this in his Hercules movies, but that was always for just a few seconds and I could tell the men he was picking up jumped a little to make it easier for the actor. I don?t need any help, Makana. I can pump your entire body up and down without any other support than these huge biceps. I like the sloppy mess you?ve made at your crotch, son. Is that what my body has done to you??

?Your body and your comments.?

?Yeah, that?s good, Makana. What?s the use of muscle worship without a little verbal encouragement added to the mix? I love talking about and hearing other people comment about my enormity and my strength. It?s almost as good as the kissing, the groping, and the squeezing from a smaller man. You should hear me when I talk to myself working out. I?m my own cheering section ? barking out orders, cheering myself on, and handing out the compliments when I flex to show off the results.?

?I?d love to watch that sometime.?

?I think that can be arranged, sport, I think that can be arranged.?

?I think the great thing about being verbal, Liam, is that it can lead to actions that can bring about a lot more pleasure. It?s like an audio map that can help you zone in on fulfilling desires. It?s probably why some people talk dirty when they?re having sex.?

?Give me an example, Makana.?

We were both staring at our reflections in the mirror. I was focused on him and he was focused on me. I knew he fully understood what I was talking about; he just wanted to have me say some things that would turn his crank up a few more notches. He also clearly understood that it would excite me, as well. I looked at his face and his pretend pleading look, telling me that chatting about his body was going to please him very much. The big man started to pump my body up and down slowly, just to egg me on even more. I chose my words wisely, just to tease him tremendously.

?You?re a gorgeous freak of nature, Liam. Most guys your age and even those younger find it completely impossible to do things you take for granted ? benching over three hundred pounds, lifting grown men overhead, or flexing what looks to be at least a twenty-three inch arm??

?Almost twenty-five.?

?An almost twenty-five inch arm. Most guys take it easy when they go into retirement, big man. Those guys start to slow down and maybe start to turn to flab at certain parts of their body. But look at you, Liam. Your older man muscles bulge out harder and bigger than most young guys on the bodybuilding circuit. And by the way that big log is also bulging in your pants I don?t think you?re in need of any Viagra or testosterone cream. Hell, they probably use your cum to make the damn cream. You?ve been lifting my body for about fifteen minutes and there?s no sign of you slowing down. You?re a freaking senior muscle machine, Liam. You mentioned Hercules films earlier, well who needs a movie about some demigod when you?re around. You?re the real deal and you?re a mature master muscleman, which makes you a hell-of-a lot hotter. It?s knowing that you?ve been building up to this point for many years ? packing on muscles on top of muscles so you can be freaky huge and strong as an ox. I love watching younger men get intimidated by you in the store at work. You can walk up to some relatively big guy and ask if he needs help, but when the poor dude takes a look at you it?s usually like the guy?s dick shrivels up inside of him and he stammers out ?no thanks.? I think most men don?t want to be seen walking around with you because it makes them look so insufficient and small. And having you be all gray-haired and up in your years makes it even more embarrassing.?

?Wow, that explains a lot, Makana. I didn?t realize that.?

?How could you, Liam, since you?re usually looking for ways to show off and not focused on what they are doing. Do you actually own any shirt that isn?t skin tight??

?Um . . . I don?t think so. Why would I? I think I need to constantly show off these huge muscles, don?t you??

?Of course I do, but some guys are a little intimidated . . . well, actually a lot intimidated. And then there?s the way you carry most things that other guys put on a dolly to transport ? a stack full of lumber, a dishwasher, or a gas grill. You just hoist those things into your arms like they weigh nothing and most of your co-workers and a bunch of the customers get freaked out. They don?t get excited by a jacked up muscle gramps like I do. They first are shocked by your surprising size and strength and then they start to worry that everyone else in the store is comparing them to you. They panic that if they are standing next to you they?re going to look pathetic and weak. They also feel the need to do something to show their manliness, but usually can?t come close to matching things you do. I?ve seen guys try to pick up the dishwashers you carry so easily and they can barely lift an edge of the box off the ground. You pick the entire thing up with one arm, but all they can do is slide it across the floor. There?s nothing that will cool the jets of a hotshot twenty year old guy quicker than being shown up by a man he things should be using a walker. The other day you didn?t even realize that a pile of bound lumber that took four men to carry to the check out line was the same bunch you easily tossed over one shoulder and carried out to the waiting truck. Those four guys were moping around the rest of the day. I?m telling you, Liam, most men can?t stand to be out-powered by someone older than their grandfather.?

?Well, I can?t help it if I love lifting things. And besides, why aren?t you intimidated like the others??

?Cause I?m a freak of nature, too, Liam. I am not attracted to some young doofus that thinks he?s a tough guy ? no, I?ve trained myself to look for the real deal and I knew you were legit the moment I saw you from across the store. I was more than halfway across the front of the Depot from you and I could tell you were huge. You were like the largest peak of a mountain standing out among all the lesser peaks. Everyone near you looked like a little kid. And then to crank my lust meter even higher, you were a mature muscle master ? someone who?s lived a long life and knows much more than the average yokel you might meet at a bar or gym. I?m always drawn to a man that?s probably kissed so many times throughout his life that he?s now a pro ? just because of his age. The same thing goes for an older guy when you take him to bed. You know he?s going to know how to please a man. If I have a choice between experience and innocence I?m going to go for experience every time. I don?t want to be teaching some guy how to please me ? I want a man that knows it just by instinct ? just because he?s pleased a lot of men over the years.?

?I have pleased a lot of men in the past, Makana.?

?And fuck, if you slap some monstrous muscles on an older man?s body he?s usually going to love being worshipped and showing off. It?s true for ninety nine percent of the senior musclemen I?ve met ? they just love it when guys get off on their size and feats of strength. I think it goes back to the idea that they love surprising people with their ?never would have guessed in a million years? big bodies. I watch you, Liam. You love coming up behind guys and watching the look on their faces when they turn around. You did it tonight in the restaurant a few times. The host was blown away when you walked in the door and he looked up to find you standing by his little stand. You freaked our waiter out on purpose when you stood behind him after coming back from the bathroom the first time he stopped by the table. And you do it in the store all the time. That poor jock guy named Marco is constantly looking over his shoulder because you always seem to pop up with your big body just to surprise him by being twice his size.?

?He does seem to avoid me a lot.?

?Because he can?t compete with you, that?s why. He?s probably been the alpha stud everywhere else he?s ever worked or played ? but at the Depot he has to play second fiddle to some gray haired man that?s retired and still growing. He has no idea how to process the fact that you dwarf him on every body part. He can?t compete with you in any way. It?s hard to be runner-up when you?ve been first place for all of your life. Damn, Liam, you still look so hot lifting me up and down. I?ve been staring at us forever, but it?s still so freaking incredible watching your big body push me up and down so easily.?

?I?m still hard as hell watching it, too, Makana. Looking at your tight body makes me really hard.?

?Well, it must be working big time, because you?re hard all over. You entire body must be a hard-on. What part of you isn?t muscled??

?Um . . . can?t think of any.?

?I thought so. Hey, Liam, I?m actually getting a little seasick. My legs may need to feel some solid ground for a while. Or, at least, my body needs to lay on something really solid. You got any suggestions??

?I think I must be the most solid thing in the room ? so how would that do, Makana??

?It sounds perfect, but I believe it?s time for some full skin-on-skin action.?

?I couldn?t agree more, son.?

Liam brought his arms to the side and let my feet land on the floor once again. I was a little wobbly after being tossed around so easily for so long. The big man moved one of his big hands to the back of my neck and kept me sturdy by squeezing tightly. Some guys would have complained about pain, but I loved how his strong hand could easily keep me in place with just a little pressure from his huge fingers. It felt like I was wearing a collar made of steel or something. With his other hand, Liam pushed my pants down to my ankles, along with my underwear. I kicked off my shoes, used my feet to push off my socks and then stepped out of the jumbled slacks. I felt like a doll the giant man was undressing. Next, Liam undid his own pants and when he pushed everything down beyond his huge cock and giant quads I couldn?t help myself ? I said the first thing that came to my mind.

?Oh my god, you?re fucking huge everywhere!?

?I hope that?s okay, Makana.?

?It?s more than okay, it?s wonderful. It?s the way it should be. A colossal muscle daddy should have a colossal daddy dick. It keeps the universe balanced.?

?And it keeps the boys happy.?

?I?m sure it does.?

Without any warning, Liam cupped his free arm underneath my knees and kept his other hand around the back of my neck. He easily lifted me into his arms and carried me to the bed. He placed me gently on the bedspread and then lay down beside me. I turned to look at his smiling face.

?Care to climb on board my big battleship of a body, Makana??

He did not have to ask me twice. In mere seconds I was lying on top of his huge body - my chest pressing into his giant pecs, my abs rubbing against his hard ridged stomach, and my cock pressing into his own giant stiff log. I was, again, in sensory overload because I didn?t know which pleasure point to focus on. I just allowed myself to cherish the entire feeling and lived solely in the present moment. I was taken aback by how he felt like warm stone everywhere my body pressed up against him. I now understood fully why sometimes guys were referred to as ?hard as a rock.? Liam was a piece of chiseled aged marble and I loved feeling every pulsating muscle on his body. I squirmed a little just to rub against his bulges even more. This made the big man purr with satisfaction.

?My body hard enough for you, Makana?

?Yes sir.?

?Look how there?s no part of you touching this bed. Your entire frame fits perfectly on my big body and there?s probably enough room for you to have a roommate. Man, I love feeling your small body on top of mine. Your entire weight is on me and I don?t register it at all. Look how your body rises up and down when I breathe ? my hardness causing you to move with my chest and stomach. It?s like you have no choice ? and you really don?t. I could manhandle you into doing anything I wanted to, Makana. That?s one of the joys of being this big. You just have to follow my body ? moving in the ways it tells you to. I also love feeling your small cock pressing against my bigger one. It?s like a mirror image of our bodies ? me all big and you?re so small. Even my cock dominates yours, Makana ? just by it?s hugeness. Imagine what it would be like if I rolled my big body on top of yours. It might feel great at first, Makana, but after a while you?d find it hard to breathe and parts of your body would start to fall asleep just because you wouldn?t be able to move. And after a while, things would just go black when you passed out. I can feel your cock twitching with excitement at the thought of all my muscles on top of you. That is so hot, son.?

?What a way to black out, though. Everywhere my body touches yours, Liam, it feels like stone. It?s so amazing to feel a man?s body so hard that it almost seems inhuman. Your aged body has been worked so hard over the years you?ve become like a granite moving statue. Look how I try to press in the beef of your massive chest and my finger has to bend because of your hardness. Punching you is like punching solid rock. And to think you?ve been huge like this for years ? that?s incredible. The majority of the men walking around on this earth will never know what it feels like to have even half the amount of bulging muscles hanging on their body ? let alone this much hugeness. Normal guys like me must look like ants to you, Liam. It must be crazy to walk around each day and feel so superior to everyone. I know you aren?t super tall or anything, but your size just makes you seem like a giant ? a colossal freaking giant. So, it must be incredible to feel it from the other side. To be able to sense how much larger you are when you?re just standing near a guy or when a guy?s puny body is plopped on your massive chest and you see how small he is. It must cause a perpetual hard-on to compare yourself to the rest of the world all the time and feel deep inside how enormous you are ? to constantly experience that kind of size difference. I bet it?s so fucking hot ? even without even needing to flex ? to cause such intimidation simply by moving into someone?s personal space. It?s no wonder you want to be worshipped, big guy ? you merely want to deepen the natural response your body brings out in other men and in yourself. And other guys, whether they truthfully admit it or not, want to explore and worship your muscles ? it?s a natural response after meeting you. It?s just something that?s innate in all of us when we are around such massiveness. Some straight guys suppress the desire ? it?s what their environment tells them to do ? but why do you think they cheer on huge football players or powerful boxers? Every guy on earth is drawn to hugeness and strength ? it?s as natural as wanting sex. Your body may intimidate some guys, Liam, but know that the first response to you in any healthy man is the same desire and lust you see in my eyes. Some guys just can?t bring themselves to admitting it. When freed up to reveal our true nature ? we mortals want nothing more than to worship a godlike body like yours.?

I had spoken from my heart. My intention had not been to increase the sexual build-up in the big man tenfold, but my words had brought him to the brink of orgasm quicker than anything I could have done with my hands or my tongue. I knew that if I had grinded my crotch into his a little or tweaked his big hard nipple with my fingers I would have sent him over the edge and a warm torrent of Liam spunk would have shot out between us ? which would have surely caused me to explode, as well. I could see in his eyes that no one had ever described so accurately how he felt. My huge friend had sensed that I was a disciple of elder musclemen, but he had not known the level of my devotion. He clearly had met other worshippers before, but none had been able to so accurately name the desires within his heart as well as being able to describe why they needed and craved big man muscle. I had pierced the core of what drove him to be a huge muscle daddy. Most of the time worshippers got it wrong ? they thought enormous bodybuilders wanted to be huge because of low self esteem or a deep need to get attention. That was just a very tiny piece of what drove men to be giant muscle studs. What truly drove men to lift heavy weights until their body bulged out immensely was something pure and much more personal. Huge muscle guys want to worship the body they?ve created just as much as their admirers. They are like painters that love gazing at the beautiful pictures they have created. There are a select group of men on earth that have been given the inherent talent to create muscle masterpieces with their bodies. They have this strong never-ending need to build themselves up so they can perfect their artwork. That?s also why muscled masters turned me on so much ? they could create more perfect art because of their experience. A young guy?s body can be huge and beautiful, but he won?t have the knowledge and the years of developing his talent that a mammoth muscle gramps has gained. The hard senior giant beneath me had created perfection over the years ? Liam was in a class with Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Renoir, and so many others. He had been searching a long time for the perfect connoisseur of hard muscle and massiveness. He was beginning to realize that - even though I was young ? my ?eye? and knowledge of his particular gift was above most men. He sensed that I was a true worshipper of all the talents he had poured into his aged beefiness. When he spoke next, there was a vulnerability and honesty that I had never experienced in my entire life.

?You see through me, Makana. I?ve searched for someone all of my many years that might be able to understand when I shared what drove me to become so huge ? and here you are expressing it before I even get the chance to. It?s true, I?ve grown huge because I love worshipping my hugeness and the perfection I?ve created, but you missed one important part of the process, as well. No painter or sculptor truly wants to create just for themselves ? no, I?ve built this muscled temple for both myself and in hopes that I would find someone to share it with, someone who understood and appreciated what motivated me. No one wants to live with a masterpiece that can?t be shared. All those lonely years in the gym were spent in hopes that one day I would find someone that I could tell how much my own body turned me on ? how much getting bigger muscles made me want even larger and harder ones. Up until this week no worshipper of my huge body had ever indicated that they could move past their own lust for my massiveness to fully understand or care about what drove me on in my quest. You, however, in the span of just a few minutes have cut to the very center of my thirst for muscle. How did such young man get so wise??

?Probably from hanging around senior musclemen for most of my short adult life. But, Liam, please understand that a lot of what I have shared tonight is a revelation that you have caused. I?ve had a basic understanding of what it means to be a true muscle worshipper for a long time ? I was probably born with it ? but watching you get off on your own body and listening to your honest sharing has opened the floodgates of understanding. I have come to learn how to be a true admirer of muscled perfection by simply allowing you to teach me. I have opened myself to your years of experience ? your countless hours of staring at your own bulging mass and building an incredible love for your body. You have helped me to see everything through your eyes. I certainly bring my own lusts and desires into the mix, but hearing you talk about yourself and watching you get hard just from seeing your own reflection has educated me by first-hand experience. Granted, I was an eager and willing pupil ? the first step to lifelong education and muscle conversion ? but your daddy-like patience and careful teaching has made me the better student. Just like you, my worshipping is a mixture of desires to please the muscle master and to satisfy my own needs. We have both loved our neighbor as much as we love ourselves and that has made each of us the best master and the best disciple we can be.?

?I?m so sorry to be so crude, Makana, but my need to fuck you is so great I think I?ll have a heart attack if you don?t sit on my cock immediately. I need to be one with you more than anything in the world. I need our bodies to be joined as much as our hearts and souls are united presently. I need this union to be perfected right now ? but I will not force you. I only want what is best for both of us. Your happiness matters as much as my own.?

?I know you know my answer before I even speak, Liam. To have you inside of me would be the greatest gift you could offer this disciple.?

I pushed my body upward by pressing my hands against his massive chest. As my body moved away from his and my legs fell to the side of his huge frame my heart swelled with joy. I gazed at his massiveness and knew that this moment was the closest thing to earthbound heaven I had ever felt. I also had a feeling it was the beginning of a life of being in heaven. I knelt over Liam?s huge body, realizing that he was so huge I?d have to actually push my body higher with my legs to move my ass into place. When his cock pressed between my cheeks I felt the presence of so much pre-cum I knew the penetration would be less painful than I anticipated. I moved my hands to his hard nipples and latched onto the big plugs as the head of his huge cock pushed into my hole.

?Oh hell, Makana, you are so fucking tight. I?m so sorry if I explode prematurely.?

?Hang on there, big guy. The chute is as tight as the opening. You need to feel the complete pleasure-filled package before you unload inside of me. Use that muscle strength of yours to hold on, senior daddy.?

?Damn, your ass muscles can put up a good fight, son. My cock is having to work hard to get beyond that puckered opening.?

?The better to please you, old man, the better to please you.?

Both of us were speaking through gritted teeth ? because of the intense pleasure and pain being provided to our bodies from the other man. It felt like the larger end of a baseball bat was being crammed into my ass and I was sure that to Liam it felt like his cock was being pressed into the crack of a cement wall. I had always been complimented on my intense ass strength and tight hole ? something Liam was now experiencing firsthand. I also knew I had very little chance of holding out against his power rod for much longer, but I desired to give him as much extreme pleasure as possible until he did break through completely into my compact warm fortress. It was a huge turn on to me to see Liam?s body break out into a light sheen of sweat. The big man could have easily shoved his battering ram into me without any problem, but he wanted to draw out the pleasure as long as he could ? for both of us. Liam knew that his cock was sending me through the orgasmic roof. The intense bonding of our hearts had been the most powerful foreplay of both of our lives. Lovemaking was going to be the act of cementing a deep commitment that both of us knew would never be broken. Even before his cockhead penetrated me for the first time I knew I would be with this man for the rest of my life. From this day forward I would never need anyone else to please me in any way. I also knew Liam had a good forty years left in this world ? he was just that powerful. I also knew he would be huge for all of those years. I would never look at any other man without comparing him immediately to the senior muscle-packed gramps beneath me. I also knew deep inside that Liam fully understood he had found the ultimate worshipper and partner. My new lover realized he would never have to worry about anyone ever understanding him completely again ? he had found the man of his dreams and that guy?s ass was about to be filled by his muscleman big cock. All of this was swirling around in my head as Liam?s thickness was pushing into me slowly. As soon as his fat mushroom head thrust beyond the tight opening of my chute the only words that could possibly encompass what both of us were feeling came out of my mouth.

?I love you, my muscle god.?

This triggered the big man in a way I could not have anticipated. Instead of answering me with useless words ? something that seemed so inadequate ? he did something much more permanent and revealing of his feelings. He shoved his full cock into my body with one strong push of his crotch and started ejaculating powerfully into my body. Every single muscle of his huge frame shot into a hardness that was unfathomable to me until that point. It felt like I was sitting on a stone wall with a granite pole up my ass. The powerful roar that the guy emitted was so intense that I believe it was what actually caused me to start spewing cum wildly ? instead of because my ass was now filled completely. Liam quickly started bucking his hips up and down as he came ? wanting to increase the pleasure of his ejaculation for both of us. And that was exactly the effect his expert fucking had on both of our bodies ? we got double the fun. My cum shot out like a blast from a cannon ? shooting way past Liam?s head and splattering against the headboard. Even in the midst of intense ecstasy the big man was able to register what his plowing had caused me to do and it encouraged him on even more. He shoved his cock into me harder just to see my next spurt of cum shoot out even more powerfully. We both loved the sound of my thick jism hitting the wood beyond his head. Meanwhile, I was a little worried that my small body wouldn?t be able to handle the giant load of cum his cock was pumping into my body. His cock was so huge he plugged my hole so tightly that nothing seeped out. Even though Liam was much larger and certainly more powerful than me, our ejaculations lasted the same amount of time. I think that was simply due to what the muscle daddy brought out in me. His muscles caused me to be powerful, too. Finally, after what seemed like ages, our heaving bodies stopped pumping out copious amounts of cum. His body softened its tension, but his muscles remained hard as hell. I knew our heavy breathing probably wouldn?t subside for a good twenty minutes. Liam was the first to speak.

?I haven?t cum like that for over fifty years.?

?Really? I shoot like that all the time.?

He knew that I was teasing and he reached up to tickle my sides with both of his big hands ? something that made me squirm wildly on his still-hard cock. This was exactly the reaction he hoped tickling me would cause. The added motion caused both of our dicks to spew out a few more drops of our man juice. I was utterly amazed my body had anything left inside of it. Long streaks of my thick cum were plastered across his massive upper torso ? some of it sliding down the heavy muscled peaks that were his chest. Liam purposefully twitched his cock within my ass ? to show off what he was capable of doing and to thrill me even more. His strong hands were gripping my sides and had clearly kept me in place as he had thrust his crotch up and down. I was pretty sure my ass would be sore later on, but I didn?t care. I had just ridden the oldest and most talented bucking bronco in the stable. I knew I would never ride any other huge dude again. I had become a one senior muscle daddy guy in a matter of a few minutes. Why would I ever need anyone else since I was with the master of all masters? Liam was slowly rocking his crotch up and down to massage my cum-filled insides even more. I think he knew this action would lessen the pain I would certainly feel later ? it also brought me great joy at the present moment. It was another sign of his incredible experience as a senior muscle daddy. I loved feeling his huge body rocking mine back and forth as if I weighed nothing. I was like a little toy in his big powerful hands. Liam was staring at me intently and I knew he was about to say something that wasn?t to be taken lightly.

?I love you too, Makana. I know it doesn?t make sense after only knowing each other just under one week, but there you have it. I?ve never met anyone that understood me so completely. I?ve also never met anyone that felt so snug around my hard cock.?

?You say the nicest things.?

?I mean it. This has been the best night of my life ? the best week of my life. I knew there was a connection from the moment you started showing me around the store on my first day, but I never knew it would be this intense. I never knew I would want someone so much. I don?t want to come across as a scary stalker, but being near you forever is all I?d ever need for the rest of my life. I?m sure of it. Please, Makana, tell me something I could do to repay you. What could I give you that would come close to matching all that you have given me??

?Well, Liam, there is one thing that would please me tremendously ? now that you mention it. It would make me even happier than I am right now. I can only think of one thing I could possibly want.?

?Name it, Makana, and I promise I?ll make it happen.?

?The only thing I want . . . the only thing I need, my huge muscle daddy, is for you to continue to get bigger. That would make me very happy.?

To say my comment pleased the big man was an understatement. I had not only spoken the truth about what I really wanted, but I had tapped into his deepest desire, as well. I had known my answer would affect him deeply, but I was in no way prepared for how much. Suddenly the thick, hard cock ? still shoved deeply within my tight ass ? started spewing a second time. I had no idea any man could shoot so quickly after the kind of massive orgasm that had come before ? but, then again, I was not sitting on the stiff pole of just any man. I was sitting on the pulsating dick of Liam ? my giant muscle daddy. His intense orgasm lasted for a while and then he was finally calm enough to speak.

?I guess I don?t have to tell you how happy your request made me.?

?No, I felt your joy shooting all up inside me! I?m not sure how much of your thick juice I can handle ? it?s making me pretty full.?

?Yeah, I can see that. Your stomach is looking pretty distended. I can pull out of you, if you like.?

I looked down to see what he was talking about and I actually had a belly. The skinny tummy I had for years bulged out a little like I was slightly pregnant. It was amazing to know that Liam?s cum was soaking into my insides as we spoke. It felt too great to have him pull out of me at that point.

?No, please stay just where you are. It feels great having your meat plugging me so tightly. Our future anniversary celebrations will be focused on this moment so I want to live it as long as I can. I want to fully remember what your body felt like the first time I lay on top of it and the first time you plowed my ass. And this is for being the most gorgeous senior citizen ever.?

I bent down and planted a wet quick kiss on his lips. This made Liam smile, even though I could tell he was still getting over his most recent surprise orgasm ? especially since it came so soon after the earlier one. His huge chest was heaving under my hands and the motion made me realize I had been pinching and twisting his hard nubs for quite a while ? obviously bringing the guy continued satisfaction. He looked at me with a face full of love.

?And what do I get for being the most massive senior citizen ever??


I bent back down and this time I moved my hands to the side of his face and plastered my mouth on top of his, forcing my tongue in between his warm inviting lips. This time the kiss was hard and masculine. I could feel the muscular force emanating from his body even through his lips. His tongue easily wrestled mine into submission and he invaded my mouth with stronger suction and a thorough probing of my throat. My worn out cock immediately shot back to full mast ? merely from a kiss that would have knocked my socks off if I had been wearing any. The sexual experience I had noted in this senior muscleman earlier was evident in his kissing skills, as well. He didn?t just peck a guy on the lips ? no, he sucked face like some kind of muscular brute who wanted to dominate a guy into submission just from his oral abilities. It was like there was a direct inner pipeline from my mouth to my dick ? and his superior talents with his mouth shot a message to my resting rod and ordered it to hard-on status like a sergeant barking orders to a plebe. My body was on fire with desire again in mere seconds and I was pumping my legs up and down so my ass would slide along his large hard piece of meat. I craved to make Liam come a third time. Pleasing this senior massive muscleman was clearly going to be my life?s goal from now on. And by the way his kiss instantly intensified and became even more powerful I figured I was doing a pretty good job. Liam pulled his face from mine for long enough to say a couple of sentences.

?Aw hell, boy, are you trying to give me a heart attack? I?m not sure my cock can take a third orgasm in such a short time.?

I pulled his face up off the pillow below it and forced him to kiss me again. I held his head aloft as he immediately returned to dominating me with his powerful lips and tongue. I increased the rhythm of my ass smacking into his crotch and muscled thigh ? even as he started to thrust his cock deeper into my hole. The insane intensity of our fucking made it look like it was the first time we had ever made love ? and not a repeat performance for me or the second encore for him. We merely turned each other on too much to force ourselves to stop. The kiss also spurred us on ? our mouths were joined tightly to match the connection being made by his cock and my ass. And then there was all the muscle ? now covered in big beads of sweat ? tensed so hard that it made me almost cum from just feeling it beneath me. I could not hold out as long as Liam this time. His masterful plowing sent me over the edge after what was probably his twentieth thrust. It was my turn to pull my mouth from his, scream out loud in joyous ecstasy, and then blast a few wads of thick cum from my now-purple cock. The ejaculation forced my ass to tighten powerfully and that caused his balls to tighten and send yet another big load of his semen into my ass. By this point there was no more room in my chute and I could feel ? even in the midst of my release ? his juice seeping out my plugged hole. It did feel like I would pass out this time ? and I do believe I lost consciousness briefly ? but as soon as my cock was finished spewing I fell back down onto the hard body of the big man and his cock popped out of my hole loudly. The room stank of cum, the only sound was that of deep heavy gasps, and I could feel Liam?s powerful heart beating as hard and fast as mine. It was now kind of uncomfortable lying there on his tensed body ? he was just so freaking hard. I used what little strength I had left to roll off of his huge torso and fall the surprisingly long distance to the bed below. I kept my body touching his ? afraid that being completely separated would have been too abrupt for me to handle. I was now too intimately entwined with this huge senior mass of muscle. It was like I needed him to continue living. I spoke between gasps.

?Fuck me, that was hot, Liam!?

?I actually think you had me shooting blanks at the end of that last orgasm. Even a big man like me has limits, Makana. I feel like I just finished an intense four hour workout session.?

?Hell, I feel like I just ran a marathon! I think tomorrow I?m going to walk like I did, anyway. You must have testosterone to spare to shoot so much juice, big man.?

?Just being near you makes me churn the stuff out continuously. I?m going to sleep like a baby tonight.?

?The same is true for me ? but it?s mainly because I?ll be sleeping next to you.?

?One night, if it?s okay with you Makana, I?d love to fall asleep with my cock inside of you. It?s something I?ve always wanted to do, but no one else ever allowed it.?

?It sounds like heaven to me, Liam.?

The big man had his huge arm underneath my head and he pulled my face into his chest by bending his arm and having his biceps bulging against me. It was his way of saying thank you. I had a feeling that we?d try sleeping with him in me the next night. We both knew we had a lifetime together ? to try all the things that were swirling around in each of our heads ? but we also knew there were a limitless amount of lustful dreams that we had yet to discover. I was already busy thinking of ways to worship my senior muscle gramps that would make his cock continue to gush like it did tonight. I also knew he was contemplating new ways to show off for me ? and to worship himself in front of me. That idea, itself, made my cock begin to stir a little, even though it had shot off so much and so hard that it was going to take a couple of days to fully recover. It was just that being this close to so much muscle made me constantly horny. When Liam spoke next his voice was serious and I could tell he was slowly drifting towards sleep.

?You know, of course, that I?m not going to let you go back to school this fall.?

?I kind of figured. I can go to the local college. I?m not wanting to ever spend one night away from you.?

?Will your parents be okay with that??

?With which ? not going back to the university or sleeping every night for the rest of my life with you??

?I guess with both.?

?Does it matter??

?No, not really. I just want to make sure this is what you want, Makana.?

?Didn?t my ass just make that perfectly clear, Liam??

?Yes, but that was your ass talking, I want to hear it from your lips, as well.?

?Listen, big man, this thing between us is some kind of force of nature. I don?t know if it?s because of your hugeness and power or because of our mutual desire for worshipping ? but there?s no way either of us could deny this intense attraction. I?m pretty sure it?s even stronger than you, muscleman. I have a feeling you?re stuck with me whether you like it or not and I get the distinct feeling that even if I wanted to ignore you you?d force me into submission with just one hand.?

?I?ll never make you do anything you don?t want to, Makana.?

?It was just a figure of speech, Liam, and you know it. Quit playing coy with me. You fucking love your muscles, I love your muscles, you love showing off and I love you showing off, so we must be a perfect match for each other. And you better watch out ? talking this way is making me hard again. I may want another ride on that huge cock of yours very soon. Your senior muscles may have created a monster, Liam. You may actually end up sending me home before the morning.?

?Only to pack your things, Makana. I?m not scared of you - so don?t worry. Right now, though, I?m going to get some shuteye. I want to be ready to wake you up with some morning wood around five.?

?Five! O?clock? In the morning??

?Yep, that?s when I usually get up, Makana.?

?Oh no, Liam, after finding so many powerful things we have in common, we have now stumbled upon the first thing we don?t share with each other. I am definitely not a morning person. I always take the shift at work that starts at eleven. This could be a problem.?

?Nope, no problem at all, Makana. I know the perfect way to wake you up.?

?I don?t think strong coffee will do it, Liam.?

?I?m not talking about strong coffee. I?m talking about strong arms doing some morning routines with your little body and then a strong cock stuffing that tight ass of yours. I bet you?ll be wide awake by the time that ends.?

?I can guarantee I will, big man. I promise you that.?

?Good night, sweet prince.?

?Good night, my massive hunk of aged beef!?
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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The winnah and still cham-peen..... LondonBoy!
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Londonboy (April 28th, 2013)
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makurra is on a distinguished road
Thanks for another masterpiece, rock!!
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Londonboy (April 28th, 2013)
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Wow again! You never cease to amaze, excite and just plain turn me on LB! Another awesome tale of Liam continuing to use his muscles and strength to completely seduce and use Makana, to our and Makana's great delight! I have loved this series from the beginning, as far as your series, this may be one of your best, and that is saying something! Can't wait to see what more you got for us. Just remember, as far as age, muscle size and strength go, there's no such thing as too old, too big, or too strong!
"Loved by few, hated by many, respected by ALL" The Undertaker, Deadman Inc.

In the MGS FC's, I am Barf the Mawg from Spaceballs, loyal, powerful, quick witted, but I have a bit of a weight problem.

Only those serious about young muscle need apply. We do accept stories, but let's keep it clean. This is the only place on the web where Ragman's "My Nephew" Stories can be found.
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If you want to know how good this story and you are as a writer, I literally waited to read this after I studied for finals today because it was my reward for studying so hard. It's literally a treat to read your work. Thank you for amazing characters once again.
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Londonboy (April 29th, 2013)
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Damn, I would give anything to become such a good writer like you!
You write so many amazing stories and make me (and hopefully all of us) spew so many loads all over the place! My room has never been this clean in years!
My favorite muscle stories on my tumblr page:
--> 4MFiciton <--
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Londonboy (April 29th, 2013)
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LOVE IT!!! So super hot !!! Makes me want to go lift and find a super muscle daddy at the gym!!
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Londonboy (April 29th, 2013)
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suma is on a distinguished road
another masterpiece, thanks Londonboy.

Now if we only had a pic of what Liam could possibly look like.
I was gonna suggest a pic I posted on the Muscle Daddies thread (better a morphed version of that pic)
but it was deleted.
anyone remember this post and saved a copy of the very grey Muscle Daddy in his 60s?

the grandaddy of muscle daddies
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Londonboy (April 29th, 2013)
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It took me several sessions to be able to make it through this final chapter, and that's a good thing. The fantasy in this is so fully realized that I almost felt like I was right there with them. I feel like you've written probably the epitome of this type of muscle daddy in this story, and I'm not sure how you're gonna top yourself in the future, but I'm excited to see how you'll try.
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Londonboy (April 29th, 2013)
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Please please please continue these hot elder flex and strength stories!!!! Would love reading about an elder stud who shows off his strength against powerful machines and police and marines.
Wow, I've never seen an arm that big! Can I touch it?

yahoo: storyen
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Londonboy (April 30th, 2013)
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SuperManSlave is on a distinguished road
so hot!! Love silver haired Supermen great job!!
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Londonboy (April 30th, 2013)
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Originally Posted by suma View Post
another masterpiece, thanks Londonboy.

Now if we only had a pic of what Liam could possibly look like.
I was gonna suggest a pic I posted on the Muscle Daddies thread (better a morphed version of that pic)
but it was deleted.
anyone remember this post and saved a copy of the very grey Muscle Daddy in his 60s?

the grandaddy of muscle daddies
Suma, look up Texbearjoe on google and on He's pretty close to muscledaddy perfection and who I was imagining as I read this.
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suma is on a distinguished road
Vlad that is indeed one super hot muscle Daddy. and very close to what I'd imagine as the basis for the Liam character but of course Liam is much much bigger LOL.

But alas not the picI was looking for. My guy was actually a bit older looking closer to 60 but still as hot.
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Londonboy (April 30th, 2013)
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Took me three days to read this story, because each single speech of these guys took me into new heights of muscle worship heaven, it was simply the most intense sex scene I've read in a long time, and the highly detailed speeches were so amazingly powerful!

So, it took me three times for obvious reasons...I had three amazing times visiting this world of yours.

I only hope we can see Liam and Makana some time in the near future again, would love to see how the humongous muscle daddy will keep his word and grow even bigger for his precious little fellow.

Congratulations again LB!
There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Londonboy (May 1st, 2013)
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suma is on a distinguished road
Here's another possible base image of what Liam would look like only much bigger of course.
Any morphers want to work their magic on these images?
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Londonboy (May 1st, 2013), makurra (May 6th, 2013)

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