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Old April 30th, 2013, 12:06 PM
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Carl's jouney - part 3

Hey guys! Here is another instalment, hope it's not too boring

Carl's Jouney - part 1

Carl's Jouney - part 2

Carl's Journey - part 3

"Now let's eat, you must be starving!" All said and helped me to walk to an improvised dining table in he maintainence area os the gym. First he handled me a botle with a yellow liquid

"Here, drink it! you sweated a lot back there at the gym, you gotta re-hydrate" I drank and it tasted really good! the moment it hit my stomach I notice how hungry I was! Next thing I saw was a montain of food in front of me! "Why... I mean, how... ah..." was all I could verbalize.. All understood my doubts and answered "We got all setup for you to get started" that's when Big John entered the room bringing even more food "All needs someone so suport him on his training and he has chosen you!" John said smiling as if he was the one who won the lottery "And my training partner has to be B.I.G.!" All continued "I help ou grow and you help me get fucking HUGE!!" All said hitting the most impressive most musclar I could ever imagine was possible! I swear I could see the muscle fibers fighting each other under the thick fabric of his shirt! Not to mention the thick pulsing veins... Man! just imagining myself growing to that level made my head spin! I think All noticed it and kept posing, after the most muscular he hit a lat spread. Shit, how could he still reach his own hips with both hands at the same time in such a montrously muscular frame was a total mistery to me! he finished the smal show with a double biceps and a loud "RASSSSG!" as his tent of a shirt gave up the fight on the sleeves from the pressure of the flexing biceps and under the armpits from the widening lats. "Oh shit, there goes another one!" All said checking the damage on his shirt...

"What are you waiting for? eat that food now! you gotta grow a lot to be able to spot me!" All said puting a lot of food on the plate in front of me. It was at least twice the amount I would usually eat, and I did eat more than an avarage boy already! But only when I started eating I noticed how hungry I was! maybe it was the muscle show that got me distracted, but the more I ate the more I wanted! The first plate was gone, then there was another just as big, when I was in the middle of the third one I felt I was near the limit, feeling my stomach fully bloated I started eating slower, but the amount of food in front of me waiting to get into my plate was still imense!

"Shove that food down! You gotta strech that stomach now if you wanna grow really big!" All said with the maniac expression getting back into the scene I kept eating to the limit of throwing it all up , then waited a while, gave a couple of loud burps,and ate a little more. When it was just impossible to get a bean down my throat I said "ENOUGH! IT JUST DOESN'T FIT ANYMORE!" I said it with much more confidence then I thought I would say, when I looked back at All's face he was stairing wide eyed at me "OK, that's - almost - enough for now. just drink this and you can rest for a while." All said handling a big bottle of a brown liquid "what is it?" I asked "It's just whey protein, drink it!" the huge paw was standing in the air holding the huge jug of whey in front of my face "Man it just won't..." "I SAID DRINK IT!!" All shouted again his face getting red with thick dark veins all over his forehead.

I took the jug from his hand. Once again my whole body was shaking and I started gulping the thick whey mixture slowly. It took several minutes, but even for my surprise I was able to drink it to the end. Breathing was the harderst thing I was able to do now. I felt if I breathed in too hard my abs would rip from the pressure of so much food inside! When Big John entered and saw my state he just laghed and said sarcastically "Well, you were the one asking for a harder workout, now you gotta handle it!" I just gave a not too friendly smile and John gave me a hand to stand up and go out of the gym. All gave me a ride home and I slept the whole afternoon.


When I woke up it was like there were only two things in my universe: pain and hunger! Breathing was painfull as hell and my stomach was growling like I didn't eat anything for days! When I managed to roll on the bed and take a look at the clock I was astounded "It's only been 5 hours since I ate all that food and I'm alread hungry?!" I thought to myself trying to sit up on the bed with no success. Only when a kind of more urgent need took place - the result of oll that eating wanted to come out - I got what it needed to get up and run - or almost crawl - to the restoom. Only after all those mother nature needs were satisfied I started to notice something beyond the pain all over my body: My muscles felt big and hard! not that they had grown, but it fel like the pump was still there! I didn't think much about it, not that I could tink of anything at that moment anyway, and went to the kitchen only to find Big John and All talking to my father in a very friendly way...

"So, the sleeping beauty finaly awoke!" My father said in a kind of a joke. "You guys have things to do, I'll be around if you need me" he said going out. "So, how do you feel pal?" All said, his expression showing he already knew the answer "Pain! lots of it!" I answered "And..." he replied letting it open for me to complete the sentence "Hunger! I can't believe I'm hungry already!" I said in disbelief "Good! That's a good sign!" All said happily "So, what are you waiting for! Let's strech this stomach a little further!" The sarcastic smile on that muscular face made my insides freeze knowing what I would be through next. "Oh man, don't you think you're getting it too heavy on me?" All's face just stood frozen for endless seconds... and then a smile started growing on the corner of his mouth: "Carl, you have no idea what the word heavy really means! But don't worry, I'll be glad to be the one who's gonna show it to you!"

After that we went through another bely stuffing session. Big John brought the food - all provided by All's sponsors. Only this time All ate along with me. Man! I never thought anyone could get so much food down his throat so fast! He made me eat even more than that first time after the workout, argumenting that now I wasn't tired from pulling weights, and made me drink two jugs of whey protein plus the same yellow rehydration drink. Incredibly, this time it didn't feel that bad to be so full. I was absolutely on the verge of exploding, but it was like my body was prepared for it this time. All said he had an avarage to good training session that afternoon while I was sleeping, Big John did what he could to spot him but he couldn't wait until I was ready to help him. All that story sounded strange, kind of too good to be true, but the monster was giving me no choice... and I think I was starting to like it!

When we finished eating All stood up to go but I still had something scretching my mind "You said something about me being 'the one', what did you mean by that?" All looked down at me kind of trying to hide a small confusion in his mind and answered "It's just a way to say I found a great ponential! You know, Bodybuilding sponsors are always looking for potential muscle freaks, and you are one for sure! My sponsor will give me a great reward if I show a 'good find' for them" Somehow it sounded more like an improvised lie, but that reward would be a great reason for him to help me grow, so I believed him. He turned around and walked to the door, but before leaving he turned back and said "Don't forget to take the 'special suplement' I gave you! take one scoop in a cup of water before going to bed, don't forget it!"

"Ok, I won't" I relplied and waved god bye as he walked out the door. The I looked back at John who was preparing to leave too "Hey, Big John, wait a little more, I wanna talk to you" I had an odd senation that Big John wanted to flee, but he just answered "Don't worry Carl, All is a good guy and he will finish what I started all those years ago when I first dragged you into that Gym!" I could sense in his voice that he knew about my worries "He's gonna turn you into a pro man!" Those words made all my muscle start tingling just from the thought of growing huge like All but still something was off.

"But why me? why is he so interested in helping me grow before I can help him? I'm sure there are lots of much bigger guys out there who would sell a liver to have his help!" I asked and John answered "I have no idea! apparently he just liked you! after he saw you in the gym he asked me about you and I told him your story, how I made you begin with the weights and you ended up liking it... maybe that's just what he was looking for..."

"yeah, maybe!" I said, and it really made some sense after all. maybe he wanted someone how would learn to do the thing his way... "Anyway, you found what you were looking for! now let your muscles grow, and don't forget me whey you put your hands on that Mr Olympia statue!" Big John shook my hand hard and gave me a big hug. I really didn't know that my progress was so important to him. It was good to see him feeling so happy for me! "Don't worry, I won't forget you! you're the guilty one after all!" I said joking a little not to break into tears...

After john left I tried to watch TV, but soon it was hard to keep my eyes open. I prepared to sleep and got the pot with the 'special stuff' All gave me. I examined the content once more: dark dense powder, no smell, no lable... I took one scoop and threw the powder into the empty cup. The scoop was smaller then the one you use for whey, but as the powder was more dense so it kind of weighted the same. I filed the cup with water and used a spoon to try to disolve it with no success... no matter how I mixed it, it just wouldn't dissolve! it just sined on the bottom of the cup, just like earth or sand... "So, this is it!" I said to myself and drank it the way it was. It tasted like dry meat, just with no sauce... After that I went to bed and in a matter os seconds I was already snoring loud...

Next day the one snoring was my stomach! it was six in the morning and I was so hungry that my stomach actualy ached a lot! But again, mother nature had some more urgent things on the list of priorities. I stod up still half sleeping and run to the restroom. Only after I was done I notice something: There was no pain! My muscles didn't hurt at all! Still not sure if it was reality or a dream I walked in front of the mirror and I just couldn't believe! I was bigger! not only bigger, but more defined too! it was like I gained muscles and lost some fat at the same time! I started flexing and was astounded to see and feel that I wasn't dreaming! every flex felt awesome! there was no pain at all! in fact all I felt was an urge to flex it harder and harder!

"Wow! that's awesome!" I said looking at my reflex in the mirror "what the hell was that powder All gave me?!" the question mark in my head didn't last too long with the sight of my own pumped muscles in front of me. "Man! I gotta hit the weights!" I said to myself going out of the restoom, but before I could think of anything else my stomach roared remebering I still got some other priorities in the line.

After eating like a pig - All had left another mountain of food ready for me - I went to the Gym. All's Truck was parked in front of it along with several other vehicles and I could hear lots of noises of metal clanging. "He must be training!" I thought to myself and started walking faster to see what was going on. When I entered the reception there was no one at the desk, but a crowd blocked my view of the insides of the Gym. When I managed to get through the people blocking the way Ijust saw an insane amount to metal plates hanging from each side of the bending bar. All was pumping his freek chest and Big John was pressing the bar AGAINIST him, making it heavier the way he did to me the day before. The crowd just couldn't believe such show of strength and resistence. They were counting the reps loud as the freek kept pumping - it was his 35th rep! "What the!?" I just stared in disbelief "35 reps with all that weight!?" and than came the 36th, 37th, 38th... John kept pressing back with all his might but All kept pumping. "MORE WEIGHT! I NEED MORE WEIGHT!" All shouted at the two guys one on each side tried to put another 60 pounds plate on each side of the bar while All kept pumping it up and down but the bar was already fully loaded, no sign of space left for another plate! The crowd kept counting 39, 40, 41... Big John was now part of the weight as he was hanging in the middle of the bar, his full body being lifted along with the insane amout of weights. "I SAID MORE WEIGHT" The monster roared once again to the scared lads... seeing Johns example they gave up the idea of puting more plates on the bar and took the chance when the bar was down and climbed the plates, each one of them becoming part of he weight along with the plates AND Big John. The count kept going, 42, 43, 44... on the 45th rep the monster started grunting a deep glutural sound that I have to confess scared the shit out of me! When the count reached the 50th rep the monster did one final show, he brought the bar all the way down to his enormous chest muscles and started lifting it along with the 3 living weights very slowly, making it clear that he was still in total control of the situation. It took about 10 seconds for the bar and all that weight to get to the top and then he rehacked it. The crowd was astonished! some stared claping their hands, others tried to hide their hardons, but one thing was sure, no one there had ever seen such a thing. With the bar still bending up and down from the sides, the metal plates clanging and the 'living weights' getting down to the floor, the monster sit up on the bench - and I confirmed that I wasn't the only one who grew during the night!

All found me among the crowd and said looking deep into my eyes "See now why I need you to grow fast?"

Carl's Journey - part 4

Carl's Journey - part 5

Carl's Journey - part 6

Carl's journey - part 7

Carl's journey - part 8

Carl's Jouney - part 9
it`s not about getting big, it`s all about getting BIGGER!!

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This story is pretty intense. I am loving to read about this mysterious new journey of yours!

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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