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Caveman - Part 5

Well, obviously I must be back online. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to write while I was away -- the insomnia I complained about allllll the way back in January is here again, but this time instead of just giving me extra spare time, it's making me feel like crap, and I was too busy to get anything done during the periods when I had energy -- but I finished this part tonight, so here it is. The next part should be done by... Friday? Is that okay?

I am deviating from the original outline a bit -- originally, Mitch was going to grow more slowly. So what? It just means that he'll end up even bigger in the end. (And yes, there's still growth to go, even after this part. He's going to be a big guy.)

Oddly enough, even though this part brings us up to a point where, under other circumstances, you could end the story, we're just now at the point where if you're reading this for the plot -- ha ha ha! reading this for the plot! what a kidder! -- it's going to start getting interesting.


Part Five

This story has been completed. Content warnings and general description are included with part one, general commentary will be after part twenty.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen | Part Fourteen | Part Fifteen | Part Sixteen | Part Seventeen | Part Eighteen | Part Nineteen | Part Twenty

"Always... always remember: less is less. More is more. More is better, and twice as much is good too... not enough is bad, and too much is never enough except when it's just about right."
-- Ben Edlund, The Tick (Issue 9: Road Trip)
I couldn't make up my mind whether to try to visit Gary in the dark, or to wait until the morning. As it happened, though, there was no decision to make. Even though the shock was enough that I was freaking out, and was inclined to run out into the woods just to calm my own panic, within a few minutes I was so drowsy that it was all I could do to get to my bedroom and crawl into bed. Almost as soon as I had my head on the pillow, I dozed off -- again!

When I woke up, it was starting to get light outside. I snapped awake fairly quickly and considered my situation again. I was hungry again, although not in the gut-wrenching way I had been the previous day. That argued that my idea was right: sexual stimulation meant immediate growth, which meant hunger. If I avoided jacking off, maybe I could avoid setting myself off again before getting over to Gary. Probably the involuntary sleep was just a side-effect of going through such rapid growth.

The first thing I did was try to find some clothing. Every single piece of clothing I owned was now too small. In stories, there's always a convenient pair of sweatpants, but I had been so undersized before this started that even my sweatpants didn't fit any more. In fact, I could barely get the waistband of my old sweatpants around one of my thighs -- a fact which made me hard again, so I immediately pulled them back down and stopped trying. I had to spend a whole three minutes thinking about anti-erotic things to make sure it went all the way down.

I then checked on my dad's clothing. But that was no help, either. Dad owned nothing so gauche as sweats; all his workout gear was lycra and spandex, and none of it would fit over my body. (And it occurred to me that if I had managed to pull it on, my cock and balls were now so huge that I could probably be arrested for indecency by wearing them in public.) (Which made me hard again. Another three minutes of thinking about mechanically separated chicken, salt crystals, and other topics disgusting or boring enough to kill off a boner.)

Finally, I reached into a linen closet, grabbed a sheet, and made myself a makeshift toga/loincloth thing. Of course, knowing I was wearing it was kind of erotic, and I had to be very careful. But at least I no longer had to worry that I would look down, see my own muscles and genitals, and get turned on.

Next, I went downstairs for some breakfast. I was only hungry enough to eat five of the remaining cylinders. 48 hours earlier, that would have been an unthinkable amount; now it felt like nothing. Once again, I could sense my body expanding, becoming even more powerful, but I went and looked at an archive of stills from horror movies and managed to keep myself calm.

Then I went to the bathroom. Although I had no choice but to notice some of the changes to my body -- including the fact that I now had to arrange my penis when sitting on the toilet to keep the tip from falling into the water; I was getting incredibly well-hung -- my purpose there was enough to keep me from getting into that.

Finally, I headed out into the woods. This provided its own distraction from the hotness of my body; I was now too big for any shoes we had in the house, which meant that I felt every twig and bramble in the woods as they splintered under my weight, and every rock I stepped on wanted to cut the soles of my feet to ribbons. And the branches which had been pushed harmlessly aside by my jeans the day before now scraped against me -- in fact, since I was now larger, more of them hit me, and the ones which did had to be pushed with more force. Not that I had a problem exerting that force -- I could probably have uprooted some of the trees I was passing by this time -- but it was annoying and mildly painful.

I reached Gary's cave, to find that the front was sealed off. Knowing as I did that there was actually an enormous entrance to a vast underground cavern -- maybe even a complex of them -- I could see the outlines, but basically it looked like just a big rock. Some subtle camouflage work had been done to make the surrounding mess caused by the rise of the base look as though it had been that way all along.

I stood in front of the rock and wondered what, exactly I was supposed to do to get Gary's attention. Would the base notify him of my presence automatically? Was he even here? After going back and forth for a few minutes, I walked up and banged on the "door", and said in a half-shout, "Gary! It's Mitch! There's a problem! Let me in, please!"

After a brief pause, the door slid upward and inward, and I walked in and down the tunnel.

In the back of my mind, I noticed what a difference my new size was making. The tunnel no longer seemed like an endless gigantic vault. It was still huge and long, but I strode along quickly to the chamber where I had talked with Gary last time. My huge, hose-like cock fell out of my makeshift outfit as I walked, and flopped back and forth. The sensation was mildly erotic, and I started getting a little hard. At first I tried to resist, and then decided it was more important to get to Gary -- and besides, if I grew again, at least I could get help immediately.

Gary was reclining on a cushion in the nude. Naked, his muscles looked even bigger than they had before. Behind him were some mirrors, and I could see that, although I wasn't up to Gary's standard yet, I was still as big as any modern human I had ever seen, surpassing essentially every bodybuilder whose picture I had ever seen. My cock rose all the way to full mast.

Gary looked up at me, and shifted into a sitting position. His gaze fell to my cock, and in response his cock rose as well. Judging from my reflection in the mirror, he had me beat in that department as well, at least for the time being. He must have been over two feet long erect at the very least, and thicker around than a soup can.

"Wow." he said. Without any compunction at all, he reached out to where a mechanical arm squirted some oil into his outstretched palm and started to jack off in front of me, and apparently at my body. It was incredibly hot, but extremely embarrassing.

He noticed my reaction and paused, his cock now even larger and bright read from the pressure. "Is there something wrong?"

"Uh... I'm, er, not used to, um, people jacking off in, uh, public."

Gary frowned. "But this isn't in public, surely. This is my house." He paused, as though listening to an inner voice. "Ah, I see. The computer says this is a cultural thing. But I'm not from your culture, so there's no need to worry. You seem to be in need of a release, yourself. Go ahead."

The mechanical arm with the oil gizmo extended in my direction, and I gave in to temptation. Even in my wildest dreams, I had never imagined that I would have a real live guy of Gary's size actually invite me to objectify him -- even in my fantasies about Gary, he hadn't been an active participant in any sort of sex act, just an object of desire. I started jacking off my giant cock; my hands now had at least twice the surface area they had had before, but there was so much more cock than I was used to that I could now use both hands if I wanted -- I may not have had Gary's epic schlong, but I was, at a guess, at least a foot and a half long and thick like a soda can. For that matter, my grip was much tighter than on any previous try, and the extra pressure enhanced the experience.

It wasn't long before I came, hard. A huge quantity of cum sprayed out in waves, the strongest one going several feet over my head. Almost immediately, a small army of tiny robots rushed out of nowhere and started to clean the mess up. That distracted me for almost ten seconds before my eyes were pulled back, as if by magnets, to the sight of the massively muscular Gary, with my own titanic and sexy reflection behind him, jacking a cock which looked like it had managed to become an extra couple of inches larger in the last minute. Almost immediately, I was hard again -- harder than before, in fact.

My second orgasm hit around the same time as Gary's. As I had watched, his cock had indeed gotten bigger. By the time he came, he was about 50% longer than he had been to begin with, and his muscles had pumped full of blood, making him look sweaty and sexy like you wouldn't believe. His testicles, too, had swollen up slightly. Between the mammoth (no pun intended) load he released and the surprisingly full second load I managed to squeeze out, the floor between us was covered in a big, white puddle. Another horde of mini-robots rushed out to deal with it.

We both stood panting for a moment as the robots cleared away the liquid with astonishing speed and retreated out of sight. And then Gary spoke.

"So, I take it your problem is your growth. You've really grown like a weed since I saw you last. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen anything put on size that quickly."

"Right. I've been eating like crazy. There are only two of those cylinders you gave me left."

"Huh. That's funny; the formula the computer injected into you is one I designed for you myself. It shouldn't even be possible for a modern human to react like that."

"Oh, and I think that, uh, sex and, er, being horny push me into growth spurts."

Gary rolled his eyes. "So you're due, now, huh?"

"Well, if I'm right, anyway. If so, I ought to start getting desperately hungry."


My stomach rumbled. "Well, there's an answer to that question."

Gary sighed and snapped his fingers. A mechanical arm came out with a hunk of the super-tofu I had been fed last time I was there. I grabbed it and absolutely demolished it. Gary's eyes opened wide to see how fast I managed to swallow it.

"Hmmmm. Yes, that's a problem. Well, I have the computer putting together some more of those cylinders, but I think this is serious enough that I ought to give you some kind of correction. Just eat as the food comes out, and stay quiet while I work."

Gary held up his arms and started making small motions with his hands, as though manipulating things I couldn't see. Meanwhile, more and more food was handed to me; in the end, I managed six blocks of super-tofu and another eighteen cylinders.

When I was finally done, I stood and looked at my reflection.

I was magnificent; in fact, I had actually surpassed Gary. I had no objective way of measuring my height, but I had to be at least 7 feet tall now. My torso was no longer even tapered; my lats had become so huge that they stuck out horizontally from an abdomen which was now so thick and powerful that it looked like a tube of muscle. Above my ten-pack abs were my pecs, so striated and developed that you could see the separation into the upper and lower muscles clearly even when I wasn't flexing. My shoulders were the size of soccer balls, each head showing clear and massive, capping extra-long arms which were gigantically thick and covered in veins. I lifted one and flexed, and my biceps came up in a huge ball, pressing up against the inner surface of my giant forearm. My neck didn't rise off my body so much as jut forward from its embedding in a humongous set of traps. Down below, my cock -- stiff as a baseball bat if not quite the size of one -- stuck out over a pair of testicles the size of softballs (or so I assumed; I no longer had a sense of scale because I had changed so much and no familiar objects were around to judge). My thighs were each bigger around than my abdomen's narrowest point, with a network of veins running along their massive inner surfaces, and down below my calves bulged out hugely on each side of each leg, I suspected bigger around than my thighs had been before this all had started. I hit a few poses, and saw that my ass managed to combine the classic bubble shape with the massive thickness and power of the largest bodybuilders. Sprinkled around my body was also the beginnings, at long last, of a fine crop of body hair; my thick, square jaw was shadowed, along with my forearms, chest, abs, crotch, and shins. Above that, my deep-set eyes smouldered sexily below my jutting forehead.

My cock was hardening, and I was almost about to grab it again when suddenly there was a sharp prick at my shoulder. I turned around and Gary was looking at me appraisingly.

"No, this is not at all what I was aiming for. In fact, even if it hadn't happened so quickly it would be worrisome. I gave you an antidote of sorts, but I had better do some research and find out what happened, exactly."

I was still grinning ear to ear; I was the hottest thing I had ever seen and then some. I could just imagine what my life was going to be like from now on, and even if this were truly the end of the road for my growth I could hardly see a downside.

"You'd better take another bag of cylinders home with you. I'm not sure whether that shot will stop your body or just slow it down."

"Wow. This is just incredible."

I was startled; my voice was as deep as Gary's, now. We both sounded like liquid sex.

"Yes. I've done some more observation of your culture since you left, and 'incredible' is literally correct. When you show up in public, nobody is going to believe this is anything natural or normal."

He was absolutely right, and that knocked me out of my euphoria a bit, although my cock was still hanging in midair. But that reminded me:

"Say, Gary, you have all this manufacturing stuff around, right?"


"If you're really concerned about whether I stand out, you could help do some damage control by whipping me up some clothing. I don't have anything left which fits me, and even if I could get clothes which fit in town, I'd still have to show up to get them."

"Fair enough." Gary snapped his hands again. "The computer will make a duplicate of the outfit you had on when you were here the other day, and a few other outfits based on clothing online. You can use them until you get some by more normal means."

"Thanks, it really means a lot to me. In fact, thanks for everything."

Gary gave me a frown. "Don't mention it. I'm just seriously worried about your growth."

"I'm not. This is the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to me."


After a few minutes, a pair of robots trundled out. One had another sack of cylinders, the other had a cloth bag.

"There, everything is ready. In exchange, would you mind doing me a favor?"

"Well, certainly. As long as it isn't illegal."

"Don't worry about that. I would just like to try a new version of that serum. Could you find another modern human male who can keep a secret and who would like to get bigger?"

I laughed. "The hard part will be the 'keeping a secret'. If you just wanted a guy who wanted to have larger muscles, you could probably just pick someone up off the street at random." I thought for a moment; Norris was coming over today anyway, and he was a safe bet for keeping a secret. "I can probably find you someone by the end of the day today. Is that okay?"

"That would be great."

"Okay, then, I'd better get home and put some clothes on."

"Very well. You know the way."

"Thanks again."

I lifted the two bags. Although I could sense that the bag of super-spam was vastly heavy, it now felt almost as light as the sack of cloth -- which, in turn, felt lighter than my backpack had a few days earlier, with a few tools and a little food in it. I grinned again; my strength was now at least in Gary's range, maybe even -- given how large I now was -- greater than his.

I wrapped myself back up in the sheet -- I didn't bother for a toga effect, just put it around my waist like a towel -- and headed home. Like Gary, I now zipped through the forest like a cross between a wild animal and a bulldozer. Anything I stepped on was pulverized, anything I walked through -- even a small tree which I targeted deliberately -- broke out of the way easily. My feet seemed to have not only healed but toughened up; nothing pierced the skin at all.

I got home within 15 minutes and dumped the food in the kitchen, then headed for the bathroom again. After finishing there, I took the bag of clothing upstairs to the room where the exercise equipment was, to use the mirror. I started to shift the mirror, and then stopped and tried moving the machines instead. First I gripped the smaller one with both hands and was startled to discover that I could shift it almost without trying. In fact, I was able to lift it off the floor, plates, metal pipes, pulleys and all, with one hand, although the floor under my foot gave a warning creak and I settled for just shoving it instead. I might have been on the first floor and not above the basement, but there are such things as crawl spaces and I had no way of being sure that, if too much weight were put on my feet, I wouldn't just drop down a few feet through the floor, with all the mess and difficulty that would imply.

I shoved the other machine out of the way with equal ease, and then started trying on the outfits Gary's computer had selected. My new body made them look fantastic -- the larger version of my jeans-t-shirt-and-jacket outfit from my first trip into the cave no longer looked like a preteen child; I looked sexy and powerful and tough, almost threateningly dominant.

I was surprised, though, to find out what else the computer had provided. There were sweats, a gym uniform for my school -- useful, possibly -- a few normal "casual" outfits, a couple of button-down shirts and a pair of khakis, and... a speedo and a skintight bicycling outfit.

I tried the speedo first. It must have been extra-stretchy, some sort of technological miracle fabric, because it was tiny and tight and sexy enough to push me from semi-hard to full mast, and as my cock stretched out to its new, gigantic dimensions, instead of pulling away from my waist or tearing, or even sliding along the sides of my cock, the speedo just wrapped my penis in a tube of stretched cloth, a bit like a condom. It was somehow more of a turn-on than the sight of myself naked had been in the cave. I found myself thinking that if Gary went public about his existence, this cloth alone -- heck, this clothing design alone -- would give him a steady source of income for years.

Then I tried the bicycle outfit. After I pulled on the stretchy shirt and pants, I looked in the mirror and was absolutely astonished. Once again, I found myself sexier fully-clothed. My muscles pulled taut against every inch of the outfit, the bulges looking even more obscene than when I had been nude. My biceps emerged from the arm holes looking larger and more masculine because of the way my massive shoulders were wrapped in cloth, as did the thick pillars of my neck and thighs. In practically no time at all, I had pulled the waistband down and begun frantically jacking off, falling into a crouch again, which was oddly comfortable. Maybe it was the new length of my arms and legs.

It wasn't long before I came, releasing a huge amount of cum for the third time that day. I sat back and waited, and was disappointed when no hunger pangs showed up. Whatever Gary had done, it had been effective.

I cleaned up, and switched back into the first outfit, jeans and a t-shirt. Just as I pulled the shirt down over the bumps of my abs, which it did nothing to hide, I heard a distant chirping. When I got to my bedroom and checked my phone, now a tiny bauble in my massive hands, there was another message from Norris:

"Got back this morning. Already bored. Leaving now, see you in a few."

I grinned. Whether Gary would get his second guinea pig soon or not, I was going to have my debut as the world's sexiest homo sapiens in just a few minutes. And whatever Norris' reaction was, at least he wasn't going to be bored.

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