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Carl's Journey - part 6

Almost there! Hope you guys like it!

Carl's Journey - part 1
Carl's Journey - part 2
Carl's Journey - part 3
Carl's Journey - Part 4
Carl's Journey - Part 5

part 6

"YEAH! GET THAT FUCKING BAR UP YOU PUSSY! DO YOU THINK ALL THAT FOOD WILL TURN INTO MUSCLE BY ITSELF INSIDE YOU MOTHER FUCKER! GET THOSE MUSCLES WORKING HARDER NOW" Yeah! That as ME shouting at All! We were finally at the same level on our training. We were both 6' 8" tall, but at 440lbs All was still around 30 lbs heavier than me but my proportions and perfect symmetry would make anyone say I was the huge one! "Oh shit!" All said when we were done for the day "I created a monster!" All said, his deep voice showing a kind of weakness that just wasn't there days before... I took the chance to make some fun of his position, now that I was pushing him harder then he pushed me under the weights and then we went to the shower room.

We were both staring at our images on the mirror and he said "Man! I'm gonna call my sponsor! It’s definitely time for you to show up!" I looked back at him "What do you mean?" I asked and he replied "Just look at you man! You’re a freak!" We kept checking the perfection of my shapes in the mirror while All kept talking "People will go mad when we show you to the world! Bodybuilding brands will pay millions to have you holding their products on a magazine cover! And that's just the beginning!" He was right! I started flexing slowly and he just kept talking. My 30" biceps jumped when I commanded. Two huge plates of meat hanging in front of my breast cage, along with the insanely wide lats, added up to something over 70" around enough of a chest. My delts were like veiny planetoids orbiting around the twin suns called pecs and made the balance between the thick package of my torso and the cannons hanging from each side of it that some would call arms. And the abs looked like an ornament around the relatively tiny waist. Each brick in my abs was so deeply cut that it looked like a separate object piled on front of my waist, protecting my belly button from the sun light, and it all was being held in place by a pair of tree trunks almost wide as they were long, where all the thick ropes of flesh full of pure power and strength made the word 'leg' gain a whole new meaning.

All's words made my cock pulse even harder than it was already! "I'll call them and set a date when the Big Boss will be able to meet you in person. He chooses every the sponsored athlete himself. He's got all the money after all..."

Just the thought made my insides swirl like a child waiting for the first day at school! We kept posing for a while and then I went home. Big John was waiting for me, the dining table covered with food ready for me to shove it all down. After that we would have our private session where John would appreciate his living monument for the gods of manliness and help me release some of the pressure from my tortured balls. Every day the gray haired muscle stud would impress me with a new ability, showing new ways to give me more pleasure than I ever thought was possible! It's been only 5 days since we got this all started but it was like we'd been together for a whole life - and in a way it was true! The way John 'took care' of me not only made me grow even faster - probably because our 'no-limits-for-pleasure' sessions were making my balls produce even more muscle growth inducing hormones - but also made his gains improve a lot! He said he felt more energized since we got 'it' started. At first he thought it was just his feelings cheating him but today he checked his weight and he had gained 5 lbs of muscle! It means he gained one lb a day after being on a plateau with no muscle gains for years - and it was already showing! We made some theories relating his gains to my enhanced seed but none of us was too interested in theory at that time we definitely had some better things to do.

Next morning at the gym I was already warming up when All arrived walking fast, kind of anxious to say something. He approached me holding the relatively tiny cellphone in his giant paw and when he looked at me he just stood frozen. "WHAT THE FUCK!" All said letting his mouth hang open after that: For the first time he had to bend his neck back to look me in the eyes! "Holly shit man you're HUGE!" he was right to be so impressed!

There was no doubt that the last night was the one I had grown the most! Probably because everything was just perfect: the training session was insane! The skin over my abs was still scratching from so much stretching after the belly stuffing session for the night and it all came to the most intense blow job Big John had got me so far! Plus the idea of a millionaire showing me to the world as his big toy and making me grow even more made my muscles explode with size during the night!

I was a full inch taller than All now, and no doubt I was wider than him too! After a couple of seconds I shook All out of his shock "Are you gonna flee now or what?!" I asked sarcastically and he shook his head "Man! I just wasn't prepared for that!" All was a whole new person now! no sign of his cocky attitude or arrogance now that he wasn't the biggest one around anymore, and it kind of bothered me..."Hey man! It isn't because I outgrown you that you should feel down!" I said trying to sound friendly "we can still train together! I can use you as my weight! hahahha!" He gave a shy smile showing that it affected him badly. As I noticed my joke didn't have the effect I meant I tried change the subject but all did it first "I called him!" All said quickly and his expression changed into one of a 'good news announcer’ "What?" I asked not quiet understanding what he meant "My sponsor! I called him and he's gonna be here next week!" All repeated with a wide smile on his face now. "Oh great! So what do I have to do?" I asked kind of lost "You just gotta keep growing man! We gotta get you as big as possible until next week! We still have 12 days until he comes. I told him about your recent gains and he asked for a show! He wants you as huge as possible to present you live to the media as his new found!"

Shit! Saying that news boosted my motivation through the ceiling was nothing! I felt my monstrous muscles burning, begging for some sweet torture when John entered the room - the crowd from the first days was something rare now, it seems people got 'a little scared' of our ultra-hi-intensity training sessions... all told John about the calling he made and soon John was out and All was back to get our training started. He said something about John making some special setup for my 'next phase' or something like that, but I didn't care! I just needed to lift, and I needed it BAD!

Now the training was 100% focused on me! John and All were working all the time to push my limits harder and harder and my body just seemed to adapt to it faster and faster!

That night the three of us were at Big John's house after I got my belly rounded once again, talking about how important that meeting would be and how it would change the bodybuilding market, how historical that moment would be, when the world saw the monster I became. My dick and balls were aching hard for some sweet release but this time something else was taking place: I was still hungry! There was no space left for a bean to get down my throat but still I felt hungry as when I got home with an empty stomach! I told the two muscle studs about my hunger and John said they got it worked: "we thought you would need more calories these days when you're gonna be training even harder, so we prepared a feeding hose for you." Both of them kept staring back at me kind of waiting for my reaction "what the fuck are you talking about?" I asked and it was like they were already waiting for it "Before you sleep you will swallow a hose and an electric pump will push some liquid food into your stomach while you are sleeping! that will allow you to grow more than if you needed to wake up to eat more and then go back to sleep" John said and All continued "and to be sure it will all turn into muscle, the dosage of your 'super cow meat' supplement will be increased."

"Hey, wait! Some alarms ringed inside my head "Is it safe to take more?!" and All answered "Don't worry! The dosage you've been taking is barely a quarter of the recommended! Remember I shared my pot with you? It was all meant to me! I've been taking more than twice the amount you've been taking for four months! The only difference between us is that I’m not such a genetic freak, you're really the one after all!" All gave a lazy smile. I knew deep inside he felt he lost his place as the alpha muscle monster and was trying to accept it.

"Oh yeah! So bring it on! And let’s GROW!" I more growled than said the last word hitting a most muscular pose that made the muscle monster in front of me shake on his shoes! We kept talking about all the setting up for the great day, that they were planning to do it on All's summer house that was almost ready - the only thing left was the Olympic pool that was going to be filled up by the end on the week. In fact the only thing missing was the water.

All left me and Big John alone knowing we had urgent issues to solve. Somehow I knew he didn't want to leave and join the party, but the gray haired alpha made it clear that was his territory and outsiders were not welcome when the subject was his "boy". Man! How did I survive for so long without Big John's lips! Every time I thought there couldn't be anything better he made something new to blow my mind, even being hungry all the time, the roaring in my stomach didn't bother us. Today I broke my record: 12 eruptions in only one night!

After we were done I took the enhanced dosage of the 'super cow' stuff and went to the bedroom were John was waiting with the feeding hose equipment ready. It wasn't hard to get the thing down to my stomach as I was already used to swallow big pieces of food with almost no chewing. The thing was attached to a big tank filled with a mix of hyper caloric mass gainer and whey protein. When John turned the pump on I felt the liquid filling my up belly. A big red button would set the amount it would pump during the night. It was set up to pump something up to one gallon every three hours.


5 days have passed since the feeding hose was plugged in my stomach every night. You would say it was impossible for me to grow even thicker, but sure I did! Even though I grew 8 inches taller during the last 5 days my movements were getting more and more limited by the immense volume that each of my muscles got, and every day they grew more than the day before! I was now 7'5" tall weighting around 610lbs! It was hard to tell for sure how much I weighted because every time I stepped on the scale I was a little heavier...

Walking around naked was the standard for me now that any attempt to make some clothes that would fit me was a total waste of time. When I needed to go out on the street I just got any long piece of fabric and hanged it around my waste and torso. Big John said it made me look like a Greek god and the look in his eyes told me that he wasn't talking about the outfit...

All had stopped growing since all the 'super cow' stuff was all mine. He was a monster for sure, but my ever growing physique made him look punier every day!

Another 'side effect' of my rapid growth was that all the weights were once again too light! Plus I was limited to use the free weights as there was no way I would fit into any of the machines even though they were much bigger than the standard machines you would see in a commercial Gym – the last time I tried I ended up lifting the whole thing! Even the dumbbells were getting too tight for my monstrously thick paws. I had to do endless sets on every exercise to get my muscles pumped the way I wanted - no, the way I NEEDED! But once again Big John found a way to get it worked. I don't know if he got it planned or he just lost control over is urges, but I was doing chest flies when I felt him handling my huge veiny shaft! He started licking the top of it, running his tongue all over the dark red mushroom head - the damned thing was way too big to fit into his mouth now, but that was no problem to such an expert tongue! God! He knew how to hit each and every button to turn me on! He kept working not only my shaft, but my whole body, slippery from the rivers of sweat coming out of my skin, he worshiped all of my sensitive muscles like the pro he was sending intense waves of pleasure throughout my nervous system in a way I felt I my brain was going to melt from so much pleasure! I could feel my muscles reacting to such an ultra hi voltage stimulation, making the effect of every rep of my chest flies get multiplied by one thousand! Soon the sensation spread from my chest to all of my muscles making me feel pumped like never before!

And that's the way it kept going from that day on, as the great day grew nearer I grew bigger and bigger! All would do all he could to push me to the limits on every exercise while Big John would do his magic to make everything much more intense with one very important request - in fact it was an order: He didn't allow me to cum while training. That just drove me wild! Even being able to smash the muscle daddy with only one hand if I wanted to I just couldn't cum if he didn't allow me to! Maybe because I knew his argument was right: Holding back my orgasm made me become even more of a mindless beast, which would make my training even more intense! Plus I knew he always had something special planned for the moment I would release all that pressure and the bigger the pressure was the more unbelievably intense our pleasure would be! So it was definitely worth holding it back.


Another 5 days went by - Only 2 days left for the great encounter with the big boss! The orgy from the last days made me inflate almost out of control! Every night I would tune the pump attached to the feeding hose to work faster. I was already swallowing one gallon of the muscle gainer mix every 40 minutes! My 8'3" tall frame wasn't large enough to let me reach my left shoulder with my right hand - and it felt awesome! I can't remember when was the last time I saw my abs without using a mirror. The only thing that was always visible to me past the globes of meet beneath my chin was my dick, always pointing up searching for its daddy.

We were at the gym, just like always, working my titans of biceps on the shrinking dumbbells - I had to hold them using only two fingers because my hands didn't fit between the metal plates. When I was done John went to the restroom to clean himself - I was the only one not allowed to cum - and I sit there on a bench and started shoving some more food down, something I always did between sets. All sit on a bench in front of me and between on gulp and another I took a long look at him. It felt strange to think that I was so impressed by his physique just some days before. Now even being one of the most muscular men on the planet he was just an average guy next to me. I saw the humble look in his eyes and thought about the first training sessions we had when being next to him would made my knees shake out of control. He looked back in my eyes and I knew he was thinking about the same thing "So, you're the one after all!" he said with a sad smile and a kind of looser look in his eyes "hey!" I said, my powerful deep voice sounding way more aggressive than I meant "Don't feel down! You're the one who found me! You’ll have your reward when your sponsor show me to the world won't you?" I said trying to make him feel better "yeah," All said looking down to the floor "but no matter what happens I'll never have what I really wanted from the moment I stepped on this Gym!" he was now looking up into my eyes, his hand running over the mounts and valleys of my right quad finding its way to my enormous dick - which was already pulsing harder as it noticed before me All's intentions. I knew I had to fight back but my testosterone overloaded blood hold me in place while All stated worshiping my immense muscles. The touch from his own hard and ripped muscles felt awesome and I felt the pump get even harder inside every muscle fiber all over my massive figure.

When John came back from the restroom there was no way to hide what was happening. The alpha male blood boiled inside the daddy's veins. He got an empty metal bar and hit All's head from behind "YOU GET THE FUCK OUT OF HIM! HE'S MY CREATION!" the bar even bended on the point it hit All's head, but All didn't move an inch! He stood in front of John, his hulking frame dwarfing the daddy's muscle body like he was a five year old child. All walked slowly towards John, John held the bended bar with both hands walking backwards trying to be as imposing as possible but he had no success. He knew All would squeeze the shit out of him with no effort at all if he wanted to - and he seemed to want it! John swung the bar in All’s direction but he got it with one hand and pulled it from John’s relatively tiny paws. All put one giant hand on each end of the solid metal bar and started bending it without breaking a sweat! The bar moaned under the monster’s grasp as he bended it until it looked like a pretzel! John was frozen in place, looking up at the monster’s eyes almost pissing on his pants. I stood up preparing to defend John if All tried to do something to him but he just turned his back and left the Gym.

The air was thick enough for you to cut it with a knife! I stood looking down at John who just stared back with a confused face. But just some moments after All was back “Let’s go! We gotta get those muscles growing!” he said clearly trying to avoid what had just happened, in a kind of ‘professional way’ to deal with my growth. There was no wird for the rest of the day. The training was intense as hell, John did his magic like always and All did everything to push me through the limits of my titanic muscles even with a face that showed clearly how pissed he was.

When we got home I noticed John wanted to tell me something but didn’t know how. “Hey big man” I called John the way he loved “you don’t need to be jealous! No matter what happens I’ll always be your creation” John walked towards me and hugged me – or the part of me that he could reach. He buried his face on my abs, hiding from my field of vision under my pecs, wrapping his thick arms around my waist. Soon I felt he was already doing his magic once again. Everything was OK and I was in heaven once more!
Next day when I woke up I had to deal with a new problem: I couldn’t get up! My muscles had grown so much during that night that my limbs just had no space to move enough for me to get up! I called for help and soon John was there for me. He helped me to move until I got in a position where I finally managed to get to my feet. It was strange. I kind of felt my bones were not done growing, like they were still getting longer very slowly. “Maybe you didn’t get enough calcium for the night” John said trying to find an explanation for my state. Soon John appeared out of nowhere with what a tank filled with gallons of milk. He attached it to the feeding hose and turned it on at the maximum speed. “It should help!” I felt my belly filling up with the cold milk. It instantly went through my digestive system and into my blood stream. In no time my bones were growing longer and thicker. It took a while but now at 8’7” I was able to move again! Not that I could touch my own shoulders In fact clapping hands was still almost an impossible task, but at least I could get to my feet without any help. I know I should be worried from so much growth, But all I can say is that it felt awesome to be so full of muscle that I couldn’t stand up!

John tried to convince me I shouldn’t train today, that I should let my bones grow a little more before building more muscle, but I felt John just didn’t want me to be near to All…

Carl's journey - part 7
Carl's journey - part 8
Carl's Jouney - part 9
it`s not about getting big, it`s all about getting BIGGER!!

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I think it is time for Carl to lay down the law. It is cute to have two hot muscle studs fighting over him, but there's so much of Carl they shouldn't be fighting at all

Great new installment, congratulations!
There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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