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Carl's journey - part 7

Hey guys! Here is another part, getting there! Hope you like it!

Carl's Journey - part 1
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Carl's Journey - part 3
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Carl's journey - part 7

Man! I was big!! The milk overload John gave me along with some other calcium filled mix of supplements made my bones grow like never before! I was nearly 9` tall now but it really wasn`t that much... clapping hands was still kind of a challenge for me and no way I could see my lower body past my immense pecs without a mirror. My muscles would bulge so immensely thick with every single movement that walking forwards had turned into a swinging movement from one side to the other as my legs were too spread apart to make the natural movement possible - and I loved it!

It took a while to get to the gym walking like a penguin, but no way was I going to sit there and spend my last day before the great meeting without hitting the weights! John came along even though it was clear he was there just to watch over his creature - it was the only way he called me now... And take care All wouldn`t try to take his place as the pleasure bringer.

When we got there All was talking on his phone at the reception area, I just walked past him, across the destroyed exercise machines to the free weights area the whole gym looked like a war zone! I took a look around and didn`t see John... He was always around these days, I thought it was strange he wasn't there now but the weights were calling me loud! I took the heaviest pair of dumbbells I could find to start my work out for the day, or that`s what I tried to do... When I got my hands down to the dumbbells I noticed they were way too huge to fit between the metal plates and reach the metal bar in between, not even using only two fingers the way I had been doing would do! So I tried another way around, My hands were now big enough to grab the dumbbells around the metal plates, wrapping my thick fingers around them holding the 250lbs dumbbells like they were one of those colorful small weights starters use to work out, but that didn`t go as expected either... I think I was too focused and didn`t notice my grip on the plates was too strong. I started a warm up set of bicep curls with one 250lbs dumbbell squeezed by each of my giant hands. It really looked more like I was doing 'standing chest flies' so wide apart my arms were, I had to lift each arm almost to a cross pose so there was enough space between my huge pecs and my inflating biceps to make the movement possible. I was curling them fast because they were too light to get a good pump with slow movements. By the fifth rep one of the nuts holding the metal plates in place jumped from the screw and the plates started flying around like Frisbees, only each one was a 30lbs metal Frisbee!

One of them hit All in the head but the muscle monster didn`t move an inch! it was like he didn`t even feel the 30lbs metal plate hitting his forehead. "Hey, it seems someone needs bigger dumbbells" He said taking his hand to his forehead and scratching it. The way he had to lift his elbow above his head to make the giant bicep get around the huge pectoral, squeezing the deltoid above them still impressed me even now that I was a muscle monster even freakier than him... We both looked down at the plate lying on the floor and it had a huge dent on it! "Wow! It hit harder than I thought!" I said impressed how the metal was so deformed and All didn`t have even a single spot on his forehead "Are you Ok?" I asked and he just laughed "It takes much more than that to knock me down!" he said showing it was nothing to him. "I think we`re done here man!" All said changing the subject "I think we should get prepared for tomorrow. I got some guys at my place to fill the pool, I`m going there to check how things are going and..."

"DON`T TRUST HIM, IT`S A TRAP!" John rushed into the room shouting his lungs out like his life depended on it! "What the fuck are you talking about?!" All asked, both of us confused with his reaction. "Don`t play the fool on me All, your game is over! I heard you talking on the phone!" John said like he had discovered something out of a Mexican drama. I looked at All and he just shook his head, with a kind of "I have no idea what his talking about" look. John saw our expression and started talking nervously "Don`t go with him Carl, he?s plotting something! He won`t present you to his sponsor! he`s planning to hide you from him so he will still be the big guy!"

Somehow it made some of those alarms ring once more deep inside me... "Would he?!" but I really didn`t want to believe All would do such a thing. I looked back into All`s eyes and he felt my doubts "Oh no! you won`t believe him will you?!" All said sounding injusticed "I'm the one who helped you grow to this point! Why would I hide you now?" His argument made sense... "Can`t you see? It`s him! John is the one who doesn`t want you to meet big boss! Because he knows you won`t be his puppy anymore when the whole world bows to your feet!" It was hard to admit, but All was right. John's jealousy was kind of blinding him these days. I didn`t want to hurt his feelings but that had to stop. "Hey John, don't worry! What could he do to hide this?!" I said hitting a double biceps that made both muscle studs let their mouth hang open, drooling at the sight of such a titan flexing his muscles in front of them. My hands almost hit the ceiling and my biceps almost hit my hands! only one of my biceps alone would be larger around than an average man's waist and the triceps was almost twice as big!

John fought the urge to throw himself over my already expanding dick and said "You gotta listen to me Carl! It`s a trap, Don`t go with him to his house!" John was almost begging when All interrupted "Ok, I`ve had enough of that show. We really got to get things prepared for tomorrow and you would be very helpful there, but if you want to keep listening to this jealous little girl of yours then I`m out!" All said walking out of the weights room.

I looked down at John, a small tear rolled down his cheek "Please don`t go!" he said. I rubbed my huge paw around his gray hair and said "I`ll always be your creature!" and left following All to his pickup truck without looking back.


After endless minutes shaking over the relatively small truck we got to All`s house - the poor truck had a hard time handling myself on the trunk - there was no way I would fit inside - and All squeezed in the cabin. His house was really a monster`s dream! Everything was custom made to match his enormous proportions, and ready to be adapted in case he outgrew any thing: Doors and windows had enough wall around them in case it needed to be enlarged and every furniture was reinforced to resist to All`s 'subtlety'. The only thing left to do was to fill the Olympic pool outside. There were five tank trucks ready to start filling it and someone said there was some more on the way - that pool was really big! Some workers were getting everything ready while All showed me the place he had specially prepared for tomorrow`s show. It was a huge stage by the empty pool, cameras were set in place and some workers were getting the lights ready.

Then one skinny nerdy looking guy came out of nowhere, looking very scared, in fact, it seemed that guy had not seen the light of day for years! He was pale and the dark circles around his eyes made him look like a panda, only a very skinny panda... he said something very low, looking down to All`s feet and - don`t ask me why - All got furious! He shouted at the skinny guy like that nerd had just done something terrible! It seemed that if I wasn`t there All would squeeze the shit out of him with just one hand! I didn`t understand a word the nerdy said when he run back into the house the same way he came out. All turned and said between heavy breaths, his voice still showing how angry he was "these guys can`t get the simplest thing done without me around!" and then we walked towards the soon to be filled pool, All still bragging about his place and talking anxiously about tomorrow's show.


Outside All`s house, John was trying to find a way in. The conversation he heard at the gym didn`t have any real proof that All was plotting some kind of plan to prevent Carl from meeting his sponsor, but the way he talked - words sounding like a code, and a kind of malicious tone in his voice - made John be sure there was something wrong, and he had to know what.

John managed to enter the house unnoticed among the workers, he entered the huge house doing all he could to keep hidden when the skinny little nerd rushed into the room John was in and bumped into John's huge figure. When the short pale guy tried to flee John put his hand around his mouth and dragged him to a bathroom and closed the door. "Listen to me!" John said low close to his ear with his hand still covering the little nerd's mouth "I won't do you no harm, I just need to talk to someone!" The nerdy guy nodded yes showing he would collaborate. John let him go, his scared face showing he wouldn't dare to scream for help

"Look, I know there's something wrong here and I need your help" John said looking deep into the frightened eyes "You must know the house, I need you to tell me how I can get to Carl, the big muscular guy who just arrived with All and..."

"I know much more than you think John" the nerd said interrupting John "How do you know my name?" John asked surprised "There's no time to explain now, but I can help you if you can help me!" John was the wide eyed now "We gotta stop him!" the nerdy continued "We gotta stop All before it's too late, and I'm the only one who can do it, but not without some help!" John felt completely lost, things looked much worse than he thought, but it seemed he had just bumped into a solution... "Ok, I'm in!" John said, "What do you want me to do?"

Carl's journey - part 8
Carl's Jouney - part 9
it`s not about getting big, it`s all about getting BIGGER!!

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