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Carl's journey - part 8

Hi again! Here is another part with some revelations for you guys! Hope you enjoy!

Carl's Journey - part 1
Carl's Journey - part 2
Carl's Journey - part 3
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Carl's journey - Part 8

All was talking so much about all that was going around that it really started get boring, and soon my stomach showed I had other things in mind... "Roooooaaarr!!" it really sounded like a not too happy caged animal... "Wow! you must be hungry! Sorry, I forgot for a moment about your needs! Come on, let's eat!" And we went into the house and ate, a lot as usual. When It was enough to keep my stomach quiet - there was no satisfaction in my world these days - All handled me a last piece of meat that really looked tasty! "Hey! Take this special one, that's what we're gonna serve tomorrow." I took small snack from his hand "What is it?" It was a piece of meat rolled around some kind of special filing I didn't identify because I swallowed it without chewing... I was so used to just shove any 'eatable' thing down my throat that I didn't think about flavor anymore... "Ok, I'll assume you approved it!" All said laughing and we walked back outside to take a look at the guys working around the pool. The workers really weren't used to my presence - no one could be! They got distracted when I got near them; in fact they were in shock! One of them even run away screaming like he had seen a monster (didn't he?) and the fact that my stomach kept roaring even after the stuffing session we just had didn't help a lot, but most of them kept working, not without All shouting at them. It felt kind of strange the way they looked at me, they all would avoid eye contact like somehow they were not allowed to look at me...

But then one of the workers, the one manipulating the crane that they used to move heavy stuff around, dropped a heavy piece of equipment down the empty pool. The loud noise made everyone turn around and look down at the pool. The too distracted (or shocked) worker kept his face down when All shouted all kinds of curses at him. I had never listened to so many 'bad words' in one place before! It was a good thing the heavy piece of equipment didn't break the bottom of the pool. Some workers went down the empty pool to get the thing out with no success. They laid a long ramp going down the deep empty pool in an attempt to roll the thing out but they just couldn't get the thing moving. "It seems you'll get your workout after all" All said patting my huge back "Let a real man show you guys how it's done!" All said out loud to the workers around then he nodded at me and I understood instantly: it was show time! It took me a while to walk down the ramp and get to the bottom of the huge pool. It really looked much bigger from within! "Also custom made" I thought to myself as I walked towards the bent metal pieces on the corner. I heard some movement happening behind me but the chance to show off my strength made me ignore that. My stomach kept growling and my muscles were twitching for some sweet lifting when I got the bent metal. I lifted the thing effortlessly above my head and threw it out of the pool. Maybe I did it too hard, but I had no idea where it landed, I just heard the loud noise of metallic impact after a couple of seconds...

When I turned around I was expecting the astonished faces of 'my public' but for my surprise they had just kept working, not giving a shit to what I had done. I looked around it took a moment to notice... I was trapped!

They had pulled the ramp up! I searched for a ladder for me to get out of the pool - not hat a ladder would hold my immense weight - but there was none. It took a while to accept the fact, but the true was I was trapped into the empty pool!

"Hey you guys! Get the ramp back down!" I shouted but none of them even looked back "Hey All! Tell those guys to get that fucking ramp back!" I said to All who was standing by the edge of the pool giving orders to the guys around. A hundred possibilities of getting out of that pool came through my mind, but none of them was of any help. I even tried to jump and grab the edge of the pool, but my legs way too thick for me to jump higher than a couple of inches...

"Hey All!" I shouted again this time showing I wasn't very happy "Get that fucking ramp back! This is not funny!" but he just ignored and the guys kept cleaning the area around the pool... I couldn't see what was going around up there, even being almost 9' tall my field of vision was limited to the sky above. That pool must have been at least 15' deep!

I started to get mad, and then desperate! Suddenly all the things John said, and even what may dad said back then when it all started came to my mind! "I'm really trapped! He's not gonna show me to his sponsor!" I thought when I saw him standing by the edge of the pool with his hands on his hips looking down at me with a big grin on his face. I felt my blood boiling in my veins and my stomach roared even louder than before, this time I felt so hungry that it hurt a bit. I looked up at him, the rage taking all my thoughts away and I shouted "YOU MOTHER FUCKER! YOUR NOT GONNA HOLD ME HERE FOR TOO LONG AND WHEN I GET TO YOU YOU'LL REGRET THE DAY YOU WERE BORN!" The bastard just stood there holding the same grin on his face. "THERE'S NO WAY YOU'LL HIDE ME HERE FOR EVER! I'LL GET TO YOUR SPONSOR AND TELL HIM WHAT YOU DONE AND THEN THE WHOLE WORLD WILL KNOW YOU'RE NOT THE BIG ONE AFTER ALL"

The fucker was laughing out loud now! "You really didn't get it do you?" All said fooling me "Ok, let me have my moment then, I'll tell you what's going on:" he said sarcastically like he was talking to a little child "Maybe you have noticed that I told you a couple of... how could I describe? LIES!!" The sarcastic tone in his voice made me feel like I was going to explode from so much anger, but the worst was yet to come: "There's no sponsor! there's no big boss! there's no super cow!" I felt my whole world shaking from its root's while he showed his true self for the first time.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" the rage made my muscles feel pumped like I had lifted a ton! Veins exploded in size everywhere and I felt my stomach roaring once again, and this time it was painful...

"I am the boss here!" All kept talking in a kind of great revelation scene from a second class movie "I am the one who gives the orders and get all the money! And I am the one who trapped you here to be my inflatable muscle toy!

I didn't know what to think, the whole immensity of my body felt light as a feather from the shock of the revelation. The only thing that still called me back to reality was my roaring stomach.

"Oh, but don't let me get ahead of myself" the beast continued using the same sarcasm "some of the things I told you were true, let me see: the part that you are a genetic freak, that's true for sure! I've been looking for someone like you for quite some time! It was easy to attract you to my trap, and I even had the help of your whole life mentor!" All gave a big laugh when he referred to John

"What?! John helped you to get me here?!" I asked in shock

"Of course he did! he was the one who called me and told about your genetic potential! He didn't know about my objectives but without his help you wouldn't be the biggest muscle freak in the world!" my swirling thoughts were once more interrupted by my roaring stomach. Each time it roared like this it got more painful... "But it was even easier to get him out of the way once he became a problem!"

"At least John was betrayed too" I though without noticing how selfish I was at that time...

"What else was true, let me see..." All continued his little show "Ahh, the stuff about the super cows, that was a god one!" He kept going enjoying every moment of his revelation "In a way it was true, just there were no cows at all, just bulls! BIG BULLS LIKE YOU!"

"What!" I said refusing to believe what first came to my mind "Yes! That's exactly what you're thinking! It all happened the way I explained, but instead of cows, I gave the 'drug which works too well' to some guys who wanted to get big and muscular LIKE YOU! HAHAHA!" the way All talked about the terrible things he did made me feel sick, and that just increased the pain in my stomach "When they were smashed by their own muscles I treated their flesh and sold as the special supplement you've been taking these last days!" I just couldn't believe! he had just been treating me as a pig someone feeds to Christmas night! I stood there, I could think no words to say when "ROOOAAARR!" this time I had to bend my gigantic torso from so much pain in my stomach "Ahh, and I almost forgot: that last piece of meat I gave you was filled with the 'drug which works too well' HAHAHA!!" He gave an unnatural laugh just to pin point his great revelation.

"YOU BASTARD! YOU WANTED TO SELL MY MEAT FROM THE BEGGINING!!" I said still bending forward from the pain inside my belly

"Ohhh! he finally understood! now we can get to the next step!" All gave some orders to the guys around and continued "We really mean to fill this pool today, but not with water..." he gave a sadistic smile giving me time to comprehend what he was up to "Yeah!! That’s it! We're gonna fill it with your muscles!! These tanks are not full with water, they're full of whey protein and mass gainers and we're gonna pump it all into you! heheehh"

"Oh shit!" was all I could to think "I'm not gonna do it! I won't swallow it and you cannot force me!" I managed to say still banding forwards as the pain into my stomach increased with every passing second "You're right, I cannot force you, but your stomach can! If you don't swallow that hose and start pumping that ultra-caloric mix into your belly your stomach will digest itself! The drug I gave you is already making your digestive system work hard to turn anything on its way into muscle building material." The increasing pain made clear he was telling the truth this time. I tried to resist but soon it was too much! I swallowed the huge hose that came from one of the tanks. The torrent of cold liquid into my stomach made the pain decrease a little but what scared me the most was how fast I felt all of my muscles inflating! It was like the hose was directly connected to each of my muscle groups. They grew in front of everyone's eyes, but no way were they just swelling: the bigger they got more and more fibers were visible, showing they were pure strength and power overload!

Deep inside I knew how terrible my situation was, but the feeling on my already immense muscles growing larger, thicker, harder and more powerful with every passing second made me get high on the sensation but before I could flex a bicep and enjoy the incredible growth I was immobile again! I felt my bones were growing along with my muscles but no way could they grow fast enough to prevent me from getting stuck within my own immense mountains of muscles... The minutes went by and All kept saying I was even more of a genetic freak then he thought, that none of his 'muscle bulls' had reacted so well to the 'treatment' before and so on. I felt my muscles ballooning more and more until I noticed I was able to see what was going on around the pool and it came to me that I was over 15' tall!

I tried to take a look around but my pecs were forcing my head back while my titanic traps forced it the other way, so no movement at all! Then I tried to take a step forward but the worst happened: the immense pressure each of my growing muscles did over each other made my legs get so spread apart that I lost my stance and fell to the bottom of the pool. I was now lying on my back, my feet touching one wall, my head the opposite one and one hand on each side.

"Wow! You should take care where you step man!" All said fooling me once again and ordered someone to plug the hose into the second tank: The first one was already empty

Carl's Jouney - part 9
it`s not about getting big, it`s all about getting BIGGER!!

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Pretty awesome but i want to see how is carl going to be saved. Congratulations
There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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