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Old May 22nd, 2013, 01:06 PM
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Carl's Journey - part 9

Here is another part, hope you enjoy!

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part 9

*John's point of view

The plan was a total madness! And now I knew who All really was I have to confess I felt something I had forgotten a long time ago: I felt fear! My knees were shaking when I walked across the big living room trying to go unnoticed, following the skinny nerd who just told me the truth about the monster outside who was trying to use MY creature as beef cattle... The nerd's name was Ralph, he told me he was the one responsible for the discovery of the principle of the 'drug that works too well'. He was researching the something related to human growth when he discovered this chemical by chance. Soon All appeared out of nowhere at the university he did his research and offered him an immoral amount of cash to finance his research and Ralph agreed without reading the small letters at the bottom of the contract. Since then Ralph is one of All's geniuses in a bottle. He is practically a slave in All's mansion working exclusively on All's research about body enhancements. Even though he was the one who discovered it he wasn't the one who came up with the final product, there were other researchers, most on the same conditions, who were working on the development of the drugs and many kinds of treatments they had been doing secretly.

"All is always the top subject for any treatment" Ralph's voice kept echoing in my mind as I found my way through the mansion "When one new treatment were safe enough for human use he would be the test subject and would always push it to the maximum! He's on these body enhancement treatments for at least five years now. His body is virtually indestructible and there's no way to tell for sure how strong he is today!" My legs still shake just for remembering Ralph's words "I remember when I first saw him testing his strength, after a treatment that would make his muscles denser and stronger. That treatment made each muscle fiber compress the mass it had in a way it could get much stronger than normal muscle tissue leaving space to grow bigger again only way stronger than before. That was three years ago when he destroyed half the lab and all the machines designed to test his strength! Back then the machines were able to measure his power only to the point where his muscles were three times more powerful than a top power lifter's, and his strength has been growing exponentially since then..." I was in shock for a moment "That's why he didn't move an inch when I hit him in the head with the metal bar!" I said only now realizing how dangerous our 'partner' was "he probably didn't even feel it!" Ralph kept going "A metal bar on his enhanced skull must feel like a feather now"

"But if he is indestructible how are we gonna stop him?" I asked totally lost in my thoughts "There's only one way to stop him: We're gonna FEED him!"

Shit! these last words almost made me piss in my pants! Ralph explained that All was able to control the size of his muscles using a drug that he had to inject into his blood stream every four hours to keep his ultra-compacted muscle fibers at their current size. His plan was to change the injection so, instead of taking the one that would keep his muscles compacted and denser All would inject himself with the drug that would do the opposite! The drug he would use would make his muscle fibers expand making his muscles grow, inflating out of control to the point he would be immobile. That would give us some time to act, but just some time because the effect wouldn't last for too long and soon his bones would grow larger too. "All can grow his bones too, he can even shrink them if he wants to, but that will happen very slowly, and that's our chance!" he also explained that the drug they gave to Carl was a test for All's next enhancement: the ability to grow his bones faster.

The biggest problem was All had just taken one dose of the drug, so we would have to wait another four hours to have our moment to act. For now we were going to the lab where Ralph and the other researchers worked in an almost slave regimen. Ralph cleared the way and I got into the lab without getting caught. "So, what about Carl? what can we do to save him?" I asked almost begging for a solution "Carl is having a new treatment we just finished" another skinny guy entered the small room at the lab. I was worried when I first saw him but Ralph explained there were a few of the researchers involved on the operation 'All down'.

"The drug Carl has been using allows the skeleton to grow larger and stronger very fast." the other guy started explaining "We developed it in a way it can adapt to the growing muscles and support the weight protecting the inner organs. Carl's body has reacted to the drug way better than anyone expected!" I didn't know if I should feel happy with this last statement... "his bones are able to grow fast enough to survive the growth spurt the drug All gave him will cause, but All made sure the supplements he's feeding Carl don't have enough calcium for his bones to grow enough to allow him to move, it has just enough for him to survive the growth..."

"So, if we feed him more calcium he can move again?" I interrupted the scientist full of hope "Yes!" he answered, filling my heart with happiness "That's exactly our plan! All has just started pumping the content from the third tank into Carl, There are still two tanks left and other three are on their way..." I just couldn't believe what that fucker planned to do to my sweet creature! "Our only chance is to change the content of these last three tanks. They have not left the main lab yet and some of our 'partners' are already working to change the composition of the supplements in these tanks. Once All is immobile we start to pump All with calcium and hope he will grow big and powerful enough to stop All once he can move again!"

The hours seemed like days while I could only imagine what MY sweet creature was turning into under the monster's grasp! Keeping hidden in the lab was like a torture! The skinny nerds explained their plan where I would distract All to allow them to change the drugs before he got them. I even thought that entire story could be all part of All's plans to keep me away, but there was no way to know that now, I had to do my bet and I hoped I did it right...


*Carl's point of view

The third tank was empty and the pool was getting close to be full... I felt the four walls around me getting tighter with every passing minute! I had no idea what I must look like now that all I could see was the deep blue sky surrounded by mounts and valleys of growing flesh all around. It was hard to tell what was a pectoral or a deltoid or even a bicep, they were all just round globes of thick fibered flesh covered by a network of pulsing veins.

When the workers got the hose off the empty tank to plug into the fourth one my stomach emitted a sound that made the ground shake! I felt the walls of the pool around me get a little looser, maybe one of them broke from the pressure of my growing lower body inside, but that wouldn't make any difference now. All I cared for was more food! I just needed it, not only because my stomach was already starting to painfully digest itself, but I needed to grow! I know that kind of growth was my sentence to death but that felt WAY TOO AWESOME! I couldn't think of anything I just felt the immense globes of pure power growing all around me! The only reference for size I had were the crumbling walls of the pool around me, but I knew the pool wasn't going to hold me for too long, I could already feel some parts of me hanging out of it. Somehow I got back to my feet. Maybe when I was growing my back slid along one of the walls and I grew to a standing position. Now my hands - the only part I could still move - were hanging outside the pool above the grotesque shape of my overgrown forearms.

The guys plugged the fourth tank to the other side of the hose. Each tank they plugged in the pump worked faster to get all that hyper-caloric muscle mix inside of me, and I loved it! I heard All say something, I could tell he was around all the time shouting at the workers while they did what he commanded. It seemed the hose was getting too short as I grew higher and they were worried that by the time I swallowed this tank's content the hose wouldn't be long enough to go all the way from inside my stomach to the plug under the tank truck...

The minutes went by and I could feel myself growing out of the pool, by the time the fourth tank was done I felt what I though was my middle back to the level of the floor outside the pool. My head was buried so deep into my pecs and traps that I could only see a blue dot way above on what looked like a cave where the walls were thick powerful pulsing muscle tissue.

This time it took longer to the workers to plug the hose into the fifth tank. It was hard to hear anything past the walls of muscle pressing against my ears. The sound of my heart pumping rivers of blood with an immense pressure all around my growing muscles was deafening but I could tell the workers were having trouble plugging another hose to the end of the one coming out of my stomach so it could reach the pump outside.

My hungry stomach roared even stronger this time and the vibration must have scared the guys around because soon they plugged the thing and lots of sweet muscle building supplement kept feeding me even bigger. Now I was getting worried, not because I was about to be smashed by my own muscles, but because I knew that was the last tank! It wasn't the fact that I was going to die if they stopped feeding me; it was the fact that I would stop growing that was driving me crazy!

But when I though the end was near something beyond my wildest expectations happened: I felt a wave of pleasure washing my immense shapeless being! After all the wild feeling of life and death plus the insane growth and the sensations that must have been intensified by the drug All gave me I would never think something could get things even more intense, but it happened! I had no idea what was happening but I felt my whole body as sensible to pleasure as a cock head ready to explode in a wild orgasm! Instantly I remembered John. "Big John! it must be him!" I knew no one else could make me feel that way... and the pleasure cursing through my shapeless body only made the growth happen faster!


"The fifth tank is almost gone! man! he's growing fast!" All said impressed with the results on his latest test subject. He felt his muscles twitching just from imagining what it would be like when the drug was ready for him to use. That made him remember it was time for another shot. He had to get the dose of the drug which controlled his size. He had lowered the dosage during the last days so he would grow a little bigger every day and impress Carl, making Carl believe his growth was due to their training sessions. But when he turned his back to the growing monster into his pool to head into his house and take the drug, someone he didn't expect to be there crossed his way

"John! I see you decided to join the party!" All said kind of joking. John wanted to finish the bastard right there but now he knew all about the super enhanced body in front of him he knew it would be too stupid to try the violent way. John stood there, looking All up in the eyes with the shapeless figure of 'his creature' populating the corners of his field of vision behind the monster responsible for all of this. 'I-I... I wa-ant.." John gaged. Seeing Carl like that made fear of failing take control over his soul. "What?! The alpha muscle daddy is here to save his puppy but cannot say a word without gagging!?" All said sarcastically "I j-just want to give him pleasu-sure one l-last t-time" John said with one small tear rolling down his cheek. "T-then you c-can make whatever you want t-to me!"

The offer was good! John's genetics would make him a great test subject! Plus they could test something related to age reversion on him... "Humm..." All thought for a while "That may be interesting... OK, I'll allow you to do whatever you want while we feed him, but you know you just sold your soul to devil right?!" The smile in All's lips really made him look like the devil itself.

They turned back and in no time John was climbing the muscle mountain in search of his precious treasure. It took a while but he found it! The immense cock head was stuck between what seemed to be the right quad and the oblique abdominal muscle. The immense cock was bent under the bulging masses of thick muscle smashed under the round mass of Carl's muscle gut. It took a lot of effort to get it out, but as soon as he did - with a little help from Carl's natural lubricant - it the immense rod pointed upwards leaking thick pre at the top. The enormous cock kept growing larger and then even larger now that it was free to grow hard. John helped massaging the mushroom head, he bear hugged Carl's dick as it grew harder and bigger. The thing was so thick that John couldn't get both arms all the way around, and his hand just got farther apart while the monster shaft inflated bigger and bigger. Soon John's feet were far from the cobblestone road that was Carl's gut. John held tight around the growing dick, that grew and grew... in no time it had reached what seemed to be Carl?s pecs. The titanic dick was now fully erected and only grew to match the muscles growth going on all around it. John kept doing his magic, burring his face into the piss slit like his life depended on it, drinking as much of the pre as he could. The amazing sensation of being once again close to "his creature" even in such a state drove John crazy with pleasure. He could feel his own body responding to carl's enhanced seed. He felt stronger already and his clothes were getting tighter! He almost forgot he had important things to take care of: Still massaging Carl's dick head he got a syringe he got back at the lab and injected it's content into one of the over pumped veins around Carl's monumental sex tool. John kept going on while Carl's growth noticeably sped up. John knew the flush of pleasure was overloading Carl's nervous system. It was like they had a mental connection where John knew without thinking exactly what to do to give Carl as much pleasure as possible. Soon the titanic balls could hold no longer and the eruption of the thickest man juice ever washed the elder muscle stud on the top of the living volcano. John drank as much of Carl?s man juice as he could but soon he had to gasp for some precious air. But only when he tried to get his face out of the semen torrent that he noticed his whole body was stuck between Carl's pecs and dick: the spherical pecs were pressing his body against the hard as steal dick head that kept flushing a torrent of thick semen on John's face. Now he had no choice but to let it enter all the holes on his face! After what seemed like forever the volcano got quieter and John was able to breathe once more. The pressure on his body from Carl's growing body was increasing fast, making it hard to push air in. John used all his renewed strength to force his way out of the "muscle trap" but only after gasping for more air he noticed the way everyone around looked at him - and that was because he was HUGE! his muscles grew at least 50% bigger from drinking Carl's cum. His clothes were completely destroyed and his silver hair covered muscles were a sight to make dicks go hard for miles around! In a matter of minutes he was big enough to put a Mr. Olympia to shame, and his great symmetry and proportions just made things better!

"Ok, I think it's enough!" All said with a somehow worried look in his eyes "You guys get him to the basement room" All ordered a couple of workers to get John into the house. They looked at each other, gulped a couple of times and walked towards John not without showing how afraid they were from the elder muscle monster.

John felt his newly enhanced muscles twitching for some strength test. His rod getting harder than it was already did nothing to hide his excitement...

When the first guy got close enough, John gave one single punch on the middle of his chest. The guy flew back against the wall of growing muscle behind him, falling unconscious on the floor after that. John was impressed because he didn't use all his strength, in fact he tried to hit a light punch on that guy! The other guy's legs were visibly shaking now as they approached the muscle daddy. But before any other man was down All decided to take car of the problem himself: "You're really stronger now, but can you handle a real man?" he asked John taunting him, flexing his muscles to provoke him. John knew he still had no chance against All, but his testosterone overloaded blood boiled inside his veins and he ran towards All preparing for the fight. The first punch hit All's open chest like it was a block of concrete! All's only movement was to put one of his feet backwards to get a good base and wait for the impact - he didn't know what to expect after John's growth. The punch was strong! but it wasn't enough to move the superior muscle monster. All pretended he wasn't impressed by John's strength, pushing his hands on his hips and pushing back his shoulders stretching his inviting pectorals for John to keep punching, and so he did! John kept punching All's chest and stone brick abs, All was too tall for john to try to hit him in the face. The testosterone fueled rage made each of John's punched get stronger than the last one. There were still gallons of Carl's seed into John's stomach yet to be processed and the flush of adrenaline triggered the growth process. John started to grow while he kept punching All as hard as he could In no time All wasn't able to keep pretending he wasn't feeling the punches. Not that they would get any near to do him any harm, but he had to change his pose not to lose balance when the old muscle alpha's fist hit his fortress of muscle.

Before John got strong enough to be a problem All gave him one single punch that made him fly back against Carl's growing muscles. It didn't knock him out but got him light headed enough so the workers could prevent him from getting up and keep punching All. The sound of the other tank trucks entering All's property made John remember his main objective. "Good they arrived, the fifth tank is almost gone already!" All said and gave some orders to get one of them prepared to keep feeding Carl's growth "Man! That guy can grow!" All said showing how impressed he was with the response Carl's body gave to the treatment "I can't wait to get that one myself!" He said to no one in particular and then headed back into the mansion. John saw All disappear into the house and thought to himself "I hope I distracted him long enough...."
it`s not about getting big, it`s all about getting BIGGER!!
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Great chapter Man! I loved the Growth description. Hot hot Stuff!

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Great story
I love the way Carl's growth is tremendous without seeming completely outside the possibilities of the world you have built. I hope you will gift us with the story's climax.
"You could be big, too, but you gotta need it, like you need your next breath.?
(from Jaypat's story "I Wanna Get Huge")
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Thanks for the comment! I'm working on some other stuff right now, but be sure I still have plans for this story!
it`s not about getting big, it`s all about getting BIGGER!!
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