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Old April 30th, 2007, 10:01 PM
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A Little Bar of Soap: Part 2

Sitting there in the bathtub, completely naked, I also find that I am completely hard. Feeling my muscles grow and the thought of seeing Kyle must have been too much for me. Actually, I have to readjust how I am sitting in the tub. Normally, it is fairly spacious, but that was when I was a skinny twig. My legs are starting to fillup the tub, and my shoulders are trying to rub up against the two sides of the bathtub. Now that I think about it, that is kind of hot. My body is getting too big to fit right in the tub.


My penis seems to like that thought as well, seeing as how it keeps throbbing as hard as it can get.

"You ready yet?" Kyle called through the door again.

Looking around, not sure what for, I say, "Um, yeah. You can come in."

The door pulls open, and for a moment I don't see Kyle. Though I am exstatic about what is happening, how am I going to explain this? Then again, who really cares. It's happening and that's all that matters.

After a few more moments, Kyle comes through the door, confidant and proud as ever. ---And I thought his mouth was going to drop. "You like?" he asks.

I can't believe my eyes. Kyle is standing in the bathroom, naked as a jay bird. His tight little muscle are all flexed, complementing his still adorable face. However, Kyle's face is not the only thing that should be complemented though. His dick is as big as mine, if not a little bigger. "I--- you-- I mean," I stutter.

What's wrong with me? My thoughts are racing, but I can't get three words out. Then again, I can't stop staring at his dick. Well, maybe if it wasn't staring at me like that, it wouldn't be so hard. His dick is just standing there with all that lucious thickness I had always hoped it would have. If I could only get my mouth around it. If I could only---

"I guess that's a yes," he says confidantly.

I just nod my head. I could feel my mouth hanging open like a dork, but I didn't care. He's hot and he's naked. Nothing else really matters right now.

He just keeps staring at me with that confidant smirk of his. His lips are closed, but are also drawn across his face. His eyes shimmer even still. His face looks like a person who knows he is in control and he is loving every minute of it.

"I see you have been using my soap," Kyle knowingly remarks

"Of course," I thought aloud in my head. I mean, who else could have slipped it in here. But where did it come from?

"You mean," I muster out, "This is yours?"

Kyle gave me one, slow, solid nod. Walking closer to the tub, he got almost close enough to touch. I had to fight the urge just to grab his dick and stoke on it with my hand.

He moves again, getting within a foot of me, and he just stares. I must look like such a nerd, all balled up in the tub staring up at him like a little kid. It's like he knows what I am thinking. With a grin, he says, "It's ok."

As if I were controled by some force other than my own, I could feel my hand lift from the water. My muscles respond with little bounces and twists I have never felt before. They rub each other in a way that just feels-- strong.

Soon, my hand is caressing his dick and is slowly sliding back and forth. All the water on my hand slowly lathers it up, making it easy to stroke him with my fingers. I hear him moan as I continue to stoke him. His moans make me moan. I couldn't control myself. I stoke him faster. With each pull, he moans even louder. His head starts to tilt back as I continue to pleasure him.

I couldn't resist bringing him a little closer to me. I want to put my mouth around that monster. It's so thick; only my tounge could do it justice. As I finally slide the head into my mouth, it quickly fills up the whole space. It's so much bigger than I had thought, but that only arouses me more.

After sucking on him for a bit, he slowly slides his dick out of my mouth and slips his legs into the tub. As he puts the second leg in, which is equally beautiful and sculpted as the first, his tender foot knocks the little pink bar of soap into the tub. Right now though, that little bar wasn't what I had in mind. Right now, I only want to enact every fantasy I have ever had about him.

Slipping further into the water, he gets on top of me and kisses me on the lips. It's tender at first, but slowly turns into something far more passionate. Kyle's tounge massages mine with an intensity I have never quite felt before. I could feel the water rising in the tub, covering both him and myself. Suprisingly, it didn't overfill. It was just enough to wrap us in a wonderful, warm blanket.

As we continue to make out in the tub, I feel something else happening. The soap was quickly foaming in the water with an unnatural speed. I could feel the tingles I had felt before infiltrate my body. I feel my muscles tighten. They were slowly growing again. It isn't as fast, but it is happening.

And it's not just me. As my hands feel up every inch of Kyle's body, I could tell that his muscle were transforming too. The little, cute muscles os his are slowly getting bigger and more defined, just like mine.

Our pecs rub up against each other, fighting for space with one another. Neither of our muscles are going to relent, but still they fight as they slowly fill up. The same went for our arms. I move my growing bicep to try and hold him, and a larger one would stop mine. My shoulders grew as well, and began grinding against the tub walls. They are expanding, getting more and more defined as they grow. As with the rest, I am not alone. Kyle's are expanding too. And as wonderful as just the growth itself is, we just couldn't stop. All we want is to keep making out. The passion is more intense than any other experiance I have ever had in my life.

Not only our growing muscles are trying to fight for room. Both of our large dicks are trying to find a nice spot to rest in also. But as we grow, they both keep rubbing up against the ribbing of our abs. The head of my cock gets even more aroused as it firmly rubs up against Kyle's thickening abs. Each bulge would grow and make the experiance even more intense. And based on the moans I am hearing from Kyle, I know he must be feeling the same thing.

Our legs even try to intertwine, but soon, they were just getting too big. My quads were getting so thick, just like his. I could just feel the growth course through me, and it felt good.

As I got more and more wrapped up in my own growth, I barely noticed Kyle step out of the tub, taking the bar of soap with him. When I did notice, I breathingly ask, "What's wrong?"

He grins of course and says, "Nothing. Just speeding things up a little bit."

I am a little confused by what he ment. This is until I see him bend down next to the tub and see him quickly begin rubbing the soap all over me. It lathers my thickening body up more than it ever had before. My muscle growth is speeding up. Every muscle grew even faster than before. All of my muscles were thickening and fighting for room in the shrinking tub.

My legs got cramped down there, at the head of the tub, but not nearly as much as my shoulders are. In fact, they have gotten so large that it feels like I am stuck. I can't move them. My arms are getting thicker and stonger by the second but are powerless to pull me up. The sensation is so intense, but I am also a little nervous. "Hey, I think I might be getting too big."

"No such thing."

"But, I can't get up."

He grins again, and scrubs me even faster. "Then I guess you will just have to grow until you break out of there."

As unlikely as that may have sounded yesterday, it is very true today. That little pink bar of soap was filling me up with more muscle than I had ever imagined. Every single one of my bulging muscles are larger than the thickest athlete, and they were only getting thicker. Kyle was making sure of that.

Part 3?

So, yeah. I know I said that it would only be one more part, but this seemed like such a fitting place to end. I love leaving people right on the edge. "Cliffhangers always bring 'em back for more." I am sure I have heard that somewhere before.

Well, I hoped everyone enjoyed the second part. It was a lot of fun to write and if everyone likes it, I'll try to write a third part to it. I would say, "And that will be it," but you never know what is going to happen until you start writing.

Just like Mel Brooks said, "It's nothing, then it's something." And that is pretty cool. (Assuming the audience doesn't hate it. )
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Where can I get me some of that soap?!
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Old May 1st, 2007, 02:21 AM
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Hubba hubba hubba........

cracking story..........what next I wonder?
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Originally Posted by nightwolf285"
Hey, I think I might be getting too big."

"No such thing."
Amen. Emphasis on the men.
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Old May 1st, 2007, 07:59 AM
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So i'm absolutely loving the story--making out in a bathtub of growth foam? Um, way hot. Curious though--are the dicks growing too? That would of course be splendid; perhaps what's-his-name could use the soap to jack off our hulking hero? That of course would be terribly, wonderfully hot ^.^
Just a thought or two,
~Scriptor ;p
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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Originally Posted by sexiscriptor
are the dicks growing too?
Yes, the soap grows muscles as well as penis size.
Originally Posted by sexiscriptor
perhaps what's-his-name could use the soap to jack off our hulking hero?
Oh my. That would just be incredibly hot.

I can't wait for the next part!! I'm going to keep a look-out for the next part.
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WOW! I think that is all I can say- this story is FANTASTIC

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