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Andrew's senior year chapter 2 reposted: Andrew's interview and steve's old attitude

*I made some changes to this chapter of Andrew's Senior Year; let me know what you think *

Andrew followed Coach Everson into the building with the reporters tagging along behind them.

“Just follow me into my office everyone; we’ll conduct the interview with Andrew there,” Coach Everson decided.

“Uh Coach, do you might if I take my shower and change first?” Andrew asked quietly, looking quite nervous.

“No problem Andrew; that will give me time to tell Mr. Cooper about all the NCAA Schools that recruited you this summer.” Coach Everson grinned at Andrew, hoping to put him at ease. But it didn’t work; Andrew looked even more nervous. “Get going Andrew; I’ll expect you back here in 20 minutes,” Everson ordered him, sighing with frustration.

Andrew quickly headed for the showers, which were down the hall in the boy’s locker room behind the gym. He stopped in front of the display case, noting the presence of the District Trophy from last season.

“Yeah, we’ll win the Provincial Trophy this season,” Andrew muttered to himself, trying to psyche himself up for the interview. But the attempt was unsuccessful; thought of all the college coaches and players swarming him during the summer recruiting visits flooded his mind instead. “I need a mirror,” Andrew decided. “I need to see the body that has all the colleges begging for me to join their teams!”

Andrew walked into the gym and headed for the locker room, knowing that he’s find lots of mirrors in there.

Meanwhile, back in Coach Everson’s office, Mr. Cooper said, “Andrew looked quite nervous Coach; is something bothering him?”

“He’s just nervous about the upcoming football season, since it’s his last chance to prove himself to the NCAA Recruiters.”

“On that subject, how many NCAA schools recruited Andrew over the summer?” Mr. Cooper asked, signalling his camera man to begin recording.

“Dozens, but he managed to visit 11 of them,” Coach Everson replied with a huge grin of pride. He pulled out the list and began reading off the names: “West Virginia, Michigan, Penn State, USC, Notre Dame, Michigan State, Purdue, Cincinnati, Syracuse, Army, UCLA, and Kentucky.”

“That’s 12 schools Coach, not 11,” Mr. Cooper reminded him.

“You’re right,” Coach Everson realized, looking down at the list in his hands. “And that’s just the Division I schools that Andrew managed to visit. There’s lots more in Division I, II and III that sent Andrew letters, and left him messages.” He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out another list and added, “Lots of Canadian schools recruited Andrew as well, so he managed to visit a few of them when he went on a road trip this summer with his friends.”

While Coach Everson regaled the news crew with tales of Andrew’s recruiting visits over the summer, Andrew was taking his shower in the boy’s locker room. Once he was done, he wrapped a towel around his waist and looked in the nearest mirror. He frowned when he realized that the steam had clouded the glass but then grinned to himself.

“It must have steamed over because I’m so hot,” Andrew chuckled. “Let’s find out.” He wiped the mirror off with one massive forearm and then stared at his reflection. “Yeah!” Andrew shouted in excitement, marvelling at his massive pecs, pumped biceps and eight-pack abs. “I’m a god! What football team wouldn’t want this massive muscle monster?”

Some small part of Andrew’s brain realized that he had swung too far into the Cocky Jock Mode, but Andrew the Jock didn’t care. He hunted in his gym bag for his tightest clothes so that he could show off all his bulging muscles. Once he had squeezed himself into his jeans and t-shirt, which hugged his muscular frame snugly, Andrew sat down and put on his black cowboy boots and ODCVI Varsity Football jacket. Then he stood up and looked in the mirror again to catch a glimpse of his reflection but he couldn’t see his head. Andrew looked down and smirked when he realized that his cowboy boots made him three inches taller: bringing his height up to six foot six from six foot three.

“I gotta find out how much I weigh now so I can give the stats to Coach,” Andrew rumbled, strutting over to the weight scale on the floor. He stepped on the scale and roared in excitement when the dial went past 250 pounds. “Yeah, I’m a massive muscle monster now!” Andrew shouted in excitement.

Andrew packed up his gym bag and sauntered out of the locker room, heading across the gym to the hallway doors. He stared across the gym before he stepped into the hall, admiring the blue and white ODCVI logo on the far wall under the basketball net. He felt a twinge of sadness when he realized that it was his last year of high school, but then he grinned with excitement when he imagined the glory of college football that awaited him. He opened the gym door, stepped out into the hall and walked confidently towards Coach Everson’s office.

“The 20 minutes is almost up Coach,” Mr. Cooper said, looking at his watch. “Should you go check on Andrew to make sure he gets here on time?”

“No need for that Coach, I’m right here,” a deep voice rumbled from the doorway. Coach Everson and Mr. Cooper turned in their seats and their mouths dropped open in amazement at the muscular god that stood in the doorway. Andrew grinned at them, pleased that his tough-looking outfit and huge muscles had such an awesome effect. “Well, don’t just stand there with your mouths open; say something!” Andrew chuckled. “You’d think you’d never seen a muscle god before!”

Coach Everson recovered from his shock and grinned faintly, pleased that Andrew’s nervousness had been replaced by cocky self-assurance. “Please come in and sit down Andrew; we’re ready for your interview now.”

“Very well Coach, since you asked nicely,” Andrew teased him, subtly hinting at who was the real boss in the room. He sat down in the chair next to Mr. Cooper and turned to face him. “Whenever you’re ready Mr. Cooper, because I certainly am.”

“Sure thing Andrew,” Mr. Cooper agreed, signalling his camera man to begin filming. The camera man nodded once the camera was rolling and Mr. Cooper turned towards the lens. “Hello Orillia Sports Fans: this is Rob Cooper for A-Channel News. We are here today in the office of the ODCVI Blues Senior Boys Football Coach: Mr. Dan Everson. With is today is ODCVI Blues Offensive Lineman and NCAA Blue-Chip Prospect Andrew Pearson.”

The camera panned over to Andrew, who waved quietly with a big grin on his face. “What’s up football fans; are you ready for OD to bring home the Provincial Championship this November?” Andrew asked rhetorically, flexing his massive biceps. “These guns will help get the job done!”

“I hear that you set a new Orillia record for the number of NCAA offers this summer,” Mr. Cooper said proudly.

“Yeah man, I got 50 calls in one month,” Andrew bragged. “Of course when you win the District Championship, you tend to attract a lot of attention from college recruiters. And it helped that the coaches were allowed to talk to me directly once my junior year (Grade 11) was over.”

“So how did you narrow down which schools to visit over the summer?”

“I picked the schools with the best football programs,” Andrew replied. “And I also picked the ones that have been in the most famous Bowl Games: like the Rose Bowl, the Orange Bowl and the Sugar Bowl.”

“That’s good thinking Andrew; it must be hard to sift through so many colleges that want you on their team next fall.”

“Yeah, when you’re a hot prospect like me, you have little problems like that,” Andrew said smugly. He noticed Coach Everson shaking his head in disapproval and decided to rephrase his last statement so that he wouldn’t sound so cocky. “But I’d rather have a little problem like that than have a big problem of wondering how to pay for college.”

Coach Everson nodded in approval of how Andrew appreciated all the opportunities that his athletic talents were creating for him.

“Are there any other members of the OD football team that you’d care to mention in case any of those US schools watch this footage later?” Mr. Cooper asked him.

“Yes, I’d like to mention my first prot?g? and current teammate on the Defence: Mike Stevenson,” Andrew said proudly. He hopes to go to the University of Miami like his older brother, my second prot?g?, Mark Stevenson.”

Mr. Cooper wrote down that name on his notepad, remembering that Mark Stevenson had been the Varsity Starting Quarterback at ODCVI the year before. “Is there anyone else Andrew?” he asked.

“Phil and Darrel Parker, as well as Steve and Carrie Peterson,” Andrew replied. "Also Ralph Connors and Connor Baldwin.”

“Well that’s about all for now Andrew; thanks for the interview,” Mr. Cooper said, standing up to shake Andrew’s hand.

Andrew stood up as well, towering over Mr. Cooper by almost a foot. He smirked as his massive hand completely enveloped Rob’s and he took note of the look of fear on Rob’s face. “No problem man,” Andrew said smugly. “See you on the sidelines starting this Friday night.”

“Sure thing Andrew, I’ll be there,” Rob assured him, carefully extracting his hand from the crushing grip of the massive football player.

Andrew waved as Rob and his camera man walked down the hall and then closed the door. He turned around with his back to the wooden door, effectively trapping Coach Everson in his own office. “So how’d I do in the interview Coach?” Andrew asked with a cocky smirk. “Do you think I pleased my adoring fans in VR Land?”

“Since VR news was rebranded to A-Channel a month ago Andrew, I think it’s A-Channel Land now,” Everson corrected him. Andrew glared at him before letting a small grin slip out. “Sorry about that bad joke, but you did just fine, after you corrected your cocky slip-up of course.”

“What cocky slip-up was that Coach?” Andrew asked him, crossing his massive arms over his chest and leaning back against the door. When the door creaked from his weight, Andrew wisely decided to come back to the desk and sit down. “It would have been embarrassing if the door collapsed from me leaning on it and I fell out into the hall!”

“Yes and you would have had to pay to get my door fixed,” Coach Everson reminded him. “When I told you guys that I have an Open Door Policy, I didn't mean it literally!”

“Ha ha ha!” Andrew laughed. “That was a good play on words Coach!”

“Yes it was Andrew, but before I send you home, I have to tell you about your cocky slip-up,” Everson informed him. “You shouldn’t call many schools trying to recruit you a “little problem’ because it is a big deal to all of them. No one is going to want to recruit you if you think you’re better than they are.” Andrew went to speak and Coach Everson stood up from his desk. “Not another word Andrew; just get out of my office and go home. We’re done here.”

“Sure thing Coach,” Andrew said, realizing that acting cocky in the interview had made his coach mad. He stood up and said, “See you on Tuesday for football practice.”

“In full uniform this time and don’t be late!” Everson yelled as Andrew left the office.

“Yeah Coach, I’ve got it!” Andrew yelled back as he strode down the hall to the exit doors.

He stepped outside to find Carrie and Steve waiting for him.

“Well, how did the interview go?” Carrie asked.

“Just fine,” Andrew replied. “Coach Everson has a list of good football schools that I can apply to in November. Coach is going to send tapes of the interview to each of the schools on my list of choices.”

“Well, I’m going to head home now,” Carrie told them. “See you later.”

“Bye Carrie,” Andrew said, giving her a big hug and a kiss.

He watched her until she had walked out of sight, smiling softly the whole time.

“You really love her, don’t you?” Steve asked Andrew.

“I really do,” Andrew sighed. “I hope she marries me someday.”

“I’m sure she will,” Steve agreed, looking at his watch. “Now it’s time we got going as well.”

“Why?” asked Andrew. “Where are we going?” he added, as Steve began steering him towards his car. “Hey, let me go!” he laughed, effortlessly tearing out of Steve’s grip. Steve staggered back and almost fell, thrown off balance by Andrew’s awesome strength. “Sorry man,” Andrew apologized, grabbing Steve’s shoulder to keep him from falling. When Steve grimaced, Andrew let go of his shoulder quickly. “Sorry about that man; I guess I still don’t know my own strength these days.”

“Don’t worry Andrew; I know enough about it for both of us!” Steve realized. “But at least you didn’t have me dangling up in the air like you did three years ago! I couldn’t break your one-handed grip with both of my hands!"

"That's what you get for bullying Mike!" Andrew reminded him. "As I recall, that's why our friendship ended years ago, and it was only you being nice to him that restored it last year. So don't start bullying Mike again or you'll make me mad again!"

"I won't Andrew," Steve assured him. "You’re scary strong man and I sure don't want to get in your way!” When he saw Andrew’s sad look, he quickly added, “But don’t worry man; that brute strength is sure to get you into a great football school! I just hope I can get into one too.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you will too,” Andrew assured him, as he got into Steve's car. “Maybe you’ll go to the same school as Darrel and Phil. So, where are we going, anyway?” he asked, as Steve drove them out of the school parking lot.

“We have to get to the Fitness Depot store in Barrie before it closes,” Steve told him. “When we were working out at my house yesterday, I realized that I need a new bathroom scale.”

“Oh right,” Andrew remembered. “The needle went past 300 pounds on your scale yesterday.”

“300 pounds of solid muscle, you mean,” Steve corrected him with a smug grin. “I'm a huge muscle god man, and I outweigh you by 75 pounds!”

"Yeah, but I'm still a lot stronger than you are, remember?” Andrew asked him with a matching grin. Steve looked so sad that Andrew laid a hand on his shoulder and assured him, “Don't worry man! I think you’re a huge awesome jock! Coach Everson made the right decision keeping you at Center this year, with Darrel and Phil right beside you as Left and Right Guard."

"Yeah, but I certainly wouldn’t want to be your opponent on the field in a real game!” Steve reminded Andrew. He rubbed his jaw, which was still sore. “I’m lucky I don’t have a broken jaw! Your power is truly amazing, man! And I’m a lot bigger than you are! Imagine what you’d do to a player half your size!”

“I don’t have to imagine; I found out early last season when some of them left the field on stretchers,” Andrew reminded him. “That’s why I changed my playing style later in the season. I now drag people along with me when I run, instead of shoving them aside.”

“But you shoved me aside in practice today!” Steve reminded him.

“That's because you got in my way Steve," Andrew reminded him with a smirk. "But you're right, I need to control my strength even more now, since I have doubled my strength since last year.”

“That's incredible Andrew!” Steve exclaimed in astonishment. “Can you bench press twice as much as well?”

“Yeah man,” Andrew replied, with a cocky grin. “I can lift the whole stack on all the machines now, without breaking a sweat!” He thought for a moment and then added, “I could lift the machines themselves and bend them into knots if I wanted to! And no one could stop me if I tried.”

“At least not physically,” Steve agreed. “But maybe they could reason with you, Big Guy.”

“Or they could try,” Andrew corrected him with an evil grin. He was beginning to realize just how strong he really was and he enjoyed it. “Do you think anyone could reason with the Tank?” He noticed the scared look on Steve’s face and laughed. “I’m just kidding man; you’re my teammate, not my opponent on the football field!”

“Thanks for saying that Andrew,” Steve said gratefully.

Andrew smiled and asked, “So, how much do you think you weigh now Steve?”

“Probably 315 or 320,” Steve replied. “I’m not really sure; that’s why we’re going to Fitness Depot today.” He laughed and added, “One thing’s for sure though: if I’m too big to fit those puny normal scales anymore, I really am a tank now!”

“Yeah, you really are man,” Andrew agreed. “You're going to need that great size and strength if you want to serve as Center on an NCAA team next fall."

Steve nodded seriously and thought about that during the rest of the drive to Barrie's South End.

30 minutes later, Steve parked the car in the Fitness Depot parking lot.

“Well, here we are,” Andrew stated, getting out of the car. He looked around and saw all the cars of the other teammates in the lot already. A suspicion formed in his mind, but he didn’t let Steve know that he knew something was up. “We’d better hurry and get inside before the store closes,” Andrew remarked, getting out of the car and looking at his watch. “Let’s go Steve.”

“Hey, who do you think you’re ordering around, Little Man?” Steve growled at him with a mock glare. “I’m the boss now, and we do what I say! You got that, punk?”

“Whatever you say Steve,” Andrew stammered in a fake scared voice. He laughed when he saw Steve grinning and added, “I’m coming, don’t worry.”

Andrew led the way across the parking lot and into the store. Once inside the front doors, Andrew was mobbed by the entire football team. They slapped his shoulders, and shook his hands.

“That Provincial Championship is ours this year now that we have an NCAA Prospect on our team!” Ralph shouted in excitement.

Andrew grinned and tried to act modest, but he couldn’t keep his excitement hidden anymore. He flexed his biceps and ripped off his t-shirt so that the entire team could be amazed at his muscular upper body.

“Wow, look at that eight-pack!” Connor gasped in amazement. “You’re ripped Andrew!”

“Am I?” Andrew asked innocently, looking down. He was shocked to see the eight-pack he now had, especially since he had only had a six-pack in July. “I didn’t know I had an eight-pack now,” Andrew said in surprise.

“What are you talking about?” Mike shouted incredulously. “It’s right there! How could you miss it?”

“What do you think I do, flex in the mirror all the time?” Andrew asked. “I don’t have time for that! I have too much weight training to do for football!”

“That’s why your shoulders and biceps are so big then,” Connor realized, amazed at how big Andrew was.

“20 inch guns man!” Andrew bragged; flexing his biceps to make sure everyone noticed them. “What do you think of them?”

“They’re amazing!” Mike shouted. “I never realized just how big your biceps were until this moment.”

“What about me man?” Steve asked him, shoving Andrew aside and stepping up to Mike. He reached forward and grabbed Mike’s collar, dragging him to within inches of his face. “You don't think that I'm big and strong?” When Mike stared at him in speechless terror, Steve gave him a little shake and then shouted, “I asked you a question Mike and I expect you to answer it right now!”

"Put him down Steve, or I'll put you down as I did earlier today," Andrew warned him. Steve looked over at Andrew and nodded quietly, remembering how Andrew had knocked him down during football practice that afternoon. "That's better man; you know who's boss around here." Andrew turned to Mike and asked him, "Did you plan this gathering Mike?"

“What are you talking about?” Mike asked.

“You called ahead to the guys so they would be here when we got here,” Andrew realized. “You just couldn’t resist being part of the Andrew Pearson Fan Club, could you?”

“No I couldn’t man,” Mike admitted. "That's why I wasn't outside when you got out of the building."

“You should ask me next time if you want to convene a meeting of the Andrew Fan Club Mike," Andrew informed him. "Do we understand each other Mike?”

“Yes we do Andrew,” Mike assured him. “I just wanted to make sure you get the attention you deserve. One day you’ll put our town on the map!”

“You really think so?” Andrew asked him in surprise.

“Are you kidding?” Connor said, astonished that Andrew did not know his own potential. “You’ll win us the Provincial Football Championship for sure this year!”

“Thanks a lot guys,” Andrew said, wiping his eyes. “That means a lot coming from great athletes like you.”

“Hey look at him, he’s crying!” Ralph teased Andrew. “What a big softie!”

“Who you calling ‘softie’ pal?” Andrew growled, flexing his rock hard bicep right in Ralph’s face.

“No one sir!” Ralph assured him, pretending to be scared.

“Did you just call me no one?!" Andrew roared in fake fury.

“Okay, what’s going on here?” Mr. Smith (the Store Manager) asked, coming up behind the crowd of football players. His jaw dropped in astonishment when he saw the huge muscular figure of Andrew standing head and shoulders above him. “What-what can I do for you, sir?” he asked, scared of Andrew’s size.

“You can help me find a new weight scale,” Steve replied, stepping forward. Mr. Smith's face filled with fear as he realized that Steve was even bigger than Andrew. “If it wouldn’t be too much trouble that is.”

“Of course not sir!” Mr. Smith assured him. “Right this way, sir!”

“Thank you Mr. Smith,” Steve said, following him over to the weight scales section of the store. “You don’t have to call me sir; I have a name, you know.”

“Everyone knows your name Mr. Peterson; you won the Offensive MVP Award last season!” Mr. Smith shouted in excitement. “So, what model of scale would you like?”

“Let’s try the one that goes up to 500 pounds,” Steve suggested. “I don’t think I’ll get too big for that one! And by the way, I’d prefer to be called Steve; my father is known as Mr. Peterson.”

“Of course Steve,” Mr. Smith corrected himself. “I’m sorry about that.”

“You don’t have to apologize!” Steve informed him. “I won’t bite you know!”

“Despite all appearances to the contrary when you had your hands on Mike a few minutes ago,” Mr. Smith reminded him.

“I’m sorry about that man,” Steve apologized, realizing that they were out of earshot of his teammates. “I just get swept up in the Cocky Jock Act sometimes; I hope you can understand.”

“I understand perfectly Steve,” Mr. Smith assured him. “It’s just that you’re so big and tall that it’s hard not to be scared of you! You’re as large as a big professional wrestler now!”

“I never thought of that,” Steve realized. “I guess you’re right. Well, I’d better pay for this scale now,” he decided, pulling out his wallet. “Hey, what are you doing?” he asked Mr. Smith, who was holding up his hands.

“Your money’s no good here,” Mr. Smith informed him. “Your father helped fund this place, so the least we can do is help you out with some free stuff.”

“Well, that’s very flattering,” Steve said. “But I work hard so that I can pay my own way. I really want to pay for my purchase.”

“How about you just give me your game schedule and we’ll call it even,” Mr. Smith told him. “Anything I can do to help you get into the NCAA will only help this store’s business. Then you can pay us back with increased business from media exposure.”

“If you insist,” Steve agreed reluctantly, putting his wallet away. “But you must have a donation box around here somewhere. Maybe I can make a charitable donation instead.”

“Right here,” Mr. Smith told him, pushing forward the MURF box. “You can help us support the new Orillia Recreational Center. We’ll be supplying some of the equipment for it.”

“Hey good idea,” Steve agreed, putting a few bills in the box. He looked around and noticed his teammates approaching the checkout counter. “Hey, come on guys, lend a hand!”

The whole team came forward and each member put a few bills in the box.

“Hey, that’s great guys,” Mr. Smith said, pleased at their generosity. “Each of you pick out one item and I’ll give it to you for free today. It’s my way of saying thank you, and good luck this season.”

The team members grinned and thanked him politely. They all picked up one item each and brought them up to the counter. Mr. Smith wrapped up their gifts and shook each of their hands as they filed past the checkout counter.

“Have a good evening you guys!” Mr. Smith called out as they left. “Come back anytime for more supplies!”

“Goodbye Mr. Smith,” Andrew said, waving as the team headed back to the parking lot. “I’ll look for you in the stands.”

“I’ll be there wearing the team colours of blue and white,” Mr. Smith assured him, waving as he closed the door. As he locked the door, Andrew noticed the closing time on the sign.

“Hey, what is this?” Andrew asked Steve. “We were there a whole hour past closing time and he didn’t complain!”

“Oh, I must have forgotten that he closes early on Sundays,” Steve said innocently.

“Nice try Steve, but it’s not like you to forgot something like that." Andrew reminded him. "So what’s really going on here?”

“Okay, I'll tell you the truth Andrew," Steve said with a sigh. “When I called Mr. Smith to tell him about your news story, he insisted on keeping the store open for us and giving us free merchandise today!”

You called him Steve?" Andrew asked him in astonishment. “I thought you were always jealous of me!"

"Not since I finally outgrew you and got noticed by the NCAA," Steve informed him. "But even though I'm bigger and stronger than you are, I didn't get recruited by as many schools as you did."

"That's because my position as Middle Linebacker, or Quarterback of the Defence, is a more high-profile position on the field Steve," Andrew reminded him. "But I must admit, I never thought that becoming an NCAA Prospect would attract so much attention from all my teammates. I’m just trying to go to college without having to go into student debt, but now my friends treat me like some kind of celebrity!"

“Well, you’d better get used to the attention now,” Steve advised him. “Face it; you’re a high school sports star now Andrew. Live it up man and enjoy yourself, especially after the news story airs tonight!”

“Yes, I guess I’d better appreciate the attention,” Andrew realized, as they reached Steve's car. He kept quiet about the fact that he had mentioned his friends on the team during the interview. “It will help me get into a good football school, won’t it?”

“Yes it will,” Steve agreed, as they got into the car. “Do you have any idea which school you’d like to go to?”

“I’m leaning towards University of Miami,” Andrew replied. “My dad took me on a tour of the campus once, and I liked it a lot.”

“How did your dad arrange that?” Steve asked. “Was it a company trip or something?”

“Not exactly,” Andrew replied, as he drove them out of the parking lot. “He played college football for the Miami Hurricanes in the early eighties.”

“You never told me that before,” Steve realized.

“I just remembered it myself,” Andrew informed him. “When US football coaches began recruiting me this summer, my dad suggested his old school as one of the ones to apply to. He said that my great strength and marks should give me quite a range of schools to choose from.”

“Hey, that’s great man,” Steve commended him. “Hopefully, I will have the same range of choices as well.”

“You’re certainly will Steve; I made sure of that,” Andrew declared, looking over at him.

“What are you talking about Andrew?” Steve asked him curiously.

“I dropped a few names during the interview, starting with yours,” Andrew replied with a smug grin. “Don’t be surprised if you get a call from some more US colleges when they see the news footage!”

“You should have asked me first Andrew; how am I supposed to prepare for the attention now?” Steve snapped at him.

“I’m sorry about that man; I thought you wanted more attention instead of me getting it all,” Andrew apologized. “But if you don’t want my help, just say the word and I’m gone.”

He turned towards the window and dug out his Mp3 player.

“Don’t get mad Andrew; I didn’t mean it that way,” Steve apologized. “I was just surprised, that’s all.”

“You still haven’t said the right thing Steve,” Andrew growled in fury. “Usually when one guy does another guy a favour, two little words show his appreciation.”

“Thanks man,” Steve said.

“You’re welcome man,” Andrew said; a big grin breaking out on his face. “That wasn’t so hard, now was it?”

“No it wasn’t Andrew, even if it was a bit late,” Steve agreed. “Let’s change the subject, shall we?” He waited until Andrew nodded in agreement before continuing. “I hope you weren’t embarrassed by all the attention in the store today.”

“Actually I was Steve, though I pretended I wasn’t,” Andrew informed him. “I don’t want anyone but you and Carrie to know how shy I really am. Warn me next time before we attend a session of the Andrew Fan Club.”

“Oh, so you think you have a fan club now?” Steve teased him, grinning. “Who do you think you are: a big football star?”

"Yes I am Steve, but size-wise, you are a huge football star!"

“Yeah I am Andrew and don't you forget it!” Steve shouted with a cocky smirk. “That’s what being over 300 pounds of solid muscle makes me: huge, not just big!”

“I guess you’re right,” Andrew realized. “So what schools do you want to go to next fall?”

“I want to go to Florida State, just like my father did,” Steve replied. "He was the Big Man at OD in the late seventies."

“Not as big as you,” Andrew reminded him. “In case you’ve forgotten, you stand six foot seven and weigh over 300 pounds of solid muscle!”

“You’re right Andrew,” Steve realized with a quiet grin. “It’s just hard for me to remember that when you’re so much more charismatic than I am. It’s hard for me to escape your shadow; you cast such a huge one!” He looked Andrew up and down, and grinned. “You’re a Hulk man!”

“That name’s already taken,” Andrew reminded him, grinning back at him. “But as I told Carrie, I’ll settle for the Tank. Just not in front of everyone, okay?”

“Why not?” Steve asked him with a puzzled frown. “Don’t you like all the attention Andrew?”

“No man, I find it all very embarrassing actually,” Andrew admitted. “Of course, if you tell anyone that, I’ll just deny it.” Steve nodded in understanding, realizing the necessity of keeping up the Cocky Jock Image. Andrew smiled and added, “I know that all the attention is necessary for me to get into a good football school, but it’s still overwhelming. I’m not used to having a fan club. It seems like the whole team has Andrew Fever. If this keeps up, I’ll slip up like I did in there, and become a bully, using my strength to intimidate others. Then the negative attention would never go away!”

“You could never be a bully Andrew,” Steve assured him. “Didn’t you see how you abandoned the Cocky Jock Act in there, once Mr. Smith arrived? Also, you said you’d deny it, not beat me up, if I told anyone you’re actually very shy! And don’t forget how you almost cried when we reminded you of your own potential! You’re a big teddy bear!” He put his hand on Andrew’s shoulder and whispered: “You’re my hero man!”

“And your teammate Steve; don’t forget that!” Andrew reminded him with a big grin. “Thanks for making me feel better man; I’m glad we’re friends.”

“Any time Andrew,” Steve assured him.

40 minutes later, at Steve’s house, Steve put his new scale down on the floor in his bedroom, stepped on and looked down. The digital readout read 325 pounds.

“Yeah, I'm a tank just like Andrew," Steve sneered in the mirror. He struck a pose in the mirror and shouted: “Those college players had better watch out; Steve’s coming for them and they’re going to be so sorry they ever met me!”

“Steve, come down for supper; it's getting cold!" his mother Cathy called from downstairs.

“Coming Mom!” Steve called down as he put his shirt back on. As he started down the stairs, he said to himself, “By the time this season is over, no one will even remember the name Andrew Pearson! But they'll never forget mine!”

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/\/\usclekid (June 13th, 2013), AmbientBob (July 21st, 2013), muscular (June 13th, 2013)

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