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Old May 2nd, 2007, 03:30 PM
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A Little Bar of Soap: Part 3

Kyle's muscles continue to flex and harden with every stroke he makes, lathering me up with even more of this magic soap. I look down and see the body of a bodybuilder stare back at me. Every muscle on my body is swelling with strength. I am so cut that each muscle is clearly definded under my skin. And all of them are only getting bigger.

The bathtub's porcelain hold on me is still tightening. Kyle just won't stop rubbing my body, and as nervous as this growth is making me, it makes me just as excited at the same time. My titan sized muscles continue to tingle, sending waves of pleasure all over my body. However, by looking at Kyle's eyes, I notice that my growing muscles are not the only thing that is exciting him. I can see those baby blues give a piercing stare at my rather large penis. I'm not suprised, it's so hard. It is standing straight up in the air, powerless as my growing muscles push it higher and higher up.

As erotic as all of this is, the shrinking space comes back to the forefront of my mind. I can feel my thickening muscles trying to overpower my little prison, but they just aren't large enough yet. They are big enough though to make this start to hurt.

"Kyle," I rasp out, straining my huge mammoth pecs, "It's getting too tight in here. I can't move."

He looks back into my eyes as if a light bulb had just gone off in his head. "Maybe you're right. Maybe I am paying a little too much attention to these huge muscles of yours."

"Yeah," I nervously agree.

"I mean, they are so large and beautiful the way they are."

"Yeah," I repeat.

"They should be complimented," he says, drawing his voice out, "by everything else."

The way he says that sends a chill up my rippling back. He's planning something. I know it. As soon as I think this to myself, he stands back up. I just can't get over how huge he is. Then again, I can't even imagine how much bigger I am by now. Setting the little pink bar of soap on my rippling abs, he quickly leaves the room.

I look down, but can't even see the bar of soap. My pecs have gotten too big. All that muscle hanging off of my chest, rising and falling with every breath. As a matter of fact, I can only feel the bar on my abs. I try to flex them to knock the soap bar off, but all I can do is make it go up and down. I can't reach it with my hand. They have long since been trapped just under my abnormally thick torso. But I can feel that tingle still pulsing all over me. I can feel an even stronger one on my abs. I can feel more lather leaking from the bar of soap, covering my huge stomach. Every bulge was already huge, but they still were getting bigger. A rippling six pack is quickly turning into the most impressive eight pack ever known to man, and I can't even see it.

I hear the door open again, and Kyle has returned. Very quickly, I notice that there is something in his hand. It seems to be another bar of soap, but rather than this pink color, its a bright blue. "So," I ask, "What does that do."

"You'll see," he replies, "I want you to be the definition of beauty. You are going to be the largest, sexiest person alive, and I am going to make sure it happens. Just trust me."

Despite him leaving me stuck like this in the tub, I believe him. Something inside of me tells me that he means exactly what he says. I can't help but smile.

Taking the pink bar off of my abs, he sets puts it back in the water between my legs. Then, Kyle dips the new blue bar in the water. I can hear it splashing around some. Once he takes it back out of the water, he begins to stroke my dick with the new bar of soap. "Oh my God," I blurt out.

"Oh yes," he says, "If you thought you were big before, get a load of this."

The tingles return, but are far more intense. They burn like fire, but it is the most sensational feeling. It doesn't hurt, its just intense. I can feel my muscle flex and twist as he strokes my penis. I gasp out moans of pleasure as he continues to stoke me with his meaty hand.

Prying my eyes wide open, I watch as my dick starts to rise higher in the air. It feels like its hardening, but it isn't. It is as hard as it can get, it is just growing. Slowly, I watch it get longer and thicker. It feels incredible. "Ahhh, uhh, ahh..."

In the meanwhile, I also feel my muscles slowly beginning to grow again. The lather from the pink bar of soap is quickly penatrating every part of my body, making me get even larger. My legs are so bunched up, they can't even move. My shoulders continue to press on the walls of the tub. I know it will only be a matter of time before it gives way.

Then there is my growing penis. I can hear Kyle moaning as well. He must really be getting off on watching me grow like this. His hands aren't even able to quite fit all the way around my shaft any more. It's growing too thick. Every vein is pulsing inside of it, trying to wrap around my growing member. The head is ballooning out and up. I can feel my whole body begin to shake. Every muscle is as tense as it can get. I am flexing so hard and I am not even trying. The sensations are just too much.

My cock continues to rise in the air. Kyle slowly stands up to keep up with the accelerated growth he is causing. But all of this stroking is making something else happen. I can feel my cum getting ready to fire. The lather from the blue soap is gushing down from the head and covering my balls, making them grow as well. I can feel them inflate in the water, trying to find space for their equally impressive growth.

The vibrations increase. The sensation gets more intense. I keep growing, and Kyle just keeps pumping me faster and faster. Both hands are going as fast as they can and they can't even cover half of my new manhood. His fingers feel like toothpicks, unable to surround all of my glory. But it is enough. My balls churn with pressure. My dick shakes. We know its coming.

I can hear the tub beginning to crack. Kyle is standing all the way up, trying to hold onto my massive hard on. He drops the soap. He stands on the tub. I can feel all of my cum rushing through the huge shaft. It's happening. "KYLE!!! UMM! AH! UMM! AHHHH!"

He puts his measly mouth around the huge slit in my mushroom head, catching as much of the explosion as he can. As it continues to gush out of my body, my size has finally made the tub give way. The wall cracks apart from the strain of my huge, muscular body. Kyle quickly grabs onto my dick with both hands as his former stepping stool falls out from under neither him. My body is still shooting cum all over his face, but he continues to drink as much of it as he can. I can feel his tounge lapping around the head of my dick like a dog.

My body slids out of its former confinement. All the water and lather rushes with me, covering the floor, and Kyle is still holding on as tight as he can. I can feel his little feet standing on my absolutely gigantic thighs. They fight to stay balanced as my muscles ripple from the sudden explosion of my cock and the bathtub.

Soon, I can feel the final bits of cum squeeze out of the tower that is my manhood. I hear Kyle slowly suck up what remains of the cum on my dick, if you can even call it that any more. The water slows its rushing flow around the room. I have always enjoyed the sound of flowing water.

Looking around my still rock solid shaft, I see Kyle lift his head back from my huge mushroom. Cum has long since leaked from his penis all over him and me. At one time, I thought he was huge. But not anymore. All of his muscles and his little cock are nothing in comparison to me. However, when he opens his eyes and looks at me, I feel only one feeling: contentment. I think I have found something better than the rushing sound of cool water. He has given me this wonderful gift. More importantly, I have found him and he has found me. Then, there is silence.


I have no words for this chapter. Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement to write it. I just look foward to hearing back from everyone. Please feel free to leave comments. Thank you all for taking the time to read my story. I have said it before, it is so much fun to write, but it is even better to have such a wonderful audience. Thanks again guys.
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Wow, you cranked this one out, but it was still very hot.

I like how he climaxes and breaks the tub at the same time. It was a killer finish.

Last edited by 13 of Spades; May 2nd, 2007 at 08:37 PM.
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Old May 2nd, 2007, 05:01 PM
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Mdlftr will become famous soon enough
It's better than 'Irish Spring'!

....Guess the sun isn't the ONLY thing that stays 'up past ten at night!'

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Old May 2nd, 2007, 07:51 PM
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One more chapter- adjusting to life with the killer cock.
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Old May 2nd, 2007, 09:53 PM
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Awesome little story you crafted. I'm looking forward to more!
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Old May 3rd, 2007, 04:47 AM
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Absolutly fantastic story, the description of muslce growth is brilliant....well done
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Old May 3rd, 2007, 12:50 PM
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Hey nightwolf285,

I read your story with... well, growing interest. Thanks - what a fantastically erotic tale.

no name
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Old May 3rd, 2007, 06:46 PM
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Awesome, awesome, awesome story! I would love to score some of that soap!
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I had some ideas of my own about innocuous objects with strange powers, and you've inspired me to write them.
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Haha, that was hot and comical at the same time. I liked it

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