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Old May 3rd, 2007, 05:02 AM
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BodyGel: Part 1

I know it has been an extremely log time since I last posted on this board. Prtially is because of some posts I made on similar baords in 2005 became visible under Google searches. These were found by some people who thought it was best to protect others. Oh well, the worl is full of all types of people.

My latest story:

BodyGel (Part I)
By LemApp

It was just another one of those annoying spam emails. There are numerous filters in place to block the flood, but some how a few still get through. Like pesticide resistant bugs, you are running out of options on how to stop them.

Something about this email caught my interest. The title was something about adding muscle mass instantly. The message was short, a new product was entering the market and samples were available to selected tester. I was sure that ?select? meant half the population, men.

Not exactly sure why I completed the request form, I knew that I was opening myself up to another round of spam. Just had this feeling that this might really be something special. If I did not try, I would never get another chance.

Over the next few days there was no increase in spam. When I got home from work, there was a box wedged tightly in my mailbox. Not sure how the mailman had accomplished this, but it too some serious tugging to get the box loose. I was sure that the contents were damages because the box looked crushed.

In my apartment, I saw that the box was from BodyGel. I quickly opened the box. Inside were some 12 small packages much like the soy sauce packages from the Chinese restaurants. They were all different bright colors. Also, there was a letter and a smaller cardboard box.

The letter explained that the sample packs were 1 to 2 hours version of BodyGel. The cardboard box contained a single 24 to 30 hours version of BodyGel. The letter cautioned to try one of the dozen packs first before attempting a longer change.

The letter provided instructions. The procedure was to swallow or drink the contents of a single pack. Then focus an image in my mind of the person I wanted to become. The change occurs quickly and last from 1 to 2 hours. The duration varied from person to person. Finally you are restored to your current self.

It sounded absolutely crazy, but who knew. It was a fun idea. It took about half an hour to get my nerve up, but I was willing to try. At this point I was in my underwear and socks. I was as relaxed as I could be.

I picked up one of the blue packs. I noticed where it said blue raspberry flavor. I carefully tore the corner and pointed the pack at my mouth. Then I squeezed. It was not quite a liquid, but more like Jell-O. It easily slid through my mouth into my throat. The intense berry flavor filled my mouth.

I closed my eyes and thought about a huge bodybuilder. I saw the full outline in my mind. Then it was like I was being guided as my attention was drawn to various section of the image. It felt like details were being collected. After I had viewed the entire surface I felt a quick rush of cold and then heat through my body.

I opened my eyes when I heard my boxers ripping. I looked down to see the legs of my boxers had split open because of my thick legs. Then a double take, my thick legs. I was never skinny, but my legs were also never able to completely fill my boxers.

I rushed to a mirror to see myself. The reflection confirmed that I had changed into the bodybuilder I had imagined. All of the details I had seen earlier were there. I had thick arms, wide back, massive pecs, amazing abs and those tree like legs. Something in my boxers told me the detail hidden there was most likely what I had envisioned.

I pulled down the waistband to see the thick cock and large balls cramming in the available space. I struggled to remove the boxers; finally I just ripped them away. My new dick now hung toward my knees. I was looking at a muscle god you only see in the porn magazines. My own reflection was making me horny.

I porn dick swelled to full mast, some 12 inches of thick man meat. It was demanding attention. I started to stroke myself. I did poses in the mirror, worshipping the muscle god reflected there. It was getting intense and soon I was shooting thick volleys of cum. I had managed to get some on the mirror, which was quite a feat since it was several feet away.

As I cleaned up, I realized that I still had the better part of an hour left as this muscle man. An idea struck me that I could use the apartment?s gym. It was rarely used and I could pump some iron in peace. I found some baggy gym shorts but they looked a bit small on my massive body. Grabbed my keys and headed for the gym.

As I had expected, it was empty. The motion detectors turned on the lights as I entered. I made my way to the far back section where the free weights were housed. I selected some of the heaviest weights and lifted them with ease. I started doing a series of reps for my arms and chest.

I noticed it had been an hour since I took the Bodygel. I was still the bodybuilder I had envisioned. I figured that I should head home and wait for the change there. Walking back through the gym turned the lights back on.

Passing the locker rooms, I figured I could use a shower. I noticed that the lights were on when I entered. I kicked off my shorts and admired my pumped arms and chest. Then I heard a noise from the sauna. I looked in and saw a college aged football player lying there in his towel. He was attractive and his toned muscles were very well proportioned. I wanted to go in, but I felt that looked too old. I wished that I had a younger face.

I felt that cold heat again. I closed my eyes and I felt like I was directed to select a new face. I pictured a young face like the football player. Then the cold heat faded away.

I looked in the refection an d saw my new face. It was a strikingly handsome college aged face. The sculptured rugged features looked perfectly paired with my muscle body.

I knew that I was in borrowed time. The hour had passed, but I was still the bodybuilder. I decided to take the risk and entered the sauna. The guy there leaped as if he had been sleeping. I apologized as I sat naked on the nearby bench.

We spoke for a while, and then the football guy announced he needed a break. I heard the shower run after he exited. I was able to leave myself when he came back. This time he did not bother with a towel and the water was still running over his body. I so wanted to lick the water drips, but held back.

Soon the heat was getting to me. As I left the sauna, my new friend followed me. We shared the shower as he spoke more about sports and stuff. I had made a friend, but I knew I would not be this person ever again.

We chatted a bit more as we dressed. He pulled on baggy clothes that hid his body. I simply pulled on my shorts. Shaking hands, we both headed our ways.

Back in my apartment I saw that was approaching the two-hour mark. I had not reverted back. I laid the watching nothing on TV. Finally I felt the cold heat feeling again. A bit different from before, it was more fleeting like a soft touch. I looked down and I was back to my normal self.

I wanted to try BodyGel again, but it was getting late. I knew I was going to have some amazing dreams tonight. I had a new toy and I so much wanted to go play with others. I would need to make a plan.

[I'm begining part II right now.]
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Old May 4th, 2007, 07:33 PM
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Good start!

I really liked the visceral details; the feeling of the gel sliding down the throat. The most interesting detail about our hero is his hunky sort of guy face that he acquires from the gel. I like this idea because it's muscle growth, but way, way more: he becomes the ideal person that he sees inside his head, which can include all sorts of other things.

Anyway, hope to see more.
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