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Blue Collar Twins

*Introducing the Twins*

Rodd is a reputable soldier in the US Army. He has been enlisted for several years and has been given numerous awards for his courage. He has been assigned many units over time. Many of his recruits have either suffered injuries in combat or have successfully been promoted to other positions. He was promoted to Sergeant not too long ago because of his excellent leadership skills. Despite his dominant appearance, deep down he has a very warm heart and cares tremendously for the majority of his recruits. A few are still around, but they are not under his leadership anymore. As part of his position, he turns rookies into fighting machines and makes them stronger men and more responsible human beings.

The current crop though leaves much to be desired. As he screams in their face, they look at him as if they could care less if they are there or not. He makes them work harder as a result. Some may even fail, but there are always the ones that don?t fail. Those who don?t fail generally form lasting bonds not only with him, but with each other. He secretly enjoys making these young men work their asses off. He loves to see their heads in the mud or their legs swelling as they run up the hills. There are four guys in particular that are passing the test he puts forth on them. They want to get bigger and faster and they enjoy the pain and anguish involved in this environment.

He treats these four young men different than the others because you can see that they want to be pushed and bullied, so he introduces them to the weight room that is normally reserved for guys like him. He wants to see these growing men push their bodies to new heights. He imagines their muscles pumping up and the grunting involved from each and every one of them. He has made eye contact with two of them on more than one occasion leading him to the conclusion that they might be fond of him. He has always been able to hide his affections for these soldiers, but it has become increasingly tougher as they get bigger and stronger and more mature.

One night as Rodd is reading a book on his bunk in his sleeping quarters, he notices a shadow from behind the wall. Before he is able to get up, this massive hand reaches in from the side of the wall and cuts him with a blade on his arm. He winces in pain as the blood starts to gush out. As he jumps up to run and get something to stop the bleeding, he notices that the wound is already healing. The large figure has already disappeared as well. He begins to wonder if he just imagined the whole ordeal.

Before going back to reading his book, Rodd decides to contact his twin brother over at the Bridgestone Fire House. His brother Todd recently started at the fire house and is quite the looker. On his first day there, he was constantly flexing his huge biceps and bouncing his pecs to show up the other guys. This was getting his station mates slightly irritated and he was hazed. They would wake him up every day and pound his butt with a paddle and laugh at him constantly. He was mad about it at first but admitted to himself that he liked the attention. He eventually started to fit in with a few of them.

Many of them come from different ethnic backgrounds and it interests Todd greatly. One is a full blooded Italian named Stefano and the other is a Brazilian-American named Paulo. Both of them are the ringleaders of these hazing incidents. It isn't uncommon for Stefano and Paulo to goof around with Todd in the showers after they return from a fire. This always gets the Station Manager Kinsey riled up and he scolds the three of you for wasting time. As Todd is lying in bed sleeping after showering, he is awakened by Kinsey saying that his brother needs to talk to him. Thinking it is quite serious, he races to his phone and answers. Rodd tells him about what happened and how he feels as if his life has changed. Todd wonders if he should go over to the barracks and be with him, but Rodd tells him not to. He just wanted to talk and calm down before he went to his book he was reading.

Todd starts mentioning Stefano and Paulo and how he is beginning to feel strongly for them. He tells his brother that he has a bunk just below Stefano and thinks about him in a sexual way quite often. It isn't uncommon for him to have his cock lying out of his boxers because he likes how the air feels when it hits. He can see it above him sometimes and while he sleeps he can watch it snake its way to the edge of his bunk. Todd goes into a story about one night when he got up and started stroking it feeling its thickness and power. He couldn't stop stroking because it felt so amazing in his hands so he would start stroking his own cock. Before he could finish though, the alarm went off in the firehouse and you both had to go on duty.

Rodd finds the story incredibly hot and can feel something stirring from within his chest. Todd is interrupted by the sound of the fire alarm going off and says he will talk to him later. Rodd agrees as he hangs up abruptly to stare down at his chest. To his surprise, Rodd?s already sculpted body is starting to transform before his eyes. His clothes he is wearing are now being strained to the max. The pain has started to increase exponentially now as his pecs are starting to shred his shirt and push upward into his neck.

He can feel his back splitting the seams as his lats burst out the sides making his shirt blow in the wind. He feels his legs ripping through his pants and exposing massive quads with massive veins spreading all the way down his hairy body. Hearing his Sergeant in agony, Rodd?s first officer Clavell rushes into the room and barely recognizes him. Instead of saying anything though, Clavell is in awe of what is happening to the Sergeant and starts to massage his growing body. Clavell is one of the two men that Rodd is aware of being into him. Clavell immediately tears the shirt off of Rodd and starts to suck on his newly forming nipples that are pointing down on his thick hairy pecs.

Rodd wraps his arms around Clavell and pulls him into him. His abs begins to emerge wider and thicker than before with a thick forest of black hair in between each one. Clavell moans loudly as he feels the rush of power growing inside of the Sergeant?s body. He turns his head to watch as Rodd?s arms begin to swell and thicken. His once proud baseball sized biceps are quickly becoming softballs and then grow further into huge melons. The pain makes him wince as it stretches his muscles faster than his skin can handle.

Clavell puts his hands on Rodd?s triceps to feel them thicken and harden hearing the popping and stretching going on from within. His once small forearms now look as if they have had baseballs implanted inside. The sweating from the Sergeant has completely soaked Clavell?s shirt making his nicely developed upper body more visible to Rodd. When he looks up, the Sarge?s newly muscled head with gorgeous brown eyes peers directly into Clavell?s green eyes. The two men lock lips and start worshipping each other.

With his pants ripped open, Rodd reaches down and tears them off of his body. He moves Clavell down to his completely hard member that is standing up completely outside his boxers. Clavell is wearing underwear himself, but the fabric is fairly flimsy. Rodd?s ten inch cock is so powerful that it busts through Clavell?s underwear and begins to stretch his hole. He is very careful with his admirer as he wants to make Clavell feel more pleasure than pain.

The sensation of penetrating his hole makes Rodd leak gobs of precum making him go deeper. Clavell can?t help but start to moaning as his superior officer begins to fuck him harder. This in turn gets a response from Clavell?s bunkmate Reese. He enters the room and notices what is going on. Rodd turns and smiles at Reese motioning him to come over with his huge hand out. Reese is quite apprehensive even though he starts rubbing his crotch. Reese is the other soldier that has made eye contact with the Sergeant on occasion. He isn?t as social, but has been known to talk to Rodd about many things.

His physical transformation is beyond dramatic as he was quite heavy when he came into the military, but now is extremely beefy. Rodd is quite fond of Reese physically and wants him to take his pants off. Reese does after a little coaxing and slowly makes his way over to Rodd. His thick cock now inches from the Sarge?s face, Rodd sticks his tongue out to lick the head to catch the pool of precum that is starting to pour out. The sweetness makes him growl as he grabs Reese with his arms and swallows his tool. The feeling makes Reese moan since it is a feeling he hasn?t felt in years. Rodd sucks furiously on Reese?s cock trying to get him into a rhythm while he is fucking Clavell. Both Rodd and Clavell are massaging Reese?s beautiful chest now all burly and pumped. His huge bubble butt from all of those workouts is being worked over by Rodd as he sticks his thick fingers inside his hole.

He eventually sits on Rodd?s huge pecs and starts to fuck his mouth getting incredibly close to shooting his load. Rodd starts to pick up the pace on Reese?s cock and opens his mouth to catch his cum explosion. Reese yells as his seed spills down the Sarge?s throat making the growing officer shutter as the thick goo is so tasty. He feels himself getting closer and stares down Clavell wondering if he will pull out or not. To his surprise, Clavell doesn?t move and waits to feel Rodd?s cum inside him.

To put him over the edge, Reese starts to punch on Rodd?s huge pecs to make him feel every pleasurable ounce. Each time he does this, it makes Rodd shoot a jet of goo inside Clavell?s hole. The youngster pulls his six inch prick out of his underwear in time to spill his load onto the Sarge?s hairy chest. After a few minutes, Rodd must have shot at least twelve times inside Clavell.

*Todd at the Firehouse*

Todd and the rest of the firehouse arrive at the site of where the fire is. He goes inside to rescue someone but he is met by a hulking figure which grabs him and holds him down on the floor. He starts to panic as ashes and flames start to fall all around him, but the figure makes Todd lay there and wait for nearly a minute before he can move again. He closes his eyes and starts to wonder if he will get out of this alive. It is at that moment that he is let go by the figure and it disappears before he opens his eyes.

The fire has started to spread through the house and Todd is now trapped. Just when he thinks he is going to burn up in the fire, Todd is grabbed by a guy with a strong grip and pulled out from within the house. He realizes that it is his Italian housemate Stefano as he is hoisted over his broad left shoulder. When Todd gets to the bottom of the ladder, he hugs him tightly and says how much he appreciates him. His Brazilian friend Paulo meets up with both guys and hugs Todd from behind. The three men get back on the truck and position themselves so that they don?t fall over the side. He notices that Stefano is not wearing any protective clothing underneath his fire suit.

Todd tells him how reckless that is after going up there and saving him. The Italian admits that he doesn?t like wearing that gear because it restricts his body. He then tells Todd that he knows he wants him badly and he wasn't going to let him burn up in that fire. His reaction to Stefano?s revelation is one of desire as he reaches over to pull his suit open so he can start kissing on his chest. He feels the Italian?s heaving pecs pushing against the thick fabric and against his face. Stefano?s breathing increases as he is unable to control what is about to happen. Todd feels his housemate?s expanding body filling up the suit. The strong stench emanating from him makes Todd move his way down to Stefano?s massive member and starts sucking on it.

Paulo sees what is happening and joins in by kissing Stefano. The transformations have moved over to the Brazilian and the sound of ripping is heard. The shirt he is wearing is starting to rip open exposing the beautiful olive skin on Paulo?s body. Todd turns to look up at his Brazilian housemate and feels the heat radiating from his body as his chest is now protruding from a huge rip in his shirt. His arms are beginning to tighten up inside the suit. Todd turns back to watch Stefano continue his growing cycle. His exposed cock is now lengthening and oozing thick precum onto Todd?s suit.

He has not started growing as of yet though. He hears Paulo?s breathing starting to pick up and starts speaking Portuguese in a very sexual manner. The suit he is wearing is making some kind of stretching sound as his pecs shred his shirt completely in the front. He notices Paulo?s olive cock ripping through his jock and hanging outside of his suit. With two huge cocks now lying beside his face, Todd starts to stroke them and even tries docking them.

He leans down to lick both men tasting their juices together and it is giving him a huge rush. He hears Stefano?s moaning getting louder. His growing muscles are getting so big that they are stretching the fabric to its breaking point. The Brazilian is also having the same problem. Todd is absolutely intoxicated with lust for both beautiful exotic men. He pulls their cocks apart and sucks on Paulo's cock, making him give in to his growing need for size. His legs are emerging from their confines. He pushes his cock down Todd?s throat and unloads his yummy spunk into his gullet.

His ass busts free from the back of his suit exposing a mammoth bubble butt. Stefano sees this and jumps up to start rubbing it vigorously. He can feel his arms ready to bust the sleeves on his suit as Todd watches the Italian's now 25" arms explode through the fabric. He roars with excitement as his back does the same. His chest already exposed is now dripping sweat onto Todd?s suit. Todd rubs Stefano?s chest as he finishes swallowing Paulo?s load. The Italian?s growth continues as his entire lower half shreds the suit completely. He is completely naked now and starts to lift Todd onto his massive cock. He squeals with delight as the Italian spreads his anus wide open with his huge member. He starts fucking him as Todd pulls the Brazilians cock out of his mouth. Todd wills him to grow more to make him bust out of his suit.

He roars with ecstasy as his back finally splits the back of his suit and shreds it all the way down. He completely rips the top half off leaving his ripped pants on. Todd starts to nuzzle Paulo?s huge chest as he is being humped by the Italian. He now wants Paulo to go ahead and rip his pants off since they are already in tatters. The two ethnic men are now well over 350 pounds each while Todd remains at his current size. He starts to kiss Paulo?s arms and tells him to wrap them around him. His 24" arms squeeze Todd enough to make him give in to his strength and give Stefano the chance to get completely inside him. The Brazilian leans down to kiss Todd and lifts him up so that the Italian can get under him. With the two huge men now in complete lust for him, their goal now is to make Todd grow.

Stefano positions his thick cock so the smaller man can move down on it. He is trying to pump his load inside Todd as he grinds him. He can feel the Italian?s balls tensing up and filling with cum. His incredibly deep Italian voice echoes across the truck as he thrusts and pumps Todd full of his seed. It isn't a typical load either as he can feel the thick river flooding his insides. The feeling is so intense that he briefly loses consciousness. His transformation will transpire soon since he has taken both of his roommate?s cum.

*Back to Rodd at the Barracks*

As Rodd laps up the precum from Reese?s big cock and Clavell gets pumped full of hot goo, the bottom watches in amazement as the Sarge?s legs widen around him. He massages the growing legs and moans as he feels the quad muscles stretching and pulling their way outward. Reese also sees this happening and starts massaging Rodd?s growing chest. He rubs the growing nipples as they thicken up and drape down like teardrops on his mammoth pecs. He then reaches down to feel the abs thicken and tighten up like thick rocks.

Rodd?s arms make loud stretching and ripping sounds as he wraps them around Clavell so he can kiss him and make him want him even more. As he begins to tighten his grip on the young soldier, Rodd feels him starting to grow in his arms. He growls in a loud voice as he feels Clavell wincing in his uniform as a giant rip starts down his back as his muscles explode in size. It doesn't take much before his expanding body forces Rodd to ease his grip on him. The kisses continue between the two men though. He doesn't want to waste a single moment with the Sarge as they worship each other.

Reese will get his time too as Rodd pumps his mouth faster and faster knowing that his seed will feed the young soldier?s body with the lust he desires. He greedily sucks harder waiting for the white stuff to spill into his hungry mouth. Sarge?s growls are getting louder as Clavell starts licking the huge veins running down both arms. Reese finally gets his reward as Rodd unloads a river of thick cum into his waiting gullet. Every jet causes a major change in his body as the first few make his lower body explode in growth.

Sarge hears his pants giving way sprouting a huge forest of leg hair and massive muscularity. Reese?s balls and cock are also getting quite hairy, perhaps a result of Rodd?s extreme testosterone now flowing inside the soldier?s blood. The next few have started to move up into his chest where Sarge can see the body hair lifting his jacket away from his body and slowly shredding his undershirt. Reese?s big thick pecs have blown up even more with his transformation. The bottom of his shirt is ripped completely because of his emerging muscle gut.

Rodd watches Reese?s traps pushing their way out the seams of his jacket while his neck stretches its thick striated muscles wider. It is at this time that his massive hairy chest explodes its way out of his jacket and shreds the rest. Rodd pushes Reese aside so he can go back to worshipping his other admirer Clavell. He goes to lie on top of him and starts humping his big butt since he is in lust with the soldier?s hairy muscles. He grabs Clavell?s cock from inside his pants and starts stroking it to make it hard.

Sarge gets so excited by it that he tries to sit on it to feel its heat. He feels the cock ripping its way through Clavell?s undies and plunges into his hole. He fucks Rodd relentlessly for what seems like an eternity. Reese is massaging the Sarge?s wide back while attempting to put his own cock in with Clavell?s. It is at this same instant that the twin brothers will experience the same sexual feeling. The question is how big will they get.
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