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Behind the Counter

Bennett is a loyal patron of the local coffeehouse. He enjoys the casual atmosphere because the neighborhood is so peaceful and it is located really close to his job. The one thing he likes the most about it though are the baristas behind the counter. The guys are ruggedly handsome and extremely friendly. They always seem to be in a good mood when he walks into the shop. There is normally about four of them during the morning shift and two during the evening hours.

He always goes in during both times of the day and all six of them are great to look at. Most have obviously worked out before, but are different shapes and sizes. He has a boyfriend at home and does care about him a lot, but both have had a hard time lately seeing eye to eye. When Bennett goes to this coffeehouse, he is put at ease by the guys that work there with their charm and great conversation. He sometimes fantasizes about them being behind the counter and suddenly growing massive with their clothes straining to be relieved.

One evening in particular, while he was just minding his own business in the coffeehouse, a hulking figure sits down with him in the booth and starts writing something on a napkin. It slides it over to him and when he looks up, it is gone. The writing on the napkin tells him to order a coffee concoction that they have never served before and that they must drink all of it. (The six baristas on both shifts) He is mystified by this strange request, but is also compelled.

Since it is on the evening shift, he knows it is about the two guys, Sonny and Lewis. He orders the ingredients as they both stare at him in bewilderment. After he pays one of them, he tells both of them to go ahead and drink it. They look at him with a puzzled look, but they like him a lot so they guzzle it down sharing it back and forth.

Both of them look like they are going to pass out as they sit down for about a minute or two. As they both get up they appear to be fine afterwards. Bennett is convinced now that whatever was on that napkin was a ruse cooked up by perhaps a coworker or something. He turns to leave the coffeehouse until he hears the bigger barista of the two Lewis make a strange noise.

?Uhhh *stretch* what is happening?..(voice deepens)? me?.*rip*?

Bennett turns to see the beefy man?s back busting its way through his uniform. His muscles glistening as he gets wider. Sonny looks in awe at what is transpiring to his coworker that is until he grabs his stomach and doubles over in pain.

?Ahhh damn, my stomach?..what the?..(voice deepens)?.OHH SHIT?..*stretch*?

Bennett looks over the counter and sees the skinny man filling out and stretching the material on his uniform. His arms swelling into huge cannons as his face changes to look more chiseled. His cute features are now more defined. His bright green eyes along with his pale skin bring out his Irish ancestry moreso than before. He smiles up at Bennett as pushes his chest out to make the fabric split and his dark furry pecs more visible.

?Mmmmm Bennett, you like what you see? Why don?t you come behind the counter so I can help you with your order.?

Meanwhile the growing Lewis is groaning louder than before as he gets taller and his shoes disintegrate under his massive size. His 220 pound frame has increased to nearly 300 now as his thick beefy muscles shine. He turns around and pulls the tattered fabric off of him. His underwear hangs on by just a few threads as his huge prick stands on end.


Knowing that he may be in some trouble, Bennett tries to leave the coffeehouse, but is stopped by both men. Lewis grabs his legs and pulls him down on to the floor. Sonny rips his uniform off now and plugs his cock into Bennett?s mouth. Despite his efforts to break free, he gulps down the Irishman?s member and starts sucking. Lewis works his hole over as he teases it with his 13-inch rod.


He puts his cockhead into Bennett?s hole which makes him squirm and laughs as it tickles. He pulls it out just long enough to drizzle a long strand of precum on to the entrance of his hole.


Lewis slowly pushes his way back in this time spreading Bennett open. His hole responds as it swallows his cock. He moans as he keeps sucking Sonny feeling the huge beefy stud twisting and hurdling his way further in. The Irishman pulls out of Bennett?s mouth to start jerking. He starts moaning louder as he begins to sway.

?Mmmmm Bennett I have something you might want, but you will have to be willing to drink a lot more than you are used to.?

Sonny yells as he shoots huge ropes of cum on to Bennett?s face and body coating him. At the same time, he feels Lewis?s flood cascading inside him making him lose his inhibitions. He spurts a huge amount of cum himself onto the floor as it rolls. Knowing that he has both loads inside him, he panics and attempts to break free again. They let go of him and start to make out with each other as he runs back towards the door again.

Before he can grab the handle, he feels sharp pains traveling up his back and into his head. He grabs it with both hands and yells. He fears that he will no longer be able to control anything as this pain continues to intensify. Whatever is growing inside him now is meshing with the cum from the two huge baristas and it may even dwarf them.
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Good,but keep practicing your grammar & punctuation; you often use periods for commas. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
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