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Old August 17th, 2013, 05:37 PM
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Blue Underground Part 1: The Traffic Stop

Wyatt: ?Ahh damnit, I?m late for work again. Stupid damn lights, I don?t have time for this. Why does the speed limit have to be so low on this freaking road? UGH! Man, I hope there are no cops anywhere close to me. Hmmm, I think I am going to chance it.?

*sirens whizz past his car*

Wyatt: ?Ahh whew! I thought they were going to stop me, so far so good. *looks at dash for time* Oh fuck, my boss is going to kill me if I am late again. Where is my damn phone? *takes eyes off road for a few seconds and flies through light barely missing another car* OH SHIT! GAWD DAMN! I have got to stop doing that. Hmm, maybe if I can call him he will listen to me. *dials workplace number* Get me Corbin please I need to talk to him.

*Bluetooth picks up call*

Corbin: ?Who is this? Wyatt if you are late one more time young man, you won?t have a job to come to anymore.?

Wyatt: ?Sir I seriously had no idea I was late. I promise it won?t happen again, I know I shouldn?t be late, but I have been having problems lately with my health and I end up oversleeping a lot. Can you cut me a break??

*Corbin sighs*

Corbin: ?My gawd son, you can?t expect me to believe that can you? I mean, I?m not that much older than you. Like I said before, one more chance and that?s it.?

*sirens getting closer* *Wyatt realizes there is a cruiser behind him*

Wyatt: ?I need to get off here now boss. I don?t want to get distracted any more than I already am. I will talk to you shortly.?

Corbin: ?Fine man, just get here as soon as possible. I promised your father you would be a fine worker, you just need to get your priorities together.?

*Wyatt pulls over to the side of the road*

Wyatt: ?Goodbye Mr. Abrams.?

*Cruiser parks and a very large policeman steps out of his vehicle* *he is wearing a skin tight uniform which shows off all of his muscles* *he is wearing sunglasses and appears to have a black beard* *the first thing that Wyatt notices are his gigantic biceps looking quite vascular*

Wyatt: ?Oh shit, he is enormous. I can?t let myself look nervous or he will definitely give me a ticket or something.?

*officer walks to the back of Wyatt?s car and stops*

Wyatt: ?What is he doing? Damnit I can?t believe I am so careless.?

Officer: ?Sir, can you please stop moving for me, I don?t want to draw my firearm.?

Wyatt: ?Oh crap, yes officer I am holding still now.?

Officer: ?Put your hands on the steering wheel for me then sir.?

Wyatt: ?Yes sir.? *hands on wheel*

Officer: ?Sir, you forgot to turn your car off.?

Wyatt: ?You said to put my hands on the wheel and I did.?

Officer: ?I realize that, but you should have turned your car off when you parked.?

Wyatt: ?Okay.? *takes right hand and turns ignition off*?I did it.?

Officer: ?Thank you sir. Now I am coming up to your window.?

*officer walks slowly as Wyatt cranes his neck to look at his uniform*

*officer stops at his window and sighs*

Officer: ?License and registration please.?

Wyatt: ?Ummm?.?

Officer: ?You can take your hands off the wheel now.?

Wyatt: ?Thank you.? *rummages in glove compartment and finds registration*

*quickly pulls out wallet and drops it in the floor*

Officer: ?Long morning man. You are way too nervous.?

Wyatt: ?Yeah sorry, I got started late today.? *tries to reach for wallet*

Officer: ?Take your time sir.?

Wyatt: *grabs wallet and hits head on wheel* ?Ouch, fuck that hurts.? *rubs head*

Officer: *smirks a bit* ?Just give me your license buddy and I will move this along for you.?

Wyatt: *hands him his license*

Officer: ?Stay put and I will be back in a minute.?

*Wyatt watches him turn and walk back to his cruiser* *His huge firm ass hugs his uniform perfectly and makes him moan loudly* *The officer stops and turns* *Wyatt mutters under his breath, ?Ah damn?* *the officer comes back to the car*

Officer: ?Sir, is there something you need to say to me??

Wyatt: ?Uh no officer, I was talking to myself sorry.?

*Wyatt looks over and notices his nametag says King* *King takes his sunglasses off and shows his deep brown eyes to him*

King: ?Sir, step out of the car now.?

Wyatt: ?Yes officer. I am?..? *King stops him*

King: ?Be quiet. What is your name? *looks at license*.....Wyatt?..Williams?..that is an interesting name. Well Wyatt, come to the back of your car and spread your legs out to the side for me.?

*They walk to the back of his car and he does*

King: ?Lean forward for me Wyatt so I can search you.? *King puts his gloved hands on his back and starts to search his pockets and even quickly touches Wyatt?s crotch*

*Wyatt moans a little too loudly*

King: ?Wyatt did you just moan when I did that? Turn around.?

*Wyatt turns around and feels King pushing him against the car* *The huge officer moves his face in on his and gives him a mean look* *Wyatt starts to shake* *King smiles and backs off*

King: ?Wyatt I need to put you in the back of my cruiser while I check your information. Now you are going to be good right. Puts your arms behind your back so I can cuff you.?

Wyatt: ?But I haven?t done anything wrong here officer. Why?.? *King interrupts*

King: ?I saw everything Wyatt. You nearly wrecked another car and you were speeding. Don?t give me some ridiculous story. I want to let you off on this, but you aren?t making it easy. Give me your arms sir.?

*Wyatt turns back around and places his arms behind his back* *King cuffs him and pushes him back to his cruiser* *He opens his side door and puts Wyatt inside* *He slides into his driver side door and closes it*
*He starts to type in Wyatt?s information while Wyatt groans*

Wyatt: ?I don?t get this. Why am I in the back of this cruiser??

King: ?You need to shut up man. I need to focus here for a minute.?

*Wyatt?s mind wanders for a minute as he begins to stare at King?s huge back straining in his jacket* *Wyatt moans again and it makes King laugh in his manly voice*

King: ?You are clean Wyatt. I guess I will only write you a ticket.?

Wyatt: ?Ahh come on, I am already late for work. I don?t need a ticket, please can I get a warning or something??

King: ?Wyatt, I have another idea. I think you will like it too.? *sound of a zipper going down**he sheds his jacket to reveal his massive back*

Wyatt: ?Umm, OH?..? *he moans again* *King gets back out of his cruiser and opens the side door* *he climbs inside where Wyatt tries to move away from him*

King: ?Come here, I know you want to touch me.? *King grabs his legs and pulls him underneath his chest* *Wyatt feels his heat and it makes him sigh*

Wyatt: ?Ohhh?..uhhh?..I do want to touch you officer but?..?

King: ?Use your mouth Wyatt, I want you to lick my massive pecs.?

*King leans down to smother him with his pecs* *Wyatt squeals as he plants his tongue on the huge mounds and tastes the sweat pouring off of them* *He instantly calms down and feels his cock springing to life* *King feels it against his body and reaches down to rub it slowly*

King: ?Good man. I think we can have a little fun Wyatt. You might not get a ticket after all.?

Wyatt: ?Mmmm you taste so good officer. I really want you to take these cuffs off so I can feel you with my hands.?

King: ?No sir, I think you are doing fine the way it is.? *slight moan* *feels Wyatt moving over to his nipples and lightly licking them* ?Ohh that feels great Wyatt, keep it up.? *the cuffed admirer feels officer King?s bulge growing as it strains the fabric in his police suit* *low growl* ?MMMM feels so good man.?

Wyatt: ?Please release me, I think?..*has trouble focusing* I have learned?..*moves away from him again and stares into King?s eyes* my lesson officer uhhh?..?

King: *smiles at Wyatt and flexes his massive guns as they swell up into huge softballs* ?You like these man. I am proud of these boys. *kisses them* ?Come on and move back over to me Wyatt, you are doing great so far.? *slowly pulls him back down to him*

*Wyatt moans as King grabs a hold of his dress shirt and rips it open to expose his defined chest* *He reaches down to rub the young man?s chest and then licks his abs and pecs* *Wyatt writhes trying to make him stop but realizes he is powerless* *Officer King undoes his belt buckle and unzips his pants revealing his enormous rod which plops on top of the cuffed driver?s chest*

Wyatt: ?Why are you doing this to me officer? I just?..?*King puts his hand over the driver?s mouth and looks him straight in his eyes* *He becomes mesmerized again by the beautiful brown hues staring directly into his own green ones*

King: ?Calm down Wyatt and just give in to your needs. I promise you won?t have to worry about a ticket or even a warning today. ?

Wyatt: ?Uhhh I do want you to fuck me?..but I am afraid my boss will fire me if I don?t get there soon.?

King: ?What is the phone number of this company? I will take care of this right now.?

*King pulls his cell out from his pants pocket* *Wyatt gives him the phone number and he dials it* *He sits up as his glistening torso and cock make the cuffed driver swoon as King uses his free hand to undo Wyatt?s pants and pulls his cock out to press up against his own*

King: ?Am I speaking to the supervisor?? *someone on the line says no* ?I would like to speak to your supervisor please.?

*King pulls a key out from his pants and places the end of it inside the lock to the handcuffs behind Wyatt?s back* *he turns it and Wyatt?s hands are released* *King grabs one of his arms with his free hand and puts on both of their cocks* *Wyatt starts petting and stroking while the sweaty officer waits for the supervisor*

Corbin: ?This is Corbin Abrams and who is this??

King: ?This is Officer Marquez King with the Halford Police Department and I would like to speak to you about one of your employees, Wyatt Williams.?

Corbin: ?Yes he hasn?t arrived here yet?..? *King interrupts*

King: ?The reason he hasn?t showed up yet is because the police need to talk to him. He has been in a wreck and we need to get his information. I want you to give him a pass today because it wasn?t his fault and he is pretty shaken up. Do we have a deal??

Corbin: ?Hmmm, well I hope he is alright, but he hasn?t been the best employee. I will give him a pass this time, but tell him that next time he won?t be so lucky.?

King: ?I will tell him sir, you have a great day.? *King hangs up and smiles at Wyatt* ?Mmmm why don?t you keep stroking me man, it feels so good.? *Wyatt increases his speed as he jacks both cocks*

Wyatt: ?I?.I?.have fantasized about this before officer.?

King: ?Wyatt, call me Marc if you want to, I actually like you a lot.?

*Pulls his pants completely off as well as his boots* *King?s thickly muscled legs press up against Wyatt?s own legs still inside his pants*

King: ?Make me want to fuck you little man. I want you to try and tackle me.?

*Wyatt jumps at him and tries to pin him down, but King?s strength is too much* *King eases up a bit so that Wyatt can tussle with him* *The big policeman stares into the driver?s eyes again and winks* *He pulls Wyatt?s pants off of him as the smaller fellow moans*

Wyatt: ?Ohh Marc I want you inside me really bad. Please why do you tease me??

*King wraps his arms around Wyatt and pulls him in to kiss him on his lips* *Wyatt moans and puts his hands on King?s head as they embrace* *They quickly lock tongues and their breathing increases* *Wyatt hops on top of King and tries to push his huge cock inside him*

King: ?Mmm Wyatt, you don?t have to move so fast man. I am in no rush to leave, if you want to worship me, then you can.?

*King squeezes him and presses him against his chest as he wraps his huge arms around him**Wyatt moans as he begins to rub and kiss every muscle on King?s chest* *The officer growls and flexes them to make Wyatt purr*

King: ?Yes Wyatt, taste me, feel me, I will make you want me.?

*King squeezes his massive cock slowly up into Wyatt* *He feels his small admirer twitch just a tad as he begins to fuck him slowly**Wyatt leans back at looks up at King. His eyes look almost glazed over* *King reaches down to kiss him deeply and pulls him into him again* *He pumps faster getting closer to blowing his load inside him* *Wyatt squeals as he feels King starting to get close*

Wyatt: ?Ohh Marc, I want you to cum inside me muscle daddy. I fucking love it. I need to feel it rush through me.?

King: ?Mmmm I like the way you think man. Here it comes.?

*King?s voice begins to get louder as he feels the cum starting to rush through his cock* *He thrusts numerous times as Wyatt yells in pleasure feeling huge ropes of cum flying inside him* *King laughs and holds him tightly*

King: ?You okay man. I think you kind of enjoyed that.? *he smiles at him as he pulls out of Wyatt?s hole* ?I think you need some relief yourself Wyatt, let me help you with that.?

*he pulls him up to his face and starts to suck Wyatt?s cock* *he moves rapidly making the smaller man start to buckle* *he smacks Wyatt?s ass as he sucks and even takes one of his hands to his hole* *Wyatt moans as he feels himself starting to cum*

Wyatt: ?I?m cumming man?..?

*King stops sucking and opens his mouth to catch the spunk* *Wyatt shoots numerous ropes of cum which coat the officer?s mouth and even land on his beard* *King gobbles his cock down and looks up at his accomplice and winks* *Wyatt squeals as King continues to suck him*

King: ?Give me more cum man, I am hungry. I don?t care how little it is, I just want to taste your spunk.?

*King slows down a little as he rolls his cock in his mouth* *He picks up the pace and slows down every couple of minutes* *Wyatt finally starts to moan louder as King growls* *The smaller man unloads another pile of seed this time down King?s throat* *The muscular officer sighs feeling it flow down into his stomach* *he rubs Wyatt?s chest and back and pulls his cock out of his mouth* *he pulls him down to where he is at and kisses him again*

King: ?Wyatt, I think we need to see each other again man. I thoroughly enjoyed this and you are quite sexy.? *he lays the driver down on the seat and gets on top of him*

Wyatt: ?This is one of the greatest moments of my life Marc. You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen.? *King smiles and presses up against Wyatt*

King: ?Do you want me to cum in you again man?? *Wyatt nods yes and King enters him again*

*King?s pace is rapid as he growls intensely holding Wyatt?s legs up* *After a few more minutes, King shoots another massive load inside his small accomplice*

King: ?I could do this all day Wyatt, but I need to get going. I actually need to get back to the station to clean up a bit. Now I want you to come by sometime and speak to me. Do you hear me??

Wyatt: ?Yes Marc I promise I will. I don?t guess I need to work today do I?? *puts his clothes back on*

King: ?No I guess you don?t, now get the hell out of my cruiser.?

Wyatt: ?Yes officer.?

*Climbs out the side door and begins to walk away* *King yells for him to come back after he puts his pants back on, his boots, and his jacket*

King: ?Where are you going so fast? Give me a hug before you go.?

*After stepping out of the back of the cruiser, he raises his arms out* *Wyatt embraces him and sighs* *King leans down to give him a nice long kiss*

King: ?Mmmmm, you are an amazing kisser Wyatt. You give me a warm feeling every time. I will be waiting for your visit.?

*King puts his glasses back on and gets into the driver?s side of his cruiser* *He drives off quickly*

Wyatt: ?Oh my god, what just happened. I think I have strong feelings for him.?

*Walks back to his car and gets inside only to sit there and stare off into the distance* *After a couple more minutes of pondering, he starts his car up again and turns around to go back to his apartment*

Is this the end or just the beginning?
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great first part man, going to read part two now, this king guy sounds like and alpha male in your stories
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