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Old August 18th, 2013, 12:09 AM
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Blue Underground Part 2: Under Arrest

Wyatt: ?Ahh shit! I?m sorry Mr. Abrams. You have to know I didn?t mean to hit your assistant like that.?

Corbin: ?This is it for you Wyatt! That policeman said you deserved another chance, but he was wrong. You are fired and in fact I am calling that precinct right now!?

*picks up office phone and dials precinct*


Corbin: ?You sit your ass down in that chair young man right now. They will be here shortly.?
*puts phone down and stands in front of his office door*

*silence* *several minutes pass and someone knocks on door* *Abrams opens the door*

Corbin: ?Ahh officer, I gave him another chance like you said and he failed miserably. He assaulted my assistant Monroe.? *points at Wyatt*

King: ?I see. Well I will take care of this then.? *walks over to Wyatt and pulls him up from his feet*

King: ?Put your hands behind your back?..I SAID BEHIND YOUR BACK!?

Wyatt: ?Alright, alright I get it. Sheesh!? *puts hands behind back and King pulls them tight to cuff him*

King: ?No attitude, this isn?t on the freeway genius.? *pushes Wyatt out of the room* ?He won?t be a problem anymore.?

Corbin: ?Well he isn?t coming back here anyway.? *slams office door*

Wyatt: ?Seriously I didn?t do?..? *King cuts him off*

King: ?Man, you really need to try and behave yourself. You are going to get yourself in a lot of trouble you know.? *goes down elevator with Wyatt in front of him* *puts arm on his shoulder* *Wyatt moves forward*


*Wyatt rushes back* *King puts both arms on his back*

King: ?DON?T YOU FUCKING MOVE YOU SEXY MANBOY!? *Wyatt sweats as the gargantuan officer pushes all 300 pounds of him on top of the 175 pound man*

*elevator opens and the two men slowly walk out the front entrance of the building* *King opens the side door to the same cruiser as before and pushes Wyatt inside* *he closes the door and gets in the driver side door*


Wyatt: ?Uhhh yeah?..? *King interrupts*

King: ?WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SAY?? *reads Wyatt his Miranda rights*

*they arrive at the precinct and King yanks Wyatt out of the car**he directs him inside and takes him into an interrogation room*

King: ?SIT DOWN DUMBASS!? *pulls a chair up for Wyatt and plops him in it* *he undoes his handcuffs*

King: ?PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE TABLE.? *Wyatt does it quickly* ?Now I want to know why you would assault your boss?s assistant.?

Wyatt: ?He was making fun of me because I was always getting yelled at by my boss so I decked him.?

King: ?You know you can?t do that Wyatt. You end up sitting him in front of me. Now I have to charge you with assault.?

Wyatt: ?Aw come on, can?t we do what we did last time?? *smiles and then winks at King*

King: ?And what did we do last time exactly little man?? *nods his head at Wyatt and gets him to notice the camera* *Wyatt realizes what he means and shuts up*

*knock on the door*

Broughton: ?Officer King, the assistant is here for questioning.?

King: ?Okay, give me a minute. You don?t move a muscle little man, I will be back shortly.? *gets up and leaves the room*

*thirty minutes pass as Wyatt nearly falls asleep* *King opens the door and pounds on the table*

King: ?HEY DON?T YOU SLEEP ON ME!? *smiles and takes his uniform jacket off* *he unbuttons the first two buttons which expose his mammoth pecs* *Wyatt stares straight at them* ?EYES ON ME MANBOY!? *Wyatt has trouble concentrating but manages to look into King?s eyes*

King: ?So, he told me everything and I think he has a case?..but I also think we can resolve this somehow. This Monroe fella is a bit douchy, but I still don?t see a reason for you to punch him like you did. You left a major bruise on his face.?

Wyatt: ?Don?t I get a say in this? I mean geez?..?

King: ?Sure, but I figure you will embellish it so give it your best shot manboy.?

Wyatt: ?Well like I said?..? *King stops him and gets behind him* *he whispers something in his ear*

King: ?The camera is off now. You can make a deal with me if you want, but I will make the final decision Wyatt.?

*Wyatt turns his head and smiles* *King walks over to a corner and stands with his arms crossed*

King: ?So what will it be there sir, want to make a deal or not??

Wyatt: ?I don?t know what you mean by deal? Is this another favor??

King: ?Well it could be, but you will have to sacrifice a little bit of freedom. Are you willing to do that man??

*Wyatt goes to stand up but King motions for him to remain seated* *The young man looks bewildered* *King winks at him and bounces his pecs strained in his shirt*

King: ?Well, what?s it going to be little man? Deal or no deal??

Wyatt: ?I am going to say yes, but I don?t know what you are up to officer??

King: ?You said yes, so I am going to cuff you again.?

*gets his cuffs out and makes a motion for Wyatt to put his hands behind his back again* *Wyatt does so as King walks over and cuffs him again*


*King takes him down the hall to a room with a double-sided mirror* *He shows Wyatt that the people in the other room can?t see them* *Wyatt recognizes the guy being interviewed as Monroe*

King: ?Yep, that is the assistant you assaulted. Looks pretty banged up too, but you did something bold. You gave up something you didn?t have to man and I like that.?

Wyatt: ?Why is he still here anyway? I thought you were done with him??

King: ?Well Wyatt, I?m not just a traffic cop, I?m also in charge of the SVU here, so I can tell my partner in there, Jamison, to offer him a deal to drop charges against you.?

Wyatt: ?Whoa really?? *ponders for a few seconds* ?Wait, what is the catch??

King: *smiles and tenses his arms* ?You have already done part of it Wyatt. You will be spending a few days here in the jail. I will take you down there in a few minutes, but first I want you to hear the deal.?

*King opens the com system to the other room*

King: ?Jamie, I want you to offer him a deal.?

Jamison: ?I?ll get to it now boss. Just give me a few moments.? *opens his folder and pulls out the contract* ?I am willing to offer you a monetary reward in exchange for dropping charges.?

*Monroe grabs the document and skims through it* *his eyes get really large and he grins*

Monroe: ?WOW, I am really surprised. He didn?t even break any bones and I could get this amount of money? Where is the pen, I am sold?? *takes pen and signs off on the contract*

Jamison: ?It is a done deal boss. Looks like this case will be over very soon.?

King: ?Thank you kindly Jamie, you can take Mr. Monroe to the courtroom now please.?
*turns com off and turns to look at Wyatt*

Wyatt: ?So I serve a few days and?..then what?? *looks confused*

King: ?Then you will be free of course, but the money is substantial and you will have to volunteer for a program of your choice, see it as a type of community service.?

Wyatt: ?Hmmm okay, well since I am not working now it might not be a bad thing.?

King: ?Sure, you may even enjoy it a lot. I need to take you down there now.?

*grabs Wyatt?s arm and pulls him along* *they walk through the precinct down the stairs into the jail*
*Wyatt looks a little scared but King keeps him close by*

King: ?It?s alright man, you won?t be alone much. I?ll be by sometimes to talk to you, but that guard down on the end, Roberto, will have to suffice for now.?

Wyatt: ?Umm okay, I hope I am by myself.?

King: ?Yes you will, no sharing cells here.? *gets to Wyatt?s cell and opens the door* *takes his cuffs off and pushes him inside* *closes the door behind him and stands there*

King: ?Now I will be back in a bit, I have paperwork to do so in the meantime Roberto will keep you company. BEHAVE!? *walks back the other way as Wyatt looks on*

*Wyatt stares at the stone-faced Puerto-Rican who* *starts whispering to himself*

Wyatt: ?UGH! How did I get myself into this and what is he going to do with me I wonder? Oh well, I guess I will sleep for a bit.? *lays down to sleep*
*two hours pass and Wyatt is awakened by Roberto*

Roberto: ?HEY YOU, FEEDING TIME!? *he hands Wyatt a menu which surprises him*

Wyatt: ?Wow, I get to choose the food? Cool.?

Roberto: ?Count yourself lucky muchacho. You have friends in high places.?

Wyatt: ?I?d say, I wonder if officer King did this?? *chooses the chicken with rice meal*

Roberto: ?I will bring you the food shortly. NO SLEEPING!? *he walks down the hall and hands the order to another guard*

*Wyatt sits and waits* *Roberto returns to stand across from his cell*

Wyatt: ?So can I talk to you?? *silence* ?Great no conversation.? *silence* ?How long is this?..? *Roberto talks*


*after a few more minutes Roberto walks away and is holding a tray* *it is steaming as Wyatt catches the aroma and sighs* *he hands it to Wyatt*

Roberto: ?Here I suggest you savor it because it will probably be the only good meal you get here.?

Wyatt: ?I will Roberto.?

*he starts eating slowly* *Roberto turns his head in the other direction as he eats*

Wyatt: ?Come on talk to me, I need something to do besides eat.?

Roberto: *groans* ?I am not allowed to talk to you muchacho. Officer King will be here soon, why don?t you just hold your tongue until he gets here again.?

Wyatt: ?You are no fun. I guess I will wait, at least I know he will talk to me.? *finishes eating and hands the tray back to Roberto*

*the guard walks off and disappears around the corner* *there is no guard around at that moment which makes Wyatt a little uncomfortable* *he finally gives up and goes to lay down for a bit* *the sound of a door opens* *Wyatt dozes off*

Wyatt: *dreaming* ?Wha?..errrr?..uhhhh?..I don?t want to drink it, it tastes bad. Ewww?..stop doing that?.no I don?t want it. *makes shoving motion as he sleeps* Please??stop?.? *King shakes him to wake him up*

Wyatt: *jumps up* ?AHH, oh sorry officer.?

King: *looks concerned* ?You okay man. I could hear you down the hall and wondered what the hell was going on.?

*Wyatt notices that King is wearing a tight tank showing off his bulging muscles and little black shorts*

King: *sits beside him and puts his arms around him* ?See something you like little man. Why don?t you tell me about your dream first??

Wyatt: ?Well?..I can?t remember now sorry.?

King: ?It?s okay Wyatt, why don?t you lay on my lap for a minute.?

*Wyatt leans over and lays his head directly on top of the officer?s huge rod laying in his shorts* *Wyatt feels it throbbing wildly and reaches to pet it* *King moans as Wyatt rubs his face on it* *King pulls his shorts off and pushes Wyatt?s face on it* *He gobbles it down and starts sucking rapidly*
King: ?Mmmmm feels good man, I am really starting to like you a lot Wyatt.?

*Wyatt feverishly sucks making King start to growl as he pulls the young man?s stripes off* *King picks him up from his legs and turns him so he can swallow Wyatt?s cock* *Wyatt moans deeply as the officer moves slowly but steadily back and forth getting a rhythm going*

Wyatt: *stops sucking* ?OHH GAWD OFFICER, FEELS SO AMAZING.? *goes back to sucking again*

King: *feels his cum starting to move up into his cock* ?YEAH WYATT MMMMM KEEP GOING MAN, KEEP GOING, ALMOST THERE, OHH FUCK, RIGHT THERE MAN, RIIIIGGGHHHTTTT THERE, YES!!!!!!!? *spills his seed down Wyatt?s face and deep inside his throat*

Wyatt: *licks his lips* ?OH officer, it tastes so good.?

King: ?Call me Marc Wyatt, we are beyond just acquaintances now. Now fucking feed me you sexy man.?

Wyatt: ?I?ll try Marc.? *feels it building in his balls as Marc increases his intensity two-fold*

King: ?Mmmmm yeah come on little man, I know you have a big one in there somewhere. *rubs Wyatt?s balls* Let go hot stuff, I want your hot cum in my body.?

Wyatt: ?I?.uhhh?.shit?.here it comes?..?

*King stops sucking and sticks his tongue out as Wyatt?s thick cum shoots directly into his throat* *King growls and pounds the bed as he swallows his spunk* *Wyatt moans slowly as the officer swallows every drop of cum* *He turns Wyatt around and kisses him on the lips and holds him tightly* *Wyatt pulls King?s tank off and kisses his chest*

King: *looks into Wyatt?s eyes* ?I do believe you are starting to get comfortable with me little man. I know I like spending time with you.?

Wyatt: ?I can?t seem to help myself Marc. You are insanely hot and I just want to continue having sex with you.?

King: ?Then have sex with me Wyatt. Do what you want, I won?t stop you.?

*Wyatt goes back to worshipping King?s swollen pecs* ?He bounces them as Wyatt licks each one* *The young man toys with King?s nipples which makes his growl again* *His cock starts bouncing uncontrollably*
King: ?Wyatt? are making want to fuck you really bad.?

*pauses for a few seconds, grabs Wyatt and pushes him down on his cock* *Wyatt squeals as King?s thick cock spreads him wider* *The sensation is so amazing that Wyatt sprays King?s chest* *King reaches down and spreads his finger in the cum before putting it on his tongue* *he smiles and moans as he picks up speed on Wyatt*


*King feels it building in his balls and slows his tempo down just enough to squeeze each jet into Wyatt?s intestines* *Wyatt moans long and deep as King thrusts jet after jet inside him holding him tight to his chest*

Wyatt: *sighs* ?Ohh officer, feels so good. I haven?t felt like this in ages. Thank you for making me feel like a man again.?

King: *holds him tight* ?I feel a connection with you Wyatt. I don?t quite know what it is, but I can feel it.?

Wyatt: *rubs King?s thick arms and kisses the peaks on his biceps* ?I am beginning to fall for you I think. I don?t really know why either.? *leans into his chest as King rubs his head*

King: ?I promise you won?t be in here long. I need to get out of here before someone catches me fraternizing with the inmates. I will talk to you soon man.? *waves goodbye and races out of the cell in just his underwear that he just put on*

Wyatt: *talks to himself* ?What is going on in my head? That dream earlier seems to be resonating somehow now.? *puts his stripes back on* ?I guess I should try to sleep again. Not going anywhere anytime soon.?

*lays back down* ?I am afraid to sleep, but I am tired.? *closes his eyes* ?I feel?.so?.funny?..? *passes out*
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Unfortunately, I struggle with reading long chunks of script all at once, so this really wasn't the best format for me. However, I can't help feeling that this (and Part 1, I'm too lazy to comment on both!) would make an excellent roleplay - perhaps an idea you could take advantage of? Sorry that I can't really offer more than this, but upon finishing the story so far, I don't really have too much criticism for you. Well done.
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