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Old May 8th, 2007, 04:14 PM
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An American Muscleman in London - Part 12

The Second Full Moon - Continued

Roger was asking me a question, ?And so, Anthony, is there a bad boy in you??

I could see all the intended nuances contained in that question and that made me want to answer in a way that conveyed everything I was feeling. ?I have a funny feeling, Roger, that you are just the person to release the bad boy within me.? I smiled and looked right in Roger?s eyes. My dick started to get hard and my heart was pumping faster. There was a line that was about to be crossed and I was ready to sail to the other side.

?Yes I am, Anthony, yes I am.? Roger answered smiling. ?So, when it comes to sex ? what do you like??

I choked a little on the sip of whiskey I had just taken and lost my composure for a second. I also glanced away from Roger - and I know he noted my immediate discomfort from the question. I think it actually pleased him that he had gotten to me in that way ? he had surprised me. I tried to get some of the cocky attitude I was exuding earlier and said, ?Well, sex is very important, Roger, but foreplay is just as important. I like a lot of foreplay. The dance leading up to the sex can be very exciting ? and very telling about a person. If someone is not good at foreplay they don?t get my attention.? I was being so bold and it was turning me on so much ? or was Roger turning me on ? I couldn?t tell and decided that it might be a mixture of the two. ?And the most important thing about any relationship I have is the kissing. I love a kiss that makes my toes curl up.? I had regained some of my cool composure from a few seconds ago and I could tell that Roger liked it. He was silently staring at me. Letting my last statement hang in the air between us. Roger?s smile turned a little devious and he sucked his lips inward to wet them. This moment of silence and staring at each other caused my dick to reach full mast. I had to break the silence ? just to calm my excited body down. ?And you, Roger, what do you like when it comes to sex??

?Oh you know ? everything,? he said laughing slightly, and then added, ?but mostly I like it when I find someone who likes to trade-off being the aggressive one. I like it when I can be the hunter AND the hunted.? He knew this last comment would please me ? he was such a player. It was obvious that he had made up his mind to let our conversation be the first part of our foreplay. He also knew that I wanted him - very much.

?Either way it?s really the hunt, itself, that matters ? isn?t it?? I asked ? prodding him along.

Roger leaned forward and put a hand on my knee. The contact sent pleasant shivers through my body. ?We are going to get along very well, my American friend. Very well, indeed. Will you join me for dinner, Anthony? We can step upstairs to the dining room. They have excellent food here ? and even better wine. I am not quite done bringing out the bad boy inside of you ? I think it will be a very long process.? Roger squeezed my knee tightly and I noticed his powerful grip.

?Wild horses couldn?t pull me away right now, Roger ? so I would be honored to join you.? I said as I placed my hand on his and squeezed back. I released his hand quickly, though. The image of wild horses took me back to my dream of a few nights ago. Why was I thinking of that right now? I wondered if the pleasure I was feeling standing in the middle of the field of my dream was a sign of the pleasure I would be feeling right now with Roger. He noticed I was thinking about something else.

?You didn?t change your mind that quickly, did you Anthony?? Roger asked.

?No, sir. I am all yours for the evening.? I said teasingly.

?I hope so Anthony, I hope so,? Roger said standing up and putting his arm around me after I stood up. ?The dining room is just this way,? he said guiding me out of the large room. I could feel that his body was tight ?even through his expensive suit. His subtle cologne mixed with the smell of him ? a mixture of sweat and something ? I couldn?t tell what it was ? was definitely manly. I was lost in thoughts about the upcoming evening.

The dinner was fabulous and the company was perfect. Roger was a brilliant man and it became clear to me that he was extremely wealthy ? not just kind of rich. He had graduated from Oxford ? with two areas of emphasis ? philosophy and business. He told me that the philosophy part was just to bug his dad. He explained that his family?s money came from buying and selling lots of real estate ? mostly in London. He also now owned a lot of property around the world.

At one point in the evening I just stopped the conversation and said, ?Roger, forgive me for asking this ? but why are you having dinner with me? You could probably have anyone in London ? or the world ? why would you choose to have dinner with a young guy from Texas that just works with computers??

Roger looked at me and turned quite serious. He said, ?Anthony ? you are so much more than that. You have no idea of your potential. You are going to do great things in England. I am sure of it. I just want to be there ? so I can experience it with you. Why would I not be with you tonight? How did you put it earlier ? oh yes ? wild horses wouldn?t pull me away.? And the smile had returned to his face. Underneath the table I felt his leg move against mine and stay there. I responded by rubbing my leg a few times up and down against his. The candlelight lit his face in a way that emphasized his dark features. He looked smewhat ominous ? but his smile was infectious. I only saw the smile. He poured more wine in my glass and his. The evening was moving to the dreaded moment when ?so-called? logic won out or pure lust took over. I wondered who would be brave enough to bring up our next step. I felt very brave and empowered.

?So, Mr. Roger,? I began and this title made him smile. ?I don?t feel that I have been sufficiently converted to the bad boy side. I was wondering if there was a second part to releasing the badness within me??

?Well, as a matter of fact, Anthony, I do not feel that you have been doing a very good job. I was thinking a more private tutorial might be needed to help you get better marks. Do not get me wrong ? I think you have made splendid progress, but some more intense work is needed.? Roger leaned back from the table and his face was half hidden in darkness. It was an extremely sexy look for him.

?Well, I guess I deserve the best tutor around ? don?t you? You came so highly recommended by Martin ? he called you his favorite bad boy. Where do you suggest this private tutoring should take place?? I was now ready to start making out with him on the table in front of me ? this was how excited this conversation made me. I knew he felt the same.

?I was thinking we might hold a master class this very evening at my home. I am a very short walk from here ? but I was thinking we might have someone call a cab to make it quicker. How does that sound?? He asked ? waving to one of the men working in the dining room - obviously not waiting for me to respond. He knew what my answer would be.

?I think that will be great. I am just going to step into the bathroom. Can you point me in that direction?? I said standing up. Roger gave me directions and when I walked in I noticed the men?s room was bigger than most London flats. There was a gentleman sitting in a chair by the counter ready to offer you mints, a comb, cigarettes ? you name it. I wondered if he handed out condoms. The older guy smiled at me as I entered and wished me a good evening. I smiled back and walked around the corner. I was at the urinal when I heard the door open again.

?Good evening Mr. Wexford,? the attendant said as Roger walked in.

?Hello Hugh, how are you this evening?? came Roger?s strong voice.

?Fine sire, I am fine,? Hugh answered.

?That is great. Might I ask you to step outside for just a few seconds?? Roger asked as I came around the corner to the sinks. I saw Roger handing Hugh a handful of what looked like pounds. I caught Roger?s face reflected in the mirror in front of me and then noticed that Hugh looked from Roger to me and smiled.

?Yes sir, Mr. Wexford.? And with that Hugh stood up and walked out of the restroom. I could see that he stood just outside - in front of the frosted glass door.

As I dried my hands Roger stepped behind me and put his arms around my waist. We stared at each other in the mirror. He bent slightly since he was a little taller than me. He slipped his hands into my pockets and a finger brushed up against my rigid cock. I let my body lean backwards into him. My ass clearly felt his own hard prick. He brought his lips to my neck and kissed me gently ? starting at the back of my right ear and going around my neck to the left ear. At the same time he started gently pushing his hard cock and crotch into my ass cheeks. He took his lips and went to the center of the back of my neck ? and began to suck on that spot ? letting his teeth scrape my neck softly. I pressed my body into his with a little more force. Roger moaned lightly and took two fingers of both hands and pressed into the sides of my quads ? just across from my balls. This made my legs give a little - but Roger held me with his strong arms wrapped around my body. I began to turn my body around and he took his hands out of my pockets and then stepped slightly back to give me room. Once I was facing him he brought his body back into mine with a pretty hard push. I was up against the counter and our hard cocks connected in a collision of pleasure. I reached up and grabbed the sides of Roger?s beautiful head and brought his face to mine. This had been the moment both of us were waiting for. Yes, the upcoming sex would be great, but we both knew that the first kiss needed to be magical ? powerful. It disappointed neither of us. My mouth opened wide to accept his tongue ? and his did the same for mine. I could still taste wine in his mouth and he sucked air from my mouth gently - causing my head to follow his as he pulled back. He pulled his mouth from mine and I moaned in displeasure ? but he immediately began to kiss my cheeks, neck and chin. He let his teeth slide gently on my chin and this made me throw my head slightly back. Roger then brought his mouth to the side of my head and took my right earlobe in his mouth ? teasing it with his teeth, lips and tongue. I turned and did the same to his ear. His body shook and I realized I had found something that pleased him. I filed this knowledge away for future use. Roger took his right hand and placed it at the back of my head ? pulling my mouth back to his. This time he kissed me hard ? hard enough for me to feel the stubble of his day-old beard around my mouth. This was something that turned me on and he noted it for future use, as well ? I was sure. Roger took his left hand and cupped my right ass cheek. Using slight suction from his mouth on mine and his strong hand on my ass, Roger pulled me to my toes for this kiss. He remembered that I wanted a kiss to "curl my toes" ? and that was what he was giving me. We were also busy rubbing our hard cocks together and I was running both hands through his thick black hair.

Just when I thought we would take it to a place where we would not be able to return, there was a light knock on the door. Roger pulled me closer to him in a very strong embrace and then let me go. He stepped to the sink next to me and turned on the water. The door opened and Hugh invited two middle-aged gentlemen into the restroom. There was conversation immediately. The first guy to walk in noticed my cock pushing my pants out as soon as he walked in. He smiled at me and then walked around the corner. I quickly turned to my sink and glanced up to see Roger?s face in his mirror. He was smiling straight at me. Before reaching to get a towel he raised his hands, flicked his fingers and water went flying into my face. He then laughed and stepped away from the sink as he dried his hands.

?Wexford, old boy. How the hell are you?? said the second man who had stopped at the counter to get some mints.

?Hello Rochester. I am fine. And how is your family?? Roger asked shaking hands with the gentleman.

?Everyone is fine. I just had some dinner ? and you?? Rochester asked.

?Yes ? I had a lovely dinner with my friend Anthony, here. He is from the States and has just moved to London to take it by storm.? Roger said placing a hand on my back and pulling me ? literally ? into the conversation. Rochester stuck out his hand to me.

?Very nice to meet you Anthony. If you are a friend of this young man ? beware! He has ways of making you do things you never would. He sold me some property in the States that I have never seen. Do not let that happen to you.? Rochester said pumping my hand.

?I won?t, sir. I promise. I will not let Roger do anything to me that I don?t want him to,? I said glancing at Roger and noting the twinkle in his eye.

?Well that?s just the problem, Anthony, he can make you want to do a lot!? Rochester exclaimed laughing. ?You two young men have a wonderful evening,? He said walking around the corner.

?It was nice meeting you,? I said as he walked away.

Roger grabbed me behind my neck and pulled me to the door. As he passed Hugh he handed him some more money and they nodded to each other. It was apparent that this happened quite frequently. Roger squeezed my neck ? pretty hard - so I winced a little.

?Let?s go get our cab,? he said ushering me out the door. I don?t remember a lot about the cab ride to Roger?s place. Of course the cab driver knew him (didn't everyone) and this made it possible for us to act like high school students making out in the back seat of a car at some lookout point. As soon as we were in the cab Roger reached over and pulled me on top of him. Because the black cabs in London have so much room he was able to lean back and have me on top of his whole body. He reached down and grabbed my ass with both hands. He pushed my crotch into his own and this caused us both to moan. Our lips were glued to each other the entire trip. We did not stop the kiss for the entire seven-minute ride. I knew my lips were going to be chapped the next day - but I didn?t care. I undid a couple of buttons and slipped one hand into Roger?s shirt. I was instantly rewarded with the feeling of a hard muscled chest ? but I was also very happy because it was covered in hair. His body was as I thought it would be ? a tight simmer?s body ? or maybe more like a gymnast. All I knew was that it turned me on very much.

I don?t remember taking a good look at Roger?s building as he paid the cab driver. I had lost all inhibitions and I had my arms wrapped around his body from behind as he leaned into the window. We walked to his front door with me holding on to him this same way. Once inside the front room I could tell the place was magnificent. I glanced around the front hall and noticed that it was decorated perfectly. I didn?t want to look around right at the moment. Roger was busy putting his keys and wallet into the drawer of a table beside the door so I walked up to him, spun him around to face me and pushed him back into the door. I pushed hard and I could tell he liked it. I bent my knees slightly and then brought my hard cock up his quads and crotch pressing into him the entire time. He let out a loud moan this time and I pressed into him harder. I moved my right hand down between us and grabbed hold of his cock. It was a nice size and fully hard. As soon as my fingers gripped it tightly he let out a loud yell ? not from pain, but from pleasure. I placed my mouth on his to stop the noise. His mouth responded by sucking my tongue into his throat. I began to fantasize about the job his talented mouth was going to do on other parts of my body.

At that moment the hairs on the back of my neck and arms stood up in warning. I knew this feeling was completely separate from the pleasure that was happening all over my body. It was the exact feeling I had every time . . . every time . . . I pushed away from Roger and turned to see Atol standing on the other side of the front room. He was staring right at Roger and me. My body reacted immediately by going into a stance of defense. My body was shaking from excitement ? not fear. I was ready for a challenge.
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Old May 8th, 2007, 08:47 PM
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rtulde is on a distinguished road

Good writing can be maddening! When I compared this to LOST I didn't expect you to take up a cliffhanger ending too! Don't keep us in suspense too long. Thanks for another great installment.
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Old May 9th, 2007, 12:59 AM
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Why I do declare! I bow to thee LondonBoy! Freakin'! [COLOR="Red"]HOT!! STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/COLOR]Ahem.....
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Old May 9th, 2007, 04:14 AM
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OH MY GOD !!! ...................... whatever next? I Can't wait......
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You are the master of getting us desperately excited for the new installment. Excellent chapters, I loved the "Gentelmen club" environment and the classy way to make out in public places.

Now you have us around your little finger... Please don't leave us for too long

Take care
There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Old May 9th, 2007, 05:31 PM
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Sorry about the "cliffhanger" ending. It really was just a great place to stop - I promise. I continue to be humbled by your kind remarks and feel very lucky to give back a little pleasure to the site that has given me so much in the past. I promise the next installment will be soon (rtulde - you didn't cause this, don't worry and muscl4life - you continue to comment on some of my favorite parts - I sense a similar taste in what we like). Here's to more fun in London!
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Old May 9th, 2007, 08:02 PM
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Awesome - great writing - great story. I know I have commented on slow pace of the story - but this is awesome. Please cntinue.
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Old May 10th, 2007, 09:22 PM
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Finally, some action!

And what action it was! Your language made me feel as if Roger and I were making out.
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Old May 13th, 2007, 08:36 PM
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Mdlftr will become famous soon enough
Suspense building....


I confess I'm not sure what going on here (besides the obvious "sucking face" action). If this story is a version of King Arthur and the nights of the round table, and Manfred is Arthur, and we have a Merlin....

Who is Roger and who the heck is Athol? And WHY is he standing in the shadows?!?!? WHat is our protagonist (Lancelot) going to do with Athol? Is Roger somehow "the 5th columnist" or hidden traitor in Manfred's circle of friends? Kind of like Mordred (Arthur's son by his half sister Morgan Le Fay)? I am also allowing for the fact that this plot element may not be tracking Camelot at all--

....veeery interesting!

Keep up the good work! (Personally, I'd love to see more of the super built Italian trainer -- but I have a feeling he's a minor plot element and already out of the picture.)

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