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Andrew Chapter 14: Sunday At South Beach

When Andrew?s alarm went off at 8 am, he woke up to find himself tangled in Carrie?s arms, unable to move.

Drat, how do I get out of her grip without waking her up? Andrew asked himself. If I wake her up, she?ll come after me again!

Then Andrew remembered how strong he was; easily strong enough to force her to behave if he had to. But he was reluctant to control her in that manner; he preferred to carry her around for miles instead.

I?ll just move her off me gently, Andrew decided. If the alarm didn?t wake her up, then moving her off me won?t either. And if she does wake up, then at least she will help me wake up all the way!

Andrew stood up and went into the bathroom to have his shower. Once the water was hot enough, Carrie wandered into the bathroom, having been woken up by the sound of the running water.

?Hey baby,? Andrew greeted her, wrapping her up in his massive arms. ?Did you come in here to help me wake up??

?Yes I did big man,? Carrie replied, enjoying the view as he stood in front of her completely naked. ?I?ll make sure that every one of your muscles gets a thorough cleaning to wake you up completely!?

"I'll hold you to that Carrie," Andrew said, holding her hand and helping her climb into the shower stall. Carrie gasped as the hot water hit her naked body and Andrew grinned. "What's the matter Carrie, don't you like it hot?"

"I like you hot!" Carrie corrected him, pulling him into the shower after her. But she pulled too hard and Andrew lost his balance and fell down, hitting his head on the wall. "Looks like it's easy for me to take the big man down!" Carrie chuckled.

Then she screamed with delight as Andrew pulled her down on top of her.

"I can take you down as well!" Andrew reminded her, grinning at her. "Now it's time for you to get busy little girl! Wash every part of your big man and worship him while you do so!"

He stood up and gently pulled her to her feet effortlessly.

"You can't tell me what to do!" Carrie shouted, spraying him with the shampoo. She dropped the bottle in shock when she accidentally sprayed him right in the eyes. "Are you okay Andrew?" she asked him, worried that she had hurt him.

"I'm fine Carrie," Andrew replied, wiping the shampoo out of his eyes. Even though it hadn't hurt, he decided to make Carrie feel guilty by pretending to be blinded. "Where are you Carrie? I want to spray some shampoo at you to pay you back!"

"I'm right here in front of you Andrew!" Carrie yelled. "Can't you see me?"

"No I can't Carrie; I've got shampoo in my eyes!" Andrew reminded her. "I can't see a thing! Thanks a lot Carrie; you've blinded me so that I can't see your beautiful body anymore! What did you do that for?" As he was spoke, he waved his arms around blindly, trying to find her. Carrie shouted in surprise as Andrew's massive arm knocked her off balance and then yelled in pain as his other arm caught her effortlessly, keeping her from falling. "Are you okay Carrie?" Andrew asked her, staring deeply into her eyes.

"I will be once you let me go," Carrie replied, sqeezing her eyes shut. She gasped in pain as Andrew's fingers dug deeply into her ribs, keeping her on her feer. "You're hurting me Andrew; let me go!"

"Hold onto me!" Andrew ordered her, releasing his iron grip. He bent down and rubbed her sore ribs gently, trying to make up for accidentally hurting her. "There, do you sore ribs feel better now?"

"How did you know my ribs were hurt if you've been blinded by the shampoo in your eyes?" Carrie asked him suspiciously.

"I was just pretending to be blind; trying to make you feel guilty for spraying shampoo in my eyes," Andrew replied. "But I guess I took my payback too far because now I've hurt you; for real! I didn't mean to hurt you Carrie!"

"I'm okay big man," Carrie assured him, even though her ribs were still sore. She smiled as his gentle touch seeped into her ribs and the pain gradually went away. "You see the point I was trying to make last night Andrew: about what would happen if you ever hit me in anger?"

"I didn't hit you; I caught you to keep you from falling!" Andrew corrected her. "And I didn't do it out of anger; I did it out of concern, because I didn't want you to get hurt!"

"I got hurt anyway!" Carrie reminded him, beginning to wash his massive muscles one by one.

"That was an accident; it wasn't a malicious attack, not like the one you directed at me with that shampoo!" Andrew shouted at her.

"I don't think you know the difference!" Carrie yelled back at him.

"Yes I do!" Andrew yelled in fury. "When I hurt you by catching you, that was an accident! This is malicious!" He sprayed the shampoo all over her head until it dripped down her face, forcing her to close her eyes. "How do you like that Carrie, now I've paid you back for spraying me!"

"You did that when you pretended to be blind," Carrie reminded him, grinning as he began to wash her from behind. "So now I have to pay you back, but with all the shampoo dripping down my face, I don't dare open my eyes!"

"I'll wash you off," Andrew assured her, pushing her against the wall gently. As he held her there effortlessly, he adjusted the shower head so that the hot water sprayed directly onto her head, making her gasp with shock. "How's that Carrie? I think you can open your eyes now."

Carrie wiped her eyes gently and then opened them slowly, relieved that she could see again. Then she tried to wiggle free of Andrew's iron grip but she couldn't make any progress.

"How am I supposed to pay you back if you won't let me go?" Carrie asked him, smiling with pleasure as he finshed washing her back.

"You have two free arms; use them to punch me until I let you go," Andrew suggested.

"I've got a better idea!" Carrie shouted, elbowing him in the face. She glanced back and saw him grinning; obviously he hadn't felt a thing. "Rats! Why can't I hurt you!" she screamed in fury.

"That's because you're hitting like a girl!" Andrew teased her. "Come on Carrie, hit me like the big hockey player that you are!"

Carrie yelled in fury and elbowed him in the face and ribs repeatedly, struggling to escape his iron grip. She finally felt his grip begin to loosen and elbowed him right in the stomach. Andrew gasped and finally let her go and then Carrie turned around and gave him a big kick right in the chest. Andrew staggered back a few inches and Carrie fell to the floor of the shower stall, yelling in pain.

"Good job Carrie; I see those moves I taught you worked well," Andrew said, grinning at her. He reached down and helped her up. "But even though you managed to make me lose my grip on you, you didn't even leave a mark on me!"

"That's because you're so big and strong!" Carrie gasped in astonishment. "I think I bruised my foot when I kicked your chest! What have you got under your skin: an iron plate?"

"Naw, just rock-hard muscle girl!" Andrew replied, as they finished washing each other. "My muscular armour protects me so well I don't even get incapacitated by bullets!"

"Yes I saw that in the summer, during Commander Marge's tour," Carrie agreed, looking really scared.

"Hey, what's the matter Carrie?" Andrew asked her, turning the shower off. He held her hand as she stepped out of the shower stall and then stepped out as well. "I didn't scare you again, did I?"

"Yes you did, when you pinned me against the shower stall," Carrie replied. "Even though I didn't act scared, I was actually terrified! Do you have any idea how many blows it took to free myself from your iron grip?"

"Yeah, about ten, and one good shot in the stomach before I could flex my abs," Andrew replied, grinning at her. "You're a really good fighter Carrie and I actually enjoy these sparring sessions we have! It's great to have someone hit me with their full force! I like to find out just how tough I actually am and you take me to my limit every time!" He held her face gently in his massive hands and added, "I love you so much Carrie, more and more every day! I'm sorry if I hurt you accidentally, but you certainly paid me back well enough, even though you hurt yourself by doing so!"

"My foot is fine now Andrew," Carrie said, easing back from his gentle grip. "See, I can stand on my own without you holding me up! And I love you more every day as well, especially since you're so gentle with me!" She rubbed his massive pecs gently and Andrew smiled as he felt the warmth of her soft touch. "I don't love you more just because there is more of you to love each day, but it certainly helps!"

"Thanks Carrie," Andrew said, as they walked back into the bedroom after drying each other off. "Now, if you can help me find some suitable clothes for the interview, I'll help you get dressed as well."

"It's a shame that I have to cover up those huge muscles of yours!" Carrie informed him with a big grin.

"Don't worry Carrie, I'll let you uncover my muscles tonight!" Andrew promised her. "But until then, I'll wear a revealing t-shirt that shows then off to everyone, especially you! The gym owner probably wants to see how muscular I am, to make sure that I can train even the biggest clients!"

"Are you going to train them to be hot muscle studs like yourself?" Carrie asked him, smiling at the thought.

"Will you worship them if I do?" Andrew asked her, as she took some clean clothes out of their bags.

"Hey, I'm a one man woman Andrew!" Carrie reminded him as he frowned down at her.

"I know that," Andrew assured her, a broad grin appearing on his face. "I was just kidding Carrie! I remember how much you came on to me last night!"

"You came onto me as well!" Carrie reminded him. "And I'm not talking about making out with me either!"

"Okay Carrie, calm down!" Andrew begged her, clamping a massive hand over her mouth. "We don't want everyone to hear what a great time we had with each other last night, though I can tell you're dying to tell everyone!"

"I just can't keep to myself how happy my big man has made me!" Carrie shouted in excitement. She ran over to help Andrew put his shirt on and added, "But I guess I will have to keep it quiet for now, or you might hurt me!"

"That was an accident Carrie!" Andrew reminded her, frowning again. "Don't you remember our big talk last night? I would never hurt you deliberately! Don't you know that by now?" Then he saw Carrie smiling at him and he realized that she had just been kidding. "Why you little joker, I'll get you for that!" Andrew yelled in fake fury. He grabbed Carrie by the front of her shirt and hoisted her effortlessly into the air, with one hand! "Not laughing now, are you Carrie?"

"Actually I am, because you're tickling my chest holding me up like this!" Carrie replied, giggling loudly.

"Rats, I can't even scare you anymore Carrie!" Andrew shouted, pretending to be disappointed. "How am I ever going to keep you under control now, so that you don't jump me every time I turn my back?"

"Just pin me gently against a wall like you did in the shower," Carrie suggested. "Then you can restrain me while gently stroking my face."

"Like this?" Andrew asked, carrying her over to the nearest wall. He kept her at eye level as he pinned her against the wall, so her feet were about nine inches above the floor. "How's that Carrie, are you happy now?"

"Very happy Big Man!" Carrie replied, closing her eyes in contentment as Andrew stroked her face gently with his free hand. "You're so strong, yet so gentle Andrew! I feel completely safe in your big strong hands!"

"I'm only using one hand Carrie!" Andrew reminded her, as he leaned forward to kiss her softly. "I'm so strong that I could lift even a 300 pound linebacker into the air with one hand!"

Carrie smiled as Andrew kissed her and she folded her arms around his massive neck. Andrew smiled as well and stepped away from the wall, allowing Carrie to wrap her legs around him as well. Locked together in their passionate embrace, Andrew and Carrie gradually made their way across the bedroom to their bag of clothes on the floor. Andrew set Carrie down gently and began dressing her, slowly massaging her beautiful body with his massive hands.

"Are you going to wear those tight jeans from last night?" Carrie asked him, sliding his skintight t-shirt down over his massive chest.

"No, I'll wear a looser pair today," Andrew informed her. "It's a good thing I brought another pair of jeans; that other pair is now too provacative!"

"Can I put your jeans on you too?" Carrie asked him, finally pulling his t-shirt down over his rock-hard abs.

"Go right ahead Carrie," Andrew replied, slipping on his boxers. "As long as you let me dress you afterwards!"

"Like I could even hope to stop you!" Carrie reminded him. "You're so strong, as you just demonstrated, that you can take advantage of me anytime you want to!" She saw the sad look in Andrew's eyes, so she decided to cheer him up. "But don't worry Big Man, not only will I let you dress me right now, but I expect you to undress me tonight!"

Andrew's smile returned as he assured her, "Don't worry Carrie, I'll take full advantage of those orders when it's time to follow them!" He got down on his knees to slide her jeans up her shapely legs and then zipped her up carefully. He stood up and handed her his jeans. "There, now it's time for you to do me!"

"I'd be glad to Andrew!" Carrie assured him, doubling over with laughter. "Just wait until tonight!"

"I mean it's your turn to put my pants on Carrie!" Andrew roared in laughter. As he put her shirt on her, he realized, "Obviously, dressing you hasn't covered up your inner 'wild girl', has it?"

"No Big Boy, it hasn't!" Carrie agreed, kneeling down so that she could slide his jeans up his massive legs. She stared at the massive bulge in his boxers and added, "I must say, I love this view!"

She reached her hand for the bulge and Andrew caught her wrist gently, warning her, "No, no Carrie, you'll have to wait for tonight!" As Carrie grinned in anticipation and zipped him up, Andrew leaned down and added, "I assure you that the wait will be worth it!"

Carrie grinned at him, and Andrew helped her stand up. He put his wallet and keycard in his pockets, and Carrie put their swimsuits in the backpack, just in case they went swimming later. Andrew hugged her gently as she put the backpack on and then led her over to the door of the bedroom. He opened the door to see Ralph and Connor waiting outside for them. Andrew narrowed his eyes slightly, silently warning them not to mention, to anyone, what they had heard from behind closed doors.

"Are you ready to go to the interview now Andrew?" Ralph asked him. "Connor and I are ready, to be your references! And Mark is waiting for us in the limo."

"Yeah, I guess I shouldn't run there today," Andrew realized. "I don't want to get all hot and sweaty before the interview, do I?" He smirked as he heard Carrie snicker behind him and gave her a light swat to keep her quiet. "Shut up Carrie!" he ordered her jokingly, smiling at her to let her know he was kidding. He turned back to Ralph and said, "Thanks for thinking of that man."

"You were busy; we didn't mind taking care of things," Connor assured him. He left out the rest of that sentence, which would have been "...while you took care of each other!", figuring it would just make Andrew mad if he said that. "Are you ready to go now?"

"Yeah man, let's go," Andrew said, leading the way down the hall; after he locked the door of course. He led the way down the stairs and into the lobby.

The group of four teens walked along the marble floor, marvelling at the marble pillars and the plush carpet in the conversation alcoves. Andrew led them outside, and they saw their driver there holding open the rear limo door for them.

"Thanks dude!" Andrew said to the driver.

"You're welcome sir," the driver said, closing the limo door once they were inside.

Andrew sat down in the plush rear seat of the limo and wrapped a massive arm around Carrie's shoulders.

"So, are you ready for me to be successful at another job interview today?" he asked her with a cocky grin.

"Gee, someone is confident about his abilities!" she teased him as the limo started moving.

"I ought to be, after the results of my 'Physical Examination' last night!" Andrew reminded her, smirking with satisfaction.

"I'll have to give you another exam tonight, just to make sure the results were accurate!" Carrie promised him.

"Don't worry Carrie, I'll blow those results out of the water!" Andrew predicted arrogantly.

"As well as something else!" Carrie reminded him, roaring with laughter.

"Aww stop it Carrie!" Andrew begged her. "Everyone can hear us!" He looked around the limo and then realized that the other three teens were listening to their i-Pods. "I guess they didn't hear a thing after all!"

"Good, then tell me what you plan to do to me tonight!" Carrie dared him.

"I'd rather not talk about it," Andrew informed her. "I'll just do it!"

"You mean, you'll do me!" Carrie corrected him. "And don't forget, it's not bragging if you can back it up!"

"I think you will be the one backing up Carrie," Andrew reminded her, smiling with anticipation.

"Oh you're going to make it hard for me, leaving me to do all the work?" Carrie teased him.

"You got the first part right; I will make it hard for you Carrie!" Andrew agreed, causing Carrie to roar with laughter once again. "But I will be doing all the work; you just have to lie there!"

"I'll be waiting for you with open arms!" Carrie promised him.

"I don't think it's your arms that will be wide open Carrie!" Andrew reminded her, chuckling at the thought.

"Shut up Andrew!" Carrie laughed, swatting him across the face. "Stop insulting me by calling me easy!"

"I don't have to insult you, not when you keep calling yourself names!" Andrew corrected her.

"You're a very smart man Andrew!" Carrie realized. "You can knock on my door anytime!"

"I'll just barge in; muscle monsters like me don't bother knocking!" Andrew roared, grinning at her.

"We'll just have to see if you're strong enough to break down my door Big Man!" Carrie goaded him.

"Only if you're willing Carrie," Andrew assured her, his grin fading as he became very serious. Carrie nodded in agreement, pleased that her Big Man wasn't going to take advantage of her. Then Andrew grinned and added, "Oh wait, I forgot: you're always ready and willing, aren't you Carrie?"

"Hey, you're calling me easy again, without actually speaking the words!" Carrie realized.

"You're not easy, unless you count being easy on the eyes!" Andrew reminded her, making Carrie smile at his compliment. Then Andrew said, "Every part of you is hard and firm!"

"Oh shut up, you smart ass!" Carrie shouted with a big grin, shoving him against the soft seat.

"Yeah, you like talking about my butt, don't you Carrie?" Andrew asked her, as he enveloped her in his massive arms.

"I can't help it; it's just so hard and firm!" Carrie marvelled, as she rubbed his butt gently.

"Are you sure you're not talking about something else?" Andrew asked her with a wink.

"That too!" Carrie agreed, rubbing his crotch as well.

"Stop that Carrie!" Andrew ordered her, shoving her hand away. "I can't go into a job interview aroused!"

"Okay, I'll just hope you come into the bedroom aroused tonight!" Carrie predicted. "It's good to know that I can still turn my Big Man on!"

"Don't worry Carrie, you'll always have the only key to my heart!" Andrew promised her, smiling softly. He looked over and his smile faded as he saw tears streaming down her face. "Hey Carrie, what's wrong; what did I say?"

"You just reminded me what a great guy you are!" Carrie informed him. "You always know what to say to melt my heart and make me cry with tears of joy! Don't ever leave me Andrew; I would miss you too much!"

"Don't worry Carrie, I'll never leave you," Andrew promised her, rubbing the side of her face gently. He wanted to cheer her up, so he added, "One day, you will carry me inside you; or my seed anyway!"

"I can't wait to have you inside me Andrew!" Carrie laughed. She leaned close to his right ear and whispered, "Do you think you can come inside before the year is over? It would be the perfect way to start the New Year, knowing that we've taken our relationship to the next level!"

"I'll have to work on that," Andrew promised her. "I'm sure I can come up with something!"

"I'll say you can; I was there last night!" Carrie reminded him, doubling over with laughter once again.

"Okay Carrie, that's enough of that!" Andrew warned her, frowning at her. "Don't make me tell you twice!"

"All right Andrew, I'll behave myself," Carrie said reluctantly, pouting slightly.

"Good for you Carrie, I know how hard it is for you!" Andrew teased her.

"It's always hard for me!" Carrie laughed, rubbing his crotch again.

"I said stop that!" Andrew reminded her, catching her hand in his iron grip. "I mean it Carrie: behave yourself until tonight! I know I'm irresistable, but try to contain yourself; I know it's possible!"

"Yes it is," Carrie agreed, realizing that her attempts to turn Andrew on were making him mad! She remembered how he had almost broken Anthony's neck the night before, and she could feel the strength in his grip on her hand. "Hold me in your massive arms Andrew; then you'll keep me under control while letting me feel the warmth of your tender touch!"

"Good idea Carrie," Andrew agreed. He folded his massive arms around her slender body and released his grip on her hand. Carrie leaned her head back against his massive pecs and Andrew smiled with happiness. "I'll always be here to hold you in my arms," he promised her.

"It makes me feel very safe when you hold me," Carrie informed him. She turned around so that she could look him right in the eyes. "I feel very fortunate to have a National Defender as a boyfriend."

"Thanks Carrie; I do my best," Andrew said, stroking her hair softly. "And don't worry, I'll defend you with my very life in necessary!"

"That won't be necessary Andrew," Carrie assured him, a little scared of the intense look in her fiancee's eyes. "You're so big and muscular that no guy would even think of looking at me!"

"Then I guess Mike wasn't thinking when he looked at you!" Andrew realized. "He just did it and I had to forcibly turn his head away from you! I think that when we return to Orillia, I am going to have a little chat with him about keeping his eyes off my girlfriend!"

"As long as you don't hurt him," Carrie said, getting scared as she saw Andrew getting angry again. "He knows that you would never hurt your friends; that's probably why he stared at me!"

"Rats, am I such a gentle giant that noone's scared of me anymore?" Andrew snapped. "I'm going to have to do something about that, like I did with Ralph and Connor last night! Everyone is going to learn that you're off limits, both for their hands and their eyes! I can promise you that once I'm through drilling that lesson into the guys, they'll never look at you again!"

"You're scaring me Andrew!" Carrie informed him. "Stop getting so jealous; noone's going to take me away from you, except you and your anger!"

Andrew looked at her with new understanding and remembered how scary her jealousy of Brenda had been.

"You're absolutely right Carrie," Andrew realized. "My anger would scare everyone away from me, wouldn't it? Then I'd be all alone and my worst fears would come true! It's just that you're so beautiful; no guy will keep his eyes off you if I don't stop them from looking!"

"Do you really think so?" Carrie asked him, smiling at his compliment.

"Of course I do!" Andrew assured her. "You should be a model Carrie! In fact, take some of these modelling agency cards I collected yesterday. If we work at the same modelling agency sometime, then I can keep an eye on you and keep the male models from getting too close to you!"

"And I can repel the female models from you with my angry stare!" Carrie realized.

"Good idea Carrie," Andrew agreed. He handed her some of the cards and added, "I'll have to check the addresses on the cards later so that we know where the agencies are."

"Maybe the gym owner can tell us," Carrie suggested, as the limo stopped in front of the South Beach Gym.

"Once I meet him, I'll ask him," Andrew agreed.

"You've already met him Andrew," Mark informed him as the limo driver opened the doors for them.

"How can that be?" Andrew asked in surprise. "I only met one guy last night and that was Mr. Carlton, the South Beach Club owner! If he was the South Beach Gym owner, then why did he talk about him like a seperate person?"

"The gym owner is not Mr. Carlton," Mark said, as they got out of the limo. "The gym owner is Anthony's dad, the guy who rented us the surfboards last night."

"I wonder why noone told me that before," Andrew said, looking thoughtful.

"Your reputation as a smart jock means people think that you're smart enough to figure things out without having to be told," Mark replied. He grinned at Andrew and asked him, "They weren't wrong, were they?"

"Now you're just making fun of me!" Andrew realized, giving Mark a light shove. "I'll get you for that later; right now I need you to give me a good reference for the interview."

"The interview is still a few moments away Andrew," Mark reminded him, grinning at his big friend. "So giving you a good reference right now would serve no useful purpose! A smart jock like you should know that!"

Andrew turned to glare at Mark, but then one of the trainers opened the door of the gym. Andrew turned to face the entrance and a smile appeared on his face as he recognized the big guy standing in the doorway.

"Hey Carl, you work here too?" Andrew asked him.

"No, I'm just the doorman Andrew!" Carl teased him, having heard Mark bugging Andrew just a moment earlier. Andrew glared at Carl and Carl's smug grin slipped a bit. "Uh, yes I do work here, as a Personal Trainer Andrew."

"That's what I thought," Andrew said, his smile returning. "So, can we come in or will Mr. Anderson conduct my interview out here?" he asked, hoping to pay Carl back a bit.

"The interview will be inside Andrew," Carl replied, ushering the group into the gym. "Anthony must have told you that his dad was the gym owner. Did Anthony also tell you that he is a Personal Trainer here, just like me?"

"I believe he did," Andrew replied, as everyone stepped into the lobby of the gym building. "Mark was the one who told me Anthony's dad was the owner of the gym, actually."

"Why didn't Anthony tell you that himself?" Carl wondered, as he led them to the desk of Mr. Anderson's Executive Assistant.

"I'll tell you later man," Andrew replied, glad that Anthony had not told Carl about their fight the night before.

That wouldn't have helped my chances of getting a job at his dad's gym! Andrew realized.

"This is Mr. Andrew Pearson; he's here for his 9 am interview," Carl informed the lady at the desk. He looked at Andrew's companions and suddenly realized something. "He brought his referneces along with him."

"Excellent; thank you Carl," the E.A. said. "You wait right here and I'll go inform Mr. Anderson that Andrew has arrived for his interview."

She started down the hall towards Mr. Anderson's office.

"We have something to show you Andrew," Connor said, as Carl waved goodbye and went back into the gym.

"What's that guys?" Andrew asked him, smiling at Connor's look of excitement.

"We brought pictures of our progress so that Mr. Anderson can see how muscular we became once you started training us for football."

"Hey, good thinking guys," Andrew commended him. "How'd you manage that?"

"We had time to access our My Space Pages on the computer and print them off," Ralph replied, handing some of the photos over to Andrew. "That's a great benefit of the Recruiter's Suite, it has a computer."

"Very good thinking guys," Andrew commended them, smiling as he looked down at the photos. "It looks like your photos show the most dramatic change Ralph."

"Yeah, I was really skinny even three years ago," Ralph said, looking down at the first photos in shame. "I was only 5 foot 2 and 120 pounds! But with your help, I am now 6 foot 1 and 210 pounds!"

"Hey, good for you Big Guy!" Andrew commended him, slapping him on the shoulder lightly. "You put on 90 pounds of muscle in only three years and got yourself to scholarship level after one year of training! It took me seven years to get to the same point, and more than four years to put on 90 pounds!"

"Thanks Andrew," Ralph said, pleased that his big friend was flattering him. "Ah, here comes Mr. Anderson's Assistant again."

Andrew looked up and saw the lady coming back down the hall towards them.

"Mr. Anderson is ready to see all of you now," she informed the group of teenagers. "I'm sorry I took so long," she added, leading them down the short hall to Mr. Anderson's office. "I just had to tell Mr. Anderson that you were bringing your references along with you for the interview."

"Yeah, I guess Mr. Malcolm didn't tell him that I trained Mark, Ralph and Connor," Andrew realized. "But then, I never told Mr. Malcolm that until yesterday."

"Not really into bragging about yourself, are you Andrew?" Mr. Anderson asked him, stepping out of the office to shake his hand.

"Not now, but I used to be sir," Andrew replied, stepping into the office. He sat down in the chair Mr. Anderson pulled out for him. "But after I lifted my car, I started to get so much attention that I got really shy and embarrassed."

"Good for you Andrew," Mr. Anderson said, sitting down behind his desk. "That shyness keeps you from getting too cocky and arrogant. But now I have to hear what your references have to say about you. Who's first?"

Mark raised his hand, and Mr. Anderson nodded at him to begin. Mark told everyone about his Journey to Jockhood, thanks to the training Andrew had given him. Mr. Anderson's eyes widened in astonishment at how successful Mark had become as a football player under Andrew's guidance. Andrew tried hard not to look at the floor in embarrassment; determined to be proud of how he had helped others become successful jocks like himself.

Once Mark finished speaking, Ralph and Connor took turns describing how Andrew had transformed both of them into jocks at the same time. They made sure to point out how Andrew had turned both of them into jocks in the same amount of time it had taken him to turn just Mark into a jock. Andrew smiled at their emphasis on how his training methods had improved, allowing him to train two people successfully, at the same time.

Once Ralph and Connor had finished telling their story, Carrie began speaking. She told Mr. Anderson how patient Andrew had been with her as he trained her for hockey; a sport they had in common. Her eyes teared up slightly as she spoke and Andrew squeezed her hand gently, smiling softly at her.

"Your references speak very highly of you Andrew," Mr. Anderson said, having looked at their My Space progress pictures as they had spoken. He held up a bunch more pictures and emails and added, "Your clients in the gym in Barrie have the same high praise for you, and they have also progressed really well under your guidance."

He passed over the pictures and emails so that Andrew could see his effect on the clients he was paid to train.

"Thank you sir," Andrew said, smiling at the changes in his clients' physique as he looked over the pictures. He was humbled and pleased by the praise his paying and unpaying clients had for his training techniques. "I've done my best to pass on what my dad taught me about working out and athletic training. I'm glad to see that my training techniques have helped others reach their full potential, just like my dad helped me reach mine!"

"Mission acomplished Andrew," Mr. Anderson commended him, standing up to shake his hand. He shook Andrew's hand vigorously once Andrew and his friends stood up and added. "Welcome to the South Beach Gym! We'd be honoured to have you join our team over the Christmas Holidays!"

"Thank you sir," Andrew said, smiling at the enthusiasm Mr. Anderson had at the prospect of Andrew joining his team of Personal Trainers. "I'm glad you think I trained my friends and clients well enough at the gyms back home to train clients at this gym."

"Don't worry about that Andrew; your references have proven what a valuable asset you will be to our team!" Mr. Anderson assured him. "You are an excellent Personal Trainer and your father obviously was as well, having trained you so well!"

"Okay, okay; take a breath sir!" Andrew pleaded with his new boss, raising his hands to keep him calm. "I don't want Anthony to hear you singing my praises too loudly, or he might get jealous again!"

"What do you mean by that?" Mr. Anderson asked him, frowning slightly. "I know my son has a temper; what did he say to you exactly? And what am I going to have to say to him to get him to show you the proper respect?"

"I didn't mean to blurt that out sir," Andrew said, clenching his fists at his mistake. "If you don't mind, I'd rather tell you a bit later, so that Anthony doesn't get distracted during his training duties today."

"Thanks for reminding me of that Andrew," Mr. Anderson said, leading them out of the office. "You truly are a smart jock and you're absolutely right. Let's go out into the gym now so that you can meet some of your future clients."

"Excellent idea sir," Andrew agreed. "I really want to see your gym for myself and even work out here a time or two."

"I'd be happy to give you, and your friends, free two day passes!" Mr. Anderson offered, leading them down the hall to the gym floor. "I'm sure you'll earn it over the Christmas Holidays." He stopped walking and turned to Andrew's friends. "Are any of you Personal Trainers like Andrew?"

"No sir; we're just jocks like him," Connor replied. "But all three of us are still his clients from time to time, but not at his job."

"Do you mean to tell me that Andrew took his personal time to train all of you, without asking you to pay him for his efforts?" Mr. Anderson asked them in astonishment. His respect for Andrew rose even higher and he looked over at his new employee in pride. He noticed Andrew looking ducking his head, feeling embarrassed by his friend's comments. "You don't have to be embarrassed Andrew; that's really generous of you: taking time out of your busy schedule to help others 'be all they can be' just like you!"

"Thank you sir," Andrew said, noticing that Mr. Anderson had used a military phrase. He guessed that his new boss knew that he was a Canadian Reservist, but he hid that suspicion and raised his head to look Mr. Anderson in the eyes. "I'm glad you appreciate how I have used my great strength to help others realize their full strength."

"You're really shy and quiet with your shirt on, aren't you Andrew?" Mr. Anderson asked him, finally realizing what Carrie had figured out the night before.

"Yes I am sir," Andrew replied. "I try not to get too cocky and arrogant, because I don't want to take my athletic gifts for granted. They could be gone in an instant, so I don't want to waste them by showing off."

"That's a very responsible attitude Andrew; never lose that," Mr. Anderson said, leading them to the gym floor entrance. "I bet your shyness helps you have repect for authority as well."

"Yes it does sir," Andrew agreed, marvelling at the State-of-the Art equipment on the gym floor.

"I'm not surprised," Mr. Anderson said. "But you don't have to call me 'sir'." He motioned Andrew to bend down and then whispered in his right ear, "I'm not Lt. Mitchell Andrew." Andrew looked down at him, startled that Mr. Anderson did know he served in the Canadian Reserves. "Don't look so surprised Andrew; once Mark told Mr. Malcolm that you serve with his older brother Matt, Mr. Malcolm told me. It's very commendable that you serve as a National Defender Andrew; keeping your fellow Canadians safe and free!"

"Thank you sir, "Andrew said automatically. He saw Mr. Anderson frown and then corrected himself. "Sorry about that Mr. Anderson."

"I'm not Neo and you're not Agent Smith from the Matrix," Mr. Anderson reminded Andrew, chuckling as he saw Andrew smiling slowly. "I think you can call me Aaron."

"Okay Aaron," Andrew agreed. "Do you get a lot of Matrix jokes?"

"Only from my friends," Aaron replied. "They say things like 'Mr. Anderson; welcome to the party; we thought we'd missed you!' It does get annoying at times, so I get them to call me Aaron."

"Understood sir," Andrew said, smiling and deciding to tell Aaron a bit about last night at South Beach. "i sued once of those jokes myselft; on Anthony last night."

"What did you say exactly, and was that what led Anthony to get jealous of you?" Mr. Anderson asked him.

"It may have contributed to Anthony's jealousy," Andrew replied. "We had a surfing contest; I won and he got buried by the wave. So, when I got to the shore and saw him swimming back, I said, 'Mr. Anderson! Welcome back! We missed you!' Then I noticed the bruise on his shoulder, so I added, 'But the wave obviously didn't!' I guess I shouldn't have said that, but I couldn't resist."

"As long as it was all in good fun Andrew," Aaron reminded him. "I don't want you to have any problems with my son, considering that you'll be teammates next fall!"

"Not to worry sir, I've learned how to set personal problems aside and be part of a team, even with people I don't like personally. My time in the Reserves, and football, taught me that." Andrew looked down at Aaron and noticed him smiling again. "Speaking of the Reserves, I hope that Mr. Malcolm doesn't tell everyone that I serve my country, considering that I didn't tell him! The attention from the football fans is bad enough; if everyone found out that I'm a "National Defender', as you put it, I'd be swarmed!"

"Okay Andrew; I'll let you get swarmed by our clients at this gym instead!" Aaron assured him. He pointed to the crowd gathering around Andrew's old and new friends on the other side of the gym. "It looks like your friends have been bragging about you, and possibly lining up future clients for you as well!"

"I guess I'd better go and meet my public then," Andrew said with a sigh. He couldn't wipe the grin off his face though, so Aaron knew that he was slowly slipping back into Confident Jock Mode. "See you later Aaron."

"See you later Andrew," Aaron said, waving to him.

Andrew grinned as he approached the crowd and said, "Hello everyone. What have you been talking about?"

"We've been talking about you," Anthony replied. He stepped through the crowd and shook Andrew's hand. "How've you been man?"

"I've been fine man," Andrew replied. "Sorry about Carrie and I running off so quickly last night."

"That's okay; it gave us a good chance to talk about you behind your back," Anthony informed him with a grin.

"Yeah, you're a real funny guy, aren't you?" Andrew teased him, giving Anthony a playful shove. When Anthony stumbled back into the crowd members, Andrew latched onto his forearm with one massive hand so that he wouldn't knock anyone over. Andrew managed to keep Anthony on his feet, but then Anthony began wincing with pain. Andrew looked down and saw the white-knuckled grip that he had on Anthony's forearm, so he quickly let him go. "Sorry about that man," Andrew apologized. He watched Anthony massage the handprints on his forearm and added, "I guess I'm too strong for my own good; or anyone else's!"

"That's okay man," Anthony assured him, dropping his sore arm once he noticed Andrew staring at it. "Don't look so worried Andrew; it was an accident! I'm fine; you didn't hurt me that badly!"

Andrew knew that he could have added, "Not like when you hurt me last night!" , so he nodded in appreciation of Anthony keeping their fight the night before a secret.

"Yeah, you're a real tough guy, aren't you?" Andrew teased him, grinning so that Anthony would feel at ease. "That's why you are the Center in your offensive line, just like I am in mine!"

"You're right Andrew," Anthony agreed. "But enough about me. The clients at this gym want to meet you, since they've heard so much about you from Mark!"

"I'd be honoured to meet some of them," Andrew said humbly. "From what I've heard, some of the Miami Dolphins work out at this gym!"

"You're right again Andrew!" Anthony informed him, grinning at how smart Andrew was. "In fact, one of the scouts from the Miami Dolphins is right outside; he's the same guy I was talking to last night. I told him all about you and that you would be here today. He insisted on coming over to meet you. So I'll go fulfill his wish right now."

Anthony went outside before Andrew could say a word, and then Andrew was swarmed by the gym clients, who wanted autographs and workout tips. Andrew silently ground his teeth; furious at Anthony for deliberately directing all the fans towards him. Andrew resolved to make Anthony pay for that, and he decided to tell Aaron a few details of his fight with Anthony the night before. But he was relieved that Anthony's jealousy had faded away into acceptance, so he didn't want to get Anthony into too much trouble; just enough to shame him a little bit.

Andrew spent a few minutes signing autographs and then he demonstrated a few moves on the workout machines. After that, he went outside and spoke to the Miami Dolphins scout that Anthony introduced him to.

Meanwhile, Aaron was showing Andrew's friends around the gym. He explained that he could give them memberships over the Christmas Holidays and set up programs with carl and Anthony, who were also trainers at the gym. Since Mark was Anthony's trainee anyway, he agreed to that arrangement. Connor and Ralph decided to let Carl be their trainer, and Carrie remained as Andrew's trainee.

Once the training arrangements had been finalized, Aaron seperated everyone into their groups. They all worked out together for the next two hours, until lunchtime at noon. Then the entire staff and clientele of the gym enjoyed a barbeque lunch outside, courtesy of Aaron and his trainers. Andrew looked longingly at the ocean waves; anxious to surf again. Carrie held his hand gently and Andrew kissed her softly, before sharing his hotdog with her.

When lunch was over, Aaron pulled Andrew aside and informed him that several photographers from the modelling agencies had arrived at the gym.

"Oh, are there some famous bodybuilders here today?" Andrew asked innocently. He knew that the photographers were there to see him, but he wanted to look modest. "I'll have to get their autographs, won't I?"

"There is only one famous person here today Andrew, and you see him in the mirror every morning," Aaron informed him.

"Hmm, who would that be?" Andrew asked, looking thoughtful.

"It's you Andrew!" Aaron shouted in astonishment. "How can you not know how famous you are after military-pressing your car?"

"I was just kidding around; trying to modest," Andrew assured his future boss. "It has only been one month since I lifted my car out of the ditch; not nearly enough time for me to adjust to being a superhuman sports star."

"You'd better learn to appreciate your new role in life," Aaron advised him. "From what I've seen, removing your t-shirt also removes your 'Shell of Shyness'! I think that you just pretend to be modest Andrew!"

"I think you're right sir," Andrew agreed. "Do you want me to take off my shirt so that everyone can see Andrew the Cocky Jock today?"

"Go right ahead Andrew; enjoy yourself," Aaron said, realizing that Andrew was going to take off his shirt anyway. "All your hard work on the football field and in the classroom got you here, so you deserve to completely enjoy yourself. Your dad and Mr. Malcolm are getting your US work permit started so that you will be able to work down here over the Christmas Holidays. But don't worry, they'll both be at the party tonight."

"Thanks for the information sir!" Andrew yelled in excitement. "Well, here comes Andrew the Cocky Jock!" He took off his t-shirt slowly, teasing the female photographers in the crowd. The crowd of trainers, clients and photographers gasped in amazement at Andrew's muscular definition. "Pretty impressive, aren't they?" Andrew asked with a cocky smirk, flexing each of his muscles slowly. "My build is all natural you know, thanks to my adrenaline and testosterone glands being turned on to full power!" Carrie stepped up beside Andrew and began massaging his massive chest and abs. "And Carrie here is the only one who gets to touch my muscles; got that girls?" Andrew warned the girls in the crowd, some of whom he recognized from the plane. Then he noticed the photographers from the modeling agencies coming forward. "Come closer guys; get a good shot of these massive pipes!" Andrew ordered them, flexing his massive 32 inch biceps.

The photographers gladly came forward and their cameras started flashing. Andrew grinned arrogantly; fully caught up in being a photogenic jock.

"How about you military-press the limo Andrew," Aaron suggested. "Then the photographers will have something exciting to put into their magazines."

"Sounds like a good idea sir," Andrew agreed, hiding his apprehension at lifting a limo over his head for the first time. "Good thing I took off my t-shirt; it looks like I'm about to get all hot and sweaty!"

"I wouldn't mind seeing that," Carrie whispered in his ear, as they headed to the parking lot.

"I know you wouldn't," Andrew whispered back, grinning at her look of anticipation. "But remember what I said earlier; you are the only one who gets to touch my muscles!"

"All of your muscles?" Carrie asked him seductively, inching her hand slowly below his abs.

"No, just my upper body muscles Carrie!" Andrew reminded her, placing her hand onto his massive chest.

"Okay Andrew; I guess I'll have to wait," Carrie pouted.

"Yes you will Carrie," Andrew agreed. "But you won't have to wait long to take a picture of me military-pressing the limo." He turned to the crowd as he approached the limo and added, "Get your cameras ready everyone!"

All the photographers, gym trainers, clients, and Andrew's friends focussed their cameras, camera-phones, and camcorders on the limo as Andrew stepped up beside it. Andrew felt nervous, because he had not lifted a car over his head in over a month. But then he saw the looks of admiration on the faces of his fans, so he decided to put on a good show for them.

"Be very careful lifting this limo Andrew," the limo driver advised him. "You wouldn't want to damage it!"

"Don't worry man," Andrew assured him, suddenly remembering how he had bench-pressed 6000 pounds in his basement two days before. He flexed his massive biceps and added, "These pipes can bench 6000 pounds, so they can handle anything!"

"Including a 5000 pound limosiune," the limo driver realized, his eyes widening in shock. He stepped back to give Andrew room and added, "Go ahead Andrew; make us proud!"

"Whatever you say sir!" Andrew shouted in excitement.

He grinned and stepped up to the limo, trying to figure out the best way to lift it safely. He finally decided to lift the right side first, until it was almost vertical. Then he bent down carefully and gripped the left bottom edge of the limo, making sure not to crush his hand. Then he slowly stood up, with the long axis of the limo pointing along his line of sight. He slowly turned around carefully to meet the gazes of his fans and his grin widened as their cameras flashed repeatedly.

"Where should I put the limo down?" Andrew asked Aaron; only feeling a slight strain holding the limo above his head with outstretched arms. "It feels so light that I could carry it all the way back to the hotle, probably without feeling a sweat!" he bragged.

"I may have you carry the limo to Anthony's party tonight," Aaron replied, when he could finally get over his shock and form coherent sentences. "In the meantime though, why don't you put the limo down on the retaining wall over there."

"Which means that I will be the only one who can get it back down on the ground," Andrew realized. "The lawn that the retaining wall borders is all fenced in."

"Very good Andrew; you truly are a smart jock!" Aaron congratulated him, grinning a bit.

"Hey, are you making fun of me?" Andrew growled with a grin, leaning forward so that the limo loomed over both of them.

"No sir!" Aaron stammered in fake fear, his eyes widening at Andrew's immense strength. "It wouldn't be a good idea to get someone with superhuman strength angry, would it?"

"You're certainly right about that," Andrew agreed. He slowly carried the limo over to the retaining wall and added, "Though it wouldn't be a good idea for me to get my future boss mad!"

Andrew set the right side of the limo down first, by leaning underneath it and bending down to the right. Then he backed out from underneath it until he could grip just the left side and lower it slowly to the grass.

"There you go sir; I got the limo on the lawn without ripping up the grass," Andrew said.

"Good for you Andrew; I appreciate that," Aaron congratulated him. "You'll be the one to call if the limo ever gets stuck, won't you, especially since you stuck it up on the wall where noone else can reach it!"

"You can only count on me until tomorrow afternoon at 1600 hrs sir!" Andrew informed him. When Aaron looked confused, Andrew leaned forward and whispered, "That's 4 pm in civilian time sir."

"Call me Aaron Andrew," Aaron requested. "If you keep calling me 'sir', everyone will figure out your secret!"

"Whatever you say Aaron Andrew!" Andrew teased him with a big grin. "Though you should have told me before that you'd changed your last name to my first name since last night!"

"Funny guy!" Aaron laughed, shoving Andrew in the chest. "So if you're so smart, why don't you tell me who's going to take over your car lifting duties when you're gone?"

"I don't tell you because you haven't asked yet!" Andrew reminded Aaron with a chuckle. When Aaron glared at him, pretending to be mad, Andrew added, "I think Anthony would be a good candidate for a car lifter. Did you know that he's the only one who has managed to hurt me since I was enhanced?"

"No I didn't know that," Aaron replied, turning to glare at Anthony. "What have you been doing son; trying to beat Andrew up?"

Andrew headed for the surfboard shop, with the crowd following him, leaving Anthony to face his father's wrath alone. Andrew smiled quietly to himself, figuring that Anthony wouldn't even think of getting jealous again after Aaron was finished yelling at him. Andrew had deliberatly left out how Carl had hurt him the night before, because he wanted to pay Anthony back for his jealousy. But he had no idea of the eventual repercussions of Aaron's conflict with Anthony.

All of Andrew's old and new friends joined him in the water and enjoyed surfing for the entire afternoon. Andrew taught Mark and Carrie some more advanced surfing moves and then he taught Ralph and Connor some beginner's moves.

Once Aaron was finished lecturing Anthony, he let his son join in the fun, after making him promise not to attack Andrew again. Aaron saw how patient Andrew was as a surfing instructor and he decided to expand his new employee into that role as well in December.

Andrew noticed the modelling agency photographers taking pictures of him surfing shirtless throughout the afternoon. He smiled and thoroughly enjoyed his 'fun in the sun' at South Beach that day.
Sean Lackie
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