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Caleb's Big Problem

Caleb's Big Problem like many here has been a favorite. I shared my version of the story with Londonboy and he has given me permission to go ahead with his story with my twist on it. So here is my version with some slight changes to the original.

Caleb's Big Problem

Caleb sat in the bar nursing his second beer of the afternoon. It was Sunday and he road up the Pacific Coast Highway on his way back from spending a couple of hours on Venice Beach. He knew all the rules about not overexposing your skin to the California sun, but his half Irish-half French skin screamed for a little tanning. He also wanted to create a white spot in the shape of his Speedo to highlight the effect when he peeled the tight piece of nylon off of his body. Caleb knew, however, that if he stayed out too long he?d turn red like a lobster, the main downside of having fair skin. He looked around Friendship, one of his favorite bars, and noted it was pretty full. Everyone seemed in a great mood, a result of a blue-skied day and being surrounded by a bunch of shirtless, sweaty, semi-drunk men. Caleb felt pretty frisky, himself, but, then again, he always felt frisky. He sat on his favorite stool ? at the end of the long bar so he could watch everyone come through the front door. You also got a great view of everyone breaking through the crowd to get up to the bar. But mostly he liked it because he was near the dart board, and if he felt that someone could be a good challenge he could ask them to play.

Unfortunately, Caleb felt there weren?t too many guys in the bar that would grab your eye. He scoped out all the regulars and even acknowledged a few men that were always friendly. He was one of only a few guys that didn?t have their shirt off, mainly because he didn?t need to. The blue t-shirt he wore did a horrible job of concealing his beautiful built body, as if it was supposed to. Caleb was proud of the results of years of hard work that his body showed. He was especially happy with his naturally broad shoulders. It was one of the first things that other men noticed ? when looking at the 36-year-old stud from the front or the back. Caleb knew that genetics had given him a gift when it came to his shoulders and he made sure to wear shirts where the seam was forced to sit high up on the bulging mounds of muscle. This also caused the sleeves to ride pretty high on his thick upper arms, which emphasized his biceps.

And it was Caleb?s biceps and shoulders that were causing a handsome man on the other far end of the bar to stare. Caleb was shocked he hadn?t noticed him before. They guy looked pretty big, himself. He wasn?t as built as Caleb, but he had a great smile, super hair, and a manly mustache. Mr. Stash ? Caleb had a habit of giving people nicknames immediately - nodded his head as soon as they locked eyes. It was a very manly motion, and it made Caleb happy. He returned the nod of the head and Mr. Stash?s smile broadened. Suddenly the guy was off the stool at the other end and started the long walk maneuvering through the crowd to come be near Caleb. It took a few minutes for Mr. Stash to make the crowd part and let him through. This gave Caleb time to check him out. The guy was probably about six feet tall, had nice shoulders, a pretty good build, and looked to be about forty. He was also wearing a t-shirt and that gave Mr. Stash high marks in Caleb?s book ? he obviously didn?t have a need to go shirtless in order to attempt to catch some guy?s attention. There was hope for Mr. Stash. When he finally made it beside Caleb?s stool he had already received a thumb?s up. He immediately stuck out his large hand, grasping Caleb?s smaller raised hand to shake it firmly.

?Hi, my name is Troy.?

?Hey, Troy, my name is Caleb.? There was an abrupt awkward silence and both men just stared at each other smiling. Caleb figured he would have to break the ice. ?Is this your first time at the Friendship??

?Is it that obvious?? Troy seemed to be embarrassed.

?No, I live in the area and know most of the regulars who come here. You tend to notice fresh faces, especially a handsome fresh face.? Troy?s eyes seemed to be surprised and flattered at the same time. Troy must have thought he should be complimenting the man he had flirted with. Caleb immediately figured out that he was in the lead position for this little dance he and Troy were doing. This was nothing new to Caleb. He knew he was what most people would call a pretty boy and that was fine with him, even though he secretly wished he looked more rugged ? like the Marlborough Man of those old commercials. Troy obviously thought of himself as the lesser ?catch? of the hook-up so he figured he would need to do most of the work. This made Caleb want to flirt even more intensely with the man, since Troy didn?t seem to think of the two of them as equals. Caleb liked to help other men know their own great qualities. This usually made the flirting less stressful or forced. If both guys felt as sought after as they were seeking, it made the dance of getting to know what made the other person excited so much more fun. Caleb decided to turn on the mega-charm for this new guy.

?So, Troy, what made a cute guy like you want to get my attention.? Again, Caleb marveled at the fact that the big guy seemed to be shocked at the compliment. It is truly wild how some men, no matter how much of a stud they are, can be so insecure. Caleb admitted, though, that he was the same way, at times.

?I dunno. I guess . . . if I can be real honest?? Troy hesitated a little and Caleb nodded his head to encourage the man. ?To be real honest, I was attracted to your body. You have a great body.?

?See, now that wasn?t too hard, was it Troy?? Caleb reached up and placed his hand on Troy?s shoulder ? a move that surely sent waves of pleasure through Troy?s big frame. ?I?ve worked mighty hard to get this body noticed, sir, and it?s nice that you would compliment it with your presence beside me.? Caleb could see that his wicked sense of humor was a little lost on Troy. He was pretty sure the big guy just wanted to hurry up to the ?do you want to get out of here? part of the evening. As great as that made Caleb feel, he wanted to enjoy the fun of flirting for a lot longer. ?Do you throw darts, Mr. Troy??

?Excuse me??

?Do you play darts?? Caleb was pointing at the electric board against the wall. No one was using it at the moment.

?Oh, well I haven?t in a long time, but I?d like to.? It was hard not to notice how disappointed Troy was that they were going to be staying in the bar a little longer. Caleb grabbed his drink and some change the bartender had left in front of him earlier. He then stood up from the stool, being careful to watch Troy?s expression. Caleb immediately saw the look he had become used to over the last twenty years or so. Troy?s face went from excitement about where the night was headed to something that resembled disappointment.

?You?re short!? Troy did little to cover up how surprised he was that the built stud he had cruised across the bar ended up being only five feet five inches tall. Caleb knew that Troy would think he was even shorter than that because of how disappointed he was. When people saw Caleb from the waist up only, they expected someone pretty tall. It was mainly because of those blasted wide shoulders he had inherited from his tall father, but it was also because he had worked out like a fiend for about fifteen years to build a physique that might help people ignore the fact that his body was vertically challenged. But good old Troy, here, reacted the same way that most gay men did ? with mouth agape and eyes thrown wide. Caleb could now name the thoughts that went through a guy?s mind upon seeing him stand up for the first time. The first thing was, ?Oh my God, his shoulders are almost as wide as he is tall.? Or, ?Wow, my teenage son is taller than this guy!? Or worst of all, ?How did this guy pack on so much muscle when he?s so short?? That one hurt the most because Caleb was so proud of how he had shaped every possible muscle in his body. He had long ago stopped wishing to be tall, but he did fantasize about meeting someone that didn?t freak out when Caleb stood beside them for the first time.

?Well, Troy, they do say that great things come in small packages.? Caleb was so used to speaking this line that it might have sounded a little rehearsed to someone that was fully present to the conversation ? which, at the moment was not true of Troy. Suddenly Troy realized how rude he was being and laughed a little to cover up his inability to filter what he was saying.

?I?m sorry, Caleb, it?s just that from down at the other end of the bar you looked huge.?

?I am huge.?

?I guess I meant tall, you looked tall.? That kind of statement always sent Caleb flying back to high school and made him feel like the short, pudgy, shy kid that everyone made fun of. Many years of pumping iron and therapy had given him the skills to work through the emotions that came with this jolt to the past, but no amount of muscle or affirmation from a therapist prevented the memory. Caleb forced his mind to go to a place of power ? of strength. He tensed his legs and knew that they burst into a cornucopia of ridges, bulges, valleys and monstrous veins. Troy did not notice, but Caleb saw two guys standing a few feet away turn to each other with shocked faces and then point at the two pylons of power stretching the fabric of the short man?s jeans. A few weeks ago Caleb had nicknamed these two guys the ?Twinks.? Their reaction was enough to calm Caleb down and bring him back to the task at hand ? flirt the socks off Troy, well the socks, the pants, the shirt and, of course, the underwear! Now there was a mission, a desire in Caleb that would make any self-help guru cream in his pants. This short muscle man had a will of iron that matched the steel-like muscles covering his body. Troy might have run screaming from the bar in fear if he had known how driven the short guy in front of him had suddenly become. Caleb turned up the charm.

?Well, Troy, if you see someone here that can put my body to shame then I?d understand why you?d want to move on, but, if not, shall we play some darts?? Caleb then raised his right arm and slowly moved it into a bicep flex. ?I think you?ll find my bicep is quite tall, now isn?t it?? Troy?s face stared at the twenty-inch bicep pumped in front of him. His mouth opened as he focused on how the tip of the mound divided into two beautiful peaks. Caleb knew that Troy had never seen something like that before, and probably never would again ? this close up. To make things even better, Caleb noticed that the Twinks, a few feet behind Troy, had frozen completely ? staring at the flexed arm. Caleb laughed a little as he saw both men sport a boner in just seconds. One guy seemed to have a pole so long that it almost poked out the bottom of his cargo shorts. Caleb noted that for future reference. He turned back to Troy, who actually had saliva creeping down the side of his chin.

?Darts . . . darts would be good.?

?That-a-boy, Troy, that-a-boy.? Caleb lowered his arm, grabbed Troy?s arm and pulled him toward the dartboard. He put some change into the machine and chose the game 301. After explaining the rules to Troy, they began to play. Caleb was impressed by Troy?s skills. He was actually a bit of competition. In the middle of the game Caleb heard a familiar voice and cringed.

?Well look-a-here, little Caleb?s hustling someone at darts again.?

It was the bully of the Friendship - Carlos. He was also a first rate rent-boy. Everyone in the bar usually wanted Carlos. He stood about six foot four and was a big beefy fellow. Troy even looked small compared to Carlos. But the fucking frustrating thing about Carlos was that he was also drop dead gorgeous. Even Caleb was smitten. Carlos had a huge personality, confident, loud, and aggressive. He loved flirting with everyone and, in a special way, he loved getting under Caleb?s skin. It was probably because Caleb tended to ignore him, but Carlos probably knew that the smaller muscle man was interested. Carlos was not dumb.

?Hey, Carlos. How?s tricks?? Caleb knew that this question made Carlos angry, the big guy thought people didn?t know he was a piece of ass that could be bought. Caleb also intended to convey this little bit of information to Troy, who had immediately zoned in on the other big man before him. Troy had as little ability to hide his attractions as he did his disappointments. It was quite clear that Troy did not register Caleb?s revelatory comment. It was also quite clear that Troy would be lost to Carlos, if something weren?t done. ?Your turn Troy.?

?Troy, huh?? Carlos was looking at the new meat. ?It?s great to meet you Troy.? Carlos held out a huge hand and Troy sort of melted as they shook. ?You go ahead and throw, Troy. I bet you?re gonna get a bull?s eye ? one way or another.?

Caleb was fuming as Troy stepped up to throw. The guy was obviously so flustered by the massive Carlos that he actually missed the entire dartboard with all three throws. Caleb picked up on the fact that Troy was searching for a way to end their game quickly so he could talk to the big flirt that had joined them. After Troy had retrieved his darts and moved to stand very close to Carlos, Caleb stepped up to throw. That?s when Carlos decided to go in for the kill.

?Here, little man let me help you.? Carlos walked up behind Caleb, bent down and wrapped his arms around the smaller guy?s waist. He stood up, lifting Caleb into the air. By the grunt the bigger guy let escape from his mouth and the way he wobbled as he stood up, it was obvious that Carlos was shocked by the weight of the shorter man. You could also hear the strain in his voice. ?I?ll give you a little higher perspective.?

Caleb immediately took a deep breath and counted to ten. In extreme cases of frustration he had been taught to ?take a breather? so he wouldn?t fly off the handle. He did not want to make it obvious to anyone that he was embarrassed and fucking mad. He released the air he had been holding and decided to go ahead and throw his darts, even though he really wanted to jam them hard into Carlos? arms.

?Thanks, Carlos. This is a little better.? Caleb could tell his cheerful response and calm manner caught Carlos off guard. He took his time, on purpose, and acted like he was being careful to aim. By the time he was preparing to throw his second dart he could tell Carlos was having trouble continuing to hold his full weight.

?Come on, little man, hurry up and throw your darts. Troy, here, is getting a little bored. I can tell when a man is ready to move on.? This only made Caleb stall a little longer and Carlos finally let go. Caleb slid down the larger man?s body and landed on the big feet below him ? allowing his entire weight to hit Carlos? toes. ?Shit!?

?Sorry, big guy. I couldn?t avoid such big feet.? Caleb stepped to the side, threw his last dart ? hitting the middle of the board ? and turned to Carlos, who was pressing one foot with his other to work out the pain. ?Your turn, Troy.? Caleb walked up and pulled his darts from the board, pressing the button for the game to switch to player two. Carlos hobbled over to face Troy, putting his back toward Caleb.

?Troy, buddy, it?s obvious that you deserve to be with a bigger man than this squirt. Did you see how easily I lifted him? How about you buy big Carlos a drink?? Troy looked like a small child lost in a large crowd. He had no concept of what the dueling musclemen had been doing for the last few minutes. He was simply caught up in his Carlos lust. Caleb decided he had one last trick up his stretched-to-the-max sleeve. He bent down and slid his arm between Carlos? legs. His shoulder was pressed up between the bigger man?s ass cheeks, and he had his hand in a fist pressed up against Carlos? crotch. The smaller man stood up, being sure to reach out and grab the larger man?s waist with his other hand. Carlos? feet left the floor and his entire frame was lifted into the air by Caleb?s one arm. Carlos was now sitting on the huge flexed bicep that Troy had admired earlier. The entire bar went silent in one second. No one could believe that Caleb was able to lift the huge Carlos with one arm. They could not fathom that this small man, although built like a muscled fireplug, was so strong. This display of strength excited Caleb. He had always been strong, even as a short flabby kid. All of his life he had looked for chances to shock people with displays of power. Carlos had grabbed on to the fist at his crotch to balance himself, even though he didn?t need to since Caleb held him tightly at the waist. The crowd let out a gasp of amazement as Caleb pulled his fist and forearm away from the big guy?s crotch and extended his arm. Even with his arm straight out, Caleb was able to hold up the big man?s body. He then brought his arm back and made his massive bicep peak up Carlos? ass again. When his fist was straight up again, it met the stiff cock that was tenting Carlos? pants. That was all Caleb needed ? to know his display of strength had turned Carlos on. He dropped his arm and Carlos landed standing on the ground.

?Hey, Carlos, I think you?ve lost some weight. My arm isn?t even tired. I could have let you ride that bicep for a lot longer, but I can see that it might have caused you to have an accident.? Caleb?s taunting made Carlos turn red. He swung around and looked furious. He stepped toward Caleb menacingly. ?Watch it there, big guy; I don?t think you want to make me angry.? Caleb tensed every muscle in his body. Even the bulges produced in his neck looked super charged. Carlos froze in his tracks. You could see that he was trying to calculate his chances of winning a fight with Caleb. It was when he looked at the tensed biceps of the smaller guy, especially the arm that had just lifted him into the air with no problem, that he changed his demeanor abruptly. He stared at Caleb as he said his next sentence, knowing he couldn?t win the battle, but he could still take the prize.

?Hey, Troy-man, how about that drink. Just make sure it?s something tall and strong.? He emphasized the word ?tall? for Caleb?s sake. The two men stared at each other for a few more seconds and then Carlos turned toward the still-enamored Troy. He threw his arm around the other tall man and then pulled him towards the bar. The crowd suddenly began to talk again and Caleb suddenly felt self-conscious and alone. He glanced around, noticing everyone was trying to avoid his eyes, and then decided to leave. He brought his arm back and sent the three darts he picked up from the table flying into the dartboard. He used most of his strength and imagined the bull?s eye was Carlos? face. All three darts hit the center of the board with so much force they sank in completely. Caleb knew the next guy wanting to play darts wouldn?t be able to pull them out. He walked directly to the door and didn?t acknowledge anyone. Once outside the fresh air and still-warm early evening sun calmed his tense body. He took a few deep breaths and started for the parking lot.

Caleb's Big Problem II

As Caleb went through the parking lot, he spotted Carlos's Jeep taking up two parking spots, showing his true self absorption and cockiness. He had parked half angulated on the edge of the parking lot that looked down the hillside and out over to the ocean. One could hardly miss something that pimped out with the raised suspension, rims, chrome, overhead lights, and vanity license plate of B1G MAN. Seeing the large vehicle and how arrogant Carlos had acted in the bar, enraged Caleb again. Carlos just strolls in and takes what he wants! Not giving a dam about anyone else. He just uses people to get what he wants, then tosses them aside like yesterday's trash. A real hustler! Caleb's anger was half envy and half lust. He wanted so much to be that domineering massive alpha hunk to be in full control with all his size.

Just then, one of the cars on the side of Carlos's Jeep had left. Caleb decided to put all this pent up frustration and anger to use for a little workout, fun and revenge. He went up to the Jeep and slid under the front end. He placed his feet on the axle and pressed the trucks front end up and moved it over a foot. Caleb then went to the rear and positioned himself underneath the Jeep and grabbed the tow rigging with his arms. He then pressed the Jeep up and moved it a foot in the opposite direction. Caleb went back and forth from the front end to the back end of the Jeep seven times until it was completely perpendicularly parked in the two and a half spaces. Caleb had also positioned the Jeep to the front end of the parking space. Caleb was getting so jacked from pinning Carlos's Jeep between two vehicles that on the last movement he pressed out as many reps as he could before placing the front driver's side tire over the concrete stop for the parking space.

During the last leg press, Caleb's stressed jeans ripped in two places down the front quads and one down the length of his ham strings. Caleb didn't care that he had torn his old pair of jeans. It actually gave his ego a boast that he was now so pumped that the jeans could no longer contain him. Caleb shirt was also straining to contain his blood engorged pecs. Caleb felt so large, powerful and in charge with his body pumping hard with blood and the excitement of what he had just done. Caleb had never done anything like this before in his life. Being the shorter guy growing up, made him an easy target for bullies. After years of lifting, they now thought twice and this only fueled him to get bigger and stronger. He still did not like bullies and was starting to think that he may have crossed a line. He thought he better get moving before someone noticed it was him who did this to Carlos's truck, but then again he was wishing that someone had seen the power that he had just displayed.

Across the parking lot in another section of the small plaza on the second floor above the Hair salon was Reneu. Reneu was a day spa that offered yoga, meditation techniques, reflexology, massages, rolfing, and, acupuncture. Most of the businesses in the plaza closed early on Sunday except for Reneu and Friendship. This time of day, Reneu had just closed unless they had a special group booking. As the sun lowered in the sky, it was reflexed off the glass wall so you couldn't tell if anyone was in any of the rooms or not. Each room gave you a great view of the hillside and ocean with paneled glass walled windows that opened to let in the fresh oceanside breeze.. However, Dave, a new employee, had been going around the rooms and was cleaning up for the day. He had seen the pimped out Jeep and thought it must be nice to afford such an expensive luxury ride. Then again, most of their clients were in that same wage bracket.

Upon cleaning the rooms, Dave would occasionally glance out the windows as he was cleaning them and the rooms. Cars and bikes would pull in and out of the parking lot and Dave would hardly notice them. It registered as just traffic moving around to him. As Dave moved from room to room he would combine the trash then place it in the stairwell. He did this in order to same some time in cleaning the office and restocking the rooms. Taking the trash to the dumpster would be the last thing he would do after locking up. After Dave's last run through of the office, he took one last view of his new surroundings. Hopefully this new part time job will pan out along with the move. As Dave was looking out the window and contemplating his life, that's when he noticed that the Jeep was now parked perpendicular in the parking spaces. "Had I missed this before," he thought!

Wasn't it parked parallel earlier when I noticed it, or is my memory failing me. Dave took another look outside at the Jeep, and now it appeared to be moving up and down as if a hydraulic pump suspension was going off. Is this really happening or is my eye sight really getting bad along with my memory, Dave pondered.

It suddenly stop so Dave thought it was just his sight, the glare from the sun, or maybe his mind was just elsewhere. Whom ever drives that Jeep will be pissed that two people had parked them in, which is deserving since they parked the wrong way in the beginning. Dave locked up, grabbed the trash and boxes and headed down the stairs. The garbage was not heavy, but Dave could barely see over the boxes he was carrying. As he rounded the corner of the building he was knocked off balanced and fell backwards. It felt like he had hit the wall and he was sure he had cleaned it before turning. Still not feeling clear headed, Dave heard, "What the fuck!" "Aren't you watching where your going?"

There standing in front of him was a hugely built man. He had big broad shoulders capped off with massively rounded delts with huge guns attached to each side. The flared traps and pronounced mountainous mounds protruding from his chest just said power. Dave got real nervous and started to apologize for running into him. "I'm Sorry!" "I'm really sorry!" "You're right, I should be looking where I'm going and not be in such a rush." Dave stammered. "I'm sorry Big Man!"

Caleb's rage started to subside as soon as he heard the guy call him, big man. He heard the fear in the guy's voice, and wanted to apologize for loosing his temper. "Sorry about that, let me help you up."

As Dave reach out and grabbed the hand, he was quickly pulled up to his feet. He had never seen anyone this big, built, and solid up close before. "Thanks, and sorry again!"

"Well maybe you should make a couple of trips so you can see where your going!"

Dave was thinking, I hope this guy isn't going to beat the living crap out of me. "I know its a lot of garbage, but its not heavy and I can carry it all in one trip." "I'm sure you know what its like to handle real heavy things there big guy!" Dave stated emphatically.

The statement made Caleb's cock twitch. He loved being called big guy, but was his response sincere. Was that a compliment? Is this guy toying with me, or is it a slam on my height now that he's standing up? Pretty ballsy, but he is kind of cute for an older guy.

"Name's Dave," as Dave held out his hand this time to greet and formal introduce himself.

"Caleb," he replied, as he shook Dave's hand. "Here, let me help you with this."

"No thanks, Caleb, but thank you for the offer." "I feel bad enough that I crashed right into you!"

As Dave gathered the garbage and headed over to the dumpster, Caleb started to size up Dave. He estimated that Dave was around 6', and 230 lbs. His grey and white trimmed mustache, beard, and temples gave him a very distinguished, elder statesman look. Dave didn't have a bad physique, broad shoulders, a chest with descent arms and an ass. He appeared to have muscles, but not a whole lot of definition. He sort of has that college professor/rugby muscle cub type of look. Not something that Caleb was usually into, but his interest was peaked. Plus, he was also extra horny after that little workout with the Jeep. So, as Dave was walking back from the dumpster, Caleb asked, "So, are you the new guy Kyle hired?"

"Yes." "So is Kyle your masseuse?"

"No, he's just an old workout partner."

Kyle is the owner of Reneu, and used to work as a lifting/bodybuilding instructor. He was Caleb's first training partner and was the one who got Caleb into powerlifting. Caleb still uses the same gym, but is on a whole different level of training than Kyle who is now more athletic/fitness driven. Kyle is no longer an instructor at the gym, but still uses the gym personally to help promote his business. So, word does get around on who does what best at Reneu along with the other gym gossip. Rumor has it, that Dave is one of the best new therapist for deep tissue/sport massage, new to the area and divorced. Caleb wanted Dave to give his pumped up muscles a long deep massage and him a good work over! Caleb was feeling real frisky and flirtatious now. Caleb knew many straight guys can get turned on by muscle. He just wasn't sure how to ask or charm the older straight man into doing it without sounding pathetic or awkward. "I haven't seen you around before are you new to the area?" Caleb asked knowing perfectly well that he had just moved into the area.

"Yes, I just moved here from the Northeast looking for warmer weather."

"So, is this what you expected?"

"Yes for weather, but I didn't expect it to be so brown and over developed."

"Hey, if you don't know the area to well I could show you a few places where its relatively green all year round."

"Thanks!" "It's really not necessary though."

In a slight demanding voice, Caleb responded. "NO problem." "You CAN hop on my bike over there, and I can show you the area NOW," as he tensed and relaxed his muscles.

Dave was wondering if Caleb still wanted to beat him up for running into him, or just do it in a different place so he wouldn't get noticed. Caleb overwhelming size and stature intimidated Dave to no end. Caleb also made Dave very envious and ashamed that he hadn't worked out when he was younger. How could he be sure what were Caleb's real intentions. Then Dave noticed Caleb's jeans. "So, is that the new style and fashion for jeans these days for the young and in crowd?"

Caleb burst into laughter. He never considered himself fashionable. Stylish, but not fashionable. Plus, he knew the real reason for his appearance.

Dave didn't know what to take of the laughter, but it did calm him down. The deep chuckling laughter was a little endearing. "The question wasn't meant to be funny."

"No!" "It's just that no one has ever considered me fashionable, and never in the 'In' crowd."

"Well, you definitely can pull it off!" "Then again, you could make anything look good."

"Thanks!" Caleb was intrigued by Dave's response, still not knowing if Dave was interested in him. Dave was making him feel much better about the evening. Maybe he could turn this interaction into something. He now considered this a real challenge. Game On! "So, what about that offer?"

Since laughter had always worked in the past, Dave said, "Sure." and headed over to the Harley, feeling a little more at ease.

Caleb handed Dave the spare helmet that he always took with him, never knowing when he would get lucky. He then put his helmet on, climbed on the bike, and started it. Dave climbed on and off they went toward the mountains.

Caleb's Big Problem: The Ride

Caleb was heading northeast to the other side of the mountains. A few miles away was a beautiful lake that sat down in the valley. The area around the lake would always get rain if there was enough moisture in the air. It was one of the greenest area's around and least likely to have any forest fires. As Caleb rode, he keep thinking of different ways to charm Dave. He was so pumped up and horny from moving Carlos's Jeep that he just wanted someone to man handle is muscular body. He had never considered anyone who was several years older than him, let alone straight. This was a whole new game.

Dave held onto the seat tightly, leaning in the opposite direction of every turn so as to not fall off the bike. His legs were also getting tired as he was using them to balance as well. From Dave's work as a massage therapist, he knew many guys had a problem with other guys touching them so he didn't want to get Caleb angry at him again by holding on without being given the ok first. Although, holding onto Caleb would make the ride much easier and interesting.

In the meantime, he was able to get a few glimpses of the city, town and the passing scenery. The more they rode, the more the area opened up to undeveloped land. Soon there were many twist and turns as the road weaved its way thought the mountains with nothing but trees and farms to be seen on either side. The one view than Dave got plenty of was Caleb's broad back and shoulders. Dave had never seen a back this big before, and never this close. Caleb's lats just flared widely out to the sides as he held onto the bike handles. Dave was guessing that with a back this huge, that Caleb's upper body was almost as thick as he was tall. His size would even look amazing on a guy 10 to 12 inches taller. Eventually they started riding downhill, and it was much easier to hold onto the bike. However, leaning near Caleb's back was another issue.

Caleb keep racking his brain on why Dave was not touching or holding onto him. He started to make a list of possibilities. Straight guys have come up to me and ask to feel my muscles, so maybe he is repulsed by muscles. I intimidate many older people at the gym so maybe he is intimidated. He dislikes short people, germaphobe, homophobe, claustrophobic, timid, shy, and/or body odor. Ok, lets start thinking logically. He's on the bike so that rules out many things, plus he works as a massage therapist so that rules out a lot also. All I can think of doing is to be more charming and clear. Maybe even a little demanding on how I carry my passengers to ensure their safety. They finally arrived at a viewing area on the side of the road and Caleb pulled over.

Dave climbed off the bike followed by Caleb. As soon as the helmets came off, Caleb bragged, "See, I told you there was some green spaces around here!" "So what do you think?"

"Wow, this sort of reminds me of home!"

"Where is home?"

Dave just took in the view. It reminded him of parts of the Northeast. He had lived and traveled throughout New England for several years for both work and vacations. This area seem to take a little from each state and morph them into it own area of tranquil bliss. "Back in New England. You do know where New England is don't you Caleb?"

Caleb noticed the sarcasm in Dave's voice and answered, "You mean the country with the queen." "Where they use the Euro's for currency, and refer to it as the 'New' England." Yeah I've heard of it.

Dave thought, oh boy, here's another big dumb muscled headed jock. "No, Caleb, the northeastern United States ?."

Caleb hearing the disappointment, and frustration in Dave's voice, cut him off. "Yes home of the Celtics, Red Sox, Patriot, Bruins and many failed presidential campaigns since JFK! It includes all the states east of NY and part of eastern NY as well! Would you like me to go on?"

"No." Dave was actually surprised, not from the pro sports references, but the political and geographical references. Dave interest were now peeked. What else does Caleb have to offer. A sharp mind with a sarcastic sense of humor but what else.

"So, is this green enough for you?"

"Yes it is." "What can you tell me about this area?"

"A majority of the area is in the protective state or federal park system." "Development is allowed around the lake, but it is limited." "Only green and environmental projects have a great chance to be approved for new development, but renovation projects are the most likely to get approved." "Property here is cheaper than the coastline, but not for some of the outer city suburbs."

"That was very informative." Dave started to like Caleb more and more. He really is an interesting man. "Are you a realtor?"

"No, but lets just say that I keep my eye on real-estate." Caleb wanted to get things moving along. His sexual drive was starting to cool down. So far this evening was less than expected and now Dave was his only hope for some action. The sun was starting to set and small shower were forming as the clouds moved up over the mountain between them and the city. This gave Caleb the perfect opportunity to get things heading in his direction. "We better get going, looks like we may hit some rain."

As they walked back over to the bike, Dave was starting to wonder how could he hold onto the bike if it started to rain. As they reached the bike, Caleb said, "I don't want you falling off the bike, so you can GRAB ME to hold on."

"Anywhere in particular."

"Well," then after a slight pause, "anywhere you want is fine with me." Caleb was thinking, yeah I want you to grab hold of this muscle and give it a good hard squeeze. Man handle these slabs of beef and grip my joy stick. The feat of strength earlier had really made Caleb extremely horny, and he wanted someone to crave him as much as they craved to be with Carlos. He was still trying to figure out Dave, so he was using some restraint on his responses. As they mounted the bike, Dave took hold of the waistline and belt loops of Caleb's pant. Caleb motioned for Dave to get off the bike and then took off his helmet. Dave got off the the bike, then removed his helmet. "That's not going to do it!"

The statement took Dave by surprise. "What do you mean?"

"Look, you really need to hold on. To hold onto me!" With that said, Caleb spun Dave around so that his back was facing him. He grabbed Dave around the waist and pulled him close. Holding tightly onto his waist, then extended his reached around Dave for a greater hold. "Like this!"

Dave was shocked to be so easily man handle by Caleb. It had been a long time since anyone had touched him so firmly. Then he felt Caleb's hand on his thigh, followed by incredible pressure and discomfort as he squeezed. "Ok!"

"If you feel me doing this, that means to hold on real tight, somethings up!" Caleb was hoping that it would be his cock, but riding at dust and the possible of rain you never know. He was pleasantly surprised to discover that Dave did have muscular legs. His midsection was soft, but didn't have a great deal of bodyfat. No big surprise since only a small percentage of men actually have a tight, hard six pack.

"Anything else."

"Yeah!" "Squeeze, grab whatever you want, as hard as you want!" "You're not going to hurt me!"

"Anything and anywhere, right, but will you hurt me?"

"Yes, anything and anywhere and I won't hurt you!" That last statement answered one of Caleb's question. Dave was intimidated by me. It had never really registered with Caleb before that he could actually intimidate anyone to the best of his knowledge other than seniors. This thought started to get Caleb all cocky and horny again.

Caleb got back on the bike and was reaching for his helmet when he was pleasantly surprised when Dave grabbed his arm.

"So you won't mind this." Dave gave Caleb's arm a big squeeze as he climbed on the back of the bike.

Caleb tightened his arm muscles and Dave's grip on his arm only fueled his growing horniness. Caleb was shocked that someone like Dave could get him excited. This type of guy was all new. He was enjoying the feel of Dave's grasp of his arm and that his size intimidated him. So in his best cocky, flirtatious voice he commanded, "for the ride the arms are off limits, I need them to control the bike, but the torso and everything else is all yours!"

Dave was not all entirely shocked that someone with such a magnificent hugely built body was proud of it and didn't mind people touching all that hard work. He thought that Caleb's girlfriend was a very lucky person. Dave then reached around Caleb's wide lats and placed his hands on Caleb's firm abs.

Caleb started the bike and they headed back toward town. The first thing he did was to test Dave to see if he had listened to what he said earlier. He grabbed Dave's leg and gave is a squeeze. Dave tightened his hold on Caleb's abs. Dave action actually pulled his hips and body closer to Caleb's wide back and glutes. The obedience and contact of Dave's body against his started to stir up Caleb's crotch and he really wanted to show Dave what he was made of so he did a wheelie to further tighten the grip Dave had on his abs. As the bike rode up, Dave's hands tried to dig into Caleb's abs with little success. As soon as Caleb's back and glutes felt the contact of Dave's body start to slip away, he brought the bike back down to the road. As the front tire landed, Dave's body came slamming back and hard into Caleb. The pressure on Caleb's abs from Dave's grip during the wheelie and the roughness of the physical contact as the bike returned to the road instantly gave Caleb a raging hard on. Caleb was in new territory on what he was feeling and he liked it.

Dave could not believe what was happening. As soon as they started down the road, Caleb gave his leg a painful squeeze. Not wanting to piss Caleb off, Dave tried to grab hold of Caleb's abs as hard as he could. Dave could not believe how wonderful and amazingly hard Caleb's abs felt. He tighten his grip and it was as if he was hanging onto the face of a rock wall. This became even more apparent as the bike rode up on the rear wheel. Dave had been rock climbing once in his life and this immediately brought him back to that day as he started to feel his body hanging from Caleb's abs. The bike landed back on the road and Dave's felt his body slam into Caleb back. It only confirmed that Caleb's entire body was totally rock hard, for when Dave hit Caleb's back it knocked some of the air out of Dave just as it did when he repelled down the rock wall and slammed into the face of the mountain.
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Great job. Thanks so much!
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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I would like to meet this kid.. very much.

Height has never been an issue, but size will drive me to my knees.

Dave is very stupid to not know what he's literally gotten hold of.

A very nice story. I only wish I had been there to see him lifting that car. Then when he blew out his jeans.. wuff.
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