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Old February 27th, 2014, 01:14 PM
Alwys lookin4 inspiration
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Blue Pill Part 8

In case you need a re-cap
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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Part 6
Part 7

Without Further Ado,

Blue Pill Part 8

Derek stood in front of Riley with his arms outstretched flexing both of his mammoth arms. Each peak reaching almost 18 inches. Riley rubbed his hands over the peaks feeling the mounds of flesh harden underneath his fingers. He traced the veins that ran along the surface of each peak as it pumped more blood through his engorged veins. While Riley was worshipping Derek?s arms, another appendage began to stir and swell.

Derek had always been the alpha male of the swim team. Not only because of his captain America good looks, but his body was magnificent compared to the rest of the team. This was due to the amount of time Derek put in at the gym each day. However it wasn?t his looks or his muscles that people envied most, it was Derek?s massive log between his legs that made him noteworthy among the schools populace. Before Derek?s growth, he was a hefty 8.5 inches long and 6 inches around. Although that sounds impressive, Derek could tell just by how his speedo was beginning to stretch away from his body that it was bigger than he previously remembered.

While Derek was flexing his arms for his muscle admirer, he looked down to enjoy the new size of his bulge. It was then that he noticed the white striped pill sitting in the pouch of his speedo at the base of his dick. Derek reached into his speedo and pinched the pill between two fingers.

?You ready to help me grow some more Riley?? Derek asked without ever waiting for a response. Next thing Riley knew, he had a hand covering his mouth as he felt something small inserted between his lips. ?Now swallow or I will pound you into a pulp!? Derek said as he leered into Riley?s eyes with a strong burning desire to grow. Riley didn?t have much of a choice as he could begin to feel the pill dissolve in his mouth, he swallowed. It was a labored swallow as it stuck a few times on the way down, making Riley gasp and gag behind Derek?s hand. ?That?s a good bitch, now let?s see how big we can make those tits of yours.?

Riley looked at Derek with a confused look on his face as Riley was picked up by the behemoth and carried over to the Bench Press. Derek sat him down on the bench and loaded the bar with two 45 pound plates on each side. ?Now lift.? Riley knew it wasn?t a question and more of a command. So Riley positioned himself under the bar and raised the bar up to begin his first rep. Riley slowly performed ten perfect reps as his pecs began to swell with blood from his pump. Just as he set the bar down, Derek had put another 45 pound plate on each side. ?Lift? Derek grunted. So Riley lifted the bar once again, this time straining to get his ten reps in. Riley?s tank was now beginning to strain from his pump. His pecs felt full and tight. Riley re-racked the weight and reached up with both of his hands feeling his pec pump. He was brought back to the reality of things when he heard a loud rip. Riley looked to his right to find the source of the sound. The speedo that was holding back Derek?s mammoth dick had snapped from the immense strain from the erection that was now throbbing in front of him. ?Holy shit Derek, that thing has to be at least 10 inches long!? Derek grinned at the excitement that showed on Riley?s face.

Derek turned and put another 45 pound plate on each side of the barbell. ?Lift? Derek grunted. ?I can?t lift that, its twenty pounds more than my one rep max.? Riley exclaimed as he looked at the bar and back at Derek. ?Did I stutter, I said LIFT!? Derek?s baritone voice echoed through the gym as Riley laid back under the bar and prepared for failure. What happened next surprised and scared Riley more than anything else.

Derek reached forward and grabbed onto the waist of Riley?s shorts. ?Lift your ass up.? Derek ordered. I dare not disobey, clearly I do not want to anger this behemoth.

Riley slowly lifted his ass off the bench, holding the barbell racked with weight to pull himself up. Derek yanked his shorts down in one swift motion. Derek then lifted my legs straight up, sitting at the end of the bench and resting my legs on his shoulders. Riley?s eyes grew wide with fear at what was going to happen next.

Derek stuck his thumb in his mouth and pulled it out with a pop. He then lowered his hand to Riley?s ass as he lifted him off the bench and slowly inserted his thumb into Riley?s ass. Riley?s eyes rolled back into his head as he could feel Derek?s thumb rub against his prostate. Riley was then surprised by a tingling feeling in his chest. Riley stared at his own nipples as he slowly saw them disappearing from his field of vision. ?Oh my god, is my chest growing?!?? Fear and panic had formed on Riley?s face as Derrick got an evil grin on his. ?Now lift? Derek commanded.

Riley positioned himself under the bar again, Derek?s finger shoved firmly in his ass. Riley pushed the weight off the supports and lowered it to his chest. As Riley pushed the weight back up he noticed his pecs swell a little more and then stop once he reached the top of the lift. Riley lowered the weight again and began to push the weight back up expecting to see the same thing, only to be disappointed when nothing happened. Derek slid his finger out of Riley?s ass as Riley re-racked the weight. Derek stretched and was able to put another 45 pound plate on each side without leaving the bench. ?There is no way I?m going to lift that, its 450 pounds!? Riley exclaimed, contemplating how he was going to lift the bar.

Riley watched as Derek began massaging his dick. The pre-cum that continuously flowed from the tip was smeared all over his mammoth dick making it shine with lube. Riley began to panic as he knew what was coming next. Derek positioned his cock head at Riley?s sphincter and began to push. Riley fought with all of his might to stop this monster from penetrating his hole, but the harder he resisted the harder Derek pushed. Derek, getting fed up with Riley putting up a fight, grabbed Riley?s shoulders and pushed him down on his dick. Derek watched as his thick dick quickly disappeared into Riley?s ass.

?NNNNGHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK!? Riley yelled out as his eyes rolled back into his head as pain and pleasure seeped through every nerve of his body. Derek sat still as Riley slowly came to his senses, regaining his surroundings. Riley began to feel again as he noticed that tingling feeling was now a burning sensation in his pecs. He looked down to see his pecs swelling right before his eyes. ?Now lift!? Derek ordered as Riley grasped the bar again and lifted the bar from the supports. Riley lowered the weight down to his inflated chest, knowing there was no way he was going to lift it up. As Riley struggled to push the bar back up and began shaking, Derek began sliding his dick back out. This caused Riley?s prostate to be massaged by Derek?s massive cock head. A sudden surge of growth filled Riley?s pecs as the weight easily hefted back up towards the supports. Amazed, Riley began lowering the weight again, at the same time Derek began to push his fat dick back into Riley?s hole, hitting his prostate and causing Riley?s pecs to swell once again. This went on rep after rep. Each of Riley?s reps timed perfectly with the rhythm of Derek?s fucking. The weight became much lighter as Riley?s pecs swelled to massive proportions. Riley?s vision became filled with nothing but rippling engorged pec meat. As the weight became lighter Riley kept cranking out reps faster, causing Derek to fuck him faster.

Riley re-racked the weight after about 100 reps, only to find that his pecs had stopped growing long ago. Derek continued to fuck Riley?s tight ass as he reached both hands up and felt his bulbous pecs. Derek pinched each of Riley?s perky nips to find them leaking with the milk of his desire. Derek leaned forward, stopping the fucking and left his dick buried to the hilt in Riley?s ass. Derek latched onto Riley?s left nipple with his teeth and began to suck hard, tasting the sweet delicious nectar flowing into his mouth. Riley began moaning and writhing on the bench as Derek continued to suck from his left nipple. Riley watched in ecstasy as his left pec quickly deflated to half its size.

Derek noticed the milk was slowing down to a dribble so he moved over to the right nip, clamping down with his teeth, eliciting a sound of pleasure from Riley through his gritted teeth. Derek began to feel full as he could feel his gut beginning to swell against Riley as he sucked the last drops of milk form Riley?s right nip.

Once finished, Derek squeezed each nipple to make sure he hadn?t gotten every last drop of Riley?s sweet nectar. Satisfied that there was nothing left, Derek leaned back up to his full height again. This time Riley could see what looked like a roid gut, solid yet so full of fluid that it pushed Derek?s abs out making him look as if he were pregnant. Derek rubbed his hands up and down his gut relishing in the thoughts of growth that were soon to ensue. Riley began moaning as Derek began moving his dick in and out of Riley?s ass. Riley watched in amazement as Derek became coated in sweat, causing his freshly grown chest hair to matte to his skin. Riley saw the veins on Derek?s arms getting thicker as he pistoned in and out of his ass. His shoulders and pecs swelling larger as well. Derek reached around Riley?s legs that were still positioned on his growing shoulders and grabbed onto his own nipples making himself give off a deep guttural moan. ?FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK I?M GONNA CUM!?

The first thing Riley noticed was an increased pressure in his ass as the torrent of cum began to flood his insides. Then he felt even more pressure as Derek pushed further and further into him. That?s when Riley was shocked to see that Derek was no longer moving. So that meant that his dick was growing inside of him. Riley looked down to see his lower abs on his right side being pushed up higher and higher as the mammoth cock inside him grew even larger. As if it was a renewal to the ecstasy Derek was feeling he began to cum even harder. ?HOLY FUCK I?M CUMMING AGAIN? Derek yelled out in pleasure as he began ramming his dick back into Riley. Riley?s stomach began expanding at an alarming rate as he was filled with gallons of Derek?s cum.

Just when Riley thought he couldn?t take anymore, Derek pulled out of Riley?s ass, making a loud sloshing sound as cum poured out of his ass. Derek was still shooting cum onto Riley?s ass as he stroked his newly enlarged 13 inch dick. Riley looked on in awe, not at the massive appendage between Derek?s legs, but his quads which had easily doubled in size since he started to fuck Riley. Derek was ripped to shreds showcasing veins that snaked all over his muscles fueling his body with the supply of nutrients it needed.

Derek threw his arms up into a double bicep pose as each peak rose higher and higher, his lats fight for space with his massive triceps. Riley couldn?t believe what he was seeing. Derek had to weigh at least 250 pounds. ?You must be bigger than Chris by now!? Riley said in amazement. ?I?m not done yet little runt. I plan on getting much, much bigger!? Derek said as an evil smirk stretched across his face from ear to ear.

Luke led Eric back into his home gym in the basement. ?I can?t wait for you to see me get even bigger!?

Luke reached into the pocket of the sweats and pulled out the pills he had grabbed from his duffel. He fished out two plain blue pills and threw them into his mouth and quickly swallowed. Luke turned to Eric with a look of excitement on his face, ?Ready to see me grow??
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Old February 27th, 2014, 06:00 PM
Alwys lookin4 inspiration
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If anyone has any ideas on where they would like to see this story go, leave a comment with your idea and I will try to adapt the next part to some of the better suggestions. Please stay away from macro and micro though. I would like to keep it somewhat realistic.
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Maybe some power show? Like lift weights or items and show muscles? What think about? And some fight with huge guys? And Daddy grow too? And some one add some Roids too for more aggressive domination? but please, please, please don't transform that story into man morph into giants I prefere huge freaky guys into "real" size!
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How about having them join the football team and smashing the competition?
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