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Achilles Does A Body Good

Check out the other entries in the Body Good series:
Sex Part 1:
Sex Part 2:

?Are you reading that story again Chane? Damnit man, I know you want to be one of those guys that end up having a fling with Achilles but come on.?

?I know I know I?m sorry Matt. I just can?t help it, there is so much sex and the transformations are great too. I just want to be one of those guys he meets up with and changes.?

?You are fine the way you are stud, you don?t need to go overboard fantasizing about some guy in a fan story geez. You have me and I?m not too shabby right?? *flexes his small biceps*

?Yeah I guess so. Do you want to have sex before you leave?? *grins really big*

?And you always want to have sex after reading it too. I wish I had time hot stuff but I need to get going. You need to get moving to the service center too anyways. I will talk to you later okay??

Matt leaves their bedroom and walks down the hall to where the front door is to open it. He waves goodbye to Chane and leaves not long after. The fairly nerdy man sits at his desk and just stares at the computer screen not thinking about too much and just daydreams as he watches Matt drive off in his sports car.

His mind wanders a bit as he imagines what Achilles might look like in real life. The words in the story make him out to be a very beefy stud with a vivid imagination. Chane wishes that he had the same ability as the man in the story so he can grow and be the incredible stud that Achilles is.

He dozes off after a few minutes and feels as if he is falling from the sky. After a few seconds, he opens his eyes and thinks that he is awake, but rather he isn?t. He gets up from his computer chair and goes walking into the kitchen.

There he sees a thickly muscled, black haired, handsome man standing over by one of the windows and is shirtless. His black chest hair is damp and it appears that he has just finished some workout. The man turns and gives Chace a big grin before doing a double bicep pose. His huge guns shine as the hair protruding from his pits is exposed.

?Greetings mate. I was just getting ready to fix myself a big protein shake. I really hit those weights hard today, do you think I succeeded at getting a nice bloody pump??

The man turns to do a double bicep flex with his back to Chane. The enormous delts and traps swell up to match his thick head. Chane nearly faints as he rushes over to sit in one of the kitchen chairs. The man turns back around and looks at him with a confused look.

?What?s wrong with you mate? You have never acted like this before, at least not since I have known you.?

The man goes over to the blender and turns it on as Chane watches him stand there with his muscles twitching in his back. Chane feels his pulse increasing as he sees the sweat rolling down the huge man?s muscled spine before disappearing into his hot ass crack. As the man finishes fixing his concoction, he takes the pitcher off the blender stand and tips it back to drink its contents.

Chane?s pupils dilate as he sees some of the shake rolling down the man?s huge beefy chest. The man finishes the shake and takes a few fingers to rub the amount on his chest into his pecs and stomach. He puts the pitcher down on the counter and walks over to sit by Chane.

The handsome man puts his strong hands on Chane?s clean shaven face and leans in to give him a nice light kiss on his lips. Chane doesn?t resist and they slowly lock their lips together. The surprised small man puts his hands on the other man?s head and lightly starts rubbing feeling how tightly muscled it is. The man stops kissing him to say something.

?You not feeling yourself this morning Chane? Let me put you at ease a little bit mate.?

He pulls Chane?s shirt off and leans in to give him huge manly kisses on his chest. The man pulls him into his own chest and squeezes him softly. Chane feels the man?s thick chest pressing into his own making him moan. He then puts his hands around the man?s wide back and feels the huge muscles as they contract. The man moans himself as he pulls Chane?s pants off.

They both get more into it as the man starts to slowly tongue his unsuspecting lover?s shaft throbbing beneath his black undies. Chane moans as he feels his apparent partner?s hands gripping his ass squeezing it tightly making him give in to his temptation.

It isn?t long before the man is able to expose the cockhead from beneath Chane?s briefs. The small guy begins to run his hands and arms up and down the man?s huge back as he rubs the huge lats protruding from the beefy stud?s sides. The man smiles up at Chane?s face before running his tongue along the entire head of his cock. He stops lapping at it to say something again.

?I think you are starting to feel a little better now mate, I can tell. Why don?t I help you get a little more comfortable while I am down here.?

The man slowly pulls his lover?s briefs down and throws them to the side before standing up to give Chane a cheeky grin as he slowly pulls his own gym shorts down past his crotch and giant pumped quads. The thick beef in his legs glisten with sweat as Chane looks in awe at the huge throbbing cock bouncing in front of him.

The man finally pulls his shorts completely off past his calves to throw them in the same direction where he launched Chane?s undies. He picks his small lover up into his arms and sits him on the kitchen table before reaching in to shove his tongue down Chane?s throat.

The two men embrace as their cocks press against each other and rub their ooze all over their shafts. Chane moans deeply as the man?s massive sweaty torso rubs up against his shirt. The man then reaches down and grabs the side of Chane?s shirt to slowly rip it off taking in the awesome sound of the fabric giving way to his sheer power.

He tosses the fabric to the side as he stops kissing Chane to start running his tongue and mouth down his lover?s skinny chest. The man locks his hands together with Chane?s and pulls him up into him again off the table. The small admirer can feel his own hole tingling with anticipation as he realizes that he wants the man?s hot rod up inside him.

?I know mate I know. I can sense it too. I want you too. I want you to cum for me though mate without me fucking you. This could be bloody fun.?

After thinking for a few minutes, Chane realizes that this man is actually the Achilles that he read about in the story. He looks into the man?s eyes and smiles really big prompting the beefy stud to smile back at him. Achilles slaps his cock on Chane?s and positions him to where the big stud?s cock starts to pulse against his midsection.

The smaller man starts to worship his chest feeling its thick contours before slowly nursing his hairy nipples and pecs. The huge strongman moans in his husky british tone and releases one of his hands to caress Chane?s head.

?MMMMM mate that feels incredible. Keep working me over love and I will give you a bloody wonderful present soon that you will never forget.?

Chane buries his face into the black forest running down Achilles upper body. His throbbing cock is now pressing up against the small admirer?s face before slowly dripping a little pre down his right shoulder. Chane moans as he grabs Achilles? cock and begins massaging it slowly with his free hand. Achilles growls loudly as he pushes Chane in to suck him.

The thick shaft maneuvers its way inside his mouth as it throbs wildly. The tasty ooze increases as it flows down Chane?s throat. He tries to reach down to stroke his own cock, but Achilles slaps it lightly before shaking his finger down at him motioning that he is not allowed. The eager small man squeezes his beefy lover?s ass tightly as he feels Achilles pushing his cock further down his throat. He manages to gain his composure again as he feels his huge lover?s balls hitting his face and slowly swelling bigger than before.

?You are such a great sucker mate. I can feel myself getting closer to bursting. Why don?t you lean back Chane so I can really make you feel good.?

He slides his cock out of Chane?s mouth and puts him back on the table enough to where his cock begins to slap against the pulsing hole of his eager lover. He lets go of his lover?s other hand to run his own huge beefy hands on Chane?s thin frame.

His warm muscles touch his lover?s skin making the smaller man shutter a bit feeling enveloped and a bit protected. Achilles leans in for another manly kiss on Chane?s lips as he runs his hands down to where his small lover?s legs are and pulls them around to his back. Chane immediately locks his legs on to Achilles and moans loudly making the brit growl in delight.

?MMMM mate I want to cum so badly?..I think you are giving me the impression also that you want my load inside you. *winks and grins* I think you will be surprised as to what I have in store for you mate.?

He rubs his huge cock on Chane?s hole and slowly starts to push it inside sending a rush of ecstasy through the small man.

?OH YEAH, I know you will love it mate. I have a big load waiting to fill you up.?

He pushes further inside Chane as the smaller man draws closer into Achilles begging to be fucked. The thickly muscled powerlifter senses his small lover?s needs and starts to hump him slowly making the table start to creak. His powerful hairy body starts to drip with sweat as Chane?s eyes become transfixed on his man?s stunning power as he is being ravaged.

?Mate I can feel it getting closer?..I have to fucking cum so badly it is driving me crazy?..?

He increases his speed as Chane feels Achilles body starting to tense as the table shakes to the point that the legs on it begin to break. The huge stud grabs his lover in his arms as the table finally falls to the ground. He holds Chane up in his arms as he begins to yell in his british drawl. Chane feels his huge lover?s cock starting to contract.


As Chane feels the huge river flowing through him, he can feel Achilles muscles expanding all around him as he feels the hairy muscle growing against him. The muscles stretch and pop uncontrollably as his British lover laughs feeling himself starting to wreck everything around him. Before Chane witnesses any other destruction occurring??he wakes up from his dream and feels his cock exploding in his pants.

He grabs his cell phone and realizes that he was supposed to be at the service center about an hour ago. His cock continues to throb filling his undies with more cum before it finally stops. He gets up from his chair and ponders what just happened in his dream before he gets up to change into some clean underwear. If Matt found out that he didn?t make it on time, he would probably be pissed.

After putting a t-shirt and a pair of shorts on, he gets into his truck. He finally gets to the service center and rushes in to put his uniform on before his coworker Alex sees him. Unfortunately, he has already noticed that he is late and is waiting for Chane in the back dressing area. He smiles and has his big veiny forearms crossed standing in the doorway smiling.

?Well, did you and Matt have a nice morning? There has to be a reason why you are late, you never are.?

?Uhh well I guess you could say that Alex. I?d rather not talk about it and get to work.?

?Okay. Frankly I don?t see what you like so much about him, you could have been with me a long time ago and I know I could satisfy you way better than he can. You have known me far longer too and even encouraged me to pursue my aspirations for growth.?

Alex opens his uniform and shows off his greasy muscular frame exposing nearly everything including the upper part of his crotch.

?Geezus Alex, how do you get away with not wearing any underwear. That is so sleazy man.?

?I like the feeling of it all flowing freely man. Besides I get good money if I show off my goods when I get some of these rich guys to leave their cars here. Oh well, I have to get this day moving along, I?m already behind, I will see you out here in a bit.?

Alex leaves as Chane finishes putting his boots on. He feels a bit lightheaded but gets up anyway to go out on the floor to start servicing a vehicle. After changing the oil in the car, he feels himself getting dizzier and almost falls to the ground. Alex hears one of the other guys yell out and rushes over to see what happened. He picks Chane up off the floor and takes him into the back. He looks into his friend?s eyes and sees how disoriented he is.

?Chane? I?m taking you to the hospital man, you look completely out of it.?
Chane reaches out and touches Alex?s shoulder.

?No Alex I?m fine. Please don?t call Matt either he won?t know what to do. I feel?..*pauses as he breathes a little heavier* really strange.?


The concerned coworker looks down at his buddy?s chest and notices how tight Chane?s shirt is getting from even just a minute before.

?Have you worked out a lot lately because I don?t remember your pecs looking this swollen??

Chane turns his head down towards the ground and sees what Alex is talking about. His pecs are slowly stretching his shirt to its limits. He puts his hands on them and feels their power emanating as his nipples stretch the fabric as if they are trying to break free. He doesn?t feel any type of pain from this either which totally intrigues him. Alex?s pupils dilate as he turns his attention towards his friend?s growing arms.

Completely unaware of his other changes, Chane?s forearms and biceps begin their growth cycle as the veins and tendons stretch against his skin pushing it wider and thicker. In fact, the unsuspecting recipient?s body is growing all over. Alex takes a seat off to the side as he witnesses the transformation commencing. Chane lightly moans as he continues to feel his pecs stretching the fabric. It slowly starts to rip down the middle as he watches his pecs emerge from captivity and drip several beads of sweat down his torso.

His once flat chest is now filling out rapidly as his abs tear through the bottom half of his shirt. His growing back shreds his shirt and begins to work on his uniform. His legs quickly catch up to his upper body as they fill every single inch of the space in his shorts before ripping the seams completely open. It isn?t long before they start to fill the area remaining in his uniform. Alex pulls his greasy cock out from his own uniform and slowly wanks seeing his friend morph into someone far more appealing.

Chane?s face and head is beginning to change its appearance slightly as his hair changes from blonde to brown and his face gets fuller even growing a bit of stubble. His shoulders stretch bigger and rounder pushing his uniform higher off his body to make room for his immense delts and lats. At this point, the growing stud pulls his tattered shirt off and looks up at Alex before winking and throwing the rag at him. Alex moans before he starts to crawl his way over to where Chane is sitting.

They don?t speak as Alex pulls the top part of Chane?s uniform down to watch his upper body continue its dramatic change. At this point, the grower sees what his arms have done and smiles. Alex stops stroking his cock and runs his hands all over Chane?s thick forearms before tracing them up along a giant vein which continues into his shoulders. He squeezes them tightly getting a reaction from the growing stud. Chane wraps his arms around Alex and hugs him into his chest which pulses with excitement.

Feeling Chane?s powerful quads starting to rip the seams apart in his uniform, Alex quickly pulls the rest of it off. The big bodybuilder?s legs are completely drenched in sweat from their transformation as his body hair begins to thicken up. Alex can feel Chane?s chest hair growing quickly as it covers his pecs and abs. He runs his hands over them making the big man moan lightly.

?Oh mate?..*pauses and grabs his newly thickened neck with both giant arms* what the bloody hell? Huh? Why am I talking this way? I?m not british?
*pauses again to think about it as Alex stares curiously up at his face* Could it be? *looks off in the distance* WHOA! I thought it was just a dream??

?What was just a dream Chane? You mean this crazy transformation? I admit I never thought you would ever look so incredible.?

Alex runs his hands up and down his friend?s incredible quads and feels the bodybuilder?s throbbing cock against his own which is sitting up against his. Chane?s brown eyes stare into Alex?s blue ones before leaning in to hug him against his new muscular body again. The greasy admirer continues to run his hands along Chane?s hot body as they find their way towards his huge lats which flare out slightly.

He squeezes them before rubbing his face into Chane?s hairy pits. The surprised stud rubs his friend?s head slowly as he buries his face further into each pit. Alex moans louder as he runs his hands up and down the huge monstrous back that now resides on Chane. The big stud pulls Alex?s uniform off before grabbing a hold of his ass and pulling him into him. Alex yells as he feels his body now pressing against Chane?s.

?Oh gawd please Chane, you have to fuck me. Matt won?t even know who you are now so you might as well go for it. I am so fucking turned on by you, but I have always been anyway. You can?t deny me now can you??

?Gawd mate?..I don?t want to cheat on him?..but?..I do feel like things have definitely changed. This does feel bloody amazing and you are so hot.?

Before Alex has another moment to respond, Chane pulls him down on top of his raging cock as some of the other guys from the service center begin to make their way into the changing area. Chane?s dream about Achilles appears to be quite the game changer as he embarks on a new path in his life.

I will upload the the original Achilles story very soon in case you want to read it!
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