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Old March 9th, 2014, 10:32 AM
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Caleb's Big Problem 6: Night Out

For the Caleb readers, I hope you like the next chapter:

Caleb's Big Problem 6: Night out

Later that evening at Friendship, the usually crowd was there. Caleb sat at the end of the bar near the darts as always, and was checking out the crowd. The 'Twinks" were there chatting between themselves and then keep checking Caleb out. The darts were still lodged into the dart board from last week. The big, handsome, athletically built bartender, Sam, came over to talk with Caleb.

"You know everyone is talking about last weekend," Sam blankly stated.

"About what?"

"Who would pull that stunt with Carlos's Jeep, for one?"

"No idea, and what's the other!"

"Well some of us, me included, thought that it was about time someone put him in his place, so to speak! OH, and could you Pleasssses take the darts out of the board so the guys can start playing again. We tried all week and you can see how successful we were on that one. Know one working here has your strength, Caleb!"

"Sure Sam, since you asked nicely!"

Caleb's brief conversation with Sam and the nice compliment, was just what he needed to hear. As he pulled the darts out from the board, he couldn't believe how hard he had gotten them in there in the first place. This was all Caleb required to get his horny juices flowing. Feeling more brazen than in the past as he laid the darts down, he walked over to where the 'Twinks' were drinking. His shirt, as always, was tight and riding high above his biceps. The upper half of his shirt was unbuttoned, not just to show off his chest, but because his massive pecs wouldn't allow it. He flexed his muscles as he walked over and watched as the Twinks eyes opened wide in disbelief while they adjusted their pants.

"Caleb, what you did last week was amazing!" Excitedly said by one Twink as he stared at Caleb's veiny large arm.

"I'm Dan and he's Jose," somewhat nervously came out from the other Twink.

Caleb wasn't sure if Dan was just overly excited or intimidated, but either way it made him feel good. Caleb reach up and put a hand on each one's shoulder and gave a little squeeze as he pushed the two of them together. "Dan, I just wanted to come by and say thanks for helping me keep my cool last weekend."

Jose piped in, "We didn't even interact last weekend! How could we have helped you keep your cool?"

With that being said, Caleb did a double bicep pose, with one pumped bicep in front of each one. He flexed a few times, then walked behind the two. "For just being who you are!"

He then reached around and grabbed their crotches with ragging boners and lifted them off the ground in a reverse bear hug. Dan started to rub, press and squeeze Caleb's arm. "Go ahead Dan and see if you can move this muscle."

Caleb felt Jose's well endowed tool grow fuller in his grip. When it stopped, he tightened his bear hug on both men. He brought his hand to Dan's base and fingered his balls as his other hand moved up Jose's pole. "Very nice cobra there, Jose!"

Caleb then gave both men a little tug as he crushed them into his body, which sent them over the edge. As they came, Caleb held their jerking bodies close to him. He could not believe what he had just done. Being so forward and bold. He would never had done this in the past. Being this alpha male was fun and it did give him a rush, but it wasn't very satisfying. When both men had stopped, Caleb lowered them back to the floor. He was starting to feel guilty over the fact that he had gotten these two men off in public without considering their feelings.

Jose and Dan both turned around. "That was awesome!" "Can we feel some more of your muscles?"

"Sure." Caleb undid the buttons of his shirt so the two could get the full effect of his work.

Jose's and Dan's jaws dropped in AW! They could not believe, or had they ever seen this much huge, hard, chiseled muscle before. "Can we really?"

"Go ahead."

As soon as the words can out of his mouth, the two were soon groping Caleb's massive body. The Twinks attention got Caleb hard, but something was missing. He liked the admiration that he was getting and that he could keep them rock hard, but he wanted more. Soon their words were no longer registering. He grabbed both men into another bear hug lifting them off the floor. With their hard cocks pressed firmly up against his chest, Caleb gave Jose, and Dan their very own intimate pec dance. Dan and Jose held onto Caleb's shoulders and traps. Even with their heightened force, Caleb hardly noticed the two clinching his muscles. From their moans of shear ecstasy, it wasn't long before the two would show Caleb just how happy he was making them. Caleb tightened his bear hug and pressed their bodies up against the wall keeping the two from jerking. This sent all of their energy into their hips for added thrust against his rock hard chest. Just after Dan and Jose climaxed, Caleb squeezed their asses hard enough so that it would hurt for a few days so they wouldn't forget this moment, which caused them both to shoot off one more time.

Caleb lower both men back to the floor as they started to calm down. "There you go gentlemen!" "I hope I didn't over step any boundaries here in public."

Both Dan and Jose were surprised by Caleb's comment. Some of the bigger guys that frequent Friendship know they have a thing for muscles. It's even a game some nights to see which larger guy can get the two of them to leave with them. A few men even wager to see who can get them off the fastest while still in the bar. No one had every cared about how this made them feel in public. They now enjoy the attention so much that they no longer cared. "Caleb, its nothing that we are not already use to," Jose chimed.

"Sorry about that. I still should have asked."

"No need to apologies, big man that was terrific! Would you like to come back to our place and play around some more?" Dan stated enthusiastically.

"I'll stay here and freshen up, but thank you for the offer. I'm glad that I was able to make you two happy." and with that being said, Caleb headed toward the restrooms.

Both Dan and Jose were disappointed that Caleb was not going home with them, but this was the best and shortest night they ever had at Friendships.


Caleb headed to the restroom to clean up, as the Twinks left the bar. Outside, Carlos had arrived and was walking to the bar. He notice Dan & Jose leaving. "You don't need to be leaving now. Your favorite beefy hunk is here! How are my favorite little men?"

Dan turned toward Carlos, "Wonderful!"

"No, mi amigo," Jose said as he pulled Dan back.

Carlos saw the wet cum spots on their pants. "You two are MY little men to play with, excite and embarrass. Everyone knows that I am your ultimate sexy Muscle Stud. "

"Sorry sir," Dan apologized as he went in to hug the tall muscle stud.

Carlos shoved Dan backwards as he was coming in for the hug and knocked him over. "Stay away weaklings! Who dared to do this to you in my house? Answer me!"

Jose, helped Dan up. As they headed toward the car, he shouted, "A much bigger man than you!"

Carlos was enraged! Twice now, someone had attacked his dominance at Friendship. Last week it was his truck and now this. This new alpha was still in the bar and he wanted to crush him into his place. Carlos entered the bar and quickly scanned it for his competition. Their were many fit, athletic, men in the bar. No one was over 6', or packing any major muscle. He keep searching as he made his way through the bar. After finding no one that could challenge him, he proceeded to the restroom, the only place he hadn't checked yet.

Once inside, he saw Caleb at the urinal. His adrenaline raced along with his rage, as he realized that this short man was his only possible challenger. He rushed up behind Caleb, and picked him up from behind in a bear hug pressing his body up against the tilled bathroom wall. "Who the hell do you think you are?"

The sudden event took Caleb off guard. As soon as he heard the growling voice and got a whiff of the cologne, he knew it was Carlos. Caleb didn't like the fact that his body was up against the bathroom wall or urinal, but he was getting pleasure out of Carlos' tight grip over his muscles. Carlos had placed his foot on the edge of the urinal and was using his leg to help hold Caleb up. Caleb realizing his current situation, and with his new found awareness and bliss of being a domineering alpha male, decided to toy around with Carlos. "Well Carlos if you wanted me this bad all you had to do was ask."

"That's not what this is about, but if it was, I could easily take you without your consent!"

"I don't know Carlos. We all know how long you held me last weekend and it wasn't Very LONG."

This only fueled Carlos's anger. He lowered Caleb back to the floor while he still had his arms wrapped around him. Carlos's beefy arms were rubbing against Caleb's nipples as he moved him around. This action along with his long desire for Carlos instantly gave Caleb a hard on. Carlos then hoisted Caleb up again, but this time he thrusted his leg in-between Caleb's thick quads. The force behind Carlos action, jostled and hit Caleb's balls slightly, causing Caleb to moan in pleasure. "Your going to feel a lot more pain for what your did to Dan and Jose!"

Carlos pressed his huge chest against Caleb's back, pinning and grinding his left shoulder into the wall as he tried to crush Caleb's massive upper body. Carlos dug and pressed his chin into Caleb's right trap and whispered into his ear. "No one treats, touches or embarrasses my little boys like that but me! They're off limits, you feel'in me!"

Caleb had longed for all the force, pressure and touch that his muscles were receiving from Carlos' futile attack. His huge muscles were tingling with excitement and wired into his raging boner. Whatever Carlos did, Caleb's strong muscular body took eagerly. The more contact his muscles received the loader his moans became. "Well, they seemed to really be enjoying themselves!"

With that being said, Carlos released his grip around Caleb's arms and chest. He lowered his grip to get under Caleb's lats and rib cage to crush all the air out of him. When Carlos reached around, the back side of his hand rubbed up against Caleb's raging hard on. As Carlos squeezed and shook Caleb with all his might, he also caught a glimpse of his fully erected cock. "I see someone likes the pain and aggression of being humiliated by a dominate alpha male. To bad its as SHORT as the SMALL Man wearing it!"

Immediately upon hearing what Carlos said, Caleb went flaccid. He hated being called short and small. Now it was his turn to show who was the alpha male. Caleb flexed his quads, crushing Carlos' leg. Carlos dropped his leg down as Caleb grabbed his forearms squeezing and prying them from around his body. Carlos swore as Caleb slid down the front of his body. Now standing on the floor, Caleb grabbed Carlos right arm with his left hand and circled behind him. He took his right arm and hoisted Carlos up on his shoulder as he had done in the previous week. "Remember this one!"

Caleb stood there with his arm extended holding Carlos off of the floor. Every time Carlos tried to break or worm his way free, Caleb would twist his arm with his left hand and flex his right. His bicep's bulge became enormous with the enraged blood pumping through his body. Caleb started to get the same reaction out of Carlos as last week. Now it was is turn to toy with him. As he flexed his bicep, he would turn and twist his hand to move his bicep's head. This action caused Caleb's huge bicep to rub up and down Carlos' expanding cock. "I see the big man likes to be out muscled!"

Not wanting to give up his alpha position and now fully enjoying the ride, Carlos flirtatiously said in his deep voice, "Well, I think someone wants to be skewered by this massive meat!"

The last statement had some truth. His cock was a foot long and thick. With each flex now, Carlos would contract his quads and glutes, forcing his crouch to lean outward. This action caused his balls and cock to be massaged and rubbed by the flexing hard bicep muscle. Caleb noticed that Carlos was enjoying his superior display of strength way to much. Carlos then started bucking Caleb's arm saying, "Ride'n a little cowboy!"

Caleb let go, lowered his arm, and dropped his shoulder, causing Carlos to slide back down to the floor. He turned and shoved Carlos's body hard up against the bathroom wall cracking a few tile. "You need to start showing people that are smaller than you some respect!"

"What? Is the Short man afraid of taking this monster of manhood!"

Carlos knew he had to do something. Caleb was much stronger and could do some damage to his money making body or face. So, Carlos was taunting Caleb to let him fuck him. In Carlos's mind this would establish him as the dominate alpha male. He would be the top. He didn't have the muscle size or strength to dominate Caleb, however, his huge cock did, and would scar Caleb for life. This was his only way of taking down the stronger alpha and show who would do the dominating.

Caleb finally caught on to what Carlos was trying to do. He wanted to teach Carlos a lesson about how he speaks and treats other men. "Here let me show you a little treat that Dan and Jose got to enjoy!"

Caleb grabbed Carlos' ass and lifted him up off the floor until his cock was in-between his pecs. He flexed and rolled his pecs, stoking Carlos' dick while raising and lower his monster meat engulfed by his massive chest. Carlos started moaning in shear pleasure. Carlos was really getting into Caleb's display of strength and control. After a minute or so, it appeared as though Carlos was ready to shot his load. His moans came quicker and in rhythm with the lifts. His hands, resting on Caleb's traps were now tightening their grip. At that moment, Caleb clapped down on Carlos's ass and pressed his monster cock deep into his chest crevasse. Carlos was now in pain as Caleb's fingers and hands dug deep into his glutes. Flexing his glutes with all his might, Carlos tried to loosen Caleb's grip. This only causes his cock to thrust up and down in Caleb's deep, warm, firm chest, giving Carlos terrific pleasure. Carlos' continued pec humping soon brought him to the verge of shooting his load again. Caleb, realizing Carlos was about to cum, flexed his pecs hard. His massive muscles rose and surrounded his cock completely, chocking it off from erupting. Carlos yelled in pain as his sexual drive was being crushed. "From now on you will no longer demean, or belittle anyone smaller or shorter than you physically of verbally do you understand!"

Carlos said nothing and his balls were aching in pain for release. Caleb tightened his crushing vise grip on Calos's ass and cock saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear anything!"


"Ok, what?"

"Ok! I'll treat you guys better."

Caleb let go and Carlos landed on the floor on all fours and jerked violently as his balls unloaded. When he finished, Caleb straddled Carlos, and gently sat on his ass. "Remember what you promised."

Carlos mumbled something and then finally said, "Yeah."

Caleb didn't like the way anything sounded in his response. He rested all his weight on Carlos as he leaned forward and whispered into his ear. "If you don't keep you word, hustler, I'll see to it that everyone knows who the real man is around here!"

Caleb tightened his quads around Carlos's waist fully mounting him. Caleb's hard cock was pressed firmly into Carlos's muscular lower back, while his heels dug into his groan. Caleb reached around with his left hand and grabbed his left pec and nipple while the right was holding onto Carlos's cock. Caleb flexed his quads rhythmically while his foot followed suit as it plowed into Carlos's balls. Caleb continued the same flowing motion against Carlos's pec and growing boner. After a few minutes, Caleb gave one last forceful thrust, crushing down on Carlos's hip, clamping down on his nipple and one last squeezing jerk to his cock. This action caused Carlos to shoot yet another load as Caleb rode him. The tighter and more forceful Caleb held on, the more explosive Carlos's volleys.

Totally spent, Carlos collapsed to the floor. Having finally broken Friendship's stallion stud, Caleb left the restroom and the bar to call it a night.
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Nice reversal there in the last part of the story. It wouldn't hurt to refresh the visuals for the two characters though. While both Caleb and Carlos are apparently massive and strong, it's not clear what the differences really are.

A few minor typos, " Know one working here has your strength, Caleb!" probably should be "No one" ... but like I said, minor typos, a proofread pass should fix it easily.
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