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Old June 27th, 2007, 03:20 PM
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Army Muscle: Part Six

It's been a while since I wrote anything, but this continues on from my other "army muscle"stories.

After two short months, my mountain had become a colony of insanely big, horny muscle men. However, despite the fourteen enormous men living with me now, the horniest person there was still me. These men were the biggest, hardest, sexiest men on the planet, the kind of men that would of made me cum on the spot if I?d ever seen them in the past. But now, I found the horniest thing was seeing how my monster body made them cum hard.
It had now become almost ritual, at least twice a week, I would wake up with a big case of morning glory. Waking up and trying to look down at my hardon was made difficult by enormous pecs, lying in bed and looking down, unlike most men, I could only see muscle. Being greeted by my own enormous pecs every morning made my morning glory even harder. I?d sit up on the edge of the bed and look over my chest. Seeing my enormous dick throbbing from between my tree trunk legs made me so horny. Id stand up and look in the mirror, Id stare for a second, my dick throbbing against my abs, making a noise as every throb caused it to hit my abs. My legs like tree trunks, good and furry, so wide no man could reach around them. My pecs, like two giant slabs of concrete under my skin. My arms as thick as many bodybuilder?s legs.
Seeing my enormous body starring back at me made my dick throb harder, id walk over and pick up some clothes, the smallest ones I could find. I?d stretch a pair of gym shorts up and over my thighs, and struggle to contain my dick within them, followed by a gray tee stretched over my enormous pecs, arms and neck. The clothes were skin tight. Through the gray tee, the ridge of every ab muscle was clear, the gym shorts tenting to bursting point, struggling to contain my throbbing monster.
Id walk downstairs, groping myself like an animal all the way to my gym room. Id start lifting weights, enormous, unbelievably heavy weights. In the mirror I could see myself getting pumped, I could see sweat seeping through my tee, my dick throbbing harder still. Eventually the other men would be in the room, all fourteen of them stood around in their boxers or pj bottoms, tenting as they watch my body getting pumped and my dick bulging.
It?s like a room of animals, everyone hard and horny, groping themselves uncontrollably over me. I keep lifting, seeing them all get off on me makes me want to get bigger, makes me wanna get more pumped, stronger, harder. I keep lifting, grunting and groaning, eventually I grunt uncontrollably as my shorts rip. My massive, throbbing cock springs up and thuds hard against my tee-shirt clad body. My dick and my enormous thighs made them rip, my dick so hard now that it?s nestling in the bottom of my pecs. I stand up and bounce my pecs, they burst through my tee with a lound ?rrrrhhhhiipppping? sound, I stand there for a second, naked, dick throbbing, pumped, vascular and sweaty. Every muscle on body pumped and throbbing, snaked by thick veins.
The smallest guy living at my place, Jon, was bigger than Ronnie Coleman, he had 36? thighs, 26? biceps and a 62? chest, I walked forward and grabbed him, bench pressed him in the air easy, as I did it all the other men were groping me, as u lifted, all I felt and saw was hungry hands, mouths and cocks across my body, each one of the men fighting over my body. Jon, however was easy to lift, I dopped him down, and picked him up again my the leg, grabbing another guy as well, lifting two of these enormous men was struggle at frst, but it made me hornier, as I lifted I cud see there dicks throbbing, aching to spunk.
As I looked in the mirror I saw a monster starring back at me, kneeling on the floor we 12 other men, all tugging at eachother?s dicks and groping my enormous body. My legs were like giant tree trunks, the men were trying to get their arms around them in vain. My thick, sweaty hairy thighs were too huge for them. My pecs were covered in veins, glistening in sweat and hair. The veins extended up and over my massive shoulders, and snaked down my arms. Each arm became more pumped as I lifted each man another time, one per arm, dangling like twigs. My monster cock would be dripping in pre cum, throbbing hard against my abs and the bottom of my pecs, thick and snaked with veins. Each throb would be an inch deep, pulling back an inch from body before thudding back against it.
Not long starring at this image and I?d loose it. I?d drop the guys and start tugging frantically, all the men in front tugging themselves, open mouthed. Eventually Id shoot. Every muscle in my body would begin spasaming as I got nearer. Then, every muscle would tense at once as I shoot my load. Spurt after spurt of please would be released, spunk flying everywhere, all over the faces of all the men, enough for everyone. It?d land everywhere, my own face and body would be covered as I shouted and grunted in exctasy, cum would fly all over the men, over their faces, hair, muscles and cocks. Seeing me sum would send them all off, all falling about in ecstasy, fifteen men all cumming at once. A room full of animals as they grunt, shooting their loads, the room filled with the smell of sweat and sex.

What ya think?

If ya wanna chat [email protected] on MSN
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