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Brad (and Mark) Want To Feel Muscle! Part 4

Brad (and Mark) Want To Feel Muscle! Part 4

Brad looked over at Mark. He was rubbing his huge pecs. ?OK Mark, welcome to my world. The world of massive muscle? Mark looked back at Brad with a smile. ?I must be 300 lbs, Brad and it?s all muscle.?.

?That?s nothing? said Brad as he stood up and flexed a most muscular. ?Look at this body?. Brad then reached down for Mark?s arm. Mark moved away. ?What?s your problem?, asked Mark. ?My problem, Brad, is that I saw what you can do and I don?t want you to take all my muscle?.

Brad laughed. ?Don?t worry, my little muscle stud. I want to keep you with all that muscle. Better yet, I want to make you grow bigger, much bigger?.
Brad motioned for Mark to get up. ?We need to find us some muscle and the sooner the better.

Brad rubbed his abs, and began to sway back and forth. ?What?s wrong Brad, you look a little funny?. Brad swayed side to side and then fell face down on the floor.

Mark quickly tried to roll Brad over. ?You?re one heavy slab of beef?. Mark could not budge him. As Mark continued trying to move Brad, he suddenly realized that he was touching Brad, but he was not feeling any draining sensations. ?What the, I can?t feel the draining?.

Mark continued to move his hands over Brad?s body. Mark then noticed that Brad?s muscles were not as massively pumped as they were before. ?Brad, your muscles, you?re looking a little smaller, what?s happening?.

Mark realized that there was definitely something wrong. ?Your muscles, I think you?re actually shrinking. Wake up Brad. Come on, wake up?

Mark got up and moved over to the sink. ?Maybe little water will bring him around?. Mark filled up a glass of cold water and walked over and poured it on the back of Brad?s head.

?What the hell?, shouted Brad as he woke up. He shook his hard and rolled over on to his back. Mark couldn?t help but feel uneasy as he watched Brad?s pecs slowly get a little smaller.

?Brad, buddy, you have a little problem. Your muscles, they?re getting smaller. Brad jumped up, still a little dazed and ran to the sink and looked in the mirror. ?Uh, Mark, what?s happening, did you steal my muscle??

?No Brad, that seems to be the other problem. When I touched you to try to roll you over, I wasn?t getting any draining sensation. It looks like I can?t drain any more muscle? Brad grabbed Mark?s arms. ?Nothing, I don?t feel anything?.

?See Brad, I told you, there?s something wrong?. Brad and Mark looked at each other trying to figure out what was wrong.

Brad scratched the side of his head. ?I know that the guy in the hospital was injecting some heavy juice, but he didn?t really know much about the stuff. But he said that he had kept taking it. Also, I fell in that puddle of chemical crap. Maybe that juice doesn?t work unless you keep taking it and maybe the chemicals in that puddle don?t last that long either?.

?That?s it, Mark, we?ve got to go get us some more of it. There?s no way I am going to give up my huge muscles and all that power?.

Brad looked over to Mark and realized that his muscles were now looking less pumped. ?Shit, Mark, look in the mirror?. Mark looked in the mirror. ?No, I can?t be, damn, look at my body. OK Brad, where do we need to go get this stuff??

Brad quickly explained to Mark what had happened earlier that day. The old factory, the accident, the big beefy construction worker with the huge biceps that had the syringe in his pocket, falling and getting pricked by the syringe and falling into the puddle of murky water.

They decided that the best place to start would be to go back to the hospital to talk to that big beefy construction worker.

Brad and Mark quickly searched everyone?s lockers to find some clothes to wear. They raced out of the gym and jumped into Brad?s car. They drove to the Hospital. They left the car in emergency and went in.

?Yes, I was here earlier?, said Brad. ?The injured construction worker, the old factory. Yes, Ok, he?s still in the room across the hall, Thanks? Brad pulled Mark and they walked down the hall. Brad looked in the room. The beefy construction worker was now lying on one of the beds. ?Come on Mark, we need to have a word?.

They entered the room and Brad motioned to Mark to shut the door. ?Hello my friend, remember me? The guy opened his eyes and saw Brad and Mark standing at the side of his bed. Brad reached down and grabbed the guy?s arm. Brad?s muscles still big enough that he was strong enough to quickly cover the guys mouth and hold him still.

?OK, we just need to know where you have that juice. At your home, in your car, where? I am going to move my hand, but you?d better not make any trouble or else?. Brad moved his hand away from the guy?s mouth. Brad looked down at the guy?s body, his muscles still huge and inviting. Brad felt himself getting hard.

?Ya, I still have a few vials of that Growth Hormone, but it?s not for sale. I need it for myself? The beefy construction worker flexed his biceps and they bulged into 2 beautiful mounds of muscle that looked bigger than cantaloupes. Brad leered at the guy and grabbed his forearm and squeezed. The guy yelled from the pain. Even though Brad had already lost quite a bit of muscle, he was still extremely strong. ?We aren?t fooling around here. Tell me where the hell it is or I?ll break your fucking arm?.

?It?s in my car and I guess my car?s still at the old factory, where I parked it earlier this morning? Brad squeezed and wrenched the guy?s arm. ?Don?t say anything to anyone or I?ll come back for you and you don?t want to see me when I am mad?.
Brad moved to the door and Mark followed. ?OK Mark, let?s go to the old factory. It?s just outside of the City. Probably take us about half an hour?

Once outside, they got back into the car and they sped down the road. As Brad drove, Mark moved his hands over his body, trying to feel his hard muscles. ?Hurry, Brad, I?m really loosing my pump.
It was dark and Brad was unsure of where the driveway was for the factory. ?Shit, I know it?s around here somewhere. There it is?. The car veered to the right as Brad turned to go in the driveway. As the drove in, they saw what appeared to be headlights. Brad stopped the car. Mark looked over at Brad. ?Look?s like someone?s here Brad?. They got out of the car.

Brad walked over to the car. The car was still running, with the headlights shining at the front gate. Brad walked up to the gate. ?Mark, look at the fence, it?s in pieces. Looks like someone drove a truck through it. What?s that noise? Both of their heads turned as they saw a metal post come flying through the fence.

?Get down, yelled Mark?. They dove to the ground as another metal pole flew over them. ?Disgruntle, employee?, joked Mark.

Brad and Mark got up and walked to the corner of the fence. They looked in and noticed what appeared to be the shadow of a man. But it was no normal looking man. The man must have been nearly 7 ft tall and shoulders wider than a barn door. ?Holy shit, Mark, what?s that?? They moved around to try to get a little closer look. ?Brad, wait, we don?t want it to see us?.

?It?. ?We don?t want ?it? to see us? What the hell are you talking about, this aint no ?It?. It?s some huge fucking muscle guy. And I think we need to find out just what gave him all that muscle. But first we need to get that juice and find that puddle and then we are going to steal every last bit of that muscle?.

Brad and Mark moved over to the parking lot. There was only one car. ?This must be that beefy construction guy?s car?, whispered Mark. ?It?s locked, how are we going to get in??

?Oh I don?t know Mark, maybe we should call the auto club?. With that, Brad slammed his shoulder against the driver?s side window breaking the glass. They turned to see if the huge muscle guy had heard the noise but he was busy breaking and throwing pieces of construction equipment.
Brad opened the door and hit the trunk button. The trunk popped open and the light came on and there in the corner, was an old box. It was covered in mud and dust and looked pretty aged.

?OK Mark, looks like we found our treasure? Brad grabbed the box. He ripped open the side. Inside were several vials full of blue liquid. Also, there were several empty syringes. ?Yes, come to Daddy. OK Mark, hold the box?. It was dark, but Mark held the box close to the trunk and there was enough light for Brad to see. Brad took one of the syringes and stuck it in one of the vials. He held up the syringe, tapped it and slowly pushed down to get rid of the bubbles. Brad then jabbed the needle into his forearm and emptied the liquid. ?Oh ya, I can feel it in my arm. This is some heavy shit. I can feel it burning?. Brad grabbed another vial. ?Hey, Brad, what about me?, whispered Mark, as he watched Brad quickly repeat and jab the needle into his other arm.

?Calm down Mark. You?ll get your turn? Brad closed his eyes as he felt the warmth spread through his body. ?Oh ya, I can feel it?. Mark put down the box and grabbed a vial and syringe. He fumbled to try to get the needle into the vial. ?Hold on clumsy. Guess it?s harder when you aren?t in the business?. Brad took the syringe and filled it, after tapping and getting rid of the bubbles, he jabbed the needle into Mark?s arm. ?Oh ya, you?re right, it feels warm? said Mark. Brad quickly grabbed another vial and filled the syringe and jabbed Mark?s other arm.

?OK, now let?s find us that puddle?. They moved around the parking lot. Brad remembered that that the puddle was closer to the factor building. It was dark and they couldn?t see where they were walking. In the distance, they could still hear the noise from the huge muscle guy, still breaking the construction equipment.

?Wooow, yeoow, splash?. Brad turned as he heard Mark go down. ?Mark, where are you? You Ok??. ?I think I found your puddle. Oh, yeah, ahhh, it feels great? Brad walked over to where he heard Mark?s voice. ?Where are yooooooo, Brad feel over Mark?s leg and landed beside him in the puddle. ?I feel hot?, said Mark. ?Move over Mark, don?t take all the puddle? Brad pushed Mark?s pecs. As Brad?s hands touched Mark, Brad began to feel that familiar tingling sensation. ?Oh ya, I feel it, I feel it Mark. And I want it all. ?Get off me?, yelled Mark? They both got out of the puddle and stood up. They both reveled in their feeling. They wanted to feel their muscle.

They moved back over to the car. The trunk was still open and the light was still shining. Brad looked at Mark. The light was dim, but Brad could see that Mark was looking a lot more pumped. He was rubbing his hands over himself.

?What was that??, said Brad. As they both turned, they saw a big shadow moving towards them. As the shadow got closer, they could see the features more clearly. The guy was huge. The muscle he had was beyond belief. He was bigger than anyone they had ever seen. ?Look at the size of his legs, his arms, his chest. He?s massive?, yelled Mark. Brad and Mark began to feel the tingling sensation. It moved into overdrive. The tingling sensation flowed through their bodies and they looked at each other. ?This is fucking incredible? said Brad. ?I have never felt such a rush. I feel my muscles exploding? With that, Brad held up his arms and flexed as his shirt ripped to shreds. Mark looked on in pleasure. He felt himself pumping up with muscle and felt his cock growing harder and harder. Brad flexed his mighty quads and they ripped out of his pants. ?Oh ya, I feel amazing. This guy is fucking strong. I?m draining him and I haven?t even touched him?

Brad lunged forward at the guy. In a split second he reached up and had his arms barely wrapped around the guy?s waist. ?Oh my God, I can?t believe your strength. I feel it slamming into my body? Brad looked up at the guy.

Frank ?

To be continued??
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hotness, as always :P

hmmm...though; i sure hope SOMEONE gets to keep at least a LITTLE of their muscle. eventualy they're gonna run outta that growth hormone stuff and the puddle's gonna get soaked up or evaporate or something; so since things are gonna run out....idunno; i guess i want at least ONE muscle giant left standing (for my personal pleasure/satisfaction, of course ^.^)
Even so; great story man
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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