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Doug: One Man's Saga of Massive Muscle Part 7

[COLOR=White]Doug: One Man's Saga of Massive Muscle[/COLOR]

Foreword: Sorry Again for the long wait in between installments. There is a lot of exposition here. I will work on polishing it up but I wanted to finally get it up here.

For those of you new to the Doug saga here are the following chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

[COLOR=White]Chapter VII: Over the River and Through the Wood

[COLOR=White]The dark of the morning lay over the slumbering city. In one of the highest rooms of the tower beneath the great hulking giant statue two men work out feverishly in a massively well equipped gym.

Onyx concentrated as he moved through his final reps of calf raises; the pain splitting through him. He could feel the 600 lb weight resting on his shoulders pushing him down as he pushed up straining his calves moving slowly and precisely. Across the gym he glanced at Zon intently staring at himself as he pushed through a set of biceps curls. The heavy bar was bent with the enormous weight of six 90 lb plates on either side. Still Zon moved the weight in a super slow disciplined arc up and down. His huge vein covered biceps contracting up into round masses of sinew and then lengthened as he lowered the weights the large bar touching his almost as thick erect cock as he reached the bottom of the rep. Zon, as usual, was wearing nothing. Even though Zon was exercising his arms, Onyx could see massive chords in his back move rhythmically as Zon lifted the weight. Onyx struggled with his own raging hard on at the sight of Zon’s magnificent body.

Finally, Onyx stopped at his fiftieth rep and stepped toward the showers. “I’m washing up. Meet you downstairs in a few.”

Zon barely nodded, “I’ll probably be another hour. Take your time.”

The showers were down the hall from the gym. Around the perimeter were standard open showers. In the center was 100 foot tall statue of a huge muscular man pouring water from an urn. The water fell in such a torrent that most men couldn’t even stand up under it. It was Zon’s favorite way to cool off after a workout to stand under the raging fall. Even though Zon wasn’t watching, Onyx stepped under the bruising power of the fall taking the punishment and trying to understand how Zon could enjoy it. He finished quickly and exited to the adjoining dressing room, dressed and was in his office in a matter of minutes.

At a touch of his hand headlines from all over the world sprang up on his computer screens and quickly he sifted through them. Onyx’s eyes narrowed as one caught his attention, “I Was Probed by an Alien Muscle Monster.” The story concerned a stripper who had been beaten and then raped by some super huge muscular creature who could change size. Onyx glanced at the stripper’s heavily bruised face in the photo. The story itself was bizarre but the pictures of the man himself made Onyx stare in admiration. In a before picture the man was dressed as a policeman and obviously incredibly muscular. He claimed to be a natural bodybuilder but Onyx had never seen a natural bodybuilder with such a huge physique. The after picture showed only the man’s heavily bruised upper torso and face.

Onyx clicked on an intercom, “I need to fly to San Francisco, this afternoon.”


Dr. Calgari was driving through the deep south. No one would look for a man of his stature in the land of pork rinds and beer guts. He glanced at the road sign “You are now leaving Layette Ville”

“Thank god,” muttered the doctor negotiating his vehicle around a particularly nasty pothole in the road. He passed a gleaming church spire and shuddered inwardly.

There was a cattle owner in Dooleyville making discreet inquiries about growth hormone. Dr. Calgari shuddered again. It was a job but---maybe there were things worse than starving to death. He passed a little Gas 2 Go mini mart and then suddenly he was on Main Street Dooleyville with nothing but the Dry Goods store open.

The door gave a homey jingle as he entered the shop. Dr. Calgari attempted to suppress another shudder and to paste a smile on his face. “Good morning, miss,” he said, “My name is Dan Duchaine I was looking for the Turner’s place, but I’m not familiar with your town. Do you happen to know how to get there?”

Crystal turned and saw the slight, balding man with the slightly protruding eyes and suppressed her own inward shudder, ”Hi there! You’re almost to the Turner place. You just pull out of here and head toward the old water tower a piece. Soon as you see the stand of dogwood trees you turn to your right. You’ll see the Turner sign and you can turn on in to their driveway.”

At the lovely young woman’s ready smile and kindness, Calgari felt some human warmth for an instant. As he recognized the feeling bile rose in his throat.

Crystal saw the man suddenly begin to violently cough, “Dear me,” she said and bustled over with some water to help.

“Thanks,” the man rasped out as he gulped the water. “I’m sorry. I’ve been traveling for a long time.”

“No worries at all. You be careful on the way to the Turners, Mr Duchaine,” Crystal said as the strange man quickly turned and left through the swinging door.

The sight of the Turner’s sprawling estate and rambling mansion pushed the incident to the back of Calgari’s mind. This was a man of means and that might be his ticket back to worthwhile experimentation. He chuckled as he walked up to the heavy oak door to ring the bell.


Okay, so you didn’t kill anyone and you only ruined one building. It sounded like he had it coming,” Jimmy said placing a hand on Doug’s mountainous forearm.

“Jimmy, I know he was only doing the right thing. But Doug, you need to be careful. There’s a responsibility that goes with that body of yours.” Dan was standing across the kitchen looking at his super husband comforting Doug. Doug was sitting on a jumbo steel reinforced kitchen chair dwarfing everything (including Jimmy) in the room. “I think the time has come for him to try to make a place for himself. We’ve been ready for weeks.”

“Doug, he only means we have the supplies and equipment to help you out. You are welcome to stay as long as you like,” Jimmy said consolingly.

“Thanks guys. I guess when I went out. It was like I felt I was ready and I do need to. I can’t stay here forever. And I will be really careful, “ Doug said aiming the last at Supercub Dan. “I am so grateful. And I do know that there is problems with being strong like this.” Doug moved the massive meat of his arms as he gestured in the air, oddly helpless and full of power, ”I didn’t ask for it, I don’t want it---why should I have responsibility?”

“Look at me, Doug,” said Jimmy with some authority, “not everyone asks for power but if you get it you get choices that other people can’t make. The more power you have, the more power your choices have. Be careful, that’s what it means.”

“Besides all that, Doug,” Dan spoke up,” we’ve discovered a little bit more about you from tests. Your condition is sort of stable but it could change. From what we have seen, there is no way to reverse the condition. Even though you seem to be able to change other people’s growth, your ability does not extend to yourself.

"Also, it looks like when you’re threatened your body can boost your abilities so that you can handle the threat. In the unlikely event you have someone who is stronger than you threatening you, you might get even stronger.”

“That’s not gonna happen,” Doug answered looking suddenly determined. “One thing I know is that I’m not cut out for what you guys do. I mean if I punch a guy, he’s probably dead and if I punch the wrong guy then….I’ve done something and there’s no goin’ back. I just wanna be a guy who cleans up and who can daydream about stuff while he’s working. I think that’s the happiest I’ve ever been. I think with what you guys have given me, maybe I can make a stab at having what I had.”


Brutus lay uncomfortably in his extra large king sized bed. He was spread out and even with the extra size his head was up against the headboard and his feet were square up against the baseboard and there was still a little bend in his knees. He took a deep breath and shook from the pain. His ribs were still healing. His mouth hurt. He growled but resolutely looked away from the pain killer the doctor prescribed for him. No drugs.

He heard his door open. “Pamela, did you get all the groceries? Could you put ‘em in the fridge?”

Pamela didn’t answer instead a large black man walked into Brutus’ bedroom. “What the f---“ Brutus exclaimed and the black man interrupted.

“Excuse me for bursting in on you like this and don’t be alarmed. Your door was open and I don’t have much time. My name is Onyx and I represent the Zon Powers Corporation.”

Brutus’ head was spinning from the pain and the information. He had packages of Zon Powers supplements in his cabinet. This guy was obviously a bodybuilder. “Go on,” Brutus rasped out.

Onyx ran his eyes over Brutus. Even recuperating from massive injuries, the man was awesome. Even if it turned out this guy had hurt himself tripping over some bitch’s twat on his way to the drug store, he was worth recruiting. Onyx ran a practiced eye over Brutus’ considerable arms. The man looked bigger than even his own 300+ pounds and looked like he would clean up well. This was a find.

“We are model recruiting but we are also interested in your story. Could you please allow me to record all the details.

"I love you guys’ stuff,” Brutus said,” but this thing that took me on. I ain’t never been manhandled so easy. I wrestled a bear once and man it wasn’t that hard but this guy, this thing, this---you know the hulk?” Onyx nodded, “this thing was much bigger. Anyways, I was at the strip club and I had just beaten up this annoying sailor guy when….”


The road stretched out into the horizon, vanishing in the distance. Doug carefully pushed on the accelerator enjoying the rush of air through the open windows of his van. Everything was made of some special super strong alloy but on the outside, it looked like just another slightly older blue van. Jimmy had said better to look a little less than showroom it attracted less attention.
It was all good to Doug. He could drive again and he was on his way to another janitorial job way on the other side of the country from his old ruined life.

As he went through the southern portion of the country the land became greener and the air became thicker with humidity and heat. Doug hadn’t slept since he left the Supers four days ago. He had discovered he could go about this long without sleep but it was starting to wear on him.

Despite the heat and his tiredness, Doug could feel a faint stirring of excitement as he neared the Mississippi river.
Even as he pulled up to a group of tourists standing on the bank, he could hear the subdued roar of the river over the sound of his van.

“I never seen such a huge river,” Doug muttered as he strode out on the bank. He was careful to stay well away from the rest of the crowd.

The river was huge. He couldn’t see the other side of it from here. The bridge ran on into the vanishing point. The air seemed charged from the river and he could breathe droplets of water. The phrase “able to change the course of mighty rivers” ran through his mind as he stood staring at the rushing power of the water. Hadn’t Hercules used a river to clean a stable? Couldn’t Superman or Superbear change the direction of the water? He was strong like them, like someone would read about. People did read about him, he was on the news! Doug flexed and unflexed his hands. He ran one hand down his muscled stomach savoring the tight, hard feeling of the muscle beneath his shirt. He had the power to beat this river into submission too. He could feel his large nipples get hard. He resisted the urge to reach in front and caress them.

Doug looked at the other people crowding the bank: men, women and children, a potbellied guy in a Hawaiian shirt with a camera, a young married couple staring blissfully ahead in each other’s arms, a mom yelling at her kids to be careful, people speaking different languages. None of them could do what he could. He could probably stamp and shake them all into the water. Thanks to the illusion belt, none of them knew they were near a monster, a god. Doug could feel his cock get hard at the thought of what his body could do, what HE could do.

Doug looked again at the young man and woman standing together. The woman was smiling and talking to the man obviously so in love she almost didn’t see the river. A lonely feeling stole over him and visions of white picket fences, sharing beers, cuddling in front of the television, being a normal guy who couldn’t cause earthquakes, who didn’t have a super corporation chasing him, who didn’t hang out with superhumans, who could look at the river and not change its course.

“Bein’ a janitor again, that’s a step,” he muttered as he made his way back alone to his van.
The day wore on as he drove through towns and eventually drove into some mountains that were thickly forested. He pulled his van off the road. From the back of the van, which was stuffed with supplies, he pulled a small sleeping bag and an icebox packed with some food. He spread out the sleeping bag and ate the food. It was late and the moon was high in the sky. He could hear rustlings from the forest but it seemed he was far away from civilization. He turned off the illusion belt. It wasn’t uncomfortable but there seemed to be a buzzing in his head after four days of wearing it. The buzzing went away and he lay down and instantly fell asleep.

Bodybuilder trainer Ric Sullivan was just cleaning up the gym, almost just like that first fateful night, when the massive man who dominated his dreams strode through the gym doors blatantly ignoring the fact that the gym was about to close. Ric couldn’t believe it. The long hair was the same, the intoxicating man musk of sweat and sex still clung to him, the intense green eyes and the body. This man’s body was even bigger than before, the massive shoulders making it difficult for the man to even get through the double doors of the gym, the amazing biceps that hung at his sides with finger sized veins rippling through them even relaxed, the huge thighs that strained the fabric of his pants clearly showing the rippling teardrop shaped quad muscles, the deep amazingly broad chest. The man’s fur poked out of every piece of clothing so he still wasn’t getting ready to compete. As Ric’s cock jerked to attention a kind of woozy, sensory overload took over his mind.

Ric ran his hand through his suddenly sweaty blonde hair, “Sir are you ready for another workout tonight?” Although, a fairly large man himself, Ric was so submissive he didn’t dare call the giant Hank unless Hank actually gave him permission.

“Bitch, speak when you’re spoken to,” growled Hank in his deep powerful voice, “We’re going where I can find some men to satisfy me and if you’re really good, I’ll give you the honor of finishing me up.”

“The gym is closed in a few minutes and then we can.” Ric started.

“Close it NOW,” the muscular giant growled menacingly causing the windows to rattle slightly, “then we’re going to take a drive.”

Ric drove up the mountain road into the forest nervously, hardly able to keep his eyes on the twisting road. His truck was big but it felt like a compact with Hank jammed inside the space. The heat the man was radiating was incredible and Ric wanted to keep glancing over to drink in the sight of the incredible man. He gripped the wheel hard with his sweaty hands.

“Here’s where the bear bash is,” said Hank gesturing at a largish cleared parking lot on the side of the road, “Remember, I’m going to be fucking until I can get this cock satisfied but you bitch watch until I’m ready for you.” They walked towards a sturdy wood wall with a door open. In the doorway stood a short man with glasses who made the bodybuilders (many of them pros) at Ric’s gym look like a bunch of kids. Even though the man was wearing a tight fitting polo shirt, his mass and muscularity was undeniable. Before Hank, Ric would have thought he was one of the most muscular men alive. “It looks like we came to the right place,” Hank thundered.


It was time to take out those freaks. Roger and his six friends were crowded into the Hummer and driving out into the forest. They had heard about the gay happening in the woods. Seemed like a good place to kick some pansy ass. Those jerks wouldn’t defile their forest anymore.

There was a large cleared out parking area off one of the side roads.

Roger pulled in. There were about twenty or so cars. A lot of guys sure but Roger and his friends weren’t called the Bash Bros for nothing. They were all jocks and they all knew how to fight. Roger pulled out a crowbar and swung it at the nearest car.
The crowbar stopped midswing as if it had run into the side of a building. Instead, Roger found his crowbar being held by a short but one of the most incredibly muscular men he had ever seen.

“Hold it there son,” the man himself looked like he was in his early thirties had dark short hair and glasses. His massive forearm was furrowed with muscle and dark hair. In the bright moonlight Roger could see the arm was criss crossed with thick veins. “You don’t want to be starting any trouble here. There’s guys in there that are a lot bigger and a lot meaner than me.”

Impotently, Roger pulled and jerked on the crowbar but it was frozen in the other man’s grip.
The short man gave what was for him a gentle tug and wrenched the crowbar out of Roger’s tight grip as if there were no resistance. Roger gave a yelp of pain as the metal scraped out of his hands.

“You’re a fag?” Roger asked almost speechless. His friends had suddenly darted back to the safety of the Hummer after seeing Roger so effortlessly bested by this muscled up beast of a man.

“It’s not what I’d call myself but I am partial to men. Now you need to go along home and calm down. Roger found himself obeying the man’s overwhelmingly superior power.

“Xythan,” the super-muscular man called, ”could you give me a hand with something?”

“Coming, Omelissokomos” a slightly deeper voice answered and a slightly taller black man appeared out of the darkness. He also had glasses and was also very muscular. Not quite as thick as the shorter man but still very, very powerful looking.

“We need to turn this car around,” the shorter muscle man gestured at the brand new Hummer. Xythan moved towards the back of the vehicle and Omelissokomos moved to the front. Roger started worrying about his dad’s car and started the engine but before he could get it running the vehicle was hoisted in the air. The shorter man didn’t even look like he was breaking a sweat as he and Xythan turned the car so it faced the road going towards the city.

“Remember boys, part of bein' a man is not picking on people who are different or you think are weaker than you.

"Okay boys. We need you to stop turning the wheels so we can put this down.” Mutely Roger turned off the engine as the men dropped the vehicle which hit the pavement with a resounding crash. Slightly stunning the passengers.

Roger recovered quickly and peeled out of the parking lot.

“That was a close one Xythan. We need to keep checking around. We’re not too far away for troublemakers.”

Xythan approached the shorter man and briefly engulfed his muscular mass in his own strong arms and gave Omelissokomos a kiss. “I’m glad you’re okay. I know you’re as strong as a superhero but you’re not invulnerable.”

“I’m careful,” Omelissokomos growled affectionately.

The two men continued walking in the moonlight. Xythan shined a flashlight as they walked the perimeter of the property. The forest was dark but nothing seemed unusual until they came out into the meadow.
“Oh my God,” exclaimed Omelissokomos.In the center of the meadow stretched a giant. The man must have been at least seven feet tall. What the men had thought looked like an odd boulder was the man’s chest which arched above the long grasses of the meadow. There was a dark furry mass of hair all over the rippling enormity of this guy’s muscles that tapered down to a small extremely ripped ten pack abs and then once again the muscle expanded out to two gargantuan thighs. The man’s skin was pale in the moonlight and there was stubble on his chin. He looked to be about 45.

Xythan looked on astonished and then a mischievous thought occurred to him. “Hey I think this is the one guy who could take on that jerk Hank and put him in his place.”

Omelissokomos felt himself getting hard as he studied the incredible size of the man in front of him muttered, “But this guy might be an even bigger jerk. He is bigger even so. Wait a minute, this guy looks familiar. I think I saw this guy on tv a few weeks ago.”

“I didn’t know you had spotted any more. Wait is this that disappearing guy that everyone was looking for?”

“Yeah, they’ve described him as a psychotic lab experiment or something I believe.”

Xythan looked down on the guy's pleasant looking face, slack and drooling into the sleeping bag he was on. “I have a feeling that this guy is a good guy. I’ll wake him up.”

Omelissokomos moved to stop him but Xythan moved faster. “Hey mister, mister wake up. There’s a party going on.

Doug heard the gentle masculine voice and felt himself slowly climbing into consciousness. “Whaaaa----what?” His eyes focused on a dark man with a moustache and glasses smiling kindly at him. “Did I do somthun’ wron---unh?” he garbled.

“No, no. It’s just that this is our property and we don’t want you sleeping out like this. We have some guests and were wondering if you’d join us?”

Doug looked at the two heavily muscled men and felt a brief pleasant surge or arousal at their good looks and friendliness. “Um sure. I guess I could use some nice company. Sorry I laid out here. Didn’t see a sign.”

The man got up and towered over both the two men. His shoulders and chest were incredibly broad. His arms were thicker than even Omelissokomos’ extraordinary chest.

Omelissokomos tried to keep his eyes from running down the dark trail of hair across the man’s amazing midsection to the frankly staggering package in this man’s pants that looked like it could take on a couple of boa constrictors. While he was trying not to look the obscenely huge organ pulsed bigger. The man was aroused.Omelissokomos struggled between fear at the man’s staggering size and reputation and pleasure at the man’s staggering size and reputation. He didn’t seem to be the shambling psychotic of the media’s description. But Omelissokomos had long known they didn’t get everything right.

Xythan was making introductions, "Hi I’m Xythan. I’m an engineer and part time writer and this is my partner, Omelissokomos, the beekeeper they call him."

Doug engulfed the short man’s hand in his own, “Pleased to meet you. My name is Paul.”

As Doug gently shook Omelissokomos’ hand, Omelissokomos came to a decision. “I know who you are,” he said gently, “and I think I have some information to help you. We’re having a party but I think the guys are so busy in there we can get you in without much notice.”

Doug felt himself instinctively liking these two men and was happy about the help. But damn he needed to be more careful.

The two men ushered Doug through the fence, past some smaller buildings into a large clearing enclosed by high wood fences. There were a couple of hot tubs built in, picnic tables, large hammocks, barbeques, mats and mattresses were scattered about. The air was heavy with a masculine musky scent. The thirty or so men looked up at Doug’s approach and let out a collective gasp.

“Oh man I didn’t know there would be so many people,” Doug said backing away from the group.

“Don’t worry we’re all friends here—,” started Xythan.

“Scared shitless?” demanded a huge roaring voice, “just like all the rest of these faggots? I don’t see bears here---just scared little bunnies”

Doug looked around as a man several times bigger than Brutus stood up. With all the amazing men he had seen this man was by far the most magnificent. He had long dark hair and the most intense green eyes and was covered with dark hair over most of his body. And what a body—the man was about six foot 10 inches. Just a few inches shorter than Doug and was absolutely, monstrously huge. However, Doug could see the shadow of a smaller man deep within Hank’s form.

The green eyed behemoth strode forward towards Doug completely naked. As he came forward, his mouth dropped open as he surveyed Doug’s even more monstrous musculature. The green eyed man had never met a man to come close to his own size and this sheepish looking specimen dwarfed him in every respect (well maybe not every—he stroked his 20 inch tool) and gazed briefly at this beast’s amply huge bulging briefs.

Xythan said simply, “Paul, let me introduce you to Hank. Hank, Paul.”

Doug’s sheepish expression hardened into grim line and he moved forward and looked down on Hank and stretched out his hand. The two giants’ pecs pushed at each other. Hank’s chest was huge and furrowed with muscle but compared with Doug’s seemed under nourished. Hank felt felt the unfamiliar sense of being intimidated as Doug's massive granite hard pecs pushed him back several steps.

Hank took Doug’s hand and Doug had never felt his hand gripped with such power but by exerting just a bit of effort Doug gave a slight, hard squeeze and Hank’s eyes popped open. “Now that’s a grip of a MAN,” he exclaimed. Doug squeezed even harder and Hank started to wince and tried to pull his hand away.

“Oh I’m sorry, “ Doug allowed his voice to rumble into its lower register and released Hank’s hand,“I thought you could take a little squeeze. Good thing I didn’t put any muscle into it.”

Hank rubbed his hand but didn’t look intimidated. He looked turned on. “God knows I always said the first time I get fucked it’s by someone who can actually take me. Ric I know you wanted this chance but you just couldn’t get close.”

Doug glanced at the guy’s monolithic member and noticed it was dripping pre-cum.

Hank flexed his 36 inch biceps in front of Doug. It was one of the biggest most massive arms ever. There was an audible sigh as several men came at the sight of Hank’s incredible arm. Doug smirked at Hank and turned on by the man’s challenge and flexed his own incredible arm. It wasn't even close as the majestic peak of his own 52 inch arm completely dwarfed Hank’s, impossibly harder with thick cobra sized veins gouging the deeply striated muscle. The crowd was almost silent except for the sound of a few moans as some men began ejaculating forcefully. Hank broke the silence with a roar of pleasure and kissed Doug deeply and passionately. Doug kissed back his own muscular tongue pushing away Hank’s mighty prober as if it weren’t there. Hank gave more grunts of pleasure and with his other arm ripped Doug’s shorts free and allowed Doug’s mighty 26 inch cock to spring forth. The force of the thing pushed Hank back and he laughed with surprise “Even your cock is stronger than me.” He stroked the member hard feeling it’s steel like hardness and its pylon-like strength and thickness. The heat it radiated surpassed his own.

Hank, consumed with passion, fell on his knees back to Doug offering his perfect striated bubble butt for Doug’s taking. Doug felt the fullness of his desire and plunged in with so much force that Hank screamed in pain and pleasure as he was penetrated. Doug pushed deep inside and Hank could hardly contain himself and starting spewing gobs of cum. Doug pushed on and on and suddenly felt himself erupt inside of Hank and the force of his cum pushed Hank off of him and forward several feet where he was covered in the white hot gush of Doug’s issue.

Doug suddenly became aware of moaning as several men spent with the passion of the two giants moved forward to worship him and touch his amazing body.
A blonde man moved toward Hank’s now unconscious form. Ric had never seen Hank humbled by any man and this man had humbled Hank in a matter of seconds. He looked down at Hank’s unconscious face and almost caught a glimpse of another man. “He almost looks like poor Henry.” Ric said wonderingly and turned and saw the group of the men passionately licking the sweat and cum off of Doug’s monstrous form as Doug stood staring at Hank with a far off look in his eye.

[/COLOR][COLOR=White]To be Continued in Chapter VIII[/COLOR]

[COLOR=White]Afterword: Some acknowledgements must be made. This story is really a tribute to this site and I used several characters for this installment. Of course the characters of Xythan and Omelissokomos are based on two favorite posters on this site. I certainly recommend looking up their many posts!! I must hasten to add that I know nothing personally about either of them and that this representation is only based on my own wishful thinking. I do not want this interpreted as representing any fact about either of them.[/COLOR] [COLOR=White]The character of Hank is from Muscl4life’s great story Stranger Within.[/COLOR] [COLOR=White]

Please let me know any compliments or complaints about this story. I will edit accordingly.

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A lot of stuff going on here maybe too much--some of it feels a little rushed. I'm looking forward to seeing what's around the corner. You have a lot of balls in the air (so to speak!!).

As I've said before, I'm really enjoying the way you're having different characters from different muscle stories inter relate!!

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I have to say it's truly an honor to be included in your ongoing muscle epic. I'm intrigued at what "I'm" going to do next.
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My biggest concern is the reaction of the authors and now the actual posters in having their work or themselves represented here. I was hoping for this to be a kind of tribute and a recognition of people whose work has wowed me. Thanks for your comment! It means a lot!

Thanks also for your wonderful art and all the great stuff you've preserved on your site. I would have never found out about Superbear and Supercub if it weren't for you!!

I'm working on a rewrite of this part (this thing seems to require a couple of drafts before I can move on). The plot will remain the same essentially but I'd like to build up some scenes a little more and make the whole thing "flow" a little better.
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Well, I am honored and thrilled that you took Ric and Hank for a nice walk in this hot hot story!

Keep up the great work

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Woo hoo, I'm an engineer.
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Old September 10th, 2007, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by xythan_shadow
Woo hoo, I'm an engineer.
Hopefully that's a good thing!!

Thanks for starting a new story thread. It's always great to see your work.

The next part and revisions should be coming next week!
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Old September 15th, 2007, 01:03 PM
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Hi fillups44,

I am glad to see another installment of this one. I, for one, LIKE the idea that there is a lot going on, but that's just my own preference. Please keep up the good work and also, please keep providing references about the stories you are..., um referencing. I'm fairly new to the forum and I'm not familiar with a lot of contributers yet, so your citations are a welcome guide.

I like the idea of a main character who has the kind of muscle that no one that he's encountered yet has even come close to challenging and yet he remains sort of hapless and far anyway.

It will be interesting to see if anyone can provide him a real challenge and how he will react if that happens.

Anyway, thanks for posting.

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Old September 18th, 2007, 05:10 AM
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Thanks so much for the encouragement. It means a lot! I just finished the rewrite on this. I think it reads a little better and I can move on with Doug's story.

I kind of built Doug with a few challenges in mind which he will face in the next installments. Hopefully, I can do justice to some of the great characters that he will encounter!
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Old September 19th, 2007, 12:57 AM
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Wonderful as always. If anything, this is going to require me synching my future installments with yours!
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