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A Random Growth

This is the First MG(Muscle growth) Story I've done so I hope you enjoy it


It started out as a normal day in Paradise River intel I found a weird bottle on the ground. As I looked it over I noticed it had never been opened. Then I saw the label and it read ?Want to become a stud then drink THE ULTAMENT JUCIE.? ?What a weird thing to call a soda.? With that I continued to walk home. When I got home I looked even closer to the label to discover it had instructions: For defined muscles drink only a drop, for a 20-inch deference drink half of the bottle, but don?t drink the whole bottle. I looked over the bottle to see if anything else was written, and to my surprise it had nothing else written on it ?Weird? I thought to myself. Then I had a excellent, but yet a bad idea ?I wonder what would happen if I drink the whole bottle.? I said to my self as I opened the bottle. Then I swallowed all of the of soda in one gulp and whated a few minutes to see if anything happened. ?Just as I suspected, its fake.? After eating my supper I went to bed.
The next morning I woke up with cramps in my lower half of my body, as I started to move around I felt a sticky substance all over my bed and my night clothes. ?What the hell is this?? As I looked closer to the substance I discovered it was cum ?What in the hell??I have been trough puberty already why did I have a wet dream?? I asked my self. While I was ponder this I felt my muscles cramping and then came a release that was so strong even with my nightclothes on, it shot across the room. ?What in the world is wrong with me?? Then my thoughts raced to the bottle of ULTAMENT JUCIE. I run to the kitchen and started to go through my garbage can to look for the bottle. ?Found it.? I yelled with excitement. As I examined it closely I discovered that part of the label pilled away to a warning label: May cause an increase number of ejaculations (even if you have gone through puberty), especially if you drink the whole bottle. ?O.K that would explain everything, but what about the other part in the original label. I guess I?ll find out later.?
I decide to take a shower to get my body fluids off of me, but while in the shower I felt immense pain through my body ?Argh? I screamed as every muscle in body seamed to expend. I looked down at my bicep and stared in amazement as I watched as it slowly become defined and grow about half an inch. As suddenly as the pain came, it vanished just as quickly. ?Man what in the hell is going on with me, I?m beginning to thank that soda has something to do with this.? As I stepped out of the shower, I felt the sensation of an orgasm ?Well this time I don?t have to worry about getting it all over my self.? I said to my self as cum came out of me like a river. ?I better stay home today, because if this happens in public I?ll never be able to live it down.? With thanking about that I run out of the bathroom to lock up my house ?I can?t let any walk in on me.?
After I locked the back door, I ran to my room to get dressed just encase some one looks into my house through one of my many windows. ?There, that?s should do it.? I said to my self as I put on one of my gym shirt, which was a little tight for the first time in the eight years since I joined the local gym.
While I was in the kitchen making my self a sandwich I felt the pain come back, but this time it come with grater force. ?Ahh? Not again.? I felt my muscles grow as my shirt started to shrink. I look down at my stomach and watched as my abs started to define themselves in front of my eyes. Then my shirt started to rip as my pics expended. When this growth ended I felt different in more ways then one. I got up and run to my room to look myself over in my full length mirror.
When I reached my room and saw myself in the mirror I noticed that my paints where hardly able to cover my lower body, because they looked like they where about to rip. Then I noticed why I felt deferent, my bulge was a lot bigger. ?Well this means my girlfriend will be extremely happy.? After saying that to my self, I wished I hadn?t, because my bulge decided to make my paints rip. I looked down and saw that my underwear was bearly covering me.
Then came the final growth, this one was different form the other two. ?What the hell?? I shouted out as I saw my fingernails started to extend into claws. Then I looked down at my feet to see that they too where growing claws as well. ?What in the Hell Is happening to?.Ahhhhhhhh? I couldn?t finish my sentence, because the pain increased as every muscle in my body seamed to be on fire. I felt every part of my body expending. ?This is way they told you not to drink the entire bottle.? I thought to myself as my body became nothing but pure muscle. I watched as my arms explode into mountains of muscle then anything.
?Man this is just awesome.? I told my self as my entire abdomen grow and become so muscled that it looked as if the only thing that could hurt me was the heaviest metal in the world.
Then it was my legs turn to expend. ?Ahh, this hurts.? As my legs grow, my paints didn?t want to rip to allow my legs room. When I finally heard a ripping sound it came from behind me, as looked to see what made the sound and what I saw put me into a state of shock. ?A tail, I have grown a tail, that?s cool.? The tail that I grown was that of a wolf?s. As the pain subsided I stood up to look my self in the mirror and then I flexed hard, ?Man I look sexy.? While I was admiring myself I failed to notice my face changing form a human to a wolf. When I final noticed my face I was overwhelmed with glee, ? First I get a new bod, now I look like my fav animal. Man I love that soda.? As I was still looking myself over some knocked on my door.
?Jake are you in there??
?Yeah Sara I?m, but when you see you can?t jump on me or run away.?
?Why would I jump on you or run away.?
?If you want to know why come on in.? I unlocked the front door and quickly run to my room.
?Jake where are you??
?In my room.? When Sara entered my room she looked dumbfound.
?Jake you look?.Amazingly sexy and buff.? I saw the idea in here eyes.
?Sara you have seen why I said not to jump on me now you need to see why I told you not to run away.? I stepped off of my bed and turned the light.
?Jake nice fake tail.? I chuckled at here statement.
?What if I told you that my tail wasn?t fake.?
?Yeah like it could be real Jake. That?s the best joke I?ve heard in a while. Ja?.? She didn?t finish her sentence, because I turned to face her with my new face, but instead of being afraid of me she looked excited. ?I always had a strange fantasy of being in love with a werewolf.? I looked at her with loving and caring eyes. She was the only person that I worried about freaking out. ?Thanks Sara.? With that we started to get into a heated kiss and well you can guess what happened next.

If you want me and People give good advice I just might and yes I like Anthros(Furrys) and If you want check my other Storys on
I just sit here and watch nothing more
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