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Old October 24th, 2007, 03:13 PM
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Becoming a Bodybuilder Part 1

Becoming a Bodybuilder Part 1
"New Feelings"

Hey Guys Btw This Story Is based off My Short Story Son Don't You wanna Be Big, Hope you Like It

“Dad I Don’t know about this”

“Oh come on Brandon the Doctor said its perfectly safe, besides don’t you wanna be big?”

“Well yeah, but”

“But what! Scholl starts tomorrow and this is your senior year. You don’t want to show up to school again a loser right?”

“I guess”

"Well Then this stuff is going to work. Once you take this stuff You'll be the biggest guy in school son. All the ladies will be crawling all over you, and you'll be the best at all the sports. How does that sound?"

“Its great.. but shouldn’t I just workout or something Dad. I mean… What if something happens?”

Brandon’s Dad lifted his shirt up exposing his dark trail running up his hard 8 pack up to thick muscled pecs. His nipples were hard as rocks lightly covered in his masculine dark hair. The obscene neck stretched across his whole body his arm’s looked like bodybuilders covered in veins. His dad reached down for his shorts slowly pulling them down.

“Wha.. What are you doing”

“I’m going to show you what a real man looks like son”

He pulled down his shorts unleashing his mammoth hairy legs bulging with rock hard muscle. David grabbed his cock in his briefs adjusting his growing erection a huge grin was plastered on his face. Brandon looked wide eye’s seeing his dad’s lemon size testicles push against the briefs the throbbing cock head crawling up his massive thigh. He raised up his right arm and flexed his huge 19 inch bicep dark armpit hair sprouted out from the massive pit.

“Come On son Feel It”

“What… but”


His dad grabbed Brandon’s hand placing it on his thick arm flexing it up and down. He grinned slowly moving Brandon’s hand across his wide shoulder down to his thick hairy pecs. He tried not to moan feeling his nipples tighten from the very sensation of his own son’s worshipping his dad.

“You feel this son, you can be just as big as me and even bigger. Feel my abs now, feel how powerful they are”

Brandon hesitated trying not to look at his dads huge cock and balls pressing through the underwear and placed his hands on the rock hard 8 pack. Feeling the coat of hair trailing down them all the way to his crotch. Brandon took his hand off staring at his Dad’s massive body.

“Now Do you wanna get big Brandon”

“Yeah.. But…. well it make my cock bigger like yours? Cause that would be so awesome, I have always wanted a big dick. Bigger then any of the guys at school.”

“Big Like this”

David tried pulling down his briefs over his full on erection finally unleashing the thick hairy beast with one tug. His balls dropped down against his thighs bigger then any of the kids at school covered in his dark pubic hair. His dad ran his hands up the long shaft from his balls pumping it up to the max. It throbbed against his dad’s abs completely at attention. David smiled at his son pointing at his dick

“This is Your Dad’s 10 inch Pecker Son”

“its.. Its Huge!”

“haha You wanna Touch it.. Come on feel how big your old man’s dick is”

David moved in closer to his son flexing his dick up and down watching his son’s eager eyes. Brandon hesitated looking at the mammoth size shaft starting to leak pre-cum covered in thick veins. He held up his hand slowly grabbing onto the warm shaft feeling it shutter from the very touch of his hand. David tried not to moan feeling his Own son touch his cock. His pric starting getting so hard it hurt as it throbbed uncontrollably pumping out more pre-cum. David tried to hold back from cumming all over his son’s face watching him carefully rub his shaft.

“Oh Man I want a dick like yours so bad Dad”

“You saying you’ll do it then”

“….. Yeah Lets Do it”

“Ok Son, Take off your pants”

“Wait Why..”

“Because We have to inject the formula into your leg. Its ok Brandon Its just me”

Brandon slowly unbuttoned his pants and zipper. He pulled down his pants along with his white briefs, revealing his baby dick and grape size testicles. This was the first time he had shown anyone his cock before and he was more embarrassed then ever. Standing at 5"11 135 pounds with jet black hair he was the skinniest kid at school always being picked on, even though he was a senior. Freshmen had more muscle then he did.

He could feel his dad's warm breath touch his cock and balls As he bent down leaning in with the syringe. His dad smiled at his son's small 2 inch cock and placed his warm hand on his twig size legs. He flet his dad feel how small they were his hand grazing his ass finally falling to his side.

"Well Son I'm Sure your going to be happy when this grows haha"

"hehe yeah dad"

Brandon was so embarrassed as his dad stuck the needle in his upper thigh near his crotch. David smiled at his son imagining how huge he’ll become. Brandon felt the formula flowing through his blood veins slowly traveling around his body. His dad stood up again his cock still fully hard. David bended over pulling up his briefs, the tip of his cock still poking through the waist band.

"Now this isn't instant, but you might feel a little weird son for the next 24 hours"


Brandon slipped his pants back on feeling a little different inside but he couldn't tell what it was. He fell asleep that night dreaming of being one of the preppy guys at school. Getting all the girls attention with his new body no would even recognize him.

The next morning was the first day of school and Brandon woke up with a raging hard on. He slowly got up feeling a little heavier then usually walking into the bathroom passing the mirror slowly stripping all his clothes off. He looked down at his body..

"Holy Shit!"

Brandon looked at his cock.. only it wasn’t his cock.. It was at least 7 inches hard now. He stroked it and notice his rock hard abs sticking out of his chest and bulging pecs. He ran to the mirror and stood there in shock looking at his new naked body. His arm's looked like a football jocks and a huge muscle neck that any girl would love to lick. He stroked his hard 6 pack and furry trail going to down to his newly improved cock.

"Fuck This is amazing"

He reached back and felt his bubble butt pushing his fingers inside his hard crack rubbing his hands down his leg. He didn't even notice the rock hard 7 inch boner he had hitting against his stomach uncontrollably from the intense pleasure. He weighed himself on the scale reading a unthinkable 172 pounds.

"Oh My God I gained close to 40 pounds of muscle haha. DAD! DAD YOU HAVE TO COME SEE THIS!! Fuck I’m So Huge

Brandon started flexing his 17 inch biceps in the mirror his cock leaking mounds of pre-cum now traveling down his developed balls. His dad ran into the room and looked into the bathroom to see a ripped muscle bound teen standing there naked in the mirror.

“Omg Brandon?”

"Check It Out Dad"

Brandon turned around his hard on still throbbing as he flexed his muscle's proudly for his dad. Black crotch hair was covering his enormous penis, and filled up his pits. His son was finally a man, a full on muscle stud.

"Holy Shit Brandon That’s amazing"

"I Know! Oh Man I cant wait to show everybody at school. This is everything I have always wanted!! Thank you so Much Dad"

Brandon walked over to his dad pressing his boner right up against him.. Pre-cum drizzled onto his Dad's shirt from his cock muscle to muscle. For the first time in his life he wasn’t embarrassed by his body. David hugged his son's enormous muscle back his hands sliding down to his huge bubble butt. He couldn't believe this happened with only one dose. He couldn't wait to see what would happen when his son took more. He started feeling his cock rise against his son’s body. David quickly pushed him away

"Ok Son uh you better get going or your going to be late"

"Sure thing Dad"

Shaw was so pumped at the way he was feeling. He never dreamed that the stuff was going to work so well in such a short period of time and make him feel so good. Brandon winked at his dad and shut the door. He jerked off 3 times in the shower, cumming more than once and the ejaculations were so intense and each one stronger than the one before.
Realizing that he was late, Brandon quickly got ready and left for school. All day Brandon’s sex drive was amazing. Hhe couldn't believe how horny he was feeling. Brandon strutted through the hallways pushing his thick muscled chest through his small shirt exposing everything.

All the jocks finally started talking to him not even believing it was him. Every hot girl that winked at him made him pop a boner in his tight jeans as they flirted with him placing there hand’s on his pecs. Brandon couldn’t stop flexing his muscle’s making his cock rock hard at just the sight of them. He even had to jerk off in the bathroom every period.

Brandon got back home happier then ever feeling a little bigger then before he went to school. He was finally becoming the guys he always envied but bigger.. Brandon walked into the house with a big smile on his face. And started looking around for his dad wanting to tell him the exciting news.

“Dad?...... Dad?”

Brandon open the sliding glass door to the back patio and saw his dad doing laps in the pool. His body was way tanner then his own glistening in the pool from the sun. Brandon quickly ran over to the side of the pool standing there pushing his pec’s out.

“Hey Dad!”

David stopped swimming standing up in the pool his wet hairy chest sticking out of the water his perfectly shaped nipples cold from the water. He threw a killer smile towards Brandon wiping off his short jet black hair.

“Hey Brandon! Hold on let me get out of the pool”

His dad quickly got out of the pool in nothing but his tight black speedo briefs. Brandon smiled watching his Dad’s masculine body and manly chest hair knowing he was going to be just like that soon. His swim wear barley contained his black crotch hair and the immense bulge from his thick cock. He watched his dad bend over with his perfect ass and picked up the towel off the ground drying off his chest

“So you have a good Day Brandon?”

“Yeah! Dad It was great! Everyone talked to me and liked me, even the really preppy girls. The coach even said He’s going to put me on the football team Oh Man I can’t wait to get bigger”

“Haha I told you would like this! And I’m glad you wanna get bigger, because I have a little surprise for you”

“Oh Yeah, What is it”

“Come On I’ll Show You”

He followed his dad into the house down the hallway where the empty bonus room was.

“K Son Close your Eyes”

Brandon closed his eye’s a huge grin on his face wondering what it was. David placed his hand on his Son’s ass opening the door slowly pushing him slowly into the room.

“Ok You can Open Them”

“No Way!!!!’

Brandon opened his eye’s and saw a fully equipped fitness center with the biggest weights anyone could ask for. The white marble tiles covered the floor one of the walls completely covered with mirrors.

“So This is what you have been building?”

“Yup, You like It?”

“Like It! This is so Tight! Shit It even has a shower”

Brandon walked around and touched the new equipment with a huge smile on his face. He went up to the scale taking off his shoes and stepped on it with eager eyes. David walked over to the scale and helped Brandon adjust the weights. Brandon stood there with eager eye’s seeing the scale stop at 180

“Holy Shit Dad I Gained 8 more pounds of muscle since this morning”

“Damn Son your getting huge!! Come on take off that shirt lets see how big your getting”

Brandon smiled at his dad quickly got off the scale and walked over to the mirror. He grabbed the bottom of his red shirt lifting it up off his developed chest, slowly dropping the shirt to the floor. Brandon had a big grin on his face gazing in the mirror at his thick pecs and rock hard abs. He rubbed his hand over the dark trail forming around his v-shape stomach. He looked down touching his nipples finally feeling some fuzz growing on his chest. Brandon’s dad walked up behind him placing his hand’s rock hard abs feeling his trail.

“Wow Brandon! Your way bigger that I ever dreamed of being at your age. And look this trail, your finally becoming a man”

“You think so Dad”

Brandon flexed his right arm watching his 17 inch bicep pop out of his skin looking bigger then ever. He slowly flexed it up and down watching his veins pop out of his skin like snakes. He flexed his pecs up and down looking at how proud his Dad was behind him. He had always wanted to impress his dad and he finally was.

“Hey Brandon you want me to show you some poses you can do?”

“Yeah! That would be Awesome”

“Ok Take off your Jeans”

Brandon unbuckled his belt quickly stripping down to just his briefs, unleashing his muscled legs. David went right up behind Brandon touching his thick chest against his son’s back. He slowly took Brandon through the poses guiding his body step by step. David felt his cock start to get hard as he touched his son’s virgin feeling every muscle with his bare hands. He felt his son’s armpit hair traveling along his obscene triceps. He felt his cock pushing outward against his son’s bubble butt

“no not yet…”

“What You say Dad”

“Uhh… Nothing Son. I think were done posing for now, Lets hit the weights”

“Ok Cool”

David walked over to the bench press loading on 300 pounds to the bar, his perfectly shaped ass skin tight against the black speedo. He turned around and sat down on the bench flexing his pecs up and down. Brandon looked wide eyed at his dad’s crotch bulging out of his swim wear tight against his thick muscle legs. David laid down and positioned himself underneath the bar.

“Ok Son You wanna Spot me”

“Sure thing Dad”

Brandon walked over to the back of the bench standing right over his dad looking into his eyes. He watched as his dad tried adjusting his growing cock struggling to fit it all inside the small pouch.

“Fuck these are getting Tight.. Hold on son”

David got up off the bench and slid off his speedo-briefs exposing his semi hard erection. Brandon stared in envy over his dad’s thick hair cock and mammoth size testicles. He watched as his dad laid back down on the bench with almost a full on erection.

“Oh Yeah Much better. K You ready Brandon”

Brandon smiled and nodded watching his dad’s hands grab the bar lifting it off its stand. His pecs exploded in size deepening the hairy crevasse as he raised and lowered the bar over and over with ease. David felt his face red hot as he lifted the bar up faster his viens popping out along his arms. Brandon watched in aw seeing his dad’s boner become fully hard his abs looking thicker then ever, a manly grunt came out of his face getting louder with each press.


Brandon watched his dad push up the bar one more time placing it on the stand his chest looking like it was on fire. David stood up and turned towards Brandon not even caring about his massive hard on beating against his abs. He flexed as hard as he could making every muscle visible

“What Do You Think Of Your Old Man”

“Fuck Dad your so Huge!! I can’t wait To get like you are”

“Oh Yeah! I think your going to get even bigger” David Flexed a little more “If You work hard and keep using this new formula, you’ll be bigger then me in now time”

Brandon felt his cock stir in excitement from just the very thought of him becoming bigger then his own dad. He looked down at his body and flexed his arm’s up in the air thinking about the possibilities. Becoming the school Quarterback becoming bigger then anyone at his school. Every girl would want him and his huge cock. He looked up at his dad and smiled.

“Can I try Now”

“Yeah Sure son, Here I’ll Spot You”

David walked over still naked unloading 50 pounds off the bar making it 250. He guided his son’s hands onto the bar and smiled. Brandon slowly lifted the bar off the stand trying not to look at his dad’s naked body. Brandon felt his cock tingle again as he stared at his dad’s muscled body. He tried to look away at something else but kept looking back at his thick cock and balls dangling from his body. Brandon felt his cock get rock hard freaking out almost dropping the bar.

“Whoa There big Guy, You Ok”

“Yeah I’m Fine, That was awesome. I can’t believe I can lift that much”

Brandon flexed in excitement with a huge smile forgetting about what had just happened.

“Ok Brandon you up for more”

“Hell Ya”

“Ok Get Back on the Bench”

Brandon and His dad worked out for another hour showing Brandon all the different types of weights and workouts. He watched in excitement as Brandon pushed harder and harder pumping his body to the max, finally becoming the son he had always wanted. He couldn’t wait to see just how big he would get. They ended there workout with the dumbbells his dad still naked. Brandon every now and then dropping the weights flexing each one checking to see if they were bigger yet.

“Hey Dad”


“You think I’ll ever get big enough to be a Bodybuilder! Grr Cause that would be so awesome”

“Like Professional Bodybuilding?”

“Yeah wouldn’t that be awesome Dad. Me up on stage showing off my huge muscles for everyone to see haha. ”

“Yeah of Course Brandon Look at how Huge you are now, and your only going to get bigger son.”

David placed his hand’s on his son’s shoulder smiling

“I’m going to go get a bottle of water you want anything”

“Nah that’s ok Dad, I’ll stay here and workout a little more”

“Ok I’ll be right back”

Brandon waited for his dad to leave the room and approached the mirror feeling more pumped then ever. Brandon grinned flexing each muscle watching them glistening with sweat. He started hitting all the poses his dad taught him earlier not even noticing his growing erection. He slid his underwear up so they would look like posers as he squatted down intoxicated with his own strength. He imagined himself on the stage bigger then anyone else cameras flashing everywhere all eye’s were finally on him.

“Looks like Someone’s getting excited”

“What..” Brandon looked down and saw his huge erection “Oh yeah sorry dad.. I have been getting turned on all day though. I had to jerk like 5 times at school haha”

“Don’t be sorry son, It’s the formula that’s getting you so horny. Shit I can't believe how big your getting"


Brandon smiled quickly lifting his arms up in the air pushing his chest out proudly still sporting a huge erection in his briefs. His dad walked up behind him pressing his naked body against his back. David Chuckled

"I mean Look at these things Brandon"

He grabbed his son's 17 inch biceps rubbing them up and down with his hands feeling how hard they were watching the veins explode from his arm. He slowly worked his way to his son's developing pecs telling him to flex them as big as he could as graspping there size with his two hands. Brandon flexed his abs feeling his dad run his hand's over them almost touching his thick crotch hair sprouting out from his briefs.

"Come on Brandon Flex those huge Legs"

Brandon spread his legs out flexing them as hard as he could watching them explode with size. David started from the bottom working his way up touching everypart of his son's thick now hairy legs. His hands approached his son's perfectly round muscle butt cupping it with his hands.

"Oh Brandon I couldn't have asked for a better son"


"Yeah are you kidding me, every dad would be lucky to have a son as big as you"

"Thanks Dad"

"i'm Going to shower up son"

"Wait Dad"

David turned around seeing Brandon facing him his hand's around the tented briefs. Brandon was shaking trying to cough up his words

"Uhh Well.. I was Just wondering.. Do you think My Cocks Big Enough"

Before David could say anything Brandon slowly tugged his briefs over his immense bulge finally pulling it over his cock. The teen stood there letting his now 8 inch cock free from his briefs engordged in viens pumping hard with blood. Brandon let his briefs drop all the way down his thick legs to his feet. He put his head down embarassed not even noticing His dad huge grin from watching his own son’s cock leak pre-cum down his thickening shaft. David slowly walked up to his son looking at the obscenely thick cock bounce up and down. He laughed

“Big Enough.. Son Its Fucking Huge!! I Mean look at how thick it is”

David rubbed his hand's up his son's cock slowly, feeling it throbbing from the excitement. He looked up seeing his dad massage his cock smiling knowing he had gotten his dad approval. He tried not to moan as his dad graspped his hand around the base of his shaft. He looked down at his Dad's own monster cock.

“Still not as big as you though Dad”

“Yeah well give it time big guy, soon yours will be twice as big as mine”

David winked at his son patting him on the back and walked into the shower. Brandon heard the water turn on and decided to flex a little bit more. He rubbed his hand’s down his chest grabbing his giant sized balls almost cumming at just the touch of his hand. He laughed and stopped posing trying to think of something else to get his cock down.

Brandon walked into the showers and almost stopped in his tracks. There stood His muscle bound dad slowly soaping up his boner right there totally fingering his ass….

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O.o I can't wait to see where this is really going to go
Good job as always Alex
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Great first chapter. Will he get a chance to have some fun with the jocks at school?
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Amazing and totally HOT as usual, Alex! I can't wait for chapter 2.
Oiled up flexing muscle is the hottest!
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Wow Alex, what nice way to wake up....another HOT story!!!!
I see this one going in so many different directions.
You always keep me wanting more!
Bring it on !!!!!
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Excellent story bud! You're writing is outstanding.
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DUDE!! Where do you cum up with this stuff, this is so hot. The tention between the father and Brandon is amazing. And I love how trusting he is towards his father. Great start dude I can't wait to see what happens next!
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Every story you write is better than the other. This story is hot, hot, hot. I have no words
The Internet is for PORN!
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Fantastic. Simply Fantastic. There just arent any other words for this... you've got a talent for writing man, but of course this means we wont be merciful if you dont keep writing.
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