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Old December 24th, 2007, 12:01 PM
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American Freak: A Freak Follow up, Part One

The four men, if creatures of such extreme muscularity can in deed be called merely men, caused a stir as word got around about their existence and extraordinary development. It was said that they looked like small, medium, large and extra large versions of comic book muscle men.

The truth was also told that the four men were so wildly over developed that words like ?small?, ?medium?, ?large?, and ?extra large? were woefully inadequate. Superlatives were inadequate to describe the muscular development of these men. People in town, and soon around the world tried, in vain, to describe just how big these men had become.

They became celebrities, objects of wonder and speculation, followed by the press and paparazzi, sometimes besieged by both admirers and detractors. Their admirers stood in awe of their phenomenal muscular development, and held them up as examples to the nation and world. Their detractors were disgusted by the extremity of their development and by their purported sexual depravity.

The outlandish muscular development of the four men, referred to uniformly by friends and foes alike as The Freaks, was an example to the world and many people were inspired to chase after similar outsized physical development. A fitness craze swept the world with an emphasis on body building and weight training.

Children and adults took up the iron game, some on their own instigation, others following the encouragement or insistence of their friends, neighbors and families. Bodybuilders and, to a lesser degree, power lifters, gymnasts and other athletes with bigger than normal and lean muscular development became the preferred models of male human development.

The ranks of increasingly muscular men swelled as the Freaks? admirers and those who had simply jumped on the hip bandwagon, started seeing the results of their own long hours in gyms around the world. More and more men with larger than normal lean muscle mass were seen on the streets.

Clothing manufacturers jumped in to support this trend and men?s clothing was soon more often than not tailored for those with athletic builds. Extra Large shirts were replaced by Extra-Extra-Large shirts and even Extra-Extra-Extra Large shirts as the biggest size available in even the most conservative department stores.

In addition to accommodating the new, bigger, more muscular common male physique?s size, the clothing manufacturers, Hollywood and Madison Avenue also started pushing tighter, more revealing clothes as the norms. The sleeveless shirt and shorts in lycra or lycra blends were introduced and sold increasingly well.

No men were able to come close to matching The Freaks? mass, proportions or definition. Not every man was able to develop their bodies for reasons of genetics or will power or injury or illness to even the standards of the lower echelon of physique models, let alone gymnasts, power lifters and body builders.

More and more men turned to dietary supplements, some large numbers turned to steroids in order to maximize their development. These industries, legal and illegal, boomed. Quacks and charlatans came out of the woodwork, hawking supplements and devices and training techniques of dubious value.

Sport supplement, pharmaceutical companies and bio-genetic companies around the world began to dedicated increasing amounts of money in the development of ever more effective substances to enhance muscular development and leanness. At universities large and small research into the most effective training techniques was undertaken. Strides were made in all these fields and huge sums of money were made exploiting the new substances and techniques.

All over the world the standard of male beauty changed. The bigger the muscles, the leaner the physique, the more extreme the proportions, the more beautiful the man was considered. Nowhere did this happen more than in the United States. The American culture of enthusiastic single mindedness took over and men of all ages and even adolescents and boys not only took up the training regimes necessary to increase their mass definition, but succeeded to one degree or another.

Children as young as 5 were enrolled in training programs and most began to achieve a heretofore unthinkable physical development. Teen boys worked out with the kind of single minded obsession that can only live in the brains of hormone ravaged adolescents. All over America, teens were being transformed thru their own hard work into the strongest, fittest, most muscular generation the country and the world had ever seen.

In high schools and colleges across the country body building and power lifting became the coolest of sports and these young adults too blossomed with lean muscle mass and brut strength. The standards required to win body building contests soon changed to reflect what was becoming the norm in the general population. Power lifting record lifts in all weight classes were broken on a monthly, if not a weekly basis.

Amateur and professional bodybuilders had to work harder than ever to compete at their sport. They could see that the younger athletes and even kids in school were developing physiques that would soon match or eclipse their own. Champion bodybuilders soon came from the ranks of only the very biggest, very leanest and most radically proportioned men.

But still, only a handful of even the champion bodybuilders were able to match the lesser of the four Freaks? development, and then only when in competition condition. None was able to come close to matching the biggest of The Freaks.

Movies, television, comic books, video games all featured increasingly muscular men as both hero?s and villains. Actors who were built like Schwartzenegger in his prime became the norm. The stars who couldn?t or wouldn?t transform their bodies were soon dropped from the ?A-list?. Those who dedicated their days and fortunes to training and were able to beef up were able to maintain their popularity. But some of these were soon replaced by representatives of the existing Southern California Bodybuilder-slash-model-slash-actor class.

Actors like Brad Pitt, who tried to maintain the shine on their stars with their previously lean and trim physiques were passed over and had to take on roles in smaller supporting parts as the standards of beauty changed. Some actors, like Hugh Jackman were able to successfully add quality mass to their frames and maintain their popularity. Other actors, like Elijah Wood, surprised the world by beefing up beyond all expectations and with ever increasing muscularity increase and surpass the stardom they had previously enjoyed.

With only a few exceptions, however, none of the old paradigm actors were able to match the size, definition, proportions and subsequent popularity of the new comers from the Southern California Bodybuilder-slash-model-slash-actor class. And even amongst those who were already massive, ripped and freaky, none but a few were able to come close to matching the huge mass, vascular cuts and mind blowing proportions of even the smallest of the four Freaks.

A whole subculture formed of people obsessed with seeing themselves or others going thru the transformation from the old ?normal? to the new ?normal? and beyond in development. Men and women spent hours of their time and many of their dollars tracking the changes in physiques, their own or in others, from fat or skinny or average or athletic into increasingly muscular, massive, lean and increasingly extreme proportions. Clubs, magazines and websites developed to feed these metamorphic obsessed individuals.

Another subculture of people obsessed with the extreme muscular development of various muscle groups developed. People who tried to build up just their chests or biceps or thighs or calves formed support groups and published magazines or websites. These men, knowing that they?ll never achieve what The Freaks have achieved, focus all their attention on building the size, mass and complete lack of proportion or symmetry in the development of single muscle groups.

This group of single muscle group obsessed knew that focusing on only one aspect of their body set them apart from the rest. They enjoy being different. They enjoy the attention that their brand of freakishness brings. This particular obsession is aided by a willing group of supplement and training purveyors. Some schools even began to encourage students with less than stellar genetics to focus on single muscle groups to boost their levels of self-esteem.

It is against this back drop of a newly muscle obsession culture that our story begins.
~i *still* write muscle fiction~

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Old December 24th, 2007, 04:11 PM
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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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I'm skipping to the end BEFORE having read the story just to say, "YAY!" I love your stuff Falsey baby, especially your Freak series. Thanks so much for continuing. And NOW I'm gonna read it!


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Old December 24th, 2007, 04:15 PM
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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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Yippee! What a NICE present for Christmas Eve!


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Old December 24th, 2007, 06:20 PM
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OH MY GOD! A new falseyedee story!!! You don't know how happy this makes me!


... going to read the other two chapters now...
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Old December 24th, 2007, 06:45 PM
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Very interesting!! I hope Justin gets a chance to join the Freaks...
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