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Old January 10th, 2008, 11:55 PM
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Alex�s King: The Beast Within Me: A Sequel To Alex


This is my second post. It has been a while since the first. I hope you like it. Please tell me what you think, or what could be improved. I really appreciate your advice. I also thank Sexiscriptor for providing some initial commentary.

The first story can be found at the following location. Please read it first.


It had been about a week since I had become Alex�s man. That Sunday night had been the best moment of my life. I thought nothing could compare to it. It was the day I was born. Well I�d been alive for two decades, but one second of my life now was worth more than all of that. It was like I hadn�t even existed without him, and I couldn�t imagine being with anyone else. He�d given me this perfect body, awakened my drives, and more than that he had given himself to me.

After we had alternately fucked and slept for nearly two days straight, I had got hungry for the first time which had seemed odd. I asked Alex what he wanted to eat, but he said he wasn�t hungry. I suppose he must have been full of the many meals I had feed him. Why I hadn�t been hungry I am not sure. I�d grown so much and hadn�t needed to eat, but that seems to be one of the many secrets of what Alex did.

I had tried to ask him how he could do these things or where he was from, but he wouldn�t give me an answer. I had all of him to myself except his past, but that was certainly more than enough for me. Who would dare question such a good thing?

I knew I didn�t have anything to wear so I didn�t know how we would go get food. He tossed me a shirt and said, �Put this on, it will show off that body of yours.�

I humored him and started to pull on the pants that were much too small for me, but they, amazingly enough, fit perfectly. Well, not like they had before. Now they looked like they were sewn onto me. The fabric of the pants was obviously strained by my huge calves and enormous thighs, but it was loose around my narrow waist. They left nothing to the imagination. You could make out every detail of my package through the material. My cockhead was pressed outwards into the fabric of the leg of my pants well beyond the crotch. It looked like a porn star�s hard dick was pushed down against the material, but it was completely soft. In spite of this, it didn�t yield much to the tightness of the pants.

The T-shirt he had given to me didn�t really come down all the way. It was absurdly tight and I knew I could flex right out of it if I had wanted to. There were already some stretches across it over my huge arms. Also, the shoes under my bed fit perfectly which was just unbelievable because they couldn�t possibly carry shoes that fit me anywhere.

By the time I looked up and noticed anything other than my godlike body, Alex was dressed looking hot as ever and was staring at me. I told him to come over to me, and with one hand under his ass I picked him up so I could give him a passionate kiss. I let him down and he pulled me towards the door by my hand with all his strength. I played along like he was dragging me out the door, but in reality I could barely feel his full might. I kept that to myself.

I realized that people might find this new me a bit shocking, but as we entered the cafeteria no one seemed to notice anything unusual. Everyone seemed to pay me more attention, but it was like I had always been the big man on campus. All of the girls and most of the guys were eyeing me in that eye-fucking kind of way, and the rest of the guys were either treating me like their idolized teammate or looking horribly jealous at Alex. Could I blame them? The whole time, Alex was walking just a bit in front of me on my right side where I held him with my hand on his right shoulder. It was obvious I was asserting my ownership of him, and he seemed to be strutting like he was displaying that he was the one who had been selected by me. Not to mention, I think he was trying to distract me with his perfect but to keep me from getting too interested in any of the other boys trying to catch my eye. It was like some animal mating ritual and I was the obvious and undisputable Alpha-Male.

I felt like this should have been uncomfortable for me. I was being watched by so many people with either quick glances or an outright stare, but I felt completely confidant. I felt like I was gracing them by letting them look upon me.

I could tell that this was a whole new world.

After I had eaten three of about everything I could find in the cafeteria I was ready to go. Alex had just watched me shovel down plate after plate of food once he had finished eating, but I didn�t feel bad making him wait. He didn�t seem upset by it either. At that moment, he threw a key on the table and said �here now you have an apartment for us to live in.� It just gets better and better I thought. Now I don�t have to live in that fucking student housing. This was another one of Alex�s many surprises.

I had never had much money so I didn�t have the biggest place to live and shared it with several guys I really didn�t know, but now I was free. We got to the new place. It was in one of those old industrial brick buildings from world war two, but the top suite on the third floor was my new place. We rode up in the old industrial elevator, and entered the apartment. It was huge, open, and mostly empty with a high ceiling and massive steel doors. It must have been a commercial studio at one point, but I liked it. It looked like the kind of place you could have an amazing party at. There were couches strewn all around the edges of the main room, but in the middle seemed to be a fully outfitted gym. Not like I should need it I thought.

Off to the left, I found the bedroom it seemed. There was one gigantic bed. It couldn�t have been smaller than four king sized beds put together so even I felt dwarfed by it, but I knew I needed to make it mine. Alex had been leading me through the apartment, but I grabbed him by the waist and lifted his featherweight body up. I literally threw him into the air and onto the bed and he bounced across its surface. Then I dove onto it above him with my thick arms and tree trunk legs supporting me arched directly above him staring directly into his eyes.

At that moment I felt like an animal. I dropped onto my knees while straddling his body, bent my head and back to face the ceiling, and let out what could only be described as a roar. I knew what it meant; any animal would know what it meant. It was like a lion making himself known. I could feel every primal urge inside of me. Billions of years of evolution telling me to take everything I could as my own.

At that moment I could feel my skin start to burn and I knew what this could only mean. I grew with my fit of dominance and could feel my bones crack and stretch. With each tearing sensation Alex seemed to shrink below me. I watched my hands stretch out until they were big enough to easily grip Alex�s tight waist. I felt my feet sprawl outwards until they dwarfed a basketball star�s huge feet. My legs pushed me up away from the bed to a towering height, and my arms grew to equalize these gargantuan proportions. My now tight pants gave in to my extraordinary legs, and my shirt suffered a thousand small tears due to my hulking chest. I could feel my spine and ribs crack with their urgent growth, and my joints grow to anchor my enormous muscles.

After my growth had subsided, I was noticeably bigger than before, but I felt odd. Due to my growth, my muscles looked smaller and thinner on my greater frame. I must now be at least half a foot taller. I couldn�t believe it, I must now be 7�8� tall. I knew this would make me one of the tallest and strongest men ever, but I still felt a deep urge to make grow.

I looked down at my mate and his eyes looked fearful of my raw power. I caressed his body with one of my enormous hands and took note of his raging hard on. Every inch of his now little by comparison cock strained throbbing against his tight pants. He seemed comforted by my touch and began to feel my ever larger body with his hands. He felt my huge legs on either side of him, each unbelievable thigh bigger around than his chest holding my great weight above him. As his hands moved slowly up my legs, with one swift motion I ripped off his shirt.

On my elbows and knees I kissed him. I forced my tong into his mouth and practically fucked his face with it. He moaned with delight.

My passionate animal like side scared the conscious part of me in some ways as I could feel my control slipping, but most of me just wanted more. I needed to be powerful; I needed to make him and this place mine.

Alex seemed to be almost drugged. He looked both wired up and dazed at the same time. I thought it must have been my pheromones or some other thing, but he didn�t seem aware of what was going on in any real way.

Suddenly, I could smell him, and I ripped off all of my cloths, shredding what was left of them after my most recent growth as they peeled off of my massive frame.

My now rapidly growing cock slapped his body, but he hungrily started to lick at its massive head. I could see it grow near its full 16 inch size as Alex tried to get the head into his mouth. It was like watching someone try to put their fist in their mouth, but he managed too. He even got another inch or two, but couldn�t manage any more. His hands went to work massaging the length of it as he reached down and felt my softball sized balls with one of them.

I started to leak a great deal of precum, and it ran down his face. While he tried to drink some of it my shaft started to get nice and lubed up as he worked it up and down with his hands. He couldn�t take it anymore and began to jerk his own little dick to the taste of the precum, the feeling of this monster cock in his hands and mouth, the sight of the godlike body it came from, and the loud moans of pleasure I was making. He came after only a few moments in a body shaking orgasm.

At that moment I pulled his head from my pulsing, throbbing, and aching dick, lifted his body, turned him around, and began to mount him. With one hand I held his ass where I wanted it, and with the other I guided the baseball sized head of my cock into his ass. I could feel his body resist, but with my hand I pulled him down onto my shaft slowly. He was shaking, but he calmed down as there was only around 8 inches left exposed. I thrust once more and pushed the rest into him to the sounds of his moaning and grunting of pleasure and pain.

At the moment that his ass hit my huge balls, I felt the beast within once again. I roared at the top of my lungs while my back arched backwards my head tilted up and Alex was lifted into the air in front of me by my cock while my hands gripped the bed beside me.

The growth came faster and more urgently this time. First I felt my cock grow. It felt as if it were being stretched and inflated by the boiling blood within. Alex was pushed further into the air as he could no longer take any more of my cock inside of him. About four more inches of my shaft appeared and it was definitely thicker than before. I knew my cock must be at least 20 inches now. I couldn�t comprehend how Alex could take the thickness it now looked to be, but he had been stretched open by it and he didn�t seem to be suffering according to his continual moans of ecstasy.

From my cock spread the feeling of growth. My balls grew a bit more hair and swelled. I could feel them heavy with cum tugging down on my cock. My abs seemed to become even more cut. Someone could easily drag their finger within the cut between each of my abs, and my chest heaved forward with growth. It looked as if my muscles were trying to escape me as each fought for room under my increasingly tight skin. My shoulders swelled. They could only be described as cannonballs now, and my arms seemed to inhumanly nearly double in size. My arm alone had more definition than a champion bodybuilder�s entire body and was bigger than their waists. It had to be at least 35 inches around and dwarfed all others.

My forearms flared out with strength, they were as big as a champions arm. I could feel the raw strength in my grip that could crush granite. My back swelled in power pushing by body wider, and my neck fortified itself with hard striated muscle.

I only then noticed my legs. They were simply absurd. They dwarfed an Olympian�s chest and looked like what Atlas would have squatted the world with. My calves alone looked bigger than the biggest bodybuilder�s thigh could have possibly been, and my ass had grown into a perfect muscular but. Michelangelo himself would have died happy if he could just have managed to sculpt them out of marble. Though it would have been much softer than the muscle this ass was really made of.

Finally, the growth subsided and I returned my attentions to Alex who had been bobbing there in front of me on my cock moaning happily. I spun him around on my cock and let him gaze upon me. He gasped in awe at my godly body looming above him dominating his view. He twisted his head downward to catch a glimpse of the impossible legs that held this body up. He came again at the mere sight of his master�s glorious body.

I jerked him up and down my dick with my left hand while panting and groaning in satisfaction for at least ten more minutes, but then I pushed the base of my cock downwards to let his back lay on the bed. I ordered him to hold on as hard as he could and he grasped the mattress with each fist obediently. I held my cock in this position with my left hand so as to avoid ripping him right off the bed again and began to thrust my whole body alternately pushing my cock deep inside of him and pulling out to the head. I grabbed the concrete headboard of the bed with my right hand and continued thrusting. I could watch his belly distend as my cock filled him and shrink as I withdrew it. Each time his cute arms and chest flexed with all his might simply to keep from being pulled along with my dick. He came onto his chest twice more during my last fifteen minutes of thrusting, each time nearly a child�s dry orgasm.

I finally began to climax and I could feel my cock once more swell slightly in anticipation as my whole body tensed. Alex screamed in delight and I began to cum. I roared one final time and ripped him right off of the bed with my orgasm. My deafening beastly roar must have been heard for miles. The force of my shots filled his belly and pushed him off of my cock like one of those water filled rockets. He bounced down onto the bed again and gallons of my hot cum covered him, myself, and everything around us.

I could feel the beast fade within me a bit. I was satisfied. I had marked my mate and my kingdom and they both reeked of my potent cum. Alex felt like a child against my body. Every breath I took overpowered his muscled body. I enveloped him in my nearly three feet around arms and we fell asleep, once again I was contented with my world, but I knew soon I would need more.
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Old January 11th, 2008, 07:56 AM
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Awesome imagery man! I could really picture what was going on.
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Old March 15th, 2008, 07:46 PM
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awesome story

Dude that was fantastic descriptive and just down-right kewl. Thanks
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This story was incredible! I hope you decide to continue this one or start a new tale. Either way, thanks for writing.
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Old April 6th, 2008, 09:06 AM
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Great description. I can visualize myself in the room with them. Please continue.....
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mmmmm...i agree, you need to continue this :P pleeease? i'll help you!!
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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So I happened to have another chapter that I wrote a while ago, I will post it now.
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There is a lot to build on here. The mystery of Alex's own power (and the changing dominance/submission dynamic in their relationship), the nature of the beast that keeps awakening and how far it can go.

Cool and I can't wait to see what (ahem) develops!!!

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