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Post NEW STORY - Transform: New Blood (Part 31)

Transform: New Blood

Part 31

It seemed to Caleb that he didn?t stop running for a day and a half. It seemed that way only because it was true, though time does have an odd way of behaving when you?re constantly in motion and passing through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and you happen to be nude.

He kept running for three reasons. The first, and most important, was that he was being chased. He wasn?t sure if the feeling was true or not, but he had the distinct impression that there was someone behind him and that if he didn?t keep moving, that unknown threat would catch up.

The second reason was that it simply felt so fucking good. His new body performed with an amazing dexterity and seemed to contain ungodly amounts of energy, propelling him forward practically non-stop through forests and brambles and over mountains ? literally over mountains ? without the slightest complaint. The feeling of movement and of strength in his muscles was exhilarating. He was a perpetual motion machine, with the energy within him seeming to build on its own momentum. He stopped to refill his gas tank by sucking on his own dick. He found that he craved that taste, and the feeling of warm, salty cum streaming down his throat and into his belly. And his cock and balls, as usual, were more than happy to oblige.

A few quick gulps ? or, more happily, a couple of long engorging suck sessions ? and he was good to go. It was weird, it was freaky, and it was completely great!

The third reason, and one he didn?t wish to confront, was that he was, for the first time since his encounter with Robbie and Mitch, completely alone. And he found that, contrary to his former solitary nature, he hated it.

He missed his friends. He missed their faces. And their voices. And their touch. And their cocks. He missed being with them, and fucking with them, and as the hours stretched into days, he found himself growing uncomfortable in their absence. Physically uncomfortable. It almost felt like a sickness, like he needed them around.

He ran to fill his head with something else. The smells of the forest. The sight of the changing sky. An occasional wildlife encounter, which happened much more frequently to him than at any other time he had ever spent in the wilderness, until he realized it was probably because he was traveling with an inhuman silence, passing through the trees on quiet feet, almost as if he weren?t even touching the ground.

He was never scared of the animals, even the mountain lion he came upon as she sat sunning herself. They regarded each other almost as equals in this green kingdom. It made him feel powerful and free. In some ways, he was an animal out here, naked and perfect, not only surviving but thriving.

All except for that loneliness thing.

If he were being honest, it was the sex he missed most. With those two, he had enjoyed almost constant erotic attention for the past few days. His body had learned to expect it. And it just fucking made him feel good. Now he found himself stroking out a load or sucking down a thick flood and, sure it was satisfying, but how could that compare to having those two muscular sex freaks going apeshit on his butt?

He wondered if they were okay. He wondered if they were alive. He wondered why he wasn?t angry about the injustice of what had happened. He wanted desperately to see them again.

He had no idea how far he had run. Canada was a very big place, with very few people, and if he stayed clear of the U.S. border he diminished the chances of running into any cities greatly.

38 hours into his marathon, and over 1,200 miles from the lake, he stopped dead in his tracks and stood in a clearing, naked and beautiful, staring at a small cabin with open windows and an eerie silence surrounding it. He had traveled through thickly forested lands and over rocky mounds and across streams of freezing water and discovered a small log cabin sitting as alone as he was.

He knew he should run on. Keep going. Avoid people altogether.

But he was so lonely. He just wanted to hear someone?s voice. To see another human face.

To get his cock sucked.

He smiled and shook his head. ?Gutter mind, much?? he thought. He looked down at himself and his heart flipped in his chest. He was a real fucking sight. He was splattered with grime and grit and mud, his once shining pale body looked feral and frightening, and it was hard to see the man through the muck. He stood there in the dimming light, rubbing and scrubbing at his skin to clean at least one layer of the forest off his naked form when the door of the cabin opened and a figure stood in the open doorway. It was clear that whomever the owner was, he was also holding a very large rifle in his hands.

Pointing directly at Caleb.

He held up his hands and shouted, ?I?m not a bear!? It was the first thing that occurred to him to say.

Luckily, it was the right thing.

?Well then, what the hell are you?? The owner?s voice was gruff and ancient. It sounded like he had done nothing but smoke cigarettes his entire life.

?Can I put my hands down??

The man lowered his weapon. ?I don?t recall ever askin? you to put ?em up in the first place.?

Caleb laughed in spite of his fear and let his heavily muscled arms drop to his sides. ?I?m sorry,? he said.

?Sorry for what??

?I didn?t mean to scare you.?

?I?m the one with the rifle, son.? The figure cocked its head sideways. ?Eh, mind if I ask how you come to be butt naked in the middle of nowhere??

?Long story,? Caleb answered.

?I got time,? the old man answered. ?Why don?t you come on in and? ooh, son, you?re a goddam mess. What?ve you been doing, and who?ve you been doing it with, anyway??

Caleb approached and saw that the man was indeed as ancient looking as his voice sounded. He was tiny compared to Caleb?s immense form, maybe 5-feet nothing, but wiry and standing upright. He had a weathered face and bony hands, but his eyes sparkled keenly. A ruffled shock of pure white hair sprand from his weathered scalp, and his eyes were a watery blue-gray. A brush of a mustache crowned thin lips and his nose had been broken more than once in his long life.

He set the rifle in the doorway and stepped out of the cabin, offering his hand to the stranger who had emerged from the primeval forests into his world. ?M? name?s Clancy.?

Caleb reached forward and took the smaller hand into his giant grip. He could see how he might be mistaken for a bear, he was nearly 2 feet taller and probably 2 feet wider than the little man. ?Caleb.?

?Yank?? Caleb nodded, smiling. ?Well, get your ass over to the lake.? He motioned over his shoulder, behind the cabin. ?It?s not gonna be pleasant. It?s gonna be friggin? freezing, but it's clean and pure.?

?No problem,? Caleb said. ?I appreciate it.?

Clancy walked Caleb to a small, dark body of water a hundred feet or so behind his log cabin, passing an outhouse and a huge pile of wood on the way. Caleb walked slowly into the frigid water before diving forward easily, surfacing again after spending a couple of minutes under water scrubbing his skin. The forest dregs drained off his muscular form quite easily, and after only a few moments of swimming and loose washing, Caleb?s clean form emerged again in all its perfect masculine glory.

?Damn, son!?

?What?? Caleb paused in his cleaning, meeting eyes with the older man.

Clancy was staring at the length of cock hanging thickly between Caleb?s muscled thighs, fat and dripping. The temperature of the water had managed to diminish its massive size, but it was now quickly regaining its usual magnificence. ?I?ve seen smaller equipment on horses! Bet the gals have a time with you.?

Caleb grinned and blushed slightly. His cock, however, seemed to surge with pride, drooping more heavily with its mass over two fat, low-hanging balls. ?The guys, actually.?

Clancy didn?t bat an eye. ?S?pose that saves a lot of grief.?

?How?s that?? Caleb walked forward and they approached the cabin?s back porch. His heavy prick swayed like a pendulum.

?A lot less cryin? and a lot more sackin?, men bein? what they are.?

Caleb could only laugh. ?Not exactly the reaction I expect.?

Clancy shrugged. ?Makes no nevermind to me, who?s doing what with who. Live and let live, I always say. Long as they leave me alone, I leave them alone. I ain?t dipped my wick in 20 years. Why should I care where you?re puttin? yours??

Caleb was wiping the excess water from his skin and twisting his great wealth of dark locks, squeezing out the droplets before shoving it behind his shoulders. It put Clancy in mind of Tarzan, watching the huge naked man behaving so relaxed even though he had not a stitch on him. ?A very practical state of mind,? Caleb said, placing his hands on his hips.

?I expect you?re hungry, though it don?t look to me like you?re starving. Got a lot of meat on your bones.?

?I?m okay. A hot shower would feel wonderful, though.?

?Sorry to say I ain?t got one, son. No power out here. No gas, neither. And just a water pump from a well.?

?No phone??

?No nothing. Off the grid, y?know??

?Sounds lonely.?

Clancy nodded once. ?Sometimes, yeah. Now what about that story?? The old man gestured for Caleb to go inside the small cabin and followed after, ulling the door shut behind them. ?Don?t think I have any clothes that?ll fit your size, son. Though you?re obliged to try.?

?I?m okay,? Caleb answered as he looked around the cabin.

?You always naked??

?Lately. Mostly.?

?Saves time, I s?pose.?

The interior of the cabin was sparse and simple. A large, single room with a fireplace, a small bed, a table, a chair, a woodstove, some wall-mounted door-less cabinets and a bookcase that seemed ill-equipped to deal with the loads of books piled on its shelves. There were more books along the wall. There was an armoire in one corner, and another door leading to the front of the cabin. It appealed to his love of wilderness and roughing it. He could see himself here, easily. ?Nice place,? he said. His admiration was clear in his tone.

?It suits.? Clancy was putting his rifle back in its rack, near the front door. The windows had no curtains, and the floor was bare wood. ?Gets a bit cold in winter, as you might expect, but I keep the fire burning and keep a bottle of Jack handy.? He grinned and motioned to the bed as he took the only chair available. ?Have a seat, Caleb. I want to hear how you happen to find yourself here looking like that, and what happened to you.?

Caleb had been considering what he would tell the old man about how he came to be found naked in the middle of nowhere. The truth was a stretch, no matter how you framed it. It was wholly unbelievable. He thought about providing a physical and undeniable demonstration that would prove that at least part of the story was true, but believed under the circumstances it was probably best to keep his true form and capabilities concealed.

He had no idea who was after him or why. For all he knew, this seemingly innocent and solitary old man was in on it all. He doubted that strongly, but prudence was called for.

?It?s? it?s an extreme wilderness survival camp.? Yeah, that sounds plausible. ?You pay this company money and they drop you into the wilderness, supposed to be miles from civilization, and you?re left with nothing.? He held his arms apart to display the definition of nothing. ?Literally. Not even the clothes on your back. And you fend for yourself and? survive.? He tried not to make the sentence go up at the end, but it did it anyway. He swallowed hard. ?So? I, uh, I?m like this kind of stupid extreme athlete freak. I mean, look at this body, you think this comes from sitting at a desk all day? Nah, I do all kinds of crazy shit. Skydiving, bungee jumping, freefalling. Street luge.? Clancy?s eyebrow arched dubiously. ?So this sounded like fun, to me. The whole outback, sole survivor thing. But I guess it kind of got out of hand.?

?Uh huh.?

?There was a? a mountain lion. Not that they didn?t warn me about them. And bears, too. Anyway, I came upon it all the sudden like and I was shocked and, um, so I ran away, it was chasing me, of course. For a while. So I?m running. I?m running. Not sure how far. Not sure how fast. And that?s how I ended up here, in this room, with you.?

There was a prolonged silence. Clancy was staring at Caleb when he finished. Caleb was feeling warm and comfortable in the room, even if the extended lie made him feel dishonest with his host. The daylight was dimming outside and Clancy went to start a fire in the stone hearth. He hadn?t said a word about any of it.

Caleb sighed and bounced slightly on the bed. It wasn?t exactly soft, but it felt nice against his butt. He realized all at once that he felt tired ? not physically, but emotionally. He was worn out thinking about all this, worrying about his friends, wondering if he should have stayed to help them, and what happened after he disappeared. ?Do you mind if I rest a little? I can sleep on the floor if you don?t want?.?

?Don?t be stupid, son. Lie back. Have a snooze. It?ll do you good.?

?Do you believe me??

?It?s a good story,? the old man said.

?Do you believe me??

?Is that important??

Caleb lifted his legs onto the bed and lay back. His feet overhung the end of the small cot a good deal, but he didn?t care. ?I suppose not.?

Clancy considered his answer, anyway. When he looked at the young man again, huge and powerful, but somehow vulnerable, he was already asleep.

It all seemed impossible. Of course it was impossible. But why would he make it up? Maybe he was a thief or murderer on the loose, but he was far and away too deep into the wilderness to be on the lam from prison or the cops. His body was surely impressive, the boy seemed to have done nothing else with his life but lift weights. Looking over his naked form, Clancy couldn?t see an ounce of fat on him, and everything was huge. He was like a walking, talking chart of the human muscular system. Every single muscle body was so clear and defined, but they were oddly perfect, too. Perfectly balanced, perfectly formed. As if he had been built, or designed.

Caleb?s immense chest rose and fell as he breathed. He had one of them six-pack? no, six, seven, eight-pack bellies like a prize fighter. He even had muscles Clancy had never seen before. Broad fingers of muscle under his rib cage. Two enormous cables along his pelvis. Like a fat V pointing to the young man's impressive equipment.

It was all very strange.

Clearly, some of it was a lie. He supposed the idea of a man wanting to challenge himself wasn?t out of the ordinary. But naked? In the middle of the forest? No tools, no weapons, not even shoes on his feet? And how did they expect to find him again once the ordeal was over. Using the stars as a guide was simple enough, but Clancy was miles and miles from anywhere. It just didn?t make no sense.

He sat back down in his chair and observed Caleb as he slept for a few moments. Bullshit, he thought. Something was up, clear enough. Nobody just wanders through the wilderness in the altogether and then just magically shows up ? and not a scratch on him! Not a scab or a wound. Nothing. Just ain?t right.

Clancy decided to let the boy rest. He retrieved the novel he had been reading and sat in his chair in the silence as the daylight dimmed.

About 15 minutes later, there was a soft, cooing noise from the bed. Clancy turned at the sound and was watching Caleb sleep when his attention was drawn to the space between the man?s enormous legs and what was living there. His dick was growing. Getting hard. ?Must be some nice dreams,? Clancy mumbled, watching the thing quickly inflate, twisting and shifting as it swelled, bouncing softly with every heartbeat, growing quickly to erection.

Caleb stirred but didn?t awaken. He had a smile on his face and his dick was still growing. There was something odd about it, though. Were his balls moving? Well, balls did that, sometimes. What was it called? Clancy tried to remember. It was in one of the books he read. But he read a lot of them. Some muscle does it. Pulls the testicle up, nothing weird about it. But Caleb?s balls seemed to be a bit overactive. Like they were throbbing or pumping or churning or something. Swelling, even.

He was observing Caleb?s equipment undergoing this series of developments when he realized what the something odd appeared to be, and Clancy rose from his seat to squint at what he thought he was seeing. But there it was, clear as day. Just at the root of the man?s erection, he could see another little dick emerging.

Now, just what the hell was that?

It started out small, but it was advancing quickly, almost magically inflating to match its brother?s size. It was kind of cute when it was small, looking just like a tiny, perfectly formed penis, like a baby might have. But within seconds, it had doubled, then tripled, then quadrupled in size and was now in a race with the other one to see which one could get bigger, faster.

It was certainly no baby dick, now. Both of them had achieved a size that made the boy?s original flaccid cock look like a dwarf. Jesus, how big was this boy? And there were two of them!

Caleb moaned. It was a deep sound, and it seemed to reverberate through Clancy like a forgotten sensation. It moved through him like more than a sound, more like a feeling. Caleb had turned in the bed slightly and reached down his hand to rest it on his growing erections. Something appeared at the tip of each huge dick, a glistening bubble of clear honey, and it grew slowly into a flow that cascaded over his hand and belly. He moaned again, louder, and the sound shook Clancy physically.

His own long-sleeping cock stirred awake.

He watched the actions with almost scientific interest. Clancy had always been a curious man, and this was too fascinating not to look. He felt like he was invading the boy?s privacy, but how much privacy did a naked man have?

?Son,? he said quietly. Then, ?Caleb,? more urgently. He moved his hand forward to awaken the boy. The twin dicks swelled suddenly, the skin growing shiny and tight. Clancy knew what was coming. He wasn?t so far removed from the actions of an aroused male that he didn?t recognize a cock on the edge of ejaculation. And these were about to blow.


A thick, sudden gush of white cream fountained from both barrels and sprayed across the young man?s muscled belly and chest. It was an amazing display, far more cum in a single blast than Clancy had ever experienced. Caleb grunted heavily, then let out another low moan. The sound was like magic inside Clancy?s head, and it moved quickly toward his own shriveled prick, tickling it. Another gush followed quickly, and even more copiously, pumping from the boy?s twin beasts in thick, full streams.

Then, as Clancy stood by the bed and looked down at this strange man, his body seemed to absorb the flood of sperm into itself, and in moments it looked as though the action had never occurred. Had it not been for the twin 14-inch-long beer can-thick erections still throbbing between his legs, there would be no evidence that he had done anything at all.


The young man eyes snapped open and he sat up abruptly. His massive erections wagged like cranes loose of their moorings, pointing their nozzles about wildly. They grew red again, intense and shiny, swollen with power, and Caleb delivered a third sudden cascade, now shooting his bursting load in two directions. One blast shot straight up, an uncapped hydrant discharging its flood toward the dark wood beams where it splattered and stuck and dripped like heavy cream.

The other was pointed directly at Clancy.

?Oh, shit!? Caleb?s third double-barreled blast was even heavier than the previous two. He was overdue, clearly, and his balls were emptying themselves of his pent-up cargo. He shoved a warm flood of Transform-engorged cream at his host and it coated his shirt and arms and neck. Caleb grabbed his unbound cocks, but not before a fourth explosion of cum rocketed from his jets with enough force to knock Clancy to the floor, dripping with thick, warm cream.

Caleb knew what was coming next. It had started even before he let loose of his final load. Clancy?s body looked like it was bubbling. It seemed to shimmer and throb and tremble as if it was filled with bees and was about to explode.

Which wasn?t far from the truth.

Caleb leaped from the bed, his erections deflating as he regained control of his body, and scooped up the already swelling mass of muscle into his arms, trying to get him out of the cabin before Clancy?s growing body destroyed the structure.

Caleb was saying, ?Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,? as he broke through the door to the front of the cabin and set Clancy down under the starry sky, and then he stepped back to watch the man change before his eyes.

Clancy was drowning in bliss. He had forgotten what this felt like, the sudden unyielding surrender to orgasmic pleasure. Those fleeting moments of satisfaction when his cock burst with seed were like sparks to the bonfire of sexual deliverance he felt now. He was blinded by it, deafened by it, made insensical by the power of Transform and its overwhelming and undeniable power of total muscular and masculine metamorphosis.

Caleb was mesmerized by what he saw. The old man?s body was stretching and swelling like elastic. He had torn through his clothing before they ever got out of the cabin, and in the dim light Caleb could see the changes occurring very rapidly everywhere, and it was an amazing experience.

He remembered the feeling he had when it happened to him. He felt some of that now, watching as his power was transforming another man into a god. Clancy?s wrinkled form quickly smoothed itself as the skin stretched, and then its age-marked, dried and sagging appearance was replaced by seemingly new skin, clean and smooth and gleaming.

His back arched weirdly and two massive collections of pectoral muscle reached their grip across his rib cage and swelled upward. His shoulders cracked and twisted and sprouted mountainous lobes of brawn. His neck spread wide and his arms elongated like snaked emerging from their holes, only to have their bony bodies suddenly swell with meat that shaped itself into perfectly formed biceps, triceps, flexors and pronators. His upper arms blossomed with fat muscle, his forearms swelled with cables of power.

It was all happening very quickly. He was 7 feet high, then 8, then 10. His body was exploding with power and beauty. Caleb found himself growing wildly aroused watching the man alter. He had done this. He had made this god.

Clancy?s face solidified into a youthful reflection of the old man Caleb was familiar with. His eyes were closed through the entire process, but watching his skin smooth and his lips plump and his receding hairline repair itself was odd and erotic. His chin and cheeks grew broad and heavily masculine. Whiskers sprouted on his face, and it was only seconds later that a full, heavy beard wound across his face.

He was growing hairy everywhere. It coated his chest and belly and forearms. It lined his legs and crowned the fat, enormous tool growing between his legs. Caleb had said that he was not a bear when the rifle was pointed at him, and it was growing increasingly clear who the bear was in this situation. Clancy?s fur was jet black, shiny even in the gathering darkness, like strands of black glass.

?Come on,? Caleb whispered. ?Come on.?

Then, there it was, Clancy?s secondary cock. It seemed to appear all at once, growing from nothing to full mast in seconds. Both of his huge pricks writhed and grew and then swelled into erection and went off like fireworks, spraying his first Transformed load of cream in thick fountains.

As Caleb watched the transformation take place from the outside, inside Clancy?s body and mind, the old man was undergoing a nuclear detonation of masculine sexual power and utter muscular strength.

Caleb?s sudden and unexpected volley of super-saturated Transforming cum splashed against him and began soaking into his skin with the heat of lava. It struck him as a warm wetness, but the shock of the man?s cock firing a wet blast of cream toward him was quickly overtaken by the sensation of heat flooding his system.

It was not a tactile sensation, it was the effect Transform caused the body?s systems. It didn?t attack so much as inundate, scissoring into the genetic building blocks and sending a cascade of upgrades and changes with literally breathtaking speed and efficiency.

The heat was pure sexual excitement. The libido was a mental process with physical attributes. One of those was heat, and it was the one felt most acutely as Transform was introduced. Everything else was suffused inside it, and the heat was overwhelming.

Pleasure came next. Pure, unfiltered, crystal clean sexual bliss. The body was about to undergo a dramatic physical restructuring. Bones would be broken and shattered and rebuilt. Muscle tissue would tear and build. Skin would stretch and repair. All this was going to be very painful, indeed. To counteract the pain, Transform was designed to slip a velvet glove around the brain?s pleasure centers and gently massage it, stroke it, suck it and lick it. Transform headed directly into the brain like quicksilver and turned off the parts that were going to interfere with its task, replacing those with a flood of intense sexual delight.

Over the lifespan of the serum, it had increased this ability quite substantially. Now, a man like Clancy would be shoved under a vast sea of erotic ecstasy and cradled in its warm, sweet embrace.

Then it started changing him physically.

Everything happened at once, but a man felt it most acutely in his muscles. They sang with power. They bulged with brawn. They released intense feelings of physical power, like a sort of male aphrodisiac, complementing the sexual excitement, building on top of its foundation so that a complete and intense connection married the two together.

Muscle was sex. Sex was strength. Power was erotic. The bigger the muscle, the more intense the pleasure became. So much so that a Transformed man experienced almost every physical action with an accompanying sexual gratification. Everything felt not just good, it felt like a hard-on in action.

Clancy sank deep into Transform?s intense heat of sex and growth and remained there while it happened to him. He realized the sensation of muscular development stretched out with the extended orgasmic perfection of his transformation into something better, newer and more beautiful than he had ever dreamed.

As Caleb watched, Clancy?s growth seemed to slow. He was nowhere near Caleb?s ultimate size, stopping at around 12 feet long. Still massively muscled, and gifted with two huge cocks, but the man had another 6 feet to grow if he was going to match Caleb, Robbie and Mitch. Clancy?s mouth was moving, and he was saying something that was hard for Caleb to hear at first. He leaned in closer and heard a single word said softly in Clancy?s deep voice over and over. ?More? more??

At first, Caleb didn?t understand. Then Clancy?s hand suddenly reached out and snatched one of Caleb?s heavy pricks, grabbing onto the thick shaft and trying to pull the spout into his mouth. ?More?? he moaned. ?More??

Caleb realized that the man?s old body didn?t possess all the fuel necessary to change him entirely. He needed more of what Caleb had accidentally delivered, he needed more of his amazing transforming cum. He wanted it, he somehow knew he wasn?t done yet. Caleb smiled brightly and pushed his cock into Clancy?s open mouth and started shoving a heavy river of warm, salty spunk into the man?s body.

His seed flowed out of him in a gushing torrent, his balls swelling heavy and fat with the load. He felt the extended orgasmic bliss as he delivered more and more transforming cream, watching the man?s growth suddenly resume with seemingly violent development. He was gulping it all down as fast as Caleb could deliver it. Caleb?s second prick was spraying a white fountain of thick honey all over Clancy?s swelling hairy chest. It gathered in gobs and droplets on his dark fur before his body drank it inside greedily.

Clancy?s growth resumed immediately and he was quickly stretching and expanding again, his body growing taller, his muscles swelling with size and strength, his own cocks exploding with renewed vigor. He was bathed in cum, inside and out, fountains of rich, transforming cream erupting from his own cocks and Caleb?s magic pricks.

Caleb watched his pectorals unfold, the cables of muscled glory swelling with amazing speed now that a fresh supply of Transform was being delivered. The man?s nipples were huge and fat. The separation between the heavy globes of power mounted on his chest was several inches deep, and getting deeper. The swelling hemispheres pressed against each other for space, massive mountains of brawn getting bigger by the second.

The man?s arms were catching up to his cheat easily. The limbs stretched longer, and the muscles just kept getting larger as they could claim more room. Fat veins appeared and wound across the mass of brawn, throbbing and branching out before being swallowed up by the ever-increasing size of his biceps and triceps. His shoulders were blossoming with fat wedges of power, thick and beautiful.

His legs seemed to be almost explosive, the muscle swelling so quickly that Caleb was almost shocked, wondering how Clancy?s skin could contain so much mass. The lobes of brawn were incredibly vascular, his skin stretch thin as paper over the perfection of muscular development. Folds of brawn mashed with each other and swelled with sudden power. His ass lifted him physically off the gravel.

Then, it was over almost as quickly as it began. Clancy?s renewed growth didn?t slow this time, it simply stopped. He had been delivered into ultimate Transformation in a matter of seconds. His cocks, thick and hard and a yard long each, were pumping fat cascades of cream across his new body, which swallowed it inside through every pore. He settled into his new body and everything seemed to go silent all at once. He was breathing hard, his massive muscular chest heaving, but he had a shit-eating grin on his lips when he opened his eyes at last, and stared into the night sky.

?How do you feel?? Caleb was a little bit scared, but his excitement and arousal was doing its best to overwhelm his anxiety about what he?d just done. He could still feel the thrilling afterglow of the extended orgasm he had been experiencing as he came a torrent over the old man.

Clancy thought about his answer, but no words could encompass what he was feeling. He felt like cumming, so he did. His twins squirted fat ribbons of cream across his body. It felt so good. The warmth of his own cum suffused his giant body. He came again, shoving thick gushing surges of cream from his swollen balls. It felt like he was made from cum. It felt like his whole body was a giant dick, swollen and hot and heaving orgasmic fountains.

?I guess you feel pretty good.?

?Holy hell, son,? he said at last. ?What?s happened to me??

Caleb brushed a hand through his hair and pulled in a long, calming breath. ?It?s my fault. I didn?t mean to do it. I was dreaming about? about my friends and we were? well, let?s just say we were enjoying each others? company quite enthusiastically and I guess things just got away from me.?

Clancy looked pointedly at Caleb?s twins, hanging thick and luscious between his thighs. ?Those things, you mean.? He considered his own two monsters. They were still hard, hotter than hell and filled with cum. ?And why am I so frigging big?? Clancy was breathing hard. Sexual stimulants were still coursing through him. He was over-amped on erotic stimulation and having a hard time just talking.

?Oh. Well, I am too. You can ? at least, you should be able to shrink yourself down if you want to. Your whole body obeys your thoughts. It?ll do whatever you want it to.?

He turned his gaze back to Caleb?s cocks. ?But what if I want to suck your dicks, as I find that I suddenly have this almost?? he gulped, and licked his lips, ?almost uncontrollable urge to do? How do I control your body??

He smiled. He closed his eyes. Then he came again.

Caleb watched the man?s cocks fountain their rich, thick cream of pure muscular power. It was maybe the most erotic thing he?d ever seen, the old man turning young again, and shoving his massive load from his rejuvenated balls.

He swelled his own body to its ultimate perfection and lay his naked muscular massiveness against Clancy?s. He spread his legs around Clancy?s cocks and let them splatter his load over his bulging back. He leaned his face toward the other man?s gorgeous visage, rubbing his warm, naked muscled torso against Clancy?s warm furry bearskin, and pressed his lips to the other man?s soft mouth.

Erotic bolts of electric bliss shot through him. The kiss grew urgent and passionate. Clancy brought his arms up and surrounded Caleb?s form in his brawny bear hug, kissing him back eagerly and hungrily.

Everything was sex. Everything was hot and wet and slick and hard. ?Fuck my ass,? Caleb said softly. ?Fuck me hard and deep.?

Clancy moved his cocks toward Caleb?s moist heat, instantly aware of his control over them, even hard, and pushed his cock heads against Caleb?s hot puckered hole. Caleb opened himself to Clancy?s beasts and sucked them inside, surrounding them in a tight, deep warmth and massaging their intense firmness with his muscles.

Clancy had never felt anything like it. Caleb?s ass was magic, more perfect and wonderful than any pussy he?d ever shoved himself into. It sucked on his cocks. It massaged them and worshipped them and made them cum. They belonged together, that ass and his cocks.

He came a heavy flood and filled Caleb?s guts with cream. He pushed his mouth against Caleb?s and shoved his tongue inside. He surrounded Caleb?s heavy muscular body with his strong arms and squeezed him tightly to his chest. Everything about him felt good. So pure and perfect and hot. He fucked him harder, deeper, fuller. His cocks swelled with greed and pride, pumping thick floods of cream into his ass. He wanted all of this man, he wanted to fuck him senseless, he wanted to feel the man?s hot, hard cocks inside his own ass, pumping hot cream in constant streams of sex and strength.

Caleb grabbed onto Clancy?s huge body and radiated sexual power. Transform was flooding out of him so thickly that any man within a square mile might have felt changed. It was in his sweat and his scent and his pheromones. It was in his touch and his skin and his cum. It was a masculine musk that billowed from him in invisible clouds. It saturated the air around them, heating them with sexual power, coating them in masculine strength.

Clancy?s cocks fucked his ass deep and hard and true. Massive shanks of meat filling up his ass and stoking the fire of his passion. He bit down hard on Clancy?s shoulder and the man bucked and gasped and pushed himself into Caleb?s ass deeper than ever. Oh, it was so good. It was perfection.

Clancy fucked Caleb and then Caleb returned the favor, spinning Clancy onto his belly and shoving himself home. His balls slapped Clancy?s muscular butt with every deep thrust. Hot, sticky cum splattered out from his hole and coasted Caleb?s belly, dripping down his legs before his body swallowed it up. He was pumping a steady stream of cum, feeling every inch of his yard-long cocks as he traveled inside Clancy?s ass.

The night turned to dawn and they were still at it, hours later. The two men shared a fuckfest of enormous proportions, exploring each other?s super-muscled, super-sexed bodies until Clancy pulled back on a handful of Caleb?s lush locks, kissed him hard and collapsed onto the gravel, breathing hard.

?Fuck,? he said softly.

Caleb laughed, straddling his lover?s torso between his legs, both stiff cocks lying across Clancy?s new bulging muscles. ?Again??

Clancy found himself laughing in spite of himself. ?Son??

?Could you call me Caleb? The way you look now bears little resemblance to the man you used to be. And I?m not all that comfortable thinking about doing what we did with my father.?

Clancy laughed again. ?Caleb, maybe you want to tell me what really happened to you. And then what happened to me.?

?I?m glad you?re not angry.?

?Angry? Caleb, this makes Viagra feel like a Flintstone vitamin!? Caleb grinned and squeezed his ass around Clancy?s cocks. The older man released a gush of cream that warmed his guts considerably. ?Now, what sort of magic is this, and please tell me it?s a permanent condition!?
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Very Hot as ususal. Was hoping you would add more furry men into the story.

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