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Baseball's for Boys, Rugby's for Men (1)

So this is kind of an odd story, with kind of a niche market. I'm a baseball fan, and I love the look of some baseball players, but I can't help noticing that a lot of them are skinny, flabby, or just plain weirdly-shaped. So I and my team of agents decided to change that, one MLB game at a time.

You may enjoy this less if you don't follow major league baseball and don't know who the guys are, but there's always Google, and even if you don't look at all, I hope the story's hot enough to get some kind of audience here. (On the other hand, if you DO follow baseball, you'll notice that the first few chapters assume last year's rosters, because they were written last year. Thereafter it will be up to date.)

Obvious disclaimer: This is completely fictional.
Another disclaimer: I don't know anything about rugby, so there might be errors in that regard. Feel free to correct me.

It was a beautiful day at Camden Yards in Baltimore, one that saw the Orioles taking on the Oakland A's in a matchup of two of the sorrier teams in baseball. But the hot dogs were grilling, the beer was flowing, and the fans and players were enjoying a day at the ballpark all around.

But Agent #1 wasn't there to enjoy baseball - he had a job to do. His employer had given him and fifteen other of the top guys in their field the assignment expressly because they were the best. After all, it wasn't easy to work the kind of change on a massive scale that he was about to attempt, and if he let down his concentration for even a second before the process was complete, the resulting exposure of him and his boss could be disastrous. But the agent was confident as he sipped his bottled water, then began rubbing his hard cock through his jeans, lightly touching his pecs through his gray t-shirt, and staring intensely at the infield.

Brian Roberts felt it first, his stomach wrenching as he began to grow. His glove fell off his hand and disappeared into thin air as he lurched forward, his chest and arms swelling into his uniform. His hat was gone a second later, leaving his shaggy brown hair exposed. Brian was getting taller now, rising from 5?9? to 5?11?, and the muscles of his torso were really starting to develop. The cute second baseman?s chest bulged into a pair of massive pecs, fantastic mounds of power that were twice the size of Brian?s old chest. His stomach and sides were pushing out, less the deeply cut, trim, v-shaped abs and obliques he?d had before than the solid, bulging, but still-cut midsection of a man who made his living off running into people.
Brian?s uniform was changing, too. His jersey tightened to his torso, making even more obvious the changes to his physique, while a collar formed around Roberts? now bull neck. The design changed as well, now black on the sleeves and shoulders as Brian?s thickened arms and broadened shoulders swelled, and displaying a simple Oriole logo on the chest, surrounded by various corporate logos there and on the sleeves. As Brian?s jersey tightened further, so that it looked suctioned onto his utterly stacked torso, he let out a moan.

That finally caught the attention of Kevin Millar, the first baseman. Kevin was feeling a little funny himself, but nothing like what he saw happening to his teammate. Brian?s uniform pants had rolled up into a pair of rugby shorts, into which Brian?s now-hulking thighs and firm, round, bouncing muscle ass bulged dangerously. In fact, Kevin could hardly believe it was Brian he was looking at, had the hot second baseman turned rugby hooker not turned and looked him in the eye. The guy staring at Kevin was definitely Brian Roberts, but a completely jacked-up, rugby-playing version of him. There were a couple final changes?Brian?s already-cute face sharpened and shaped into that of a god, which was exactly what he?d become. And next to his newly-thickened thighs was Brian?s newly-thickened cock, rock-hard as it bulged into his football shorts, throbbing at the thought and the sight of how he?d changed and how his teammates were about to change with him.

Even as Brian smiled at Kevin, Millar began to transform. The hefty first baseman was already plenty big, but as he lost his own hat and glove, the size began to take a turn for the better. Kevin?s upper body changed rapidly, and within a few seconds the belly he?d grown had become something that could be termed a muscle gut, were it not for the deep definition and beauty of Millar?s stomach. His pecs lost all their extra weight and added on several pounds of muscle as they began ripping through the buttons of his jersey. Kevin looked down and saw that his pants were already rugby shorts, and he adjusted himself awkwardly as he realized his dick now pushed 10 bulging inches, and was leaking into the shorts.

Kevin turned to Brian, now jacking his cock unconsciously, his fucking huge biceps pumping, and Brian grinned as he saw that Millar?s face had lost all the fat too, and the handsome forward?s features now could get even a girl scared of his size into bed. But it was clear as Kevin?s eyes drifted down to Brian?s enormous bulge, and the now-handsome rugger stud grinned widely, that girls weren?t on his mind.

?How much you packin? there, stud?? Kevin asked, his jersey still tightening against his body.

Brian fondled his hard 11-inch dick and Kevin gulped. ?Why don?t you find out?? The two boys came slowly together.

Erik Bedard had gotten off one more pitch after Brian started changing before he too was caught up. The transformation moved faster than average with him?one second he was staring in at A?s shortstop Bobby Crosby, the next he was bent over, clutching his sides as he grew. The cute, soft-spoken Canadian pitcher?s chest exploded into his uniform, which ripped right off his back as soon as his thickening arms, massive shoulders, and broad, powerful back followed suit. All the O?s infielders watched as Erik?s ass grew and rounded and blossomed into a perfect, firm muscle butt, which bulged into the black rugby shorts he now found himself wearing. And that was all Erik wore above his cleats as the shreds of his jersey fell away. As he stood up fully, now a gorgeous second-row forward, and displayed his bronzed, ripped muscle jock body, his 10-inch-plus dickmeat making an obscene tent in his shorts, several other players sprung boners and their transformations were triggered as well.

One of them was Crosby, who suddenly felt his chest and shoulders hardening and expanding, as he stared at Erik?s fantastically changed body, every beautiful striation of muscle exposed. Crosby moaned as his nipples, pushed out by his thickening and rounding pecs, brushed against his uniform, which was changing like the Baltimore guys? into a rugby jersey, green, white, and yellow patterned with ?Oakland? across the front at the stomach, clearer with each passing moment as Bobby?s abs bulged and sharpened and deepened. Bobby?s 7-inch cock was straining and growing into his gray uniform pants. His helmet and bat were gone as his neck pressed against his new collar and he felt someone grab him from behind.

?What the fuck?s happening to us?? grunted Paul Bako, the O?s backstop, who?d pulled off all his catcher?s gear and now pressed hard into his black and orange jersey like all the others. Bobby couldn?t see Paul?s face, which had become that of a man 10 years younger than Bako had been, his cheekbones cut, his hair short and dark, and his features irresistibly hot. But the gorgeous fullback could feel Paul?s achingly hard rugger cock, swollen to 9.5 thick inches, pressing against his magnificent bubble butt through his new white shorts, with Paul?s huge biceps and strong muscular hands reaching around to clutch both Bobby?s mountain of a pec and his own dripping hard 10.5-inch jockpole, tenting his shorts uncontrollably.

?I don?t know, buddy, but I fuckin? love it,? Crosby answered. The rugby hunk?s shorts were coming down and his round, meaty ass was exposed to Bako?s thick loose forward cock. Crosby couldn?t imagine, as the stadium began to shift and change into an oval, the field into a rectangle, why he?d ever wanted to play baseball instead of rugby. Boys played baseball?men played rugby. And there was no doubt about the fact that Bobby Crosby was a man?a beautiful piece of hot jock ass. His arms flexed and his shoulders pumped under his tight green and white jersey as he reached back to clutch Paul?s head and felt his ass and cock under assault.

Brian Roberts and Kevin Millar, now fully transformed into a hooker and a forward, were making out passionately between first and second, although the infield was rapidly covering over with grass. The two studs? hands ran all over each other?s unbelievably muscular bodies, gripping firm ass cheeks, rubbing pec to pec, stroking biceps and lats and delts. Kevin, who?d never thought of a teammate sexually before, couldn?t believe how hot he was for Brian, and even Brian, who had, was harder and hornier than he?d ever been thinking of one of his buddies on the team.

After Erik changed, the two guys playing short and third had begun to grow too, staring at their former pitcher?s fantastic ass. Aubrey Huff instantly packed 30 pounds of muscle onto his 6?4? frame, grunting loudly as his thick muscles threatened his uniform. Fortunately, it changed to a tight rugby jersey a moment later anyway, and Aubrey?s pecs, shoulders, and new guns throbbed with growth under the fabric. As Huff?s features hardened and his chin and jaw squared, Chris Gomez was undergoing an even more drastic change. A thin, kind of awkward player before, he now stood up straight, 205 pounds of muscle on his solid 6?2? body. Chris?s ass swelled into his new shorts, begging for a big cock to fuck it into submission, and Aubrey Huff?s new 10-inch beast was happy to help. As the third baseman wrapped his massive biceps around Gomez?s own newly bulked-up body, Chris couldn?t help but wonder aloud, ?How?d we turn into a bunch of mega-hung rugby stud muscle fags, man??

All Aubrey Huff had in response as his dick impaled the fullback?s ass was, ?Less talking, more getting your tight jock ass nailed, stud.?

?Sounds good to me,? added Erik. He was now behind Aubrey, his raging hard 10.5-inch cock easing into the former third baseman?s ass too. Huff moaned in pleasure at the twin paradises of his cock in Gomez?s tight jock ass and Erik?s raging hard dick in his own thick muscle butt. Aubrey?s ass might not have been worth pausing over before, but now its fantastic bulge was enough to make even a straight guy horny.

In the outfield, Nick Markakis was staring in, trying to figure out what was happening to his teammates, when he felt himself start to tense up as well. Nick was a hell of a good-looking guy already, and as his pecs started to bulge fuller, his abs cut deeper and fill out toward his obliques, his arms to thicken, swell, explode into his sleeves, and his back and shoulders to broaden several inches, packing on 20 pounds of muscle along the way, anyone observing might well have shot hard into his pants right then. He was immediately rock-hard, his 8-inch baseball stud cock rising firm and powerful into his loose uniform pants.

Nick groaned as he continued to change, his pecs swelling into enormous slabs of muscle with taut nipples pushing out into his jersey and his biceps, triceps and forearms doubling in size, thickness, strength and definition. The sleeves of the jersey tightened and so did the collar, squeezing around Markakis? fucking trunk of a neck. It was changing to a rugby shirt, as all his buddies? jerseys had, and his now magnificent, godlike pecs, arms, and shoulders bulged into it demandingly.

Nick?s hat and glove were gone as his abs began to change next?he?d
always been a strong, muscular guy, with a tight waistline and a gorgeously cut eight-pack. Now, his stomach was changing into the fuller, thicker
eight-pack of a hot rugger jock, still all muscle but clearly built to power through defenders rather than extend for a deep fly ball or get around on a fastball. Nick?s pants no longer fit as his thighs thickened immensely and his ass, hidden under his sagged baseball pants till now, rounded and rose to a beautiful bubble butt muscle jock ass, so hot there was almost a shelf below the hunk forward?s strong lower back. The pants were also under increasing strain from Nick?s expanded cock, which as it tented the fabric furiously rose to full hardness, over 11 inches of thick, powerful dickmeat.
Fortunately, Nick soon lost the pants completely in favor of short black rugby shorts like his teammates, and his terrific cock and ass were exposed more clearly. He stood up straight with a loud groan, his beautifully muscled upper body straining the seams of his jersey, and his face become even more beautiful, his cheekbones cut like a Greek god and his gorgeous eyes piercing. Just then a moan came from a few feet away.

Nick turned to see Corey Patterson, the O?s former center fielder, who had already finished his own transformation into a hot, muscle-bound winger. Corey?s thick arm was pumping as he jacked his big 9.5-inch jockpole under his black shorts and watched Nick?s body grow and swell and thicken, each new cord of muscle making the obscenely hot outfielder-turned-forward even more beautiful. The moan had been Corey?s dick finally exploding into his football shorts, creaming his pants as his own huge pecs and firm stomach flexed and shook.

?Fuck, you?re hot, bud,? said Nick, staring at Corey?s impressive upper body. The guy had been small before, but there was no trace of that now. Nick grinned, making Corey?s cock go hard again, then slowly pulled his jersey off, revealing inch by inch the stunning physique he?d grown?cobblestone eight-pack, bulging obliques, round, massive pecs, large, firm nipples, and huge bowling-ball delts and biceps.

?I?m hot, shit,? Corey muttered as he groped Nick?s chest. Their eyes met and soon the two jocks were kissing deeply, neither one stopping to question why they were suddenly rugby players or why they were suddenly so into other guys, especially their teammates.

Fortunately no one else was in a mood to question it either. In the dugout of the A?s, which was slowly turning into a simple sideline on the rugby pitch that the stadium was becoming, guys were not immune to the wave of transformation.

The A?s pitcher was Rich Harden, a muscular, good-looking kid from Canada. He, like the other Oakland players, had watched the changing of the guys on the field, including their shortstop, with a mixture of amazement and disgust. The first sign that something else might be up came when he felt his 7-inch cock rise hard and throbbing against his compression shorts under his gray uniform. Unlike his counterpart Erik, Rich changed slowly as he stared at Bobby Crosby?s newly muscle-swollen and perfectly formed ass getting fucked by a hot, built and ripped version of Paul Bako.

Aubrey and Chris were now 69?ing, and Brian and Kevin had moved over to start double-teaming Erik, with Brian?s huge 11-incher filling his throat and Kevin?s massive 10-inch fuckpole railing Bedard?s tight, handsome bubble butt. In the outfield, Nick and Corey were getting more into each other as well. Corey moaned loudly as his hot, thick-muscled Greek teammate fucked him deep and long with his massive 11-inch jockmeat. Nick?s shaved head, scruffy chin and jaw, and beautiful eyes had become even more good-looking with his transformation into a stacked rugby player, and
Corey, though 100% straight till this afternoon, hadn?t been able to resist surrendering his muscle stud ass, its firm, round bulges squeezing and flexing tight around Markakis?s dick.

Rich Harden watched all of this, and although he knew he should be repulsed, should be turning away, he somehow couldn?t force himself to stop watching the gorgeous rugby boys out on the field, now losing their jerseys and shorts with varying degrees of urgency. And as the hunky, muscular right-hander?s own cock?now bulging 8 inches down his tight pants leg?remained rock-hard and began leaking pre-fuck into Rich?s baseball pants, he began to follow their lead.

The pitcher grunted as his chest swelled suddenly and rapidly into his jersey. Its sleeves were shortening and tightening around his already-gorgeous biceps, which were only growing bigger and more cut. Rich?s pecs and shoulders immediately threatened the seams of his A?s jersey, but like the other guys he was quickly losing that jersey anyway in favor of a tight green and yellow rugby shirt just like Bobby?s. His neck became impossibly thick, his chest?s bulge rounded beautifully, and his abs became an utterly thick and fantastically defined eight-pack, clear and obvious under the jaw-droppingly tight uniform. Harden had packed on about 20 pounds of muscle, and he wasn?t done yet.

Rich groaned loudly as his cap disappeared, revealing his cute, short-cut blond hair and his stubble, as thick and as hot as Markakis?s on his cut, square jaw. He was still boyishly cute, but like Bedard, his face had hardened and he was now more the statuesque, classically good-looking guy that Markakis was. Rich?s transformation to a hot rugger stud was soon complete, his already gorgeous bubble butt rounding and bulging into a firm muscle ass that would stop a straight man in his tracks, and his cock, thickened to a foot of raging hard jock dickmeat, now tented his white rugby shorts so hard that it quickly caught the attention of a couple other guys in the dugout.

?Fuck, Richie, nice cock,? murmured Eric Chavez, stroking his own achingly hard 10-incher through his gray uniform pants, which were quickly changing into white football shorts too. All the guys on the bench had started changing, from Chavvy?s expanding pecs and thickening biceps and forearms, to Swisher?s rapidly hardening stomach, face, chest and ass, to Shannon Stewart?s thickening neck and softening complexion, to even Mark Ellis?s exploding torso. All of their bodies were changing incredibly, transforming each Oakland guy, whether he?d been pretty average like Ellis and Dan Johnson (who were now making out deeply), or already fucking hot like Harden and Chavez. Which is not to say that those boys didn?t go above and beyond the usual changes.

Rich had turned back to inspect Eric?s new body, now standing 6?2? and 30 pounds of muscle thicker than when he?d just been sitting there watching the game a minute ago. The hunky former third baseman, now a beautifully muscled flanker, looked back up at his teammate with a face that had been handsome before but now could be worn by a model, his cheekbones and jawline cut, his eyes dark and sexy and full of lust for Rich Harden?s own transformed, massively built physique. Eric?s pecs, huge guns, thick shoulders, and powerful abs all bulged dangerously into his green and white rugby shirt, and his 10.5-inch cockbulge?grown and thickened from his old 7-inch dick?stuck full mast out into the fabric of his white shorts. Chavez?s legs had become hulking trunks of muscle, and as he stood, his powerful, bulging muscle ass was also revealed to his teammates, pressing high and hard into his shorts.

?Fuck, buddy, what happened?? Eric asked, even as his strong hands slid around Rich?s tight waist and up to grip the rugger stud?s beautiful pecs. Harden?s hand was slipping past the elastic of his teammate?s shorts to grope and stroke Chavez?s new massive fuckpole, making him grunt softly. Behind them, Swish was jacking off watching the players on the field fuck, his own thick body now grown and developed into a man who could easily pose for one of those calendars. Like Millar, his extra weight all converted in a matter of seconds to layers of tight, well-defined jockstud muscle. Even the handsome cock that he now released to allow Shannon Stewart?s thick cocksucking lips to wrap around it had grown a few inches and thickened to an 11-inch beast.

?I don?t know, stud,? said Rich, responding to Chavez?s dazed, lust-choked question. ?I don?t really give a damn, either.? The gorgeous outside center surged forward and kissed his buddy deeply. It was funny?20 minutes ago Rich Harden would have told you he?d never had a thought about a teammate in his life, but now he couldn?t think of anything more beautiful than Eric Chavez?s muscular, absolutely shredded, well-tanned body, the picture of male perfection as it tested the strength of his own rugby jersey and football shorts. Rich?s hands were feeling the new power of Chavvy?s stomach, first through the shirt?s fabric, then easing under it to stroke his flexed eight-pack and bulging obliques. The two new rugby jocks kissed like there was no tomorrow, clenching their eyes and totally losing themselves in lust for another thickly-muscled, well-hung athlete.

?Unnhh,? Eric groaned. ?Fuck me, Richie, fuck me with this huge fuckin? dick.? His coarse ballplayer hand was stroking Rich?s dick faster and harder now, fucking it into his hand but begging for it in his ripped muscle ass. Harden didn?t have to be asked twice, and he put Chavez against the railing of the dugout and pulled down the shorts, revealing his beautiful, perfectly tanned, utterly muscular ass. His own shorts came down as he ran his hands over Chavez?s back, now more solidly defined with lats and delts and traps bulging into the hunk?s jersey. It turned Rich on so much that he was feeling up his teammate, and a totally ripped, rugger jock version of his teammate at that. He had no idea how or why both teams had suddenly transformed into absolutely beautiful rugby boys with a predilection for other rugby boys, but he hardly minded as he felt the incomparable pleasure of his huge cock sliding into Eric Chavez?s bubble butt ass.

Chavvy took the dick like a pro, and within seconds Rich Harden was fucking his teammate full-on, his gorgeous prick pistoning in and out of the stud?s tight virgin hole. Chavez breathed hard, his enormous pecs and jacked eight-pack heaving into his strained jersey, and he felt Rich?s broad cockhead bottom out in his ass, sliding along his prostate and creating sensations in his 10.5-inch cock that he?d never felt before. Rich himself could get a guy to blow just by the way he looked, his powerful thighs and ass slamming his huge dickmeat deep into his buddy?s hole as his massive biceps and pecs held Chavez firmly in place.

?Fuck me, Richie, oh holy fuck, holy fuck?? Eric moaned as Harden did just that, forcing more and more power into his buddy?s raging dick, now leaking hard into Eric?s white shorts. As Chavez kept begging for more, and Harden kept giving it, it wasn?t long before the gorgeous, well-tanned, totally shredded former third baseman?s cock exploded in his shorts, soaking the fabric with jockcream. Rich lasted only a couple seconds longer, his 12-inch monster firing 8 or 9 shots of hot rugger juice deep in his buddy?s hole with a long moan.

Over in the A?s bullpen, things were going just as nicely for the formerly straight MLB boys. The closer, Huston Street, had been a cute, good-looking kid at 6?0?, 195 lbs., but he?d since blossomed into a 6?2?, 210-lb. jockstud whose 10-inch dickmeat bulged impressively into his shorts beneath his completely shredded torso. Huston had been well-defined before, but this body took that and multiplied it by 100, each striation, each cord, each groove of definition stronger, deeper, harder. It was enough to make Lenny DiNardo?s now-11.5-inch rugby jock dick rise hard into his white shorts next to his massive thighs. Len had been a bigger guy, 6?4?, 190, and he hadn?t grown much in height but his torso and legs and thick, meaty ass had bulked up with 40 pounds of muscle to push him to a sick 230. Both pitchers? faces had changed too, their cheeks and jaws more solid, their eyes fierce and heart-stoppingly sexy, their hair rugged and stubbled.

?Fuck, Len, you turned into a hell of a good-looking guy.? Huston grinned widely as he looked over DiNardo?s ripped physique. Len grinned, obviously feeling the same way about the hot closer-turned-hooker.

?You sayin? I wasn?t before, Street?? Imperceptibly, DiNardo?s hand began caressing Huston?s firm jockbutt through his shorts.

?Wasn?t really lookin? then,? Street said, his heart pumping hard beneath his huge pecs as Len?s hands groped his tight ass and huge thighs, then wrapped around his aching cock.

Len was inches from Huston?s full, pretty lips, both of them staring into each other?s jaw-droppingly beautiful eyes. ?You lookin? now?? Huston clutched his teammate?s muscle ass as they kissed deeply, not even wondering how or why this had happened to them. Camden Yards was now a rugby stadium, full of thousands of hot, rowdy rugby fans who, like their idols on the field, had started to touch and explore each other?s ripped, tanned bodies, pulling off tightly-strained t-shirts and stroking massive dicks tenting form-fitting jeans and shorts. In the lower deck box seats, Agent #1 smiled and sat back to enjoy the ride.
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that was hot hope there is more
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Hot, hot, hot!

You certainly switched me from baseball to rugby! More please!
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I liked it. Very nice. You certainly took some time going through the roster, and that effort makes it so much better! Looking forward to more!
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You gotta love a game (rugby) where in order to score a point to catch the ball you lift up one of your team members and toss him up in the air to catch the ball.
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I agree. Nice story, with good attention to the details!
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