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Catching a Wave

(Based on the "Simon to Silas" muscle growth sequence comic made by our own slutformuscle)

“Don’t worry, you fucking puss. You’ll be thanking us soon enough.”

And with that, the door to the dressing room slammed and locked. I sat on the sand-dusted ground of the wooden dressing shack, strings of sticky and warm release all over my body, silently weeping and wondering…

Why did it have to be me?

It had all started earlier that day. I was sitting on a bench admiring the sunset as I usually do, reading my book on Grecian history for the report at school.

“Why are you reading on the beach, dude?” I hear from behind me. I turn around to see a tall, bronzed Hispanic guy, about college age standing before me, in AMAZING shape. He was ripped, and I don’t mean some toned “swimmer’s build.”

His pecs were squared and made a shelf over his stomach.

His abs were like grooves embedded in rock or stone.

Not to mention the package he had, bulging the front of his aqua Speedo.

Long story short, he was built like the warriors in my book were.

And he was talking to me.

“I, uh… have to do a book report.” I stutter out, slightly intimidated.

“Dude, if you’re on the beach you should be in the water. What’s the point of not taking advantage of it?” He crossed his arms and smirked at me, as if he expected me to change my mind right then and there.

“I don’t really swim.” I realize the conversation is going nowhere and turn back to my book, pushing up my glasses slightly. Suddenly I’m pulled back around by a tough grip on my shoulders and I nearly fall to the sand below. “What is it?” I ask as I look up, only to see a rather stern face in front of me accompanied by two others: one with blonde spikes and an orange Speedo, another with a black swished-over look, a goatee, and a black Speedo, both with the same incredible build.

“Look, dude. I’m Mitch, this is Vince and Kris. And you’re going surfing with us today. No ifs, ands, or buts.” Mitch nods matter-of-factly.

“No thanks… Mitch.” I turn back away and return to my book.

“Alright boys, you know what to do. Kris, hands. Vince, legs.” I hear Mitch say from behind me. With that, I’m pulled off the bench by the legs and my arms are grabbed and pulled up. It’s Kris and Vince, holding me like a pig at a luau.

“What are you doing!?” I yell as I dangle above the sand.

“You’re comin’ with us, bro.” Vince says in a raspy voice, swishing his black hair in the sun.

“No! Let go of me!” I frantically try to get away from the three, but no luck. I’m carried, attempting to kick and scream, across the beach toward the oft-unused east side, and into the abandoned dressing room on the shore. They drop me onto the floor, my head banging against the concrete pavement, and quickly shut the door to the room.

“Kris, watch for people… just make sure you’re ready when the time comes.” Mitch motions for Kris to head out, and soon I’m left with just Mitch and Vince. They stare down at me, their arms crossed, bicep and forearms bulging, odd, sinister smiles on their faces.

“What are you smiling at?” I ask frantically. “You just kidnapped me!”

“Shut UP nerd!” Mitch yells. I promptly back away from him toward the darkened corner, trying to get as far away as I can.

“Hah, target practice, nice.” Vince smirks. “Ready to start?” He asks Mitch, seeming awfully anxious.

“Fuck yeah I’m ready… I’ve been waiting for an initiation all week. Been saving up.” Mitch reaches down and pats his crotch before looking at me. “Excuse us a second.” He says with a smirk.

The two turn away from me and fumble with their Speedos for a second, when their shorts fall to the ground exposing their toned asses.

“Dude, quit slackin!” I see Vince reach over and grab something of Mitch’s. “I’m already hard!”

“Shut up bro, I’m workin’ on it!” Mitch pushes Vince’s hand away and brings his other hand down to his torso, Vince doing the same. What the hell were they doing? Already hard?

When the two turned around, I found out.

They stood before me completely nude, sporting huge erections that were just throbbing for release.

My god, they were pythons... I couldn’t help but stare.

“Hah, I bet he’s already getting excited.” Vince chuckled.

“KRIS!” Mitch yells toward the door. “IT’S TIME!”

Kris walks into the surf shack, his cock outlined in his tight black Speedo, and he disrobes leaving all three of them completely naked and erect.

“Here we go…” Mitch glares at me and the three begin massaging themselves, inching toward me.

“What the hell are you doing!?” I yell as I curl up into the corner, trying to get away from their naked forms.

“When we’re done with you, you’re gonna be one of us.” Mitch snaps as they inch closer and closer.

They’ve cornered me.

I breath heavily and try to shield myself, attempting to make sense of what they mean by “one of them,” when I realize just what they are going to do.

“No! NO PLEASE NO!” I scream at them, scrambling to cover myself. “DON’T DO IT!”

“Hah, I love it when they resist.” Vince says. “You’ll get over it soon, kid. I did.”

“We all did, geek.” Kris mutters, his shell bracelet tinkling as he jacks.

A chorus of moans, grunts, and deep breaths fill the room as our voices go silent, I’m trying to scramble out of the way, they are lost in their pleasure. I take a glimpse at my captors and see their bodies shining in the sun leaking in from the cracks of the roof, a light layer of perspiration highlighting their crunched stomachs, pulsing pecs, and powerful calves.

“Fuck, here it comes!” Kris moans loudly, a euphoric smile on his face.

“HOLD IT YOU DICK, IT HAS TO BE TOGETHER!” Mitch snaps, his eyes closing, the same smile appearing.

“OOOOOOHHHH SSSSSSSHHHHHIIIIIITTTT!” Vince screams as his legs quake beneath him, his breaths deep and loud.

I gulp as I see their balls churn and cocks tighten, and with loud, guttural groan thick white loads begin showering onto me. I shut my eyes and silently weep as streaks of warm, sticky cum rain down on me, staining my clothes, my hair, my skin… one string lands on my lip and splatters into my mouth, the musty, salty taste only causing me to weep harder. Each load hitting my body sends an intense shudder through me, forcing me even harder against the wall.

“Sssshhhit…” Mitch moans. “I’m glad I was pent up…”

“Dude, your load was huge!” Vince exclaims.

“Fuckin’ Christ… I’m so beat…” Kris says between deep breaths.

I hear them pull back up their speedos, and the door to the shack opens. “We’re gonna go catch some waves. You’ll be joining us soon.” I hear Mitch’s voice say, sinisterly, before the door slams shut and locks.

I open my eyes and look and my arms, ropes of opaque white cum strung all over… I reach up and feel deposits in my hair and on my back, my shirt covered in stains… I bury my face in my hands and start to cry, wondering just what I did to deserve this.

The door to the shack opens and I look up to see Mitch with a smile on his face. He reaches down and tears the sleeves of my shirt and tosses them out the door.

“Why?!” I scream up at him, tears streaming down my face.

“Don’t worry, you fucking puss. You’ll be thanking us soon enough.”

Mitch walks back out and slams the door, locking me in. I contemplate just sitting there and trying to cut myself with the broken beer bottle sitting in opposite corner, when I look down to my arms and see… nothing?

I check my other arm and notice the congealed ropes of cum are gone! I feel my hair, my shirt, my shorts… it’s all disappeared!

“What the fu-” I gasp at letting the “FU” slip. I had never used a word like that before in my life… somehow, all my mind could think of in this situation was “What the fuck!?”

I reach down and try to steady myself up, feeling slightly woozy… the other remnants of their releases were still all over the ground… I turn around and find a slightly grimy mirror to look at myself in, and I check my clothes and body for stains. Nothing at all.

“How the FUCK did it all disappear!” I yell, putting my hands to my mouth… what is with the language? That’s when I caught sight of my arms.

I had always been a fairly skinny kid… but for some reason, my arms looked bigger. Swollen, even. I reach over and feel my left arm, eyes going wide realizing that I’m not feeling bone nor fat… it was firm, had a slight give to it… “Muscle?”

I look down and see my forearm had a similar swollen look and firm feel. I return to looking at the mirror just as my vision begins to cloud up. I blink a couple of times, trying to figure out what’s wrong, when I notice I can see the scratches in the glasses. Curiously, I pull them off and I’m met with quite a surprise.

“I can see?”

I chuckle slightly as I find out my vision is no longer the foggy, near-sighted catastrophe it once was. “Oh my god! I can fucking see!”

There goes that word again… but this time, it felt almost natural. Like it were a part of my vocabulary.
“Fuck these things.” I chuck my glasses against the wall, breaking them. I’ve never liked those things anyway, made me look nerdy. I go back to looking in the mirror, and I put my arms into a flex like I had seen many wannabe musclemen on the beach try to do… only this time, a rounded ball peaked on my arm. A bicep.

Wait… why am I wearing a shirt with sleeves again? Why didn’t that prick Mitch just rip my sleeves off period? As I’m watching myself pose, my shirtsleeves recede in and the material of my shirt becomes lighter, like cotton… a tank top. Perfect to view my youthful arms in. My pants, they started to change too… the legs receded up, revealing lean calves, pockets disappeared… they were boardshorts now, like most surfers wore. My chest pushed out beneath the material of my new tank top, forming two slight bulges, lean pecs. My shoulders broadened, arms becoming more defined… I bring them back up for another flex, the peak larger than before. My forearms had grown too, thicker with an indent down the front. I look back up at my face to see it lightly squaring off, becoming less kid-like, more mature. My hair became a bit longer too, like a slight mop-top. I strike a pose for the mirror, trying not to smile.

“Doin’ okay bro?” I hear Mitch’s voice from behind the door.

“Fuck yeah man!” I reply back, a slight gravitas in my voice.

“Hah, perfect…”

The door to the shack opens and Mitch and Vince walk in. “Got somethin’ for ya, you know, for your troubles.” Mitch says.

With that, Kris walks in with a small boogie board.

“A boogie board? Fuck that.” I say as I return to looking at the mirror.

“You’ll know when you’re ready for a real board… and when you know you’re ready, come out and join us. Pants optional.” Mitch smirks. He drops his Speedo and tosses it over his shoulder, his soft monster unfurled, and walks out of the hut. Kris and Vince prop the board against the wall and drop their own Speedos, their own respectable packages dangling between their legs, toss the Speedos over their shoulders, and walk out and shut the door.

“Fuck, man… those cocks were huge…” I say to myself, looking down at my shorts. I hear a clank on the ground and turn to see my glasses have turned into a pair of jet black shades, paired with a shell necklace. I reach down and grab them, and I put the necklace around my neck and prop the shades in my tank top before looking back to my crotch.

“Shit… wish I were hung like that…” I say aloud. I reposition my tank top slightly, feeling as if it were getting tighter, when I look down and see the front of my shorts beginning to bulge outward slightly. I look back in the mirror and see the two bulges on my chest begin to expand, becoming thicker and wider… fuck, I have to see this. I toss my shades to the ground and rip off my undershirt exposing two gorgeous, round pecs hefted over six smooth, toned abdominals.

“Fuck, man…” I reach down and start feeling up my abs, not noticing my shorts have once again begun to shift. The material has become more like fabric, buckle turned into a drawstring, legs receding again until I’m left with a pair of tight short-shorts. My thighs start expanding again, becoming harder and more defined, legs of my new shorts hugging their crevices and striations. My lean bicep becomes thicker, entire arm becoming more defined and sectioned, matching my new muscular torso.

I look up at my face and see my boyish looks fading away, replaced with a cocky smirk and a strong, square jaw, my hair shorter but shaggier. My focus returns to my crotch and I see my cock fully outlined in the fabric, hardening quickly… I reach down and pat my tool, smiling, and I turn around and grab my boogie board and strike a pose for the mirror.

The pose isn’t kept for long… all I can see, all I care about, is the boner I have imprisoned in the shorts. I give it a couple rubs and shudder at the feeling of the material on my hard cock. My arms feel slightly strained and I look up to see them beginning to thicken again, bulging farther and farther out, my neck now thickening to match. My round pecs start to square and become larger, abdominals becoming even deeper-cut as they extend into my shorts, no longer a six-pack but a firm eight-pack perfectly framed by a set of gorgeous obliques. Two bracelets suddenly snap around my forearms as I reach down and feel my hot, muscular ass as it becomes a thicker bubble butt, my awesome quads becoming more defined and thick with each pump of my cock. The legs of my shorts disappear entirely, the tan color becoming a bright yellow, becoming a Speedo of my own as my cock tents it obscenely.

I reach up and feel my face as it becomes even harder and more masculine, chin scruff forming, hair becoming shaggier… fuck, I’m hot! I strike another pose into the mirror with a grin, making sure my cock was at attention.

I turn around and see my boogie board has changed as well… it wasn’t some stupid fucking kids toy anymore. It was a REAL board! I rush over and grab it, and I bring it back to the mirror with a wide grin. My cock is aching for release… I slowly drop my Speedo, and out pops fourteen inches of the meatiest cock I’ve ever seen. Thick, wide, and pulsing… it was amazing. I reach down and start jacking myself off in front of the mirror, watching arms beginning to bulk up again, becoming gargantuan, massive biceps and triceps, thick forearms...

My pecs become even thicker, bulbous like a pro’s! My abs became even deeper cut, amazingly defined, my quads and calves like hard diamonds… I can’t help but jack to this surf god’s body… wait, Mitch said come out when you’re ready…

I’m ready.

My hard cock in one hand and my board in another, I ran out to the beach and met with my new surf bros just as they were prepping for one more awesome wave, their cocks all at attention.
“Holy shit dude, look at you!” Mitch exclaims. “Look at that cock!”

“You’re a beast!” Kris adds.

“So… beast… what’s your name?” Vince asks, crossing his arms.

“Silas, don’t forget it you dumb fuck.” I smirk and smack Vince on the arm.

“Oh really? Race you to the fuckin’ water!” Vince yells.

“Bring it!”

All four of us dashed toward the sea, our boards and cocks all hard and ready, and as I crested the top of my first wave, I exploded my first load of hot surfer cum right over my rigid abs.

When we hit the shore after the hot naked surf session, I tapped Mitch on the shoulder.

“What’s up, bro?” He asked.

“You told me I’d say thank you.”

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