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Old October 30th, 2012, 01:05 AM
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A Mana And His Man, Part 2

So I decided to continue on with the story. IDK WAT DO HALP!!! On a serious note, grammar/spelling things would be well appreciated as well as critizism and junk.

Here are the previous installment(s):
A Mana And His Man, Part 1

A Mana And His Man, Part 2

Returning home was far easier than I thought it would be. I’m sure I could thank all this extra power Brutus gave me for the quick trip. For some reason I was expecting to see people rejoicing once they saw me walk into town. Their beloved commander, strong, kind, and fearless – returning better than ever, ready to protect the kingdom from anything. Then reality set in, a large man strolling into town with nothing but cloth covering his nether regions. Well, I probably look like some sort of menacing beast to these people. Sure enough it didn’t take long for the kingdom’s guards to spot me.

“Y-you there, giant! St-stop or we’ll be forced to. . . Forced to. . . Uh. . .” Oh how pathetic.

“Yeah giant orc beast man! Turn away or we’ll forced you to. . . Die?” Please. Stop. Now.

“It’s me. It’s your commander, Rowan.” I said, noticing how different my voice was from those guards. It felt like Brutus was talking through me, or perhaps my voice had deepened a bit and became louder due to my larger body. “Stand down before I have to punish you two.”

“Commander?!” The guards said in unison before staring holes into my face.

“It is him!” One of the guards said, throwing down his weapon and kneeling down. “Sorry for raising my weapon at you, Commander! It won’t happen again!”

“Y-yeah, sorry! Forgive us!” The other one joined in.

“Now that’s more like it.” I straighten up before strolling right on past the guards. The smell of urine lingered around one of them, which just caused me to chuckle. I wonder how the king would react to seeing me - his most prized commander and warrior - in my new condition.

The trip to the castle felt shorter than usual. I suppose my new height, even if it was approximately a foot more, made my strides longer. I tried my best to drown out the hushed chatter coming from the citizens, guards, servants, and even other royalty along the way; no such luck. My ego was inflating with each remark, comparing me to a god or commenting about my newfound virility. I was quite popular with the women of the town, and possibly a few men, but now I’m all anyone can talk about.

“Commander Rowan, it’s true, you have returned!” The queen seemed unusually warm with her greeting. The king on the other hand, had even got up from his throne and waved off his servants from following him. The queen continued, “Rumors of you spread like wild fire as soon as you entered the kingdom. They say you were blessed by the Gods, and by the looks of it, you most certainly were.”

That’s right; nobody really knows of the Mana of Power’s true nature or if I really went to go see him or not. They would most likely assume he is a demon or monster, and if the king or queen knew that Brutus is real, they might put a vendetta on him. I think I should play along for now. I bowed before my slowly approaching king, trying my best to hide my face. I was an awful liar and one look at my face would ruin the charade. “Yes my dear King Francis and Queen Eloise, I have begged the Gods to repair my body so that I could once again serve you and your kingdom.”

“Bwahaha! Commander Rowan, bowing does not suite you anymore. Even while you’re down on one knee you’re taller than me!” Maybe I was actually taller than a foot. I hope that won’t cause any issues later on. The king grabbed my arm and tugged upwards, indicating I should stand up. Heck I was surprised just by the fact he had touched me, but not wanting me to bow to him? “Your dedication to serving me will not go unrewarded. Please go to the guest quarters. I will have my servants take your new measurements so you may have armor that a man such as yourself deserves. Afterwards, you shall accompany us for tonight’s feast. Normally it’s nothing special, but tonight we could use it as an excuse to celebrate your return. Splendid idea, right Commander Rowan?”

“Yes your Majesty, I humbly accept your generosity.” The king snapped his fingers and simply pointed at the door, signaling the servants to take me away to the guest quarters. I could still feel the queen’s gaze upon my body. There were another pair of eyes looking at me as well, was it the king’s?


I entered the quarters and patiently waited for someone to come, and to my surprise, it was the king. He locked the door behind him and approached me, a strange mix of an icy glare and an awkward grin was on his face. I wasn’t frightened of whatever he was planning to do, but I was confused.

“Commander Rowan, I see the Mana of Power deemed you fit to be a vessel for a portion of his incredible power.” He began, starting to slowly disrobe. He was not totally out of shape, but he was still a flabby older man compared to me. “I had gone to the Mana of Power years ago to seek out his strength and immortality. He denied me. Me! The ruler of the most successful kingdom that is rivaled by none – yet he chooses a lowly man with a big axe! No matter, you still serve me, and you will give me your power.”

“My king, surely you are mistaken, I didn’t-”

“Don’t try to lie to me!” The king snapped as he placed his hands over my chest. My heart beat insanely fast as my body became paralyzed. “Give on to me half of your power. If you fight me, I shall drain it all!”

I felt so helpless. If I did escape, he would have the entire kingdom after me. If I surrendered, I would shame myself by wasting Brutus’ gift of power.
“Fine, I won’t fight you.”

As I agreed, my body felt strange. It was like a sword was carving into my muscles, taking away chunks of it right before my very eyes. I clenched my fist and teeth, holding back the pain all of this brought to me. It was mental more so than physical, the very thought of this man stealing what Brutus has given me drove me crazy. But what choice did I have?

“A commander is supposed to be intelligent. I shouldn’t have assumed you would try to resist me.” The king laughed, pushing me down to the ground with just a flick of his finger. “Now watch as I grow into what I was destined to be!”

I looked up from the floor, unable to move. I had more muscle than I originally had a few days ago, but I still felt so powerless. Meanwhile, the king was growing, his almighty hold over the land personifying itself before my very eyes. He grew in height as the wrinkles on his skin dissipated, his face now looking as youthful as mine. The bald spot upon his head filled in with luxuriously long hair, forcing the crown off his head and on to the floor. The finale of the show started - his muscle growth, which was the worst part for me.

His body swelled with power, his chubby arms exploding with muscle. His chest became firmer, lifting up the fat as the chest muscles grew stronger. His abdomen stilled protruded a bit and there were no signs of abdominal muscles, but I could guess there were some imposing muscles under there. Between his quickly engorging thighs was his member, growing larger – but remaining flaccid. Regardless, my own member grew stiff at the sight of his new muscular stature. He caught wind of my arousal and cocked his eyebrow.

“Commander Rowan, are you telling me you are aroused by this?” The king laughed. “You must be one of those accursed girly boys parading around as a man. A real man is attracted to well endowed women, not other men.”

His calves looked astonishing, actually, his whole lower half did. His preexisting fat and his new muscles coexisted with each other perfectly, though his legs were truly something amazing. After all, they had quite a load to lug around. He slowly spun around, revealing a round and well muscled rear, along with wide back before showing me his front again. Albeit we split the power, he was the larger of us two thanks to his initial weight.

“I do detest homosexuals, but I’ll let this go by unnoticed. I care not if you molest the knights you command. Hell, they might toughen up if they find out the second most virile man in all the kingdom is a homosexual.” He laughed again, making me feel sick to my stomach for so many reasons. The king’s true nature, my arousal for the king, and losing half of Brutus’ gift just made me. . . I can’t even describe it!

“My king, please reconsider, I must not be-”

“Relax, Commander Rowan.” The king straightened up. “Even if you are a homosexual, I do enjoy having you under my power. You are the best Commander this kingdom has ever had, and you were very strong before the Mana of Power blessed you. Your secret is safe with me. To show you that I am truly grateful, I will have that new suit of armor made for you along with an axe that only a man such as yourself could wield.”

I honestly didn’t know how to feel now. Was he trying to buy my loyalty back? I didn’t care for about loyalty or how the king felt about me; I just cared about what Brutus would think about all of this. If he denied the king, it was probably for a good reason. But now the king went and somehow stole Brutus’ gift to me anyway. I swallowed all my anger and got up. All I could say was “Yes, your majesty.”


The king sat me next to his wife for the feast and everyone seemed to focus on what the king was hiding under his robes the entire time. That dirty King Francis. . . His wife’s affections were oddly still on me even after the king’s change. I guess I looked the best compared to everyone in this room. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why Brutus chose to bless me in the first place. I planned on not eating out of spite, but everything smelled so good. So I ate, and ate, and ate. I don’t even know where I was putting everything. After dinner, the king decided to dance with the queen. Sure enough, every couple in the room joined in.

Many of the women questioned why I wasn’t out there with the rest of them. Er, truth of the matter is, I can’t dance. The entire evening was horrible anyway. I just wanted to see Brutus. I don’t know why, but I did. I decided to just leave the feast early and sleep off whatever I was feeling. The king flashed me a shit-eating grin before I left the hall, which just reignited all the hatred I had inside me. What a wonderful thing to take to bed with me.


I left the castle and made my way towards my small home on the main town square. It was quiet sans a few late night vendors packing away their wares. They all waved at me and welcomed me back, some even gave me some of their merchandise and left over food. Come to think of it, this body really needs a lot of fuel, doesn’t it? I devoured every edible thing I possible could until the burden of opening a door stopped my eating frenzy. I shoved the apple I was eating into my mouth and opened the door. And soon the apple was on the floor.

My eyes widened as I walked into my house, though I stumbled over the apple I just dropped. The fireplace was lit, casting a glow over a magnificently muscled figure. The fire seemingly danced across the man’s marble-like skin and even in the dimly lit room I could tell the man had long dark blue-ish hair. I knew who it was instantly, causing my heart to beat wildly – but not like it did when the King attacked me or when I was in a fight. It felt much different, something I never felt before. “Brutus, I’m so glad to see you, you have no idea!”

He looked at me with those amber eyes and cocked his head to the side, “Just as I had feared, you are smaller. Someone took your power, did they not? Who did this?”

Brutus was angry, but I didn’t shrink away despite his frightening voice. He wasn’t yelling it’s just the way he conveyed it. “King Francis stole half of the strength you gave me. I couldn’t stop him. Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about it. Er, well I guess angry and sad for starters. . . I’m pretty bad with emotions.”

Brutus sighed while stretching out his hand to meet mine. He guided me down into his arms and let me lay my head on his chest. “I should have foreseen this problem arising.”

“I’m sorry Brutus, I really a-”

“Do not apologize; just tell me what you plan to do. That disgusting human must not be allowed to have my power flow through him. Not only does it taint the power source we now commonly share, but he will use it to bring ruin to other kingdoms.” He stroked the side of my face while saying it, which really helped calm me down. “I will lose my sanity if he keeps that power for too long.”

“If I kill him then I won’t ever be able to return. But now that I know it hurts you too. . . Arg! I wish I killed him when I had the chance!” I stood up and started punching my wall. “This all gone to shit so quickly when things started looking good! I’ll murder that bastard for toying with me and you! Wait a minute. I thought you weren’t going to come for me for another 20 years. Was it the disturbance that brought you here or. . .?”

“What a passionate and expected response. It was the shift in aura that brought me here, yes. But something else brought me here too. Normally I would have just let things go on their own accord.” Brutus smiled. How could he be taking this all so lightly? “If I lost my sanity or not, it would not matter much. Us mana are very passive when it comes to wide-scale problems. I suppose it comes with being so old that I stopped caring.”

“So why’d you come?”

“Like you said earlier, you don’t love me but you like me. That is the first time I ever had a conversation with a human without outright denying or destroying him or her. I am glad to have someone who ‘likes’ me, and I am glad to have someone I can ‘like’ as well. I cannot directly harm Francis since I am his power source. You can harm him since you are utilizing my power without being the direct source. Before you give up, try to keep in mind what is at stake.”

“I will.” I frowned; this is the first time I ever felt like a silly child. I felt pretty awful for assuming things about a man I barely knew. “I didn’t know what we had meant anything to you; I thought it was all physical fun stuff.”

“To be blunt, us mana are pretty uninteresting.” He sighed, stretching out his hand again so I would sit down and cuddle with him. “Humans do so much with their lives and are so expressive. They are very interesting, and dare I say, they make our dull world more vivid. I hear of many things but never get to experience them for myself. Things like partaking in the pleasures of each other’s intimate company. . . Or even eating. A small part of me was hoping you would be my guide to the human world. However, you have your own life to live first, so I can and will wait for you.”

“Heh, you big lug.” Is all I could mutter before reaching up to kiss Brutus on the cheek. I rubbed my cheek next to his for a little bit, enjoying his company – taking solace in the fact he enjoyed mine as well. I never thought of myself as a homosexual before meeting Brutus, but the touch of his skin against mine just confirmed what my true feeling were. “I’ll get a good night’s sleep with you by my side tonight. Then tomorrow I’ll get your power back.”

“I do not need it back; I wish to have it bestowed upon you as it was originally intended.” He tried his best to make contact with me, but kept the touching to a minimum. Previously I was just laying up against him, but never really thought about it until I saw him struggling a bit. “With half your power gone, I am afraid I may hurt you if I try to hold you. So please do not take offense if I do not touch you in a manner that you wish to be touched.”

“I understand, it’s ok. I’m just glad you’re here is all.” We smiled at each other like idiots for what felt like hours. Eventually I stood up and stretched. “I’ll go get some pillows and blankets so we can sleep by the fireplace. Uh, I got all that extra food over there if you wanted to eat.”

“Eat?” He seemed baffled for once; his expression made me chuckle. “This may sound silly to you, but how does one exactly. . . Eat?”

“You’re going to be a handful tonight, aren’t you? I’ll show you in a moment after I get everything ready.” I shook my head and laughed as I walked away, thinking of how strange all of this was. Brutus was supposed to be a wise and powerful being, but it’s almost like taking care of a baby. Or am I supposed to show him what living is really about? Strangely enough, I’m excited about taking this ‘journey’ with him.

“Hey, what is so funny?” I glanced back to see a pout on his face. Between his bold features and huge muscles, it looked a bit ridiculous. . . But cute. I was just joking when I said he was going to be a handful, but now I’m not so certain if that’s a joke anymore.
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Very enjoyable! Thanks!
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Can't wait to see how he take the power back.
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