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Call of Madness 7



She could no nothing, struggelng as she did only made the bleeding worse for her. She looked down and seenthe gnarled corpse of a strange woman. though appeared nearly woman...Her legs where of a goat, she had six breasts, clawed hands, and sharp teeth and tusks, and four pairs of goat horns adorned her head. The blood dripping onto the body, mingled with the pool of blood already in the coffin, revitalizing it.

She looked around, and being able to look up brefily, seein the chained corpses of the other people. One in particular was her dead sister, who's throat was cut, she was not given the slow death she now suffers. The body begins to look alive and younger, gasping for air as it struggles to pull itself free of its tomb.

"Some me....", she could barely utter the words from her mouth, dry and hourse from fear and pain. They did not listen, lost in their blind conviction and chanting they did not care to respond for soon "their" god would arise and bring a new hell to humanity, for them its an eden. She remembered the tales of this god....this creature known as Shub-Niggurath. Her planet is venus, the mother of many beasts and demons. One could call her lilith but she is no temptress of men, her purpose is to breed an army and ravish the land with her countless offspring. They want a hedonistic utopia what they will get is to be food.

She begins to black out falling unconscious just as she begins to see the corpse grow some eyes and open them as she is halfway out of the tomb, her breasts once again full and her long flowing hair restores to its full curly glory. She smiles in away, glad in the fact she wont be able to see the end of days spread like a plague......

----------JACOB MATHIS------

Jacob rushes the demonic entity, trying to punch and slam his opponent down, but the demon would only rise up, un hurt, unbruised. He ws getting stronger, the amulet made it so, but nothing new would come. The demons seemed immune to his blows other than being moved here n there from the impact. It was not long that he ws turned on by his own muscles, his own hugeness. He tried to remain calm from it, trying not to give in and jack off his cock that swung low between his knees. But soon that would all become different....

His muscles began to bulk too much, too fast, too heavy. His thighs pushed far apart, his biceups and triceps so swollen he cannot barely move except to aim the next blow. His chest so engorged it threatened to close his mouth. his back so heavy it balanced him out from his pecs, his abs so large they made it hard to bend down. He felt a tingling in his crotch, his balls swelling with seed, pain soon forming not only from the tightly drawn ballsack but from also being crush between his thighs. His cock snaked out and up, swlling large and heavy, soon landing on the ground with a thud as it began to engorge itself more, causing it to get stretch marks. The piss slit becimung so wide that it formed a dark tunnel for all to see. Soon Jacob was paralyzed by his muscles he could see the stretch marks forming, an indication he is soon gonna explode from the overose of pure negative energy from this demon.

But it didnt.....

He felt the growth began to reverse. Looking through his eyes he seen The professor snatch the amulet from him, tied it to Alhazred's Lamp and threw it intot he mouth of the entity. He was not shrinking down enough to gain mobility he needed an orgasm to do it, so he began thrusting his cock into the air as best he could, letting the leaves help stroke his cock. Alex soon helped, the cock so large it allowed Alex to fuck the piss slit, in away giving Jacob an erotic type sounding. It was helping of course, for Jacob could feel the warmth of Alex's body on his cock and the movement helped him along fast enough for an orgasm to build and flush free, causing Jacob's muscles to retrack enough for himto move around once again.

They began to run away, looking back they seen the spirit of the goddess bulking with muscle, soon becoming unproportioned because of her random energy. The movement was negated and soon she would beclose to exploding as she was forced into becoming a big mass of muscle and flesh. Jacob figured if she was immune to physical attacks, then a magic attack would work, and being the amulet was a source of magic, why not explode her with her own energy. Brilliant in away but shame he wont have the power anymore. His body rapidly reverting to his former self, he felt it was a worthy sacrafice.

Jacob and Alex soon took cover, the eruption of energy tore the forest apart, and sent a shockwave through the town that destroyed many buildings. Without her energy to supply the portals, the rifts and demons began to fade fromthis plane of reality, becoming nothing more than the stuff of dreams and nightmares that once plagued all in their sleep. For their part, this fight was over. Alex looks up, his gaze fixed in the direction of the Lodge. This is almost over.......

---------NEIL MCDAGGER-------

Neil Worked his way down the stairs, but the layout is different this time. The ritual as opened a rift inside the the lodge to protect the worshippers from an oncoming attack. The Hallway was very long, but filled with strange demonic women, some of them spider like...others appeared like nymphs, goat men, bird women. Neil did not care, the officers began to shoot the demons milling down the ranks as they pushed their advance down the path.

Neil began hurling balls of flame at the demons, cutting a path through with his enchanted relic sword. He kept pushing till he got to the door. Opening it he soon found a horrific site. The reivved body of the demon goddess devoured many of her followers, gaining strength once more. Neil knew if she was revived with her soul, she would be immortal and full of power. For now she can be hurt and may not have enough power in her body to fight back, it was a chance worth taking.

The officers began to fire on the Shub-Niggurath but the bullets barely phased her as she began to heal fast. Neil used his sword but nothing seemed to help. She was too strong at this point for mere attacks. Yet she did not cast spells, she merely tossed people around or ate them. She was not reunited with her soul just yet. Just when he began to lose hope, feeling there is no stopping her...a change happened. A shockwave shakes the building, stunning the goddess.

He began to see her wail in pain, her body rapidly ageing into a husk once more. Turning to face Elizabeth the goat goddess reached out to devour the remains of the girl in an act to prolong her exsistence on this mortal plane. Neil opens his mouth, initating the spell of Astaroth and consuming her remains inside a swirling black mass of fire and smoke. He soon closed his mouth, feeling his sanity slip some more from what he had just done.
Cutting Elizabeth free he holds her close, inacting a healing spell he heals her injuries and restores some measure of life to her. She looks up, seeing Neil, not the man she hoped to see but who is she to complain at who rescued her from death. They looked around, seeing the lodge transform into a delapidated building, the bodies of her father n his followers torn to peices for the sake of feeding their goddess and becoming one with her stomach. They felt the nightmare was finally over, and maybe a new peace can begin.


Time passed in the quiet town, the threat of demons appearing now a constant thing. They did not know if there were anymore shrines to other gods and on the watch for anymore rifts. Some people moved back to town, others moved out or refused to return to this center of hell.

Jacob was back to being himself again, he hit the gym often to become the jock he wanted to be. He had no problem with his sexuality, he found being a bisexual was a good thing for now he could let his libido play with every one. He wanted to date Elizabeth but things had changed after many years. He found he was best suited for taking his big body to the military and serving overseas. The further he was away from the dark magic and those demons the better. No one ever seen him again.

Elizabeth married Neil. They had a wonderful little girl. But things werent all peaches n cream. She found Neil kept her bound to the house with ritual spells, and using hexes to keep her compliant around guests. She found he even used magic to trick her into marrying him and was in constant paranoia that she might cheat on him or worse leave him and take the kid, hence the need for the binding spells. She eventually managed to call for help, and confronted Neil in front of many of the neighbors. The truth came out that her daughter belonged to Jacob and she was grateful for him saving her but she felt no love for him in terms of matremony. She did not divulge his use of magic, she tried to save him dignity. The ritual spells were secretly torn up, so she walked away free with her daughter and filed for divorce. She now lives in St. Louis Missouri happy and safe with her girl.

Neil could not stop relying on magic. For him it was the instant cure all for any problem. It got himthe job as cheif of police and married to the most popular girl in highschool. But with each use, he was driven closer to insanity. He also took over the magic shop, using everything he could to keep his wife at home, stuck on the idea a woman's place is in the kitchen and should be fetching his slippers. When the truth came out about his daughter n that his wife undid his spells...he lost it. He refused to bare the embarrasement and it soon came out to the town that he was using magic and trying to summon demons to exact revenge. They wanted him decomissioned and locked in the asylum. He chose to blow his brains out with a rifel wrather than live as a prisoner. No one came to the funeral.

As for was another case solved. Jadis had no hand in this, and no story book characters save for Shub-Niggurath caused problems. Then again, he would not want her in his book any ways. He decided this town no longer needed his help. So he would find another person who needed his help. He did offer his aid to Jacob who said hed think about it, Neil turned him down feeling he was more knowledgeable and powerful then some quak professor, Elizabeth only took an amulet from him that would warn her of nearby demons. No one in town ever seen Alex ever again, but would not forget him.
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