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Old March 9th, 2006, 09:50 PM
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Altered Reality - Day 4


DAY 4:

Amidst the deafening roar, Chad screamed out for help as a dark weight bore down on him, making it difficult to breath. The more he struggled against it, the heavier it got. The weight seemed to be crushing him from both the outside, and the inside. He was imploding, shriveling up into a dense, lifeless mass. And suddenly the roar stopped. The weight seemed to dissipate like mist and he sucked in a deep breathe. A bright light shown beyond his eyelids and he struggled to open them. The world around him was blurry and painfully bright.

It was his dorm room, but everything looked like it was a hundred feet away. After a few moments resting his eyes again, he realized he was laying in bed, and it was morning. The feeling of the sheets around him was strange and unfamiliar though, like they were replaced with large canvas. As he stirred to get up, he felt thin and weak. And then his memory returned. With a sinking feeling in his chest, he knew he had shrunk again.

As he threw the sheets off, he gasped at what he saw. A thin, pale white body with almost no muscle definition extended beneath him. Wisps of fine hair made the body look even less attractive. The only thick patch of hair was at his crotch, where a pathetic little prick cowered in shame. Lifting both hands towards his face, he stared at the twiggy arms he now owned. It was too much. He covered his face and started bawling. His tinny sounding sobs and the fact that he hadn't cried since he was a boy made him bawl even louder. He'd become a pathetic little pussy.

After several minutes of wailing, he plucked up the courage to look in the mirror. He nearly fainted when he saw the reflection that looked back at him. He still looked to be in his early twenties, but the lack of masculine traits made him look like puberty passed him by. His jaw was undefined, his cheekbones sunken in. His mouth and nose were delicate, almost feminine. His bloodshot eyes were unremarkable, enhanced little by the thin eyebrows above them and made worse by the violent weeping. Above an already receding hairline lay a tangled matt of thin, brown hair. In a word, he was ugly.

Sickened at his reflection, Chad got up to hurl. The feeling of the enlarged dorm room made him even more ill and he stumbled to the now larger toilet. After heaving his guts, he put on some shrunken clothes and studied his five-and-a-half foot body in the mirror. Nobody would notice him on campus anymore. No decent looking chick would give him the time of day. Face it, he was a nobody now.

He circled the room, looking at the belongings on Timmy's side of the room. From the sports trophies and a team roster pinned on the wall, he gathered that Timmy had taken his place as quarterback. Dirty clothes, football gear and jock straps littered the area, giving off a rank odor that Chad found stimulating. God he hated what he had become.

Chad shifted his focus to his own belongings. Scattered amongst piles of books and schoolwork were pictures of his new body at various events. In one he was surrounded by other geeky looking guys at an apparent chess match. In another he was surrounded by a few family members at what looked to be a science fair or something. Another was a group photo that looked like it was taken when he was in high school. He slowly realized that he had no memories of the life he now owned, no knowledge of the few friends he must have or of the past events they must have shared. He doubted he'd recognize anyone he was supposed know, except maybe his family. But since his whole family was out of state, he decided to go talk to the dean, who used to live on his block, and watched him grow up.

Crossing the campus was a freaky experience for the new Chad. He literally felt like he was drowning in a sea of people. Most guys, and even many chicks towered above him. Unaccustomed to navigating a crowd, Chad repeatedly bounced off guys who took little notice of him. While trying to meter his shorter stride up a staircase, he stumbled back into a large dude behind him. Losing none of his momentum, the guy grabbed the back of Chad's shirt and lifted him up the remaining few steps. "Watch it dweeb," the guy bellowed as he easily pushed him aside. Humiliated, Chad made his way to the dean's office.

Once there, the receptionist asked him to repeat his name twice as she looked at the computer monitor. "Ah yes, there you are. Normally the dean only sees students by appointment. What can I tell him is the emergency?"

"He's a close friend of my family. It's a personal matter." Chad winced at the weak, lispy voice coming out of him.

"Alright," she responded, picking up the phone. Fromt the receptionist's end of the conversation, it was clear that the dean didn't recognize the name. Obviously, he never took an interest in him or his family since Chad probably showed no athletic abilities growing up in this reality.

Hanging up, she told Chad that the dean didn't recall meeting his family, and suggested that he speak with his assigned counselor instead. Sinking deeper into dispair, Chad left the admin building. Realizing how empty his stomach was, he crossed the quad to get some food. As he was standing in line, he noticed Matt sitting at a table with a couple teammates. For the first time that day, Chad's spirits were lifted. He ducked under the que divider and walked over to where they were sitting.

Interrupting Matt mid sentence, Chad beamed, "Wassup dawg! Am I glad to see you."

Clearly annoyed at being interrupted, Matt turned to size up the weakling that had the nerve to approach him. It was Tim's freaky ass roommate. After a few seconds, he responded, "What the fuck do you want?"

Stunned into silence for a moment, Chad finally stammered, "ah you too Matt. Jezus christ."

"Listen prick! You've got some balls to come over here and interrupt us like this. You better disappear before I beat the shit out of you."

"....all the games we won together, the drinking, the parties, the chicks we swapped....." Chad's eyes started to tear up.

"Enuf of this shit," Matt growled as he got up from the table and crossed over to the whimpering freak.

Watching the mammoth form approach him, Chad had a brief flashback of his recent nightmares. He blinked hard to clear his watery eyes. As Matt closed in on him, Chad had the sense that his old buddy had grown enormous, like he had taken some super roids that made him double in size. Standing inches apart now, Chad strained his neck to look up at the handsome face scowling down at him over a shelf of muscle.

"You've got three seconds."

Realizing the absurdity of the whole situation, Chad grinned and stated, "Last week, I could have kicked your ass."

With a jolt, Chad's neck was suddenly in a steel vice grip and he was being lifted off the ground. As he ascended, his eyes passed over a bulging, veiny bicep that looked as big as his head. Raising higher, he glanced forward at the deep pec cleavage and chest hair exposed above the neck line of the stretched tee shirt in front of him. Passing by a snarled mouth and flared nostrils breathing hot air on him, his gaze met the sexy, enraged eyes of his ex buddy. Stunned by how turned on he was getting, Chad blushed as he realized he was sporting a trouser tent.

"Hey Matt, I think the little fudge packer is enjoying this shit," one of his teammates observed.

Raising a dark, menacing eyebrow, Matt glared at Chad. "Ah. Tim was right. This is what gets you off huh. You like being dominated, dont you faggot...Well, find someone else to jackoff to"

With that, Chad was flung backwards through the air, landing hard on his ass and sliding ten feet across the smooth floor into a crowd of spectators. With a roar of laughter and taunting around him, Chad got up off his bruised ass and ran out of the cafeteria. Feeling unbearable shame and humiliation, Chad spent the rest of the day wandering the campus, looking for places he could be alone. With nightfall came the dread that he would likely endure another horrid shrinking. Since it apparently happened no matter where he was, or who was around, he figured he might as well retreat to the dorm, even if his tormentor was there. His puny prick jerked to attention at the thought.

As he crossed the dorm foyer, his eyes peered up at the long pair of smooth legs descending the staircase. They were followed by curving hips and a large rack that Chad knew all too well. Sure enough, it was Heather, who had given him a BJ just days earlier. She had a dazed look on her face and a goofy grin. Chad knew from experience, and the way she was walking that she had just been doubt by his roomie. He smiled at her as she passed, but she took no notice of him.

Entering the dorm room, Chad was greeted with a wall of the familiar musky aroma. His knees buckled for a moment but he proceeded into the room. From the clothing strewn around, including a couple womens' panties, Chad figured Heather wasn't the only one who'd been up here. Other than the clutter, the room was vacant. The sound of the shower running though assured Chad that Timmy was there. No matter how much his mind told him to bail, his persistent hardon twitched at the thought of Timmy in the shower. With no real mental control over his actions, he crossed the room and pushed open the unlocked door, entering the steamy bathroom.

Through the foggy shower glass Chad could see a massive figure moving around. The only clear detail though was the olive tan skin of what was obviously a large arm muscle pressed against the glass. Moving towards the glass, Chad slowly opened the shower door, his dick aching with anticipation at what he would see.

As the steam cleared, Chad gasped at the massive, glistening pectoral muscles filling the cramped space in front of him. Soapy water was cascading over them like rivers and streams over a mountain range. The overhead light cast a shadow beneath the massive ledge of muscle. A curtain of light escaped down, highliting the peaks of eight clearly defined mounds of ab muscles. Out of the light below them protruded a beautifully shaped cock head and the last couple inches of a soft, thick penis, obviously arcing over a hefty set of balls. Below that, the only thing visible in the light were gigantic quads with soapy streams rushing thru their deep cuts and pouring like waterfalls over the cliff of muscle. Chad's little dick throbbed. He quickly dropped his pants and briefs to let it free.

Glancing back up, Chad watched the enormous pair of guns twitching and flexing as Timmy reached up to wash the shampoo out of his hair. Still unable to see his master's face, Chad kept gazing around the musclescape before him. Along a veiny, chiseled forearm were wet strands of black, manly looking arm hair. Under the raised arm was visible a thick, dark mat of armpit hair. Below that, the expansive back tapered towards a narrow waist, with beautifully defined obliques leading the way.

Timmy finished washing his short hair and slowly lowered his mammoth arms. As he tilted his head forward, Timmy looked down at Chad.

Chad's heart fluttered as he looked up into the face of a god. The eyes were the first thing he registered, as though Timmy were penetrating him just by looking at him. The rest of his face had many of the features he noticed the night before, but more chiseled and prefected, more masculine. He oozed raw, primordial sex appeal. Chad was absentmindedly stroking his little cock.

"Like what you see, loser?" Timmy's booming bass voice sent shockwaves through Chad's system. He stroked faster.

"Well, get in here before you blow your load. It's time for one last feeding. Oh, and let's lose this" With one smooth, quick motion, Timmy reached over and tore the front of Chad's shirt completely off. The back of the shirt fluttered to the ground leaving him naked. Next to Timmy he looked and felt like a child. Ashamed but exhilerated, he scurried into the narrow space in front of the giant. As he turned to face him, Chad's forehead brushed across the erect nipples jutting out towards him, causing a deep moan to reverberate around the tiled room.

"Ahhh, that's it! Please your master."

Instinctively, Chad tilted up his head and started nibbling at the angular rim of Timmy's pecs, gazing up the tan wall above him. He sandwiched his hands underneath the heavy mass of Timmy's relaxed arms, rubbing his palms along the ripped obliques. He couldn't possibly reach his arms around Timmy's girth to feel any back muscles, so he slid his hands down and grasped at the satin covered steel of Timmy's bulging butt. Meanwhile, he focused his sucking and nibling on the nipples themselves, causing more groans to rattle the shower glass.

He slid his hands back around Timmy's slippery waist and along the hills and valleys of ab muscles, palming and squeezing all eight of them. The dangling hose below started filling and rising, brushing along Chad's flat chest. It seemed to have a will of its own, throbbing and thumping against the brick wall of abs behind it. Finally, it stopped growing, a few inches shy of Timmy's pecs. Chad wrapped both hands around it and slowly started stroking the wet pole, while continuing to suck at the two nipples.

As Timmy's moans grew louder, they were joined by a chorus of other moaning and chanting. Chad knew what was about to happen, but he was too enraptured by the feeling of pleasing his muscle god to care. As he sped up the stroking of Timmy's firepole, it felt like it was getting thicker between his hands. Noticing the nipple in his mouth getting larger and starting to raise toward the ceiling, he glanced up to see the expansive pecs above him spreading even wider. Short black hair was sprouting in an orderly arrangement all over the bulging slabs. The cleavage between them seemed to be deepending too, or else the muscle was expanding out further. Watching Timmy's masculine face, Chad could see the jaw getting even more square, as his unshaven shadow got even darker. His previously short cropped hair started spilling over his traps in shiny black waves. The canonball shoulders bulged larger, pushing hard against the ceramic tile on one side and the glass on the other. Chad also noticed his own legs and hips were being pinned against the tile by Timmy's expanding quads.

Chad's body weakened as he felt himself start to shrink. Unable to reach the nipples with his mouth anymore, he started to lick the cockhead in front of him, while stroking the lower part of the thickening shaft with his diminishing hands. The ever expanding quads were now pinning him painfully against the wall, so he shifted his body to try to fit between them. As his height continued to decrease, he could feel his body sliding down between the steel muscle around him and tile wall behind him. With his arms now resting on the table tops of Timmy's legs, Chad worked hard to finish off his master. Not tall enough to reach the helmit head anymore, he licked up and down the middle portion of the jerking shaft, gently squeezing the grapefruit sized sacks with his little hands. The effort paid off as Timmy threw his head back and roared.

Thick showers of cum rained down over Chad's little body. He desparately wanted to release his own wad, but couldn't for some reason. Through the chorus of moans and chants, Chad could hear the sound of breaking glass and cracking tile as he slowly blacked out.

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