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Andrew Chapter 8

I ddin't mean for it to be 26 pages long; it just happened. Anyway, hope you enjoy it. This Chapter represents the first of the major changes between Version 1 and Version 2.
Comments appreciated as always.


On the first Friday in October 2005, which was October 7th, Andrew, Carrie and Steve came out of the high school after finishing classes at 2:30 pm. It was one month after Andrew had been on the front cover of the school newspaper.
?Will you have much homework tonight?? Carrie asked Andrew.
?No I don?t think so,? Andrew informed her. ?It?s just so easy for me; I think I might even get some done before the game tonight. Would you like some help with yours before the game??
?That?s a good idea,? Carrie agreed. ?The practice doesn?t start until 3:30 pm.?
?That?s right,? Andrew said, pleased that she had remembered. ?Hey, there?s Mike.?
Carrie and Steve looked over and saw Mike waving at them. Andrew waved back, and motioned Mike over to join them. When Mike shook his head, Andrew frowned for a moment and then decided something.
?I?ll be right back,? he told Steve and Carrie.
?Going to see your biggest fan?? Steve asked him, with a slight smirk. ?Why doesn?t he come over here? Is the little shrimp scared of us??
?I think your attitude may have something to do with that,? Andrew realized. ?I didn?t understand his hesitation before, but now I do. If you?ll excuse me, I?m going over there to talk to him. See you later.?
He walked off towards Mike and Steve felt a bit embarrassed, realizing he had just acted like a typical jock.
"Hey man, what's up?" Andrew greeted Mike. "How come you didn't come over to us when I waved at you? You're not scared of us, are you?"
"I'm not scared of you," Mike answered.
"You're not even scared of these?" Andrew asked, flexing his 30 inch biceps and grinning.
"No, because I want some biceps of my own," Mike replied. "You're my hero man! You're a great example of lifelong dedication to health and fitness! I want to be just like you!"
Mike was silent for a moment, a little embarrassed at how he had revealed all his hopes and dreams to Andrew. Andrew was silent as well, slightly embarrassed to be looked up to as a role model. He resolved to make sure he was worthy of that attention.
"I'll do my best to help you achieve your goals," Andrew said to Mike. "I really appreciate how much you look up to me. I never thought of myself as a hero or a role model before. It's a bit embarrassing, but very flattering. Thanks a lot for saying that man. Now how about answering my question."
"What was the question?" Mike asked. "I forgot."
"I think I asked if you were scared of us, meaning Steve and I," Andrew said.
"I am a bit scared when I see team members together," Mike admitted. "I'm always afraid that they will gang up on me and beat me up. That's why I wanted to talk to one of you alone first, in case it turned out badly."
"Has that ever happened?" Andrew asked him, determined to put a stop to it if it had.
"No it hasn't," Mike replied. "But I have not been around the football players just in case. In fact, I think I saw Steve sneering at me over the last month, ever since I started talking to you."
"I already set him straight about that, just a few minutes ago in fact," Andrew assured him. "Don't worry; I'll make sure no one on the team bugs you." He put a gentle hand on Mike's shoulder and added, "You won't have to worry about a thing with me around."
"I really appreciate you saying that, Andrew," Mike said gratefully, most of his nervousness fading away.
"Hey, no problem man!" Andrew assured him, grinning. "I know what it's like to be the small kid in school, so don't worry about it."
"You must be joking!" Mike laughed, the rest of his nervousness vanishing.
"Are you calling me a liar man?" Andrew asked him, grinning to keep Mike at ease.
"No sir!" Mike jokingly replied. "I'm just astonished to know that you were once a small kid!"
"You should have seen the pictures of me when I was ten years old," Andrew informed him. "I was rather small for my age then. When I started working out at age 11, I guess my father's genes kicked in and helped me put on lots of muscle."
"Do you think I could see some of those pictures sometime?" Mike asked him. "It would be great to know that there is hope for me to grow big as well."
"Sure, I'll bring them on Monday," Andrew said. "Oh wait a minute! Monday's Thanksgiving, isn't it? I guess it will have to be Tuesday then. I'll talk to Steve and the rest of the team members as well; get them warmed up to the idea of meeting you. I want to make sure they won't try anything with you when I'm not around. Then I'll take you to meet them."
"I'd really appreciate that," Mike said, pleased that he and Andrew were slowly becoming friends. "I've always seen you guys working out in the gym, and I always wanted to learn how to lift weights. It would be great to have a friend on the football team to show me how."
"Well, you've got a friend now," Andrew promised him. "If anyone tries to mess with you, they'll have to come though me!"
"That would be pretty hard, since I can't even see around you!" Mike realized.
"Very funny man!" Andrew laughed. "You really know how to break the ice with those jokes of yours!"
"Where's the ice?" Mike asked, grinning and looking around wildly. "It's only October!"
"Stop that!" Andrew laughed, slapping Mike's shoulder lightly. "If we keep laughing all day long, we'll never get any work done! Now, since I'm going to help you learn how to work out, maybe you can do something for me in exchange."
"What can I do for you?" Mike asked Andrew, amazed that Andrew, being a huge football star, would actually need something from him.
"Maybe you could tutor me in Physics a little bit," Andrew suggested. "I was doing well in September, but now I only have 80 percent in that class. If you could help me get my mark up, I'd really appreciate it."
"Sure, I'd be glad to help you," Mike agreed. "I have 95 in that class right now, so I should be able to tutor you. If you help me work out in return, then we'll be all set. Are there any other football players who need tutoring in Physics?"
"What makes you think the football players need tutoring?" Andrew asked, frowning at Mike. "You don't think we'll all dumb jocks, do you?"
"No man, I didn't mean to imply that!" Mike assured Andrew, taking one large step back as Andrew took one small step towards him. "I just meant that I have seen at least three or four other football players in the class. I thought if I offered to help them with Physics, a class we have in common, they would accept me more easily. Maybe they would even help me work out as well."
"Hey, that's good thinking man," Andrew realized. "Sorry I overreacted. I guess I just didn't realize what you were thinking."
"Well you may be really smart, but you're not a mind reader," Mike said, grinning. "But that's okay. So, do you think I can meet some of the team members during the game?"
"How about you sit beside Carrie in the stands," Andrew suggested, looking over to where Carrie and Steve were standing. "It looks like they might be having a heated argument about you. I guess you don't have to worry about Carrie bugging you. Hopefully she can convince Steve to be nice to you as well. I'll talk to him during practice and see if he will be nicer to you from now on."
"That's a good idea," Mike said. "Once they realize I can tutor them in exchange for weight training, I bet they will accept me better; especially with your support. That is the same strategy used by the other guys you trained, the ones who got into American Football Schools. Some of them even became football players on the college teams."
"How do you know that?" Andrew asked, sitting down on the bench so that he wasn?t looming over Mike. "Do you know some of the guys personally?"
"Yes I do," Mike replied. "My older brother Mark is at the University of Miami right now, in his first year. He is on the freshman football team and he tells me the team members are trying to get his bodyweight above 200 pounds.
He's almost there."
"Hey I remember him now," Andrew said. "It's great that he's fitting in well with the team. He actually ate lunch with us last year, but he was only 170 pounds when he left for college."
Meanwhile, Carrie was still trying to get through to Steve.
?That wasn?t very nice: what you said about Mike,? Carrie told Steve. "How would you feel if you were in his shoes?"
"Those puny shoes would pinch my feet!" Steve sneered. "And he could never hope to fill mine!"
"You're acting just like a typical dumb jock!" Carrie snapped at him. "Is it really Mike that you dislike, or Andrew? I think you're jealous of Andrew and you're looking down on Mike to cover it up!"
?I know that!? Steve snapped, not even bothering to deny it. ?It?s just so maddening that Andrew gets all the attention! I?m getting really jealous of him and I can't seem to stop feeling that way!"
?I think you?d better find a way to deal with that,? Carrie informed him. ?You don?t want to ruin your friendship with Andrew and distract yourselves during your final football season. This is the one that really counts, having the potential to make or break your college scholarship chances. You think about that, while I go over and introduce myself to Mike.?
Carrie headed over to the bench and Steve was left standing at the school doors with a lot to think about.
"Hey here comes Carrie," Andrew said to Mike.
?Hey Andrew,? Carrie said, as she approached Andrew and Mike. ?Hey Mike, I?m Andrew?s girlfriend Carrie. It's good to meet you."
?Pleased to meet you too,? Mike said, shaking her hand. ?You?re really lucky; Andrew here is a great guy! A lot nicer than I thought any jock would be!?
?I think that Andrew gets nicer the bigger he gets,? Carrie said. ?I?m no Sports Psychologist, but I think he?s scared of his own strength. That?s why he works extra hard to be nice to everyone around him.?
Mike looked up from his textbook at the mention of a Sports Psychologist, but neither Andrew nor Carrie noticed.
?Haven?t I seen you somewhere before?? Andrew asked Mike, suddenly remembering that he had seen Mike outside of school before.
"You've seen me in your Physics class every day for the past month," Mike reminded him.
"I meant before that," Andrew said. "I think I've seen your picture somewhere, and I'm not talking about the yearbook either."
?I think you might have seen my picture in the paper four months ago,? Mike reminded him. ?I won a National Math contest in June.?
?Hey, I remember now,? Andrew realized. ?Good job man!?
?Thanks man,? Mike said, pleased that he was becoming more comfortable around Andrew. ?So, what can I help you with? You mentioned something about Physics homework. Do you need some help before the game??
?That would be a great idea,? Andrew agreed. ?How about you Carrie; want Mike to help you as well??
?Sounds good,? Carrie agreed, smiling as she noticed Mike staring at her. She was flattered, not realizing how pretty she was. ?I?ll go get my Physics book and then I?ll be right back. See you both in a few minutes.?
She walked back into the school and Andrew noticed Mike?s gaze following her.
?Hey man, she?s already taken!? Andrew reminded Mike, turning Mike?s head gently to look back at the Physics books. ?She?s my girlfriend, not yours! Don?t forget that, if you want us to be friends!?
?You?d be friends with me?? Mike asked in astonishment. ?Won?t that hurt your image as a jock??
?If crying in Home Depot didn?t damage it, nothing will,? Andrew said without thinking.
?You cried?? Mike asked in astonishment. ?What for??
?When people rave about my athletic achievements, I get shy and embarrassed,? Andrew informed him. ?Especially today, when I found out I?m being heavily recruited by the University of Miami.?
?Hey, that?s where I want to go!? Mike said.
?What a coincidence,? Andrew realized. ?I wonder what the odds are against something like that happening.?
?I can tell you,? Mike offered. ?They are about one in??
?That?s okay, you don?t have to tell me,? Andrew assured him. ?It?s just that it?s a little weird, you going to the same college as I am. If I didn?t know better, I?d think that Steve was right. Maybe you are stalking me!?
?A little hard to do that,? Mike told him. ?Last time I checked, you weren?t a shelf!?
?Very funny man!? Andrew laughed, slapping Mike?s shoulder gently. "I meant S,T,A,L,K, as in following me around everywhere I go! I see you in the library, at the cafeteria, around my locker, and at every football game and practice! Steve tells me that you are the only person who shows up at every football game and practice! Even my girlfriend can't get to them all, and my parents are so busy, they hardly get to any! How come you're always there man?"
"I didn?t mean to bother you!" Mike assured him. "I have just heard stories over the last few years about how you have helped other small guys get buffed up in exchange for tutoring."
"Buffed up?" Andrew repeated. "Looks like you're picking up 'Jock speak' already!"
"Jock speak?" Mike repeated. "What's that?"
"Do you want the exact dictionary definition?" Andrew asked him, grinning.
"You actually looked it up?" Mike asked in astonishment.
"Yes I did," Andrew replied. "I am a smart jock, remember! But the definition I found paints jocks in a really bad light, saying that they make a lot of apelike noises that no one else can understand! That made me really mad! So I came up with a new definition that is more accurate for our football team. Would you like me to recite my definition to you word for word?"
"Ah, how about no," Mike replied, grinning back at Andrew. "Just the summary description will do."
"Sure man," Andrew said. "My definition relates to the phrases most jocks have in common here at this school. Example phrases would be 'Hey man, what's up' instead of 'hello, how are you.' Another example would be yours, when you said 'buffed up' instead of 'big and strong.' Though I prefer the term 'ripped' myself."
"Well that clears a few things up," Mike said gratefully. "Thanks for explaining that for me. So, do you have an alternative definition for the word 'jock' as well? I looked up that word and it wasn't very flattering either, was it?"
"No it wasn't," Andrew agreed. "That one made me mad too, but the alternative term athlete was too broad for my tastes. So I came up with 'smart jock' instead."
"What would that definition be?" Mike asked.
"A smart jock has down-to-earth manners like an athlete, and hangs out with everyone, like you and I are hanging out now," Andrew replied. "A smart jock doesn't beat people up, though he is somewhat obsessed with football. A smart jock gets good grades, to secure his athletic scholarship, and takes Sports Management in college. Then he has a backup plan if he gets hurts in the NFL. Smart jocks are also considered cool to hang out with, because they can get along with anyone, smart kids and the regular jocks. Smart jocks use their size to intimidate bullies and keep them from beating up the smart kids."
"You really put a lot of thought into that," Mike realized. "It sounded like you were describing yourself! Have you ever had to defend any smart kids from jocks at this school?"
"A few times," Andrew remembered. "Some of the small guys I tutored were bullied until I came around. Then I sent the bullies packing with just a look! Fortunately, no one on the football team is a bully, which may be a pretty rare thing when you think about it."
"Maybe your smart jock attitude has rubbed off on them," Mike said. "They look up to you, especially literally, as the team leader. So if you don't bully small kids, they don't either. That may be a possible explanation as well."
"You're right," Andrew realized. "After I helped the smaller kids get big and ripped, the football players embraced them. In fact, some of the senior team members are small kids I personally trained."
"Which ones?" Mike asked, intrigued.
"Connor and Ralph," Andrew replied, grinning at the memories. "I didn't let anyone know I was training them. They had been small kids in Grade 9. So it was a big surprise for the bullies when Connor and Ralph showed up last year at the 200 pound mark. The football players instantly accepted Connor and Ralph onto the team and they've been part of the cool group ever since."
"Well that's great," Mike commended Andrew. "You know, that was part of what I wanted to talk to you about."
"You want me to help you get ripped as well?" Andrew grinned. "I'd be glad to help you with that."
"That would be great," Mike said gratefully. "You have already been a great help to others you have trained. I happen to know that one of them actually joined the University of Miami football team. He eats lunch at the team table every day and therefore fits in really well with the cool group."
"How do you know all this?" Andrew asked; astonished at the positive effect his training had on other people's lives.
"I was talking about my older brother Mark," Mike replied. "You trained him in his Grade 10 year, when you were in Grade 9. He was on the senior boy?s football team here in the 2003 and 2004 seasons. Don't you remember that I was talking about him just a few minutes ago?"
"Hey, I remember him now," Andrew realized. "I guess we have had so many subjects in this conversation that I forgot about that. I think he was the first guy I trained for football, actually. At the time, I found it amazing that a Grade 10 would want to hang out with a Grade 9 student."
"I think you were a lot bigger than he was, even then!" Mike reminded Andrew. "I think he told me you came into Grade 9 weighing 220 pounds and standing 6 foot 2!"
"Yes, that would have made me look like a jock even then," Andrew realized. "Well, I guess we'd better start studying now, before we run out of time."
"Good idea," Mike agreed, looking at his watch. "Football practice starts in 30 minutes so we don't have much time."
"When did you want me to start training you?" Andrew asked him, getting out his Physics book.
"When would be a good time for you?" Mike asked, hoping it would be soon.
"Well, I usually do most of the personal training after football season," Andrew said with a straight face. When he saw the disappointed look on Mike's face, Andrew grinned and said, "I was just kidding man! I'd be happy to start training you as soon as possible! I think we can start next Tuesday; when we have Spare together."
"Sounds like a good idea," Mike agreed. He took a chance and added, "You must think you're a real joker, pretending you're too busy to train me during football season! It's obvious that you trained the other guys during football season!"
"You're right about that," Andrew realized. "Hey, you're a really smart guy, you know that?"
"Smarter than you?" Mike asked in astonishment. "I don't think so!"
"I think you're smarter in Physics than I am," Andrew corrected him. "That's why you have 95 in the class and I don't." He handed his Physics textbook and notes to Mike and added, "But hopefully, with your help, I will soon get a 90 in that class like I have in my other classes!"
"That would be a good goal to aim for," Mike agreed, opening his textbook. "Maybe I can gradually meet the rest of the team members by telling them I can help them get 90s in their classes as well."
"If any of them need homework help like I do, that would make it easier to connect with them," Andrew agreed. "I must say, it's pretty brave of you, crossing the line into typical jock territory."
"I was inspired by my brother's example," Mike informed him, looking over Andrew's partially completed homework. "I have to mention this about you: you're pretty accommodating yourself: helping the small kids get ripped in exchange for tutoring."
"I see you're picking up the jock terms already," Andrew realized.
"I guess I am," Mike realized. "I'm fitting in already. I'll be sitting at the team table in no time!"
"You won't be the first to sit there either," Andrew realized. "Your brother sat with us during the last three school years, as well as other guys I have trained. Of course, with my size, I sat at the football table from my first day of Grade 9! I was really happy that the football team became friends with me on my first day of high school!"
"Hey that's great!" Mike said. "So, when do you think I can meet the rest of the team members?"
"I think after the game would be a good time," Andrew replied. "If the first few games are any indication, we'll win this one as well! So after the game would be the best time to talk to the guys, when they're all excited about another win. They are willing to talk to anyone when they're in a good mood. Once I remind Steve that your brother sat with us for the last three school years, he should become friendlier towards you. And where Steve goes, the rest of the team follows."
"Sounds like a good plan," Mike said approvingly. "I've waited a long time for that moment: when I can be accepted by the football team! It's good to know that moment is almost here!"
"I'm glad I could help you get there," Andrew said. "But why did it take you so long to come over and talk to one of us? Since your brother had been on the team for at least the last two years, why didn't you get him to introduce you to us?"
"I guess I never thought that you guys would accept me without him around," Mike replied. "I want the team to accept me because of who I am, not because of who my brother is!"
"Does that mean you don't want me to tell them you're Mark's brother?" Andrew asked him. "I can keep that part quiet until they accept you, if you want me to."
"I would appreciate that," Mike said. "Just remind them that you have trained other small kids, like Connor and Ralph, and that should be enough."
"Especially if Connor and Ralph vouch for you, since they were once small guys like you are," Andrew realized. "That's good thinking man."
"Thanks man," Mike said. "I really appreciate that. So, do you think you will perform more strength tests soon?"
"You want to see some more of my power man?" Andrew asked him. When Mike nodded, Andrew said, "Don't you worry, I'm sure there are more strength tests to come!"
"Maybe you should show off your great strength in the game tonight," Mike suggested. "I bet that would give the team a psychological advantage."
"Yes it will," Andrew agreed, looking at his watch. "Wait, is it 3:15 already? I'd better get to the locker room and get dressed for practice! You don't mind keeping Mike company in the stands, do you Carrie?"
?No I wouldn?t mind,? Carrie confirmed. ?Mike and I can get to know each other better during the game.?
?But don?t get to know her too well; got that man?? Andrew warned Mike, giving him a stern look. ?If you want to be friends, you can?t be checking out my girlfriend like you were earlier!?
?Uh, don?t worry man; I won?t look again,? Mike stammered, a bit scared of Andrew now.
Beside Mike, Carrie smiled quietly to herself, and Andrew grinned when he saw that smile.
?What are you grinning about?? Andrew asked Carrie, smiling softly at her.
?I must be really pretty if guys are checking me out even with you around,? Carrie realized. ?It must be because they know that you couldn?t hurt a fly!?
?How could I?? Andrew asked, grinning. ?All that swatting and I still can?t catch them! See you two in the stands!?
Carrie and Mike waved as Andrew headed off to the locker room, smiling at his joke.
?Andrew?s a really funny guy,? Mike realized. ?His jokes help put me at ease. That?s good; I was getting a little scared of him there. I?m sorry I was staring at you earlier.?
?I accept your apology,? Carrie assured him. ?But thank you for the unintentional compliment. Now, let?s get working on our homework.?
?Good idea,? Mike agreed, opening his textbook. ?How much do you have??
?More than Andrew,? Carrie realized, handing over her partially completed worksheet. It looks like we have a lot to do! Let?s get started.?
In the locker room, Andrew and the team got changed.
?Okay guys, just go out there and do your best, just like you always have,? Coach Everson ordered them. ?You?ve done a really good job this past month: winning us every game so far! It looks like we?re well on our way to winning that Provincial Championship!?
?All thanks to Andrew the Super jock!? Connor shouted.
?Thanks to all of our combined efforts!? Andrew corrected him, determined not to be the center of attention. ?The whole team worked together to make it happen; I didn?t do it all by myself!?
?That?s the sign of a good leader,? Coach Everson realized. ?You know that you are part of a team, but not the team all by self! I?m glad you understand that, Andrew! It shows how smart you are!?
?That?s just my modesty asserting itself,? Andrew tried to explain, frustrated that he always managed to be the center of attention. ?That modesty keeps me from being a typical arrogant jock!?
Steve twitched at those last three words and Andrew noticed.
Seems like Carrie got through to him, Andrew realized. That?s good, but I?d like to get an apology from him on Mike?s behalf anyway. That should prove to Mike that we?re smart jocks, not dumb ones!
?You don?t have to worry about being an arrogant jock,? Steve assured Andrew. ?You cry whenever people talk about your abilities too much!?
?I guess you?re right,? Andrew agreed, deciding that Carrie was right: the team still looked up to him as a hero. ?But on the football field, I make the opponents cry: when I run them over!?
?Then let?s go out there and win this game!? Everson shouted, putting his hand out. ?Let?s blow the Twin Lakes team out of the water!?
All the guys clapped their hands together, and yelled: ?We?ll crush them!?
Then the whole team ran out onto the field, led by Coach Everson.
In the stands, Carrie and Mike had been joined by Sarah, her boyfriend Chris, and his sister Sue.
"Andrew and Steve are much larger than the other players, aren't they?" Sarah commented to Sue.
"Except for Darrell," Sue realized. 'He's almost 300 pounds already, and he hasn't even been enhanced yet!"
"Do you think he will get enhanced?" Sarah asked Sue.
"I did notice that Andrew and Steve became enhanced when they were Darrell's size," Sue declared. "Steve told me that Commander Marge said she can enhance football players who weigh more than 275 pounds. I think Darrell would be a prime candidate for enhancement as well."
"Hey, that's a good idea," Carrie realized. "I'll get Andrew to mention that to him before the game starts. Andrew always comes over to the stands to get a little last minute encouragement from me. But the way he has been playing, he certainly doesn't need any more encouragement, does he?"
"No he doesn't," Chris said, looking closer at the football players. "Is it just me, or does Andrew look a lot bigger than Steve?"
"You're right," Sarah agreed, looking more closely. "I really get an idea of how big he is when I see him from a distance."
On the field, Coach Everson was giving the team a few last minute instructions.
"Be very careful in this game," he warned Andrew. "You don't want to hurt anyone accidentally."
"Like I did this past summer," Andrew realized, a little embarrassed at the memory.
"Luckily, I'm big enough that I was not hurt too badly," Steve assured him. "Just learn to be more careful. We don't want to send opposing players off the field on stretchers, do we?"
"Didn't they sign waivers to avoid potential lawsuits?" Andrew asked him.
"Yes they did, but that's not the point," Steve told him.
As the coach advised a few other players of some last minute tactics, Steve led Andrew over towards the goal posts.
"Are you sure that's not the point?" Andrew asked Steve. "As long as the player's parents don't sue us, what's the problem?"
"Maybe I'm not the only one who's acting like a blockheaded jock today!" Steve realized. "A lot of the players are just like you: they want to play pro ball! You wouldn't want to be responsible for giving them career-ending injuries, would you?"
"Of course not!" Andrew replied. "I guess I'm just getting into game mode and I'm forgetting that the game has not started yet."
"You don't have to be fierce in the game," Steve reminded him. "Remember how calm you were in practices? You still overpowered all of us, even when you weren't angry! I think you should just use enough aggression to let us win, without killing the other players in the process!"
"You don't think I could actually kill someone with my strength, do you man?" Andrew asked Steve, looking really scared.
"Yes you could kill someone!" Steve reminded him. "You have superhuman strength now and that power could easily kill who crosses your path! Remember that the next time you feel tempted to show off your great strength around other people!"
"I'll try to keep that in mind," Andrew promised Steve, actually scared of himself for the first time. "Hey look man; here comes the Twin Lakes bus!"
As Steve looked over at the parking lot, Andrew breathed a sigh of relief, glad that he didn't have to think about his scary strength for a few moments. But when the Twin Lakes players stepped off the bus and saw him, their faces showed great fear at his size. Andrew noticed that none of the opposing players had grown since the last year, and they were all less than 250 pounds. Andrew's team, on the other hand, had three players above the 250 pound mark! Andrew noticed a few of his South End friends on the Twin Lakes team and waved to put them at ease. The team members waved back hesitantly, but the fear didn't leave their faces. Andrew sighed in frustration and headed over to the stands.
"It appears that I am not the only person who is scared of my size," Andrew remarked to Carrie. "I was hoping that people would not be scared of me."
"I think you forget how long it has been since you have talked to those players," Carrie reminded him. "Of course they are scared of you!"
"Why would they be scared of me?" Andrew asked her, a little confused. "Has my personality changed a lot since last football season?"
"Not enough to explain why they would be so scared of you," Carrie assured him. "But you're forgetting how much bigger you are now. You've put on at least 50 pounds of muscle in one year! That is a scary size increase to people who have not seen you for a few months."
"That explains why you are not scared of me," Andrew realized. "You see me almost every day: therefore getting used to gradual increases in my size."
"Very good observation Andrew," Carrie commended him. "There is also something else that I have noticed when I am around you."
"What's that?" Andrew asked, smiling at her softly.
"You treat me more gently as you become bigger and stronger," Carrie informed him. "Why is that?"
"I think he is an old softie," Steve remarked, coming up behind them. "His strength probably scares him."
"Of course it does!" Andrew agreed. "I lost count of how many people I knocked out last season! I had to go visit them in the hospital afterwards, to make sure they were okay!"
"Yeah, that was pretty scary," Steve agreed, noticing Mike's eyes get wide with fear. "Hey, don't worry Mike," Steve added, trying to make up for how he had been earlier. "Andrew controls his great strength now! In case you've forgotten, he hasn't knocked any opposing players out once this season!"
?Hey, you?re right,? Mike agreed. ?Have you ever knocked anyone out with your power??
?No man,? Steve replied. ?At least not yet. I don?t think we?ve been properly introduced. I?m Steve Peterson.?
?Pleased to meet you,? Mike said, as Steve shook his hand gently. ?I really wanted to meet the players on the football team for a while now.?
?Well, I should have not called you a little shrimp behind your back,? Steve realized. ?I?m sorry about that man. You just seemed so fascinated with Andrew: I thought you were stalking him or something!?
?I just want him to help me weight train, like he has helped others,? Mike informed him. ?In exchange, I?m going to tutor him in Physics a little bit.?
?Hey, that?s a great idea,? Steve realized. ?Do you think you could help me with my Physics homework as well? As I proved today, I?m not that smart.?
?Are you referring to what you said about me?? Mike asked. When Steve nodded, Mike added, ?You?ve already apologized, so let?s forget about it. Beside, I think you and Andrew underestimate yourselves. It takes a lot of smarts to play football so well, and get yourselves into college on academic scholarships!?
?You?re right man,? Steve realized. ?Thanks for the compliment dude!?
?You?re welcome,? Mike said, grinning as he realized that Steve was slowly accepting him. ?I hate to cut our co0nversation short, but I think the coach is signaling you and Andrew.?
Steve looked over at the field and saw Coach Everson signaling him to come over to the goalpost.
?We?d better get going Andrew,? Steve realized, heading over to the coach.
?Just one moment,? Andrew informed him. ?I?ll be right there.? He turned to Mike and said, ?It looks like Steve is accepting you, just like I have. Maybe you?ll have another workout partner soon.? He turned to Carrie and said, ?Wish me luck.?
?Good luck,? Carrie said, hugging him gently. ?You?re so wide, I can?t fit my arms around you!? she yelled in amazement. ?See you at halftime.?
Andrew grinned softly, put his helmet on, and jogged over to the goalposts.

During the first half of the game, Orillia District (O.D.) blew away the Twin Lakes team 29 to 0. Andrew's defensive and offensive plays had a lot to do with that. On one play, Andrew handed the ball back to the quarterback, and then broke through the Twin Lakes defensive line to receive it. Two players tackled him, but they just bounced off and fell to the ground in a heap. Andrew tucked the ball under his left arm and ran for the end zone. He knocked other defenders aside effortlessly as he ran, until he reached the end zone. Andrew flipped the last defender up into the air with one arm and ducked under him to score the touchdown. Andrew spiked the ball in victory and then helped the defender up with one massive arm.
"Hey thanks a lot big guy," the defender said, pretty scared of Andrew's strength.
"No problem man," Andrew assured him, patting the guy lightly on the shoulder.
Andrew then headed towards the O.D. end of the field, helping up the other guys he had knocked down. The Twin Lakes players were amazed at Andrew's power and great sportsmanship. Andrew grinned; hiding his embarrassment as the O.D. players gave him backslaps and congratulated him on another successful play.
On another play, Twin Lakes finally had the ball back. Andrew watched the Twin Lake's quarterback carefully and then broke through the Twin Lakes defensive line to sack him before he could throw the ball. Once the whistle blew, ending the play, Andrew quickly got up off the quarterback and stood up. Andrew reached down with one massive hand and hauled the quarterback to his feet effortlessly.
"Thanks for helping me up Andrew," the quarterback said, being one of Andrew's friends from the South End.
"Hey, no problem man," Andrew said. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"
"No man," the quarterback assured him. "You've really learned how to control your great strength! Good job!"
Andrew grinned and jogged back to the center of his offensive line, where he was the Head Offensive Guard.
On another play, Andrew let the Twin lakes quarterback throw the ball to his receiver. Then Andrew broke effortlessly through the Twin Lakes defensive line. While Andrew's teammates swarmed the Twin Lake's defense, Andrew tackled the receiver before he could even get ten yards. As he had done twice before, Andrew helped the Twin Lakes player up as soon as the whistle blew.
At halftime, Andrew and Steve jogged over to the stands to get some refreshments.
"You did very well Andrew," Carrie commended him, hugging him gently. "That was very good sportsmanship, helping up all the players you knocked down."
"Yes, very well done," agreed a distinguished gentleman who was sitting beside Carrie. The man was wearing a grey pinstriped suit and he stood up and shook Andrew's hand. "You're just the sort of player we want on our team."
"Thank you sir," Andrew said politely, shaking the man's hand gently. "I'm Andrew Pearson. It's good to meet you, Mr....?"
"Oh I'm sorry: I forgot to introduce myself," the man realized. "My name is Mr. Alan Malcolm. I am the Dean of Athletics from the University of Miami, as well as the Head Football Coach."
"It's great to meet you sir," Andrew said softly. "I'm glad you came out to see me play today. What did you think?"
"You were amazing!" Mr. Malcolm yelled. "I've never seen such amazing power, not even from our senior players! I guess I shouldn't have been surprised though. After Coach Everson sent me the tapes of your amazing car-lifting power, I should have realized you'd be able to break through any defensive line! Oh, here comes Coach Everson now!"
Andrew and Steve turned around to see Coach Everson coming towards the stands, with Connor and Ralph following him. Steve noticed a man in the stands waving at him. Steve excused himself politely and headed to the end of the stands.
"I see you've discovered our new secret weapon," Everson greeted Mr. Malcolm, shaking his hand gently. "How are you doing Alan?"
"A lot better after seeing Andrew play," Mr. Malcolm replied. "His power proves I was correct in hyping him up to my team: getting them prepared for the powerhouse that will join them in the fall! Once you sent me the footage last month, I knew I had to fly up and scout Andrew. I look forward to seeing you next fall Mr. Pearson." When Andrew looked surprised, Mr. Malcolm said, "Don't look so surprised Mr. Pearson. With your athletic skills and your grades, you're guaranteed an early full athletic scholarship!"
"Thank you sir," Andrew managed, fighting hard to keep tears of joy from appearing in his eyes. "This is a great honour."
"It's a great honour for me as well," Mr. Malcolm told him. "It's amazing to see a phenomenal player like yourself in action! If you play at our school like you did today, you might even win the Heisman Trophy, like your father did! Then you'd practically be guaranteed an NFL contract!"
"Wow!" Andrew yelled. "The Heisman Trophy! Isn't that one of the most important College Football Awards in the States?"
"You've been doing your homework," Mr. Malcolm said approvingly. "Very good Mr. Pearson."
"Please call me Andrew," Andrew asked him. "I feel more comfortable if people call me by my first name."
"In that case, you may call me Alan," Mr. Malcolm informed Andrew. "Though I sometimes go by my middle name, which is Tony."
"Very well Alan," Andrew agreed. "Well, I guess I'll see you after the game."
"I look forward to it Andrew," Alan said. "We'll have a few plans to make after the game, so come right back here after you're done."
"Whatever you say Coach!" Andrew shouted, waving as he headed over to Steve, who was talking to a man in a suit at the end of the stands. As he got closer, Andrew noticed the man waving at him to come over and so he did. "What's up sir?" Andrew asked him, as he approached.
"Are you Andrew Pearson?" the man asked him.
"Yes I am," Andrew replied. "Who are you sir?"
"I'm Coach Henderson from Florida State," Mr. Henderson replied. "So you are the Andrew Pearson, the Car-Lifter?"
"That's me," Andrew confirmed, grinning at how far his reputation had spread. "What can I do for you sir?"
"You could come play for us," Mr. Henderson replied. "We'd really do well with a powerhouse like you on our team! We could crush our rivals: the University of Miami! Then we could take that State Championship home with us!"
"I'll think about it," Andrew said politely, determined to keep his options open. He already had an idea of which school he wanted to go to, but he had to find a way to let Mr. Henderson down easily. "In the meantime, why don't you recruit Steve here? He's a pretty good powerhouse!"
"He already had recruited me," Steve informed Andrew. "Since my father also went to Florida State, I set my sights on that school. Mr. Henderson told me that I have a full scholarship waiting for me if I accept his offer."
"Hey, good for you man," Andrew said, pleased for Steve. "I'm glad that your power is helping you get into a good football school. Now, if you'll both excuse me, I think I see my girlfriend signaling me. Talk to you later."
"Bye Andrew!" Mr. Henderson shouted.
Andrew waved and headed back to Carrie's section of the stands.
"Was that the coach from Florida State I saw over there?" Mr. Malcolm asked.
"Yes it was," Andrew replied. "He's trying to recruit me as well. I should have realized I'd attract the attention of all the coaches from the schools I applied to." When he saw the faint look of disappointment on Mr. Malcolm's face, Andrew leaned forward. "Don't worry," he said softly. "After all my father told me about his years at Miami, I'm definitely coming to your school! I was just being polite to Mr. Henderson over there."
"That's a relief," Mr. Malcolm said, "I already have the tickets standing by for you and your family. Also, Ralph, and Connor and their parents will also be joining us, since their plays have been very impressive as well."
"Hey good job guys!" Andrew commended his teammates. "I'm very happy for both of you!"
Andrew excused himself politely and headed over to Mike.
"What did you think of the game so far man?" he asked softly.
"Your power was amazing!" Mike marveled. "I think you get stronger with every game you play!"
"I think you're right," Andrew said. "Did you hear Mr. Malcolm's news?"
"About your upcoming scholarship to the University of Miami?" Mike asked. When Andrew nodded, Mike added, "Good job man! I'm glad your dreams are coming true for you!"
"Thanks a lot man!" Andrew said, patting Mike's shoulder gently. "While I'm down in Miami this weekend, do you want me to say hi to your brother for you?"
"Good idea," Mike agreed. "Maybe when we get to know each other better, you can take me along. Then I can see him too. I miss him."
"I'll try to get Mr. Malcolm a New Year?s visit to do just that," Andrew decided. "Oops, I see Coach signaling me! I'd better go! See you after the game Mike!"
Andrew gave Carrie a quick kiss and jogged back onto the field with the rest of the players. The coach gave them a few last minute instructions and then the two players took their places in the offensive line.
Andrew and Steve did pretty well in the second half of the game as well; scoring a few more touchdowns for O.D. Twin Lakes had learned a few tricks however. The Twin Lakes quarterback faked a pass to his receiver. Andrew ran over, flattened the player, and then realized he did not have the ball after all. Andrew looked around wildly and saw the Twin Lakes defense keeping the O.D. offense occupied. The true receiver had a huge head start towards the end zone and he reached it before any other players could catch him.
The whistle blew, signaling the end of the play. Andrew walked back to the O.D. goalposts; mad at himself for being faked out like that.
Andrew told the trick to Steve and the other team members, while they were in the huddle, deciding their last play of the quarter. Andrew intercepted the pass to the Twin Lakes receiver on the next play. Andrew faked a pass to Steve, and the Twin Lakes defense swarmed him. Steve threw the players off him, after a brief struggle. This gave Andrew the time to knock the remaining defenders aside and run into the Twin Lakes end zone for a touchdown.
When the whistle blew, ending the play, Andrew and Steve helped up the players they had knocked down. Then they headed to the stands for the fourth quarter strategy session with Coach Everson.
"Very good work you tow: playing Twin Lakes' trick on them," Everson congratulated Andrew and Steve. "But they will be expecting that in the fourth quarter. We'll have to play some other tricks to catch them off guard. Do our two co-captains have any suggestions?" He turned to look directly at Ralph and Andrew. "What are your thoughts, gentlemen?"
"If I faked a pass to Andrew, it would look like we were playing the same tick," Ralph suggested. "But if their defense swarms Andrew, they won't be able to restrain him. So if the true receiver runs into trouble, Andrew will still have time to smash apart the Twin Lakes' defense."
"I like it," Andrew agreed. "I have another idea. We could pretend that Ralph intends to pass the ball to one of us. He could fake to Steve, the defense swarms him, and then he fakes to me. I crush the defense, as Steve crushes his, and then Ralph is free to run the ball to the end zone himself. We'll run over anyone who tries to stop him; if there's anyone left that is!" Andrew laughed, excited at the thought of surprising everyone with his great strength. "Do you like those ideas Coach?"
"Brilliant, absolutely brilliant," Coach Everson commended his two team captions. "Brains and brawn: you have it all! We'll crush them! Now let's get out there and show them what O.D. is made off!"
The players headed back to the line of scrimmage, confident that they would surprise Twin Lakes once again.
In the fourth quarter, O.D.'s plans worked. Andrew watched Ralph fake a pass to Steve. Then he saw Twin Lakes' largest player coming down the field to run Steve over. Andrew simply ran over the player effortlessly. Then the other four linemen swarmed Andrew, trying to get him down. Andrew crouched down under their weight, and the head offensive guard chuckled.
"We've got him now boys!" he gloated. "You're not going anywhere now Andrew!"
"Oh you think so do you?" Andrew asked him. "Watch this!"
Andrew suddenly threw all four guys off of him with a tremendous heave, sending them all flying ten feet into the air. Andrew grinned and ran down the field, knocking other defenders aside like leaves. He guarded Connor, who was the true receiver, and Connor managed to score another touchdown for O.D.
Andrew and Steve repeated their plan another time, except that Steve actually was the true receiver, after Andrew had knocked down most of his opposition. Then Steve was able to score a touchdown himself, knocking defenders aside as he barreled into the end zone.
The final play of the game was when Ralph faked a pass to Steve. The defense swarmed him, and Steve knocked them down. He held up his empty hands to show he didn't have the ball, and then ran towards the end zone. The defense looked over and saw Ralph apparently pass the ball to Andrew. Though they were wary of Andrew's strength, the Twin Lakes defense ran over to smash Andrew to the ground. Andrew just planted his feet firmly and smirked as five guys bounced off him, one after another. Then he pointed to the end zone and took off running. By the time the Twin Lakes defense had got up off the ground, Andrew and Steve had cleared a path to the end zone for Ralph. Ralph spiked the ball in victory once he scored the touchdown. The final whistle blew, and the scoreboard showed that O.D. had won the game 50 to 6.
"That was awesome man!" Ralph congratulated Andrew and Steve. "Your power is amazing, and it won us this game!"
"Your bright ideas for successful plays didn't hurt either," Andrew reminded him, trying to be modest. He saw the rest of the team and Coach Everson coming over to the end zone to congratulate them. "It looks like the first game of October was successful, just like all the September ones."
"It was all thanks to the combined efforts of some phenomenal players!" Coach Everson informed the three players in the end zone. "You three really made the difference in the game today, thanks to the plays you came up with."
"Ralph here should get most of the credit," Andrew said modestly, slightly embarrassed by all the attention. "He thought up most of the plays."
"I know," Everson said, turning to Ralph. "You have a good shot at a university football scholarship. So do you two," he added, turning to Andrew and Steve. "Good job Andrew and Steve."
"Let's hear it for Andrew, Steve, and Ralph!" all the players shouted. "They'll win us every game, and then the Provincial Championship!"
The players only managed to get Ralph on their shoulders, because Andrew and Steve were too heavy. So Steve lifted players in celebration, and Andrew had one player on each shoulder. Coach Everson smiled at the team, pleased of his future Provincial Championship football team.
Once everyone was on the ground again, they headed over to the Twin Lakes players, to shake hands with them. As Andrew walked past the stands, he saw Carrie, and his friends, and even his parents in the stands. Andrew grinned at them, pleased that his parents had managed to make it to the game after all. He returned the thumbs-up Mr. Malcolm gave him, noticing the video camera in Mr. Malcolm's hands. Then Andrew joined the line of players as they shook hands with the Twin Lakes team.
"Good game man,? a few of the Twin Lakes players said to Andrew. "Call us later, and we'll get together."
"You can count on it," Andrew assured them, returning the high fives the opposing players gave him. He was amazed that he was so popular with the opposing players and wondered why. He waved as the Twin Lakes players returned to the locker room.
"Very good game Andrew," Mr. Malcolm informed him, coming up with the video camera. "That was a great game and I was very impressed with you, helping up the opposing players like you did. I think that explains why even the opposing team members admire you so much: they were very impressed by your sportsmanship."
"That's very flattering," Andrew said, realizing now why he was so popular with the Twin Lakes team. "Thank you very much sir."
"Didn't I say you could call me Alan?" Mr. Malcolm asked him.
"You're right," Andrew realized. "Sorry about that. So, I see you met my parents already."
"We managed to make it for the second half," Mr. Pearson informed Andrew, coming up to the crowd of players. "I managed to get off early, since it is Thanksgiving Friday. I'm sure glad I did, considering the way you played today!"
"I'm really glad I came up from Miami to scout you," Mr. Malcolm informed Andrew, holding up the video camera. "I got lots of footage to show the admissions office. I think you've just guaranteed yourself an early full scholarship! Congratulations Andrew!"
When he saw the shocked look on his dad's face, Andrew realized Mr. Malcolm had not told Mr. Pearson what school he was from. As Chad's look of shock grew into a beaming grin of pride, Andrew realized he had done a good job that day.
"We'd be honoured to have you over for dinner tonight," Mrs. Pearson informed Mr. Malcolm. "It would give us all a good chance to discuss Andrew's future."
"Good idea," Mr. Malcolm agreed. "You go get changed Andrew, and I'll discuss a few more things with your parents. We'll be here when you get back."
"Sounds like a good idea," Andrew agreed. "See you all later."
He headed to the locker room to get showered and changed, waving as he went.
"Andrew is the most phenomenal player I have ever seen in my life," Mr. Malcolm informed Chad and Susan Pearson. "The University of Miami would be honoured to have him join our team next fall."
"That is exactly what I was hoping for," Chad informed Mr. Malcolm. "I'm glad that Andrew is so close to achieving his dream."
"When I go back to Miami tomorrow, how would you two and Andrew like to come along?" Mr. Malcolm suggested. "It would be a great recruiting visit and it would be very appropriate, considering this is Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend. This could be our way of saying "thank you" to Andrew, for proving what a great asset he will be to our team."
"Sounds like a great idea," Susan agreed. "I have the entire Thanksgiving weekend off as well. Does Andrew know yet?"
"Yes he does," Mr. Malcolm replied. "I told him about the tickets during the game. He sounded really excited about coming to University of Miami, despite the presence of a scout from Florida State."
"Hey, that's where Steve's dad went," Chad realized. "And I went to Miami myself. Did you know that?"
"Yes I did," Mr. Malcolm replied. "I have seen a few of the football trophies from about 25 years ago with your name on them."
"Yeah, before I blew out my knee, I had quite an NFL career," Chad remembered, smiling. "Fortunately, I made enough money in the few years I played to pay for our house outright. Hindsight shows that we didn't have our incomes drained by mortgage payments, so we had more to save up for the RESPs. I am now the Vice-President of my company, so I cannot complain about how things have turned out. Don't tell Andrew, but the rumours around the office indicate that the company president may name me as his successor! That would represent a major boost to our lifestyles!"
"Sound like things worked out pretty well for you," Mr. Malcolm realized. "You must have taken Sports or Business Management when you played at our school."
"Yeah I did," Chad confirmed. "Hindsight shows that was a smart decision as well, ensuring our family's financial future."
"It seems like Andrew's brains are passed down from you two," Mr. Malcolm realized. He turned to Susan and said, "Chad told me, before you arrived, that you became a millionaire in five years thanks to your home-based business."
"Yes I did," Susan confirmed. "But I'd appreciate it if you didn't spread that around. We decided early on to hide our wealth, by living in a middle class neighbourhood. We are the first generation of our respective families to have such wealth, and we didn't achieve it by splurging. However, we do have the money to completely finance our kids' education with no trouble, if necessary."
"The Alumni Discount should help with that," Mr. Malcolm informed them.
"What Alumni Discount?" Chad repeated. "What's that?"
"Your son Andrew will get a ten or fifteen percent discount by going to our school, since you are an Alumnist," Mr. Malcolm reminded him. "That should shave 5,000 dollars off his yearly college costs. And by the time you factor in the academic and athletic scholarships, Andrew may have about half of his yearly costs paid for already!"
"Don't forget about the income from Andrew's job at my company," Chad added. "Andrew is a fully certified Personal Trainer and he does all the heavy unloading of the trucks as well! His yearly income matches some middle class ones, even working only part time!"
"We'll have to get him a work permit so that he can work in Miami," Mr. Malcolm decided. "That way, he could be a bouncer, or even a Personal Trainer at one of the gyms in Miami Beach! He'd really keep his cash flow intact that way!"
"What way are you talking about?" Andrew asked them, returning from the locker room in his street clothes. "What have you been talking about while I was getting my shower?"
"Just getting to know each other a little better," Chad replied. "Are you ready to come home for supper now?"
"Yes I am," Andrew replied. "Is Mr. Malcolm coming as well?"
"Would you like to join us for supper, Mr. Malcolm?" Susan asked him.
"Certainly, I'd be glad to," Mr. Malcolm replied. "And please, call me Alan."
"Of course Alan," Chad said, shaking his hand. "Well Andrew, we'll see you at home."
"Bye Dad," Andrew said, waving as his parents headed for their cars.
"Now, what were you talking about with my parents, Alan?" Andrew asked Mr. Malcolm.
"We were just discussing how you may be the second generation of your family to be rich," Mr. Malcolm replied.
"That may well be true," Andrew agreed, as he saw three teammates come out of the locker room. He leaned closer to Mr. Malcolm and whispered, "Just keep it quiet for now, okay? Once I get into the NFL, I won't be able to hide my wealth anymore. However, I'd like to keep my own income secret right now."
"No problem," Mr. Malcolm agreed, as Ralph and Connor approached them. "I was really impressed with your performance guys, enough to bring you along tomorrow on the trip to Miami. How does that sound?"
"That sounds great!" Connor shouted in excitement. "I've always wanted to see Miami!"
"Well now's your chance," Mr. Malcolm informed him, shaking his hand. "Congratulations to both of you. Meet Andrew and me here at 9 am tomorrow morning."
"What happens then?" Andrew asked, waving to the guys as they headed home.
"Strength tests to make sure you'll be fit enough to play for us," Mr. Malcolm informed Andrew. When he saw the smug grin on Andrew's face, he added, "You have every reason to be confident, Andrew. You are the most phenomenal player I have ever seen, and I have been coaching for 20 years!"
"I'm sure the newspaper article and the news interview explained why," Andrew realized. "I was glad that the reason for my great strength was revealed. I didn't want everyone to think I was on steroids or something!"
"No chance of anyone thinking that now," Mr. Malcolm realized. "I'll just call Miami after dinner and arrange everything. The administration there needs to know what a powerhouse I'm bringing down with me tomorrow."
"Powerhouse?" Andrew repeated. "Isn't that a bit inaccurate? I don't have the power to lift a house; yet!"
"Do you have any idea how strong you will actually get?" Mr. Malcolm asked him, as they walked back to his rental van.
"No idea," Andrew realized, smiling at Carrie, who was waiting by his car. "I'd love to be strong enough to lift a bus, or a tractor trailer!"
"You'd be a great supplement to emergency crews with that kind of power!" Mr. Malcolm informed him, his eyes widening. "I should tell the Miami-Dade county EMTs all about you! With your car-lifting power, you could rip crushed doors off wrecked cars, instead of having to wait for the Jaws of Life to arrive! Imagine the lives that could be saved if we could get to them more quickly!"
"I hadn't thought about that," Andrew realized, as Mr. Malcolm got into his van. "I guess I have a lot to think about. See you at home, Alan."
"Goodbye Andrew!" Mr. Malcolm said, backing the van out of the parking space. "Your new life is about to begin! Get ready!"
Andrew waved as Mr. Malcolm drove away. He then turned as he felt Carrie's arms around his waist.
"Hey there," Andrew said to her, smiling softly. "Did you enjoy that game?"
"Your power was amazing!" Carrie marveled. "I can't believe you just stood there while five people bounced off you! That was an incredible display of your great strength! I guess Mr. Malcolm was right when he called you a powerhouse!"
"Yes, it was very flattering," Andrew said. "I must admit that I am a bit overwhelmed by all this attention! One day I'm a football player, and the next, I'm on the road to glory on the gridiron!"
"I guess you're right," Carrie agreed, not exactly sure what Andrew had meant by his last phrase. "Mr. Malcolm invited me down to Miami as well, since it is the perfect chance for me to see my future school."
"Good idea," Andrew agreed, opening the car door for her. "I'm glad this trip isn't all about me! I?m getting embarrassed by all the attention, though I hide it around Mr. Malcolm."
"I would never have known you were embarrassed!" Carrie informed him. "You seemed to slide smoothly into the role of a future NFL star!"
"Slide smoothly?" Andrew repeated, grinning. "I play football, not baseball!"
"Okay, okay, I picked the wrong phrase!" Carrie apologized. "I'm sorry!"
"You'd better be," Andrew growled softly, picking her up effortlessly and sitting her on his car roof. Then he grinned to let her know he was just kidding around. "You wouldn't want to make me mad, would you?"
"I can't remember the last time you were mad at me," Carrie realized. "But I remember the last time you were mad when I was around; back in July."
"Oh yeah, when Steve accused me of being on Steroids," Andrew remembered. "That's the main reason I told everyone everything, as soon as Marge and Margaret told me. I didn't want any more jealous rants from everyone else!"
"Not to worry," Carrie assured him, hugging him gently. "You weren't even mad during the game, when Twin Lakes faked you out." Andrew's face turned red, as if he were getting mad. "Can you promise me something?" she asked him.
"What's that?" Andrew asked, taking a deep breath so that he wouldn't get mad at Carrie for bringing up his mistake.
"Can you promise me that you won't get mad?" Carrie asked.
"I'm afraid not," Andrew replied, realizing that he was getting more upset as he thought about his mistakes during the game. "To be angry is to be human, and I'm really mad that I couldn't help our team shut out the Twin Lakes team!"
"Shut out?" Carrie asked, deciding to lighten the mood. "Last time I checked, it was football season, not hockey season!"
Andrew frowned at her in anger and Carrie just stared at him for a moment, a little uncertain of what he was thinking. Andrew let out a slow breath to keep from snapping, though Carrie noticed his fists were clenched.
"I have an idea," Andrew finally said, relaxing his clenched fists, once he saw Carrie staring at them. "I'll stop complaining if you stop the bad jokes."
"You started it," Carrie reminded him, grinning smugly. "Can't the big man take what he gives out?"
"Okay, okay!" Andrew pleaded, raising his hands. "I give up! I can't match wits with you! Will you stop now?"
"Sure I'll stop," Carrie agreed. "I just wanted you to realize how close your anger is to the surface. That's why it is so scary to other people and why you have to remain calm! Aroused, your great physical strength could kill someone, even accidentally!"
"So that was all just an anger test?" Andrew asked, frowning again.
?Not a test, a lesson!? Carrie corrected him. ?Big strong people like you are supposed to be kind and gentle; not dangerous!?
?I?ll remember that,? Andrew assured her, taking a deep breath to calm down. He put his arms around her and added, ?I can be kind and gentle, you know. I?ll do my best not to get angry around other people, knowing now how scared they get when I get angry. It?s just so hard to control my temper sometimes, even though I am getting better at it.?
?I noticed that,? Carrie realized. ?You took deep breaths to keep from snapping at me, even though your fists were clenched. Don?t worry though; I know how to take care of your temper.? She leaned forward and kissed him gently. ?By the time I?m through with you, you?ll be a big purring cat!?
?Oh really,? Andrew said, grinning as he kissed her back. He flexed his bicep and added, ?Who are you calling a cat? I?m a monster: a muscle monster!?
?You?re my muscle monster,? Carrie reminded him, smiling as Andrew laughed softly. ?Don?t forget that big man!? When Andrew grinned at her, she added, ?So, do I have to get off this car roof by myself, or are you going to help me??
?I?ll help you,? Andrew replied, holding out his hand. When Carrie shook her head, Andrew asked, ?Did you want me to lift you and set you down?? When Carrie nodded, Andrew smirked and added, ?You really get turned on by my great strength, don?t you??
?I can?t get turned on, I don?t have a switch,? Carrie reminded him, grinning as she saw Andrew shake his head at her bad joke.
?I thought you were going to stop the bad jokes if I stopped complaining,? Andrew reminded her.
?If you call my jokes bad, then you are complaining again,? Carrie realized. ?All bets are off in that case.?
?Okay, okay!? Andrew said, lifting her gently off the car roof. ?We could go on like this all day, but we have to get home and meet Mr. Malcolm at my house.?
?Just drop me off at my house please,? Carrie asked him. ?I should let you and your family talk alone with Mr. Malcolm.? She got in the car as Andrew opened the car door for her, and added, ?It?s probably private family business anyway.?
?You?re probably right,? Andrew agreed, getting in the car. ?But if you marry me after college, my family business will become yours.? He started the car, once they had their seatbelts on, and they headed out of the parking lot. ?I really look forward to that day.?
?I do as well,? Carrie assured him, smiling at the thought. ?I knew you were the one for me as soon as I met you 12 years ago.?
?I knew the same thing about you,? Andrew informed her, smiling softly.
As Andrew and Carrie drove home, they both realized how lucky they were to have found each other.
Sean Lackie
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