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Cade Gets Sexed

I haven't written anything in a long time. Here's something. For those of you who like tags, it has:

- Sex. A lot of sex. It's pretty much Dick Central.
- Muscle growth
- Increase in height
- Growth through/during sex
- Typos; not through choice!

Please enjoy. If you don't enjoy reading it, that's ok as I certainly enjoyed writing it.

- Dem

Karl straightened his dark brown leather jacket and eyed the house in front of him with an arched back. At last, he was at the house where Leanne lived. She?d been evasive about him meeting her at her home, always getting out the car a few streets away, but eventually he learned she lived at number 1, Grit Lane. It was a pleasant surprise when she invited Karl over - it was a long overdue visit, and he didn?t know what to expect. Leanne was very tight-lipped about her home and family. Not in a ?force fed dog food and whipped as I scrub the floors? kind of way, it was just a subject she simply didn?t pick up on in conversations. All he knew was that her mother was a businesswoman in some legal firm or other.

He opened the large gate, shutting it with as little noise as possible. The black painted steel clanged gently behind the young man as he made his way to the modest red door, seeing nothing of interest ? that is, no Leanne ? in the bay window. He was early; maybe she was still getting ready? That sounded about right. He?d taken the earliest buses he could, the morning still crisp and cold as it woke from the frosty night. It was that strange time of the morning where traffic was minimal, as if the day hadn?t truly started yet. Little did Karl know, it hadn?t. Not until he was inside the house. Had he known, perhaps he would not have knocked on the door, pacing from one cold foot to the other as he waited with barely restrained patience.

As he waited for someone to answer the door, Karl?s brown eyes scanned the nearby houses. They were terraced, large ones but terraced all the same, and there was an identical bay window next door, as all the houses on the street seemed to be made from the same template. Cookie cutter houses, Karl mused, averting his eyes as a figure appeared in the neighbouring window. However, he soon returned his gaze when he saw the man stood there, watering the small bonsai tree in the window. Damn, the man was hot! Karl was as straight as a straight guy could be, or so he told himself. But this man was stacked, with a proud V-shape and a strong, sturdy musclegut dusted with brown hair. His round, wide shoulders led down to thick, corded arms that Karl watched as the man tilted the comically small watering can. The veins in his forearms bulged and writhed as if he was flexing whilst performing such a simple task. He didn?t appear to notice his audience as he watered the plant, his free hand moving to scratch his thick chest as he set the little watering can down. He then turned away and went further into the house, out of Karl?s sight. Damn, Karl thought at the sight of his broad back, you could watch a film on that! A thud from inside Leanne?s house caught his attention and he returned to wondering who was going to answer the door, though the glimpse of the muscled bloke at number 3 took place over a matter of seconds. Karl sometimes thought about using weights, but he didn't think he wanted to be as big as that guy.

The door opened, and Karl opened his mouth against his will ? thoughts of the man next door were quickly scattered from his mind. The first thing he saw was one enormous, rugged hand gripping the very top of the door with giant fingers threatening to dent the wood. Shrouded in the shadow of the unlit hallway, some giant beast was watching him. Karl adjusted to the lack of light enough to see it was a human, if an extremely tall and muscular one. The door was simply a rest for the man to lean on like any other man would use the back of a chair, though it creaked slightly under what was surely a very heavy force. The veined forearm rested along the top of the door as well, and it had to be larger than one of Karl?s legs. Or both of them. That meant his biceps had to be even bigger, and Karl simply gaped up at them. The man was all arms! No, that was a lie. These arms were separated by the widest, most massive chest Karl had ever seen. True, he was the biggest man he had ever seen without a doubt, but still... the gargantuan pecs strained and heaved without much of a thought, the enormous bulging muscles sticking out obscenely over the abs which were probably as thick as Karl?s body. Each brick looked as if it could be gripped and climbed like a man on the side of Uluru, though no rock could be so hard and warm at the same time, surely? The overhang of the thick pecs would make climbing up nearly impossible without being a practiced climbing expert. With one huge meaty fist gripping onto the top of the doorframe, in the other hand the man held a mug which would be uncomfortably large in Karl?s hands, but just had the fourth finger on this massive man?s hand rammed through the handle. Did a man so large drink coffee? A strange thought, but the homely sight of a morning coffee seemed so out of place alongside the great mountain of manliness that blocked any entry into the house. Even relaxed, he looked as if he could knock through the wall, never mind the door he?d just opened. The arm Karl could see was not only incredibly thick, but wide enough that a man could slide down it and never fall off.

Karl?s eyes strayed down to the man?s legs. They were equally huge, as expected. The dense muscles rippled from the man with the bulky yet cut appearance of someone who had no fat on their body. These pillars of muscle had to be as wide around as... Karl thought for some sort of comparison... bin lids? Awe made his similes lame. The leg closest to him was the one which he scrutinised, and it was pulsing and throbbing with more veins than he had ever seen in one place. Strewn over hulking quads and striking diamond thighs, Karl blinked as he followed them down to the man?s feet, at least before the old adage brought him back up to the waist area. The man wore boxer shorts, but they weren?t like any Karl had ever seen simply because they were the largest pair he could imagine, and then some. Even so, they were snug about the colossal waist and tight all over. If the waistband was but an inch lower it would be obscene. Regardless, a prodigious length of twitching dick, easily larger than Karl?s forearm, ran extremely close to the bottom of the boxers. It was like he?d stuffed someone?s leg down there, never mind an arm, and the dark boxers were tightly wrapped around as if the meat was a present waiting to be unwrapped. The cloth itself was taut due to the man?s thighs being so incredibly thick, and the amount of material it had to take to cover his manhood meant these simply had to be custom made, no doubt about it. Custom made for a slightly less giant man, as he looked ready to tear out of them at any moment.

?Can I help you??

Karl looked up at the man?s face. It was possible to see, once he could look past the looming pecs, rolling shoulders and the traps which seemed to make his neck wider than his head. The man?s hair was short and a very dark red, with his face covered in the thick stubble that some men got even though they shaved the day before. His expression was that of a sleepy man who had just found his morning coffee, and Karl hoped he wasn?t grumpy. He seemed expectant, as if waiting for something from Karl. That was when the lad realised the man had asked him a question, and he had better answer, but thinking was a little bit of a challenge right then. Never before had Karl encountered someone of such calibre.

?Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmm... uhhhmmmm? was all Karl could reply. The door opened a fraction wider, and a binlid hand invited Karl into the house. He positively scurried into the hallway and then into the well lit living room. The heat that exuded from the man was almost overwhelming, and up close the musky scent of a man who had just been sleeping was all the more obvious. It was best to hurry past before he got too focused on this intoxicating scent. Interestingly, the doors were not an abnormal size for this impossibly large man. Was he Leanne?s father? There wasn?t much of a resemblance between Leanne and this man, though Karl hadn?t exactly been thinking of his sweetheart when drinking in the image of this man.

Stood considering this in the living room, Karl looked back in time to see as well as feel the man stomp past, though he only saw up to the man?s upper abs beyond the doorframe. Karl took a seat on the sofa before his legs gave away. They felt a little like jelly, though for some reason there was a part of Karl that was most certainly not soft in the slightest.

?Leanne,? the man rumbled. It wasn?t a shout, but still his voice seemed to shake the foundations of the house. ?Leanne, there?s someone here for you.?

Leanne?s reply was much louder and tinged with suspicious surprise. ?What? Already?? Karl tried to stand as his girlfriend ran down the stairs noisily, but by the time she appeared in a fluffy white dressing gown he was still on the sofa and ogling at her father(?) stooped in the doorway behind her. There was no way a man with such a thick chest and back could ever hope to get through the door sideways, never mind challenging those mountainous shoulders to test the doorway. Instead he leaned down to look into the living room with one hand resting against his thigh.

?He didn?t run away,? the man pointed out. ?Is this Karl??

?I see,? Leanne replied quietly. ?And yes, yes it is.?

?I?ll be downstairs,? the man said. ?Shout me if you need anything.?

The footsteps didn?t disappear, only rumbled less as he presumably went downstairs. Was he kept in the basement like some sort of huge muscle monster?

?That?s my uncle,? Leanne said. ?You can call him Mr Anderson, or just Cade. He doesn?t mind either.? She looked at her feet. ?I don?t often invite people over. He tends to intimidate people.?

I can?t imagine why, Karl thought wryly to himself, but he knew better than to point that out. ?I?ve never seen him in town,? he said instead as he took off his jacket. He realised he had been sweating like a pig, and instead shuffled it back on. ?I would have remembered.?

?He doesn?t get out much,? Leanne answered. She seemed to relax a little when she saw Karl wasn?t about to run away. ?Hey, do you want a drink? Then we?ll decide what to do for the rest of the day. After all,? the young woman looked at the clock and sighed, ?the day is young. So very young...?

?Sure, that would be great. Just a coke if you?ve got it.?

Leanne went to get him a drink, and Karl slumped back further in the chair. Mr Anderson filled his vision like he had filled the front door. He imagined the man working out in the gym, ever piece of equipment inadequate for his immense strength. The barbells, he?d pick up with a thumb and finger and frown at, his stubbly face twisting into a bemused smirk before heading over to the bench press machine and hoisting up the weight resting on there with equal ease...

Karl heard the front door open, and a cheery voice call ?Yoo-hoo! It?s only me.?

?Mum!? Leanne called from the kitchen. ?Hey Mum, Karl?s here.?

?Well isn?t that nice?? the woman said as she entered the living room behind her daughter. Leanne and her mother had near identical builds, though the older of the pair had large blonde hair which reminded Karl of the 80s and bad power ballads. At least her white business suit was clean and free of such connotations. She took a seat on the chair nearest the door and took the coke meant for Karl. ?You can call me Meg,? she said warmly. Leanne definitely got her looks from her mother.

?It?s a good job you?re here,? Leanne said as she sat on the edge of the sofa Karl was on. ?I was just gonna explain to Karl about Uncle Cade.?

?But honey, we're supposed to be going to Nanny Laura?s remember? We can?t take Karl, you know how she is about men.? Leanne looked crestfallen. ?But we won?t be long, so Karl could wait here for you seeing as he came all the way from...?? Meg looked to Karl expectantly.

?It wasn?t far,? he lied, thinking of the two buses it took thanks to the awful one-way system. He couldn?t wait until the day his parents actually let him have his own car instead of borrowing theirs when they felt generous.

?As long as Uncle Cade doesn?t mind,? Leanne said with a smile at Karl. ?I?ll go get dressed.? She gave Karl an endearing girly wave before turning and skipping back upstairs. She sometimes reminded Karl of Britney Spears, back when she was young, lean and supposedly a virgin.

There was an awkward silence as Meg went through her bag and Karl whipped out his phone. He was just playing on Angry Birds and minding his own business. What reason did Leanne have for not living with her mother? He didn?t want to ask when the woman was sat right there and it was less pressing than thoughts of ?how the hell did he get so big?? and ?what does Leanne do for parents evening??. He was also stuck on level 7.

Leanne soon returned to the room wearing a white cardigan over a pink dress. Damn, she was beautiful. ?Ready to go?? she asked her mother.

?Ready when you are dear!? Meg replied with nothing but smiles, taking her hand. ?Won?t be long Karl, just make yourself at home.? Her tone was light as the pair of women left the house, leaving Karl alone with nobody else in the house but the humungous Uncle Cade. When they were well and truly gone, Karl sat back down on the settee with a flop. I should leave, he thought. It wasn?t a dejected thought, it was a survival thing. This was not what he had in mind when he knocked on the door just ten minutes before. He lifted off the sofa and made his way to the door lightly, in case someone or something attempted to stop him. His hand was on the handle when a deliciously deep voice called ?Leaving so soon, Karl? Come downstairs.? Shit. How could he hear him from downstairs?

Karl considered his options. He could make a run for it, but the man would probably sit on him and crush the air from his lungs should he manage to squeeze out of the house and take chase. He could go and find this basement, and see this massive man again in all his oversized glory. It wasn?t a difficult choice; the teen took his hand from the handle and went to the kitchen, looking around as the man had come this way to head downstairs. There was another door leading to a dark oak dining room, and in here there was a massive door. A massive door for a massive man. Karl opened it and flinched at the darkness, but he wasn?t going to turn away. He could hear heavy breathing from the bottom; his own quickened as he went down the steps. The heavy door shut behind him but Karl was half-expecting that as he navigated the large stairs.

?I?m glad you didn?t run away,? the deep voice of Leanne?s uncle boomed.

Karl licked his lips. He was at the bottom of the stairs, his eyes adjusting to the darkness. ?Me too Mr. Anderson,? he said slowly. He didn?t know why. Maybe it was the smell of concentrated man that skewered his thinking.

The lights turned on. They weren?t too bright, just suitably shady. Karl looked about the basement room. It covered the entire of the ground floor, void of windows. A makeshift kitchen made up one wall, and a bed the other. A few lamps, books and a large toilet made the rest of the room up. Karl thought it was a toilet, but at least a crude shower curtain covered the place. Judging by the sloping floor there, it was probably where he cleaned. Karl couldn?t be sure at a glance.

?Just call me Cade,? the man said. He was sat on the bed, coffee cup in hand. He sat with his legs apart, a necessary stance, the great bulge of his boxer shorts given room to rest between two massive thighs. ?Do you know what I want to do before I die, Karl? I want to have fingers too big for this mug. Come here and hold it.?

Karl went over as instructed, taking the mug offered to him. So close, the man loomed in a way which sent shivers along his spine. The mug was large in both of his hands, the handle extra large for an extra large person. The coffee nearly overwhelmed the man?s heady scent, but not quite. Karl looked for somewhere to put the mug down.

?Just put it by the sink,? Cade told him. Karl went over, hearing Cade move as he did so. When he put the mug down a pair of gigantic hands gripped him on each arm, easily covering his shoulders down to his elbows. They were like hard hot water bottles heating his arms. ?My niece needs a man who can take care of her, Karl. Are you that man??

?Uhhh...? those strong hands turned him around, and Karl looked up to meet nothing but pecs, dusted lightly with dark red hair. The impulse to grab one was strong, and it was lucky for Karl that the man had such a grip on his arms; he didn?t think he could move them if his life depended on it. He would instead have to make do with staring at the thick pec meat, and the large nipples pointing almost downwards in invitation for him to tease at them with his tongue...

?I don?t think you are ready. Yet.? The hands let go and Cade moved over to the bed, lying down on it heavily. Cade stood and watched, stupefied by the unnatural thoughts in his head. ?Come here. No,? he added as Karl moved to the side of the bed, ?lie next to me.? So Karl did, liking that he didn't have to think, and it was like lying next to a huge, hot wall. When Cade turned to face him he seemed to tower even higher. His head didn?t even reach the pillows, he had to hold his head up on a propped hand. The other hand draped over Karl and seemed to cover him like a blanket, the hand on his shoulder. On impulse Karl lifted his own hand to grab at a finger as if he was a baby being teased by a parent.

?Bloody hell,? the young man muttered, looking pointedly at Cade?s face. He wasn?t going to look down at the extremely stretched boxers, nor at how their contents were shifting obviously. So close, Cade?s warm coffee breath almost overrode the smell of his muscled body. That was easier to focus on, though Karl was aware that he was achingly hard in his jeans and his free hand was resting atop them in a quiet attempt to make himself more comfortable. ?You are so...?

?Humungous?? Cade asked, his deep voice full of mirth as, this close, it seemed to ripple through Karl. ?Huge? Massive? Enormous??

?Well... yeah,? Karl nodded his head, ?all of those. More than that though.? His hand massaged himself a little, and Cade?s hand slipped from his shoulder to rest over it.

?Take those clothes off and let me tell you a story,? he said.


Cade Gets Sexed

An amorous tale by Demandred

Meg felt her way along Cade?s granite hard biceps, her fingers clenching at the muscle in a vain attempt to force the man?s body to yield in her grasp. The thrill of delight at this failure brought a soft gasp to her mouth, and she looked up at the man with a lusty smile. ?You are so handsome,? she breathed, planting a kiss on his mouth.

?I know,? Cade replied casually. He grinned as he put his arms around the lithe blonde, ?I?m glad you like all the hard work I put in.?

Oh, she did. He was a good height, 6ft 1, with broad shoulders and a great build even before he knew what a dumbbell was. It was Meg, his childhood sweetheart, who suggested that he went to the gym. Not because he needed it, but oh did he pull off the muscled look well. No longer did his thick 9 inches seem too large for his body, as he broadened out and carried himself taller. Meg happily hung on his arm wherever they went, and she supposed he was happier too.

?I got a real good pump at the gym,? Cade enthused as he led Meg upstairs to their bedroom. ?I love the feel of it, it means my workouts are gonna pay off.?

?They already have,? Meg pointed out as she grabbed Cade?s hand, pausing him in his tracks. He turned to look down at her, his dark eyes and his smile making her shiver all over again. ?Look at you, you look nothing like Jaysen now. If it wasn?t for your hair people wouldn?t even think you were brothers.?

Cade snorted at that, and then tugged Meg into the bedroom. ?Jaysen?s got a good swimmer?s build but it?s nothing on me.? Meg smiled at that comment, sure that now Cade had a good forty pounds or so on his younger brother now.

?And you?re going to get even bigger, too,? Meg said confidently.

?I?m gonna do my best,? Cade replied, letting out a slight grunt as he picked Meg up to rest on the desk. He stood between her legs in just his tight black boxer shorts, his bulge difficult to miss even then. His abs were coming along nicely, taut and tight with the softest lining of dark hair that was more prominent at his broad chest. As Cade grabbed Meg?s head and pulled her towards him for a kiss she supported herself with her hands atop the firm muscle, returning his enthusiasm with her own. Oh God, she thought as she squeezed her hands ? once again in vain ? against his muscle, I wish he was bigger. There was nothing wrong with his current size, not in the slightest, but Meg could see the man swelling in her mind?s eye, his shoulders brushing doorways and his hair brushing the tops of them as he squeezed into a room, wearing nothing but his underwear and that gleam in his eye that he had when he?d been working out. The stench of his intense regime would hit her nose, and she?d try to climb his body, at least until he picked her up and held her there like anyone else would a kitten. With these images in mind Meg squeezed her hands tighter.

?Take those boxer shorts off and lie down, let me give you a kiss.? Her hand gripped his boxers, and she let out a gasp of delight at what she felt there. He might be tired from his workout, but his dick certainly wasn?t. Cade happily went over to the bed and lay on his back as Meg straddled his thighs. Removing his underwear slowly like a child would open a present ? she didn?t want to wait for him to do it when she could - Meg looked down with anticipation as his thick manhood was freed. She held it in her left fist at the base as she leaned down to take it in her mouth, silently daydreaming to herself that it would one day grow even larger than his brother?s. An idle daydream, and she loved him for who he was; he had nothing to be ashamed of at all. But the shift from Jaysen to Cade had been less enjoyable in this one aspect, and what could Meg do but acknowledge that she was a muscle whore and a fan of the oversized? These daydreams hit her more often than before, impossible to ignore when so much delicious manliness ? so much potential! ? was threatening to fuck her every which way. More. She lowered herself onto him, drinking his muscled image in with her eyes. Cade?s lips were parted slightly as his strong hands cupped her waist, caught in the throes of sexual bliss. What they had was enough... but settling on your laurels was an old-fashioned concept.


Time passed, and Cade trained as he usually did. His progress was pleasing to Meg, though spending almost every evening with the man, sleeping with him, being in his presence, meant she often missed out on his progress until she saw everything at once. It was a thrill all in itself, one day in particular sticking out at the start of his transition into more than just the average gym-goer. It was after a particularly aggressive session of love-making on the kitchen table, when Meg felt like she was going to walk a little funny for a few days. Cade heaved himself off her with a grin, letting out a pleased growl as he looked down at her naked form. His chest, she realised, was notably broader, and his arms and shoulders seemed to have an additional pump she hadn?t appreciated until then. The rounder, bulkier biceps seemed more sure of themselves, rippling and flexing with the slightest movement from Cade. His hands seemed a little off when they were on her skin, but only because they were in fact larger than they used to be. Surely that was her imagination? Looking up at the man, his thick neck splitting to heavy traps and round shoulders on each side, Meg realised she wasn?t imagining things.

?You like this?? Cade asked, seeing Meg?s gaze on his developed upper body. His grin was broad as he hoisted the woman up, ?I think of you when I?m working out. It makes me get that last rep out each time. I can feel the muscles straining, like they?re gonna burst, but you make it easier.? He leaned down to brush her lips with some stubbly kisses. Meg lifted a hand to his bristly facial hair and noted the way he stooped that little bit more to kiss her. Only a little, but... ?are you taller?? she asked him, her eyebrow raised. She was rather direct.

Cade shook his head, still smiling. ?Nah, I can?t be. I mean, that doesn?t happen does it? But then again...? he looked rather thoughtful. ?I did have to get some new shoes, mine were a little tight. And my work uniform?s a bit snug but I thought that was me leaving it in the wash for too long.?

?I?ll get a measuring tape,? Meg told him, breathing a little heavily ? already! Again! ? as she went to find one in his toolbox. Cade had a toolbox, and unlike a lot of men he knew how to use it. Only the other day he?d fixed the plumbing under the sink, for example. He did so like to tinker with things, like his car at the weekend.

?6ft 2?? Cade asked, a little surprised. ?Are you sure? Not that I mind,? he added, ?but...? the man was grinning down at Meg, ?I think I could get used to this.?

?Some people do get a bit taller, even when they?re adults,? Meg said to him. She didn?t mention how it was almost like a wish come true. ?All your hard work must be telling your body to get bigger... everywhere.? She gave Cade a wink and slid closer to the man, who was still as naked as the day he was born. As was she, but it was his body she was more interested in; Meg reached up to kiss him, wrapping her arms around his neck and letting Cade put her against the wall. Already he was getting hard again, which was a pleasure for both of them as he kissed along her neck and lowered his hand down to where Meg was hoping he would put something else.

?Bedroom,? he said as he nipped at her shoulders. That was where the rest of the condoms were.


Time passed, and Cade didn?t seem to be alarmed by the changes which Meg was sure had something to do with her desire for him to be bigger. He was larger than Jaysen in all ways now, something which just thinking about made her bite her lip and shift where she sat.

They walked in the park, when it was a bit nicer outside. Meg brought Cade some bigger shoes, though size 14 were the largest they had so if his feet got any larger they?d need to order some online. They were heading through the park during Cade?s lunch hour when Meg looked up at him, and couldn?t help but give the smallest of starts. He?s grown even bigger, she thought to herself, biting her lip. He was packing some serious size, in a light purple tee which was stretched alarmingly over his immense upper body. His bulging shoulders demanded more fabric than the tee offered for the shoulders, causing the sleeves to be drawn in closer to the man?s torso. This was assisted greatly by the globular quality of his biceps which also pushed them back to the small crevice of safety from too much tension, where the biceps ended and the shoulders began. His work overalls, the dark blue of a mechanic, were only half worn, the upper body section tied about his waist now he wasn?t in work. The way the material clung to his thick legs, and exposed a bit of his socks, was a giveaway that he was growing by the day.

Cade went to sit down on the swing as well, but faced two problems. His shoulders were notably wider than the chains either end of the swing, so he found himself sat awkwardly trying to hold them. More problematic was the fight between Cade?s huge thighs and his manhood, the three of which were contesting for room that simply wasn?t there. The quick battle was soon resolved by the thighs squeezing tightly together and the junk sort of resting on top. The image was a little obscene but what did people expect from a man of Cade?s calibre?

?Here you go,? Meg passed over the brown bag containing the man?s dinner. He took his own lunch to the garage but she knew that wasn?t enough, and that lunchtime she met him there to pass along some more vittles. A growing man needed his stomach filling, after all. It was costly, sure, but Meg happily footed the bill for the bull. If she didn?t he would just head into town on his lunch break and get food elsewhere, so at least this way she got to see more of him. And oh, there was so much of him to see! Meg watched, entranced, as Cade tore the bag open and took out the sandwiches, the simple act of putting the food to his mouth causing his biceps to crunch and bunch and swell invitingly. Cade ate mechanically, having moved from simply enjoying eating to performing the act to keep his body energised as well. As he did so the dark blue overalls appeared to be moving as well. The thick outline of Cade?s manhood was pulsing and shifting down along his thigh, obvious to Meg but Cade appeared to be ignoring it.

?Honey, you?re hard,? Meg told him with a smile, ?is that from eating??

Looking down, Cade let out a grunt. ?Meg, I get hard all the time,? he told her. ?If I?m at work I just have to ignore it.? He scrunched the empty bag up and set it on the ground, one hand straying to adjust his outlined dick for comfort.

?It?s a good job you aren?t at work right now then,? Meg pointed out with a smile. She stood and moved over to where Cade was sitting, offering her hands out to pull him to his feet. She doubted she could move him should Cade not feel like it, but stand he did, and Meg looked up at his hulking figure with a warmth that demanded satisfaction. Following Meg, Cade walked with a bit of a limp as his erection responded and reacted to this simple movement. He emitted a couple of gasps as Meg took him into a clump of trees, to a point surrounded by bushes and foliage on three sides and a tall brick wall on the fourth. There wasn?t a great deal of space but the only people who used this part of the park used it for the same reason, and not normally on a Thursday at 1pm. Cade didn?t seem concerned about detection as he sat with his back against the wall and smirked at Meg. ?You?re such a horndog.?

?Says you,? Meg responded, kneeling down between his thick legs. Her hands moved to remove his shirt, though this simple task had grown more difficult over time and she had to force the fabric to stretch over Cade?s thick pec muscles, and he had to lift his arms for her to pull the whole thing free from his warm, muscled body. She half-stood to get the garment fully free, then set it aside as she kneeled once more and put her hands on his thick ridges of abdominal muscle. ?You?re so warm,? she said, caressing the lightly furred abs, one hand moving to massage a meaty pec. Cade let out a groan as she pinched at his nipple playfully, flicking it with one hand before moving across to nibble at the other with her teeth. The twitching length of dick in Cade?s overalls shifted and bulged even more as the redhead let out a pleased groan, his hand moving to massage it whilst his other hand rested on the small of Meg?s back. The biting was strong enough to make him hiss, but not painfully; she knew him well. And the hand still stroking his abs gripped onto the muscle, groping him wantonly as she swapped nipples. The constant attention was intoxicating to Cade, and the warm rush of pleasure flowing through his body built constantly. He broke out into a sweat, his great chest heaving as he grew breathless and massaged himself with more intensity. The hand on Meg?s back moved to grab at her breasts and he began to gasp as his climax grew nearer.

?Meg,? he breathed, as the point of no return was reached and Cade?s entire body tensed... and tensed... and bulged more than ever. In the short space of time between reaching the point of climax and the actual ejaculation, Cade?s entire body shifted and grew. The great expanse that was his chest broadened and thickened as his upper body grew still wider, his globular shoulders rounding even more to accommodate the man?s even bulkier biceps and forearms. Larger, stronger hands gripped at Meg and his manhood both as he thrust his hips forwards, a long groan of pleasure marking the moment. His larger feet were uncomfortable in his shoes as another inch of sock was exposed to the world, and the already snug mechanic?s overalls stretched to hold the new mass in. His dick grew even longer and thicker before a copious dark stain told the world he?d cum. The stain spread down his leg with force, the man shuddering and gasping until it slowed to a trickle and he leaned back against the wall to catch his breath. He was spent, but he felt energised and better for it.

On the other hand Meg, whose climax was at the same time as Cade?s, was shaking with the aftermath of the main event, as seeing Cade visibly bulk to even more delicious proportions was exactly what her body craved. ?Oh my god,? she gasped, leaning against Cade with her hands on his thigh, unable to do or say more at that moment in time. It gave Cade a chance to look over his bulkier, sweaty form, and he did like what he saw, very much. However, it did confirm one thing.

?My growth isn?t natural,? he said matter of factly. ?I thought it was, but just now...?

Meg had no answer to that. She got the impression that the growth was partly down to her, but she was hardly going to tell Cade that. No, that had a chance of ruining what they had, and she was not letting go of that. ?Whatever happens, happens,? she said to him with a small smile, ?and I?m not going anywhere. So don?t worry.?

?Oh, I?m not worried.? Cade gently moved Meg aside so he could stand, looking down at himself and the mess he?d made. He moved with a pondering weight, his arms bulging and tensing as he hoisted himself up. ?I just don?t know why it?s happening. Or if it?ll stop. What if it doesn?t?? He tugged at his overalls, the material stretching over his round bubble butt and struggling to contain the mass that was his cock and balls. At a semi-erect state the pouch in the front was clearly inadequate for Cade. ?I need to head back to work. I?m gonna be late.?

?Like that?? Meg asked, gesturing to the long trail of wet down his trouser leg. ?Jack?s going to think you pissed yourself.? He sure wouldn?t believe it could be anything else, unless he got close enough for a smell.

?Jack won?t notice.? Cade snatched up the purple tee and set about forcing it back on ? Meg knew they would need a whole new set of clothes for him now. And some larger overalls for work too. The tee barely covered Cade, and a strip of skin could be seen between the bottom of the t-shirt and his overalls. His new body would be impossible to not notice, Meg was sure of that. Having the same thoughts as well, Cade forced his arms into the sleeves of his overalls and zipped it up as far as it could go. Whilst it was just barely possible to zip over his broad pecs that morning, right then the zip hardly made it to below the muscular shelf, and no coaxing could bring the overalls together either. At least he was covered, this way. He rolled his thick neck and twisted his jaw with his beefy hands before nodding to show he was ready. There was nothing they could do about it right then so why worry? Besides, at 6ft 3 and his current size, he was in very good shape. Men would kill to have his body, and women would kill other women to... have it as well. Stains and all. Damn, he really hoped Jack didn't spot anything...

As it was, upon his return to work Jack did notice. His boss, a slender mousey-haired man of a laidback disposition, was wondering where Cade was when he appeared outside the building, hand in hand with Meg. He leaned down to kiss her goodbye, then turned and returned to work with a grin on his face. ?Hey Jack, sorry I took so long. You know...? he nudged his head at the retreating blonde figure, ?women.?

Jack was a smart piece of work, and managed to keep his surprise from his face as he replied. ?I wouldn?t know,? he quipped with a grin, ?don?t worry about it. Mrs Vickers isn?t coming for her car until 5, so you?ve plenty of time still. I finished up the MOT work on Gregson?s whilst you were away; I?ll go sort the paperwork. You know where I?ll be.?

?Meg?s meeting me at 5 so I?ll definitely be done by then!? Cade assured Jack.

?I know, I trust you.? Before he could start gushing up at the man he turned and walked to his office as casually as he could, though he did cast a look over his shoulder as Cade hunched down and picked up the toolbox on the ground. Jack saw Cade most days and only a blind man would not see how large he was getting ? and he was pretty confident that Cade was bulkier than he had been before he went for lunch. It seemed like such a ludicrous notion, but the proof was right there. And what delicious proof it was! And he had definitely leaked something, though Jack had the sneaking suspicion it was not piss. Maybe it was him speaking from experience, knowing its appearance on overalls, and he wouldn?t have been grinning like he was when he returned either if he?d peed himself.

Admittedly, part of the reason Jack hired Cade three years ago, fresh out of college and looking for work, was because he was so easy on the eyes. Tall and friendly with a great smile, Jack wanted a change from the frumpy pot-bellied men who worked for him and didn?t seem to care about good quality work. Cade was always eager to do well and had great customer service, so his choice in hiring him was a good one. And with his third mechanic, Kenneth, moving to Nottingham or something, he was surprised and pleased to find that the two of them picked up their modest workload quite easily; he had no need for someone else. A pay rise was all Cade needed to be convinced to stay when other offers arrived, and since then they got on well. Not close enough to go for drinks after work, but friendly in a business sense. Having the handsome man around certainly made running the place more enjoyable, Jack thought, and his sudden ballooning in size was definitely not unwelcome. A final look over his shoulder greeting Jack with the sight of Cade's bending over to pick up a spanner he'd dropped, the curves of his ass stretching the overalls to the point where each muscled ass cheek was defined.

It was difficult to concentrate, but concentrate Jack did, finishing up the paperwork and making a few phone calls. When he was in his little office, he was always hard at work, and ready to lend a hand where needed. As his eyes kept shifting to the long, muscled legs barely contained within the overalls as Cade worked underneath the car outside, Jack found himself overwhelmed with untoward ideas to lend a hand elsewhere. He sported a modest boner all afternoon, and was afraid that if he went out there without easing his tension, he would do something he might regret. The last thing he wanted was for Cade to quit, or worse, go so far as to sue him.

?Listen,? he said when it came to half past four and they were finishing up early. ?You?re looking really good lately. Hitting the weights?? The man couldn?t help himself. There was nothing wrong with asking an innocent question, was there?

?Yeah, something like that.? Cade grinned and ran a hand through his red hair, the sleeve of his overalls stretching admirably. The sound of a few popped stitches filled the garage, and Jack casually looked elsewhere as Cade frowned and peered at his uniform to see what had happened.

?Let me get you something bigger,? he offered, returning to his office with a slight limp to fetch a couple of larger pairs of overalls. Kenneth was a big man, if in girth rather than hunky, delicious manly strength. The sort that shouldn?t be wrapped up in overalls. What the heck is the matter with me? Jack thought, shaking his head as he folded up the overalls that had been sat in a cupboard for some time. He?d never been so fixated over someone before. It was just a pleasant crush that made the working day go quicker, but now it was something more, and it was related to Cade?s sudden inexplicable growth. Would it happen again? Jack wasn?t sure he wanted to know. But working with Cade every day, he was sure he'd find out.


Time passed, and although he didn?t have a sudden spurt like that again, Cade could tell he was growing still. He had to scrape his shoulders against the doorframes in the house now, but Cade didn?t seem to notice that as he tried to put on his boxers. Even these new ones were too tight, his immense manhood straining them at the front, and his developed ass pushing at the back. ?Meg, we need to get more clothes!? he called to her, grumbling and giving up on getting them to cover him fully. The top of his dark, thick pubic hair could be seen as his meat bulged downwards. One paw went to fondle the weighty balls and the considerable girth he was packing, wondering at how it was even possible for a man to grow like this. He didn?t know what to say, but people had noticed it and there was nothing he could do but keep going to the gym. Heck, he didn?t think he could stop going even if he wanted to, as his enlarged body demanded constant action and constant attention. Losing the fight to get his underwear to fit properly, he trudged on downstairs. Cade twisted his shoulders to get through without giving it much thought, though he did notice that the top of the doorframe was closer than ever. I?ll be touching it with my head soon. He knew this for a certainty, and it was both exhilarating and terrifying. How could Meg be so cool with this? How could anyone, for that matter? He was outgrowing his overalls, again. He was lucky to have someone like Meg, who seemed to quite like what was happening. Cade was too, he couldn?t deny that when it made him feel so good, but it didn?t show any signs of stopping. 6ft 5, an inch a month and an inch from his spurt in the park. That was 4 inches in just 3 months. It was only April - at this rate he'd be over 7ft tall come Christmas!

Meg was in the kitchen dishing up breakfast when Cade entered. She set the empty pan in the sink with a little more force than intended as she looked up to see her tanned, bulging hunk of meatiness enter the room, walking with a gait that made his ample manliness shift and roll as it was knocked side to side by his huge thighs. Even as he stood there it seemed to shift, and Meg realised it was because Cade was getting hard. The lengthening tool tugged at the dark fabric and teasingly exposed more and more dark hair until the base of the thick shaft was exposed, at which point Cade put a hand to the boxer shorts.

?I was just saying,? he said to Meg, ?that I need new clothes.? He tore his hand away and the black material was torn from his granite body with ease, leaving room for his prodigious manhood to grow and grow to its fully erect state. Cade?s eyes were on Meg as his cock throbbed to full attention almost tantalisingly slowly, every heartbeat serving to thicken and lengthen the pulsing shaft until twelve proud, heavy inches pressed upwards and against Cade?s abdominals leaving a growing trail of precum that ran down the delicious flesh monster. Meg thought herself familiar with all of Cade?s body but this... this was something else altogether. It was his, but it was more now. And she loved it, wanted even more, because she could never get enough.

Thank god she was wearing just a dressing gown after their early morning romp, because she couldn?t take it off fast enough. Who cared if they?d been up since stupid o?clock enjoying one another? Cade?s ever increasing libido was met by Meg with relish, and as he took a seat at the table she went and perched on his ever expanding lap. There she had perfect access to his dick and, not being one to waste such a delicious opportunity, gripped the head firmly in her left hand. Cade?s growl of appreciation was not missed as his great bulging arm wrapped around Meg and held her close.

?Huh.? Cade looked down at Meg with his dark eyebrows raised and that smile on his face, ?a big breakfast, or some attention from my lovely girlfriend. Whatever should it be??

Meg reached up to pat his cheek with her free hand, before lowering it to join her other one. ?Why not have both?? she suggested, smirking up at him before lowering her head to accompany her hands in their stimulation of the man she was obsessed with. Cade enjoyed her tongue along his thick manhood immensely, his entire body tensing with pleasure, but from his chair he could see the time and he had to get a move on before work. Jack didn?t seem to mind when he was late, but it was happening every day and he was supposed to be a punctual man. The whole point in waking up earlier was to get their frantic morning sex out of the way first, though Cade was sorely underestimating their combined libido at this point. He watched as Meg extracted herself from his hulking body and grabbed the phone from the table, biting her lip as she eyed Cade. ?Love you,? she mouthed as she held the phone to her ear. They'd done this enough times that she knew what had him tensed up aside from her blowjob skills. ?Oh, hi there Jack, it?s just me, Meg... yeah... he?s feeling very under the weather... oh, really? There?s no need, that?s very sweet of you but he does need his rest. Uh huh. Okay. Bye bye.? Meg hung up and grinned from ear to ear, ?he wanted to come and check on you. Oh, bless him!? She could imagine why, but kept that to herself as she returned the phone to the table and wrapped her arms around Cade.

The man looked a little troubled, ?I shouldn?t pretend to be ill to have sex all day...?

?Look at it as a little treat to yourself. You work so hard for Jack, pulling out all the stops so he can be fully satisfied...? Meg couldn?t help herself, ?I know you try really hard to please him but he?ll just have to go it alone today.?

Cade let out a long sigh, his wide shoulders untensing as he smiled at Meg. ?So what were you saying about that breakfast and blowjob?? he asked, his guilt forgotten as he felt his manhood throbbing with need. He could go to the gym in the afternoon, maybe head to an all you can eat on the way back... not being at work did have its perks. Meg, who worked flexible hours, seemed to think the same thing as well, though when it came to dinnertime she supposed that she would have to show her face at work some time. Working part time was easy for her, though that was based on Cade earning a full time wage... and he probably didn?t have any sick days left.

?I?ll be back tonight,? she promised with a kiss on Cade?s cheek. He was sat on the bed, the covers tousled and half hanging on the floor, sighing contently as he casually masturbated himself in the afterglow of their morning sex. ?I?ll get you some bigger underwear, if they have any in your size. If not, we?ll head to the retail park down by Riversway at the weekend. You?ll need to get some more overalls.? She blew Cade a kiss, then slipped out of the room with a smile on her face. She did so like to see her man happy, and she doubted he?d bother to leave for the gym when he said he would. Once she was outside, her suit immaculate and not suggesting that she?d spent the morning being fucked senseless, she took out her phone and found a certain man?s number as she clipped to the car on tall heels. ?Hello, Jack? It?s only Meg. Cade?s feeling much better, but you should probably pop round with that bigger pair of overalls you?ve been threatening with. I think he?d like to see you as well...?


And like a good summoned puppy Jack knocked on the door half an hour later, overalls in a bag held precariously in front of his crotch. The slim man couldn?t imagine what he was going to see ? Cade had been looking larger and larger over the months, which was fine with him, but that was always in work. He was looking forward to it. A knock on the door and he heard heavy footsteps in the house, and a certain deep-voiced someone growling ?shit!? to himself a couple of times as he fumbled with the locks on the door. It turned out that they weren?t even locked, much to Cade?s chagrin as he opened the door and looked down at Jack. Oh, he was beautiful, Jack couldn?t deny it. He filled the space he?d made with the door, the broad expanse of red-haired chest slick with sweat as he stood there heaving, as if out of breath from exercise. More delightful of all, Cade wore the smallest pair of boxers, which were positively wrapped around his manhood which had to be semi-erect. It pushed at the material so the dark pubes and the base of his thick, meaty shaft could be seen. Cade probably couldn?t see this over his hulking pecs, though his other hand did cup at his considerable bulge as he looked down at Jack. He fondled his balls as he spoke, as if it was an entirely unconscious act.

?Jack,? he said with some surprise. ?I didn?t think you?d be coming round.?

?Neither did I, but I thought it would be a good time to give you some new overalls.? Jack was proud of how natural he could sound when he was stood before such an addictive drug of a man. ?Here,? he thrust the bag out, realising it revealed his tented crotch, but there it was. He just hoped his jeans were dark enough to avoid detection ? at least he wasn?t wearing his own overalls at this point.

?Thanks.? Cade took the bag, setting it by the door. Jack watched as he bent over, his thigh bulging at the casual exertion, the boxers slipping down his beautiful ass an inch and not returning to their previous place when he straightened up again. He stood looking down at Jack, and the man felt himself shaking in anticipation.

?You are so hot,? he blurted. ?And you?re getting hotter all the time!?

Cade looked surprised, but then a look crossed his eyes that Jack only saw when he talked about Meg ? and it was lust. The overtaxed boxers shifted visibly as the immense semi contained within began to lengthen and suddenly slip out of the left leg. Cade stepped back and Jack slipped into the house, shutting the door just in time to be swept off his feet as Cade picked him up and pinned him to it, kissing him roughly. Jack?s feet dangled as he was stuck there, but he didn?t object as he moved his hands to rest on Cade?s beefy shoulders.

?I love you,? he gasped when he could breathe air instead of Cade?s hot, sweaty musk.

?No you don?t,? Cade growled softly, setting him down on the floor once again. ?You just want to have sex with me. C?mon.? He took Jack?s hand and led him to the living room, his free hand coaxing and toying with his erection through the underwear as if it needed any more persuasion.

Jack supposed that it didn?t matter one way or another how he felt, as they were both going to get what they wanted. He went to shut the blinds before any passersby called the police, and when he turned Cade was sprawled on the sofa, naked with his legs spread apart and his hands at his manhood. He didn?t need telling to take his own clothes off and join Cade at the sofa, his own not inconsiderable erection relaying his enthusiasm.

?It?s so big,? he breathed as he got closer, and his vision filled with more and more of Cade. The enormous man smirked and removed his hands from his dick, shrugging his shoulders down at him. More than a foot of flesh, bigger than Jack thought it was. But he?d come to accept a long time ago that Cade wasn?t normal. And damn if he wasn?t thankful for that! Jack went down on Cade with eager lips and hands, not taking his time in getting accustomed to what he was playing with. He?d had his share of men in the past, but this was far and away superior to what was now his second best fuck. Some guy called Jaysen. No, Cade was the only man for him right then, as he struggled to get the thick cockhead in his mouth. There was no way he could take all of this in his mouth, but not through lack of trying and he was better than he gave himself credit for. Cade certainly didn?t mind it, as his big hands massaged Jack?s head and gripped onto his shoulders. Jack gave the man as much attention as he could all over, his hands moving to massage Cade?s thighs and balls when they weren?t stroking the remaining inches that he couldn?t contain in his mouth. His tongue swivelled around the head and Cade groaned loudly as he threw his head back and his body tensed. He was going to cum any-

Jack was determined to drink it all up, and he almost managed. But the initial outburst was a dam overflowing its banks and Jack would have gagged if not for his trained reflexes. He slurped up the juices as Cade shoved his hips forwards, groaning and growling overhead. ?Oh god, oh god,? he was rumbling, and Jack would have smiled if he wasn?t otherwise preoccupied. Each shot was like liquid heroin, every swallow filling him with a content warmth. He did sit up eventually, wiping his hand over his mouth and intending to say something witty about being a skilled blower. But any words on his lips died off when he saw the look on Cade?s face. The man was looking down at him with unbridled need, and Jack realised that his hands, still holding his slick erection, felt as if they were wrapped around steel. Cade was still horny ? Jack realised this was only the beginning of what would be a very long, enjoyable afternoon.

"Have you ever fucked a man?" he asked Cade.

"I haven't," the man growled in reply. "But I think I'm about to."


Cade had warned Jack about the bedroom being a mess from earlier antics, but Jack hadn?t cared, so neither had he. Right then they slept together in a delicious spooning position. Cade was the big spoon, naturally. A rumbling in his stomach finally made his hunger override his skyrocketed libido, and he uncurled from the smaller man so he could head downstairs for a bite to eat. He didn?t bother to dress, it wasn?t as if anyone else was in and anyone who would be had seen everything there was to see of Cade. That didn?t mean he didn?t nearly crack his head on the top of the door at the sight of Meg in the kitchen drinking tea and reading a book at the table.

?What the-? Cade went as red as a beetroot. That was one way of killing his idle post-nap erection.

?Did you have fun?? Meg asked, her smile broad.

?Er.? Cade scratched his head, trying to gauge whether Meg was asking because she was being polite, or if she wanted to rip his head off. I cheated on my girlfriend and I didn?t even think about it. I just wanted to get off, to be with a man... Apparently his dick wasn?t as choked up as it first thought, as it stirred lazily at the thought of screwing with Jack again. Did they even have any condoms left?

?I?m glad you did,? Meg said, and she sounded genuine. Maybe Cade was off the hook. It didn?t matter how big he got, a woman could still grab a man by the balls and squeeze them off if she was angry enough. He knew Meg well enough to think she would have intervened if she was angry, so he relaxed as he made his way further into the kitchen. He took a seat at the table, picking up a mug carefully to have a sip of the coffee in it. Meg must have made it in anticipation of his arrival, as he always did like a coffee after sex.

?You?re glad that I cheated on you?? Cade asked.

?It was only a matter of time, Cade.? Meg set her book down and looked at him, at his face and not his heaving pecs or boulder-like shoulders, ?you?ve been getting hungrier for sex, and I?m not always going to be around to provide it. Besides, Jack likes you, anyone can see that. He?s wanted this for a long time.? Meg could hardly comment on cheating, not after what she?d done, but she thought she?d atoned for that now. Cade was the only man she wanted, though there was a cuteness about Jack as well. It was a shame he was completely gay.

?Meg, what the heck is going on with me?? Cade asked, with a sigh. ?I don?t even feel that bad for cheating on you. I just feel hungry, and horny, and amazing.? He shrugged, ?every day I?m getting bigger and needier. I was worried, but now I?m just going along with it. Even though I don?t know what it?s taking me. Where it?s taking us.?

?Nobody can answer that,? Meg said. ?Not me, not Jack, not you. Not anybody. We just have to take each day as it comes.? She smiled across at him, ?each amazing, sex filled day.?

Cade chuckled softly, ?you really are obsessed with me.?

And don?t you forget it, Meg thought with a warm sigh, placing a hand on the table. Cade put his own on top of it like a dustbin lid on an egg. ?Was Jack any good??

?Oh, he was great,? Cade enthused, forgetting his worry now. ?Really great. I?ve never slept with a man before. I?ve never even thought about it. But it was a good idea at the time, and now...?

?And now??

?And now, I think it?s a really awesome idea. Work?s gonna be interesting from now on.?

?Those poor cars are never getting fixed, are they?? Meg asked, ?almost like the leaky tap of ours.?

?I?ll sort it,? Cade muttered, but his attention was elsewhere and it was clear in how he looked to the window. ?I feel good now. Like I could use a workout.?

?You can let Jack drive you, it?s on his way.?

?Another perk to having him here,? Cade laughed.


At work, Cade could no longer use his makeshift board to roll beneath the various cars to fix them. His back was too broad to balance with any accuracy on it, not to mention he was too tall for it, and his back muscles too thick for him to rest his head comfortably. Combined with his protruding pecs, he couldn?t really fit under with any room to work either. It was easier if he wriggled under without the board, lying on the ground with a pile of towels for his head. It was still a squeeze but at least he could work on the cars still without having to lift them. He was doing just that the next day, listening to the radio at the side of the car, when he heard Jack?s footsteps in the garage.

?Hey,? he called in greeting. ?Not often I get here before you anymore.? He carried on with his work.

?I know.? Jack?s feet paused at the side of Cade?s sprawled legs, ?I needed the morning to recover. It does make a nice change from you being late... I can see why now.?

?Yeah, sorry about that,? Cade replied. ?I wake up early and all, but me and Meg...?

?It?s alright.? Jack shifted, and Cade carried on working until he felt hands working on the fly of his overalls. The dark blue material was constantly bulging with his genitals, and as soon as the space became available they were more than happy to be freed. Still lacking underwear until the weekend, commando was the way forwards. All the better for Jack to deal with, he supposed with a grin as he carried on working. He felt his long, thick shaft grow erect with its usual eagerness before Jack?s hands and lips stimulated his sensitive member. The warm lips bobbed up and down hungrily and Jack was using his teeth to ever so gently stimulate as he did so, barely scratching enough to add pleasure rather than pain. Cade groaned and spread his legs, unable to do anything other than lie there and take it. What a shame.

?Jack,? he managed between gasps, ?the doors...? what if someone saw??

?Shhh,? was the casual response, with barely an interruption to the tempo. Cade was too overwhelmed to worry for long and so he calmed down in that respect. As for the blowjob, he was thrusting his hips and groaning in all the right places, heat washing over his body as he felt his climax grow closer. His first climax at least, for Jack would know by now that just the one wasn?t quite enough to sate him. It was only now after all his time with Meg and then Jack that he began to realise what the unnatural heat signalled, and what was about to happen.

?Jack-? he began in warning before he felt the growth hit. It took him in a sudden sweeping motion that caused the overalls to shift and stretch against their will, his biceps forcing the fabric thinner and his legs feeling like sausages in their skins ready to burst out. Cade couldn?t see the growth but he could sure as heck feel it as it coincided with the ejaculation, and he let out a gasp as he took a deep breath and his heaving chest came into contact with cold metal. He breathed out but it seemed as if he just breathed in again as his expanding body filled the space between floor and car. His eyes widened and he almost knocked Jack over as he wriggled his lower half. Jack was slurping at his dick as if he hadn?t eaten for a week, at least that?s how it felt, but Cade was more concerned with the way the car was pressing against him and how breathing out didn?t seem to be helping him get free.

?Jack, I?m stuck!? he growled, trying to push himself out with his hands gripping whatever bits of the car?s underside he could reach.

?Stuck?? Jack repeated, and Cade imagined him licking his lips and looking down at his still erect cock. Typical, he grew and remained horny. Maybe being stuck like this was a little arousing as well. ?you just grew again as well. You have to be 14 inches at least. Oh my goodness...?

?I know, I know. Can we just get me out of here first??

?I don?t know... I want to see if you?ll grow again.?

?Are you kidding me?? Cade growled, as he felt hands wrapping around his hard, aching member. ?I could get crushed to death!?

?It doesn?t happen every time,? Jack pointed out as he pumped for all it was worth. ?Mmm, I could do this all day...?

?Am I interrupting something?? a voice asked from the garage entrance. Cade didn?t recognise the tone, but the lack of hands on his dick and Jack?s gasp said it was no ordinary customer.

?Sir!? he said, ?I... I...?

?You could always join in,? Cade suggested. In for a penny, in for a pound.


?So that?s how I lost my job,? Cade told Meg. ?By offering my boss? boss a bit of fun. I mean, Jack?s in the shitter as well, but there has to be a fall guy. Jack ran out of there so fast I didn?t even see him ? the bossman had to help me out from under the car!?

?That sucks, hon, but did you really have to tell me this during sex?? Meg gasped, as Cade continued to pound into her on the bed.

?We?ve been here for two hours,? Cade growled, ?and you didn?t even ask why I?m back from work so early.?

?I was a little preoccupied,? Meg pointed out, when she could speak between her groans. The pair of them continued in this way until Cade was sated, at which point the pair of them sat up in bed and idly pawed at one another ? the best time to talk. Meg wrapped her arms around Cade with her left hand wrapped around his penis, and he settled one arm to rest with his hand at her breasts, and the other stroking his own thigh. Neither of them would say outright that he was still aroused but it was there for them both to see.

?Right, let?s talk. You first, and be honest,? Cade said. Meg nodded and looked up at him with a sigh. Here was where she told him it was time to get a new job, that they couldn?t afford for him not to...

?It hurts,? she told him. ?I love it, I do, but it hurts, it?s so big and thick. I still want it but we need to be careful.?

?I was hoping to talk about my job. You know, finances,? Cade said.

?Oh, that. I?m going full time, and you can stay at home,? Meg said. ?I?ve had an idea, anyway. You?ll like it, I promise. It?ll solve all our problems. There?s just one catch.?

?And what?s that?? Cade asked with a sigh.

?We have to speak with Jaysen.?


?When was the last time you went outside?? Meg asked as Cade stood on the doorstep, frowning left and right.

?I don?t know.? Cade rolled his shoulders, having brushed one on the doorframe heading out. ?Since I was sacked.?

?It sounds so negative when you put it like that.? Meg draped herself on Cade?s arm, ?let?s call it a... change in career path.?

?Oh? And what would this new career path be?? Cade asked, looking down at Meg with his eyebrows raised. They made their way down the long road towards the town centre with no small amount of stares his way. Wearing a yellow tshirt and some equally garish white shorts, it was difficult to hide what a mass of muscle he had become, and continued to grow into. The clothing was chosen by Meg, and she had questionable taste, though she insisted it was getting more difficult to find clothes to fit him. The cock-hugging shorts and the stretched tshirt were reliable evidence of this. Meg looked at the tshirt with her usual endless hunger, admiring the way his nipples pressed obviously against the fabric.

?Your new career path is to become the biggest, handsomest fuck machine in the world,? Meg replied, and damn it Cade didn?t have to adjust himself as he walked. His bulge shifted with each step he took as his monstrous thighs shifted it side to side, sending a pleasant ache through his crotch. Yup, he liked the sound of that.

It was more enjoyable to think about fucking the world when he wasn?t trying to get a seat in a cafe in the middle of summer. Cade and Meg were meeting Jaysen at the cafe of his choosing ? he was very particular about where he drank his generic cup of crap known as thai green supertea or something ? and this particular one was not only busy, but the tables and chairs appeared to be built for delicate little ladies sipping their drinks and watching the world go by Sex And The City style. Or was it Sex In The City? Meg used to watch it all the time, before Cade started to pile on the size. One thing Cade knew was that the women on there did have a lot of sex in the city. As he shuffled sideways to a table that they managed to snag in the outdoor seating area, Cade supposed he was getting a lot of sex as well. Not as much as he wanted, but he hadn?t seen Jack since his sack... since his career path change. He lowered himself onto the faux-fancy white chair with a sigh and tried to rest his elbows on the arms, before finding it didn?t have any. Cade settled them on the little table instead, taking most of it up with his heaving arms.

?I hope you know what you?re doing,? Cade muttered as Meg sat down, unbuttoning the first two buttons of her dusky pink shirt.

?Of course I do,? Meg replied crisply. ?Jaysen is your brother, he?ll see reason.?

?I don?t know about that,? Cade muttered, as the man himself looked around the outdoor area and spotted him. He was quite hard to miss, almost like the sun in the centre of the room with his bright yellow shirt on. Jaysen looked like Cade from five years ago, tall and toned but a little more aggressive in his facial expressions. Right then he looked like a confused bull as he made his way over, his deep blue eyes scanning Cade up and down.

?And we haven?t even ordered our drinks yet!? Meg declared as she waved at Jaysen.

?What the fuck, Cade?? Jaysen asked. ?Have you been eating children to get so big?? His eyes went down to Cade?s seriously overtaxed shorts, realising his formerly superior member was now far from it.

?Cade?s been experiencing some issues,? Meg said tactfully. ?Jaysen, we could use your help.?

?I?m sure you could,? Jaysen muttered as he folded his arms and looked from man to woman. ?What is it this time? I?m not catching small boys for you to inhale, Cade.?

?Goddamnit Jaysen just shut up and listen for a second,? Cade snapped.

?Or else what, you?ll eat my shoes??

?No, I?ll throw you over the wall!?

?You think you can catch me, Hamboy? I could dance circles around you.?

?Is that a challenge??

?Guys, stop it!? Meg snapped, as onlookers gawped at the two redheaded men. Jaysen was handsome in his own right, but Cade was something else altogether and a fight between the two would be nothing short of catastrophic. Or, if there was mud wrestling involved, absolutely erotic. ?Jaysen, we need a bigger house. I know the buildings on Grit Lane have large basements ? I want to renovate one of those. I have the savings, but we need the manpower. The discrete manpower. You own that building company, you could pull some strings...?

Jaysen frowned at Meg. ?You want a monster cave,? he said. ?Let?s say I do this. What then, you forget about me for another year? Or call me back when Hamboy hulks out and breaks the roof??

?I have good money and you?d be an idiot to pass up this chance,? Meg said firmly, her eyes on his. ?Just give me a yes or a no.?

?I have a condition,? Jaysen said. He smirked at Meg?s almost worried expression, ?no, I don?t mean you. I mean him.? He nodded towards Hamboy- er, Cade. ?I want whatever he?s on. Then I?ll do it.?

?He isn?t on anything,? Meg told him. ?He?s just growing, that?s all.?

?Oh no no no no. The grass is growing. My impatience is growing. The mould in the great valley between Hamboy?s pecs is growing. No, he is evolving, and I want in on that. Get me that, and I?ll do whatever you want.? The suggestion in Jaysen?s eyes was plain to see.

?Jay. I really don?t know what to tell you, I just started growing and I?ve not stopped!? Cade told him, exasperated.

?Fine. You keep this to yourself? I keep Grit Lane to myself.? Jaysen then proceeded to stalk off, leaving Meg and Cade to sit there looking stunned.

?Your brother is a bit of a dick,? Meg told Cade.

?Didn?t stop you from fucking him though.?


?Shut up, Meg. Let?s just go home, yeah?? Cade looked around, and the few people looking their way averted their eyes. ?We can get a house. Sort it ourselves. You can keep your little muscle monster all warm and safe between fucking sessions.?


With no real motivation to go anywhere, Cade spent most of his time indoors. He was too big to work on the car, too bemused to head out to the gym ? he grew whether he went or not, so what was the point? ? and when he did go out, he got enough looks that it wasn?t worth the hassle. Jack didn?t want to see him and all he had was Meg. His darling, cheating bitch Meg, who couldn?t get enough of him but he was too much for her. That only seemed to turn her on more.

It was when his head brushed the top of the doorframe that Cade saw Meg lying on the bed, thinking of his immense musculature and pleasuring herself. Some jealousy went to her moist fingers, wishing it was him in there, but Cade was gradually getting used to being too big for normal sex. Rolling his shoulders and arms as he twisted to get into the bedroom, he loomed in the doorway with a smile on his handsome face. ?Meg,? he said, his deep voice seemingly louder than it really was. ?Do you think we could...?? It was worth a try after all.

Meg sat up a little on the bed and looked up, and up, at Cade where he was stood. Now he was there she didn?t have to imagine, which brought on a new wave of intense pleasure, but on the other hand she knew what he wanted and, more importantly, knew that she couldn?t say yes. He was only gradually adapting to his enormous body and the limits it presented to him now. Right then the man was tugging down his underwear to free the immense bulge they barely concealed, the sight of which made Meg groan and enjoy herself even more; just by watching Cade?s 15 inches rise and thicken, Meg was able to have an orgasm more intense than any she had from anyone but Cade. How a man Cade?s size could have a dick that looked proportionally sound was not natural, but they had veered from what was ?natural? some time ago. Cade?s expression was hopeful as his huge meaty paw wrapped around his thick shaft and began to pump at a moderate speed. His biceps and pecs battled for space as he did this, his eyes focused on Meg with more than just a bit of longing. How he wanted to just climb on the bed, climb on her, but then he knew that was a bad idea.

Instead of answering Cade, Meg stood and went over to him. Her hands replaced his on his tool, and she used both to pleasure him as she peered up and up at his face. The expression he wore was lust, that insatiable lust that lost him his job and meant the kitchen sink needed repairing by a paid-for plumber instead. The look that said he spent more time hard than soft, craving a release that was getting more and more difficult to come by from anyone else. Cade?s own grip on his dick was stronger than Meg?s by a long shot, and although he enjoyed being pleasured, it wasn?t the same any more. His flaring mushroom head was too big to be taken in the mouth with any comfort, or room for skilful pleasuring, though Meg?s tongue felt amazing.

That was how they slept together, now. Cade would pump himself to release after release as Meg worshipped his huge body, climbing over the man to lick and suck and caress every mountainous muscle on him. Sometimes they even kissed. Cade would return the favour by sitting Meg on the bed and hunching down to use his tongue on her, the giant man?s skills in that area were certainly not lacking and it was almost as good as the average penis. Afterwards Meg would get to grips with Cade?s cock herself, now the initial frenzy of masturbation was over, delighting and savouring in the largest meat in the world. And it was only getting larger, too.


Cade was sleeping on the sofa when Meg returned home from work that cool autumn evening. She smiled at the beastly man, only able to sleep sideways on the sofa with his legs hanging off. She kneeled before him with one hand cupping his cheek and the other resting on his chest, which rose and fell like billows. He was nice and warm, in spite of the moderate weather and only wearing his underwear at most on any given day. She trailed her hand through the hair on his chest as she leaned over to kiss him, waking him up like Sleeping Beauty. Though Cade was more Sleeping Beasty at this point.

?Cade, I had the most interesting conversation with Jack at the garage earlier.? The woman grinned toothily, ?Jack and Jaysen are coming for dinner tonight. I think this house is a real possibility.?

?You do?? Cade asked sleepily. His hand moved to his semi-erect cock by instinct, kneading it through his boxers. ?Do I have to get dressed??

?I don?t think Jaysen wants to see his big, big brother naked,? Meg said. ?If there?s anything you can fit into. I?ll have a look, you tidy up here.? She motioned to the porn magazines, lube and toilet paper. ?Maybe get a shower as well. You smell of sex.?

?You say that like a bad thing,? Cade growled as he sat up, towering over Meg where she was kneeling. The urge to fuck her silly was there, it always was, but instead he got to his feet and looked around. ?I made a real go of it this afternoon, huh??

?You always do,? Meg said as she stood as well, putting her hands on his chest. ?You know what, get a shower now. I?ll find you something to wear, then we can make dinner together. Won?t that be nice??

?Sure,? Cade agreed with a smile, putting a hand to Meg?s face. He stroked her cheek with two fingers, and then moved around her to go and get showered. He plodded up the stairs with loud creaks and then sidled into the bathroom, which had become a sort of nemesis as he had grown, and grown. Leaving the door open as an invitation for Meg, he tugged off his underwear and stepped into the shower. It wasn?t a great shower, the sort that was attached to the top of a bath, and Cade had grown broader than a bath some time before. He didn?t even bother with the curtain before pressing the buttons to turn on the water. He took his scrubbing sponge between two fingers and began to scrub carefully, though Cade was so used to having a shower buddy that he hadn?t realised how he couldn?t reach anywhere near his back, and bending over for his legs and feet was a trial and a half in and of itself. As he hunched over the water ran down his back and flaring lats as well as down his overhanging arm to drip on the floor next to the bath, but he ignored it in his quest to get clean.

He was just washing his hair ? he could reach there just fine ? when he heard footsteps on the stairs, too heavy to be Meg?s. As Cade had to duck his head to get it wet in the shower, he could still hear quite well.

?Cade?? Jack called, ?Meg said you?d leave the door open.?

?You?re early!? Cade called in return, rolling his eyes. He wasn?t mad at Jack, not really. Alright, he was a little bit mad, but it was what it was. It was bound to happen at some point, right? He ducked his head to rinse his hair, then when he lifted it again he let out a low whistle of surprise at what he saw.

It was Jack, but a Jack who had seen the inside of a gym and apparently moved in there. The slim legs were gone, new muscles easily visible beneath the jeans he wore. His shirt was an old favourite that had found a new challenge in keeping Jack contained, and Cade thought he saw the beginnings of a muscled gut there as well. Seeing Jack looking less tiny would have been more impressive if he wasn?t such a giant, but next to someone like Meg the difference would be noticeable. He was probably taller as well, Cade realised.

?Nice to see you too,? Jack said, nodding to Cade as his fat erection slapped against his wet abs.

?Don?t flatter yourself, I?m nearly always hard,? Cade muttered as he scrubbed some more. ?What the heck happened to you? You?re looking great. Really great.? His manhood throbbed more insistently, and he pointedly ignored it some more as he washed.

?I?m nothing like you,? Jack said. ?But you?re what happened, Cade. Since our first time together, I?ve been getting bigger. And I think it?s that firehose you call a dick that?s done it.?

?This?? Cade put his hand to it, just because he was emphasising it, not because he needed to hold it. Not really. ?You can?t be serious.?

?I am. I think it?s the cum.?

?If that was the case, Meg would be the size of a house by now,? Cade pointed out. He ran his thumb over the slick head with a low growl in his throat. Jack was definitely bigger, and if he could grow, why couldn?t Jack? Wouldn?t he have noticed it after their first night? He thought back to it, and he thought back to getting fired. He?d been sucked off by the man and he?d loved it, but Jack had scarpered before Cade had managed to see him. He had been quite insistent on cleanliness at the time, come to think of it. Perhaps Meg was immune because she was a woman? Whatever the case, they had to test this theory. ?Want to see if it happens again?? he asked, grinning as he turned the shower off, stepping out onto the wet floor. He sat down on the toilet lid and spread his legs apart, motioning for Jack to stand between them. Cade hardly needed convincing to participate in this trial, regardless of what happened. Neither did Jack, who eagerly bounded forwards and settled down on his knees in front of Cade. He looked up at Cade with a grin on his face as he put his hands to the redhead?s glorious tool and began to masturbate him. The thought of growing was a pleasant one to him as well.

?I?ve been fantasising about this since I last sucked you off,? Jack said before he lowered his lips to Cade?s manhood. ?Oh man, it?s even bigger than last time, I can just tell.?

?Probably,? grunted Cade as he tweaked at his nipples and shifted to get his shoulder away from brushing the nearby wall. He hardly paid attention to the scales anymore; he just knew that every day saw him getting bigger pound after pound, edging upwards and outwards in every way. Maybe this suck would make him bigger, maybe it wouldn?t, but this was about Jack and he knew that he?d still keep on growing. He would just enjoy the testing. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, grinning toothily as he stroked a paw over his hairy chest and put his other hand to Jack?s bobbing head. He couldn?t take all of Cade, barely the head in fact, but that didn?t mean he couldn?t tangle his thick fingers in the man?s hair anyway. It was good to keep his head in pace for when he came, shooting like a hose into Jack?s eager throat ? the man gobbled up as much as he could and proceeded to lick along Cade?s shaft to lap up the excess that dribbled down.

?You?re good at that,? Cade growled down at the man. No growth for him this time, but there would be other occasions.

?I?ve had practice.? Jack licked his fingers. ?It tastes good too, better than any other man. What do you eat??

?Meg, mostly,? Cade replied. He looked at Jack, ?I don?t see you getting any bigger.?

?Give it time. It happened overnight for me,? Jack said. ?We can go again if you want? I know you?re up for it.?

?I always am,? Cade said, waving his hand imperiously. ?And you?re pretty damn good at it...? The door downstairs opened, and Cade heard Meg greeting a gruff sounding Jaysen. ?We?d better get dressed. Did Meg get me any clothes??

Jack stood and went to the bathroom door, looking at the landing. ?Here we are, these must be yours. Or it could be an 8-man tent,? Jack added with a grin.

?Just pass them here,? Cade said as he stood up, ?and get on downstairs. Meg wanted you and Jaysen here for a reason and I want to know why.? He caught the clothes thrown his way, noticing that they were plum purple. He forced the tshirt on and sighed as it barely reached his waist, giving his cock time to calm down a little. It was drooped to a semi when he forced it into his shorts, going commando so he didn?t strangle himself down there. A good half-inch of skin could be seen, as well as the hairy treasure trail that looked to link the shirt to the shorts. A deep breath and that half inch turned to three or four. Cade tugged the material in a futile attempt to cover, then lumbered downstairs after Jack.

Meg smiled up at Cade when he sidled into the living room. She sat on her little chair, and Jaysen stood with his arms folded by the door. With Jack standing nearby, Cade had the sofa to himself, so he went and sat in it.

?You?re even bigger,? Jaysen said. ?Fess up, Meg. What?s Hamboy on? You said you could help me out here.? He grimaced, "you also said there'd be dinner."

?I figured we could order in. And yes, I said I would help you,? Meg replied smugly. ?Well, I believe Jack can.?

Jaysen and Jack looked at one another. Cade was not the most perceptive man, but there was a familiarity in Jack?s eyes. Jaysen?s own were puzzled, until he blurted out ?hang on, you?re Jack? The mechanic? But you?re way bigger than-?

?Yes I am,? Jack said. ?But I don?t know what?s going on to be honest. Meg??

?It?s very simple,? Meg said. ?Cade has been sleeping with Jack, and Jack has been getting bigger. Jaysen wanted to get bigger...?

?This is not that sort of story,? Cade warned as he adjusted himself.

?Hush and listen,? Meg said. ?I believe that Jack can have the same effect on Jaysen. I really, really do. You get bigger, and you get to help us move out, and there?s no brotherly love. Everyone is happy.?

Jaysen was looking at Jack consideringly then, that much was obvious. ?When you put it like that,? he said dubiously. ?I want to see results before I do anything. We don?t need you or Cade for this part.? He took out his phone, and he and Jack swapped numbers very efficiently. Perhaps Jack was just peering at the picture of Richard Armitage on his screen. ?We?ll see what happens. If it works, I?ll do what I can. I?ll be in touch.? With that, Jaysen left the building and Cade leaned back on the sofa with a sigh.

?He is such an ass,? he said.

?He is,? Jack said, with a bit of a leer. ?And he?s packing some meat. Damn, if you weren?t a giant, he would be...?

?Let?s not talk about my brother?s dick when I?m in the room?? Cade said. ?But you can talk to Meg about it, she?s familiar with it.?


Was it going to work? Cade wasn?t sure. Just because he could make people grow, didn?t mean Jack could now as well. Perhaps if worst came to worst, he could just jack off into a smoothie and call it a super steroid. Jaysen didn?t need to know, and he could bleach his mind of it in time. Then he?d be able to get the sort of house that could accommodate his size.

It was Meg who Jaysen called, not Cade. The woman went to see him one evening, and returned to Cade to let him know he didn?t have to duck anymore ? Jaysen had agreed to secure two houses on Grit Lane from his business, and make the basement beneath large enough for a giant man. Why Meg had to go round for this news, and why she was there until late, was lost on Cade, though he had his suspicions. No matter, he could just enjoy himself in her absence. She could join in when she returned. But, much to his surprise, she declined. She didn?t want to sleep with him? The man decided, there and then, that the two of the were probably not a compatible couple anymore. Compatible friends, compatible bed partners if she was ok with sleeping next to a giant, but not soulmates anymore. When did they last talk about marriage? When did they last say they loved each other? She wanted a man who she could make demands on and have struggle to keep up with her, not the other way around. Jaysen ended up being that man all over again. But he did get Cade a novelty giant coffee mug as a consolation prize.

It was okay. Cade had himself. And when they moved and Meg declared she was pregnant, they didn?t need a DNA test to know whose it was. There was a reason Cade didn?t talk to his brother much, he reminded himself as Meg?s stomach swelled with each passing day ? and so did he. The basement was designed for a man a lot bigger than him, and he found that it was easier to stay there than to attempt to go up the stairs. He?d use the kitchen as a socialising area for Meg or Jack when he came over from living next door, but he usually stayed in the basement, eating or reading or jerking off. Meg sometimes joined him for these sessions, and Jack was always a willing partner in crime, so that kept Cade content over the years.


?Meg stayed with me for a while, but she jumped between me and my brother. It was like she wanted the best of both worlds, but eventually she and Leanne moved out. Leanne moved here when Jaysen moved into his own place, and Meg?s been coming round pretty much every day since. I?ve not seen Jaysen for years but Jack says he?s competing professionally. At least he can.

And that?s the end of that story,? Cade said, his deep voice a soothing rumble. ?Did you enjoy it??

?I...? Karl shifted, as if waking from a trance, to find his stomach and thighs smothered in his own seed. He must have orgasmed a number of times, listening to Cade speak. The man?s voice was positively intoxicating. Everything about him was. Now the story was over he felt a little lost, like it was the only thing worth listening to and now it was over, and the man would turn him away to become a fantasy. The years between moving to Grit Lane and watching his neice grow up ? what were they like, he wanted to know. His growth must have slowed, but still, he was an immense man. Perhaps the bigger he got, the more he needed to be fuelled by... whatever it was. Cade seemed to think it was Meg and Jack?s desire. Was Cade happy, like this? Karl hoped so. He looked incredible.

Cade shifted on the bed, sitting up and spreading his legs apart. His enormous dick was erect and waiting, drooling on his abs whilst his prodigious balls rested on the bed. He put his great hands on his thighs and looked down at Karl, a grin spreading across his face. He didn?t need to say anything else for Karl to scramble to rest on his knees between Cade?s legs, using his hands and tongue to stroke and lick and suck his immense tool. Karl knew it wouldn?t be as strong as Cade preferred, but as soon as he started he knew he didn?t want to let go. Even if he was supposed to be straight, who could refuse someone like Cade? Not Karl. He pleasured the huge, hot flesh with fervour, until he realised the giant man was rumbling with pleasure.

The man picked Karl up like a kitten and set him on his back before planting a hand either side of Karl?s head. The room suddenly seemed a lot darker with Cade?s back blocking out all the light, him leaning over the smaller man with a hungry look on his face. He leaned down to kiss Karl roughly, one hand moving to masturbate himself as he did so. Up close, the frenzy in his eyes could be seen, and Cade began to growl with each thrust of the hand between his intense kisses. They were hot and hungry, the taste of coffee lingering. Karl tried to put his hands around the man?s back, but couldn?t reach around him, settling instead for kneading at his full, heaving pecs instead.

Cade suddenly shifted his weight, resting his massive tool on Karl?s stomach as he rested on his elbows, his hands gripping Karl?s shoulders. All Karl could see was the man?s endless wall of a chest, glistening with sweat as the man began to hump against him, running his length along Karl with each thrust of his hips. The weight took Karl?s breath away and he felt himself being pressed into the mattress by the enormous man above him. His sweaty musk made it hard to breathe, but it was an enjoyable, heady scent as Karl could do nothing but submit himself to Cade?s appetites. He wasn?t going to get the man to stop, not that he physically could even if he wanted to. Cade?s hands gripped his shoulders until Karl thought they were going to break, and he was starting to get lightheaded as the man pressed harder down on him, but he wouldn?t trade places with anyone for this heat, this hunger.

The bare skin Karl could feel began to get noticeably hotter to him. Cade?s pecs almost burned, his throbbing member red hot against his stomach and chest. Cade?s growls and grunts grew louder and more frequent, the implications of which were lost on Karl until he let out a shout and the smaller man was drenched in a torrent of unrelenting cum. The hot, sticky nectar hit Karl in the jaw, smothering over his chest and onto the bed, as well as along Cade?s shaft and making the skin slick between his dick and Karl?s body. The thrusting never ceased, and Cade gripped even harder as he came. And came. Karl clung to Cade?s pecs as his own orgasm overwhelmed him, but he also noted even through this bliss that Cade was shifting around him. His hands on Cade?s pecs were being pushed away from one another slowly, the enormous expanse of muscle bulging and thickening even further. The long, heavy, slick shaft resting atop Karl was still solid, and inching upwards with each shove. The man blocked Karl?s vision even more than before, the hands on Karl?s shoulders shifting to alter their grip as they grew. Karl moved his hands to reach for his own dick, finding Cade?s overwhelming own tool there instead and impulsively gripping it with his hands along the top as Cade continued to thrust. The baritone groan from the man told Karl this was the right thing to do, and he held on tighter as the giant bucked even harder. The bed banged against the wall louder now, Cade?s lowering voice groaning louder as well as if to match the thumping tune of the headboard to the custom-built bed. His shout at his next orgasm almost deafened Karl as the man released a second immense load, the warmth spreading across Karl?s body as Cade began to grow once again.

Cade sat up this time, the cum still pouring from his dick as he leaned back against the wall with his massive back. Karl could finally breathe again, though when he sat up he almost forgot to as he took in the sight of Cade swelling before his eyes. Cade sat with his ever-swelling thighs spread apart, one hand on his dick as his other ran across his wet, heaving pecs and abs. Every movement of his hand seemed to be unveiling more and more manhood as Cade pleasured himself, his balls resting with ease on the bed now in spite of his increased size. His hand on his manhood slowed as his biceps and pecs fought a battle for space, eventually forcing him to hunker forwards some and twist his upper body to get the grip he wanted. His other massive hand was forced to rub his thigh instead, and his posture shifted as Cade?s shoulders widened even as he sat there. Karl could only do what anyone else would at the sight ? he scuttled forwards across the bed and reached up with his arms around the behemoth?s neck to kiss the man. Even his hot tongue seemed larger than before, his mouth bigger, the hand holding him close smothering most of his back.

?I haven?t grown like this in years,? Cade rumbled, when he was done kissing Karl half to death. ?You must really want to see me bigger.?

?I do,? Karl gasped, knowing he meant it with all of his heart.

Cade smiled and leaned his head back, though he didn?t object when Karl reached up to snatch some more hungry kisses. He seemed content to sit there for the time being. ?Fetch me my cup. Rinse it out first though.?

Karl nodded and moved from the bed to fetch the coffee mug, his legs shaking and his arms aching. He took a moment to wash the mug out, collecting himself a little. Though as soon as he turned and saw the behemoth filling the bed, he felt his manhood ache with longing and he almost dropped the mug where he stood. However, he made it back to the bed and climbed to sit on Cade?s thigh, handing him the coffee mug.

?Thank you,? he rumbled as he held it on top of his outstretched hand. He reached over with his other hand, moving to put his fingers through the handle. Each one failed to go through, including his pinkie. With a feral grin he closed his hand around the cup and crushed the ceramic in his hands, tossing the pieces off the bed with glee. Light scratches etched into the skin of his palm but not the painful sort. ?Now, you and Leanne.?

?Me and Leanne??

?That?s what I said, isn?t it?? Cade said, amused. ?Leanne is my neice, and we love each other very much. There?s one thing she and her mother share ? and that is an insatiable lust for size. She wants a big man, Karl. I?ve seen her drooling over Jack, and I recognise the look from her mother. Most of her boyfriends have run away, never been able to appreciate what I am, but you...? he grinned, ?you?ve just made me even bigger. You want his bad, don?t you? It doesn?t make you gay Karl, it makes you like Meg, and Leanne. And me. And now you?ve drank, you can start to become that man Leanne wants.?

Karl leaned with his head against Cade?s hot chest, resting his hand on his own needy dick. ?You said it wasn?t instant for Jack,? he said.

?It wasn?t,? Cade said. ?But the more you have, the quicker it is. And, like a good wine, I get better with age.? He smirked, then tried to reach for his tool with his free hand. No success without stretching muscle past muscle. He leaned back with a grunt, ?let?s just see how that double dose works for now. All sessions are free for a cute little thing like you.?

?Does Leanne know about this?? Karl belatedly asked, suspiciously.

?I?d be surprised if she didn?t already,? Cade said. ?They got back about 2 hours ago, didn?t you hear the car? IF either of them went in the kitchen at any point just now they probably heard us.?

Karl shook his head, but he was smiling slightly. ?In that case, you rest those thick, monstrous arms of yours, and let me handle this.? He put both of his hands to Cade?s huge shaft, and Cade saw that hunger manifesting itself. Oh yes, he thought smugly as Karl began to stroke him eagerly, I get to grow, Karl gets to grow and Leanne gets a man she deserves. I think we all win from this.

Though he would need a new coffee cup now.
"There are more ways than walkers, more dreams than dreamers, more love than lovers."

- Shamshad Khan

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Reeza will become famous soon enough
Wow! Great to see something from you again. It has been too long, but this made up for it!
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That's one of the best stories I read for a long time. It's neither too long nor top boring. I like the sex-orientated plot, but I wished the sex scenes would have been a bit longer and detailed, but except of that, it's amazing! Please do something like that again! Actually, I prefer the muscle and cock growth in very short intervals, which makes your story even better. The characters, especially Cade are very interesting, though slightly less deep as I wished them to be, but that's only my personal kink. ;-)
Well done, Demandred
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Holy. crap. That was awesome!!! Best recent story! The plot was strong, very good characterization and SUPER hot. Lets just say I had to clean up quite a few times reading through the story!
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I wonder if this pic was the inspiration for this story?
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Hot! Great to see a new story from you.
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Great story! Thanks
size IS everything
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At Last!

It's about time we had another story! As usual, a tour de force (did I spell that right?)
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Demandred (February 26th, 2013)
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Excellent story. I'm jealous!

But just one thing -- could you possibly turn the text color off (edit the BBCode so there's no "COLOR" tags)? I use the vBulletin 3 skin because white text on a dark background makes my eyes water after a while, and these white/gray stories just kill me to read.

(If you don't set a text color, then everyone gets a sane default; the vBulletin skin gets black text on a near-white background, and the default skin gets white on a near-black background.)
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I have to admit that after a while the "unending growth" stories begin to blur, because either the guy shouldn't be able to move due to simple leverage - the muscle is too big for the length of the bone so it simply gets in the way - or due to cube/square law problems, basically that as you increase the size, the mass goes up based on the volume, but the strength of muscle is based on the 2-dimensional cross-section of the muscle. But this remains just vague enough - and he's getting taller - so it works so far
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Demandred (February 26th, 2013)
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This is great and enjoyable to read !! Perfect!

I wil be sad if you stop making stories
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Demandred (February 26th, 2013)
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Thank you for the kind comments everyone. And for somehow getting five pretty stars! Oh, pretty stars.

Originally Posted by Reeza View Post
Wow! Great to see something from you again. It has been too long, but this made up for it!
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the read.

Originally Posted by Spab View Post
That's one of the best stories I read for a long time. It's neither too long nor top boring. I like the sex-orientated plot, but I wished the sex scenes would have been a bit longer and detailed, but except of that, it's amazing! Please do something like that again! Actually, I prefer the muscle and cock growth in very short intervals, which makes your story even better. The characters, especially Cade are very interesting, though slightly less deep as I wished them to be, but that's only my personal kink. ;-)
Well done, Demandred
Thank you for the kind words and constructive criticism - I know I need to work on making my sex scenes longer. Oops! I also felt like the characters lacked as much depth as I would normally put in, but the gradual takeover of size and sex enveloped the characters and their personalities a little as well. Regardless, I'm glad you enjoyed!

Originally Posted by miniace2009 View Post
Holy. crap. That was awesome!!! Best recent story! The plot was strong, very good characterization and SUPER hot. Lets just say I had to clean up quite a few times reading through the story!
Awesome! Thank you, and I'm glad my story had the intended effect.

Originally Posted by hexdog3f8h View Post
I wonder if this pic was the inspiration for this story?
10 points to Ravenclaw? I love that picture and it was my initial inspiration. I can't remember when I first wrote the opening section but maybe I should have included a link to this picture somewhere too? Oh Caudis *swoon*

Originally Posted by MonsterMash62 View Post
Hot! Great to see a new story from you.
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Originally Posted by msclbldr View Post
Great story! Thanks
Thank you. The pleasure is mine... and now other people's if they like the story. I'm glad you did.

Originally Posted by umlerian49 View Post
It's about time we had another story! As usual, a tour de force (did I spell that right?)
Better late than never eh? Having looked up tour de force (that's how you spell it), I was pretty chuffed. I'd better ponder what to write next. Congrats on the book by the way!

Originally Posted by tekuno View Post
Excellent story. I'm jealous!

But just one thing -- could you possibly turn the text color off (edit the BBCode so there's no "COLOR" tags)? I use the vBulletin 3 skin because white text on a dark background makes my eyes water after a while, and these white/gray stories just kill me to read.

(If you don't set a text color, then everyone gets a sane default; the vBulletin skin gets black text on a near-white background, and the default skin gets white on a near-black background.)
Thank you for this - I've always been aware that it's not the same as the default text as when I copy from Word the writing is black. I've tried to emulate the font and text colour of the default, not realising there's other skins you can have. I'll be sure to do that for this and anything else I may write - every writer needs to know this I reckon!

Originally Posted by nnnrg View Post
I have to admit that after a while the "unending growth" stories begin to blur, because either the guy shouldn't be able to move due to simple leverage - the muscle is too big for the length of the bone so it simply gets in the way - or due to cube/square law problems, basically that as you increase the size, the mass goes up based on the volume, but the strength of muscle is based on the 2-dimensional cross-section of the muscle. But this remains just vague enough - and he's getting taller - so it works so far
I know what you mean. I've found that I personally like to know some details of size and mass, but prefer not to know exact figures. I like the idea of someone becoming awkward with their size but not immobilised, and when you're dealing with giants I find it's difficult to keep track of what size things are "supposed" to be in a realistic setting. So I try not to worry too much about it. I just go by a simple formula of muscle + height = hot!

Originally Posted by Tundy View Post
This is great and enjoyable to read !! Perfect!

I wil be sad if you stop making stories
I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm going to have to think of something else to write now, I wouldn't want to upset anyone...
"There are more ways than walkers, more dreams than dreamers, more love than lovers."

- Shamshad Khan
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I hope you do another story like this someday. :3
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This is without any doubt the most amazing story I read around here in a very long time!! thank you very much!!
it`s not about getting big, it`s all about getting BIGGER!!
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Originally Posted by Demandred View Post
Thank you for this - I've always been aware that it's not the same as the default text as when I copy from Word the writing is black. I've tried to emulate the font and text colour of the default, not realising there's other skins you can have. I'll be sure to do that for this and anything else I may write - every writer needs to know this I reckon!
The easiest way to avoid letting vBulletin retain the style of the text from your word processor to use a text editor instead. A text editor is a program which edits text, like a word processor, but doesn't use styles. On Windows, you want Notepad (or one of the suped-up equivalents which offer extra features). On the Mac, you can either use TextEdit and tell it to "Make Plain Text" on the document, or you can get TextWrangler or BBEdit and use them instead.
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