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Andrew's Workout At Derrick's Cottage

On Sunday July 6th, 1998, the day after the Beach Party, Andrew and Carrie went with Chad to the park, where Mr. Harrington's Mercury Outboard Cruiser was docked at the boardwalk.

?Good morning everyone!? Mr. Harrington shouted in enthusiasm. ?How are you three doing today??

"We're just fine sir," Chad replied. "How are you doing today sir?"

"Oh I'm just fine," Derrick replied. "It's a great day for a boat ride, isn't it? And don't forget Chad, my name is Derrick! We're not at work today, but we will be in six days, for Andrew's Enhancement Meeting!"

"Sorry about that, Derrick," Chad said. "I'll try to remember that we're friends off duty, not just colleagues."

"Somehow you still manage to act like I'm your boss, even when we're on vacation," Derrick informed him. "What happened to Chad the Cocky Jock: the one who took his t-shirt off yesterday?"

"He's under here dude!" Chad shouted, pointing to his chest. "Want me to rip my shirt off and let him out?"

"That's what summer's for," Derrick said. "Go right ahead!"

"Okay sir; you asked for it!" Chad roared, ripping off his t-shirt. He smirked as he saw the stares of his companions and said, "Hey, don't look so shocked; you wanted to see my muscles; now you can see them all day!" He looked over at Andrew and said, "Why don't you take your shirt off as well son?"

"Not yet," Andrew stated. "I looked into the mirror this morning and I didn't see any muscles yet. I'll wait until I have some before I show them off." He reached over and held Carrie's hand gently. "And Carrie here will be the first to see my new muscles!"

"Why are you holding Carrie's hand?" Derrick asked Andrew.

"Carrie's been my girlfriend for the past nine days sir!" Andrew shouted in excitement.

"Good for you; it's always good to find you soul mate," Derrick said, smiling at Mrs. Harrington. "I found Alice here almost 15 years ago."

"14 years together and 13 year married in August," Mrs. Harrington reminded him, casting off the bow lines. "We're ready to engage engines now; all moorings are cleared."

"Aye aye, activating aft and starboard thrusters," Derrick said, grinning as he pushed the acceleration lever forward. He turned the wheel to the left, swinging the big cruiser around in a sweeping left turn. "We're on our way; accelerating to flank speed!"

Andrew started giggling behind his hands and Chad noticed.

"Jocks don't giggle son," Chad said softly, leaning over so that no one else would hear him. "The Harringtons get rather excited about boating, that's all, since they are great navigators. Derrick once served in the Naval Reserves actually, at the same time I served in the Army Reserves. That's how he knew me after the NFL; we had served together during high school on several occasions."

"Ah I understand now," Andrew said. He noticed Carrie chatting with Denise and then realized that only three Harringtons were on the boat that day. "Where's David?"

"He's grounded because he ran away yesterday without telling us!" Derrick snapped. "Someone should pack that little coward off to Military School, as fast as you can say goodbye! They'd give him some discipline, structure, and backbone!" Then he looked around and noticed everyone staring at him. He then realized that he had said the last two sentences out loud, not in his head. "Sorry about that," he apologized. "I'm just having some trouble with my son; he's not a model kid like Andrew or Denise."

"That's okay sir," Chad assured him. He was a bit scared of Derrick's intensity, even though he was a lot bigger than his boss. "Were you ever in Military School sir?"

"Yes I was: that's what eventually led me to Naval Reserves, where I learned to sail," Derrick replied.

"That explains how you know the difference between port and starboard then," Chad realized. He turned to Andrew and said, "Do you know the difference between port and starboard son?"

"Well, when he said 'fire starboard thrusters' we turned left," Andrew realized. "So the force to turn us must have come from the right, making right starboard and left port."

"Very good son!" Chad commended him. "You are a really really smart lad!"

"You said the word 'really' twice Dad," Andrew reminded him, grinning at his father. "Have you been watching Police Academy and practicing 'Lassard Speak' again?"

"You've caught me son," Chad said, grinning back at Andrew. "You are a very very smart boy, and you will be able to tutor many many others with that brain of yours!"

"Okay Dad, you can stop now!" Andrew yelled, laughing at Chad.

Derrick watched wistfully as Chad and Andrew grinned at each other, wishing he could have the same kind of relationship with David.

Where did I go wrong with David? he asked himself. I'm going to have to try harder before it's too late. At least Denise is a sweet popular girl. David seems to be a loner with no interests.

"You two really have fun teasing each other, don't you?" Derrick asked his two male companions. When Chad and Andrew nodded, he asked them, "How would you like to go tubing after lunch? Denise and I have a speedboat at the cottage."

"Sounds great sir," Chad agreed. "What about Wake boarding? Can we do some of that too?"

"Yes we can," Derrick said. "We have wakeboards at the cottage as well. It's a good thing we supply all sports stores, including marine sports shops, isn't it? Otherwise, the answer to your question might have been 'No we can't go wakeboarding today.' We just got some new wakeboards in at the store and I took them over to the cottage after we were done at the store yesterday. I haven't tried them out yet, but if you and Andrew don't mind testing them out, we can have lots of fun today."

"Great idea sir!" Chad said enthusiastically. "It's been a while since I wakeboarded. I'd love to try it again and teach Andrew as well."

"Yeah Dad!" Andrew shouted in excitement. "I'd love to learn all the cool sports!"

"Then we'll have to teach you how to snowboard when the winter comes," Chad teased his son.

"That's not a cool sport, that's a cold sport!" Andrew teased his dad.

"You're a very funny guy Andrew!" Chad informed his son. "There are lots of other cool sports as well, like roller-blading, skiing and snowboarding, that I can teach you. Of course, roller-blading is cool in image only."

"Great ideas Dad!" Andrew shouted in enthusiasim. "I'd love to learn all the cool jock sports! Are there any other jock sports in the list?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot surfing, didn't I?" Chad realized.

"But there's no big waves here!" Andrew reminded his father.

"No, they're in Miami," Chad said. "My new position gives me a handsome raise and more vacation time, remember? That would let us visit Miami more often, and then I can teach you how to surf."

"University of Miami, that's in Miami, isn't it?" Andrew guessed.

"Wow, how'd you figure that out son?" Chad asked him sarcastically, laughing loudly.

"You're making fun of me Dad!" Andrew shouted, punching his dad's shoulder. He was surprised when he didn't hurt his hand, and Chad was surprised that he actually felt Andrew's punch this time. Though Chad still wasn't hurt, he could tell that Andrew was a lot stronger than he had been one week before.

"You're getting a lot stronger already son!" Chad marvelled, rubbing his shoulder. "The new Testosterone Boosters are really working wonders on you! I bet you've put on five pounds of muscle already!"

"We're almost at the cottage; Andrew can weigh himself there," Derrick said, pointing to the small island they were approaching. "Oh, and one other thing Chad."

"What's that Derrick?" Chad asked; remembering just in time not to call him 'sir.'

"You may be wondering why we are going to the cottage in the morning."

"Yes I was," Chad said. "Andrew and I were going to work out this morning."

"There is a complete gym at the cottage; you and Andrew can work out there," Derrick said. "I'd be very interested to see how far Andrew has progressed in only eight days. Then we can have lunch. After lunch, we can make some plans for the Enhancement Meeting next Saturday."

"Great plans sir," Chad said, as the boat slowed under the shadow of the island. "Sounds like you've got everything all planned out. Have you 'scheduled' any time for fun in the sun?"

"Yes I have," Derrick replied, smiling as he saw Chad's joking grin. "I have 'scheduled' a block of activities on the water between 14:00 hours and 18:00 hours. The 'fun' can commence at that time."

"Thank you sir!" Chad chuckled, as Derrick laughed as well. He helped Denise and Alice lock the mooring lines to the rings on the dock. "Let me guess: all moorings are secure; we can now disembark!"

"Correct... Captain Chad!" Derrick managed to say, fighting to get the words out between bursts of laughter. "Oh wait, this is my vessel, isn't it? So I'm the Captain of this ship! But you can be my Number One!"

"Thank you 'Captain' Derrick!" Chad chuckled, as he stepped onto the dock with Andrew right beside him.

"You're a really funny guy Chad!" Derrick laughed. He took Chad's helping hand onto the dock and commented, "That's a pretty strong grip you have there."

"Thanks man!" Chad said. "I have worked out really hard to keep my strength up over the last ten years, since I left the NFL. So I guess I'm still in peak physical condition."

"You certainly are Dad!" Andrew shouted. "I bet you could bend a metal bar in half!"

"Actually I did it last week, just after I took the Testosterone Boosters," Chad informed his son. "I feel a lot stronger than I ever have before!"

"So do I Dad!" Andrew shouted in excitement. "I can't wait to get into the weight room and see how strong I actually am!"

"Oh you can't 'weight' any longer, can you?" Chad asked his son with a joking grin. "Get it son; you can't weight any longer to get into the gym?"

"HA HA HA!" Andrew laughed, funally catching onto his dad's joke. "That was really funny Dad!" As everyone headed down the path to the cottage, Andrew asked, "Will you teach me to tell jokes like that?"

"Yes I will son," Chad replied. "I'll also teach you all the Strongman tricks, so that you can do them when you become big and strong. We'll have to make your forearms really big and strong first, so that you have the strength to bend metal with your bare hands. Then you'll be able to have a really strong firm handshake."

"Sounds great Dad," Andrew said, as the cottage slowly came into view. "I can't wait to be really big and strong." When he saw his dad grinning again, he added, "I spelled it WAIT this time Dad!" Chad nodded and chuckled softly. "Anyway, once I become really big and strong, my size alone will be enough to intimidate the bullies. Then I won't actually have to use my great strength on them."

"Great idea son," Chad commended Andrew. "And if you dress and act really touch, you may not have to wait until you're big and strong to be free of the bullies. If you wear the t-shirt you work out in to school, everyone will see how much you've grown over the summer. I predict that you will completely fill out that t-shirt you're wearing by September."

"Yeah I can't wait to see the look on Darrell's face when I show up at school with bulging muscles!" Andrew shouted without thinking.

"Who's Darrell son?" Chad asked him. "Is he one of the bullies at school?"

"Yeah he is!" Andrew shouted in fury. "I hate Darrell Parker!"

"You shouldn't hate anyone son," Chad admonished him, sitting down on the bench. He looked up at Derrick and said, "We'll be inside in a few minutes; I 'd like to talk with Andrew alone for a few minutes."

"See you inside Chad," Derrick said. "Come on Carrie; you can be the first to try the bench press then."

Chad turned to Andrew and said, "Sit down son."

"I prefer to stand," Andrew growled, pacing in fury. "I know you don't want me to hate anyone, but Darrell makes me so mad!"

"He has a brother named Phil, doesn't he?" Chad realized.

"Yeah, they're twins; identical twins!" Andrew shouted in fury. "Darrell liked to play nasty tricks on me; pretending to be Phil to catch me off guard and then locking me in the Janitor's Closet!"

"You're speaking in the past tense son," Chad reminded Andrew.He was glad that Andrew was finally telling him what had been going on at school. "Has Darrell stopped bugging you?"

"Of course he has Dad!" Andrew yelled, amazed that his dad didn't know that. "I haven't been at school for almost three weeks now!"

"Ah I get it now son," Chad said, allowing Andrew to vent his anger. "Are you friends with Darrell's brother Phil?"

"Of course I am Dad!" Andrew shouted in frustration. "Weren't you listening when I told you how Darrell pretends to be Phil? How stupid can you be?"

"You stop right there Young Man!" Chad roared in fury, standing up and looming over Andrew. "Don't raise your voice with me or I'll do this!" He stepped forward and gorilla pressed his son over his head effortlessly. "I'm still the boss of you son, and you'd better understand that right now! Do we understand each other?"

"Yeah Dad, I get it," Andrew stammered in fear, all of his anger fading away from his face. "I'm sorry I called you stupid Dad."

"You should be son!" Chad yelled, still mad at Andrew. "I may not be smart enough to know everything that's going on in your life, but I'm not some big dumb jock son! Got that?"

"Yeah Dad, I get it," Andrew assured his father, as Chad let him down again. "I'm sorry I keep getting so mad Dad! I guess I'm just impatient; anxious to become a huge muscle god!"

"Apologies accepted son," Chad assured Andrew, patting his shoulder gently. "I'll make a deal with you son; if I raise my voice with you inappropriately, I want you to correct me. You will have to learn to stand up for yourself and not let anyone walk all over you, and that includes me. I'll be pushing you really hard so that you get as big and strong as possible, and the gym is the best place for you to release all your anger. I must say, you certainly have a lot of pent-up anger son! It's no wonder you're not scared of me, even though I outweigh you almost two to one!"

"Yeah Dad, I feel like I'm getting bigger and stronger every day!" Andrew marvelled, as Chad led him down the walkway to the cottage. "I can't weight until this t-shirt is skintight on me and everyone can see all my bulging muscles!"

"Did you spell it WEIGHT or WAIT this time son?" Chad asked Andrew, grinning at him.

"I think you've worn out that joke Dad!" Andrew reminded his father.

"Very well son; I'll have to wear you out instead, in the gym!" Chad decided. "Are you up for it son?"

"Yeah Dad; bring it on!" Andrew yelled in determination.

"Very good son," Chad commended him, as they stepped inside the cottage. "With your determination, you'll have no trouble transforming youself into a Pre-teen jock. In fact, your transformation may inspire others!"

"What do you mean Dad?" Andrew asked, as they walked down the hall.

"You could train others like I'm training you," Chad replied. "If you train others to become big and strong, especially the small kids, then they won't be bullied like you have been. They will also be able to protect themselves, and therefore they won't have to worry if you're not around to protect them."

"And when you reach Legal Working Age, or Real Wage Age, you can become a Personal Trainer Intern at our company," Derrick informed Andrew, coming around the corner. He motioned behind him and added, "My gym will be a good starting point on the Journey to Jockhood."

"Wow!" Andrew marvelled, staring at all the gleaming equipment and barbells. "Will I get to train people in a gym like this?"

"Yes you will Andrew," Derrick replied. He led Andrew over to the bench press and added, "The workout machines here are comparable to the ones at our stores and fitness centers."

"What does 'comparable' mean sir?" Andrew asked Derrick, looking confused.

"It means 'similar to' Andrew," Derrick replied.

"What do you think is similar to me sir?" Andrew asked, chuckling.

"What do you- oh yeah!" Derrick said. "The way I answered your question made it sound like the machines were similar to you, didn't it?' When Andrew nodded, Derrick said, "You're a really smart boy Andrew; I can see you'll soon be able to run circles around all of us, with words alone! Now, since we know you've learned a lot about humour, let's see how much you've learned about working out!" He motioned Andrew to lie down on the weight bench and asked, "What is your maximum bench press Andrew?"

"I did 75 pounds five times, two times in a row, on Thursday," Andrew replied.

"That would be two sets of five reps at 75 pounds, to use gym terms," Derrick informed Andrew. "Lie down Andrew and we'll see how high you can go!"

"Okay sir!" Andrew shouted in enthusiasm. He lay down on the bench and yelled, "I'm ready to tackle whatever weight you can throw at me! Bring it on!"

"I'll bring it on, but I won't actually throw the weight plates at you," Derrick said, loading 20 pounds onto each end of the 35 pound bar. "Though throwing the weight plates back and forth may be a good way to develop your core muscles. Once we get you a medicine ball, you can try more conventional core-strengthening exercises. You didn't use the word 'tackle' by accident, did you? You're really looking forward to playing high school football in foru years, aren't you?"

"Yes I am sir," Andrew replied, grabbing the loaded bar as Derrick lowered it into his hands. "My dad has been showing me everything he knows about football over the past week. We even watched the weekend games on TV together!"

"Yeah I could see Andrew's face light up when he saw the Offensive Linemen over their opponents on the field," Chad said, smiling as Andrew effortlessly pushed the bar up. "I think I know what kind of football player Andrew wants to be: an Offensive Lineman!"

"If he keeps working out like this, he'll have no trouble playing that position in high school," Derrick predicted. "Great strength must run in your family Chad; Andrew just did 10 reps with 75 pounds and he made it look easy!"

"It could also be the Testosterone Boosters I gave him yesterday," Chad realized. "It looks like they are already having a very good effect on him!"

"Hey, stop talking about me like I'm not here!" Andrew yelled, shoving the bar up one last time.

"I didn't think you heard us; being so busy lifting weights," Chad remarked, looking down at Andrew with pride. "Are you so strong that you don't need your full concentration to bench press 75 pounds?"

"I guess so!" Andrew shouted in excitement. "I can't wait to bench press my body weight today!"

"We'll move you to 95 pounds first," Derrick said, sliding ten more pounds onto each end of the weight bar.

"Thanks Derrick!" Andrew shouted. "I have a question for you Dad, before we continue."

"What is it son?" Chad asked, squatting down beside Andrew, who was sitting up on the weight bench.

"Why do they call the big football players Linemen Dad?" Andrew asked.

"Probably because they line up along the Line of Scrimmage," Chad replied with a straight face.

"Is that supposed to be funny?" Andrew asked, his face turning red with anger.

"It's supposed to be the right answer!" Chad informed Andrew. "It just so happens that this definition is derived from the literal positions the big players occupy on the field!"

"Oh, I get it now," Andrew said, looking slightly ashamed that he had become mad again. "Sorry about that Dad. But I guess it is a really funny joke as well as a really literal definition, isn't it?"

"Yes it is son," Chad agreed. "I guess we know that you have lots of energy left in you, if you're still getting mad!"

"I guess I am," Andrew agreed. "It may take some time before weorking out wears me out enough to drain away all my anger."

"That's okay so; I think I have some ideas that will help motivate you in the gym," Chad realized.

"What would those ideas be?" Andrew asked, as Derrick lowered the 95 pounds into his waiting hands.

"I could introduce you to some of the Miami Dolphins I know when we go to see one of their games down there," Chad offered. "A couple of my college teammates still play on the Dolphins team, just like they have for the past 13 years!"

"You played for the Dolphins as well, didn't you?" Andrew asked, managing to push the 95 pounds without a spot from Derrick.

"That's right son," Chad agreed, smiling as Andrew lowered the bar without help from Derrick. "It seemed like the logical choice, given the fact that the University of Miami gave me the full scholarship that allowed me to graduate with no student debt! If you become a really good football player, you'll be able to do the same thing!"

"That would be great Dad!" Andrew gasped, struggling to push the loaded bar up without help. "I can't wait!"

"But first you have to blast that bar up!" Chad shouted. He squatted down beside Andrew again and whispered in his ear, "Pretend that bar is Darrell son. That should give you the energy to push that bar up without a spot!" Andrew's face turned red with anger and he forced the bar up again with a grunt. "Very good son; now let's see if you've got a third rep in you."

"Okay Dad," Andrew said, slowly lowering the bar down to his chest with trembling arms. Derrick went to help him, but Chad waved him away. "Man, that's heavy!" Andrew gasped, struggling to keep the bar from crushing his chest.

"Do you think you've got a third and final rep in you son?" Chad asked him, amazed at Andrew's progress so far.

"Yes sir!" Andrew shouted, slowly getting his Second Wind. "I"m going for a- oh, what is it called?"

"A Hat Trick son!" Chad shouted. "Go ahead, show that weight who's boss! And don't forget, 105 pounds comes next!"

Andrew narrowed his eyes in concentration and slowly pushed his arms straight, making them tremble with the strain of raising the loaded bar.

?Come on son; I bet Darrell can bench 105 effortlessly!? Chad goaded his son.

His ploy worked, because Andrew used his Second Wind to slam the loaded bar up into Derrick?s waiting hands.

?Good work son!? Chad commended his son. "Your anger had made you strong! Are you ready to bench 105 son? That is what your one-rep maximum should be if you can bench 95 pounds for three reps."

"Screw the 105; I want 115!" Andrew yelled. "I'll blow Darrell's personal best out of the water and him along with it!"

"Calm down son," Chad advised Andrew, laying a gentle hand on his shoulder. Andrew sat up, his chest and shoulders red and heaving with exertion. "Focus your anger son; it will make you stronger! Derrick has the 115 you ordered him to get; are you ready for it son?"

"Yeah Dad; bring it on!" Andrew snarled in determination.

Chad stepped back slightly, a bit intimidated by the intensity in his son's eyes.

He'd do well in Military Service with that kind of Killer Instinct! Chad realized. I will have to research Military School options and present them to him to see if he's interested.

Derrick lowered the bar with 115 pounds on it into Andrew's waiting hands and got ready to spot him. Andrew slowly lowered the 115 pounds to his chest, breathing heavily from the strain.

Chad squatted down beside him and said, "This is the Moment of Truth son; time to show that weight who's the boss! Are you ready?"

Andrew didn't waste his breath answering; he just gritted his teeth in fury and forced the bar up slowly, his face turning red from the strain. He only managed to get the bar halfway up, his arms trembling as he struggled to push the bar higher.

"Come on son; you can do it!" Chad roared at him. "If you don't push that bar up, I'll add more reps! Just do it once Soldier!"

Andrew snarled in anger and slammed the bar up into Derrick's waiting hands with a furious yell. Then he lay back in exhaustion, panting and wiping the sweat off his brow as his chest heaved up and down with exertion.

"I knew you had it in you Andrew!" Chad congratulated his son, standing up and looking down at his son with pride in his eyes. "I just had to push you so that you'd blast through the pain barrier. I had a hunch that making you amd would help you tap into strength you never knew you had! Good job son, and thanks for proving me right!"

"Thanks, and you're welcome, Dad," Andrew said, grinning at Chad and sitting up slowly. Chad reached down with one massive hand and pulled Andrew up to his feet effortlessly. "I'm glad you helped me push myself to new heights Dad!"

"So am I son," Chad said, patting Andrew's shoulder gently. "It won't be long until I can no longer manhandle you Andrew; you're getting heavier already!"

"Don't you mean 'boyhandle' Dad?" Andrew asked with a silly grin.

"Very funny son!" Chad chuckled, punching Andrew's shoulder gently. He was surprised that Andrew didn't wince or rub his shoulder. "Didn't that hurt you son?"

"Nah, I didn't feel a thing!" Andrew bluffed, not letting Chad know that he had actually supressed the pain. "We know I'm getting stronger, but are you getting weaker Dad?"

"Of course not son; don't forget that I took the supplements as well!" Chad roared in fake fury, grinning at Andrew. "But even though you just tried to insult me, I am very proud of you son! I don't know of any ten year olds that have a 115 pound bench press!"

"But now you do!" Andrew reminded him. "Now you have to say: 'I only know of one ten year old who can benchpress 115 pounds; it's my son Andrew!' I'm glad you're proud of me Dad! Now you can tell everyone all about me!"

"Yes, you truly are becoming a muscle monster son, after less than ten days of working out! I think you're hitting Early Puberty, just like I did before I turned 11! It's good to know that my muscle genes were passed on to you! With your focus and determination, I predict that you will eclipse me within five years!"


?That would be a great goal to aim for!? Andrew shouted in excitement. He was no longer breathing heavily, so he asked, ?What exercise is next Dad??

?Barbell curls son,? Chad replied, astonished at his son?s recuperative powers. ?Have you reached 30 pounds in each hand yet??

?No sir, I?ve only got to 25 pounds in each hand for five reps each!? Andrew shouted.

?Why did you call me ?sir? son?? Chad asked Andrew, taking the barbells that Derrick handed him.

?You kept calling me ?Soldier?, acting like a Drill Sergeant by doing so!? Andrew replied, grinning at his dad.

?Drill ?Lieutenant? actually: I took Officer?s Training during my years in the Reserves,? Chad corrected his son.

?Was that a Military Joke Dad?? Andrew asked Chad, roaring with laughter.

?Yes it was,? Chad replied, chuckling as he realized that he had told a joke, even unintentionally.

Neither Andrew nor Chad noticed Carrie performing a bench-press behind them, with 75 pounds! Derrick had seen that Carrie was a really big girl for her age, and he noticed that most of her size was muscle! So he asked Carrie if she wanted him to train her for Girl?s Hockey and she agreed.

Meanwhile, Andrew was struggling to perform one rep with the 35 pound barbells.

?Come on son; you can bench 105 for three reps with two arms, right?? Chad asked Andrew. When Andrew nodded, Chad added, ?So curling 35 pounds with one hand should be a breeze!?

?A breeze?? Andrew repeated; forcing the barbells up as Chad picked up his 125 pound barbells. ?There?s no breeze in here, because the Air Conditioning isn?t on!?

?Doesn?t seem to bother your dad, does it?? Derrick asked Andrew, pointing at Chad.

Andrew looked over and was amazed to see his dad curling 125 pounds in each hand effortlessly, while standing up! Andrew couldn?t see even one bead of sweat on his dad?s brow either! Chad looked over and smirked when he saw Andrew staring at him in awe.

?Don?t just stand there gawking at me son; join in!? Chad ordered Andrew. He pointed down to the barbells Andrew was holding and added, ?You?re already so strong that you?re holding 35 pounds in each hand effortlessly!?

Andrew looked down and saw that his dad was right.

?How can this be?? Andrew asked in astonishment, amazed at his own strength.

?It?s the Testosterone Boosters son,? Chad replied. ?They are fulfilling their purpose, having been activated by you ?blasting through the bench-press!? That?s the secret son: use your anger and let the Testosterone flow through you! Your anger will give you the energy to lift more weight, making you stronger!?

As Chad spoke, Andrew copied his motions, curling his own barbells slowly. Andrew was amazed at how the reps seemed easier as he performed more of them.

?That?s it son!? Chad urged his son. ?Use your anger boy; let the Testosterone flow through you!?

Andrew and Chad each managed to perform ten barbell curls with their respective weights. Then they dropped their weights on the floor and looked around to find themselves alone in the weight room.

?Hey, where did Carrie and Derrick go?? Andrew asked, not having seen them leave.

?Forget them son!? Chad growled. Andrew looked over and was surprised at the intense look in his dad?s eyes. Then he realized that Chad was in ?The Zone?, the workout attitude that blocked out all distractions. Chad noticed Andrew staring and bent down to look him right in the eyes. ?Only through me will you achieve the power to bench-press a car and save yourself from career-ending injuries!?

?I?m ready Dad!? Andrew yelled in determination, trying not to be scared of Chad?s intensity. ?Show me how to become a muscle god, as soon as possible!?

?Are you ready to curl 40 pounds in each hand son?? Chad asked him, grinning at his son?s enthusiasm.

?No, but I am ready to curl 45 pounds in each hand Dad!? Andrew roared in excitement. ?I want to make my forearms and biceps massive beyond belief!?

?Okay son, you try 45 and I?ll try 135 pounds in each hand,? Chad decided. ?Let?s see if I can keep up with you son!? he added with a joking grin.

?One day you?ll be saying that for real!? Andrew predicted. ?I can promise you that!?

?Then show me what you?ve got Big Man!? Chad roared. He put the 125 pound barbells on the shelf and took off the 135 pound ones. Andrew did the same thing with his barbells and Chad said, ?One day we will both be able to curl those 200 pound barbells in the far corner of the rack son!?

?Then I?ll blast past those and you will have to go out and buy me bigger ones!? Andrew promised Chad.

?Oh you think you?ll be able to tell me what to do?? Chad asked his son, raising his eyebrows in surprise. ?When you can do this, then you can order me around son!?

Chad bent down and picked up the Strongman Bar from the floor. Then he focused hard and slowly forced his arms together, bending the bar into a horseshoe as he let out a slow breath. Then he tossed the bent bar at Andrew, who had to use both hands to catch it. ?How do you like that Strongman Trick son?? Chad asked Andrew, grinning smugly.

?Wow Dad!? Andrew gasped in amazement, astonished at his dad?s raw power. ?This bar is really heavy, and you bent it effortlessly!?

?Your muscles will be able to bend a bar like that one day son,? Chad promised Andrew. He started curling his 135 pound barbells in each hand and added, ?In fact, why don?t you try to bend the bar right now?? When he saw the reluctant look on his son's face, he smirked and said, "Aww, is the little bar too strong for the little boy to bend?"

"I'll show you just how strong I am!" Andrew yelled in fury. "Watch this Old Man!"

"Let's see what you've got Little Man!" Chad goaded him, crossing his arms and glaring down at Andrew.

His smug look of superiority infuriated Andrew, who glared at Chad in rage. He visualized pounding Darrell's face into a bloody pulp as he picked up the bar, though. Andrew strained to bend the bar even once inch, yelling with the effort. But no matter how much he strained his tiny biceps, he couldn't even straighten the bar one inch.

"That's pathetic!" Chad screamed at him. "A baby could bend that bar! A baby!"

"Since you're screaming like one, why don't you try it?" Andrew yelled in fury, hurling the bent metal bar at his father in fury.

"Gladly son," Chad said, smirking as he caught the metal bar in one hand effortlessly. "Watch closely son and see how it's done!" He took a deep breath, gripped both ends of the bar and slowly straightened it out again, grinning at his son the whole time. "Now that is how you bend metal bars son!" Chad bragged, tossing the now-straight metal bar to the floor with a loud clang.

"Wow Dad!" Andrew marvelled, stepping over to the bar and bending close to look at it. "I can't even tell that it was bent!"

"That's why they call it a strong bar son!" Chad reminded his son, smirking in satisfaction.

"Is that supposed to be funny?" Andrew snapped at him. "Are you saying I'm stupid?"

"Actually, you just said that, about yourself!" Chad reminded his son, crossing his arms and grinning.

"AAA!!!" Andrew screamed in frustration, stamping his feet as he jumped up and down in anger.

He ran over to the bench and kicked it over in fury, even with the 75 pounds still on it from Carrie's benchpress. Chad's eyes widened in shock, amazed at how strong Andrew was when he was angry. Then he got an idea.

"Feel better Andrew?" Chad asked his son, putting his arms on his hips and grinning wider. "Did beating up the innocent bench, that did nothing to you, make your frustration go away?"

"No it didn't!" Andrew screamed in fury. "I ought to beat you up and see if that helps!"

"Go right ahead son," Chad goaded him, his amusement at Andrew's tantrum overriding his own anger at Andrew's lack of respect. Though to be fair, Chad had started it by disrepecting his son first. "I'm not going anywhere son; knock me down, if you can!"

"AAAUUURRRGGGHHH!!!" Andrew roared in fury, rushing at his father with as much speed as he could muster. Andrew bounced off, just as Chad knew he would, but didn't hurt himself. Andrew banged his fists on the hardwood floor in frustration as he fell to his knees. "Rats!" he screamed in frustration. "I bounced right off!"

"Well don't give up after one try!" Chad roared at his son in challenge. He didn't mention that Andrew had knocked him back two steps. "Get up and try again boy! Let your anger make you strong!"

Andrew jumped back up and lunged at his father again, knocking him back a couple more steps. He noticed this time, and didn't fall to his knees this time. He managed to get a hand on the floor and catch himself.

"Again!" Chad roared, now halfway to the wall. "Give into your anger boy! Knock me down with all of your power, and your quest for superhuman strength will be complete!"

Andrew rushed at Chad a third time, determined to knock him down this time. He only managed to knock Chad back another few steps, but Chad did rub his abs that time.

Andrew bounced back quite a few steps himself, but he didn't have to put a hand on the ground to catch himself. He was slowly getting into the rhythm of the blocking exercise. Since Andrew didn't leave his feet that time, he now had more room to build up speed each time, especially since he kept knocking Chad back a few steps with each attempt.

Andrew smiled as he realized he was getting stronger and then looked up to see Chad rubbing his abs.

"I didn't hurt you, did I Dad?" Andrew asked, worried for his dad.

"Actually, you did, for the first time," Chad replied, astonished by his son's amazing power. "But don't let that stop you son. Once you're on the football field, you'll learn that a moment's hesitation will let your opponent take you by surprise and beat you!"

"Then why did you not the advantage just now?" Andrew asked him.

"Because you took me by surpsie when you hurt me!" Chad replied. "But now you have lost the element of surprise, which you could have used to knock me down! But now I have the time to brace myself, which means I'm ready for you Little Man!"

"We'll see about that!" Andrew roared in fury, planting one arm on the ground as he bent down like a rushing bull.

"Good Three Point Stance son," Chad commended him, getting down into one of his own. "Let's go; one more chance to knock me down! Don't waste it!"

Andrew ran at Chad full speed and Chad braced himself for the impact, making sure his good leg was bracing him. But he still hit the wall with his back as Andrew ran into him, and his bad leg twisted underneath him. Chad tried to brace himself with his hands as Andrew bounced off him, but then Andrew ran into him again, knocking him flat on his back!

"Yay! I knocked Dad down!" Andrew cheered, jumping up and down in excitement. His celebration was cut short though, when Chad swept a massive arm against his legs, knocking Andrew flat on his back. "Oww!" Andrew yelled in pain. "That hurt Dad!"

"Don't be a baby son!" Chad roared, getting to his feet. "But I thought that would catch you by surprise! You now know that even though the opponent may be down, they're not defenseless against you!"

"Neither am I!" Andrew roared, launching a punch at his dad's abs as he stood up.

Chad caught Andrew's fist effortlessly and knocked Andrew sprawling.

"You'll have to do better than that son!" Chad roared. "Or is that all you've got Little Man?"

"Why don't you see how you like this?" Andrew yelled, launching a kick at his dad's head. Chad caught Andrew's foot and twisted him onto his stomach effortlessly. "OOOFFF!" Andrew yelled, as all the air left his lungs.

Chad bent down and dug a knee gently into Andrew's back, grabbing his head and turning it so that Andrew was looking up at him.

"You may have got me down once, but I've got you down now son!" Chad gloated, grinning as Andrew struggled futilely against his iron grip. "Do you give up now Andrew?"

"Yeah Dad, I do!" Andrew gasped in exhaustion, finally ending his futile struggle.

"Good man; you know when to quit," Chad commended him, getting to his feet. He extended a massive hand to Andrew, who grabbed it and allowed himself to be hauled back to his feet effortlessly. "That's the difference between smart and stupdi son: knowing when to quit. You're a pretty good fighter Andrew; imagine how good you'll be when you get bigger and stronger! No bully will dare mess with you then! I'll teach you all the Military combat moves I know, so that you'll be able to subdue the bullies effortlessly by the time September arrives!"

"Sounds great Dad!" Andrew yelled in excitement, barely getting the words out because he was panting so much. "Do you mind if we take a break for five minutes?"

"Not at all son," Chad agreed, sitting down on the weight bench. He handed Andrew a protein shake and said, "Drink up son; this will make you stronger because it has the Testosterone Boosters in it!"

"Aren't you tired at all Dad?" Andrew asked, amazed that his dad wasn't even breathing hard.

"No I'm not, because I had lots of time to rest while I held you down," Chad replied with a cocky grin. When Andrew glared at him, Chad added, "But don't worry son; one day you will be able to hold me down effortlessly!"

"I look forward to that day Dad!" Andrew shouted in excitement, grinning at the thought. "Even if I only do it to pay you back for today!"

"Then keep training hard until you can restrain me," Chad advised him. "The way your strength is progressing, I'd say that moment is only a few short years away. But that does bring up something important I want to talk to you about. I want you to listen carefully to what I am about to tell you, okay son?"

"Sure Dad, I'm listening," Andrew assured his dad, leaning forward to give Chad his undivided attention.

"Very good son," Chad said. "Now listen, don't ever yell, throw things or attack people outside of the gym okay? It's okay between the two of us, especially since I'm so big and strong! But you shouldn't do anything that violent if anyone is in here with us, okay? One thing you will learn as you become bigger and stronger is that you'll have to use your great strength less and less around other people."

"What do you mean Dad?" Andrew asked, looking confused. "Won't I have to use my strength more around other people, especially on the football field?"

"You're right, you will son," Chad realized. "And also in the weight room. But you shouldn't use your muscles against other people outside of those two environments. You could seriously injure anyone smaller and weaker than you are. And that group of people will only grow larger as you become bigger and stronger!"

"What do I do then?" Andrew asked. "If I have all this pent-up aggression, how do I restrain myself around the small kids?"

"I think you should help the smaller kids get into football as well," Chad advsied him. "Then they will soon be as big and strong as you are, making it okay to use your strength against them. You will have lots of fun during strength contests with people you cannot hurt; it will be a great way to see how strong you are in the real world!"

"Sounds great Dad!" Andrew shouted in enthusiasm, finally getting his breath back. He picked up the 45 pound barbells and began curling them slowly. Chad picked up his 135 pound barbells and did the same. "I guess I will have to learn how to control my great strength, and temper, as time goes by."

"I believe you will find that increased physical activity will lead to a greater sense of peace and security for you," Chad predicted. "Also, you will be able to defend yourself and your friends from the bullies, providing your friends with a feeling of safety and security when you are around. In that way, you will have peace, because your friends and family members won't be scared of you."

"Okay Dad; I've got it," Andrew said, trying to focus on his barbell curls. He was struggling to get to 10 reps with the weights, that's why he wasnt' paying close attention to Chad. "Looks like I'll learn a lot more in the gym than how to get big and strong! I'll also learn when and how to use my growing strength around other people!"

"Yes you will son," Chad agreed, struggling to get to ten reps with his barbells. "But we'll talk about that later. For now, let's just focus on getting to ten reps right now!"

"I just finished seven!" Andrew gasped, forcing the barbells up to his chest.

"Hold the barbells there for a second; let me catch up to you," Chad ordered him, lifting his barbells up to his chest. "We'll count together son; down!" Andrew lowered his barbells at the same speed Chad did. "Up for eight," Chad said, letting out a deep breath as he forced his arms up to his chest. He noticed Andrew grimacing as he forced his arms up as well. "Down again son," Chad said, as they lowered their barbells in unison.

"Let me count Dad!" Andrew ordered his father, as they got ready to lift their barbells for a ninth rep.

"Go right ahead, if you think it will motivate you," Chad agreed, breathing heavily.

"Nine!" Andrew yelled, as they brought their arms up again. "Down!" he yelled, as they lowered their arms with a lot of panting.

"One more time!" Andrew yelled in determination, getting ready to force his arms up one last time. "Ten!" he grunted, using most of his energy to raise the 45 pound barbells one last time. "Down!" he gasped with exertion, as they slowly lowered their barbells with trembling arms.

"Very good job son!" Chad congratulated Andrew, as they both dropped their barbells on the floor with a loud clang. "I've had enough workout time today; how about you?"

"Yeah, I'm tired and hungry Dad!" Andrew panted.

"You're hungry again?" Chad asked him in surprise, taking his Palm Pilot out of his pocket.

"Hey, I only had a protein shake!" Andrew reminded his dad. His stomach growled loudly and he added, "It will take a lot more than that to refuel me before the rest of our fun this afternoon!"

"Then let's get our showers and get ready for lunch," Chad decided, putting the barbells back on the shelf. He turned around and pointed to the benchpress bench, which was still lying on its side on the floor. "Since you knocked that over, without hurting your foot, I might add, you can set it back upright."

"Okay Dad," Andrew agreed, setting the weight bench back upright again. He noticed the weight bar rolling back and forth and picked it up, deciding to perform a few reps with it. "This feels light!" Andrew marvelled, as he curled it a few times. "How can that be?"

"What?" Chad yelled in shock. "How much are you curling in both hands Andrew?"

"75 pounds, I think," Andrew replied, grinning as his biceps started to get pumped up again.

"Okay, tha's fine then," Chad said, breathing a sigh of relief. "That must have been Carrie's benchpress weight."

"You didn't think that I was curling the 115 I benched, did you?" Andrew asked his dad in surprise.

"Yes I did," Chad replied. "My mistake, and it almost gave me a heart attack!"

"Sorry about that Dad!" Andrew apologized, grimacing as he tried to squeeze out a few more reps.

"That's okay son; it was my mistake, not yours," Chad assured him.

"Did you want me to try 115 for a few reps?" Andrew asked him.

"You know, I think it would be too soon," Chad realized. "Those who can bench more than 115 would be able to curl 115, just as those who bench more than 200 pounds can curl 150 or so."

"Well I just did 10 reps with this!" Andrew declared, setting the bar down. "It was easy!"

"You want to see what your one rep max is in the two-handed curl, don't you?" Chad asked his son. "When Andrew nodded, Chad said," Very well son, we'll make this a One-Rep Maximum day for you." He punched up a few notes on his Palm Pilot and said, "Go ahead Andrew: see if you can cross the Big 100 just once. I'll record your results on my Palm Pilot here and we'll see what you can do. Show me what you've got son."

"Get ready to be amazed Dad!" Andrew shouted, as he loaded the bar with 85 pounds. He looked over at Chad punching up figures on the Palm Pilot and asked, "When are you going to create a workout plan for me Dad?"

"That is what I am doing right now," Chad replied, holding up the Palm Pilot. He noticed that Andrew was still using the straight bar and added, "Don't use that bar son; two-handed barbell curls are done with the bar that has the curved shape to it."

"Understood Dad," Andrew said, putting the benchpress bar away after unloading the weights from it. "Where is that bar?"

"Over by the wooden stand son," Chad replied, entering Andrew's results into his Palm Pilot. "10 reps at 75, 10 reps at 85, three reps at 95, and one rep at 115! Pretty good benchpress results son; obviously most of your body weight is muscle! Go weigh yourself while you are over there; I need that reading as well!" As Andrew walked over to the scale, Chad entered Andrew's bicep curl results and his first two-handed curl results into the Palm Pilot. "How are you doing over there son?" Chad asked.

"I'm up to 85 pounds now!" Andrew replied, easily passing three reps with the curl bar.

"Good job son; keep going!" Chad urged him, stepping in front of Andrew. "I want to put 7 reps in here for that weight!"

"Okay Dad," Andrew said, forcing himself to five reps.

"Come on son, two more," Chad urged him, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Uuunnnhhh!" Andrew grunted, forcing his aching arms up for another rep, the sixth one.

"One more son!" Chad yelled,as Andrew let the bar down with a grimace.

"Aaauurrrggghhh!" Andrew yelled, his face, neck, and arms turning red as his veins bulged out.

"Come on son!" Chad roared as Andrew stopped halfway up. "Don't let the pain beat you; blast through it with your rage! Get mad at me for pushing you so hard and use that anger to blast the bar up!"

"AAAUUURRRGGGHHHH!!!" Andrew screamed with agony as he forced the 85 pound bar up to his chest a 7th and final time.

"Way to go son!" Chad commended him as Andrew dropped the bar on the floor with a loud clang. Chad caught the bar with his foot as it rolled towards him. Then he picked it up with one hand as he entered Andrew's results into the Palm Pilot with the other. "Look at how big and pumped your arms are son!" he told Andrew, pointing to the mirror with the hand the 85 pound bar was in! Andrew looked in the mirror and flexed his biceps as Chad began curling the 85 pound bar with one hand. "This bar is way too light!" Chad shouted in excitement. "I thought the long bar would be some challenge to me if I curled it with one hand, but I guess not! But if I can curl over 250 pounds with both hands, that explains it!"

"Hey Dad, I weigh 125 pounds now!" Andrew shouted in excitement.

"Way to go son; five pounds of muscle growth in nine days!" Chad congratulated him. "Flex those little guns son!" Andrew glared at him and then flexed his biceps as hard as he could. "Not so little anymore, are they son?" Chad asked him, pointing to the noticeable bulge of Andrew's biceps. "Is there a measuring tape around here? I need to see how big your biceps are in actual inches!"

"I have a measuring tape right her," Andrew said, handing it over to his dad. "Go ahead, measure my pipes Dad!"

"Okay son!" Chad said, stepping over and wrapping the tape around Andrew's flexed bicep. His eyes widened in amazement and he had to rub and blink them a few times to make sure was seeing clearly. "12 inches," he finally managed to say.

"Is that good?" Andrew asked.

"Good? It's incredible!" Chad shouted in amazement. "12 inch biceps would be big on a 13 year old, but on a ten year old, they're huge! I don't think you were ever a small kid; I think you just hung around older kids who were naturally bigger than you!"

"But there is one kid my age who is a lot smaller than I am," Andrew informed his dad. "He must be the normal size for a ten year old."

"Who would that be son?" Chad asked Andrew, putting five more pounds on each end of Andrew's curling bar.

"My new friend Ralph," Andrew replied. "I met him at Sue's birthday party one week ago."

"And how big is he?" Chad asked, putting the now 95 pound curling bar into Andrew's waiting hands.

"Five feet and 80 pounds; if he's lucky!" Andrew sneered, curling the bar easily for the first rep. "At 5 foot 4 and 125 pounds, I'm massive compared to that little shrimp!"

"Careful son, don't get a Superiority Complex!" Chad warned him.

"Why shouldn't I?" Andrew asked, curling 95 pounds for a third effortless rep. "What other ten year old has a 115 max bench, a 45 pound one-handed curl and 12 inch biceps that make it happen? I'm a GOD!"

"NO YOU ARE NOT!" Chad roared, as Andrew cranked out a fifth and final rep with 95 pounds. "Just because you are bigger and stronger than most kids your age does not mean that you are better than they are! They deserve just as much respect as you do, because they have their own unique gifts that make them valuable members of society!"

"Okay, okay Dad!" Andrew said, curling the 105 bar now. "I get it now! Thanks for the information Dad!"

"You're welcome son!" Chad said, pleased that Andrew could do three reps with the 105 pounds. "Time to try the 115, for a one-rep maximum!"

"Yeah Dad!" Andrew yelled in excitement. "I bet you never thought I could curl more than 100 pounds with both hands!"

"If you did 45 for 10, with one hand, then 115 for one with both hands would not be a surprise," Chad realized. "After you do that, we will see what your max is in the one-handed curl. We might as well make today a One-Rep Maximum Day, just to see how strong we both are!"

"Great idea Dad!" Andrew grunted, squeezing his eyes shut with the effort as he tried to force the 115 pound bar up to his chest.

"Come on son; just do it one!" Chad urged his son. "Then your max curl will match your max bench! You can do it Andrew! PUSH!"

Andrew opened his eyes, gritted his teeth in fury, and forced his arms up to his chest, truning his face red with the effort. But he didn't yell with the effort.

"Very good son; I'll take the weight now," Chad said. Andrew dropped the weight bar into Chad's hands, and Chad curled the bar with one hand, showing off a bit. "This is way too light!" Chad bragged.

"How much do you think I can curl with one hand?' Andrew asked his dad.

"Maybe 60 or 70 pounds," Chad guessed. "I think one half of the two handed curl max should equal your one-handed curl max. So you should actually try it with 60 pounds; it's the closest weight to 57.5 pounds."

"60 pounds in one hand?" Andrew asked in shock.

"Relax, it's only your one-rep max, not your working weight," Chad assured him. "But it should be your working weight by the end of the month, as all your one-rep maxs today should be!"

"Okay Dad," Andrew said, taking the 60 pound barbells his father handed him. "How much can you curl in one hand for a one-rep maximum?"

"Well, my working weight is 135," Chad replied. "So I think I will try to max out at 180 per hand today."

"Wow Dad, you're so strong!" Andrew marvelled, watching Chad bring the huge barbells over to Andrew's position. "Look at the size of your arms and the veins running down them!"

"Thanks son!" Chad said, smiling down at Andrew. "You'll look like this one day! But for now, watch The Master and learn something! Are you ready?"

"Yes I am Dad," Andrew replied, standing beside his dad as they faced the mirror. "You're so much taller and wider than I am Dad!"

"I'll be saying that to you one day," Chad predicted. "Thought I'll call you son, not Dad!" He laughed as Andrew chuckled and then said, "Okay son: on the count of three, we lift! One, two, three!"

Andrew and Chad both struggled to get the weights up just once, grunting with the effort. By looking in the mirror and trying to beat each other, they both managed to complete one rep, with really heavy weights!

"Good job son!" Chad commended Andrew, as they both dropped their weights on the floor with a loud clang. As they tried to catch their breath and put the weights away, Chad added, "I think that's enough for today."

"Okay Dad," Andrew agreed. "Won't Derrick get mad when he hears us making so much noise in here?"

"Naw, because we're jocks and jocks can do whatever they want!" Chad roared with a cocky grin. "Now, are you ready to go and have a Jock's Lunch now?" When Andrew nodded, Chad said, "Good; let's go Big Guy!"

Andrew and Chad headed to the showers first, to get washed up for lunch. After their showers, they compared thier upper body muscles, which were all pumped up from the shower and the workout.

"Wow Dad, you have an amazing build!" Andrew yelled in astonishment.

"Thanks son," Chad said, flexing his biceps in the mirror and smirking. "I look even bigger after the workout!"

"Is there a scale in here Dad?' Andrew asked, looking around the bathroom for one. "You should weigh yourself and see how much bigger you are now!"

"Good idea son," Chad agreed, looking around the bathroom. He looked over at the wall on the right and said, "Ah, there is a weight scale in here after all! Let's see how much I weigh now!" He stepped onto the scale and waited for the digital numbers to stop moving. "218 pounds," he read off the display.

"Is that good Dad?" Andrew asked him.

"Yes it is, especially when you know that I weighed 215 pounds one week ago," Chad replied. "I've put on three pounds of muscle in seven days, and you have put on five!"

"Hey, I'm growing faster that you are Dad!" Andrew yelled in excitement. "I'll be bigger than you in no time!"

"I agree son," Chad said, smiling down at Andrew proudly. "Those five years I spoke of earlier will fly by in no time! And then I'll have to call you Big Guy instead of Little Guy!"

"But you call me Big Guy already!" Andrew reminded his dad, as they put on their t-shirts. "I really appreciate that Dad!"

"What do you mean son?" Chad asked him, as they headed to the dining room for lunch.

"You take the time to encourage me, instead of dismissing me as a skinny runt who isn't worthy of your attention," Andrew replied. "Thanks a lot for that Dad!"

"You're welcome Andrew," Chad said, as they entered the living room. "I certainly wouldn't be able to help you reach your full potential if I didn't take the time to train you, would I?"

"You're right, you wouldn't!" Andrew agreed, smiling at his dad. "I hope you will stick with me, even when I become way bigger and stronger than you!"

"Don't worry son; I won't leave your side," Chad assured him. "My role may change from Trainer to Partner to Spotter, but I'll always be there." As they entered the dining room, he added, "I just hope that you remember how patient I am with you and return the favour when you are bigger than me."

"I wouldn't worry about that Dad!" Andrew assured him, as they sat down at the table with Carrie and the Harringtons. As he marvelled at the magnificent view of the lake out the huge picture windows, he added, "I look forward to becoming a huge muscle god! When that happens, it will be easy for me to remember how well you have trained me, and so I will be very patient with you when I become stronger than you are! Do you really think that I will become bigger and stronger than you Dad?"

"I hope so son," Chad replied, as they began eating. "Then your NFL career won't be cut short by an injury like mine was! I didn't realize it at the time, but at 250 pounds I was too light for an Offensive Lineman! Most of them are 300 pounds or more!"

"Do you hope that I become 300 pounds or more Dad?" Andrew asked Chad in astonishment. "I'd be as big as the larger professional wrestlers if I got to be that big!"

"You'll need that mass and muscular armour to withstand the brutality of an NFL career son," Chad reminded him. "But don't worry, by the time I'm through with you, noone will be able to stand in your way, not even me!"

Andrew thought about that as they ate their lunch. He became very excited about his father's predictions and wondered just how big and strong he would become.
Sean Lackie
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