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Old January 4th, 2007, 05:12 PM
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A Teen's Fantasy???? part 5

The five males came into the alley room with karl behind them. "here they are for your feeding pleasure" the males had not fed for days and were weak and skinny. as they came closer hal and david could feel the strenght draining from there muscled bodies. they could not get loose as the males lay on them...draining....feeding. karl had to jackoff as he watched this scene. the males bodies soon became vieny and tight...there legs busting out of there jeans. there biceps growing with each wave of power from the two teens.
hal closed his eyes and thought what was out behond this world because he knew he was to die. the bodies got closer as lovers do when kissing. a mass of male flesh. karl came with a load of cum that sprayed out . his pleasure knew no bounds. david felt his strenght going out and he knew death was coming.

Karl felt the hand hit him from behind on the neck before he went out. the cloned superman had returned. the males looked up as each got off the teens to fight the clone. he was more robotic than human but still a soul and feelings. they came at him with all there super force. the fight started as they tried to kill the clone. he let them beat him as he slowly slipped his hand into his ass where he had hid the rock. it pulsed green. they backed away. karl came to . the clone stood up and went to the teens....tearing at the bonds.
releasing them. "wow are we glad to see you" the clone had a small smile. the teens took the rock. "i thought this killed the clone and us" david asked. "no time to find out just follow me" hal had gone toward the entrance. the males and karl backing away like vampires to garlic. hal turned before they left...looking at karl..."when we go i guess you are there supper now" karl's eyes wide in terror as the teens left with the clone. they could hear the last screams of karl johnston.
Making there way out of the alley it was getting dark. "thank you for saving us" they both hugged the huge man. the strenght began to flow into them from him. they did not want to hurt him but they had to feed it was like not cumming for have to sometime. the clone did not fight. "stop....david....stop" hal reached over to him...."let him be." we are not weak anymore." david flexed his massive bicep....."he has alot more....hes a clone of superman" hal rolled his eyes. "yeah and i am going to wake up soon" pushing his huge friend backwards they started to run. the clone stood there. his wavy black hair blowing in the wind. they stopped. "well i could take him back to my house" hal said. david agreed. hal went back to the superman clone and asked "come with me..please." the clone looked at hal and nodded ok. hal turned to run with them both when the clone took off into the sky. david looked up as he saw the man sore upwards. "i guess he will follow us that way" hal said as he ran with david back to there homes.

hal's mother screamed as the man landed at her door. hal ran up behind.....he waved to david to go. "mother.....i have a present for you" she had that wild look on her face."what is that?" she asked. hal unzipped the jeans of the clone man....his cock flopped out. long and straight...veiny in places and ready. she looked at it. "this is what you want?" his mother kneeled down and carressed it...sucked on it....."you are a good son" she said. hal walked on into his room. he knew the others would soon find him and david. he placed the green rock beside him as he sat listening to his mother get off on the superman clone. "wake up hal....please....wake up..." he rubbed his head....."i need to wake up....its been nice but now i want to" he looked around to see a leg coming through the window.

"david!!" hal got up to help him in. "hal we have got to go away from here" hal looked at the triceps on his friend. "nice arms david..." david flexed for him. grabbing his face..."look at me hal....we have got to go away!!" hal hugged david as the two massive chest became one. "dont cry" hal looked at him and then pushed him .."i dont cry!!" they both got a feeling of the others near. "we have the rock and i dont think they will come for us as long as we do" screams came from the other room..."thats just my mother and our clone friend" david laughted. hal laughted. they fell back onto the bed laughing and finally went to sleep.

Way out in space the planet RORAN exploded....spewing rocks and matter out into the universe. the teens woke from the BOOM....."what was that??" they ran to the window. the night was filled with colorful lights. "just a sonic boom" hal scratching his chest. "they are coming" david said. "what??" hal looking outside. the shapes of the men's bodies loomed. getting the rock they waited. quite and still. the night sounded...dead. "we need to get them into a cave and then close it up with the rock" hal said. david kissed him on the cheek. "what the hell was that for??" "just love your fantasies" david smiling. hal was going to respond when he felt the strenght being drained....david fell back as dead....hal had the rock but it slowly was let go by his shaking hand. the parasites had surrounded the house. the clone felt it too . hals mother had gone to sleep on the clone's cock...he pushed her off. going for david and hal he saw them being drained. the cloned superman took them in his arms and up through the roof they went. there bodies feeding off the clone they came to just in time to see themselves flying. they both closed there eyes again. the clone took them to the diamond mine outside of town.

to be continued

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Old January 5th, 2007, 12:39 PM
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It appears you have already forgotten the lecture about capitalization from Chapter 4!

Don't worry your story is causing me personal CAPITALIZATION and that is all that matters as far as I am concerned. Ha Ha Ha!

Thanks for the time and energy you spend in writing your stories. People like me get to reap the reward of your efforts.

Keep it coming!
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Old January 5th, 2007, 03:03 PM
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I thank you as well, for taking time to write and share all the muscle fantasies. Much appreciated. Keep writing and keep us wanting MORE !
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