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Old January 6th, 2007, 08:40 PM
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A Teen's Fantasy???? THE END

The mine had a huge cave at the opening. the teens and the clone waited. then a loud noise from outside...."people cheering" david rushed to the opening. "it must be the football game" hal's eyes got wide as he came beside david "football? there will be alot of males at a football game" david then knew what he was saying. "those parasites will kill them all" "but what can we do??" hal thought for a moment. "those are the people we know and care about" "we need to stick to the plan and get them all in here and in tomb them with the rock on the outside" the cheers soon turned to screams.
The parasites just walked into the game. draining whichever male it was near. the women ran screaming to the exits. there were at least 100 males there and they tried to fight them but soon there strenght was drained. the football players huddled together as they watched there brothers and fathers fall into stacks of bones. the feeding went on for what seemed like hours but was only minutes.
the parasites were now stronger and bigger as all there clothes had tore off them from the increase. the screaming stopped as they came for the prize....the muscled football players.

"i dont hear anything" david said. hal had been looking at the night sky. "have you noticed the bright star that was not there before??"
david looked to see " is no time for science" "they will be coming for us and they will be monsters" hal noticed the bright star reflecting on the rock. the green color had now a glow of red. "i wonder..." hal taking the rock and holding it up. the star connected to the rock and a bright beam of power came out. knocking them both back.

the football team could feel the drain as the men got near. there biceps and pecs melting into a mass as the parasites took all there strenght. they tried to run but got to weak. the parasites fell on them and fed. back at the cave the teens got up and saw the rock still glowing. "how did you do that??" david reaching for the rock. hal got it from him and aiming it toward the school and about where the parasites should be....he held it up again. the power beam was strong and so was he as he held on. the beam shot toward the football stadium. it was like a bomb went off as the parasites and the bones of the football team were attacked. the parasites gasping for breath.

the teens listened. "what do you think that beam does??" david said. "i guess we will know soon" hal realeased the rock so the beam stopped. the clone got up and took the rock. flying away. the teens looked in horror. flying over the stadium the cloned superman raised the rock and the beam came out , hiting the parasites . there muscled bodies exploding with the bright light.
blood and guts flying. he flew until he saw no more of them. then he went back to the teens. "where did you go!!" he handed them the rock. with his finger he wrote in the cave's floor.....NO MORE. the teens looked and wondered if it had worked and all was well again. "there has got to more just like vampires that infest the earth" david said kicking the rock. "we will still wait here until daylight" hal lying down on the cave's floor and david next to him. the clone kneeled down and opened his mouth wide. "i think he needs some cock" david smiled. the teens took there cocks out and the clone sucked them dry. the cum dripping from his mouth and back onto there stomachs. they finally fell asleep. the clone stood guard.
The sun was bright as it entered the cave. the two flexing there muscled bodies. there cocks hard again as they remembered the last night. they got up to look out. the noise of a plane and some cars on the highway told them that there was some things normal about life again. the clone took them in his arms and flew them to the stadium. they saw the bones and blood of the males that had been there. "well it is bad but i hope they are destoyed" hal looking around. "how can you believe that a rock and and a star could undo all of this??" david looking at him very angry. "hold on david....things happen for a purpose" david saw a hand raise up off in the distance. they ran to it. it was the star football male....buck. "buck...are you alright??" he looked a little smaller but his body was there. the teens bodies felt the strenght going into them...." are ...just like THEM" they backed away.
"no...buck....we are here to help" his face turned downwards as he pointed towards the gym.

They made there way to the gym. "be ready for anything." hal said as he had the clone open the gym doors. inside the horror continued as the teens saw women lying everywhere....some bleeding from there cunts and some dead. the ones that were alive began to reach for them. "what the hell??" david looked at hal. "looks like the parasites fucked also last night" hal saw the cell phone on the floor where one woman had tried to call. picking it up he dialed 9-1-1. he said nothing but left it on. they ran out and back to the cave they flew only to find the cave now full of parasites. hal pointing to the clone to land beside the cave. he did. "now i want you shut it" the clone flew away. hal was horror stricken. "some friend." david rolling his eyes. "look. " hal saw the clone coming back with a boulder from the near by moutains. the clone pushed the gaint rock into the cave entrance. hal took the rock glowing red. "how do we get to stay on the boulder??" the clone using his heat ray melting part of the boulder. hal flung it in as the clone breathed on it to make it solid again. "there....they cant get out now" the teens smiled. they heard the police cars sirens.
Hal felt the knucles of his hand sting as the teacher slapped them with the ruler. "your sleeping again " hal looked david cloned superman...."what??" going back to her desk the teacher went on reading from the history book eyeing her student. "a fantasy....i knew it.....i" he looked at the teacher again as her neckless glowed a nice green color from the pendent holding the stone.

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I would return to the movie theaters if Hollywood would make movies based on stories like this.

Thanks for another fantasy trip.
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