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Old April 2nd, 2007, 03:33 PM
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Best Friends

The ringing of my cell phone woke me up Saturday morning. I had been in a deep sleep dreaming of Wilson, yet again. In the worst possible morning voice I said hello.

?James, is that you??

I recognized the voice immediately and sat up in bed. It was Wilson. We had not spoken for six months ? not since the beginning of this, our junior year at State. We had conveniently avoided each other since I had shared my big news. Wilson had said that he needed time to process the fact that I was gay and that I had strong feelings for him. We had been best friends for six years. We grew up together and had planned on going to college together forever. The last six months had been the worst in my life. I felt good about telling Wilson the truth, but I missed him as a friend more than I would have ever guessed. At the sound of his voice I was wide-awake.

?Yeah, Will, it?s me,? I replied trying to seem very casual.

?Did I wake you up?? he asked.

?No, I?ve been awake for a while. What?s up?? I tried to avoid having to explain how I mostly stayed in my dorm room now and usually slept until noon on a Saturday. It was one way of not bumping into Will on campus. I suddenly became aware that the sound of his voice had made my morning hard-on twice as hard.

?Listen, I know I haven?t spoken to you for a while and you have the right to be pissed at me, but I have got to talk to you this morning. Please, man, it is really important. Can you come to my place soon??

My head was spinning from confusion and I felt myself getting a little angry. I wanted to scream into the phone obscenities and hang up because here he was calling out to the blue to talk to me when we hadn?t said a word for so many months. My need to re-connect with him won out though. ?Sure, I can come over in about thirty minutes. Will that work??

?Yeah, that would be great. I really need to talk to someone. I?ll see you soon. Bye, James,? he said quickly and hung up.

For a second I thought this whole conversation might have been part of my dream. As I showered I tried to get angry about the call and how long it had been since we had spoken, but something in Will?s voice prevented me from focusing on how hurt I was. He had sounded a little upset. I wondered what was going on.

Forty minutes later I was knocking on the door to his apartment that he shared with two of his fraternity brothers. His roommates were pretty cool. John was a quiet guy who was majoring in physics. He certainly fit the mold of a guy who studied the entire time and barely noticed anything else happening around him. Calvin, on the other hand, was on a wrestling scholarship and barely went to class. He usually just worked out, dated a massive amount of freshmen girls, and loved to party. It always amazed me how these three ended up rooming together. Will had been pretty angry with me when I told him I needed to have my own room. He didn?t understand. I just did not want to spend my four years of college in agony because I couldn?t be close the man of my desires. I also realized that I would have never been able to bring anyone home to my room if I had a roommate. It had taken a while for Will to understand. I kept telling him I needed my space.

It took Will about two seconds to open the door after I knocked. It was as if he had been waiting on the other side since he had phoned. When he opened the door I immediately could see something about him was very different. I must have stood there in shock because he immediately registered my look and pulled me into his apartment by my arm. He quickly shut the door.

?Man, you have really been working out!? I said staring at him. ?I know I haven?t seen you for a while, but you look great. Did you finally get Cal to put you on a workout routine?? I forced myself to stop looking at Will?s new body. Will had always been athletic, but he mostly worked out by swimming. The slight swimmer?s body had been replaced by a more developed gymnast body. He wasn?t huge but the change was dramatic enough to notice even through the old white button-down shirt he was wearing.

?That?s just it, James. I haven?t lifted a weight in over a year,? Will said looking straight at me with a face that was full of confusion and alarm. I could tell he was serious, but I still found it hard to believe him.

?Will, come on. No one just wakes up with a body like that. What have you been doing? Are you swimming more than usual? Are you taking some kind of, I don?t know, steroid?? I asked. I found myself looking at his arms and chest. They were slightly straining the shirt he was wearing. I found myself getting hard. I quickly looked at his face. I had to force myself to not get turned on. Will turned and went to the sofa and sat down. I could tell he was hurt by my questions.

?You know I would never take any drugs and I haven?t been doing anything different. I still swim a couple times a week. But that is it! I don?t know what is happening to me. I really need someone to help me figure this out.? The tone of his voice made me realize how upset he was. It was true about the drugs. Will was strongly against any drugs and even found it hard to take cold medicine. I knew he wasn?t using steroids. I went and sat in the chair across from him.

?It?s okay, man, I?m sorry. I know it?s not steroids. And I?m here to help. Why don?t you tell me what?s been going on. I haven?t seen you in a while, remember? And something has definitely happened to you. Is it something your eating?? I asked searching for anything to get him talking.

?No, no, no. I haven?t changed a thing. Listen, James, this is really bizarre. I think I might need to go to the doctor. The only trouble is that I don?t feel bad. In fact, I feel better than I ever have in my life. I have more energy. I?m stronger than I?ve ever been before and I don?t know what is causing it.? Tears started to stream down Will?s face as he spoke. My heart went out to him. Any anger that I had been holding in towards him evaporated right then. ?Man, I am so sorry that I haven?t spoken to you in so long. I know it wasn?t right. I just had to work through so many things. I don?t know. I guess I was angry with you for not telling me sooner and I was angry with you because you put me in a weird place. I know I have been stupid and childish. You got to forgive me, James.?

All of the sudden I could tell the tears had nothing to do with the strange changes that had happened to him. He was crying because he had missed me and felt a little guilty. I found tears forming in my eyes, as well. ?Listen, Will, don?t beat yourself up about this. I know I dropped a big ball in your lap last fall. I?m the one who should be sorry. I should have told you sooner. You?re right. I was just trying to figure things out for myself, as well. Right now let?s forget about that and focus on you. Tell me how all of this started.?

?That?s just it, James. It started around the time you and I quit talking to each other. It started that day you told me you were gay.? I could tell that saying the word was hard for him but he continued to look at me. ?I know it sounds weird, but that night I stayed at home and was really upset. I fell asleep early and had the weirdest dream I have ever had in my life. I woke up the next morning and I knew that I was different. I can?t explain it any more than that. I just knew my body was different.?

?Will, what do you mean by different?? I asked.

?It?s like when you have had a really good swim ? or a good run ? you know, when you have had a great workout. You?re a little tired, but you are also refreshed and you feel pumped. You feel better ? stronger ? more alive. I know it sounds strange, but that is how I felt that morning. And it felt good. Since then I have had these dreams sporadically and every time I wake up a little more alive ? more charged ? yeah, like I have more energy pulsing through me. Around November I started noticing that my body was changing, too. Not only did I feel better, but I looked better too. I was getting more defined ? and bulking up. I?ve never been able to bulk up. You know that. Even Michelle started noticing a difference.?

The name of his girlfriend had an immediate effect on me. I felt invaded ? that our moment of reconciliation might be spoiled. I quickly stuffed my jealousy away. This was a moment to focus on Will and his situation. I was not going to let old feelings interrupt this moment. I re-focused on what he was saying.

?Let me give you and example of how I was different. That first morning I came into the kitchen and found that John and Cal were already awake. I thought that was really strange since they both usually sleep until ten. When I looked at the clock I saw that it was ten-thirty. I must have been really upset because you know I never sleep past seven. They made fun of me and couldn?t believe how long I had slept. They had no idea that you and I had fought. And I know I should have been upset about you and me but I just felt so fucking great. It kind of consumed me. I was ready to take on anything that day ? even though I was sad about your news and the way our talk ended. I was standing there in the kitchen and Cal was trying to open a jar of jam that John?s mother had sent. You know how his family makes their own jam and we had gotten a shipment a few days earlier. Cal was straining to open the jar. John was making fun of him and calling him names ? but Cal could not open the jar. Cal was determined to open it. Even with all of his wrestling muscles he couldn?t open the jar. He finally tossed it on the table sulking like a child. I walked over and picked up the jar. Cal made fun of me and said there was no way ?puny swimmer guy? would be able to open it. And James, I?m telling you, I knew I could. There was something inside of me that new my newfound energy was stronger than even Cal?s developed muscles. I can?t explain it. I just knew. I placed my forefinger on one side and my thumb on the other and twisted the cap off easily. It was amazing. I knew I could do it before I even did it. Cal immediately said that he had loosened it for me and I went along with his story ? but I was freaking out a little. It was an amazing feeling.?

?But, Will, maybe that is really what happened. Maybe Cal did loosen it up for you. And maybe you just felt energized that day because you slept longer than usual,? I said still not understanding what Will was trying to tell me.

?Maybe James, but then how do you explain the changes to my body. And how do you explain the numerous other things that have happened to me. Here?s another example. One night in January Michelle was over and we had the place to ourselves. We were having dinner and had decided to stay in for the evening. I decided to make a fire since it was so cold that night. I was telling Michelle about my day as I was getting the fire ready. I was breaking small pieces of kindling up to put down first and then grabbed some of the logs. I turned to talk to Michelle as I was working and I saw that she had a shocked look on her face. She was looking at me like I was some kind of alien. I turned and looked down and noticed that I was easily breaking pieces of wood that were as big as your arms. Seriously, James, it was as if they were toothpicks. I could tell Michelle was a little freaked out so I quickly explained that the wood was rotten and easy to break up. She believed me. But, James, the truth is that the wood was pretty new and green. I was just able to break the wood without any trouble.?

Will paused for a moment smiling at the thought of what he had been able to do and then continued, ?And then two days ago was what got me a little freaked out and made me call you. I really needed someone that I could tell everything to ? not just little pieced ? but everything. Two nights ago I had the most intense dream yet. And, again, I woke up feeling like a million bucks. It keeps getting more and more dramatic each time I dream. I woke up and I could tell I was more different than ever. I stood in front of the mirror and took measurements. This is something that I have been doing since the beginning. James, I have added about fifty pounds of muscle to my body since September. I know it doesn?t sound like a whole lot, but it isn?t fat ? it?s all ripped muscle. See I haven?t gained weight in my stomach.?

As he said this he lifted his shirt and revealed to me a chiseled set of abs that looked like they had been cut in stone. My dick was already semi-hard from the story about the firewood, but it shot to full attention at this moment. I audibly sucked air and this made Will drop his shirt. In those brief seconds I had gotten a glimpse of what Will had been trying to say. There was no way that someone who was not working out could have a set of abdominals like that. It has seemed like flesh colored marble ? and he hadn?t even been crunching his stomach. He was just sitting there naturally. I was getting a little hot in the apartment.

?I told you James. But the crazy thing is that last night we had a frat party and everyone got a little wasted. I had a few too many beers. It was just the guys at this party ? you know one of those ?male bonding? evenings. Well, Cal was a little drunk and started getting a little cocky. He took his shirt off at one point and started wrestling people. When he got tired of that he decided to challenge people to arm wrestling matches. When he had beat most of the big guys at the party he started picking on some of the smaller dudes by allowing them to use both hands or even letting two guys wrestle him at the same time. You know where they both put their hands on his one hand. Of course he only allowed guys that he knew he could beat to be part of the game. And James, something inside of me snapped. I decided that I wanted to teach Cal a lesson. And, more importantly, I knew I could. I told Cal that I would arm wrestle him and then added that I would wrestle Scott ? you know the big guy from the football team ? at the same time. Cal just laughed and made a big deal out of the challenge. He said that since his little roomie had put on a few pounds he believed he was tough shit. This only made me surer of myself. By this time the entire house had gathered for the competition. I sat down and told Cal I?d wrestle him with my left hand since it was weaker. I tell you I have never been this cocky ? but I felt like I was on fire. I felt so strong since the dream the night before.?

At this point Will drifted off ? like he was remembering the dream and the effect it had on him. He turned back to me and had a slight smile on his face ? like he was seeing me for the first time that evening and was happy I was there. He continued, ?So we lined up our arms ? me, Cal, and the big guy Scott. The bell was rung and we started to wrestle. James, I don?t know what took over me, but I just stared at Cal and Scott smiling. I wasn?t even straining and I was holding them both straight up. I could tell Cal was beginning to freak out. He was gritting his teeth and you could see the veins begin to pop out on his neck since he was working so hard. I looked over at Scott and he had already begun to sweat. I just sat there smiling ? glancing around the crowd a few times showing them how easy this was. I finally looked at Cal and told him it was time for the game to be over. I easily pushed both his and Scott?s arms down to the table. The crowd went wild and I was totally stoked. I felt like I could take on the world. Cal and Scott were exhausted and didn?t say a word. We all just kind of went back to the party at that point and later I heard Cal saying he had lost because he was so drunk. As the evening was ending Scott came up to me and told me I was one strong mother-fucker. I couldn?t believe this giant was impressed by me.?

Again, Will drifted off into some other world ? as if he was re-living the event. It was at that moment that I saw his cock was as hard as mine. I was also amazed to see that ALL parts of Will?s body had obviously grown. There had been many times that I had seen Will naked in the gym showers and knew that the cock I was looking at now was very different. Something was definitely changing in my best friend.

I broke the silence after a few minutes, ?So, Will, why have you called me over to tell me all of this. We haven?t spoken for months. You know I don?t know anything about working out or bodybuilding. This is more in Cal?s area. Why didn?t you tell him all of this? I bet he might know of a reason why it is happening.?

Will looked straight at me and spoke in a whisper, ?I can?t tell Cal. He wouldn?t understand. You are the only person who will be able to help me.? Will leaned forward on the sofa and got closer to me. ?James, the dreams that seem to be causing all of these changes are sexual. They are always a wet dream. And they are always about you.?
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Wow, very nice base you have here. It's already got me itching to read more.
If Wil is growing just from having some wet dreams about James, I can only
imagine what would happen if he did James for real.
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Very nice beginning. Great job in creating an intriguing situation and interesting characters. This has a nice slow build to it and I'm looking forward to more!!
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very nice. I got chills.. can't wait to see where this goes. This was well worth the downtime earlier. Try to find that nice balance between too trashy and too sentimental. I think you've got it down for this chapter, just try to keep it in the middle for future installments.

Way to go!
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