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Old April 6th, 2007, 03:32 PM
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Best Friends - Part 9

?Gentlemen, we only have a couple of hours. I know this place. No one else will drop by until later in the evening. Lucky for us that?s the way it is in this town. So where do we begin,? I said teasingly.

As I was walking around the group I was trying to see if I could focus on someone?s thoughts and fantasies. I had already heard Will?s thoughts. He wanted me to keep going. He liked the way this evening was turning out. I actually think he looked forward more to showing off for me than anything else. He wanted to please me so much. He wanted to make me proud.

Ah, someone else was coming in loud and clear. It was Victor. And, joy of joys, Victor liked the same thing I did. I lay my hands on Victor?s shoulders. ?Victor, the party begins with you. And this makes me very happy because you are into the same thing I am. My muscle slave, Victor, here, is into biceps. And the bigger they are the better they are.? I leaned down and spoke into Victor?s ear, ?And Victor, Will has the largest biceps you?re ever going to see. Do you want to see them up close?? Victor just nodded. He was too excited to say a word. I guided Victor to stand up and I led him around the table. ?Stand up pup. It?s time to show off those guns.? I could feel Victor shaking. Will stood up and moved in front of Victor ? just a little to the side. Will had to bend down a little because Victor was my height.

?Let?s show him that arm, Willie boy,? I said and stepped back. Will brought his right arm directly in front of Victor?s face. Will teasingly made the bicep grow slowly. I could tell Victor kept thinking it was done but it just kept growing. This is the reason that I had wanted Will to wear a tight t-shirt. Everyone in the room could tell that the fabric on his arm could take little more of the flexing muscles. Will brought the bicep close enough that it almost touched Victor?s nose. He strained harder and the sound of the sleeve ripping filled the room. Victor had a front row seat as the sleeve tore at the top and the bottom. The peaked bicep grew even more ? as if it had been freed from confinement. The sleeve continued to rip past the armpit on the bottom and to the collar on the top. Victor was shaking more than before.

?So does that arm match your fantasies, Victor?? I asked bringing the room back to reality.

Victor?s voice was soft and shaky as he said, ?It?s more than I ever dreamed of.?

?But Victor, your party game isn?t over yet. My muscle boy has two arms, remember? What if we let this party game become a ?hands-on? experience, okay?? Victor just nodded feverishly. ?Let?s have the left arm, boy,? I said to Will. ?Let?s not pump it up until Victor has rested his hands there.? Will brought his left arm in front of Victor. He had to bend a little more so Victor could put his palms over the peak. As soon as his hands were there Will started flexing that bicep slowly. Victor?s two hands could not cover Will?s monster gun. Victor tried to grab hold of the peak but it was too hard. The only thing he could really do was rest his hands and feel the peak going up ? higher and higher. I saw Victor jump a little when the sleeve on the left arm ripped in the same way as the right. A big smile came across Victor?s face.

?You liked that a lot, didn?t you Victor?? I asked. He just nodded quickly and didn?t stop. He was like a kid at the carnival. He still had his hands on that peak. ?And now for the best part Victor ? we make it a party ride just for you. Stand up boy,? I said to Will and he stood straight up never un-flexing his bicep. Victor?s hands slid off the peak and he looked a little disappointed. ?Don?t worry Victor. You?ll like this a lot. I want you to reach out when Will bends down and lock your fingers on the peak. Make sure you lock them hard ? we don?t want you falling off the ride.? Will brought his arm down and Victor knew exactly what to do. Will brought his arm up and lifted Victor off the floor. Victor giggled like a young teenage girl. Will began to flex his bicep very slowly and Victor?s whole body moved upward with the huge peak. Will lowered Victor slowly after reaching the top of his flex. He then stated going up and down quickly. Victor was in heaven. I think he wanted to ride that arm forever but I finally said, ?It?s time for someone else to have his fantasy come true, Victor.? Will lowered him to the floor.

While Victor was riding on Will?s bicep I had already picked up on Max?s desires. Max wanted a muscle god to lift him in the air, so I had dreamed up a few ways that Will could make that happen for him. As I walked to Max?s chair, I said, ?So one fantasy down and four to go.?

?Uh, excuse me ? could you make that five,? interrupted a voice. We all turned to see Andy raising his hand sheepishly. I had to grin ? our friend Andy was not going to let this opportunity pass.

?Sure, Andy, we?ll include you. No problem. Start thinking of your fantasy.? As soon as I had said it I was overpowered in my mind by his request. He was definitely a muscle pig. His desire silenced all the others in my head. Ah, but his request was too good. I thought we?d save his for last ? or Sarge?s wish ? but that was only because I hadn?t gotten a good lock on what Sarge desired. ?Yeah, we?ll include you Andy ? and how about a free round of drinks for the gang ? in return for your moment with my muscle boy.?

?You guys can have free drinks all night,? Andy answered quickly, ?Hell, this is worth it even if the owner makes me pay for them.? The guys in the room laughed and cheered.

?But, gentleman, let?s get back to Max,? I continued after starting to walk around the group again. ?Max grew up watching those old Hercules movies after school, didn?t you Max. What Max loves most about musclemen is watching them lift other guys over their head ? just like Steve Reeves always did. But Max loves one thing more than that ? and that?s being the guy who gets lifted. Am I on to something Max? I could tell I was by how red Max?s face was turning. He said nothing. I continued, ?Don?t worry Max. We?re all friends here. My muscle slave, Will, just wants to make you happy because he knows it will make me happy. You got to trust the group Max. Tell everyone what you like.?

Max quickly blurted out, ?I?ve always wanted to be lifted by some muscle god ? over his head and then pressed up and down. But I?ve always been overweight and the guys I?ve met or paid haven?t been able to do it. Even Sarge couldn?t do it.? It was obvious Max was embarrassed by his fantasy. Sarge leaned over to Max and grabbed his shoulder in a show of support. Sarge had not been hurt by the statement.

?I tried my best, son. I tried my best,? Sarge softly said.

I caught Will?s gaze and with my thoughts told him to go stand behind Max?s chair. I then relayed what I wanted him to do next ? once I gave him the order. Max was looking down from embarrassment and noticed nothing.

?Well? Max, just like Victor ? today is your lucky day. The only reason it hasn?t happened for you is that you?ve never met my muscle boy, Will. The coincidence is that I, indeed, call him my Big Herc. So we?re going to live out that fantasy you?ve had since the first time you saw those old muscle movies.? And with that last statement Will bent down and grabbed Max?s chair on the back two legs just beneath the seat. He lifted the chair and Max into the air. ?Hang on Max,? I said smiling. And that?s exactly what he did. He grabbed the arms of the chair and held on tightly. I could tell he was both surprised and very excited. Will lifted the chair even with his chest and then shifted his grip. He then pressed the chair over his head and held Max high in the air. Max was lucky that this place had a vaulted roof. I looked up and Max was smiling broadly glancing down to my pup below him.

For the first time I realized that this wasn?t just a game anymore. Will and I were making dreams come true. Max?s face seemed years younger. He was re-living all those years of dreaming that Hercules was going to come show off his strength. And tonight my Big Herc was right beneath him doing just that. Will wasn?t straining at all and stared walking around the room lifting Max up and down.

?That?s good, my muscle stud,? I said. ?Let?s put Max down and try all of this another way. There was a huge mirror on one wall in the room. I called Will and Max over to the mirror. I made sure Will was facing the mirror. I ordered Will to grab Max by the front of his shirt and right between his legs at the crotch.

When Will reached down to grab him, Max said, ?Wait ? just a second.? And he reached down and adjusted his raging hard-on. We all laughed and he said, ?A man?s got to protect what?s precious to him.? Will grabbed Max and lifted him straight-armed over his head. Max looked in the mirror when Will was standing fully. He gasped out loud and said, ?Just like in my dreams. Just like in my dreams.? Will slowly brought Max down to his chest and then pushed him back up. Max watched Will intensely in the mirror. Since the sleeves of Will?s shirt were torn we all got an incredible view of those muscled arms. I knew Will could press Max up and down all night, but we needed to move on.

?Okay, Wilson, you can put him down now. Good job. But let?s do a quick left bicep work-out, as well." As soon as Will had set the muscle-satisfied Max on the floor he grabbed his belt and pants with his left hand. Will lifted Max off the floor with just one hand. Will curled Max?s entire body for ten quick perfectly executed reps. It was just too much for Max ? he grabbed the bicep as he was going up and down and stared feeling every part of it.

?Okay, okay. Come back to the table Max. You?ve gotten your fill of pleasure for one night,? I said moving to the table again. Max quickly sat down and pulled his chair under the table. I could tell that he was rubbing his cock through his pants ? still enjoying the memory of his ride with Hercules. Hell, he?d probably be remembering the moment every day for the rest of his life.

I could hear Will?s thoughts loudly. This was exciting him more than I?d ever seen before. It was helping him to see the power he possessed. Not the power over people ? but the power to excite people. To help people. To please people. That, on top of the fact that Will was getting to test his muscle power, was making him crazy with excitement. He wanted more. We both knew that our lovemaking session that night was going to be mind-blowing ? not to mention muscle blowing.

It was time for the next pleasure victim. It was time to make someone else very happy ? not to mention very hard. Once again, I could tell Will was ready. He was dying to start doing anything he thought might turn the guys on, but he would do nothing until his master told him to. I concentrated on the group (ignoring Andy?s loud inner voice) and heard Mario and Brett at the same time.

?Gentlemen, guess what?? I said moving between Mario and Brett. I could tell the group was filled with excitement - in anticipation of what might be next. ?For our next party game we get to excite two people at the same time.? I lay a hand on both men?s shoulders. Mario actually clapped. ?It seems that Mario and Brett like the same thing. They certainly like muscles ? but they really like seeing what muscles can do. They especially like power. They like seeing power that they know they will never have ? but can dream about. And they really like it when a muscleman?s power destroys something. Now Mario, here, dreams of my Will tearing down a building.? Brett turned and looked at Mario. He looked shocked but also turned on. I looked at Brett and said, ?Yeah, Brett?s only upset because his fantasy wasn?t that big. Now, even though I know my muscle boy could tear down a building, we don?t want to end up in jail tonight. We are also not into destruction on that level ? well, only if it is justified. But I have a little plan that will certainly satisfy both of you. And it involves something in the other room.? I stepped into the front room and came back quickly. I held in my raised hands two balls from the pool table. I chose colors that matched Mario?s green shirt and Brett?s red shirt.

I dropped the balls on the table to show how hard they were, saying, ?And just in case you think they aren?t real - listen. And feel.? I handed them to Mario and Brett. Mario could not contain his excitement. Both men knew what was coming. But I had a little twist just for them. ?Brett and Mario, I am going to order my slave boy to crush these two balls at the same time. He?s going to use just his hands to squeeze them into nothing but dust. Would that please you guys? Would it show enough power and destruction for you?

?Oh yes,? Brett quickly said.
?For fucking sure,? Mario said at the same time? clapping again.

?Why don?t you two pull your chairs out here and put them beside each other.? Brett moved his chair immediately to where I was pointing, but Mario did not move. I immediately heard something in Mario?s thoughts that made me sad. It was something that had plagued him all his life. I wanted this night to finally help Mario. I looked at him with sympathy, ?Mario, there?s nothing to be shy about. Not after all we?ve been through tonight. There is nothing you should hide from our little group here. Watch. I?ll make you feel better.? I looked at the entire group and asked, ?Who in this room has a hard-on the likes they?ve never felt before?? Everyone?s hand shot up in the air ? including Will's. I glanced down at his crotch and saw the outline of the cock I had come to love so much. It was indeed pressing his jeans ? looking like it could show a little power by bursting through the denim any minute. That made my cock twitch and get harder. I tried to calm myself by thinking - later, James, later. Right now it was all about the boys in the room.

?And who has had their raging hard-on ever since Willie boy took off his shirt?? I asked ? this time looking straight at Mario. I knew all hands would shoot up in the air again. ?You see Mario, you?re part of an elite group of men now. None of our lives will ever be the same after tonight. When we?re all seventy and we bump into each other on the street the first thing we will still talk about will be this night and what a hell of a party it was. That night we all spent with Big Herc. So come on and move your chair over here. I actually want to use your cock and Brett?s cock as part of this particular party game!?

Mario pulled away from the table, stood up, moved his chair over beside Brett, and sat down. I could tell my little speech had excited him more. He moved his hands from his lap. He proudly revealed his hard-on. I know my mouth fell open. His cock was gigantic ? and Mario was probably only about five foot seven or so. I?m sure it was even bigger than Will?s cock ? and I thought that was impossible. It was thick, too. It almost looked unnatural. No one could have imagined this thing was attached to Mario. It nearly reached his kneecap ? or maybe it even went further. The room once again became silent and everyone stared at Mario?s cock.

?See, that?s what I didn?t want,? he said trying (in vain) to cover it with his hands. ?Once people see my dick they don?t see anything else about me. They think of nothing else. They never want to get to know me on any other level. They don?t want to hear my other likes or needs.?

I knelt in front of Mario and placed my hands on the sides of the chair ? mainly because there was no room to place them on his legs and not touch his cock. ?Mario, that?s all this muscle club has been about. We?ve all shared our deepest fantasies about muscles, power, flexing and so much more. Hell, I?m even sharing my muscle boy-toy with all of you. Right now we meet on that level ? our love for big men with monstrous muscles and what those muscles can do. We see you only one way ? as a fellow muscle worshipper. We all have diverse fantasies but we agree on one thing ? we dig huge muscles. And we can?t pass up the chance to use my Big Herc for a little pleasure.? I pointed to Will and continued, ?Don?t you like worshipping all that muscle? Don?t you want to see what that body can do?? Mario looked lustfully at my muscle slave. ?Tell me what you see when you look at him, Mario.?

Mario was in a trance and said quietly, ?I see a muscle beast. I'm also sure we haven?t even begun to see what he is capable of. I see a man who exudes power, strength, stability, beauty, and safety. And I see a shit load of rock hard muscles just waiting to be used.? Mario was smiling broadly as he finished.

?That?s right Mario,? I said standing. ?That?s what we all see when we look at my muscle slave. That is where we all meet ? on this intense primal level. That?s what makes up our little gang of muscle worshippers. So let?s move on to a display of power, shall we?? Mario shook his head.

?Boy, come kneel in front of these two fine gentleman. Come meet your worshippers,? I said moving out of the way. Will walked over and knelt down in front of Mario and Brett. ?Place your hands palm up on their cocks.? Will followed my orders. ?Gentlemen, place the pool balls in his hands.? The look of pleasure on the faces of these two guys was incredible. I had seen Will pop a baseball with his just one hand so I knew what was coming. The thrill, now, was watching these guys see that kind of power for the first time. Will closed his huge hands around the balls after the guys placed them in his palms. He did it slowly and his hands covered the balls completely. Will was waiting for the order from me. ?You may begin,? I said. Will began to crush the balls and veins exploded up and down his arms. Again, I knew everyone was thankful that the sleeves of his shirt were gone ? it just made it a hotter view. After only a few seconds we heard two loud pops and then some crackling sounds. Through all of this Mario and Brett had both grabbed the arms of their chairs. I?m sure the pressure caused by Will?s hands had brought both a lot of pleasure and a little pain to their cocks. Neither man dared to take his eyes off of Will?s hands and arms. Finally the noise subsided and I could tell the pressure on their cocks was released. From the way both of them looked I think there was some other release, as well.

Will opened his hands and revealed only something that looked like colored sand. No one could have guessed these piles of dust had been pool balls. Will slowly brought his hands out to the side and up even with the two men?s head. Both guys turned their faces out to his hands. They knew what to do. Each took a breath and blew the dust out into the room. Colored dust sprinkled down to the floor. Will then took his palms and slowly wiped them on the crotches of the two men ending with a quick squeeze of their cocks. Both men leaned back in their chair and moaned as his hands ? the hands that had just demolished those balls ? tightened around their cocks.

?And, gentleman, then there were two. Just two more fantasies to fulfill. This evening just keeps getting better. Let?s get our muscle god to show us more of what he?s got.? It was then that I turned to Andy. ?Andy, my little muscleman lover ? get ready for the moment that all other moments in your life will be judged by.?
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this is fun ^.^
and btw--i'd meant to say something before but i got a lil preoccupied with the 'not cumming' bit ;p--the kiss was excellent and my heart kinda melted some when will said he thought it'd made him grow more so he'd be kissing james a lot more
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Thanks sexiscriptor. I really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. It only helps me become better. I'm glad you liked the kissing part. I had planned it a while ago - early on. I wanted it to be big. Have a great weekend.
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