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Brad Wants To Feel Muscle ! Part II

Brad Wants To Feel Muscle! Part II

I entered the Hospital through the emergency entrance. I walked up to the desk. ?Hi, an injured construction worker was just brought in. I was one of the attending EMTs and I just wanted to check his status?. The nurse motioned to the hallway. ?The patient is in the room across the hall?. I thanked her and walked towards the room.

I stopped at the door and looked around and then peered into the room. It was dimly lit, but there lying on a stretcher in the middle of the room was the big beef young construction worker. He was dressed only in his white boxer shorts as they had removed his shirt and pants. Lying there, he was the image of a young muscle god. I looked up and down his body. How could someone be so big and beautiful, I thought to myself. His strong body, his big arms, the light patch of hair on his chest that trailed down and disappeared below the waistband of his underwear. His forearms also had a light dusting of hair. Both of his split biceps had nice thick veins.

I rubbed my cock. It was hardening and calling to be released. The room was empty, so I figured it was safe to go in. I quickly looked up and down the hallway. Great, no one is around. I entered the room and slowly shut the door. The guy appeared to be unconscious. I watched as he breathed and his barrel chest rose up and down.

Now is my chance to really get to know my new friend. Let me just get a little closer. Wow, look at those biceps. They are so big and round. I need to feel their power. I reached out my hand and slowly gripped his right bicep. It?s so hard, like a rock. I squeeze it tighter. Oh my God, that tingling sensation, my arm, it feels like I am being charged with electricity. It?s so incredible. Mmm, the incredible feeling of strength, You are so incredibly strong and I am actually draining your strength, but how. Who cares, this sensation feels amazing and I can?t let it stop.

Oh, hello. I see that you are awake. ?I don?t know what you had in that syringe that you had in your pocket or how long you?ve been injecting it into your body, but I am loving this feeling. I feel your strength, I am gaining your muscle and my balls feel like they are swelling with the hottest cum that I have ever experienced?. ?You are one strong and sexy guy and I must tell you that I am feeling an incredible strength flowing into my body?. ?Tell, me, what was in that vial you had in your pocket??

?I found it a few months ago?, said the guy. ?We were working inside the old chemical factory and I found a box of those vials at the back of a shelf in one of the rooms?. ?Since then, I have been injecting myself with the growth hormone and I found that the more I injected and the more I worked out, the more muscle I gained?. ?My muscles have been growing bigger and bigger and I have gotten really strong?. ?Well thank you very much, because now I am feeling like I am strong enough to lift a truck?. ?And look at my muscles, I am as big as a bodybuilder?. I looked down at the guy. Well, I see that I am not the only one glad to see me. Let me just feel what hiding under there. Oh, that?s nice, I see that you are a big guy all over. Ah, look at my forearm, it?s swelling with muscle. That?s it, when both of my hands are touching you, the draining seems to be that much stronger. Oh my cock, look at it swell against my pants. Oh ya, that feels good. Can?t keep rubbing my cock though. I need have both of my hand on your body.

Let?s see how those abs feel. Mmm, yes, like a brick wall. They are so hard. Let me just rub them a little. Oh, the tingling, it feels so good, Look at my arms. My forearms, my biceps, they are swelling so big. I am absorbing so much of your strength. This is such a rush. I am actually able to drain your muscle and strength. It feels like such a high, like a drug, a drug of pleasure. But not like any drug that I have experienced before.

Oh, my cock, it?s getting so hard. One more squeeze of your bicep. It feels so good. Ahhh. Look at my biceps. They are swelling with muscle. I don?t know how much longer my shirt will be able to contain them. I close my eyes. I can?t get over the idea of being able to absorb a guy?s muscle, maybe I can absorb enough muscle that I can actually rip right out of my clothes. Yes, I feel my shirt tightening. I swear I hear a ripping sound.

I open my eyes. Looks like we have company. I hear your nurse and doctor talking outside the door. Don?t want to be found in any kind of compromising position. Let me just cover you up with this sheet so that no one is startled by that mountain bulging from beneath your underwear.

Sure just when things were getting exciting, someone has to barge in. Oh well, I will come back. Let me just adjust myself. ?Oh, hello, looks like my friend here is in good hands. I just came in to check to see that he was OK?. I quickly moved through the door and down the hallway. Look at my reflection in that window. My body is just radiating with power. Lets try a double bicep flex, oh yes, I feel so strong. Look at these biceps bulge. ?Ripppp? Oh ya, this shirt won?t keep these babies hiding any longer. My cock is hard and ready to explode. Lets try flexing these pecs. Oh ya, my top button pops off pulling open the top of my shirt. Look at these pecs. What a rush. I want more, much more, but it will have to wait. I need to get home. Taxi.

Thanks, have a good evening. Could that taxi driver talk any more? Let?s get this door open, try the lights. Yes, we have power. And look at these biceps, yes we have ultimate power. The bathroom has the best mirror. I just want to see my body. Well this shirt really isn?t doing it for me anymore. Rippp Wow, it pealed off with no effort. I see that I have no shortage of strength. Yes, look at all that muscle. I feel so big, as big as any bodybuilder. Look at these veins. They look like a roadmap. Now lets see these quads. As I flex my quads. My big tear-shaped quads are just too much. I feel the seams of my pants give way. Well, don?t need these pants anymore. I pull away the remaining material. Look at me, like a bodybuilder, standing here in only my white briefs. I flex my muscles, I flex my quads, they are so big. It feels so good as I rub my hands up and down my hard body.

Yes, I am bigger than Frank, but I still want to get bigger. I close my eyes. I rub my chest, I feel the muscle, a nice covering of hair, my big hard biceps, my hard flat abs. I squeeze my quads. This feeling of muscle is flowing energy into my balls. I feel them swelling with cum and ready to explode. Yes, yes, I feel all my strength. I rub my bicep as my cock rips right out the front of my underwear. Wow, guess it has a power of its own. My balls, I feel them swelling bigger and bigger. This feeling, it?s the most incredible sensation that I have ever felt. Yes, I need a release. But not yet. I want to have the ultimate release as I am draining the strength and muscle from some big strong muscle guy.

Well if I want to find more muscle, then there is only one place to go. I need to go to the gym. I need to test my new found draining abilities. All I need to do is to find something to wear. I don?t think my clothes will still be big enough to handle my new bigger body. Oh ya, I have that XL t shirt and shorts that I had bought to give to Frank for his birthday. To bad Frank, but I need them more than you. Great, the shirt fits and the shorts are OK. Let me just grab my gym bag and I am out the door.

Ah, it?s still hot outside. The heat feels great against these muscles. Funny, I feel like everyone is watching me. Guess adding a little extra muscle draws some attention. Don?t have time give them a show, as I need to get to the gym. I continue down the street. I can?t help myself. I keep flexing my muscles. Feeling my strength. As I walk along I see that most of the electricity is back on and as I get closer I see that the lights are also on inside the gym.

As I enter the gym I look around. Wow, I guess that I am not the only one that had the idea to workout. I flex my chest I think to myself that my idea of working out may be slightly different than everyone else. I smile and push open the door to the change room.

What do we have here? Nice young little muscle stud. Look at you, I say to myself, a young muscle stud watching yourself flexing in the mirror and looks like someone is pretty excited about himself. And yes, thanks for dressing up for me. Those are sexy little posing trunks that you are wearing. Ah yes, I think you may do very well.

As I move closer, the young stud hears me and looks over. ?Hi, I say, nice body?. Thanks, he says. ?My name is Brad?, mine is Mark. As I reach out to shake his hand, I feel his firm hard grip. Yes, the tingling sensation, it?s back. I need to feel the strength, but before I have a chance, the guy quickly pulls away his hand. Well, I can wait, I say to myself.

I walk over to the lockers. Hmm, looks like I have a fan. Lets give you a little taste of what I have to offer. Reaching down, I gently rub my cock. Mmm, yes, grow my muscle, grow. Yes, I see that you are enjoying this, your cock is almost poking out of those posing briefs. And what's that, yes a little wet spot. Maybe just a little more temptation. Slowly, I remove my shirt, letting you see my muscles. My biceps bulging and my abs rippling. I slowly lower my shorts. My cock is growing so painfully hard and is tenting out the front of my underwear.

Looking over, I see Mark rubbing the front of his posing briefs. Your cock, it looks like it?s not going to stay hidden in those briefs. Your muscles are so engorged with blood from your workout. Yes, I think you will do just fine. ?Come here?, I call over to Mark. ?I think we can help each other out?. ?You have great biceps Brad, would you mind flexing them for me?. Sure Mark, lets let the fun begin.

Wow Brad, your biceps are so big, may a touch them. Be my guest Mark. I love to have them worshiped. Mark reached and put his hand around my bicep. Uhhh, yes, oh yes Mark, feel my bicep. The tingling sensation, it?s so incredible. My arm, it feels like I am being charged with electricity. It?s so incredible. My body, waves of pleasure are moving through my body, it?s the same feeling you get before you are about to cum, but this pleasure is flowing through my entire body. Mmm, the incredible feeling of strength. Yes, it?s true, I am actually draining your strength, but how. Who cares, this sensation feels amazing and I can?t let it stop

Harder Mark, squeeze it harder. Mark?s eyes glazed over, as he appears to be in a trance. Yes, my young muscle stud, give me your muscle. My body is pulsating with power as I drain more and more muscle from your body. Look at my chest as it inflates, my biceps swell. You have some amazing strength. My quads explode with muscle. My calves ripped hard.

Let?s see just how strong I am. This metal pipe should do the trick. Yes, Mark, keep holding on to my bicep. Keep squeezing it hard and let me drain your strength. Grabbing both ends of the pipe I slowly bend it a U shape and then straighten it back. This is incredible. I watch my biceps swell with muscle. I am strong enough to bend this metal bar. Lets just see how strong the locker door is. Look, I am pulling it down like it?s made of cardboard. Woops, looks like I lost my connection as I see that Mark?s hand slip off of my bicep. The draining has stopped.

I think maybe a little hug is in order. Don?t want you to think that I don?t care. I smile as I reach around Mark in a bear hug. There it is, yes, again I am feeling it, that tingling pleasurable sensation. I need to hug you tighter. I want to feel your strength. Look at my reflection in the mirror, I look like a competitive bodybuilder. You don't need these posing briefs, I say as I reach down and pull them off, like they were tissue paper. Now that a nice cock and look it sticking straight out. Guess you really are happy to see me.

I am going to let you go, now kneel down in front of me. I place one of my hands on each of your shoulders, yes, there it is, my favorite tingling sensation, the pleasure, but it feels more intense. That?s it, of course, as they say, 2 hands are better than one. Having both of my hands touching your body, I am able to drain that much more strength and muscle from your body. My eyes close as I enjoy the feeling. I squeeze your shoulders hard as I feel my cock rip right through the front of my underwear. I feel your mouth quickly take hold of my cock as you eagerly begin to suck. Ah yes, that feels great, I feel your strength flowing into my body, my balls are swelling bigger and bigger, building with my hot cum, ready explode. Suck harder and harder. Yes, the pressure, it's to much. I can?t hold it any more here it comes?.ahhhhhhhhh, look at my cock, it?s shooting load after load down your through. I have never felt such a rush. Waives of pleasure shoot through my entire body. I flex my biceps and they swell bigger and bigger. My legs growing so big that I feel like I could kick a hole through the wall. Reaching for the pipe again I am able to snap it in two. Yes, I feel strong. I need to continue my pleasure of draining your draining you Mark. Your body is starting to look a little weak, but your cock is still rock hard and your balls are swelling bigger looking like they are ready to be released.

Sound like we are going to have company Mark. I guess we will have to stop for a moment. Have to let go for now. I pull my hands off of Mark. I watch as his body slowly collapse to the floor. You?ll be OK, I say to him as I moved behind the set of lookers. I grab a towel and wrap it around my waist.

I looked on and watched as the locker room door opened and in walked 2 very large bodybuilders. They were talking, but they stopped when they saw the young guy lying on the floor in front of them. I watched as they leaned down to see what had happened. Mark began to stir. He was moving like he was just waking up from a deep sleep. I heard the bodybuilders ask Mark what had happened. Mark replied that he could not remember, but that maybe he had passed out due to the heat outside.

The 2 bodybuilders helped Mark up to his feet. It?s show time, I said to myself, as I moved out from behind the lockers. As I got closer I realized just how muscular these 2 guys were. As I got closer, the tingling sensation started. This is weird, I am not even touching anyone, yet I feel the waves of pleasure moving through my body. Looking at the two bodybuilders, I quickly realized that they were really thick and muscular. Maybe their strength is so powerful that I am able to drain some of their strength by only being close to them, rather than having to touch them. I feel my cock getting harder again and pushing against the front of my towel.

?May I help??, I say as I moved towards the 2 bodybuilders. ?Looks like he passed out. Maybe it was the heat, it takes a lot out of you", I said as I walked even closer. The tingling sensation was strong and I felt the towel slipping as my quads began to increase in size. I grabbed hold of the towel. Oh, god, I said to myself, my arms, my veins are swelling along with be muscles. I feel such strength. ?Maybe the guy should sit down and rest for a while, then when he is feeling better, he can get on his way home?. Oh my cock, it?s rubbing against the front of the towel.

Luckily, the 2 bodybuilders had turned away to help Mark over to sit on the bench. Mark sat down, leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes.

Can?t let go of the towel, I said to myself, as I tried to reposition it before the 2 bodybuilders turned back around. ?Good to see people helping people?.

I'm Brad, I sai to the 2 guys. Rick, Brandon. I reached out my hand to shake each of their hands. Nice to meet you Rick, nice to meet you Brandon. I squeezed each of their hands, but I let go of my grip. When I held each hand the tingling sensation immediately shot through my hand like an electrical shock. Damn, I said to myself, these guys are really strong.

After shaking their hands, both Rick and Brandon appeared to be a little dazed. Guess there no better time than now. I reached out and grabbed each of their forearms. Ah yes, that tingling sensation. Well Rick, well Brandon, looks like we have some winners here. Look at us in the mirror, no let me re-phrase that, look at me in the mirror. Your strength, it feels incredible. I am growing much quicker than when I was draining Mark. Of course, It's because I am now draining 2 people at once. Look at my body, it?s exploding with power. Closing my eyes I felt their strength and muscle draining into my body. My chest ballooned outwards .I opened my eyes. Time to have a hug, I said as I reached around and hugged both Rick and Brandon. Waves and waves of power shot into my body, my cock, swelling bigger and bigger. Rub my pecs, I shouted to Rick. He reached up and rubbed my nipples as they became larger and round. I felt the hair on my chest continue to spread and cover my pecs and trail down to my waist. No too much hair, but just enough. Feel my biceps I shouted to Brandon. He placed his hands and squeezed on my biceps. Look at my forearms, they have a nice covering of hair and are swelling to be the size of bowling pins. Yes, more, give me more I roared as I was becoming huge. With both Rick and Brandon worshiping my muscles, I flexed hard, a most muscular. Look at my cock, it?s ripped through my towel.

Well, welcome back to the real world I shouted over to Mark as I saw his eyes open. Come over and have some fun. Fun for whom, shouted Mark. You know you want me, come on over. Mark got up came over and knelt down pulling the ripped towel from my waist. Yes, Mark, take my cock. I felt the pressure building in my balls. They swelled larger and larger and I was anticipating the most incredible ejaculation that I would ever have. Mark slipped his mouth over my cock. It grew longer and bigger as Mark continued to please me. Rick and Brandon continued to rub and worship my body. I was in ecstasy as I felt their strength and muscle continue to drain into my body and feeling them caressing and massaging my body.

Yes, my friends, don?t stop, I am close. Mark looked up. I could see he was watching my body, my pleasure, my muscles growing large. I shouted to Mark to feel Brandon?s abs. Feel how hard they are and wish you could feel Brandon?s strength. Mark kept sucking my cock. I felt the pressure building and I knew that I was ready. I felt Brandon squeezing hard on my bicep at the same time that Rick was rubbing my nipple. The sensation was too much and a rush a pleasurable energy rushed through my entire body and into my balls. I looked down at Mark as he kept sucking my cock and Mark?s hand reach over and rubbed Brandon?s abs and I heard Mark shout that he wished that he could feel Brandon?s strength. My balls swelled huge and my cock erupted sending hot cum rushing down Mark?s throat. Mark swallowed as fast as he could all while I could still hear him trying to say that he wished he could feel Brandon?s strength.

Oh yes, suck it Mark, yes keep on sucking, yes. You look so hot. Looking down, I noticed that Mark?s shoulders were growing wider. His arms were swelling bigger. Mark?s hand was still rubbing Brandon?s abs. Mark?s forearms and biceps were getting bigger. Mark, you little muscle thief, it looks like you developed the gift of muscle draining. I watched in amazement as the already muscular guy was now growing bigger and bigger. Mark looked over at his reflection in the mirror. He was still rubbing Brandon?s abs. Yes, I feel the power, I feel Brandon?s power. Look at my cock Brad. It?s ready and waiting for you. Hurry, these balls are ready to explode. I let go of Rick and Brandon. Mark continued to hold on to both Rick and Brandon as he continued to grow bigger. I quickly kneeled down placed my mouth over Mark?s cock just the cum shot out like a hose. It erupted sending shot after shot flew down my throat. I reached up and held Rick as I swallowed Mark?s cum. I felt myself growing. I looked over at Mark who was still growing. We both let go of Rick and Brandon and they collapsed down to the floor. Their bodies having been drained of large amounts their strength and their thick hard muscles slowly fading away.

I slipped back sitting down to the floor. Looking at myself in the mirror, admiring my new thick muscles. Mark also slipped back sitting down next to me. Mark smiled. Glad you could make it, I said.

We both looked forward seeing Rick and Brandon laying unconscious on the floor in front of us.

Well I guess they need to sleep it off, but we better move them so they are at least sitting up against the wall.

I looked over to Mark. He looked back and said ?I want to feel muscle!?

We smiled.

To be continued?
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Taht was very hot. I'm kinda enjoying the stream of consciousness-ness; his narrative dialogue, heh. it's hot :P
and that now he's got himself a hot lil muscle accomplice? very hot change of pace and i was beginning to feel bad for poor lil mark--he'd put so much work into his body! And obv enjoyed the muscle! so now that he can steal/grow/mmmph is hot
um, anyway, cheers!
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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