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Old August 1st, 2007, 10:18 PM
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Best Friends?

Tim awoke on a soft bed, which was unusual to say the least, as he had absolutely no reccolection of falling asleep. He opened his eyes and looked around to see that he was in a relatively nice apartment or maybe a hotel room. He sat up, wondering how he'd gotten there. The last thing he could remember was walking through one of the alleyways between his house and school like he did every day. The alleyways were great shortcuts and he'd taken them daily for years and nothing had ever happened before now.

"Hello?" Tim asked, although he seriously doubted anyone would respond. It didnt make sense to him. Anyone who tried to capture a person usually didnt try to take care of the captured person too well, but wherever Tim was wasn't half bad. It just got stranger and stranger

Tim stood up, and walked around. He wasn't really surprised when he tried the door and found it locked from the outside, but he was disappointed nonetheless, but again, it just wouldnt make sense to capture someone and then provide that person with the means to escape.

"Is there anybody out there?" He asked, trying to find a bit of humor in his situation, and his surprise was total when he heard a chuckle on the other side of the door.

"Hey you!" Tim said, trying to continue whatever connection he'd made through the wall with the person on the other side.

"Hi." Was the single word response of the other person

"Who are you?" Tim asked, "and why am i here?"

"Yeah, thats my fault really..." The man said, "It's a really long story so mind if i come in?"

"Well its not like i could really say no could I?" Tim replied

The door unlocked and opened and Tim gaped at the behemoth who walked in. The man was massive. Tim had seen some big men before, but this guy would put any Mr. Olympia ever to shame. The guy couldnt be a pound under 400, with biceps almost as big around as his waist. It wasn't quite possible (literally) to retain a 30" waist when you had a body as big as this guy's, but his waist was entirely muscle and still was only about 36". His thighs were still bigger than his waist and Tim couldnt fathom the size of his massive pecs. This guy could probably tear him in half with a pinky and, as Tim looked and checked out the man's obscene package, if the guy tried to insert his cock into Tim, then Tim wouldn't live through the experience of having a 18" long dick up his ass. The man looked to be about 18 or 19, giving him an even greater sense of being unrealistically huge, because there was no way someone his age could be his size naturally. His hair was almost shockingly blond and cut short, although he had an impressive 5 o'clock shadow which looked formidable with his blond hair. His body hair was all shaved off (even the crotch hair, Tim noticed as he couldnt quite resist another glance at his massive dick), although it didnt look like the body hair had ever even tried growing. Tim stared in awe at the man's face, before he stiffened in shock. It couldn't be...

"Jeff?!" Tim asked in utter shock. It couldn't be, and yet there was no denying that it was him. Jeff was quite possibly the hottest guy in his grade, and he and Tim had been great friends before Jeff moved away last year. It couldnt be him, Jeff was only 17 like Tim, and yet there was no denying that it was him.

"Hi Tim, long time no see." Jeff said, smiling slightly. It wasnt the same smile that had previously been perminantly attached to Jeff's face. It was sadder, and more mature, although anyone who had known Jeff knew that that was hardly the proper word to describe him.

"Wha... what happened to you Jeff?" Tim asked, half-elated at seeing his best friend again, and half-shocked at what had happened.

"Well ill give you the short version ok? I was walking down the street, minding my own buisness..."

Tim rolled his eyes

Jeff grinned (THERE was the smile that Tim was used to) and admitted, "Ok, but i really dont want to tell you what i was REALLY doing. At any rate, i helped a woman in crutches cross the street and she said to me 'You have a kind heart, and when you find someone who is as kind as yourself, then you will have a great life.' It sounds eerie i know, but the wierd thing is that after i walked away I felt really sleepy, and i just went to sleep on my bed. When i woke up, i was like this."

He shrugged, "Thats the gist of it anyway. Ive been like this for three months now and i have to say that while i like being this big, im universally regarded as a freak of nature. No clothes can hold me without being obscene to the point of 'Why am i wearing anything at all?' and I couldnt take it. I ran away and came here, since i figured you would at least accept me for a friend."

Tim stared into Jeff's brilliantly blue eyes. What he was saying was so unbelievable, but Jeff had no reason to lie to him.

"Jeff i understand." Relief flowed through Jeff before Tim continued, "but i have no idea how i can do anything for you. If you think i can do anything to help, name it and i'll do it, but i cant think of anything."

Jeff nodded, "I know, but i needed to be with someone who could at least see past me being a freak."

"I can understand that. Besides, theres gotta be SOMETHING good about this situation right?"

"Well..." Jeff started, looking embarrased, but he continued, "there is something to say about having an 18" cock."

Tim roared with laughter, and Jeff grinned sheepishly.

"I can understand that there would be something too that." Tim said, when his laughter subsided.

"Yeah but you know the wierdest thing? I think that lady made me gay!" Jeff exclaimed, not exactly unhappy but as though he wanted to get it over with. "I mean i feel... hot. And not just for my body but i surfed the web a few times and i see pictures of big guys... and i just get hard, which isnt exactly something which is easy to ignore when you're like me."

Tim stared at Jeff, took a deep breath and then said, "Im gay too, so dont worry about me getting scared and then deserting you."

Jeff stared at him. "Seriously?"

"Why do you think i never had a girlfriend?"

"Point taken..."

They stared at each other for a few full minutes, neither of them saying a word until Tim broke the silence.

"I gotta admit man, you're lookin' pretty hot. The whole freak of nature thing isnt half bad when you look at it from a gay guy's perspective."

Jeff grinned and hit a most muscular pose, his pecs looking so huge that they would burst out of his skin.

"Got tickets to the guns show?" He asked lazily while flexing a 30+" bicep.

Tim had to work hard not to drool.

Jeff grew serious and stared at Tim intensly

"Do you seriously think this is hot?"


Jeff threw his arms around Tim and kissed him, gently, so that his arms wouldn't crush his friend, but his arms were still extremely heavy on Tim's shoulders.

Just as their lips met, they both froze. Tim felt like electricity was flowing into him from Jeff's lips. It was a sense of... well... power. He would never be able to really explain it afterwords. Tim looked down, as his eyes were the only part of him which weren't frozen in time, and he wanted to gape at what was happening. He saw his pecs, PECS, forcing his shirt out forward. His arms which were at his side he could feel thickening under Jeff's colossal biceps, and then he noticed that Jeff's muscles were getting smaller too. Jeff didnt shrink to Tim's size, but they sort of reached a halfway point together.

Feeling returned to both of their bodies, and they fell back gasping, Tim loving the feeling of his new pecs expanding outward as he breathed. Jeff was staring at Tim, his mouth hanging as open as he could possibly get it. Jeff was no longer a freak of nature, but he was still impressively muscular. Tim started to get hard as he stared at Jeff's still impressive 225lb body.

"Tim..." Jeff started slowly, "you really need a mirror."

"Yeah i know ive grown, and you've shrunk. I gained your size so you're not a freak anymore, but we're the same size and still damn big."

"You got alot more than my muscle Tim. Follow me."

Jeff walked out of the room, and Tim followed, put off by his friend's unusual seriousness. He wondered what was wrong now.

Tim walked to the mirror and looked into it. For a moment he thought he was seeing double, and then shock hit him as he saw two Jeffs staring out at him. The two were completely identical, from their rediculously blond hair, to their still impressive 9" cocks hanging inbetween their thick thighs. Tim's lips twitched in appreciation of how sexy Jeff was. At least he hadn't become the identical twin of an ugly, fat guy.

"Wow..." Tim muttered, suddenly realizing that his voice was the exact same as Jeff's. "This is... wow..."

"Tell me about it" Jeff said, running one hand through his hair.

They both continued staring at each other in the mirror, both of them simultaneously sporting hard cocks.

"You know that you're rediculously sexy Jeff dont you? I mean seriously, i could prolly shoot my load from just staring at you." Tim muttered

"Yeah well its a bit more awkward for me. I mean you're hot as hell, but itd be like jerking off to myself wouldnt it?"

"Nah." Tim replied, "We might be twins now, but we still arent the same person are we? I cant read your mind so i dont think so."

"Yeah." Jeff said, nodding. Then he looked over at Tim and grinned. "Man i love your ass."

Moments later, Tim was lying on his bed, moaning as he felt his twin's impressive 9-incher pounding away at his new, perfect ass. He loved the feel, not only of having his best-friend-turned-twin's cock up his ass, but the feel of Jeff's thick pecs against his back. And he knew, as Jeff shot a massive load up his ass, that life was going to be good.

5 years later:

Jeff and Tim walked in the door, holding their trophies, which they put down before kissing the same way they had for 5 years.

"I cant believe it was a tie, but i can see what they mean that they couldn't find anything that was better in you than in me." Tim muttered as they broke the kiss

"Yeah, but still we're talking about the Mr. O competition! You'd think they would just pick one and declare one winner, but im just as happy with a tie for #1."

The two still-identical 300lb behemoths walked together to the bedroom as they had for the last 5 years, and grinned simultaneously. Even after 5 years, they never got tired of this!

This is my first story in a while, sorry ive been busy. Feedback PLEASE!!!!
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Old August 2nd, 2007, 10:27 AM
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It's a good hot short story. Well done!
The Internet is for PORN!
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